The Stories From Algeria’s Hostage Crisis….. What About The Americans?

There is an interesting compilation of stories from some of the non-U.S. hostages who survived the Algeria terror attack.

The Missing

JAPAN:  One Japanese worker at the plant remains unaccounted for, according to employer  JGC.
NORWAY: Five Norwegian employees of Statoil  are still missing, the energy company said.
BRITAIN: Two other Britons still missing and  feared dead, the UK government said.
UNITED STATES:  3 Americans dead the US has confirmed. A US official said seven American  hostages escaped.
MALAYSIA:  Two Malaysians are missing, the government says.
PHILIPPINES: Four Filipinos are  missing.

Ask yourself this question as you read:  “where is the U.S. Press in similar coverage of our guys”?   Are they so interested invested in covering for the failed foreign policy of the Obama administration they cannot bring themselves to report on the most horrific of all terror attacks in recent history?

Kenneth WhitesideScottish hostage Kenneth Whiteside was ‘lined  up’ and shot dead in the Algerian gas plant, his brother has said.

Bob Whiteside toldSTV that militants ‘lined up four hostages, including his  brother’ and executed them.

‘He was executed as the Algerian army went in  the first time. They just lined up four and shot them,’ he said.  [...]

Paul MorganA Gulf war veteran who was the first Briton  to be killed in the Algerian BP gas plant siege ‘went down fighting’ to protect  colleagues after Al Qaeda kidnappers ambushed the bus he was travelling  on.

Former Foreign Legion soldier and security  chief at the In Amenas plant, Paul Morgan, 46, was the first Briton to be  officially identified yesterday and was last night described as a ‘true gentleman who died doing the  job he loved’ by his family.  [...]

Garry BarlowThe widow of one of the victims of the  Algerian hostage massacre described him today as a ‘loving, devoted family  man’.

Garry Barlow, 49, a married father-of-two  from Liverpool, was a system supervisor for BP at the In Amenas  plant.

He was forced to wear a bomb vest made of  semtex.

He rang his wife Lorraine, 52, and said that  he was sitting at his desk with explosives strapped to his chest.  He told his wife that his kidnappers would  kill him if the Algerian army tried to release him by force.

Read all their stories and the story of the survivors HERE.

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43 Responses to The Stories From Algeria’s Hostage Crisis….. What About The Americans?

  1. Sharon says:

    Tony G in the story says, “The mechanical engineer told ITV News: ‘If you let it get to you, the terrorists are winning.’

    Well, that’s fine, and I understand his point…but some of the other families made a point of explaining that they are not angry. If there is not some survival-instinct-related/seriously righteous anger in the days ahead, I would say the terrorists have won, wouldn’t you?

    Is there no obligation to try to stay alive any more? Is there no obligation to try to keep others alive by killing the people who are killing everybody? Is there no internalized commitment any more to kill the people who have said they’re going to kill us?

    If western civilization is just going to become this pukey-understanding–no really, we’re not angry–well, then we don’t value our own lives any more than the muslims who strap bombs on themselves. If there actually are a bunch more Brit families who are willing to “not be angry” and just be as pleasant as all get out instead of angry at the duplicity and incompetence of the people who got their loved ones killed—well, if there are a bunch more of them, why don’t they just sign up and take the places of maybe the few remaining who want to FIGHT TO STAY ALIVE and keep THEIR family members alive.

    Sorry….this is getting confusing. Up is down. Down is up. Right is wrong. Wrong is right. It’s ok to be killed, as long as your family doesn’t get mad that you’re killed. It’s ok to have a family member killed as long as you don’t get upset about it.

    I guess it’s just as well that France, internally, is content to surrender to the Islamization of their streets and cities, because there’s sure nobody left across the water to come to their aid the next time they’re taken over and decide, too late, that they’ve changed their minds.

    Am I missing something???????????????????????

    I’m really irritated by the silence of both the media and the families. Don’t want to go being rude here now, but I’m beginning to wish that the Benghazi families were yelling more. What have they been threatened with? Do they have government minders?

    I want to hear these families from Texas bellowing from sun-up to sun-down,and making some well-placed threats of their own, to demand that the silence and the complicity STOP.

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    • sundance says:

      Righteous appropriately placed anger is what you got right here.

      Yes. This !

    • howie says:

      It is called chaos.

    • John VI says:

      Its the western politics. We spend so much time teaching our children (well, the GOV does in public schools…) that its wrong to hate them, that they have a legitimate right to “express” themselves, and also, its Isreals fault, that they simply CANT bring forth anger or survival instincts. People literally are going to thier deaths believing that they can talk them out of it, that they dont mean it, that it must be thier own fault somehow.

