Trayvon Martin – How the Media Narrative Was Spun To Cover Up The Greatest Danger To Black Teen Boys – The Absence Of Two Parents…

TrayMomThis post is less about Trayvon Martin and more about how the media manipulates the public to sell a specific agenda-filled narrative.

From the very beginning the descriptions of Trayvon Martin by his parents did not make sense. Listening to questions of Tracy and Sybrina, and their answers – their responses were often disconnected, contradictory and, well, just odd in their lack of depth.

On example is this early interview with Sybrina Fulton, Trayvon’s mother.   Note this is very early on before the media handler (Ryan Julison) took control of the scripting, and made sure Tracy and Sybrina appeared together.

Another example was about 2 months later when Sybrina travelled to London, England and was questioned again. Even months later, when asked the same or similar general questions, she just never seemed to be able to describe Trayvon.   Very odd.

Additionally odd was upon hearing of Trayvon’s death Sybrina never left North Dade (Fort Lauderdale) to travel to Sanford. She stayed home.   The first time she actually went to Sanford was to attend a press conference on March 8th.

Also, Sybrina was unable to describe Trayvon’s likes or dislikes. She gave conflicting information about his favorite foods, sports, and things he enjoyed. Sybrina said Trayvon loved basketball, but Trayvon told everyone in his social network he disliked basketball.

When asked about his favorite meal Sybrina said Trayvon liked Fried Chicken; the next time she said hamburgers, and yet another time she described something totally different.

Sybrina told investigators she did not know that Trayvon had a twitter account, and she did not know his name on Facebook.  Sybrina Fulton knew nothing about Trayvon’s U-Tube account, his following of Mixed Martial Art combat fighting,  or his home made movies from street fights to video’s of his cousin.

On the morning she found out he was shot, she sat in the parking lot of her work for a few minutes then drove home – and stayed there.

sybrina familyAll of these are just unusual examples of odd and disconnected descriptions for a parent who was sold to the public as incredibly close to her son and devastated.  And when you look at the pictures of Sybrina with Trayvon, there are always other people in them, and in all of them as a general sense it’s usually Trayvon’s half-brother Jahvaris who seems closest to his mom.

We have fully documented how something changed in Trayvon, something troubling.   A serious and rapid downward spiral in behavior and it is well noted during the time period from October 2010 (trouble with Dad), to Summer 2011 (significant drug use), to the last year of school August 2011 through Feb 2012 when he missed 53 days of school, was suspended three times, and the last suspension was a serious enough violation to warrant 10 days suspension out of school.

And just something about the story of Trayvon and his mom;  and his mom’s behavior not matching the story being sold.   Then we read this recent article in esquire magazine and something stuck out. Something that connected numerous dots in describing exactly what was going on.

He was growing so fast, he’d stretched out like a rubber band, 158 pounds on a five-eleven frame, so long and thin everyone teased him: Boy, you too skinny to take a breath.

He was wearing the hoodie he always wore, lost in his music like he always was. People teased him about that, too. Next door to his uncle Stephen’s house, a modest ranch house where he often spent the night, lived an old lady who called him Mouse.  (link)

This relatively demure comment actually clicked in with another piece of the puzzle from earlier.   THIS is a radio interview given by Trayvon’s aunt, Ebony Martin Mcclain, who is Tracy Martin’s sister, on the Rickey Smiley Show.   The full radio interview is available here, but we have copied the audio onto U-Tube format so that you can listen to it here.

Do you hear what she is saying?

Trayvon was NOT living with his mom.   Trayvon was NOT living with his dad.  Trayvon was living with his uncle, Stephen Martin, a former Marine, and his wife “Aunt Miriam, in Miami Gardens.

Miriam previously described Trayvon’s living arrangements as:

She’s [Miriam] known Trayvon since the day he was born. He spent as much time at their  house as he did anywhere else. (link)

Uncle Stephen’s son (Trayvon’s cousin), Stephen “Boobie” Martin, was Trayvon’s best friend.   Boobie is who travelled to Sanford to visit Trayvon at Brandy Green’s condo in The Retreat at Twin Lakes the final weekend.   It was Trayvon and Boobie who attended Brandy’s son’s football game that Saturday night then all three drove back to Brandy’s condo.  “Boobie” left the following morning (Sunday).

Tracy Martin 2 Tracy Martin 4-18-12

We know Trayvon’s Dad, Tracy Martin,  (pictured above) was living with his sister Ebony Martin Mcclain, as noted in the radio interview, also in Miami Gardens.  However, Tracy was reported to be considering a permanent move to live with girlfriend Brandy Green and her son, Chad, in Sanford.   *Brandy Green is, or was, pregnant with Tracy’s child.

[ You also need to remember Tracy was still married to Alicia Martin - the "step-mom" from the Dr. Phil show.   Tracy and Alicia Martin had been together for 14 years and married for 7  Poor Alicia is by all considerations "The Forgotten Woman"]

Tracy Martin CRIP

Tracy Martin (Trayvon Dad) Far Right

The discussions of Trayvon moving to Sanford had already taken place:

Last night he [Trayvon]  had a long talk with DeWayne, his buddy from pee-wee football.  DeWayne asked what he was doing.

