Corruptocrats: More State Attorney’s Office Resignations After Angela Corey and Bernie De La Rionda Use Department Operating Funds To Pad Their Retirement Accounts…

Angela Corey RockstarFLORIDA - The executive director of the State Attorney’s Office is leaving the  employment of Angela Corey.

Richard Komando resigned his position Thursday. In his three-sentence  resignation letter, Komando said his last day in the office would be that day,  but he will be taking leave through April 19 when he will officially depart.  Komondo declined to comment on his departure Friday.

This is the fourth high-profile employee to depart the State Attorney’s  Office in the last year. Chief Assistant State Attorney Dan McCarthy, former  executive director Mike Weinstein and Nassau County chief Wes White also  resigned.  (link)

Both Komando and Weinstein were both Executive Directors of the State Attorneys  office both reporting directly to Angela Corey. An Executive Director manages  the business office, human resource, and the office budget. Who would know best  about any money being used to pad Angela Coreys pension. This is a Salem Witch  hunt to find out who leaked the information to the press about Angela Corey  taking tax payer money to pad her retirement pension. The times Union created  some very bad press about the pension padding and this sounds like a Witch hunt  by Angela Corey to find the leak (link)


THE BACKSTORY…..  (February 13th)  JACKSONVILLE, Fla.– Action News is going right to local state attorney Angela Corey after learning she spent taxpayer dollars on retirement plans.

Pam Bondi - Angela CoreyWe found out about this transfer of money through a public records request. The documents show the transfer of hundreds of thousands of taxpayers dollars right into just two prosecutors’ retirement funds.  [...]

Action News uncovered some of that savings went right into Corey and senior prosecutor Bernie De La Rionda’s retirement funds. we asked how she would tell taxpayers about taking this money from her budget and putting it into two people’s retirement funds.

“First, I didn’t take anything. It’s set by state statute,” said Corey.

That means, it’s all legal. “It’s their entitlement. Whatever the law allows for career prosecutors is what we intend to do to keep them,” said Corey.

It has to do with a state law on pension funds. Originally when Corey and De La Rionda were hired, 1.6 percent of their salary was paid into the pension fund each month. In 2001, the legislature said it should be at 2 percent. So, anyone who worked between 1987 and 2000 is eligible for that point 4-percent difference.  (link)

Corey and de la Rionda each had almost 14 years of service that could be  upgraded. Doing so cost $108,439 for Corey and $126,653 for de la Rionda.  (link)

Angela Corey 2

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131 Responses to Corruptocrats: More State Attorney’s Office Resignations After Angela Corey and Bernie De La Rionda Use Department Operating Funds To Pad Their Retirement Accounts…

  1. auscitizenmom says:


  2. akathesob says:


  3. ottawa925 says:

    It would be nice if these attorneys who left would go on record, but I suppose they would never work in the State of Florida again. And then you never how long the arm of the State’s Attorney’s Office of Florida reaches. These guys may be in a position to help rid the Office of corruption. But then It would take A PAIR to do that. That’s the problem with people in this country … they don’t have the stones anymore.

  4. Rachelle says:

    The more I read about her the more the name ‘Mike Nifong’ echoes in my mind.

    • canadacan says:

      Rotten through and through. Too bad they can’t burn Angela Corey and her coven at the stake.
      She would be smoking more but enjoying it less.
      We are having a witch hunt of our own.
      I am being gruesome but after what they have done to the Zimmermans I’m in a bad frame of mind(. not to mention what they’ve done to the state of Florida and the American justice system.)

    • doodahdaze says:

      Have you ever seen a parade of Elephants? Each one has his trunk around the tail of the one in front.

    • myopiafree says:

      To qualified lawyers – for their opinion.

      Subject: Have Arrogant Prosecutor gone completely out-of-control?

      At some future date, perhaps a “legal mind” could address the issue of arrogant, un-professional, un-ethical and (race-driven) prosecutors – like Mr. NiFong, Ms. Corey and Bernie.

      Is there no limit to their arrogance?

