White Boy Bleed Alot: 12-year-old White Boy Bullied – Killed: Media Hides Race Of Two Thugs Who Killed Him

bullied 2The Philadelphia media is one of the most race-adverse media outlets in the country.   They do anything and everything to hide the facts of race-based assaults and killings.  Such is the case in Upper Darby PA where a 12-year-old white boy, Bailey O’Neill, was jumped and beaten in school by two black kids.  

Baily was rushed to the hospital, spent 2 months on life-support, and died this week.

The kids who killed him?   They were suspended from school for two days.  

Jesse Jackson would be proud.  

Maybe – because of quotas for black discipline –  they are waiting for two white kids to kill a black kid, then they can expel the black abusers and arrest them.  It’s affirmative action combined with adverse impact (quota) rules…. or something.   Ask 2-J’s to explain it.  Or ask President Obama who implemented it in his August Executive Order.

PENNSYLVANIA – A suburban Philadelphia sixth-grader was pulled off life support Sunday, a  day after his 12th birthday and almost two months since he was punched in the  face in a perceived bullying attack at school.

Southeast Delco School District officials confirmed that Bailey O’Neill, who  had been in the hospital in a medically induced coma, has died.

One of the two tormenters punched him so hard that he broke the boy’s nose  and left him with a concussion, NBC 10 Philadelphia reported.  The students who reportedly jumped O’Neill were suspended from school for  two days.

bullied Bailey O Neil

“Our school community is deeply saddened by this loss,” schools  Superintendent Stephen Butz said in a statement Monday. “Our condolences are with  Bailey’s family and friends during this very difficult time.”

Butz said the school district is continuing to work with local authorities, who  haven’t filed charges against the two students involved in the Jan. 10  altercation in the schoolyard at Darby Township School.

The case remains an “ongoing, active criminal investigation,” a spokeswoman for  Delaware County District Attorney Jack Whelan told the Daily News.

One of the two tormenters punched him so hard that he broke the boy’s nose  and left him with a concussion, NBC 10 Philadelphia reported.  The students who reportedly jumped O’Neill were suspended from school for  two days.  (read more of the politically correct, race absent, article)

Unfortunately, a reporter decided to show up at the home of one of the kids who killed him and ask his dad how he felt.   Whoopsie – he’s black……  Shocker !

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69 Responses to White Boy Bleed Alot: 12-year-old White Boy Bullied – Killed: Media Hides Race Of Two Thugs Who Killed Him

  1. Rick Madigan says:

    I was wondering about this. None of the media sources had any information about the bullies. This is the first I am reading about their race. And they will never ever call it a race based incident, that could happen one way alone. How nicely they cover this up!

    • libby says:

      It is time to speak up about the kind of racism that most folks dont want to talk about.
      The NEXT time someone says to you that whites dont want to talk about racism (or just maybe next time you hear some clown tell you how bad raicsm is for blacks), make sure you tell them an earful about black racism and how the blacks dont want to talk about it and how they sure as heck dont want to end black racism.
      Black racism only gets to be this powerful if whites refuse to stand up and say, We arent gonna take it anymore.
      Hey white people (and brown and yellow and red), you dont have to take black people’s racism with a smile no more. Time to tell black folks (and journalists and academics and political leaders) what we think about black racism and black racists (their hate and contempt for other ethnicities is not gloriosu and it is not admirable).

  2. MuayTyson says:

    Think there will be hate crime charges?
    I am torn, is this a school yard fight or was he jumped? Is it typical bullying or is it racial bullying? It’s a shame we can niether trust the school or the media to give us the exact facts of the case and most likely it will all be brushed under the rug.

