U.S.S. Benjamin Crump

Perjure we much

Yes rats can 1

Fox News Reports Witness Lied

Orlando Sentinel Reports Witness “Dee Dee” lied

Daily Caller “Trayvon’s girlfriend lied under oath”

CNN Chief witness in Trayvon Martin case lied under oath:

The state’s chief witness in the Trayvon Martin murder case lied under oath, prosecutors say.

The young woman who says she was on the phone with Martin when he encountered George Zimmerman lied about her whereabouts at another time, the prosecution told a judge Tuesday.

[...] Prosecutors did not immediately respond to a question Wednesday from CNN about the witness’s credibility and how this may affect the case.

[...] Crump said the witness was 16 years old. But prosecutors have since said she was already 18 — legally an adult — on the night of the killing, February 26, 2012, in Sanford, Florida.

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391 Responses to U.S.S. Benjamin Crump

  1. arkansasmimi says:

    Better be collecting Pass Ports!!!1

  2. arkansasmimi says:

    LOL This tweet is not about TM case, but was funny to me because was the next tweet after the USS Crump tweet on my timeline!!!!

    • John Galt says:

      She’s still got witness 9

      • jello333 says:

        Witness 9 will blow George’s self-defense claim right out of the water! And now that George’s mom has been exposed by Witness 9, maybe she’ll be called as a prosecution witness too. “Why don’t you like Obama, Mrs. Z?” “Because, he is black, and I am a racist.”

        • juggler523 says:

          Witness #9, the cousin who first tried to sell her “George the Molester” story to PEOPLE Magazine (they declined) before accusing Zimmerman of acts that allegedly took place before Zimmerman was 16yrs old?? The same cousin whose own FAMILY hasn’t publicly shown any support for her ridiculous accusations, and who HERSELF has admitted she never witnessed George Zimmerman act in a racist manner?? So because she accused him of molesting her, and she accuses his family of being racist (but not him), he’s going to be convicted of murder? Are you on CRACK!!???

          • John Galt says:

            W8 = toast
            It’s all riding on W9, Mary Cutcher and blind W 2. /sarc

            • jello333 says:

              I’m still shopping around for a good crack dealer…

            • doodahdaze says:

              All Corey will end up with is the SPD investigation. The only thing she added was DD. SPD will be defense witnesses. So will Gaibreth and the FDLE. So what case will they put up? George will not testify. What a farce.

              • jello333 says:

                It’s all up to the S&M girls now. Not sure what exactly Selma is gonna say, but I think we know what to expect from Crazy Mary. She’ll bring her Mom into court with her, and while Mary is on the stand she’ll give the signal to Mom. Then they’ll both stand up, turn to the jury and start to chant, “Do not approach! Do not approach!” And pretty soon the whole jury will be on their feet, pointing accusingly at George, “Do not approach! Do no approach! Do not approach!”

                And that’ll be that…

          • jello333 says:

            Absolutely. But it’s a special kind of crack. I am on SARCASM crack! ;)

        • rumpole2 says:

          Are you guys kidding me?

          What about THE best witness…….. the cockatoo!

        • Coast says:

          Witness 9….is not a witness. Sorry, its that simple.

          Cutcher, is not an eye witness, but rather an ear witness…who had zero knowledge of how either GZ or TM sounded like.

          Both are non-players in my opinion.

          • jello333 says:

            Well that’s not fair at all. Alright then, how ’bout Mary Mary’s mom? Surely she of “Do not approach!” fame will be allowed to testify… right?

  3. Sharon says:

    Will they ask, “Who helped her lie?” Will he be responding to her calls if and when she figures out she’s in trouble?

    • arkansasmimi says:

      Naw, they dont believe it, EVEN tho the State is who told the Def there are no medical records~

      • Sharon says:

        Liars who help liars lie will lie to help liars retreat to safety when the lying liars are exposed.

        I think not lying to begin with is easier, but what do I know.

      • LandauMurphyFan says:

        Witness 8’s testimoney

        Ahhh, I love a good Freudian slip, don’t you? By referring to W8’s testi-money, doesn’t it sound as if this creature is implying that there was a financial aspect to this event?
        :-D :-D :-D

      • menostupid says:

        Oh good grief! Have ya’ll seen the tweets where Jeff Weiner snaps at them about this same issue? I’d bring it over here but it’s a pretty long thread. They just DON’T wanna face reality…Ship. Is. Sinking.

      • Chip Bennett says:


        Freudian slip?

        • arkansasmimi says:

          Ruh roh no dog chow for Corey B. King tonight! Hasnt tweeted in open since that post til a few ago about Basketball! All day tweeter as a norm. They all are licking their wounds :)

        • LandauMurphyFan says:

          Hey Chip, it’s good to know that I’m not the only one with an editorial eye. We even used the same phrase in our response! (See my post above.) Great minds…

        • rumpole2 says:

          Sigmund Freud would have had a “field day” with this bunch :D

          ONE of the reasons that Freud’s “psychoanalysis” fell out of favour was that his clinical studies involved only a limited sample of people…. his diagnoses and treatment regime do not always translate well to patients in general.
          Almost all Freud’s patients were:

          Neurotic, middle aged women.

          I see no problem with a Freudian analysis of this bunch…. psychoanalysis applies.. they are Freud’s target group. :D

    • myopiafree says:

      Hi Sharon – Anyone know if DeeDee “Lawyered up” – only this time with a GOOD LAWYER?? Crump did it – and he is not even under oath. DeeDee is in serious trouble.

  4. Now waiting for for Frances Robles wto “weigh in.”

  5. Angel says:

    Iceberg straight ahead!

  6. maggiemoowho says:

    Lets pray that this jump starts the media and they start asking questions. They can’t be happy that they have been used and lied to. I’m expecting the Scheme Team to do something to take the attention off themselves and DD.

    • Pjoe says:

      A liberal will occasionally trip over the truth but will get back up, dust themselves off and continue on as if nothing has happened.

    • Chip Bennett says:

      Lets pray that this jump starts the media and they start asking questions.

      One would need to believe that anyone in the media still does honest-to-goodness investigative journalism anymore. The Journolist scandal pretty much disproved that notion. News is manufactured and corroborated, to advance a narrative and an agenda.

      Thus, if all the media are reporting on the “Witness 8 lied” narrative, then I would conclude:

      1. They’ve been told to do so
      2. It’s part of the Scheme (CYA, but part of the Scheme nonetheless)

      • jello333 says:

        I don’t know. How good an actor is Bernie? He never struck me as much of one before. And so if he WASN’T just putting on a show yesterday, he was kinda…. I guess flustered is the right word.

    • recoverydotgod says:

      Well the media have two questions answered….

      1) 18 not 16
      2) didn’t go to the hospital during the wake

      How about the media asks for the State to enter transcripts into evidence of BDLR’s interview and Crump’s interview with W8 so they can really get going.

      They can start with looking at this investigative report and comparing it with what W8 told BDLR later that day about something as Simple as a phone and the data as of the ending date and time of 4/2 8:58am:

      Regarding Simple Mobile prepaid phone

      FDLE Investigative Report
      April 2, 2012

      page 83 of 284




      She was interviewed by State Prosecutor Bernie DeLaRionda who, for confirmation, asked if the previous information about her phone and carrier was indeed correct:

      BDLR: OK, and is that phone number under your name or under somebody else’s name?

      Dee Dee: Now, it should be now under my name.

      BDLR: And do you know what the provider is…is it T-Mobile? Or do you know?

      Dee Dee: Yeah, T-Mobile…[mumbles]…I think.


      • John Galt says:

        BDLR: OK, and is that phone number under your name or under somebody else’s name?

        Dee Dee: Now, it should be now under my name.