      Is their no “guide-line” or “rules” to force them to check the veracity of a proposed, “witness” like DeeDee who can be “hidden” and cause major damage, not only to George, but the entire concept of a “Fair and Impartial” judicial system?

      I would be interested on how we could legally (by legislation) begin to end these (BGI inspired) expensive and false charges against an innocent person like George Zimmerman.

      Your legal commentary would be appreciated here on the CTH.

      Thanks in advance!

      • doodahdaze says:

        Unqualified opinion. Strange bedfellows. This is an everyday, run of the mill grind for the SA’s dealing with real criminals. Combined with an underfunded overstressed PD office. hitting young black defendant’s the hardest of all. Wrongful convictions are rampant and the prison’s are stuffed. But noooo! They line up for the very one’s who perpetrate it on them. Now…go figger. (This was a 100% unqualified opinion.”)

        • libby says:

          When I hear our prosecutors have 90% conviction rates, that tells me lots of people are being railroaded (our system is based upon the notion that it is better for ten men to go free than for one innocent to be jailed) and yet it seems we have lost faith in that system and thus we have th enew rules instead applied that it is better for the innocent man to be convicted wrongly than for the guilty to go free-and if you had been railroaded yourself, you would feel much more comfortable making this statement).
          George Zimmerman is just a figurehead, a mere cherry on top of a mound of wrongfully convicted people. You dont have to be brown or black to be wrongfully convicted. You may not even haave to be male, but it seems to be a very common denominator

      • doodahdaze says:

        Also…they got em with the profiling gig. Most blacks are on that big time due to it is true. Of course it did not happen here. But that seems to make no diff. GZ was a Lib o Crat. Fighting injustice against black folks. Amazing.

        • libby says:

          It is worth noting that men make up a disproportionate share of the prison population as well (men of ALL ethnicities)…While black men often think they are being singled out as black men, sometimes they are being singled out as men (who happen to be black).
          if the vast majorityy of people in prison were women feminists would be up in arms parading through the streets, but since it is men who make up the majority of inmates, they turn their backs and look the other way

  5. Coast says:

    We are not only ministers of justice, we are seekers of the truth,” she intoned. “Every single day, our prosecutors across this great country handle difficult cases and they adhere to that same standard: A never-ending search for the truth and a quest to always do the right thing for the right reasons.”
    Excuse me while I go to the bathroom and throw-up!!!!

  6. St. Benedict's Thistle says:

    Imagine all the dirt we don’t see…

  7. maggiemoowho says:

    Sounds like they might be pulling a Martha Stewart, just with different funds. Maybe Corey
    and BDLR planned ahead and padded their pensions, so when/if they are forced to resign they would have some money in their pockets. Tallahassee and Jacksonville are breeding grounds for the corrupt. It would be amusing to see Crump and BDLR share a cell, wonder who would end up in the funny farm first.

    • auscitizenmom says:

      Well, since BDLR is already half-way there I think it would be him.

    • Ad rem says:

      Maybe Martha could knit them one her “off-to-prison” ponchos?
       photo 16220__martha_l_zps7ad8787b.jpg

    • stella says:

      Just a minor correction. Martha Stewart (as annoying as she may be), was jailed for perjury, not insider trading. Her sentencing was conspiracy, obstruction of an agency proceeding, and making false statements to federal investigators. Her activity, while immoral, was not illegal, as she received the information second-hand.

      • maggiemoowho says:

        Thanks for the correction, I thought she was in jail for insider trading. :oops:

        • maggiemoowho says:

          BDLR, Crump and Corey could still use the Poncho though. :)

        • stella says:

          If you relied on the MSM coverage, that is what they wanted you to believe. Don’t be embarrassed, please!

          • maggiemoowho says:

            I could have heard it there. That all happened before I found my way out from under my rock, no kidding. GZ’s case and the CTH opened my eyes up to so many things, I do feel like I lived under a rock. You have taught me something new today and I appreciate it. Thank You :) :) :)

  8. buck says:

    The funny farm.