    • libby says:

      We CAN trust the media and the schools to lie to us and we should exspect them to in some instances hide evidence of black racism and of black hate crimes when they arent busy justifying black rage (you sure as heck dont see them addressing it squarely) as legitimate.
      The way to respond is to make sure you do respond.
      Every time you here excuses for black racism, it is no longer time to just roll over and laugh off their hate for whites and other ethnicities.
      I had a white guy buddy of mine tell me that I should just ignore the black rage that I encounter so regularly in florida.
      I spent weeks and months living in a shanty to protest investments in south africa. I was encouraged to spend my entire life stopping injustices based on race. I was told since i was young it was my responsibility as a white person to stop all injustices where a person was treated bad based on ethnicity.
      This is why the GZ vigilante lynching attempt by the bgi was so distressing, cuz I have spent most of my life working along the lines of we judge a person by the content of their character, not the color of their skin

      • tara says:

        I have personally been the victim of black rage several times here in Chicago, senseless rage which caused the blacks to perceive non-racial situations (one as innocuous as a car horn honk) as egregious racially-motivated infractions. The first one shook me badly. The last one changed me permanently. All of my life I had been a “Champion of the Blacks”, I believed that blacks were oppressed and that as a good human being I would do what I could to help them. No more. I’ve watched them milk the welfare system, destroy neighborhoods, abandon their kids, waste city resources (especially police), and then whine and cry when they don’t get everything they want. I refuse to enable this behavior. The Trademark circus was merely confirmation that I had made the right decision.

        • Houser says:

          Well put Tara. Ditto for me.

        • Johnny Evíl says:

          I was raised to treat EVERYONE equally, the only real racism I have encountered, I have been the victim of, on more than one occasion. I was white in an area where I wasn’t “allowed” to be. I didn’t get hurt, but was chased, shot at and called every racial slur against whites you can think of, all just for walking down the street. literally every time I have been in a black neighborhood, there was an incident because I was white(didn’t go there intentionally, just didn’t know where I was), I hold no grudges because no small group of people represent a whole race., but I have to say, it’s pretty hypocritical to complain that you don’t get a fair shake in life because your black, and constantly use the “race card”, when the large majority of white people are literally afraid of being seen as racist, and go out of there way to make sure that people won’t see them in that light. I think that those few black people’s actions are contributing to keeping racism alive among people and could potentially create racism in new generations for bringing it to the forefront of EVERYTHING,even when it is clearly not a racial issue. We are people, just the same as them, we don’t want to be berated, or demonized for all their faults, when you use someone as a scapegoat for everything they tend to draw a line in the sand.

  3. Knuckledraggingwino says:

    By definition, this was a conspiracy to commit assault. This makes it possible that the conspiracy was racially motivated.

  4. Knuckledraggingwino says:

    The dad is a sociopath if not a psychopth.t

  5. elvischupacabra says:

    If they were suspended more than two days, the school district would lose state funding for each day they were not in class. And we know that any funding loss anywhere only affects special-needs children, teacher employment, school lunch programs and safe-school programs.

    Also, I’d guess that the kid who was beaten was likely to blame for the whole incident. He might’ve eaten his pop-tart so that it was in the shape of a gun, and those poor youngsters (aka: disadvantaged yoo’ts) felt threatened.


  6. boricuafudd says:

    I guess the kid should have stay in his Mom’s car. I don’t want to be a hypocrite, though I will wait to see what happens with the investigation. Regardless this is not looking good, any way you look at it.

  7. I heard the author on the Jason Lewis radio show, and wrote down the name of his book. A couple days later, I stopped in the local Barnes and Noble store and asked for it. The book is not carried at any of their stores, and the clerk gave me an odd look like I’m some sort wack job.


    • libby says:

      Try going to a book store and ask where the men’s rights books are (few have any). tell them you couldnt find any men’s rights books, but you found many how to be a mangina books. we have a local bookstore affiliated with Goodwill industries. I went in there and asked them if they had any books on black slave owners (or about white slavery).
      You can imagine how that went (last spring, in forida especially, there was a lot of hate for whitey stirred up by the trayvon hoax)

  8. maggiemoowho says:

    I’m curious if the police will make an arrest now. Were they waiting to see if the little boy would make any type of recovery. Really sad. Parents need to strart being held accountable for their childrens crimes.

  9. kim says:

    I believe that is the same amount of time they suspended the poptart terrorist last week.

  10. ctdar says:

    Sounds like it was a knockout punch. It would be interesting to see if Bailey had any self defense wounds or if the other boy was “slight” as described by his father; somehow after seeing the father I doubt that.

