Cashing In – Trayvon Family: We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Trashcan…. $1,000,000.00 Extortion Success

“All we want is an arrest, we only want an arrest”……

Within 3 days of Trayvon Martin’s death his family hired a media consulting firm.   Within two weeks of Trayvon Martin’s death his mother, Sybrina Fulton, filed legal documents to trademark his name.   Subsequently Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton set out on a cross country tour to collect money.  After the coast to coast tour, they took the scheme international and headed to Europe to continue exploiting the financial opportunity.  [link]

Since then we discover that Trayvon Martin did not even live with his mother or father, he lived with his uncle and aunt in Miami Gardens.   He was removed/diverted from the home of Sybrina…..  [link]   So this latest revelation to hit the newswires just confirms what we have thought all along…..   The only aspect of Trayvon they cared about was the opportunity for his death to bring them MONEY.  

(Via FOX NEWS) – Trayvon Martin’s parents have settled a wrongful death claim for an amount believed to be more than $1 million against a Florida homeowners association where their teen son was killed, Fox News confirms.

Trayvon was shot and killed by Neighborhood Watch volunteer George Zimmerman in Sanford, Fla., on Feb. 26, 2012.

TrayMomTracy Martin 2

Zimmerman has been charged with second-degree murder, but he says he fired in self defense after the 17-year-old attacked him.

In paperwork made public, both parties specified that they would keep the settlement amount confidential, The Orlando Sentinel reported.

“It is understood and agreed that the payment made herein is not to be construed as an admission of any liability by or on behalf of the releasing parties; but instead the monies being paid hereunder is consideration for avoiding litigation, the uncertainties stemming from litigation as well as to protect and secure the good name and good will of the released parties,” the settlement said.  (read more)

Last year the Scheme Team said they would donate any money…..   Now?

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356 Responses to Cashing In – Trayvon Family: We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Trashcan…. $1,000,000.00 Extortion Success

  1. doodahdaze says:

    That is after expenses and upcoming attorney fee’s. But thank God the foundation will be funded now. Can you believe this? I never knew all the money was going to stop gun violence. I thought they would get to spend it.

    • rumpole2 says:

      They will need another lawyer if they are to extract any of it if it is paid via Crump.
      AND since they are NOT a couple I dare say Sabrina and Tracy will need a lawyer each to fight over the division of any money that trickles their way.

    • myopiafree says:

      How said, “Crime does not pay”? It does – and Crump proves it.
      Yes, they all walk away with a cool $1,000,000 – and I am certain that even DeeDee with have her “acting” performance rewarded with a small stipend.

      She will never be “charged” with anything – because she will just say, “…well I THOUGHT I heard TM say these things … but perhaps I was mistaken..”

      Please don’t hold me responsible, after all I have “high blood pressure”, and it has made my ears “ring” and my hearing is very poor.

      You can’t charge a poor-girl for trying to help – can you??

  2. John Galt says:

    Aren’t they supposed to be filing financial reports for their foundations?

  3. ctdar says:

    Hope martin parents & rest of ST are also freaking out in knowing soon Mr IRS men will be coming around to be checking over their books with fine tooth comb.

  4. aliashubbatch says:

    If I knew Trayvon, he would likely be someone I just would not give two shits over. His parents (can I really refer to them as such?) however, are just despicable people; And the people who view them as “grieving parents” (boo-friggin-hoo), morons, the whole damn lot of them.

    • sundance says:

      alias, this ultimately will benefit people – but not the FultonMartinJacksonCrumpParks types.

      Nothing breeds dissention like the introduction of money into relationships; And this is one crew that particularly pertains to.

      Alicia Martin, Brandi Green, Ebony Martin McClain, Stephen Martin, Jahavaris Fulton, Miriam Martin, and all those Tracy Baby Momma’s are going to be positioning for some of that grift. While Sybrina and Tracy battle over which side of the Trough provides the best opportunity for maximum feed leverage…..

      Nothing breeds anxiety and animosity like the mindset of those who “deserve” to benefit from financial windfalls.

      It’s only a short time now before they begin to tear each other apart bit by bit, and the threats to expose the fraud becomes the leverage for their place amid the muck.

      Watch. It has always been thus….

      • doodahdaze says:

        This sounds like a fight at a will reading. When the relatives do battle over the stakes.

        • doodahdaze says:

          Wait. more like what I saw last weekend by the side of the road. A whole bunch of Turkey Buzzards. Fighting over a Dead Skunk.

      • arkansasmimi says:

        Yep your right. Sadly I bet there isnt one family in the USA, that when someone passes the grifters come out. Is it part of grief or just greed? Seen it in the bestest of families…. Yep there gonna be some big blows coming in that bunch! :)

  5. jordan2222 says:

    So they collect from a policy that had not even gone into effect? Pure bribery.

  6. janc1955 says:

    I can’t even respond to this without being extremely profane, so I shall climb slowly down from the Treehouse for a bit and climb back up when my blood pressure drops.

    • tara says:

      Don’t be too upset. What they got was probably a pittance compared to what they could have received had their scheme played out as planned.

  7. Flaladybug says:

    So….who wants to start the voting poll on how long before the SCHEME TEAM (and that INCLUDES the “parents”) implodes on itself due to GREED. Now that REAL MONEY is involved, I’m thinking just about the time the ink is dry on the check and CRUMPY AND CO. send their bill!!! ;)

  8. sunnydaze77 says:


  9. I Am Trademark says:

    Buying his brother a Ferrari should reduce gun violence, right?

  10. bullnuke says:

    A relaxing moment after work and this…Crap. Crap. Crap. Need another adult beverage now. A lot of the sh!t going on has pissed me off but damn IT! I shouldn’t get too upset. Whores do get paid after all.

  11. Sentenza says:

    So, what happens if Zimmerman is found not guilty because of self defense?

    What about if it comes about through some miracle that the parents were involved in fraud?

    • Coast says:

      I was wondering the same thing…and after seeing that the party settled to avoid “possible litigation”, most likely nothing. After all….it was a gift.

    • doodahdaze says:

      I may have to be a technicality.

    • myopiafree says:

      Hi Sentenza – I think Bernie will just drop the charges – and quietly slink away into the sunset.

    • Optimistic says:

      Just a “not guilty” wouldn’t help, that would likely be within the terms of the settlement.
      That said, contracts can be voided for fraud in the inducement. With Crump on one side, we don’t know what he said to the HOA insurer to pressure them, but if the insurer showed it to be fraudulent, they could seek to have the settlement voided.

  12. eastern2western says:

    nice to see tracy martin in a t-shirt with his beautiful brown skin because his incident of grease fire did not leave him with any burned skin at all. remember he was going around the country telling people about how the young trayvon saved him from grease fire. wow, he sure recovered from the burn really fast without any burn marks at all.

    • dizzymissl says:

      I think it is on his legs.

      • eastern2western says:

        this is a pic of him in shorts and there was still no burn marks at all. unless dude has some really tough skin, it is just odd to have no scars after a grease fire that was burning him for minutes.