  9. janc1955 says:

    Hopefully Ms. Corey will have such a stink emanating from her between the crumbling case against GZ and this other hot mess she’s gotten herself into, her protectors, whoever they may be, will back quickly away from the stench and head for the exits, leaving her with no cover. When she’s no longer a threat of any kind, maybe Dershowitz will take another, bigger bite out of her ample backside and truly show her for the hack she is. I can dream. The woman makes me sick.

  10. BertDilbert says:

    Ad rem/SD

    With Cory pissing off the Florida Times Union by cutting them off for negative press, this might be a good time to hit up the FTU with any negative Cory info you may have :) Might want to contact the reporter who did the Cory Story and have a chat. Muhahahaha. Bernie is fair game too since he is involved. Perhaps this is what helped drive Bernie off the edge.

  11. ZurichMike says:

    My wish: She and her friends are indicted and jailed on normal fraud charges, and have law licenses revoked. New team comes in and withdraws case; Cory and team then sanctioned for filing bogus case. Government settles with Zimmerman for a gazillion dollars in exchange for his not suing for malicious prosecution. George uses some of the money to investigate and sue Crump and the others of the BGI.

  12. ZurichMike says:

    Hmmm. Just read full article. If the legislature allowed the extra buy-in for pensions, then the issue is not fraud, but self-dealing, poor leadership, and lack of transparency. She says there are 19 other prosecutors who are eligible for this bump up in pension benefits. If so, why did she cut herself in first? My guess is that she knows that she and Bernie will be fired and/or forced to retire, and the two of them wanted to be sure they were eligible for maximum pension benefits. It still reeks to high heaven.

  13. Lou says:

    great find SD.well put together with all the links.
    now, she sees what it’s like when the heat is on. it seems like BDLR and Corey are two peas in a pod.

  14. libby says:

    And, THIS, folks is why I come read at the Treehouse every freaking day of my life. There are very few days of the week that I would even consider starting my day without going to see what these treepers are up to, especially that sundance.
    These folks put the scared in criminal jerks like INEVSTIGATORY JOURNALISTS USED TO scare those crooked in society (Excellent work-yet again).
    Hats off to Sundance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • myopiafree says:

      Hi Libby –
      I am always amazed because of extra effort that is made by the CTH crew. I think that for them, this is a “labor of love”.

      Yes, there are no more, “Sharp witted, Investigating Journalists”, in the “media”.

      I think George is lucky to have so many people interested in JUSTICE and TRUTH – for him.

      I regret his massive and UN-NECESSARY suffering – imposed on George by the BGI-Crump, and the ARROGANT prosecutors (who never checked the lying-DeeDee) to determine if there was ANY CASE AT ALL AGAINST GEORGE.

      Now they both want there $100,000 pay “enhanced” because of the “wonderful” job they think they are doing. (Eye Roll).

      • libby says:

        I neednt be so upset about the sleeping MSM (asleep for how many decades) now that I have a treehouse to lounge around in

  15. trayvonobama says:

    I just can’t compare her to a pig. Not really fair to pigs.
    This song always comes to mind when I see this despicable creature. ;)

  16. wrongonred says:

    While there is no excuse or justifications for the actions of Corey and BDLR, is it possible that they were put on this case specifically because this was able to be held over their heads? (ie. You do what we tell you to and ensure the outcome that we want, and we will ensure that this information never comes to light?) This now is almost like her and BDLR are being tossed under the bus by the powers that be, setting them up to be labeled “corrupt” so that they can somehow be removed, and offered to resign or something to that effect, and along with it, begrudgingly drop the persecution now that the Scheme Team has gotten paid. Almost as if, the state can see this going south, and the impending train crash coming, for Corey and BDLR, and is doing what they can to distance themselves from the very folks they put in the position to create it. It that too optimistic of me?