        W8 says that it is under her name, but Simple Mobile said no first or last name available because it is an anonymous prepaid account. Simple Mobile records were obtained on April 2, the date of the Dee Dee interview.


        Can we chalk that up as another lie?

        • debfrmhell says:

          That was the first clue that she was 18 yrs old. You cannot enter into a signed contract until you have reached legal age. For her to have a phone in her name, even if maintaining the same number, proves that she was 18 at the time of the 4/2/12 interview with the SAO.

          • John Galt says:

            “For her to have a phone in her name”

            The phone was not in anybody’s name. She lied about the phone being in her name. It was an anonymous prepaid phone. “no first or last name information was present”

            • debfrmhell says:

              It reads TO ME, that she had a phone then and now it is under her name. The first being the Prepaid, the second under contract. It also sounds like she made the switch from SIMPLE Mobile to T Mobile.

              For the longest time I thought they were one and the same. SIMPLE Mobile runs on T-Mobile’s nationwide network but I believe they are independent from them. She would be able to keep her old number. BUT, I am no phone expert.

            • rooferx says:

              Well, when is her Bday? We don’t know.
              Remember she said it “should be in her name NOW” paraphrasing on my part.
              That was the first inkling I had that she was not 16 but 18 or older at that time.
              I’m guessing that sometime during that time frame, she turned 18 and got her own contract phone.

              • ottway says:

                Yes, but at the Feb. 22 hearing it was revealed that DD is now 19, which would mean that she was 18 on or before Feb. 22 of last year.

                • rooferx says:

                  True. Gee golly…..are there really TWO DD’s?
                  I’m really at an area that I can’t comprehend. Someone put this into words with a factual timeline, please.

              • ackbarsays says:

                Or, sometime during that time frame, the Scheme Team transferred the number of another phone to a T-Mobile account in her name.

          • boricuafudd says:

            Yes that was ringing bell for me too, not to mention the odd answer.

          • nomatter0nevermind says:

            Another clue was no mention of her parents being present at the SAO interview.

    • John McLachlan says:

      It is more likely that the media knowingly promulgated lies, because the lies served a political agenda to which most journolists are sympathetic. People do not falsely edit voice recordings or move logos over video of headwounds or manipulate photos to lighten skin-colour, without being aware of precisely what they are doing.

      They do however know precisely what affect these actions will probably have upon the world-view of their audience.

      • boricuafudd says:

        False but accurate, has become a staple fare in the MSM.

      • recoverydotgod says:

        Yes. I agree.

      • thefirstab says:

        One or even two of the blatant misrepresentations, omissions, fabrications, etc. Could be attributed to circumstances or sloppy work. But when numerous and repeated happenings all occur in the “bigger picture” that ALL support the same outcome (GZ is guilty of pursuing, confronting and murdering a young AA youth) then…. as john Galt says, “something’s afoot’.

        • waltherppk says:

          What is a afoot is a subversive propaganda narrative being published by Frankfurt School Marxists practicing “critical theory” exploiting and inciting racial prejudice and hatred as a means of dividing people and weakening the republic. It is subversive and treasonous un-American activity. If the FBI was doing its job these people would be put out of business, one way or another.

          • thefirstab says:

            Yessirreee, you got that right. Hopefully more and more people will start connecting all the dots.

            By the way Waltherppk, I am delayed in responding to something you said couple days ago, I think on the day of the hearing. Quote of the day: Boom – ka EFFIN- Boom!
            I fell outta my chair! :) :)

            • waltherppk says:

              The pieces of the ship are still falling after that torpedo that was West’s subpoena duces tecum for W8’s medical records hit the state’s star witness amidships. That was the State’s come to Jesus moment, but the best they could manage was a little CYA grudging kind of admission hoping to save face and it’s not working out that way at all.

      • This was reported last year in Radar Online. Wonder who the “source” was?

        By Jen Heger – Radar Assistant Managing Editor

        Trayvon Martin‘s 17-year-old girlfriend was hospitalized the day after his wake when she learned that she was the last person to talk to him before he was fatally shot by George Zimmerman, RadarOnline.com is exclusively reporting.

        As previously reported, Martin, 17, was killed by a neighborhood watch vigilante as he was walking through a gated community, carrying candy and iced tea. Zimmerman shot the unarmed teen, claiming it was in self defense.

        The day after Trayvon’s wake, his girlfriend, who is a minor so RadarOnline.com won’t be disclosing her identity, was emotionally distraught upon learning she was the last person who talked to him.

        “The day after his wake, Trayvon’s family attorney, Benjamin Crump, who had been conducting his own extensive investigation because cops had determined the shooting was in self defense, told Trayvon’s girlfriend she was the last person to talk to him,” a source close to the situation tells RadarOnline.com. “George had reviewed Trayvon’s cell phone bill and it was revealed that she was on the phone with him in the moments before Trayvan was shot.

        “His girlfriend became absolutely inconsolable and had trouble breathing so her mother took her to a nearby hospital emergency room. She had never seen her daughter this upset before, ever. She had a battery of tests, including an EKG, and was there for over 12 hours. Doctors ultimately told her that she was going to be ok, but advised her mother to keep a close eye on her and try to minimize the stress around her.”

  7. dmoseylou says:

    The article name made me smile instantly, bringing forth a very feel-good memory.

    “They Call HimTugboat.”

    • boricuafudd says:

      I don’t think “Tugboat” will be coming to the aid of this floundering ship.

      • dmoseylou says:

        You are so right about that. The USS Crump is doomed to a watery grave. Hopefully, its captain and crew are sent to Davy Jones’s Locker—aka LandLubbers’ Prison—for a long, long time. :D

        • Chip Bennett says:

          The USS Crump is doomed to a watery grave.

          Did we all forget the previous hearing? Crump is protected, from the highest levels.

          This latest turn of events means one thing, and one thing only: Witness 8 has served her purpose, and has exceeded her Scheme Team shelf life.

          • jordan2222 says:

            You are probably correct. I am anxious to see how they handle the upcoming depo with DeeDee, which will not take place but who will announce that and how will it be explained?

            What will be Crump’s next move? Will the Defense let him get away?

            • boricuafudd says:

              There is a better chance that the Martin’s have to face consequences of the lies, than Crump ever getting in trouble for anything that happened. That has been my view from early on, even now as things are crumbling, I feel more strongly that to be the case.

          • myopiafree says:

            Hi Chip – As per the Nifong persecution of the Innocent Duke Students – ALL the “players” will escape with NO punishment. History will repeat itself. DeeDee will escape – and go on the “Talk Shows” – to related how Crump insisted that in order to get “justice” for Trayvon – she would have to “lie a little” – and there would be no charges or penality for doing so. (Crump is correct on that issue.)

          • canadacan says:

            Nothing much is going to happen to crump But tugboat chances have just vastly improved

  8. OT: and when I say that, I mean “ON TOPIC”, and quite so:


    I threw out my TV 12 years ago. Haven’t watched since. It’s been 11 years since I had a clue what comes on at X:00 EST on Channel Y. It now boggles my mind that someone can sit and allow themselves to be distracted and bombarded with sound, imagery, fakery, and propaganda for hours at a time. Even the supposedly benign, nonpolitical shows like “Pawn Stars” which I catch every so often when at a friend’s house. Its an image a second, non-stop. It’s the programming which gave our society this new thing called ADD.

    I can’t barely stand it for an hour before I have to politely excuse myself from the house.

    Takeaway quote:
    We are the source of the vast wealth that the media companies use to produce their programming, including the mainstream media news programs.They get their money from us. We are paying these companies to abuse us and destroy everything we hold dear.