        • dizzymissl says:

          I have never seen him in shorts. The story is that he was in the burn unit for 4 months getting skin grafts, so there should be scarring

          • yankeeintx says:

            According to hospital records he was only in the hospital for a month, and still owes them $113,557.40 (and that was when they filed a lien in 2005).

            • Auntie Lib says:

              If the lien is still viable this bill will have to be paid from any settlement funds before Tracy gets any. Awwww…

              • yankeeintx says:

                I can only hope they include interest on the amount he now owes. (Legally, I don’t know how long someone can go after a debt in Florida, but hopefully the hospital gets paid).

              • Dem Slow says:

                Nahhh, the lien will be dropped when the Hospital bill is paid for by Obamacare (or more accurately by Our HIGHER Health Care insurance premiums and HIGHER Taxes).

            • hooson1st says:

              If he was in the hospital for a month, it wasn’t because he stubbed his big toe. Obviously, the burns were serious.

              • maggiemoowho says:

                He could have had a skin graft, plus we don’t know (nor do I want to) if he had an underlying health problem on top of that. Something happened that required a long stay.

              • yankeeintx says:

                I’m not claiming burns are not serious, but why lie about it? So many of his lies are easily debunked, so why not just tell the truth?

            • dizzymissl says:

              From Esquire article:

              Tracy spent four months in the hospital getting skin grafts. On the playing field, the kids give Trayvon major respect. You saved your father’s life! But Trayvon always shrugs it off.

              Not surprising there are inconsistencies. Unreal.

              • yankeeintx says:

                The lien lists the dates of his stay as 10/31 to 11/30. My guess is that he may have been on short term disability from work for 4 months, and may have been receiving outpatient care for 4 months, but he was only in the hospital for a month. I think it is always better to just tell the truth, but the whole family seems to be allergic to the truth.

  13. cajunkelly says:

    I’ll just repeat what I posted in the OT re this news….

    Ill gotten gain;

    Search resultsProverbs 1:19 Such are the paths of all who go after ill …
    King James Bible (Cambridge Ed.) So … as appears from the following verses; … after all are away by end everyone gain gains get go ill-gotten is it its life lives … – Cached
    More results from »
    Proverbs 10:2 Ill-gotten treasures have no lasting value, but …
    Holman Christian Standard Bible (©2009) Ill-gotten gains do not profit anyone, but righteousness rescues from death. … Proverbs Chapter 10 Verse 2. – Cached

    The Daily Bible Verse: Proverbs 1:19 – ill-gotten gain takes …
    Such is the end of all who go after ill-gotten gain; it takes away the lives of those who get it.…ill-gotten-gain-takes… – Cached

    114 Bible Verses about Ill Gotten Gains –
    Bible verses about Ill Gotten Gains … Helpful Not Helpful. Micah 2:1-13 ESV / 8 helpful votes Woe to those who devise wickedness and work evil on their beds! – Cached

    Proverbs 1:19 “Such is the end of all who go after ill-gotten …
    Proverbs 1:19. Such is the end of all who go after ill-gotten gain; – Read verse using New International Version from Online Bible Study Tools – Cached

    Bible Concordance: Ill-gotten – Bible Suite: Online Bible …
    One who hates ill-gotten gain will have long days. (WEB) Micah 4:13 Up! and let the grain be crushed, O daughter of Zion, … Bible Concordance … – Cached

    Proverbs 10:2 MSG – Ill-gotten gain gets you nowhere; an …
    2 Ill-gotten gain gets you nowhere; an honest life is immortal. = = > >> … NIV and The Message Side-by-Side Bible, Two Bible Versions Together for Study and … – Cached
    More results from »

    • Rick Madigan says:

      We have so few years on this planet. What is gained by bringing so much pain and misery to others by lying and stealing money? They held the company up with a gun, and shook them down for the money. Its like the manna that turned into maggots when the greedy hoarded them, instead of trusting.

      These guys could’ve trusted the justice system and God to vindicate them. God cannot be mocked, the Martin’s day of reckoning will come and none will support them.

      Salman Rushdie had to live in hiding for over a decade after Khomeini put a fatwa on him. When asked what he thought of Khomeini’s death, Rushdie said laughingly, that if you sit by the river long enough, you will eventually see the body of your enemy float by. So true!

      We don’t get away with nothing in this life! We all have a conscience that will make us vomit up our ill gotten gains, and suffer as we have caused others to suffer. Most religions address this goodness in us, and the consequences of going against our innate structures. Whether its God or human Evolution, we cannot undo our natural instinct to be moral and just beings.

  14. maggiemoowho says:

    “Job Well Done Son” is written on TM’s gravestone. Holds even more meaning now. Maybe they should add “very” in there. Job very well don son, very well done. How excited they must be. TM finally paid off for them.

      • maggiemoowho says:

        Who knew raising a thug could be so profitable.

        • sundance says:

          I would question the term “raising” – or if by raising you mean ignoring a child, dispatching them to anyone else to handle, giving them money to get them out of your hair; telling girlfriends and boyfriends that they must keep an eye out on the consequence of your sexual encounters, and ducking responsibility for the oucome of such non-parenting parenting, then perhaps you are correct.

    • Rick Madigan says:

      Thanks son, your death reeled in a million smackaroos. Good job!

      • ctdar says:

        Well, you know after all, Trayvon owed them.

        • Rick Madigan says:

          Did they also have a life insurance policy on Trayvon? Tracy’s tweets talked about having a bail bond fund for him. He had to have a solid LI policy if a drug deal shootout or something happened.

          In which case, they’ve been banking in all kinds of ways, from the beginning.

          And think of how people like Robert and Gladys have had to live, not to mention the trouble and stress of Shellie’s parents, and family members on both sides.

          And as some have said, Shellie and the dog actually became sick because of their living situation, and don’t get me started on what George has been going through.

          It is inconceivable, how unjust it all is!

  15. Angel says:

    ca ching !

    At this point, I am just keeping faith that GZ will have as fair trial as possible and that he will get out of harm’s way.
    Other than that, I am starting to resign myself to what seems to be right b4 our eyes: Whatever mischief that has been done by anyone in this case will be ignored. The climate is not conducive to do what would be the right thing.

  16. BertDilbert says:

    Settlement comes right when DD depo happens and Bernie freaks out… Get it while the getting is still good.

  17. CurlyDave says:

    Why would the insurance company settle before the criminal trial? Surely a not-guilty verdict would make the claim worth far less, almost nothing maybe.

    • disgustedwithjulison says:

      CRS told them pay up now….or payout billions when the mob is released when GZ is acquitted. Maybe?

    • Coast says:

      And what exactly did the HOA do that they would be liable for? I’m hoping that someone is having big regrets right about now…but then again, maybe not. It’s hard to predict what people will do (understatement) in the court system.

      • doodahdaze says:

        Well. It is like if a homicide happened in your yard. Race Pirates put it all over the Newz Worldwide. Then you wanted to sell your house but meanwhile the race pirates were suing you. You had insurance you paid up for years to protect against fire, storm, flood, race pirates, and other disasters. What would you want the insurance to do?