    Just wanted to saw, I have seen similar things play out at the municipal level where I lived. Married City Administrator caught in a compromising position in a City vehicle on his lunch break with a city employee (not his wife), by a City Police Officer…….guy then does any means of illegal activity the City needs, all up until they screw up a big land deal, cost the taxpayers millions…….and all of a sudden this information suddenly “comes to light”, the guy “resigns”, gets $70,000 for signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement as part of his resignation, and then the City uses him as the patsy for everything that went wrong after he leaves……..terribly corrupt, but politically brilliant. I worked well for them, at least in the eyes of the sheeple….

    • myopiafree says:

      It is clear that Crump (BGI) wanted to conduct extortion on the State of Florida – to apply pressure on Gov. Scott. In order to prevent “Extortion Riots” – Scott then “appointed” an arrogant special prosecutor who would “tamp down” the Extortion-Riots.

      The mistake that Coery-Bernie made was to have “pray-ins” with Extortionist-Crump and others.

      That REEKS of prosecutor-bias.

      But the real issue is that this case would have been RESOLVED by Norm Wolfinger, in a standard Grand Jury trial.

      In that trial, he would have DeeDee come in to testify. ( I think her lying would have become obvious before that jury of her peers.)

      So – before Ms. Corey could act – the problem would have been solved – because the Jury would have handed in a “No Bill”, i.e., no further prosecution, and no basis for a “Probable Cause” document.

      Would there have been THUG-RIOTS? I doubt it ! But what of it – they wanted a trial – and they got it. If there were criminal acts – in the form of a thug riot? Then that is why we have a police force – and National Guard if necessary.

      This problem is that this is another “NiFong” case were the extreme arrogance in Corey-Bernie CREATED a totally false charge against George – based on NOTHING AT ALL.

      • John Galt says:

        “It is clear that Crump (BGI) wanted to conduct extortion on the State of Florida – to apply pressure on Gov. Scott. In order to prevent “Extortion Riots” – Scott then “appointed” an arrogant special prosecutor who would “tamp down” the Extortion-Riots.”

        Prior to his election, Scott pleaded the 5th numerous times when questioned under oath about medicare fraud. Florida SAOs were actively campaigning against Scott, and actually made attack ads based on the medicare fraud and 5th amendment issues. Corey is buddies with Bondi, having worked on her campaign. Bondi is friends with Parks and Crump.

        • Your first paragraph is right on. That’s it in a nutshell.

          • Remember Crump’s interview with the BBC last year before GZ was arrested?

            From the interview:

            Crump expressed confidence that Corey would eventually charge Zimmerman, but when queried by the BBC that Corey could indeed choose to not prosecute Zimmerman, Crump said,”She could, yeah she could. And I think if she did that (decided to not prosecute Zimmerman)it would be pandemonium. There would be outrage all over America and all over the world.”

      • Redrider says:

        Bingo!!! You hit the nail on the Head… Why did Wolfinger not do this? So many have stood up for him I think he lost his stones on this one and Chief Lee’s head was left to roll.

    • John Galt says:

      It is beginning to appear to me that the entire GZ case is just a thin veneer pseudo reality pasted over a background matrix of political corruption. I am reminded of the movie The Matrix.

  17. disgustedwithjulison says:

    Well….I thought DD was going to be the “out” for everyone. “She lied to us”…”We were all snookered by her believable story”.

    Not so fast. Someone is taking Corey down. She is going to be the ‘fall guy’. The extra money granted her way is her parting gift, but they have rolled on her.

    Politicians like to have ammo on everyone in government….so they can get them to do what they want, or they can destroy them as corrupt.

    Corey is about to be destroyed as the GZ case unravels. She appears to be the chosen ‘fall guy’. While BDLR drives us nuts….he is just a government employee doing his job and following orders from above. Corey is toast but will leave with a sweet deal on the way out.

    • John Galt says:

      “Not so fast. Someone is taking Corey down. She is going to be the ‘fall guy’. The extra money granted her way is her parting gift, but they have rolled on her.”

      Corey granted herself the extra money, it wasn’t a gift. If Corey goes down, it won’t be because of the GZ case. Corey still has BDLR, Crump, Sybrina, Tracy and W8 between her azz and the asphalt.