    • taqiyyologist says:

      I just realized WeeWee’d posted that link in the Open Thread this A.M.

    • Sharon says:

      15-20 years I caught myself watching myself (think about that–no typo there!) watch TV…and I looked at this woman sitting there looking at a box. And it hit me like a thunderbolt. “Every minute I sit and look at that box, the people in the box are feeding me thoughts and pictures, and for exactly that amount of time, I’m not living my life. They are.” We had the cable installed last year when we moved into our house here, but had it pulled last month. Good grief, we get 29 stations through the air with perfect reception, everything from the b/w rerun channels, the alphabets and more nonsense than you can shake a stick at. Who needs it. I sure don’t. We’re beginning to build our DVD library. I dearly appreciate being able to learn by listening and watching either narrative or hard documentary history…and learning that they can lie as well as the box can of course.

  9. waltherppk says:

    Remember the “filexican” :D I wonder what is his profound analysis.

    • IAmGeorgeZimmerman says:

      its an hour long of them talking

    • taqiyyologist says:

      I am hoping someone watches this for the benefit of those prone to rage against their nearest inanimate objects. This is a nice monitor. I don’t want to hurt it.

      • IAmGeorgeZimmerman says:

        she says he had ill intentions, detained, chased, followed….should have stayed in the car…and star repeats the car thing in agreeance.

        • IAmGeorgeZimmerman says:

          and george was supposed to automatically know trayvon was “a minor”.

          • IAmGeorgeZimmerman says:

            omg color of skin, hoody….misperceptions of trayvon,…this is making me mad.

            • IAmGeorgeZimmerman says:

              “they cops took him at his word cuz hes a wannabecop” cheezus

              • IAmGeorgeZimmerman says:

                “certainly race played a part, id be naive to think he didnt look at my son and form an opinion based on the color of his skin. THATS A GIVEN” OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                • IAmGeorgeZimmerman says:

                  and she is blaming the world for who he really was, swimming in her 14 year old version of denial.

                • CCG says:

                  I guess she changes her tune depending on who she’s talking to…racial, no wait, not racial, we just want justice, yep racial again. I bet se doesn’t mention poor devastated DD.

              • taqiyyologist says:

                And yet he fought the PD tooth-and-nail just a bit before this when they covered up the beating of a homeless black person, and that’s not something that makes you beloved by any PD in the nation, to understate things considerably.

            • taqiyyologist says:

              Step away from your monitor. Do it for the monitor’s sake.

        • taqiyyologist says:

          Q “Who is a black person allowed to mercilessly beat upon, MMA-style?”
          A: “Anyone who gets out of a car in the presence of a black person.”

          Got it.

          • CCG says:


            Here’s her take on what happened the night Trayvon Martin was killed and the role of George Zimmerman, who faces second-degree-murder charges in the teen’s shooting death: “I believe that this person tried to detain him, or tried to be the police officer, and
            Trayvon just didn’t see that. And I believe that a confrontation [ensued], and Trayvon was shot. But I believe if George Zimmerman had remained in his vehicle, didn’t follow or pursue him, he would be here today.”

            • taqiyyologist says:

              Again, I say: In America, you are allowed to call the police on someone acting suspiciously. This is lawful. In America, you are also lawfully allowed to get out of your vehicle in the presence of said suspect, even when advised against it by a civilian working in a call center.

              What the BGI wants: In America, if you are not black and you call the police on someone who IS black, it is completely and totally lawful for them to attempt to murder you.

              I call the police on someone, while keeping them in my view = LEGAL, and in times past, expected of any citizen with even a modicum of courage.

              What the BGI says: If you do this, and the person is black, they have the right to beat you, and you must simply lie on the ground and take it, until you are dead, or until they are tired of punching you and slamming your head into the pavement.

              Satan stalks the earth, proud, head held high — because this domain is his.

              Not for much longer.

              • Sharon says:

                Yup, we are on enemy ground as you state. In MT 4:9, Jesus did not argue about his claim of authority over the earth. It’s no wonder we are hated. The weakest of us who mutters about righteousness or the love of God is a threat to him. Works for me.

                • The weakest of us who mutters about righteousness or the love of God is a threat to him.

                  That goes in my quote file. Amazing how succinct truth can be made. This professional, dishwasher agrees. He skurred.

        • ftsk420 says:

          Detained? nobody told him to stay in his car I still don’t think the operator knew George was in a car.

          • CCG says:

            “Trayvon just didn’t see that.”

            No he didn’t, he saw someone he could beat on and did just that.

            • ftsk420 says:

              So basically if George was a cop this would have ended the same way.

            • CCG says:

              And to quote Rumpole, “If Trayvon had kept his hands in his pockets, none of this would have happened.”

              • rumpole2 says:

                I love it when you quote me :D

                The sig thing was meant to be as silly as the ones the Traybots use….

                The Force of IMPRINTING…. wrested from The Dark Side and Used for good!

            • taqiyyologist says:

              …he saw someone he could beat on and did just that.

              But wait, all the narrative have GZ with his gun out, stalking poor helpless TM. Was TM so very Brave and Courageous that he attacked a man wielding a gun, torpedoes be damned?

              The cognitive dissonance! It BURNSES it does!!!

              • taqiyyologist says:

                Perhaps this is what really happened:

                GZ (after stalking and locating and drawing a bead on TM from behind just like in the movies): You there! Hands up where I can see them! Now walk back with me a few hundred feet to the T in the sidewalk where I can shoot you for being black!! You are one coon that will not escape like all the others have!!

                TM (walks with GZ behind him, pointing the gun at his back and chuckling mischievously, attacks his racist captor with an MMA-style disarmament technique after he drops his Arizona Watermelon Juice can. He gets the jump on GZ and begins attempting to at least disable this racist menace by breaking his nose and banging his head into the sidewalk repeatedly while, also MMA-style, sitting atop GZ’s chest and legs. TM hasn’t forgotten the gun, sees that GZ looks dazed and goes for the gun.) You’re gonna die tonight.

                TM ((GZ fires.): You got it.

                (TM dies heroically, shot by the racist who thought he was a racist cop.)


                That will be the Motion Picture produced by Spike Lee and the BGI-Hollywood crowd.

          • dizzymissl says:

            That is a GOOD point. You need to email that to MOM

      • cassandra says:

        No kidding. Ms Martin is a great actress, she can sound very convincing based on her audience. Of course, she backtracked on the issue of whether this tragedy was based on race. For a child of a cop, she sure does not know anything about police work.

      • yankeeintx says:

        I only lasted for the first 5 minutes. She starts with “God is in control”. Then moves on to “God has decided to use my family as an example to the world, to America, that something needs to change”. (Oh, I think she is in for a rude awakening-things, they are a-changing).
        She includes that she misses him smiling, taking him to school, and him eating cereal. (No, I am not joking)
        In talking about pain and grieving, she states that “it’s just unimaginable to really walk in my shoes unless you have lost a minor to senseless gun violence”. “People need to know we are not just going to lay down and take this, we are going to be active parents even in his death”. (I guess parents who lose a “minor” to a horrible disease, or a tragic auto accident, just don’t get it. My guess is that this is the first time it has actually been profitable to be an active parent.)
        Sorry, that’s all I could take.

        • tara says:

          God has decided to use my family as an example to the world, to America, that something needs to change

          Delusions of grandeur. NO SYBRINA, GOD IS NOT BEHIND YOUR PATHETIC GREEDY SCAM. What a horrible woman for even stating that! I’m not even a believer and I’m offended by her statement!

          • yankeeintx says:

            ” I’m not even a believer and I’m offended by her statement!”

            Sounds to me like you believe in the truth.