    • doodahdaze says:

      The innocent condo owners maybe? They paid the premiums to be protected from Race Pirate’s.

      • maggiemoowho says:

        It will effect the renters also. Many renters are unaware that if the owner of the house/condo that they are renting fails to pay HOA fees, the HOA is allowed to go after the renter for the money. There is a law in Florida that allows HOA’s to place the burden on the renter. We have done this quite a few times in our neighborhood and have even forced a few into foreclosure due to non-payment.(most pay up at that point) 99% of the time the renters just pick up and leave because they don’t want to pay.

  18. ackbarsays says:

    Settlement ANNOUNCEMENT comes right after MOM files his appeal to the DCA, so now Crump can point to it and say “see – I’m opposing counsel.”. (Hat tip to Nettles over at D-Man’s blog, I think)

    • John Galt says:

      Not really. That would make Crump opposing counsel vs the HOA, which has nothing to do with being opposing counsel in the criminal case.

      • jordan2222 says:

        Did Crump have a legal obligation to report this to the court in regards to George’s trial?

        What timing!

        • John Galt says:

          Hopefully it comes back to bite him in the azz: evidence of motive of financial gain for the crumping of Witness 8.

  19. nwtex says:

    What a bunch of dirty, vulgar individuals they are. What kind of ‘parents’ look for a pay day when their son dies from a bullet lodged in his chest. This is simply obscene!

  20. bullnuke says:

    I betcha those folks who donated their vacation hours to TrayMom are feeling pretty good about that now.

  21. sundance says:

    This is more about the motion to the appellate court than the award. This is an attempt to protect Ben Crump by solidifying his position as “opposition” (or opposing counsel) for the sake of deposition avoidance. Positioning – that’s all this is…. it’s how they roll.

    Sunlight – Sunlight – Sunlight

    Actuarials are keen on risk avoidance too. Facing threats of a united black grievance movement against the racist insurance company -aimed toward black customers- the Ins. company just makes a nusiance payout…..

    • doodahdaze says:

      We await the justice’s opinion. It is all on their desk now. The writ is filed. That is all you can do in the system.

    • tara says:

      I totally see what you’re saying, Sundance. Hopefully the DCA will too.

      • myopiafree says:

        The DCA will turn it down – with no comment. Goes back to Judge Nelson. But by then, Bernie will have requested that all charges be dropped, because they have no proof of anything. That will stop the deposition of Crump also. Everyone gets out of here – Scott free. (Except for George – of course.)

    • John Galt says:

      “This is more about the motion to the appellate court than the award. This is an attempt to protect Ben Crump by solidifying his position as “opposition” (or opposing counsel) for the sake of deposition avoidance. Positioning – that’s all this is…. it’s how they roll.”

      I think that is correct. It is reported that portions of the settlement agreement were filed with the court (NOTICE OF CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION WITHIN COURT FILING 4/4/13) and served on MOM.

    • Optimistic says:

      It is absolutely about the writ.
      Where did the amount come from? I.e., “believed to be”? Was it from Crump? The insurance company? Who gains by claiming a million dollar settlement? A little birdie told the reporter?
      We’re two months away from the criminal trial, why would the insurance company settle for a large amount without seeing the evidence? The claim against the HOA wasn’t that strong to begin with. At worst, there would be a comparative fault issue, apportioning any damages based on the degree of fault. I can’t see how the HOA would be jointly and severally liable for the events, meaning what portion of any damages could even be assessed against the HOA? Nothing says that there was any involvement of the HOA in the events, George said he was going to Target.
      So if what we know doesn’t make sense, should we accept it as truth, without any support? I’m guessing a nuisance settlement, just so the HOA could stop paying lawyers, which Crump is claiming to be a large amount for PR purposes. Nothing more.

      • John Galt says:

        “which Crump is claiming to be a large amount for PR purposes”

        I’d go with that:

        May it please the court, Mr. Crump made a fortune through his grossly improper conduct in connection with witness 8, and now seeks to avoid answering for such conduct by hiding behind the attorney work product privilege.

      • doodahdaze says:

        The homeowners. Some might want to sell without a cloud over their head. They paid the premiums. Would you buy a condo there if you did not know what might happen? That is how I see it. This is what the race pirates do for a living. If i could get a rider on my insurance for race pirates I would.

        • Optimistic says:

          Actually, all the homeowners need is announcement of a settlement, so that it won’t cloud their titles. A settlement for $5 works just as well as for $1,000,000. They have no interest in the amount. In fact, a large amount could work against them, if buyers thought that they would owe part of any assessment against the HOA.
          The insurance company doesn’t want to be seen as patsies, because then everyone would sue them.
          Who’s left?

          • doodahdaze says:

            Well who cares. Now we hear the settlement was for zero. The homeowners are free of the cloud. But there was a settlement. That is prolly all they care about after a year of this Obamanization.

      • pbunyan says:

        Plus how much reporting about this case ends up being true? After the couple days maybe, what, 15–20%? And how much of what Cramp says ends up being true? Maybe -25–0% I’m thinking they gave the scheme team some money to make it all go away, but not that much.

  22. dmoseylou says:

    “Hallelujah! Finally, we can get our vacation pay back from $ybrina. Surely, she has every intention of returning our money, now that $he is rich and (in)famous…right? Uh, right, guys…?
    guys…?” say all the poor co-worker saps.
    At least, they still have jobs, unlike $ybrina. When all the SHTF, exposing them all for the evil, lying, conniving, scum they are–who, WHO, will ever hire her?
    $1M is not a lot of $$$ divided and sliced up among how many grifters, and expenses incurred the last year. But, at least it is just a little bit more for George to go after. I hope George gets every last dime those 2 will ever have for the rest of their miserable lives.

    • maggiemoowho says:

      I hope Alicia didn’t settle her divorce yet, she might be entitled to more alimony. Javaris will want his share, he is entitled to at least a third of the money because he dragged that trash can around just as much as SF and TM and Tracey’s little army of kids will want their shares. Crump would get about 40%, Brandi should be able to get more child support and so should Cindy (Demetrius mom) and Larisa(Takira’s mom). Well, that leaves about $1000.00 for SF.

      • Cupcake says:

        Yep, when you map it all out after the lawyers fees (split between how many lawyers??) there are way too many people who want a piece of that pie! $1000 would be awesome for SF!

      • doodahdaze says:

        Ya think? I think that is a little low. Only 1k for the anti-gun folks? She will get zero. All the dough is to fight guns.

    • doodahdaze says:

      Who will hire her? Obama. She can get a job as an Obamacare navigator. Navigating the suckers through the maze.

  23. jordan2222 says:

    Didn’t they once promise to give this money away? Or was that to themselves at their Foundation?

    • eastern2western says:

      the promise of the foundation was to help the victims of profiling. I tried to apply for some help because my insurance company has been profiling me since the day I started driving. I can prove it too because the dmv has profiled every traffic violation I have ever had, but I never got an money from the foundation.