    • stringplayer55 says:

      Well, compared to the father, maybe the son was “slight”. His son might have been 5’8″ and weighed 185 pounds and been “slight” to daddy. All in your perspective, you know.

      BTW, anyone know if the pictures distributed of Bailey are recent pics? They probably are recent as Bailey looks to be about the same age as pictures which were published of TM a year ago. Of course, most of those pictures were of TM when he was about 12, rather than the 17 year-old gangsta TM. But we should always be vigilant about media using hooks to oversell a story even if most of that overselling is one-directional.

  11. libby says:

    I was watching this new show last night called Blackboard Wars (it is a show about a failing inner city school with a bunch of aspiring thugs and a few students who want to learn and a few parents who work hard to teach their kids discipline. Of course, most of the students are black while most of the actual teachers are white (most of the special ed teacher assistants and counselors are black).
    In class, the students are entirely unruly and disrespectful. In staff meetings, the black teachers are hostile to the white teachers and blame them for not being more knowledgeable about the thugs in training who attend the school with zero discipline.
    PARTICULALRY IMPORTANT was the white math teacher who was a first year teacher. I watched an episode that was on last night where a pair of students, in the middle of class pretended to be having a fight (they were barely swinging until the teacher came real close to try to break up the fight) just so they could take a swing on her and play the knockout game.
    After the student punches the teacher in the face (supposedly acciddentally), the student BLAMES the teacher for getting her face punched in (just like trayvon’s non-parents blamed GZ for having been viciously attacked by the young thug in training).
    I beg you to check out this show and dont believe me. check it out for yourself (I need another opinion).
    The shows producers seemed very eager to ignorethje black racism and the knockout game as it was being played, but it was pretty obvious what was going on. The white teachers were subject to massive amounts of black racism (hate or mere contemtp) and since the black racism is treated like the good kind of hate that you keep in check maybe a little bit most of the time. If students punch their teachers, excuses are made about why the teacher is at fault (they showed the punch in slow motion, and it was so obviosu what was happening-there werent any punches thrown untli the teacher got close enough to get her knockout punch).
    “Oh, if you hadnt a tried to break us up, you wouldnt a been hurt. It’s all your fault”, the two students chimed in together, laughing hystericallly qas if they had planed to punch her in the face form the start, blaming her for their lack of discipline and lack of manners (as if wrestling in math class is how it is supposed to be done).
    Later in the episode, when the students are in cheer practice or on the football field, they show the students acting perfectly well behaved for activities they want to participate in. The kids are perfectly able to act in a disciplined fashion when they want to. But, for activitiess that they seem to percieve as “actin white” they seem to go out of their way to be rude and hostile.
    I found the white tecahers went out of their way to get to know the black students while the black teachers went out of their way to blame all the school’s problems on the white teachers.
    I am curious what others think about this

    • scubachick75 says:

      I’ve watched several episodes of that show. I don’t know how that new math teacher does it or why she would even put up with it. I noticed how disrespectful the black teachers are to her too! I like the principal and I think he means well.

  12. Unicron says:

    Speaking of the pop tart incident… does anyone honestly doubt that if it had been a black kid who did the pop tart incident at that other school, the school officials would have given much more careful consideration to disciplining him, and how to do it? I don’t think they would ever have taken it as far.

    That’s because white liberals in our society unconsciously just expect a lot less of black people. They would never admit this openly, but it is written in their every action, and every social policy. They hold blacks to a different, lower standard when it comes to behavior, academic performance, corruption, whatever.

    Look no further than Benjamin Crump, Esq. for a great example of this. Would a white man with that sort of intellect and command of the English language ever gain, let alone retain, the position of attorney? Prominent attorney… no less.

    These people run interference for the thug culture, making sure as few whites around the country ever hear about it as possible. They can’t stop those whites, Asians, Hispanics etc who are in DIRECT contact with it from knowing… but they can certainly put a lid on these stories ever achieving escape velocity from local news. If it goes national like this did? You can bet your behind they will obscure the race of the attackers.