        • LandauMurphyFan says:

          “God has decided to use my family as an example to the world, to America, that something needs to change”

          Well now, yankeeintx, when you think about it, she’s right. Something does indeed need to change, both in America and in the world at large, and her family is indeed an example of what needs to change.

          But that “something” is black racism in general and the BGI. Her family are pretty outstanding examples of that, wouldn’t you say?

          There are a few other things that this case has – or should have – brought to the attention of the USA and the world. And maybe God is indeed using SF’s family as a wake-up call in this regard.

          Among those things are feral inner-city youth. A culture of drugs, violence, gutter language, and meaningless sex. And government sponsorship of that culture via EBT’s that are paid for by people who actually work for a living.

          And a corrupt legal system. Prosecution based on the colour of someone’s skin. Overcharging in order to get a plea deal. Lying lawyers being paid go-away money. Conniving prosecutors who will sacrifice any ethics to get a conviction.

          And a press who cover for all of the above.

          Yes, Sybrina, something certainly does need to change. And your family is an example of that something.

          • yankeeintx says:

            Exactly. Things do need to change, but I don’t think she is even aware that she is setting an example of what happens when things go wrong. They want to portray themselves as an average American family, but they are a typical African-American family. They don’t seem to mind that dysfunctional label, because it spares them from taking personal responsibility for their actions.

        • jello333 says:

          “lost a minor to senseless gun violence”

          She really said that? What a special, special person she is…

        • Sharon says:

          “God has decided……” And she knows this how?


        • Rick Madigan says:

          “God has decided to use my family as an example to the world, to America, that something needs to change”.

          What will change is that people will no longer put up with bullying from internal terrorist groups who hijack our courts and justice system.

          What will change is young students being exposed to American history through slave biographies, black history, civil war and civil rights, in school environments, will not internalize the liberal guilt of their teachers, and resist what is called “education” when fed that nauseating nonsense through college.

          What will change is that we will realize that all of our ancestors were mistreated by one group or another, but we are not our ancestors, nor are we suffering today; and although there has been slavery throughout time, in all cultures, there was but one country in world history, that FREED the slaves and made it illegal for one man to own another, and also granted them equality and civil rights.

          What will change is that Americans will be proud to be Americans, no matter how long they’ve been here and how they’ve come here!

          • yankeeintx says:

            Very nice. When a group of people are given more advantages then everyone else, then failure is a choice they have made. If they choose to be a failure, that’s fine, just stop blaming everyone else.

  10. crossthread42 says:

    To SunDance & Admin, I just sent a E-mail about the Matt Gutman Subject… “Where in the World is MG”??? A very possible reason, WHY ? He hasn’t been “back” in the USA…
    Sincerly, A treeper reader… In addition sometimes a “commeter”..
    I’ll just set amongest the smallest Twigs of the “tree”… I hope it’s not rotten, Hopefully I can Help the TREE Grow!
    God Bless ya’ll for all the work and everything ya’ll do & Stand For…

    (Just letting you know that it’s been received….Admin ;-) )

  11. sundance says:

    Question: Did Matt Gutman *ever* report the story that Dee Dee was in the hospital?

    Here’s the point – If he did not, then apparently that would show further creedence to him *protecting* Crump and not calling him out on an obvious lie. But I can’t remember if ABC in general, or Matt Gutman specifically ever sold the hospital story.

    • taqiyyologist says:

      I’m sure you’ve seen this, from October:


    • taqiyyologist says:

      Cannot find a single reference to both Gutman and “dee dee” and “hospital”.

      Yet we know he knows. Unless he like fast-forwarded through that part of the interview, or had to go get a beer or something. He’s a busy Journolist, you know. He probably had to answer a tweet or something during that part of the interview.

    • diwataman says:

      Trayvon Martin’s Last Phone Call Triggers Demand for Arrest ‘Right Now’

      By MATT GUTMAN (@mattgutmanABC) and SENI TIENABESO (@seniABC)
      SANFORD, Fla., March 20, 2012

      “The girl was so distraught after the killing that she spent a night in the hospital, the lawyer said.”


      • taqiyyologist says:


        I stand corrected.

        • taqiyyologist says:

          The word “dee” does not occur anywhere in that article.

          My Google-Fu is shameful.

          The correct search would have been “gutman hospital girlfriend treyvon”.

          4th result. Shoulda known.

          • taqiyyologist says:

            “She’s a MINOR! We can’t name her!”

            (bangs head on desk)

            (does it again)

            Goodnight, Treepers.

            • doodahdaze says:

              Crump can only go after DD now. He will take the fall if he does not. He will have to claim she lied to him. He started this whole disgusting scam based on her and her claims to him. NBC and the other media vultures will either have to settle for a couple hundred million or blame crump and bring him in to the lawsuit initiated by the Beasley Boyz! Crumps worst nightmare. He paraded this hospital scam to Hell and back all over the Newz.

      • sundance says:

        “The lawyer said” ?

        So let me get this right. Matt Gutman listened to the same interview that Ben Crump gave. Gutman was there.

        Yet, Gutman did not hear her say she was in the hospital.

        Instead he “reports” that Benjamin Crump said she was.

        Y’all with me?

        Ergo, DeeDee never said she was in the hospital = Crump did.

        Why is this important?

        Crump filed an affidavit with the court saying he only spoke to her that ONE TIME and never again following.

        So how did DeeDee know to tell BDLR, or affirm to BDLR, that she was in the hospital?

        THIS IS HUGE ! Because the only explanations are that a) crump lied about how many times he talked to her. Or b) another Scheme Team member prepped her, well, actually whoever was interviewed, prior to 4/2. Or c.) BDLR himself told her to say she was in the hospital.

        Either way, the manipulation is EXPOSED.

        OK, y’all shred my logic.

        • diwataman says:

          Crump and DeeDee talked about it in the interview. How could Matt not know?

          I wanted to add that is the only reference I can find. I can’t find a tweet and I’ve listened to all the videos that I could find of Matt talking about DeeDee and he never mentions the hospital. Clearly he knew about the hospital thing but I do wonder why he never sold that aspect for more drama. Matt’s main focus seemed to have been trying to use DeeDee’s call as an example of police indifference, or in other words, racism.

          • sundance says:

            That’s my point – It was never said in the interview. Crump made it up, and Matt reported on it. Matt never heard DD say that, because DD never did.

            Why would Crump make up that part? He needed distance from the funeral, and he needed a reason why DD [the narrative not a person] never contacted anyone after finding out her “puppy love” was killed…..

            This further solidifies my original opinion (and I’m not trying too) – that DeeDee of 3/19 was a put on fake never expecting to have to create an-in-real life DeeDee. For 3/19 they only needed a willing actress to play the role of a 16-year-old.

            Again, shred the Occams Razor approach. Please.

            • ctdar says:

              & why would Crump need to make it up…because DeeDee never knew TM well enough so attending his funeral was never on her radar but it would look bad that she didn’t so scheme team needed a great excuse as to why she didn’t go.

              • They tried to make it look as if DD knew Trayvon since kindergarten in order for it to appear that she knew his voice – and in order for her to say kind things about him to BDLR

                Then they needed a reason why she didn’t attend the funeral. Actually, it’s easy to tell she’s lying when BDLR asks if she went to the hospital.Her voice sort of lowers and she really doesn’t answer.

                When BDLR asked her if Trayvon told her that the man got out of the car, DD said “you want that too?” And BDLR said “don’t tell me anything if it’s not true.”

                So she was obviously telling him what she thought he wanted to hear..

                • From BDLRs interview with DD:

                  DLR: Did Trayvon ever expand on that, did he ever tell you whether the guy had gotten out of the
                  car? Did he say the guy’s out of the car (raises voice), “the guy’s out of the car”, did he ever say the
                  guy got out of the car?