      • eastern2western says:

        me victim of profiling too! me want a million dollars from dmv because they profile me every year.

        • doodahdaze says:

          I hope you do not drive slow in the fast lane.

          • justfactsplz says:

            Why do people think the speed limit is just a suggestion? Does the fast lane mean one can speed and get angry with those going the speed limit for going to slow? I always wondered that.

  24. James F says:

    A million dollars is nothing compared to the expense of defending against not only Crump but also the full force of Holder and the US Justice Department, the State of Florida, the congressional black caucus with their infinite resources. Even if they were to win they would still lose millions and forever be labelled racist by the lame stream media. It was wise not to engage in a battle against the false idol that is Obama’s would-be son.

    • janc1955 says:

      Then what we need in this country are more sets of testicles. When is someone going to do the RIGHT thing vs. the EXPEDIENT thing??? God this is just infuriating. (Not directed to you, James F. Just jumping off your comment.)

    • doodahdaze says:

      Please. Fighting v. Obama is the name of the game. Dissent is patriotic according to Hillary. Just because he has all the dough right now is no reason to surrender. We are the new minority. As a minority group we are protected by the Civil Rights Act.

  25. eastern2western says:

    basically this law suit just told every thief, thug or mugger out there that they can sue the home owners for installing glass windows because glasses caused injuries to their hands while they are trying to break into people’s houses.

  26. eastern2western says:

    wait the minute, is a million dollars enough for all of the parties. basically the lawyers get about half and they have to divide the money among Jackson, crump, park, rand and all of the administrative fees in the office, then they have to pay off all of the civil rights groups. what about tracy martin’s 5 baby mamas and their baby papas. at this point, I need a spread sheet just to figure out how many civil law suits will follow. what about the fact that patricia martin was the one who took care of trayvon. yes kids, I can tell that she is the only one who cared about trayvon from the emotional interview she had with phil and she was the only one with enough cojones to show up alone without any lawyers. Those tears from her eyes were not crocodile tears like Sabrina’s tears because they were real. every time she mentioned trayvon’s name, her tears would come out automatically. Now that is the real mother who took care of trayvon.

    • John Galt says:

      Depends on how much they are raking in from the foundations and trademarks. Might be prudent to settle low and avoid discovery of social media and school records which might come to light in connection with pursuit of a lost potential earnings claim. Widespread publication of such information might reduce the earnings potential of the foundations and trademarks.

    • doodahdaze says:

      I don’t see why the Babydaddy and the estranged Momma should get the lions share. What about DD? What about Alicia? What about the rest? This is not fair. I think they should sue for part of the spoils.

  27. James F says:

    A million dollars ain’t what it used to be, especially in this context.

  28. sidneytawl says:

    SHHH, unless the I R s has changed its ruling or congress has passed legislation this could be real interesting later. I dont think this kind of award qualifies for t ax free status on the amount. An attorney could say for sure, if not, then Sabrina and Tracy/ The for profit foundation, will be responsible for tax on the full amount of the settlement. This also includes ahem the money they pay crump, (1/3 40% etc.) then Crump also has to pay taxes again on his share. Yes you read that right. Double taxation. crump will get his dough, but the team could be left upside down and owing money. Happens a lot and the attorney’s don’t tell people how the taxation will work most of the Time.

  29. jack203 says:

    The end of neighborhood watches in locations in middle to lower middle class homes sponsored by home owners associations…

    Well that should work out just great for everyone….

    • auscitizenmom says:

      Especially for the burglars.

    • eastern2western says:

      there should not be an end to neighborhood watch because every person has the right to protect his/her properties. neighborhood watch is a volunteering program and it is completely legal.

      • maggiemoowho says:

        The Race Baiters want people to be afraid to call the police on blacks, this is just a way to try and scare people so they don’t “snitch”. They want everyone to live by their street law.

        • ytz4mee says:

          Tonight on 20/20 they had a “special” on “anger”. Every single in depth profile was a white male. They only did one very short segment about a black male bus driver who assaulted a passenger, and with no commentary. The Narrative based in lies continues along its merry way ….

  30. Bongo says:

    I hope they have to pay huge taxes on that money just like an actual lottery winner would pay.

    This is just disgusting. That HOA insurance company simply caved in to the BGI.

    • eastern2western says:

      they are usually about 40-50 percent.

    • cajunkelly says:

      according to the google search I just did on “are wrongful death awards taxable”, *every* result says NOPE, not taxable :evil:

      • sidneytawl says:

        If that is what the claim payout states wrongful death. Punitive damages are taxable, depends on the wording etc. and what they asked for etc. Remember Dennis Rodman kicking the camera man in his privates (or so he claimed). He got one million for that, Rodmans attorneys though wrote the payment for other than medical and pain and suffering. guy went on a spending binge and then had the IR s show up at this door wanting the tax money. ooops,

        onc can hope.

  31. elvischupacabra says:

    Git ‘em Revr’n Owl!

    Shakedown Sharpton photo sharpton-resistgit_paid.jpg

  32. Pitbull says:

    Truly …. A beggars banquet !

  33. HughStone says:

    To avoid taxes they will donate all the money to a foundation that they oversee. Then checks will get dispersed from there. Crump probably will get his through a foundation that is in his care and control. All the “pro bono” crap is fake.

    • elvischupacabra says:

      Naw… they’ll blow it all on cars, bling, boob jobs and blow. That is, after Revr’n Owl Shawpt’n takes his 40-pieces of silver for “consultation”.

  34. maggiemoowho says:

    This money is going to hurt their donation drive. Greed will set in and instead of getting donations, people will expect them to give donations. Happens to lottery winners all the time. This could actually get interesting. TM and SF might want to trade their 7 gallon trash cans in for a smaller 1 gallon model or maybe save some money and just cut the lid off a soup can.

    • maggiemoowho says:

      I just realized from reading some tweets, that they are using an AIDS Ribbon now to support TM, so that might help get donations because people will think they are giving to help AIDS victims. AIDS organizations should be furious about this and stop them. This is an insult to every AIDS patient and their families.

  35. myopiafree says:

    OK, Crump, Tracy, Sabrina and DeeDee have won the $1,000,000. They won, the Home-owners
    Association lost, as well as the taxpayers of Florida, who will have to pay Coery-Bernie the $1,000,000 to conduct this fraudulent charge.

    Now Crump and Bernie have a mild problem. How do they “ditch” DeeDee – without too much harm? This is how they will do it.
    Bernie will never charge DeeDee with anything – because DeeDee will just say:

    DeeDee> “…well I THOUGHT I heard TM say these things … but perhaps I was mistaken..”

    DeeDee> “Please don’t hold me responsible, after all I have “high blood pressure”, and it has made my ears “ring” and my hearing is very poor. You can’t charge a poor-girl for trying to help – can you??”
    With that statement, Bernie will have no case at all – because the witness lied to him. His PCA is a fraud. He must get “out” before he “NiFongs” himself into one day in prison.