    I know I may be at odds with others here but I do think that when one subgroup of a species moves into an ice age environment where if you don’t plan ahead more, lay stores aside for the harsh winters, give greater thought and care to when to have kids and how many… give more attention to your offspring, and continue to provide for your mate and children (or else they freeze/starve to death) that this will, in fact, inevitably select for a higher percentage of those traits in that group. The group that never went to that environment? Not so much.

    • boricuafudd says:

      “That’s because white liberals in our society unconsciously just expect a lot less of black people. They would never admit this openly, but it is written in their every action, and every social policy. They hold blacks to a different, lower standard when it comes to behavior, academic performance, corruption, whatever.”

      This is an interesting comment, and I totally agree, but the irony is because most blacks live in areas controlled by Liberals both white and blacks, their only interaction is with these white liberals. Their perceptions of how white America sees them is in large part by their interactions with white liberals, who as you stated see blacks as inferior.

      This makes the white liberals, greatly responsible for the blacks lack of trust, and animosity towards the rest of the country. Ironic is it not.

      • aliashubbatch says:

        Yes. This comment. Right here. Love it!

      • ctdar says:

        The black leaders have been holding “their people” down & cheating them of the freedoms from “perceived oppression” since the start of desegregation in the 50’s. If anyone has done the most damage to the black population it’s the sharptons, jacksons, farakhans, crumps, etc of the world….by not educating them in the foundation of Christianity & the family unit and if they faltered, holding them accountable to their mistakes or crimes.

        • boricuafudd says:

          No doubt, but my point was unrelated to them, just to point out that the biases and prejudices that the leaders you mentioned are exemplified in the same white liberals that they are mostly in contact with.

  13. tara says:

    Does anyone here live in or near Philadelphia? Is it failing like Detroit is?

  14. scubachick75 says:

    When I first read this online and they didn’t mention race and the kids were not charged, I just knew they were black. How terrible. This is no school yard fight. A school yard fight is one on one. This poor kid was jumped by two thugs who wanted to hurt him.

    • ftsk420 says:

      School yard fights aren’t one on one anymore and haven’t been in along time. The moment you hit the ground you usually end up getting stomped. Anyone here who knows me knows I like black people but I have to say this is how they fight. A few times when I was in school I got into a fight that started with 2 people but ended up with more then 15 people trying to kick my ass all of them were black. Last time it happen to me I was in my 20’s and 14 of them tried to jump on me. This story bothers me I feel really bad for this kid and his family. He was just an ordinary kid who really seemed to love baseball.

  15. mcfyre2012 says:

    The school’s response? Well it couldn’t have been bullying because we have a No-Bullying policy!

  16. yankeeintx says:

    Like Sundance pointed out, schools are dealing with the “White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African-Americans”. Schools now have to suspend/discipline the same number of non-AA’s as they do the AA students (by percentage). Soon non-AA’s will be suspended for things like dropping a pencil in class. It might not be a problem in some areas of the country, but imagine a school that is 75% black, needing to make sure that 25% of the suspensions are to non-black students. In order to comply they are going to needlessly suspend non-blacks students, or overlook transgressions by black students, which I think is the ultimate goal.

    • ytz4mee says:

      Homeschooling means opting out of any provisions in the “White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African Americans”.
      We had a group of blacks relocated to our neighborhood by “social justice” groups because of the high quality of the public schools. It didn’t take long for a small group of them to create chaos and mayhem in the classroom, as well as assault, theft, etc. A large block of parents elected to leave midway through the school year (450 families) and set up a homeschooling co-operative. Later on, in the local Target, I was confronted by one of the black “social justice” moms, who tried to get in my face and tell me I “shouldn’t” have the right to leave the school and withdraw my kids, “opting out”. The school is now majority minority and a complete craphole.

      • yankeeintx says:

        That is so cool. When 13% of the population in the US commit over 50% of the violent crimes, there is a problem. Blacks do not have the same advantages as Whites, they have MORE rights than Whites. They have been given everything they’ve demanded and more, and have run out of excuses. They simply refuse to accept responsibility for their own behaviors. Success is there for them if they want it, look to Dr. Ben Carson as an example. I guess they just don’t want it.

    • sundance says:
      • yankeeintx says:

        Has Eric Holder gotten the memo? He is only concerned about “his people”, you can’t expect them to accept responsibility for something that is not their fault, ever!