                  GIRLFRIEND: If you want that too?

                  DLR: I want the truth, did he say that or not?

                  So she was saying whatever she thought they wanted her to say.

                  • Good God. Wow.

                    Somehow I don’t think this will ever make it to a jury, and that the prosecution is, at this very moment, finding a way to cue up the riots.

                    GZ will be freed (relatively speaking, considering that he has to disguise himself) within a month.

                    And then all hell — if Team Treydmark™ has anything to do with it — breaks loose.

                    And by “breaks loose” I mean more than Channon/Christian, more than “Beat Whitey Night” at the IA and WI State Fairs, more than the daily flash-robbery/looting/and knock-out-gaming of which we’ve seen just glimpses.

                    Joel Chapter 2. Coming soon. Over the walls and in yer windows.

                  • Or whatever would get her another crack rock. Oh yes I did.

            • arkansasmimi says:

              WOW. It just really sunk in what your saying SD. If DD had been there, and this were all true, there would have been MULTI people who would have known about DD from the get go. Grieving friend at Service of TM and the world realizes she was last person talked to him. I have always thought 2 DDs myself. I agree, this seems Huge! OMARA WEST do you see or did you already know this?

              • sundance says:

                Yep. Crump had to create an “ear witness” no-one would know – and no-one close could identify.

                He couldn’t allow the character to have attended the funeral, or people at the funeral might have said,,.. huh?

                [remember this is a story, which needs a fictional character, played by an actress with sympathies to the cause]

                So he needed a reason for the character not to attend…. “hospital” emotional etc.

                He also needed a plausible reason why 3 weeks later no-one knows of her and she never called anyone to tell them this story.

                DD #1 was a role playing persona, to create a show for the media (Gutman) a 16-year-old “girlfriend” who was hospitalized. DD #1 was a narrative fictional character.

                4/2 DeeDee (the 18-year-old who showed up only after the investigators went to track her down because she was a no-show) needed to learn the 3/19 interview ropes (listen to the tapes), have a phone number transferred to her (” I think,”… “It should be now”) and just nod or affirm when BDLR asks the leading questions.

                O.K. We got enough of a narrative for our arrest affidavit, cancelled the grand jury, and enough of a story to pick GZ up.

                “All we want is an arress”. “We are only asking for an arress”.


            • arkansasmimi says:

              Wasnt Gutman there for all the talking to DD not on tape also? Wonder if Gutman ever asked DD about the hospital on his various exclusive talks?

          • recoverydotgod says:

            Right….the Lawrence O’Donnell interview is the best case in point on that.


            ‘The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell’ for Wednesday, March 28, 2012


        • John Galt says:

          “So how did DeeDee know to tell BDLR, or affirm to BDLR, that she was in the hospital?”

          See Crump Affidavit, paragraph 19 (h). Crump alleges that he learned of hospital visit during the conveniently unrecorded preliminary inquiry.


          @ 12:15 Crump leads W8 into hospital statement.

          • sundance says:

            Right, but remember two specifics:

            1.) Crump is now *technically* a co-counsel to BDLR (so says Judge Nelson)

            2.) The State (BDLR et al) are now stating she NEVER actually went to the hospital.

            Flesh it out – and she, if she were a real character -a real person- of the attributes affirmed by Crump and State, would have no reason to lie in the interview. Occam’s razor would say “she didn’t”….. that part was added for dramatic effect, into the narrative of the character, by Crump.

            Again, so Crump made it up. With that in mind, same questions apply. How did DD of 4/2 learn she was supposed to say, or affirm, she went to the hospital?

            • John Galt says:

              “Again, so Crump made it up. With that in mind, same questions apply. How did DD of 4/2 learn she was supposed to say, or affirm, she went to the hospital?”

              All versions of DD were coached. The evidence is mounting that BDLR knew that the entire story was BS at the 4/2 interview. I think West knows this already.

              • doodahdaze says:


              • boricuafudd says:

                Re-read Crump Affidavit, paragraph 19 (g). “W8 had been speaking with TM in the minutes leading up to his death and that she APPEARED to be ONE of the last PERSONS to speak with TM while he was still alive.”

                It seems very odd wording, why not just say “that she appeared to be the last person” to speak with TM. Could there have been another person talking to TM? Or is this just legalese. He seems clear in other points.

                • John Galt says:

                  With Blackwell’s background, I assume that every weasel word is carefully crafted to make a path through which Crump might scuttle to shelter.

                  • boricuafudd says:

                    Agreed the wording was odd, considering the DD story is that she was the last one to speak to TM, this seems to leave open the door for someone else, to be that person.

                • taqiyyologist says:

                  Not to be pedantic, but GZ’s testimony has him saying “No.” when confronted with TM’s question “Do you have a problem?”

                  GZ is another one of those “last persons to speak with TM while he was still alive”.

                  Not that that racist coon-hater has any credibility, of course.

            • jello333 says:

              I think you’re onto something. But to answer your question, technically it could go like this: Sometime before the 4/2 interview, Crump told Bernie the story about Dee Dee going to the hospital. Bernie then gave her a leading question about that. And (maybe because Bernie has coached her about it in advance) she says Yeah, she went.

      • justfactsplz says:

        Great catch.

      • doodahdaze says:

        So Crump has to claim she lied to him. Crump’s star witness and the cause of this whole mess begins with a proven outright lie. Crump is the man in a box. Who will come and save him?

        • sundance says:

          He can’t claim she lied if Matt Gutman listened to the same interview and never heard her say it. – Again, that’s part of the point. Crump is cornered.

          Two people (Crump and Gutman) listened to the same person. Only Crump walks away with the hospital story, not Gutman. Ergo = either it was fabricated, or Gutman missed it (highly unlikely)….. And what about all the other people there? MoM now has an official list of persons present. Anyone else hear “hospital”?

          • maggiemoowho says:

            On 4/2/12 SF told BDLR that DD told her she went to the hospital when DD and a friend went to SF’s house. I have to go back and see if I can find when she met with DD.

          • doodahdaze says:

            Gutman’s assistant is the one who put out the tape used by the mediots to get the ball rolling. She was there I think. She is part of the scam it appears. Through Howard U. and maybe the Sanford City Government….Bonaparte? Velly interesting stuff. I wonder also about the DD parents. Did Crump comminicate with them? Were they there? Did they think they could get in on the settlement $$$$ if the incident made their daughter sick? Were they offered in on it? These questions are just the little tip of a huge Iceberg.

          • jordan2222 says:

            We need a transcript to be certain.

        • recoverydotgod says:

          The state needs to put into evidence for the public to see a transcript of Ben Crump’s recording of Witness 8. You can’t even understand the recording.

          Then the public could see who brought up the wake/hospital first. Was it Crump or was it W8? Is that why he needed a note in the “Preliminary Inquiry” [not recorded] of his affidavit regarding the wake/hospital? [I think No. 19(h) of his affidavit]

          • boricuafudd says:

            It is quite possible that Guttman missed the hospital reference because that was not his “hook” on the story, just peripheral information. It is not the first or the last that a reporter only reports that which he feels is important, and ignore other things and sometimes miss the big story by doing that.

            Of course all this might be moot, if we had Guttman’s tape, and could see for ourselves.

          • Lou says:

            it would be smart for the State to go against Crump at this point, and the State would not look that bad. the State can say that the Scheme Team deceived them. then take all their law licenses and throw them in prison.

    • taqiyyologist says:

      Perhaps he was, quite understandably, daydreaming about Obama and how Awesome he is, during that part of his viewing of this interview. And how much STUFF he’s gonna get to have when he gets paid off for all of this! Maseratis! Bugattis!