    So Bernie informs Judge Nelson, that his “bomb-shell” witness, changed her story, and that the prosecution can not continue with its case. They will ask Nelson to drop all charges against George, and will say, “…sorry about that…”

    Bernie> “We will continue to prosecute your wife for lying – of course.”. (Eye Roll.)

  36. News13 (Central FL) is reporting about the settlement-

    “Crump asked that the agreement remain confidential. However, the court has decided that there is no reason for the agreement to remain confidential, and is giving Crump 10 days to appeal that decision.

    We have learned, that the homeowners association’s insurance company did not have to pay out a claim on the case.”

    Hope this link works-

    • disgustedwithjulison says:

      “We have learned, that the homeowners association’s insurance company did not have to pay out a claim on the case.”

      Does that mean some CRS funds flowed their way as hush money and to move along? Strange….anyone want to expand on that sentence or give their thoughts? Who paid if the HOA insurance Company didn’t?

    • doodahdaze says:

      Well if that is true it must mean Travelers agreed to not claim against the schemer’s so they can protect the homeowners. At least the poor innocent property owners have not got to worry anymore about the race pirate’s. But wow. It the settlement was for zero dollars how will they fund the anti gun owner program? How could they do this to the Grand Private Attorney General?

    • eastern2western says:

      ha, ha, no money was paid for the claim and crump is trying his best to hide the result of the settlement. can not get any funnier than the crumpster. If I were crump, I would be liquidating all of my assets and pull a roman polansky asap.

  37. This money will not go far after Crump takes his share, and the long knives come out with the cast of characters: baby-moms, siblings, cousins, DD and her friends, etc, Trayvon’s homies, the hanger-on’s, etc. They will say:

    “Ve Vant a piece of the action!”

    Then they will start selling their stories to the media.

  38. sundance says:

    FYI – just off the phone. This “change in the schemers approach to settlement” might be DIRECTLY related to what we have uncovered with the M-DSPD and are in the process of bringing out to the sunlight.

    Apparently they decided to take what was available quickly before the entire narrative collapses…. a ‘get it now while the getting is still good’ principle.


    • auscitizenmom says:

      Sundance, OMG I won’t be able to sleep.

    • doodahdaze says:

      Well hot damn! Way to go Bro. Looks like the RIC….I mean defense discovery plus some investigative reporting is giving the jitters to some schemers.

    • maggiemoowho says:

      Could this also be why that hearing was cancelled.

      • doodahdaze says:

        Hope this is not too soon but I just got a feeling about it.

      • sundance says:

        Maggie…. I dunno. Behind the scenes lots of convo has been *supposed* about who has found out (been told or made aware of) our, well, for lack of a better open word, “approach”.

        Vast contingents of people (law enforcement, leadership, etc) have been *gagged*, both legally and professionally from talking about the issues – it appears they want to speak, they just can’t. That’s where our discovery of a backdoor into a semi-related aspect comes in to play. Internal investigations leave trails, sworn statements, records and witness accounts.

        They can’t hide material unrelated to the Martin injunctions directly, after the fact of his death – by claiming it is part of the injunctions surrounding his life…

        It would not surprise me to find out the CRS, the feds, the State, or the BGI influences et al are engaged in the blocking of the releases we seek. But, all they can do is delay because we already have approval(s), and submitted payments….

        • doodahdaze says:

          Area 51 where are you. Wonder whatever went on with the CRS subpoena that was granted to go? Wonder if Wolfie wrote his letter to the Guv on his own? Wonder about the prior TCJ stating in open court “we are supposed to be tamping this thing down?” Wonder why the SP was appointed just prior to the GJ and bringing in #8 to testify? Wonder what happened to the Stooges and the Blond girl? Wonder why Serino hired Baez? Wonder about the ex parte meeting between the first TCJ and the state just prior to Shellie being charged by Guy? Wonder how come the Guv added Shellie to the scope of the SP in January after the quo warranto motion by Shellies lawyer. Wonder why Crump hired a malpractice lawyer? Where in the world is Angela Corey? How did her lawsuit v. Harvard Law School work out? Wonder why Judge Sharpton after crowing about how the prior TCJ was following his orders went? In addition to many other things I wonder about after a year of this…How come Mr. Bonaparte has not been deposed yet?

        • maggiemoowho says:

          Thank goodness and God, that you already have approval already and thank you for getting that approval, no easy task I’m sure. There is no doubt that those documents would have disappeared someway or somehow. This has got to be one of the most complicated cases, it gets really difficult to follow at times, it’s like a huge puzzle.

    • rooferx says:


    • janc1955 says:

      Hmm. Does this mean Trayvon was a very VERY bad boy … or is there more to the story with the M-DSPD?

      • justfactsplz says:

        He was very bad and he left trails to the discovery of his criminal self.

        • janc1955 says:

          So I’m thinking out loud here and could be way off base. Since whatever trouble Trayvon got himself into prior to 2.26.12 has no bearing on the events of 2.26.12 (though it certainly has bearing on the Scheme Team saga of St. Skittles), I’m thinking there must be some evidence that Trayvon was up to no good just prior to his encounter with George, and whatever it was he was doing, has bearing on what happened with George.

          • doodahdaze says:

            It is relevant if it is similar behavior. A prior bad act and especially “act’s” by him is admissible if it mimics the actions on the night of the incident. If a pattern exists if that makes sense. The fact that the state tried to hide it is also relevant. Because the state is inextricably tied to the Crump team. Relevance is the test of admissible evidence.

          • justfactsplz says:

            I hope you are right. I don’t know what Trayvon was up to just prior to his encounter with George. I do know Trayvon had committed hideous acts of violence in his past. Trayvon had video tapes of his violent attacks. When this was discovered the Miami police mentioned that maybe this discovery would hellp them solve some of their crimes.

            • auscitizenmom says:

              What if there is video of Trayvon commiting burglary, of cars or of condos? On THAT night?

            • doodahdaze says:

              Well it is gonna have to wait if all this about the conflicts is right. At least it seems like it. No wonder the hearings are stopped. It would take a year to sort it out. I am just in a daze trying to understand.

      • sundance says:

        Yes, and also Yes, there’s more to the story. We really don’t mean to be all mysterious and stuff, we just want to actually have the evidence in our hands before we expose it.

        We already know what it contains – we just need the actual releases.

        • janc1955 says:

          No worries, Sundance. I understand.

        • auscitizenmom says:

          Are we going to have to wait until Monday?

            • nomorebsplease says:

              Is it safe to say that brandy telling the news crew about “trayvon was shot on the porch”, chad “saw and heard nothing” and stephan saying tray put dem bangaz to George, 2 days after the shooting – in addition to tracy emphasizing how “responsible” stephen is, during the missing persons call … Is it safe to say these events took place within 2 days of the shooting is the real reason they lawyered up? They are covering something. Too many hokes in their stories and very odd behavior on their part before the lawyers. Maybe i am reading too much into it? Ty

    • justfactsplz says:

      I think you are right, it is DIRECTLY related. Let the sun shine!