    • Sharon says:

      “White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African-Americans”….they don’t grasp the lunacy of equating “educational excellence” with demonstrating, teaching and reinforcing irresponsibility and racism.

      If these rulers of ours were family members of mine, I wouldn’t allow them to carry the garbage out.

      If we keep on in the direction we’re headed, we’re eventually going to get where we’re going.

      • yankeeintx says:

        You mean “Let’s Move!” “Forward” to “Hope and Change”. Yep, that is where we are headed. (As my Dad used to say when asked “Where are we going?”, “to hell, if we don’t change our ways”.

        • Sharon says:

          In this case, I’m afraid we’re headed to a hot race war beginning in the cities. It won’t be words. It will be open war.

          Those who have mocked and ripped at “the rule of law” and scoffed at those who practice and teach moral leaving domination both education and government. Anarchy follows. And then tyranny is welcomed as a solution–to restore order.

          Francis Schaeffer wrote about this, with America in view, back in the 1970s.

          • yankeeintx says:

            First I’ve ever heard of him (but that’s why I love coming here for an education). His wiki page is a lot of theology for me to easily digest. (I’ll admit, much of it is over my head in terms of theology because I have had such little experience with it in my life). Just from a quick glance, it looks like he is saying that Christians should stick to our beliefs, and not apologize for them. In changing our beliefs to modernize them, we are, in essence, giving them up. If that is his theory, it makes sense to me. When ever we have given an inch, it seems they take a mile. Am I understanding any of this correctly? (Sounds like a conversation better suited to the chapel, I hope you don’t mind discussing it here)

            • Sharon says:

              This conversation is perfect here, because it is specific to the content of the thread and the post. We would take it to the chapel if you and I decided we wanted to have an extensive conversation about some point of theology that was going to take a while and might hijack the thread.

              You have summarized and restated his perspective perfectly. (Solid theology can be expressed in simple language, which you did very well) Dietrich Bonhoeffer in Germany was saying and doing exactly the same thing in the 1920s and 1930s. The German Lutheran Church hated him for it, because by stating the truth he was spoiling for them their nice coziness with the Reich. They had long since made a deal with Hitler, and Hitler loved being able to hype the fact that he supported the church (The German Lutheran Church’s version of “The Church”). And he did! In its distorted, we-don’t-know-nuttin’-’bout-no-truth version of the Gospel, Hitler got alone fine with them. Bonhoeffer spoiled their koffee-klatch by bringing up the sticky wicket of truth–what is the church? Not “what do we think the church is” or “what do we want it to be.”

              Bonhoeffer’s burning point was, “We must BE the church! With all the suffering and deception around us–we MUST BE the church–if we really want to make a difference.”

              Bonhoeffer and we have the same problem which you summarize from Schaeffer’s bio info: Christianity has been bamboozled in the last 75 years into accepting the notion that being nice means we can’t have convictions and being compassionate means that no one else has to use their heads. Nonsense.

              You are understanding it perfectly, and it’s a proper discussion to be had right here. One of the real disasters of public discourse in this nation is that Judeo-Christian perspectives and foundations were kicked out of it about 150 years ago.

              ADD: Now, linking back to the subject of this post: why is it that the Black Grievance Industry makes such an effort to have a profile “churchiness” to wrap their deceptions in? Why all the reverends? Jackson and Sharpton? Why all the “church rallies?” Why all the pseudo-religious aspects of almost every single one of their public assaults on American norms? For the simple reason that they know such an approach gives them monstrous leverage in the public “debate” (and it’s not a debate at all….its a PR intimidation campaign and has been for at least 40 years). It works! Much of America is clueless to the deliberate deception. Much of religious America just goes along–because the minute a Scripture is quoted, they go fuzzy and say, “Oh, listen. He said a Bible verse. These must be good people.” And much of Christian America puts their brains in a paper bag because they got all confused by their liberal preachers or even their well-meaning Sunday School teachers who taught them to never disagree or never confront anything–not even untruth.