      There are so many reasons why this Journolist might have really, truly not heard this part of the interview.

    • taqiyyologist says:

      OT:part of me wishes there were a site that is as rational as this, which would similarly and as thoroughly explore the Sandy Hook massacre narrative. part of me would be scared to death — were it not for the hope of a fuller faith in Christ’s Word — to even go down that rabbit hole. Sadly, most of the info that is out there, is on new-age sites with chemtrails and chupacabrae (No offense, elvischupacabra) having as much prominence. Good night, all, and God bless you all. Read Barnhardt’s latest few, if you haven’t. We’re in for a rough ride.

    • hooson1st says:

      especially considering that Gutman claimed numerous interviews with her.

  12. Lou says:

    all she has to say is Crump told me to say that and everything would work it’s way out. I’m sure Crump said, ” just say it for Trayvon’s memory”.

  13. scubachick75 says:

    Did the state say how or when they found out the hospital story was a lie?

  14. arkansasmimi says:

    (((WAVING to ya BigBoi)) You betcha it was!!!

    BigBoi‏@BigBoithedog 56 min ago
    Contrary to #nutter belief arkansashag, yesterday was a damn good day on the road to justice for Trayvon. #hoodiesup

  15. arkansasmimi says:
    • tara says:

      Justice is coming alright, and so are the riots because these dumb f*cks are going to have a fit when George is acquitted.

    • sundance says:

      Hang around a one-legged man long enough, and sooner or later you’re going to start limping.

      Looks like Daralene Jones wants to think on her own two feet. ;)

      • arkansasmimi says:


      • rumpole2 says:

        Mob-think is very contagious amongst simple susceptible minds.
        They are all infected…. there is no cure. (for them)
        But we are inoculated by truth and the ability to reason, and the truth vaccine can help people who don’t yet have full-blown stupidity.

        • taqiyyologist says:

          Because ladies and gentlemen, TRUTH is BEAUTIFUL. Even when it reveals something so ugly that you can barely stand to look at it. — Ann Barnhardt.

      • stobberdobber says:

        Don’t count on that
        Sd- Daralene is personal friends with Natalie Jackson.

        • arkansasmimi says:

          Wonder if Ms Nasty Nat “strep throat” has put in a cough cough Call to Ms Jones? I bet Nat’s BP went up HA HA Cause according to HER, their Private Investigator found DD :)

  16. A direct hit scored on the ship Crump. Reminds me of the battle of CSS Alabama and USS Kearsarge during the Civil War. Go Tugboat!

  17. jordan2222 says:


  18. rumpole2 says:

    Split Enz – Six Months In A Leaky Boat (1982)

  19. metrometeor says:

    I have a question about this. If the lack of medical reports is an issue why not Crump them up as is the modus operandi?

    • John Galt says:

      Cuz you would need a hospital and EKG machine and doctors to back that up and it gets expensive.

    • treewig says:

      Because if Dee Dee lies and gets caught, Crump isn’t in trouble and the state is never going to charge Dee Dee. If you make up evidence and get caught, you go to jail.

    • ackbarsays says:

      This whole case is crumped-up. It reminds me so much of a time when I was in elementary school. We had this mock-trial thing, and I played the part of one of the prosecutors. Now, I knew NOTHING about the law at that point. I think I was in 5th grade. All I knew was that if you had the accused on tape committing the crime, then they were guilty. So, my fellow prosecutor and our police commissioner got together the night before the “trial” and we made an audio tape of a door opening, followed by some footsteps, and then my dad yelling “Sharon, NO!” Then we simulated some gunshots.

      We got our conviction. I’m not sure why the teacher let us use that tape, because obviously it violated the spirit of what justice is all about.

      That’s about the level of evidence that is present in this case. Our teacher = Judge Nelson.

  20. rooferx says:

    The OTHER side’s response……

  21. tara says:

    Hey people, maybe you’ve all heard this, but I just found this audio on the ABC News web site dated Feb 28 2013. It’s the Crump-DeeDee interview, but it sounds a heck of a lot better than the version the Defense received. I can actually understand what DeeDee is saying. I was unable to be on this site much for the past week or even two, so maybe I’m just way behind everyone else.


    • John Galt says:

      Yes, I can clearly hear Crump coaching the hell out of Dee Dee. Very nice.

    • John Galt says:

      Compare them side by side, switch between. Same girl or different girl?

      • John Galt says:

        @ 15:50

        BDLR Did Trayvon ever say the guy is coming at me, he’s going to hit me?

        W8 Yeah, you could say that.

        BDLR wants to know the truth, etc.

      • nomatter0nevermind says:

        They are similarly inarticulate.

      • Angel says:

        well after listening to a clear version of DD1 (?), she seems more enthusiastic whereas the other one (?) seemingly needed to be pulled into it. Also, the tone and pitches of the voices in the different interviews seem to differ.

        • tara says:

          DD1 has a much better vocabulary, speaks more rapidly, and seems to have actually experienced the things she’s talking about.

    • rumpole2 says:

      That sounds clearer… even that the best we have finally got in discovery?

      I REALLY do not understand WHY MOM and West are not creaming about subpoenaing Mat Gutman’s tape(s)
      The FULL version of this interview as well as the other interviews with DeeDee he has claimed.

      • rumpole2 says:

        “creaming” is good… but I meant to type “screaming” :D

      • John Galt says:

        I think ABC has already provided the tapes to MOM.

        • arkansasmimi says:

          I was fixing to comment the same thing JG. Maybe this is Matt G personal tapes of the interview. or one of them .

          • HughStone says:

            It sounds like ABC had Crump put a mic on. Who knows what they could have recorded while there. I always thought it was strange that Frank T. liked Matt Gutman.

          • John Galt says:

            I think maybe this is evidence of ABC selectively editing the material broadcast to support Crump’s BS. think that they intentionally edited out exculpatory material to make Z appear guilty. Perhaps this has been called to their attention and they are now publishing it to try to mitigate damages.

            • boricuafudd says:

              I was thinking the same thing. Also notice how he refers to a prior conversation, yet he claims in the Affidavit, that he did not elicit or then discuss the substance of her conversation with TM before the interview.

          • justfactsplz says:

            We are all on the same page; I too believe Mom has the tapes from ABC.

        • rumpole2 says:

          I HOPE so… but I see no evidence of that.
          Things I have assumed they MUST have… have turned out to not be so.
          I accept some things NEED to be played “close to the chest”… but with a lot of things MOM could just say he has them….. not reveal the contents publicly for now.. but just say.

        • jello333 says:

          Hey! When I first started saying that months ago, most people were like, “You gotta be kidding me.” But now most are, “Yeah, could be.” Progress? ;)

      • jello333 says:

        I think you know my long-held theory on that. ;)

    • John Galt says:


      apartment shade, put his jacket on, the man about to beat him, T: Why you following me for – Z: What you talking about

      Huge point:

      Listen carefully to Crump coaching at 3:50

      “Like you told Mr. Tracy and Ms. Sybrina”

      But Tracy and Sybrina told the cops they didn’t have any substantive conversations with W8.

      Then W8 gets back on script with “What you doing around here?”

    • HughStone says:

      Thanks. It seems they gave us background on the fabricating of the soundbytes(LIES) that were presented to the public. Too bad it is buried in the ABC news site. MOM should have made them post it on front.

      • John Galt says:

        I wouldn’t be surprised if Beasely is already on their azz.

        • doodahdaze says:

          What I wonder about is this. Does this tape show that the affidavit given to Nelson contains knowing lies? If so can the ruling she made regarding deposing Crump be revisited? It seems she relied on the affidavit as being true and correct representations of the facts by an officer of the court. Amazing.