      Crump won’t go down easy. The affidavit prepared by Blackwell is mostly about CYA for Crump. What’s in Crump’s affidavit? See paragraph 34, Sybrina and Tracy, after consultation, agreed to take the risk of waiving privilege. What does Crump do at the 3/20 CNN press conference? Waives privilege by detailing his conversation with Tracy about the discovery of W8.

      Ryan Julison, aligned with Crump even prior to the GZ case, was the connection to Gutman. Julison recognized the potential problems quite a while back, as evidenced by the scrubbing of Facebook and his web site. After MOM files a motion to subpoena Gutman’s W8 recordings, ABC releases only a 5 minute clip out of a 25 minute recording. Even though Gutman was previously bragging about exclusives and having the only copy of the recording, MOM / West now state that ABC preserved only the 5 minute clip. What’s on the 5 minute clip? Crump throwing Sybrina and Tracy under the bus by telling W8 to tell the story like they previously told the story to Sybrina and Tracy, even though Sybrina and Tracy told the cops they didn’t have prior substantive conversations with W8 about Trayvon’s last phone call. What a coincidence. The only part of the ABC recording preserved is CYA material for Crump.

      • recoverydotgod says:

        Angela Corey should [could] have asked for a copy of the recording when she was interviewed by Matt Gutman over a year ago.

        FCN Exclusive: Angela Corey Talks About Trayvon Martin Case
        11:22 PM, Mar 25, 2012

        Her interview with Matt Gutman of ABC News will air tomorrow morning during Good Morning America, which starts at 7 a.m. on WJXX, ABC 25.

        Trayvon Martin Killing Lead Prosecutor Says George Zimmerman Could Walk
        By MATT GUTMAN | Good Morning America – Sun, Mar 25, 2012 11:03 PM EDT–abc-news.html

        Corey’s team is now reinvestigating a case that the Sanford Police Department is accused of bungling. Possible police missteps include failing to administer a toxicology exam on Zimmerman, not impounding his car, and failing to contact key witnesses — like Martin’s girlfriend, who was talking to the teen by cell phone and heard most of the scuffle with Zimmerman unfold.

        • John Galt says:

          “Angela Corey should [could] have asked for a copy of the recording when she was interviewed by Matt Gutman over a year ago.”

          They already had enough problems with the inconsistent statements in Crump’s ridiculous recording. They didn’t want any more problems.

    • wrongonred says:

      That is what it looks like to me as well. The Powers that Be who deemed this persecution take place always must leave themselves an out, and plausible deniability, and in order to have that, they must have leverage, and the ability to cut the legs out from under the patsy, letting them take the fall. To be honest, watching this blow-back on Corey and BDLR brings about a great feeling of Schadenfreude in my heart. Question is, will they ride off into the sunset, or will this result in a circular firing squad?

      • myopiafree says:

        Hi Red,
        Using the very expensive NiFong case as an example (lying witness – that Nifong KNEW was lying), I would say that NO ONE WILL EXPERIENCE ANY PENALTY. Corey and Berine will retire. Crump and Sybrina will take the money, DeeDee will plead ignorance and “loyalty to the Trayvon cause – even if she had to lie a lot”.
        Corey and Bernie THOUGHT THEY WOULD WIN, by developing a false PCA on a lying witness, and make an excessive 2nd degree charge. They know George had NO MONEY to “fight it”, and would get a “Public Defender”. Having no money, the P.D., would recommend a lesser “Plea Deal” that George would have no choice but to accept. This is how the innocent are sent to prison in this country.