              So we got ourselves a mess and “theology” certainly has a bearing on it. Theo=God -logy=study of (as in biology or any of the other -ologies). This nation was founded on principles having to do with God-truth. Remove that bearing wall….yup, we got ourselves a mess.

              • yankeeintx says:

                In around about way, I’ve been recently having this discussion with family. The moral decay in this country will sink us. I think many people are confused between tolerance and acceptance. I think God was very clear when he explained about turning your back on Him. I have to wonder if God knows any of these so called “Reverends”.

                • Sharon says:

                  I’ve been listening to continuous audio play of the New Testament recently–and I’ve been struck by the frequent and high voltage verbal confrontations that took place when individuals or groups were playing fast and loose with the truth, distorting what was said by Old Testament scriptures, by Jesus Himself or by the Apostles–they got nailed. Publicly if necessary. “Being Christian” was absolutely not a mealy-mouthed, go along to get along, be-everybody’s-punching-bag kind of faith walk for those people. There was a whole of verbal smash mouth–not rude, not unnecessary, not personal–but all about what was true, and walking out that with personal courage. Again you state the case well.

                • Sharon says:

                  I’ll drop something in the chapel about this a little later….might end up being tomorrow…

                • Patriot Dreamer says:

                  We all know that it wasn’t Jesus who said “Do as thou wilt.” That was somebody else. Yep, moral decay will sink us as a country., :(

            • taqiyyologist says:

              Get and read the trilogy itself, yankee. Nevermind the wiki page.

              I would actually start with Escape from Reason, then the other two.

              And when I call him an apologist, (if you didn’t know) this word has not much to do with the English word “apologize” as it is used today. It means someone who, like C.S. Lewis and many more, offers reasoned argument for the truth of a matter.

          • taqiyyologist says:

            Francis A. Schaeffer is one of the authors who first tore the veil from my eyes.

            Look for his Trilogy. It is difficult reading, but worth the effort.

            The God Who Is There, Escape From Reason, and He Is There and He Is Not Silent, and much more — a great writer and an astute, astounding apologist.

            The second book is the best explanation of how first Europe, then America a few decades later, was programmed to do just that, by real people, with that goal.

            I wish he were alive today, and still expounding on all of this.

            • Sharon says:

              I have the first and third of those. taqiy, they were my little mother’s copies–8th grade education from a 1 room school house on the prairie, and she started reading his material in the 70’s. I have way more reading on the front burner right now than I can handle. Maybe we need to establish a library here on the CTH where we can pretend we’re a book club, talk about what we’re reading (without feeling like we’re dominating a thread) and have a bit of accountability so that we start and finish, and are able to “go somewhere” with what we’re learning.

    • stringplayer55 says:

      This morning’s paper here in Seattle has lead story “Feds probing district’s treatment of black kids” with the superintendent stating “We have a serious problem.” It seems that black kids are suspended at a rate 3 times higher than white kids or Asian kids. Gotta stick with those quotas, you know!

      That black kids are suspended at much higher rates than white or Asian kids wouldn’t have anything to do with most black kids being born out of wedlock and having multiple male figures sleeping in momma’s bed for a short period of time and while sleeping in momma’s bed they take their aggressions out on the black youts’, would it? No, to suggest that might mean that blacks should be held accountable for many or most of their own troubles. It would require introspection and a belief that you reap what you sow. And what has been sown in the black community for decades now is the idea of the welfare state paying for the kids, so daddy get lost and pass the freebies.

      • cassandra says:

        my partner works for a large urban school district under OCR monitoring for racial disparity in suspension rates, he does data collection, compliance reporting and analysis. Nationally the primary reason for school suspension is defiance, that underlying question is generally, is the teacher racist or is the kids behavior at issue.

        Interesting information was revealed recently a deeper analysis completed for the purpose of federal monitoring. The schools with the highest academic performance of black males are the same schools which consistently suspend at a higher rate for defiance.

        This result troubled some, but for those of us who understand the connection between maintaining high expectations for behavior and academic performance, we saw the schools with administrators who employ a solid approach to school culture as making progress, not excuses.

        • mcfyre2012 says:

          “The schools with the highest academic performance of black males are the same schools which consistently suspend at a higher rate for defiance. ”

          All of the black males I personally know that had high academic performances all came from strict upbringing…and never would have thought about disrespecting their teachers because of the repercussions they would have received at home.