      • sundance says:

        It makes sense. And like I have told everyone it ain’t a real complex thing to unearth it – but one thing that bugs me is: If we were able to figure it out, and find the trail to the backdoor,…. O’Mara/West certainly should have. And if they did – and yet did nothing with it – that does not speak well for THEM…. But that’s supposition.

        One way or another we’ll get the information. If they drop the case before we get it, that’s fine too. This is about more than George Zimmerman, this is about fraud, conspiracy, government manipulation, cover-ups, and just horrible decisions by those who are supposed to be working or us.

        They can’t slow roll us forever, and we’re not going to go away.

        • justfactsplz says:

          I agree, regardless of whether charges are dropped against George, these atrocities need to be exposed for what they are. If they are not exposed they will keep doing the evil they do so well. I seriously doubt that it is supposition on your part about the defense team. They are not stupid and they know at least some of Trayvon’s criminal history. They probably know enough to shut this whole farce down if they were so inclined.

    • Lulu says:

      The $1 million figures appears to have been grabbed out of the air from a report on an offer that may have been made earlier. “May have”…. Supposedly the Schemers turned that down. I’ll bet they have now taken what they could get and were hoping it would stay secret. Lots of luck with that, kids… Insurance company lawyers, who make these decisions, are not fools.

    • Letsbefairtogz says:

      + 1
      Btw, what if the figure were closer to 2mil than 1 mil?

  39. Knuckledraggingwino says:

    That last photo with Sabrina inspires me to speculate that she is actually a Klingon and one of the Duras Sisters.

     photo st_dsis_zpsbbf5915c.jpg

  40. cajunkelly says:

    Maybe the settlement was in the form of some sort of monument to traydmark being built. :roll:

    Or perhaps an astronaut-school-for-thugs will be established.

  41. eastern2western says:

    now, they are getting zero dollars from the hoa, who is going to pay all of them tailored suits and dresses, all of them trips to the nyc etc.? what about that 300 dollar per an hour attorney’s fees? crump and park had spent a lot of hours in the propagation of their narrative and who will they send their bills to when the funding is going and going?

  42. sundance says:

    Wasn’t anyone else a little curious about why Mark O’Mara would be in the loop on these machinations?,0,6893976.story

    Seems as an unaffiliated party – Mark O’Mara apparently knows quite a bit about the details around the civil actions. How and why is that?


    • janc1955 says:

      Putting a positive spin on it {cough}, is it possible MOM is tracking Crump’s involvement at every level as he attempts to depose him?

    • auscitizenmom says:

      Yes. I was curious. It seems like I saw he was copied on the HOA settlement, but I can’t remember where I saw it. And, I don’t have a guess.

      • doodahdaze says:

        I thought Mediation was final. Arbitration is negotiable. Unless I have that backwards. But I never believe anything on the Newz anyways. They are always wrong.

    • myopiafree says:

      Hi Sundance – Any good lawyer – keep his ears to the “Grapevine” – both of them. I think they has a P.I. on DeeDee, and know all about her (but can not release any of it – as well as TM crime-career in his school – for the few days he was even there.) He knows – but can not act.

      • sundance says:

        But why would Crump be giving O’Mara a copy of the filing?

        What’s O’Mara’s interest?

        • janc1955 says:

          I’m clueless, so I’m going with Crump somehow believes this information helps his case against being deposed. Also perhaps validation of some kind. Or something.

          I got nothing, Sundance. Sorry.

        • doodahdaze says:

          Maybe he is the Grand Exultant Private Attorney General. He is trying to participate in discovery?

        • myopiafree says:

          Sorry – In reading Omara’s association with the HOA, I now understand. I understand WHY Omara stated that his client, THINKS he is innocent. (To allow a plea-deal.) Omara is truly a “conflicted” lawyer. I hope he TOLD George about his link to the HOA. If he did not – then what? The first lawyer, Urig, (sp) would have truly represented the interests of George – with no “entanglement”. Now this entire story is a total MESS!!

    • doodahdaze says:

      I think the case is all about the civil action. The whole criminal case is Mr. Crump’s work product. Thus the writ to DCA. The defense damn well better know about it. It is a blend. Trying to make Murder 2 in to a strict liability civil action. The intention now is to get to trial ASAP to stop formal defense discovery before it leads upstairs I think.. Now this is just an ole guy layman opinion but I have watched this from the start and learned a lot along the way. I think it was a justifiable homicide. I think…all the objective evidence says so. I have looked for any evidence it was not and not found any. All I can see is a Spider Web with Mr. Crump right in the middle. I only know what I have seen here and in the court and the filings. I sure hope that this gets ended in favor of the truth. If the state can bring real evidence I would change my opinion.

    • boricuafudd says:

      It appears to me that the settlement was by the HOA, not the Insurer. I remember the Insurer asking about liability back in August, don’t remember if any decision was made in that regard. It is possible the HOA acting on its own, decided to settle, to avoid the litigation, if so, does this means that each homeowner will accept a partial responsibility?

      We may get the answer in a couple of days, as the court gave 10 days for Crump to show cause why the records need to remain under seal.

      • doodahdaze says:


        • boricuafudd says:

          SD, thinks the original policy holder payed, but it I think it is possible the HOA could have done it. Assuming it was indeed a million, divide it the the number of units 264, it comes out to 3788 per unit, not something completely outrageous, doable.

      • sundance says:

        The Travellers Insurance Co. was signed after the fact and was inquiring as to whether or not they should be party to a filing made by Crump. In essence they asked the court why they should be sued – and if they were a legitimate party. Either the judge told them they were not a party, or Crump realized they should not have been a party, regardless they were dropped from the suit.

        The HOA did not pay out. No-Way. HOA’s don’t have a fund for that sort of thing. The previous HOA insurance carrier paid it.

        But my question still stands – Why is O’Mara party to this information?

        I think I know the answer, but I’m seeking your (all y’all) opinion.

        • HughStone says:

          I’m sure they know the same circle of people.

          • sundance says:

            The information provided to O’Mara was *priviledged and confidential* Yet they gave O’Mara a copy – and he knew all the specific details, even last year….

            How is that possible? There’s only one way.

        • doodahdaze says:

          ???? How could a prior carrier be liable if the policy was not in force? I don’t understand. I think better wait til the dust settles. As far as your question remember Omara is in cahoots with the Beezly Boyz. That could be a reason. So I guess Travelers was in some kine pickup of prior/pre-existing claims and another company was covering at the time of the homicide?? Confusing.

          • sundance says:

            no, no, no. The prior carrier (before Travelers) WAS the carrier at the time of incident. That’s who paid.

            That was travellers initial question to the judge when Crump sued them – why are we party? Travellers came in AFTER the fact when the HOA switched insurance companies. Subsequently Travellers was let off the hook.

            NO – About O’Mara…..

            C’mon Howie – why would O’Mara be provided “confidential” settlement information?

            There is only one way.

            • doodahdaze says:

              Damn I can’t get it. ….Is he a party to the settlement somehow?

              • sundance says:

                BINGO ya big lug. He was party to the suit on behalf of the HOA – They (insurance carrier) brought him in as party on their behalf – It was his advisement decision to settle.