  22. JW says:

    It looks BDLR is on the run.

  23. arkansasmimi says:

    HAHA Corey corrected his spelling :) guess BigBoi told him cause she read here

    • taqiyyologist says:

      F’n LOL!!!


      You cannot erase history any more, Corey.

      You let slip what was in your mind. And then tried to take it back?

      F’n LOL!!!!

    • tara says:

      Why is anyone demanding that the Orlando Sentinel post a trascript of the DeeDee interview(s)? Is this guy too lazy to listen to the audio available on various sites?

  24. taqiyyologist says:

    My Urbandictionary definition for “Testimoney” is pending:

    Your entry is under review by editors.

    n. 1. money given to a paid actor or actress for a court case (or the media run-up to a court case) who upon taking the money, simultaneously or subsequently or concurrently takes on the assigned, paid-for, and scripted role provided to the actor or actress, for whatever ultimate purpose the payee has in mind.

    2. A freudian slip by Team Treyvon
    Corey B. King

    @JeffWeinerOS I still want to know why your newspaper rag did not post the actual transcript of Witness 8’s testimoney with Bernie…why?

    8:43 PM – 06 Mar 13
    by Taqiyyologist on Mar 6, 2013

     photo testimoneytweet_zps40afb418.png
    (Screencapped for posterity…Admin ;-) )

    • taqiyyologist says:

      Tags I specified: treyvonites, treyvon, team treyvon, truth, fail

      • arkansasmimi says:

        Two Thumbs UP!!!!

      • Ad rem says:

        EXCELLENT work taqiy!!! I’m lovin’ it!!! If this entry is accepted you will be responsible for the Treehouse’s very first entry in the Urbandictionary. :-D (Hey….will we have to pay you royalties every time we use it?)

      • LandauMurphyFan says:

        Taqi, I hate to get picky (well, no, I don’t hate it, actually, since being picky about words is what pays my bills) but it’s an A, not an E, in Trayvon, Trayvonite, Team Trayvon… ;-)

      • jello333 says:

        Very cool. But like LMF says, you oughta change all the “e”s in the Trayvon words to “a”s. Especially since the tags won’t work right in searches if they’re not spelled right. Also, in the post itself, you spelled Trayvon with an “e”. But yeah… very cool post.

  25. arkansasmimi says:

    Just thought of something. All the Traybots and Leatherheads are trying to make a big fuss and change the narrative about what happened yesterday. If they truly believed that the State had a case, IMHO they should be tickled pink about what they percieve Omara saying about the SYG Immunity Hearing. They have been led by their noses for so long they dont even realize that. Because if I was them (thanking GOD for small things) I would think Yeppie Def knows they cant win SYG so we are going to trial and gonna win. But the Iggits dont know what to think on their own!!!! They might outta buy themselves some diapers, cause they gonna crap their self when they realize whats REALLY GONNA HAPPEN!!!

  26. arkansasmimi says:
  27. jello333 says:


  28. Pingback: ABC Released Some of its Recording of the Crump DeeDee Interview |

  29. Angel says:

    I thought it interesting that media was attempting to get a statement from the prosecutors regarding W8’s lying about going to the hospital but didn’t seem to include Crump. Why not ask him about W8 especially now since he is co-counsel? Didn’t seem to have any reservations about talking to him (Crump) in the beginning of this about W8. Crump seems to enjoy the media attention more than BDLR anyway. On second thought, maybe not so much now.

  30. LOL!


    I wish I could edit the entry and the tags to correct the spelling.

  31. Angel says:

    I would like to think it was legal brilliance, and not happenstance, that resulted in the defense asking for medical records that perhaps they already knew didn’t exist that would reveal the lie regarding the hospital visit. I speculated on a previous thread that they would be shut down by the judge on getting those records because of lack of relevance. I got a feeling they got what they were after just by asking for what didn’t exist.

    • boutis says:

      I still think it was her social media that tipped them off. She was carrying on as usual with friends while “hospitalized” or very ill.

      • tara says:

        I noticed that she took a lot of daytime naps, and she also periodically posted about some disease-related charity, I can’t remember which disease though. It made me wonder if she has some condition which requires regular medical care, like let’s say a heart defect, or sickle cell anemia, or something like that.

  32. doodahdaze says:

    I am thinking there is someone with their finger in the dyke. If that finger is pulled out the whole damn Dam will break.

  33. tara says:

    As always, apologies if someone posted this already, but I see that Matt Gutman co-authored an ABC report on Mar 5. It regards the Mar 4 hearing. Here’s what he has to say about DeeDee’s lie:

    Zimmerman’s defense appeared to question the credibility of a teenage girl, identified only as Witness 8, who claims she was on the phone with Martin just moments before he was shot. Witness 8 is arguably the key witness in the upcoming trial.

    Witness 8 told authorities that Martin told her that he was scared of a strange man following him. She also claimed that that after hearing the shooting over Martin’s phone, she was hospitalized for trauma, a claim that prosecutors later admitted was false.


    Wow, that’s really downplaying perjury, isn’t it? But then what should we expect from a “journalist” who was DeeDee’s assistant pimp for the past year? Do you still find her credible, Matt?

    • boutis says:

      So ABC is still going through the pro forma CYA using Gutman. How typical. Unless they put out the audio and didn’t tell him. LOL.

    • skeptiktank says:

      She also claimed that after hearing the shooting over Martin’s phone….can these people actually be this ignorant? She never claimed she heard the shooting.

    • doodahdaze says:

      My guess is that the hospital story was concocted in order to become part of the Civil Action. This is back in the day when $$$ signs were dancing through the heads of the scheme team. In order to join the fun a party has to show damages. Just a lil hunch about the hospital. But how could they be stupid enough to think this would not be uncovered? Amazing.

      • skeptiktank says:

        I think the hospital story was just something Crump made up on the fly in order to explain away the fact that this “Puppy love” close friend didn’t bother to attend his wake. If it happened to fit into a civil action suit, that would just be a bonus.
        Here’s what’s going to happen. At some point Crump is going to admit that he mis-handled this witness, but it was justified, because it was the only way to get an arrest, and the justice everyone wants. He has already used that line before when explaining why they claimed it was racial. Mind you, he will not make that admission unless he is pressured by the media.

    • justfactsplz says:

      I never heard before that she claimed to hear the actual shooting over the phone. Huh?

  34. tara says:

    I think we discussed this already …. did Crump log the name and address of the DeeDee he interviewed? Did Gutman? If so, it seems like it should be easy to determine whether there is one DeeDee or there are two because BDLR has the name and address of the DeeDee he interviewed.

    • juggler523 says:

      Oh, COME on! That’s just plain silly. It’s ONE person…ONE girl…

    • ackbarsays says:

      I’m sure they logged the name and address, but Judge Nelson has protected them on this point. She refuses to give Zimmerman’s defense team access to that information.

      • tara says:

        So there’s no way anyone can verify that the two DeeDees are the same. And because one or both had prepaid phones with no name(s) attached, there can be no verification with that info either. Fabulous.

        • jello333 says:

          Looks like it’s time for a little voice analysis.

          • rumpole2 says:

            They do not sound the same… now that we can actually hear DD1

            • boricuafudd says:

              Not only they do not sound the same, but I am really questioning what she said. Does she said that TM said he was going to beat him up, or TM was going to be beat up?

              It not clear, but man if that is what she said…

            • jello333 says:

              Yeah, similar in some ways, but I don’t think they’re the same either. A few minutes ago I had my wife listen to part of it, just so she could see the hilarious close-captioning (which IS absolutely ROFL stuff!). I hadn’t even questioned her about whether she thought it sounded like the same girl as the Bernie tape. But just on her own she said, “So is that why you think there might be two different girls? That one doesn’t sound the same as the other one you had me listen to.”