        • Pitbull says:

          Here I am — Mr. BROKEN RECORD speaking again !! Here are the REQUIRED written BAR COMPLAINTS that must be “professionally done” and submitted, in order to maximize the pain on ALL government Perps: 1) Submit a bar complaint to all of the following against Bernie——- Angela Corey, Fla Bar, AG Bondi, Gov. Scott (why all- because they are playing the “no body has any authority game” ); 2) submit a Bar Complaint against Corey to –herself Ms Corey, Fla Bar, AG Bondi, Gov. Scott; 3 ) If any actions are reasonabley considered to be “CRIMINAL” , then send to AG Bondi, Gov. Scott and the Chief of the FDLE, and the local sheriff in the county where the crime was committed. Demand written answers within (no later than 20 days). Get the written responses. If any party fails to respond, write to them again and inform them they have failed. See what happens . IF all parties respond -“it is not my job man” – she is elected by the people, then the people can act — arrest her

      • auscitizenmom says:

        I go with the circular firing squad. It isn’t like Tracy and Sybrina are stand up, decent, loyal, people. I think they will open up about a lot if they can get away with it. When you are dealing with a bunch like this, it is always “every man for himself.”

        • John Galt says:

          If Crump is deposed, I think he will say that he got the information to coach witness 8 from Tracy and Sybrina. This is inconsistent with what they told FDLE according to the interview reports. Unfortunately, we don’t know if they changed up in their depositions. We also don’t know to what extent the phone records, specifically the historical location information, conflicts with W8’s story.

          If there is in fact damming evidence, that will leave Tracy & Sybrina vs W8.

          Corey: BDLR was handling that.
          BDLR: I got the story from Crump.
          Crump: I got the story from Tracy and Sybrina
          Tracy & Sybrina: We got the story from W8.
          W8: Yes, I lied about da hospital, but Ima tell da truth now for realz and . . . ?

          • auscitizenmom says:

            I can’t argue with that scenario.

          • eastern2western says:

            Just like what I predicted it from the very beginning because the martins are going to get burn. Between his license and the martin family, crump will throw the martins under the bus and feed the bodies to the tigers.

          • doodahdaze says:

            West: Miss DD were you under oath when you gave this statement to the state attorney?
            Miss DD: Why yes.
            West: So you lied under oath, is that correct?
            Miss DD: You want that too?

          • woohoowee says:

            John Galt: “BDLR: I got the story from Crump.”

            Considering how the blame game will roll out in this one, the image of BDLR dragging Crump from the gallery (lol) flashes through my mind as the starting point, and the downward progression is as you listed.

            Something else that could be in play here is who BDLR and/or Corey could take down with them or in their stead. Now that could get very interesting, though I doubt it will happen.

    • ottawa925 says:

      Excellent, Ed. I’d like to see SD bolster this piece by Cashill, and do an opinion piece here.

    • woohoowee says:

      Thanks for the link, Ed. I always thought 2J blurted out the quote (about relief when finding the footsteps behind him belonged to a white person) on accident. As if he was really speaking his mind, but didn’t mean to say it aloud. I was wrong.

      This article clarifies everything. Learn something new every day :-)

    • myopiafree says:

      Hi Ed,
      Looks like a “bomb-shell” to me. Think Crump will “implode” when his HOA “money rip-off” scheme is made public?

    • tara says:

      I’m looking at the Wikipedia entry for “order to show cause” and it says this:

      Appellate courts often issue orders to show cause to lower courts requesting that the lower court explain why the appellant should not be granted the relief requested by the writ or appeal.

      So do we think that Judge Nelson will be required to explain her decision?

      • John Galt says:

        Florida Rule of Appellate Procedure 9.100

        (h) Order to Show Cause. If the petition demonstrates a preliminary
        basis for relief, a departure from the essential requirements of law that will cause
        material injury for which there is no adequate remedy by appeal, or that review of
        final administrative action would not provide an adequate remedy, the court may
        issue an order directing the respondent to show cause, within the time set by the
        court, why relief should not be granted. In prohibition proceedings such orders
        shall stay further proceedings in the lower tribunal.

        The petition for cert designated the State of Florida as the respondent. Pretty sure we will be hearing from Blackwell on behalf of Crump. I doubt Nelson will respond.

        However, it appears to me that the DCA has accepted the petition for review on the merits, which I thought was the main hurdle to be overcome as the DCA typically does not review discovery orders before trial. I think Crump is going to get deposed.

      • doodahdaze says:

        White Smoke from the chimney at 5th DCA.