      Its the same mindset that is gutting the second amendment this time around.

  2. jordan2222 says:

    Out of sight, out of mind. Americans have become so insensitive to death abroad, even when it’s our own people that I think they might even be immune. Do you see any outrage over this? Hey it’s a just a few dead Americans who were being greedy making big bucks. No big deal.

    Those of us who cried over the Benghazi incident were labeled wacko nuts. What has happened to our compassion, or passion?

    Amazing how the Progs can get so outraged over our enemies being called and then ignore the murder of our citizens.

    • Sharon says:

      SOME Americans have become insensitive………….

      • canadacan says:

        I’m very proud but I’m also mad as hell I want those al Qaeda bastards killed, I want their heads on a stick and I want their bodies devoured by pigs and I want it on TV- Al Gore’s TV station. and we can send a message in Arabic. every 1 of those employees at that BP Center should have been armed and fully trained to protect themselves. BP got sued what for what happened of the Louisiana coast and they really need to be sued now.

      • canadacan says:

        Did my comment end up with the administrators

        • Sharon says:

          It did. Don’t know why. Kicked it free!

        • canadacan says:

          We cannot be just like hobbits living in an insulated little world.

          • Sharon says:

            “We” aren’t. At least I’m not.

          • canadacan says:

            I am an emotional Yankee. Forget British understatement and stiff upper lip. the French are turning on the Muslims in their midst they don’t care about being politically correct with them anymore. the French are no longer willing to just eat cheese and surrender. you all know that nasty joke about the French salute, just raise your hands in the air as if you’re surrendering.

            • Sharon says:

              Serious question here, canadacan: are there reports that “the French are turning on the Muslims in their midst”? That would be good news as far as I’m concerned. They had better get some self-interest cooking, before their goose is cooked. Again.

              • canadacan says:

                I have read that Muslim dress under certain conditions the French aren’t tolerant of it anymore. there are a lot of political cartoons that the French don’t even bother to be polite about Mohammed or the Muslims. the Muslim population in France is being hassled and watched by the police. I think I got in Switzerland that comments here have talked about this and he mentioned that the Germans are acting some of the same way right now

                • canadacan says:

                  I was referring to our commentator in Switzerland who had said somewhat the same thing. that the Germans andfrench beginning to feel pressured and threatened by the overwhelming number of Muslims in the urban areas

                  • canadacan says:

                    There is a comic strip by a French cartoon testthat shows the Prophet Mohammed with his bare butt up in the ai

                  • Sharon says:

                    That would be our friend ZurichMike

                  • boutis says:

                    I have a sister in law from Marseilles and she says It is about assimilation. The Muslim immigrants won’t assimilate. They move to one of the world’s great cultures (she and I don’t agree on everything) and they reject everything they moved there to have. They moved to France for economic opportunity and then will not work. They immigrated for political freedom and then do not want anyone else especially the native French population to have any political views. They treat women like garbage so of course she dislikes them intensely as she should. She says the problem is cultural and not ethnic or even religious. They want the French to change their culture to fit the immigrants and the French are reaching the tipping point where something is gotta give. France’s economy is shrinking as is most of the developed world and these immigrants are not pulling their weight, causing problems, and disrespectful to their host culture. The tolerance has run out.

      • jordan2222 says:

        Correct but there are now a lot more of them than us. Obama thinks that it is a mandate that means All of us because the others just don’t get it yet. He is going to personally hate us into submission. Notice his language lately and how his true feelings and thoughts have emerged. He no longer hides or attempts to disguise anything. The election emboldened him to really believe that he can do whatever he damn well pleases, even his own people don’t agree with him.

        I am stunned to see how his supporters over at the HuffPost have begun to voice their displeasure. I am not sure what that means but some of them are clearly unhappy with Teh Won.

        My observation is that, among other issues, they are really pissed with most of what he does in foreign affairs. They no longer blame Bush for the wars like they once did and now they see what is going on with the fiscal cliff, the debt ceiling and the budget. They know we cannot sustain these spending levels. Some of them have been hurt by the tax increase and that shines through because it’s reality.

        I am not saying they side with the conservatives because they are indoctrinated to hate all Republicans but they sure as hell do not like the way Obama is handling any of this.

        BO’s arrogance is becoming his own worst enemy. He respects no one including his most ardent followers.

        He really is a dangerous man.

        • canadacan says:

          If they are that fedup and he hasn’t even started I fully expect Obama’s hubris to play out like a Greek tragedy. . not even the progressive are going to sit quietly by forever and ever letting their families and them selves be destroyed inch by inch. Obama has a true al Qaeda mentality. he thinks they can terrorize the population into obedience. It will be interesting when his own people start to turn on him.