              • boricuafudd says:

                Listen to the section about 2:40 to 3:05 does she say TM is going to beat him up and she says run away or something to that effect

                • rumpole2 says:

                  What do you think you hear…?

                • jello333 says:

                  “…Trayvon said [indecipherable] the man he ’bout to BEAT him! So I say ‘Trayvon go home’…”

                  I guess that can be interpreted two ways. Either that the man was about to beat Trayvon, or Trayvon was about to beat the man. Either way, Dee Dee #1 tells him he should just “go home”. Whether she’s saying hurry up and go home so the scary man doesn’t catch and beat on little Trayvon, or whether she’s saying go home INSTEAD of beating on that disrespecting man… I can’t tell.

                  And listen to her “run from the back’ that she says a few times. It’s like it’s a natural phrase for her… WHATEVER it means. But when Dee Dee #2 said it, it was more like she was trying to carefully pronounce it. Almost like Crump told her that’s something she should say, and she was like, “What exactly does that mean?” And Crump tells her not to worry about what it means, just memorize it and say it. Hmm… who knows. I’m really not sure if these are the same girls, but I don’t think so.

                  • boricuafudd says:

                    Okay, I thought I hearings things, and you are right it could be interpreted both ways. Here is my take, DD is relating TM’ words, would not that be, “the man he bout to beat me(TM)” instead of “the man He(TM) bout to beat him. Then she says, “so I say TM go home” but TM was already heading home, there would be no need to do that unless he was not going home at that time.

                    What do you think?

                  • jello333 says:

                    Good point. And it made me think of something else. Almost every time Dee Dee refers to something Trayvon said, it’s like, “He said this man was following him”, “He said he put his hoodie on”, etc. I didn’t realize it till you mentioned it, but she almost never give a first-person point of view, in Trayvon’s own words. Bernie or Crump neither one told her, “Tell me exactly what Trayvon said to you, in his own words.” That would have been like, “Hey Dee Dee, if that is your real name, I’m now firmly positioned under this mail apparatus. I shall shortly be removing my hoodie and…” Is there ANY statements in either of the interviews where Dee Dee gives Trayvon’s ACTUAL words? (Yeah, yeah, I know it’s probably ALL phony, but you get my point.)

                  • boricuafudd says:

                    The only times she actually seems to quote TM seems when he say “wat u falloing me for? any other time TM said this and that.

                  • boricuafudd says:

                    Continue at the bottom

              • jordan2222 says:

                Depose both DeeDee’s and see what happens.

  35. HughStone says:

    Does anyone know if the ABC tapes would have been kept by MG or ABC after the story?

  36. froggielegs says:

    So it’s safe to assume TM’s cousin was correct when he said he met DeeDee at the funeral? I think that’s why the lie had to come out. ( Argh I hate being out of the loop. Real life needs to stop interrupting my online time LOL)

    • LandauMurphyFan says:

      Hey, we missed ya, froggielegs!

      Interesting question, but I don’t think we’re in a position to answer it yet. We do know that there are no medical records that would show a hospital stay for W8 on or around the day of the funeral. We don’t know how many DeeDees there are and whether any or all of them attended the funeral where they might have met the cousin. We don’t know whether the cousin would’ve stuck to his original story or “realized” that he’d “misspoken”. There’s still a lot of smoke & mirrors going on.

      IMO the only reason the lie had to come out was that medical records would be extraordinarily difficult to fake, since the hospital would presumably use electronic records which (from my experience as a medical transcriptionist) leave a date/time trail from the moment they’re dictated or otherwise created. Remember, no one ever expected these claims to come under real scrutiny. GZ was supposed to fold and take a plea deal. Who knew he’d turn out to be so intransigent?

      • tara says:

        no one ever expected these claims to come under real scrutiny

        Your comment gave me a chill. You’re absolutely right, they didn’t expect scrutiny. Their mistake. They were unprepared for reality, that George really was defending himself, that there would be two fine and principled attorneys willing to help him, and that there would be so many people out here who would refuse to turn their backs on a victim of the BGI.

      • Rick Madigan says:

        “Who knew he’d turn out to be so intransigent?”

        That intransigent GZ boy! He couldn’t acquiesce like a good liberal, and let the BGI win. What is America coming to? “America has failed” cried Crump from his Twitter page today! Hilarious!

    • tara says:

      I totally believe that Ronquavis met DeeDee at the funeral. And I totally believe that this is when she informed Trademark’s parents that she had spoken with him the day he was killed, she learned she was the last person to speak with him, and the parents asked her to help them. I think the only reason her introduction to the world was delayed was because it took rocket scientist Crump a while to procure the phone records, which he wanted to supply as proof that the phone calls occurred. (Crump, next time just have your client log on to his/her account.)

  37. Pingback: A Clearer Version of the Witness 8 Call With Crump - I Hate Paypal

  38. boricuafudd says:

    This is what I am thinking, this is if DD did have some sort of conversation with TM. DD and TM did have a conversation, TM got upset someone is watching him, TM DD he is not going to run. He sees GZ standing at the T, he tells DD I am going to beat him up, she tells him to go home, but he goes on ahead and confronts GZ, we know the rest.

    Now, more speculation on my part, the family knows this, so does Crump, they don’t see anything wrong with it after all GZ was following TM, GZ was asking for it. During the interview with Crump, he controls the interview and even feeds her lines, except during this exchange where she slips and actually tells the truth.

    Notice that even though according to DD TM said that he thought GZ was going to beat him, if you interpret it that way, they don’t come back to that, instead Crump focuses on what was said when TM and GZ talked. Establishing that TM was concerned that GZ was posing a danger, is more important, yet that is ignored.

    Unless, you are trying to draw attention away from a possible incriminating statement. Now, it is obvious she was fed lines, during both interviews, was that to keep her from blurting out the truth. This is all speculation on my part, but listening to both interviews and the questions as they were asked, especially during BDLR were questions that required short answers, no narrative. That is fine if you follow-up the question to get the specifics, but left open they are concealing instead.

    Your thoughts.

    • jello333 says:

      I still lean toward Dee Dee and Trayvon NOT being on the phone in those last few minutes. But if I say they WERE on the phone?… then yeah, I think your scenario makes a lot of sense. And yes, it’s pretty clear from both interviews that Crump and Bernie didn’t want a lot of “expansion” on things…. just get down on record a few important incriminating details, and move on. But the “gonna beat him” comment is very interesting, no matter which way you take it. Oh, and about the question of the family maybe knowing that Trayvon went back for the purpose of attacking George, and thinking that was justified because of the “disrespect”? Yeah, it’s very possible that they believe Trayvon started it…. but they are FINE with that. George was STILL not justified in defending his own life. I think you even get an example of this from someone we rarely hear from: Alicia. Remember on the TV show when it was suggested (by Mark, I think) that it was Trayvon’s fault since he was on top of George? I don’t recall exactly, but she said something like, “Why didn’t he just hit him then, or push him off or something? He didn’t have to shoot him.” In other words, she knows full-well that Trayvon was capable of giving someone a beat-down, but she (and probably the rest of the family) doesn’t see that as justification for the other person to defend themselves TOO strongly.

  39. boricuafudd says:

    It’s not just the family, Parks said in an interview that TM was justified in beating GZ, most TM’s when they admit that TM assaulted GZ also feel he was justified. So they would not see anything wrong with that, Crump on the other hand understands that if TM did approach GZ with the intention of confronting GZ, it would in fact prove GZ’s self-defense claim.

    If I may speculate further, this might be the reason for a second DD, one who would not slip and who would only say the things that we told to her. Thereby avoiding a possible slip.

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