                It was Mark O’Mara who gave the nod to the interests he represented (ins carrier) to pay off/settle with the Martin family.

                Sumbitch !!!! :(

                O’Mara CAVED to the BGI AGAIN.

                • HughStone says:


                • doodahdaze says:

                  Well shucks. Did you ever see Kelly’s Hero’s. When Don Rickles is wounded and say’s…”Make a deal?” But I wonder about the witnesses that might be homeowners. But am glad this beast is off their backs. This seems like a conflict though. What a crazy situation. Every single lawyer and judge is conflicted. Except maybe Mr. West. Whoa I gotta go sleep on this but what a day.

                • ctdar says:

                  Omg How on earth is that not conflict of interest?? Can HOA turn around & sue OMara ?

                  • sundance says:

                    YOU WOULD EFFEN’ THINK :(

                  • doodahdaze says:

                    Dunno. But sounds like my ole Spidey Sense is on it. A deal might have been made. Prolly the case ends prior to the DCA having to rule on the writ? This is wild and crazy.

                  • doodahdaze says:

                    As far as I know it would be one…..of many. Whoa!

                  • ctdar says:

                    Ok so by Omara recommending to settle does that open the door for GZ to sue his lawyer for malpractice as he is basically admitting that TM
                    was not doing anything wrong when he attacked and beat the crap out of his client? in essence his client was the guilty one.

                  • sundance says:

                    Dunno – but that’s the way the opposition will frame it. O’Mara just made it appear that Immunity is unwinnable :(

                    (even if its not)

                  • ctdar says:

                    That’s reasoning why OMara never pushed for an immunity pre-trial

                • doodahdaze says:

                  Wait. That means that this will end within ten days? A deal has been done? Holy Mackerel dere Andy!

                • doodahdaze says:

                  Now…this can not go to trial if this is true. no way no how. Won’t happen. I can see no way it could happen. The UFO’s are real. This has to be tried in Roswell….Wait I am being attacked by a UFO…I see it. It looks like a saucer!!!! Argghhhh!

                • Cupcake says:

                  Are you saying MOM was the HOA’s lawyer regarding the Martin lawsuit?? Is this a late April Fool’s day prank??

                • tara says:

                  Can I get a clarification here? Are you saying that you know with 100% certainty that O’Mara assisted Liberty Mutual with the settlement process?

                • justfactsplz says:

                  Scumbag, he is. Why am I not surprise. And this helps George how? Not.

                  • doodahdaze says:

                    I am amazed. This case should be shut down and sent back to a grand jury. The hell with the civil actions. What a mess.

                  • justfactsplz says:

                    You couldn’t even make a movie out of this. The actors would not be able to keep their lines straight. There is no one in the criminal justice system to trust to straighten this mess out.

                • doodahdaze says:

                  So was he representing George through the HOA? Was George a homeowner or a renter? There must be a reason to settle that I don’t understand. Maybe it is about the witnesses that are homeowners? I am just over the top trying to figger this out. It makes no sense at all. A defense lawyer could not do this I don’t think. I don’t think a defense lawyer would do it. It would be stupid. It is too out in the open to be sneaky. This is all too fishy.

            • HughStone says:

              “Zimmerman’s attorney, Mark O’Mara, told the newspaper in February 2013 that the family initially rejected a $1 million settlement offer from the association or the insurance company, before reaching a settlement “months ago.” O’Mara received a copy of the agreement from Crump on Thursday.”


        • boricuafudd says:

          The only harmless reason that I can think of is that at the time of the filling GZ was still a resident, as such he would have gotten notice.

        • nivico says:

          Considering the residents of the RTL are ~also~ witnesses…

          …the veiled threats of suing them at some later point always felt like witness intimidation, imo.

          If they were gonna sue, sue already… but they took the “we’re gonna wait ‘n see what you guys say in court and then we’ll decide whether to sue you or not” approach.

    • eastern2western says:

      I believe this settlement allows O’Mara to build his defense of crump creating this whole massive media campaign just to get money out of insurance companies.

    • sundance says:

      Methinks when y’all find out the answer to that question – yer gonna be PO’d….

    • jordan2222 says:

      I mentioned that somewhere.. maybe DMan’s place.

    • Knuckledraggingwino says:

      Crump is arguing that he can not be deposed because he is opposing council. Without a lawsuit filed, he has to provide some evidence to substantiate that position. He therefore found it in his best interest to provide the court and MoM info on the settlement. I would bet that MoM and West also provided information to the HOA and their insurance company regarding evidence supporting GZ. Aside from a big awardbeung good PR for Crump, it provides Crump with $$$$ to fund his connivance.

      Keep in mind that the HOA policy was for $1 million so the insurance company probably settled for much less. Crump no doubt was motivated to settle for a reduced amount by the need to pay his attorney.
      Consider the irony:
      The Martin/Fulton/Crump crew settle for less.
      Split three ways it isn’t that much.
      Tracy’s share will be seized to pay his outstanding hospital bills from the alleged burning.
      Crump’s share will be paid to Blackwell.
      Sabrina’s share will probably be used to pay for having her hooters hoisted above her belly button.

    • justfactsplz says:

      Mom is a part of that circle. He is friends with Nat Jack. He is sympathetic to the family and the black community. He is privy to a lot of the goings on behind the scenes in this case.

  43. elvischupacabra says:

    All this reading has made me thirsty. I think I’ll go to the 7-11 and grab me some Arizona ice tea, or better yet, some watermelon fruit drink. Also, I suddenly has me a sweet toof’, and I’m sure hankerin’ for some Skittles. Oh, and this cough is killing me. You know, allergies and all. I’ll grab some grape-flavored Robitussin while I’m at it.

    See y’all laterz.

    • janc1955 says:

      You might want to end the evening with some bangaz on crackas. I hear they’re very tasty.

      • myopiafree says:

        But wait Janc – I hear that some of dem, “Crackas” – are not friendly, and don’t know how to play the, “knock-out” game with us, “No Limit Ni__a’s”! Maybe they don’t know the rules of the game – yet. I understand that some of them don’t, even “play fair”!

  44. eastern2western says:

    If you guys read all of other media reports carefully, you should realized that all of them are quoting from Orlando sentinel, but the sentinel never made the affirmation of 1 million dollars in its article. The article from Orlando 13 is much more updated and it claims that hoa paid the martins zero dollars and 2 cents. It makes complete sense because hoa is not liable for Zimmerman’s actions that night because Zimmerman was simply acting independently, not part of the neighborhood watch. another thing is every settlement will depend completely on the outcome of the trial. If the defense proves Zimmerman was attacked that night, then trayvon should be the one who is responsible for his own death, not any one’s fault. even if Zimmerman were proven guilty as the attacker, then it would be Zimmerman’s fault because he was his own independent party that night, not part of the neighborhood watch. If HOA settles for the suit, it will open up it self to future litigations from robbers slipping on wet grass while stealing tvs out of houses to thieves who injured themselves while trespassing.