      • auscitizenmom says:

        You mean something more than, “No or Yes”?

    • doodahdaze says:

      End of the beginning?

      • myopiafree says:

        Hi Doo Dah Daze –
        Let me see if I can summarize the elements of this case.

        Corey-Bernie felt that – on the basis of witness-DeeDee’s interviews – Corey and Bernie THOUGHT DeeDee was telling the truth.

        For that reason Ms. Corey felt that she could apply “Legal Water-boarding” on the innocent George and his wife.

        She figured that this intense torture (and George having no money) would cause George to “plea-deal” to a lesser charge – to be negotiated by George’s court-appointed Public Defender.

        To cover her big butt – her “safety” would be in that if Witness-DeeDee was caught LYING, Core could always insist that, ” I did everything in GOOD FAITH, and I am STILL is for HONESTY, TRUTH and JUSTICE”. Furthermore, “..I didn’t know “nutt’in” about a lying witness”. So she and Bernie are not responsible for ANY OF THIS. Corey and Bernie are just innocent fair-minded, under-paid prosecutors, simply doing their job. That will be her statement – if she is charged with anything – and she is sticking to it. After all, Coery “know the law” and that no one can “get her”.
        (Another eye-roll.)

        • myopiafree says:

          I always believe in exact quotes:
          Ms. Coery> “We are not only ministers of justice, we are seekers of the truth,” she intoned. “Every single day, our prosecutors across this great country handle difficult cases and they adhere to that same standard: A never-ending search for the truth and a quest to always do the right thing for the right reasons.”
          I must now stagger off and barf. Eye-rolls don’t work anymore for me.

          I admire the rest of you if you have any faith or trust in Ms. Coery’s professional, “good intentions”.

          • myopiafree says:

            Subject: My opinion of the LYING Crump combined with Ms. Corey.
            I can accept the fact that Crump lies – and gets everyone to lie for him – to make money and pervert the “STATE” to his own ends. But what gets me is that Ms. Corey is a total hypocrite !
            She is an officer of the state – and you would expect her to be both honest and truthful – as she insists that she is. Well she and Bernie – NEVER CHECKED TO SEE IF DEEDEE MADE ANY TRUTHFUL SENSE. They never checked the phone records that Crump pasted together. Then never published the ping-logs. They never confirmed DeeDees presumed phone number. Then never verified the 500 minutes they were “talking” on that day. When the phone came back “proven dead” – they never checked. Yes I am complaining about her, “Never-ending search for the truth”. She is a bigger liar than Crump is – if that is possible.

    • boutis says:

      This appears to be very, very good news. “Because I say so” is not going to wash.

  18. ‘Public servants’ know no shame and feel entitled to every excess they can come up with; of course it’s legal, it was enacted by another group of criminals. Fleecing the public isn’t taught in schools (is it?) but somehow, someway they use every waking moment figuring out how to separate the few remaining taxpayers from their cash.Good government is an oxymoron. Is it possible that this gang of criminals will get their ‘reward’ on the other side. God help us.

  19. OutragedNativeFloridian says:

    This PATHETIC caked on make-up, FAT, UGLY, FAKE CHRISTIAN & POLITICAL ANIMAL has the audacity to still claim that Zimmerman was violating Martin’s civil rights AFTER THE STATE LOST THE CASE??? SHAMEFUL TRAVESTY and misconduct of office. State Prosecutors should be setting the example and holding the high road and SEEKING JUSTICE – not casting doubt on the Jury Decision, This INCOMPETENT self serving WENCH MUST be disbarred, removed from office and NEVER EVER again permitted to walk into a Florida Courtroom or hold public office. SHE BELONGS IN PRISON for falsification of records and for deliberately overcharging Mr. ZImmerman just for political gain and to purchase the peace. WE DON’T NEED THIS KIND OF CORRUPT FILTH in the State Prosecutor’s Office or in Public Service. We deserve better than this political hack and dinosaur. GET HER GUYS – Bring all political heat down on her head. SHE MUST GO!

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