          • jordan2222 says:

            Well, they voted for him so they are stuck for the next 4 years. Nothing they can do except bitch same as many Republicans did during Bush’s second term.

            The only recourse is for some Dems to side with the GOP and for the GOP to stand firm. I am so sick of the word bipartisanship, I want to puke. Obama has made it clear he will not compromise and the Republicans have no realistic choice to do the same.

            Why should they bend? The entire country is going to be adversely affected, especially when Obamacare fully kicks in. People are in for a big surprise. If that doesn’t wake them up.. well then, they deserve what they got.

        • howie says:

          I was taking to one the other day. She was mad her paycheck went down. Another is mad about gun control. Said it was not the reason she voted for him.

  3. John Galt says:

    “Are they so interested invested in covering for the failed foreign policy of the Obama administration they cannot bring themselves to report on the most horrific of all terror attacks in recent history?”

    Yes, because, just like Benghazi, it’s obviously Zero’s fault for providing weapons to islamists.

    “Mr Hague insisted that military action taken by Britain and France had ‘mitigated’ the instability caused by the insurrection against Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi, which has been blamed for a flow of weapons and militant fighters into countries such as Mali over the past year.”

  4. canadacan says:

    That should read up in the air

    • canadacan says:

      There are some seriously national movements breaking out in France and Germany that are anti Islamic. what I’m giving you here is somewhat sketchy I will try and supplement it as I can.

      • canadacan says:

        Even Bridget Bardot in the last few years Has been extremely vocal. About. The Islamization of French culture.

      • IamTheTool says:

        Published on Dec 10, 2012

        CBN News has been the leader in reporting on the steady Islamization of France. Now there is another sign that France is breaking down: the rise of ‘Generation Indentity.’.. The Christian Broadcasting Network CBN

        ‘Generation Identity’ Wages War on France Islamization –

  5. boutis says:

    Why is the US media not covering this? Because they work for evil oil companies. Because they mostly come from areas that are not politically correct Obama supporting states. Because they do not want to acknowledge how dangerous and costly it is to provide energy for the world. Because energy workers are considered “the other” and not as valuable as an academic or OWS’er or putz in the media. If this was a bunch of dopey academics, rabble rousers or news reporters it would have been all over the media. They are only concerned with their own tribe.

  6. mcfyre2012 says:

    The Algerian thing has been bugging me. All Americans working/living overseas should be alarmed at the lackadaisical attitude of this president and his state department…and realize that if they get in trouble (through no fault of their own) that they’re not going to be helped.

  7. czarowniczy says:

    Here’s the bottom line, and it has been such for some 15 years now: you go overseas and you can be sure that if you are taken hostage by any of the various bad guys that target Americans, YOU – ARE – ON – YOUR – OWN. Don’t expect State to come rushing to your rescue unless you are a major businessman with big political connections or a major campaign contributor. Don’t expect SEAL Team 6 or Blue Light to come crashing through the door – they have had as many spectacular failures as they have successes and, as I’ve said, the bad guy’s tactical doctrine is evolving. There’s something, probably State, that keeps major US companies who are hit from hiring firms such as Blackwater or Control Risk Group to engineer effective security or early-on rescues before the bad guys have consolidated their gains. The French, just as we do, have NISH plans in place for eventualities such as this and they usually react faster than the US does – ala the Congo in 1997 where by the time we’d decided to go in the French already had the place secured. It’s looking to me that the US bureaucrats know the heavy possibility of casualties and don’t wish to risk the bad press on their part if things go south. Instead they let the fast responders like the French go in, take the risks and are not as afraid of the bad press as they are showing the bad guys they won’t respond to provocations. So, if you tourist in North Africa (or all Africa for that matter) you are a target and in Europe and some places in Asia you are an increasingly attractive target. If you go just make sure you have plenty of insurance and the local US embassy or consulate knows where to ship the body ‘cause that’s all you can expect.

  8. Bongo says:

    Obama sure has al Qaida on the run, just as he said in his campaign speeches last year. The big problem is they’re over-running North Africa. And they’re using war weapons we supplied.

  9. 22tula says:

    The French
    Secure Freedom Radio – Frank Gaffney
    January 21, 2013 – Podcast

    “Algerian Attack Was Carried Out Using Weapons and Gear Provided to Libyan Rebels”
    By Daniel Greenfield – January 21, 2013

  10. iamthetool says:

    A Declaration of War – From the Youth of France – (English subs)

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