    • disgustedwithjulison says:

      So basically, you are saying this was a “show settlement”. Say that you settled….keep the details confidential….so that they can walk away saying “they won”. Correct?

    • jordan2222 says:

      Do you have an updated link?

  45. ctdar says:

    If party breaks the confidentiality agreement of settlement wouldn’t that make it void?

  46. doodahdaze says:

    The bar is gonna have to stop this. That is what I am thinking. It is out of control. We have a SA babbling Shakespeare quotes. We have the Area 51 people hovering all over the place. Mr. Zimmerman and his wife under duress and torture. Kooked out TCJ’s Crazy lawsuits by the SP against Harvard Law School. Black Panthers prowling. Insurance Company forking over millions. The family of Tcon traveling around the world passing trash cans to collect money. A ghost witness. Nut job media destroying evidence. Conflicted defense lawyer. Crazed black activists marching on a small town city hall. A POTUS involved. It is a breakdown. A collapse of the CJS. If the defense lawyer is party to the settlement this will have to be re-started. Both sides of the case would be conflicted beyond repair. Plus Ultra!

  47. eastern2western says:

    wow, wow there is some massive confusion around the 1 million dollar amount. The more I read, the more I feel like every media source is directly quoting it from the sentinel and none of them disclosed what exactly the amount of the settlement is. The whole 1 million dollar amount is the maximum the insurance company is willing to pay for. In the only source that is not quoting from the sentinel is central florida thirteen. Its story is that the martins have settled the suit with hoa, but the insurance company is not paying for the settlement. If the insurance company is not paying for it, then where does the money come from? In 10 days, we will find out the amount of the settlement because the judge is giving crump ten days to petition for the disclosure of the dollar amount of the settlement. From my interpretation is that the amount must not be very victorious for crump because he is working very hard to prevent it from public knowledge. The judge does not agree with him and is giving him 10 days to file a petition for it.

    • doodahdaze says:

      Confusion is putting it mildly. I am moving to Roswell to await the Mother Ship.

    • James F says:

      Travelers policy had a $1 million limit but…
      “Travelers is not a party to the settlement,”

      Sundance is claiming the settlement was with the previous insurance provider, Liberty Mutual, and the amount is closer to 2 million. AND O’MARA ADVISED THEM TO DO SO!?!?!?!

      • eastern2western says:

        in 10 days, we will see because I do not believe any insurance company will pay for this kind of suit.
        1) was martin trespassing? at this point we are not even sure martin was even a registered guest of the retreat. If he were, then how come he did not had any keys or may be calling chad to open up the door for him or ask him to walk out side to open the door for him. If he were a registered guest, then how come no body recognized him after the shooting? Not even George Zimmerman who was considered to be a nosy neighbor.
        2) George Zimmerman was acting as an independent party that night. he was not on his neighborhood watch duties or even dressed as neighborhood watchman. then how could the hoa be responsible for the action of Zimmerman/
        3) the criminal case is currently not even settled yet, then how could the insurance company pay money to a party that may had even cause its own death? that is basically asking the insurance company to pay for a slip and fall case when the victim is also the one who putted the banana peel on the road.

      • eastern2western says:

        the central florida 13 article never stated it was traveler’s insurance company that did not had to pay. its words are the hoa’s insurance company does not have to pay the settlement.

  48. tara says:

    I’m confused.

    Back in August 2012, Sybrina sued Traveler’s insurance, not the HOA. And then Traveler’s complained that they were not responsible because they didn’t start insuring the condo complex until a month after the shooting. So what developed from this lawsuit? Did the court determine that Traveler’s was off the hook?

    And now the news reports state that Sybrina and Tracy had sued the HOA, and that suit was settled. Is this a different lawsuit?

    • sundance says:

      Last year Travelers sued Sybrina – not vice versa.

      Subsequent to that – Travelers was let off the hook. The former insurance carrier, Liberty, was the party insuring the Retreat at Twin Lakes.

      Crump, Martin, Fulton sued the HOA and subsequently their carrier paid a settlement.

      Does that clear things up.?

      • doodahdaze says:

        Now. Was Mr. Omara retained after he began representing GZ or before? I doubt it matters. But how could a trained lawyer do this? It seems to be such a clear conflict of interest to my little small knowledge of law. Same with the Crumpsters working with the state. meanwhile the Zimmerman defense fund has been drained. Good Grief. This is unbelievable. No wonder the hearings are off. This should be stopped and sent back to the grand jury to figger out if all this is right.

        • auscitizenmom says:

          Okay. I have a suggestion. Have all the lawyers involved rounded up, that includes Nasty Jac and any who have made any statements about this case, present company excluded (CTH), take them and waterboard them until they tell the truth and have it recorded. Then release them with instructions to never go anywhere near Zimm and never to speak his name again.

    • tara says:

      Nevermind, I’m catching up with posts above. Sorry!

  49. eastern2western says:

    Trayvon Martin’s parents settled a wrongful-death claim Friday against the homeowners association of the Sanford subdivision where their teenage son was killed.

    Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin’s attorney, Benjamin Crump, filed the suit against the Retreat at Twin Lakes subdivision.

    Crump asked that the agreement remain confidential. However, the court has decided that there is no reason for the agreement to remain confidential, and is giving Crump 10 days to appeal that decision.

    We have learned, that the homeowners association’s insurance company did not have to pay out a claim on the case.

    Trayvon Martin was fatally shot by then-neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman during a confrontation in the subdivision a year ago. George Zimmerman is pleading not guilty to second-degree murder, claiming self-defense. His trial is set for June.

    A month-and-a-half delay in Zimmerman’s arrest led to nationwide protests.

    this is the exact article from central florida thirteen. remember one key thing is that this article is updated at 8:27 pm. which means it is much newer than the information that is written on the os article. currently, crump is fighting to keep the settlement confidential and the judge is giving him 10 days to do it. from previous history, I do not believe it is a victorious settlement. crump is a person who loves to propagate any anti-Zimmerman news to the world and manipulate it to make it 10 times worst. If he fighting to keep the settlement hidden, then it is obvious that it is a major defeat for him Do you guys remember all of the school records and social media accounts and adult photos? crump was hiding them from the public because they are detrimental for his saint trayvon. same principle applies in this case. If he is fighting to keep it a secret, it is usually pro-Zimmerman.

  50. Alexandra M. says:

    So……does this mean that Alicia’s baby boy (born Jan of this year) is gonna be all set up with years and years of good child support from babydaddy Tracy??? After all, the little guy even bears the same initials as half-brother Trayvon (T.B.M). I guess we’ll just have to wait and see…..given SUPERDAD’S devotion to ALL his kiddos.
    (Bet your arse sarcasm intended!!!!!!).

  51. mcfyre2012 says:

    “Trayvon Martin did not even live with his mother or father, he lived with his uncle and aunt in Miami Gardens.”

    Hmmm…then shouldn’t the uncle and aunt receive the money? Who had legal custody of the little angel?

  52. lolo says:

    Lies!! Lies!! Lies and how disgusting to even say they did it for money!!

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