        • taqiyyologist says:

          “The schools with the highest academic performance of black males are the same schools which consistently suspend at a higher rate for defiance. ”

          I am shocked, I tell you — shocked.

  17. All I can say is, I’m damn glad I didn’t end up in Philadelphia. :evil:

  18. ottawa925 says:

    I was reading all about this the day they decided to take him off life support. I dug and dug to try to get more info, but alas none was to be found. Now it IS possible that media was not privy to that information, but surely if they did any investigative reporting they could have found out. This is just sick and I can’t remember which of the multiple articles I read it stated that they were not sure what the charges would be. They gave a list. One of the charges could be just harrassment. A boy is dead and you would charge just harrassment? Come on. Then they were saying that they were not sure if the boy already had a medical condition. And that the punches just triggered his medical condition.

  19. Dave says:

    Lived in the Philly Area my entire life; and this tragic story is typical; and sickening. You try NOT to be racist; but after a number of run-ins to the nth degree with blacks on an individual and collective basis; it is IMPOSSIBLE not to feel some type of mistrust and hatred towards them. I’ve come to the conclusion that blacks see themselves; the world; and other groups differently than other races do. In other words; they think differently. Always play the race card; always playing the victim; always looking for a hand out; NEVER taking responsibility for anything.

    • Sharon says:

      “you try not to be racist”….and Dave, think about how you had to get that thought phrased….. it’s sickening that it’s been pounded into Americans that identifying irresponsibility is inherently racist and that the burden is on you, in case you should notice individuals destroying your neighborhood, that you have a prove you’re not racist before you’re allowed to stop them or, shall we say–hit back. Enough. (need that ENOUGH! of Sundance’s that has a horse running with a flag/standard…)

  20. Patriot Dreamer says:

    Supposedly, the fight was captured on videotape by the school. Any bets on whether or not that tape will be released to the public? I bet it will not.

    • taqiyyologist says:

      Maybe on WorldStarHipHop dot com. Surely some cheering kids had 4g phones with video capability.

      This fad is bigger than Cabbage Patch Kids™ was in the ’80s.

  21. Ed in CT says:

    The only solution to black on White violence is complete geographic separation.
    I really don’t care how that is achieved just so long it gets done.

  22. ashhhh says:

    bully is a bullie no matter if he/she is white or black .. i was bullied by my own race . so its not always a race issues …
    the black kid should go to jail of course, anyone who bullied somebody to their death should face hard punishment. the law is weak , it need to be strong

    they can arrest people for smoking weed, but they suspend bullies from school. no good.

    but people need to stop making this a race issues, like this is the case of Zimmerman, Zimmerman is guilty because he follow a kid & target him because he’s black. if Zimmerman was white, i would’ve same the same thing.
    i dont defend people when they’re wrong like news media msnbc/fox news .

    • taqiyyologist says:

      Zimmerman is innocent because he was attacked by a 180 lb. 17-year old thug with a history of burglary, MMA-style fighting, and belligerance, and had no choices other than:

      A: Continue to be beaten until either dead or Treyvon gets tired of beating him while straddling him, or

      B: Pull out his weapon and shoot that MFer before he is killed by him.

      B is racist.

      A is not racist.

      Got it.

      • taqiyyologist says:

        Basically, Americans, what ashhh is saying is: if you are being brutally beaten and made to suffer and bleed by a black male, you have to just lie there and take your beating. Calling the police on a black male for any reason, and following them at a considerable distance in your own neighborhood in which many other blacks decided to make you their neighborhood watch because a dozen burglaries happened in your neighborhood in the last year…

        …is something for which you should be killed. Just for calling the cops on a black 17-year old thug and watching him from a distance. You should legally be allowed to be beaten to death by the person you called the cops on. Because you MUST be racist. And simply being racist, or even part-white, should mean you have to never, ever call the police on a black person, or they get to attempt to kill you, because you’re racist.

        Got it. I think I understand now.

  23. akathesob says:

    Well the two black boys were the victims now now we must all get it right.

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