Just chillin’ with my ol’ boy, Trayvon said. Trayvon’s dad was  dating a woman who lived there, a woman named Brandy, and it was looking  serious. If he had to change high schools again to move up there, he said, it  would be a’ight.   (link)

But one thing is certain, at the time Trayvon was shot he WAS NOT living with Sybrina Fulton, his mom.   NOR was he permanently residing with his dad, Tracy.

Now folks on the ground in/around Trayvon’s High School have provided the specific information as to why he did not live with his mom.  However, until that is confirmed, and some additional measures are taken, we will leave it out of the outline.

The behavioral challenges of Trayvon during that winter school session might have led to the decision to put him in the care, custody and guardianship, of his uncle, who by all manner of evaluation, Trayvon did listen to and respect.   Trayvon’s dad, Tracy, was seperated from his wife of seven years Alicia Martin, and his girlfriend in Sanford, Brandy, was pregnant.    Meanwhile he loved him some ‘twerkin’ lap dances.    

But Trayvon was NOT living with Sybrina (mom) or Tracy (dad) during the time prior to the trip to Sanford.

So now, given the revelation of additional facts, and with the hindsight of the TRUTH, do these previous interviews make more sense now?

Certainly all the disparate stories and disconnection now makes sense.   It was all just a ruse to create an impression, a false impression.

The reason Sybrina could not describe Trayvon, was because she did not know Trayvon.  Not in the same sense the attorneys and media consultants were framing her.   This is why early on the entire narrative seemed so disjointed.

The family lawyers, The Scheme Team, were selling a Trayvon family that never existed.  Trayvon neither lived with Sybrina or Tracy.   He was a portable troubled teen who was living with his uncle who was trying to straighten him out.

It is beyond sad – that ultimately, in order not to reflect the typical example of black teen crisis in America the family, or their handlers, felt they needed to script a false storyline for the media.  AND worse yet, the media could not even ask the questions to bring the truth forth.     The media just left those blazing irreconcilable conversations and statements by the scheme team float in the air like dangling participles…..

None of this changes the substance of the case against George Zimmerman.  However, it does reflect a particular character trait, and expose the agenda of the family attorneys.  That falsely constructed story is profoundly wrong.

Trayvon 7-11

They have created this fairy tale story around a 12-year-old little boy named Trayvon Martin.   That person never existed in the life of George Zimmerman.   Mr. Zimmerman met a 17-year-old troubled teen with anger issues, who liked to portray himself as player inside the thug culture, just like his school discipline records will reflect.

The truth will always come out – eventually…. it always does.

Crumped Up Charges...

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103 Responses to Trayvon Martin – How the Media Narrative Was Spun To Cover Up The Greatest Danger To Black Teen Boys – The Absence Of Two Parents…

  1. sundance says:

    All video production by Ad rem. Thanks Pawz. And back up copies stored with other peeps in case Rickey Smiley show attempts to scrub the interview with Ebony Martin Mcclain.

    • nomorebsplease says:

      I thought the cousin was a block or so away. Or a least near brandi green. Thats where he lives, no?

      • You want that too?

        Yu aint told me yu swung on a bus driver??
        Cracka got mad kuz he got dem bangaz put 2 em by a yung ASTRONAUT :3
        Damn where u at, ASTRONAUT need plant

    • Off/On topic, re: Jonathan Ables. Any word at all on this case? End of October ballistics should have been in. Enterprising reporters in the MSM which breathlessly repeated the story of the shooter’s attorney and spokesmouth for the local NAACP, but NOTHING FROM THE MSM since. Despite multiple requests of every reporter/news outlet that did the original stories. My guess? Crystal Scott wasn’t a “white-hispanic” and Jonathan Ables didn’t look like Barry (if he had a son). Thoughts?

  2. LouDaJew says:

    0:35, don’t dare ask Sybrina any questions about Trayvon’s character. Sybrina gave the reporter “the look”. blink blink blink
    about the character of Trayvon, nobody knew Trayvon. trust me when I say that most students at Krop didn’t know who he was. kids from the neighborhood tell me this. Trayvon was hardly ever in school, and when he was he got suspended.

    • Liberals USED to be the Optimistic Ones says:

      Oh Lou,
      Listen at the one minute mark (Sabrina says trayvon would make breakfast if he got up on time – no one bothers to ask her did he get up on time most of the time or was he latye to school most of the time (with 53 absences or tardies in less than a single school year, brandy green would have had to use her influence with the juvvy justice system to keep this kid out of trunancy court). maybe the reason trayvon needed ot move to sanford was to be near the influential state of florida juvvy worker who regularly fixed his records and hid his sins from view.
      I bet BEFORE trayvon got into all his drug related problems, he had a pretty good attendance record, but after the loss of gang member martin (the guy for whom the pin was made), it was a downward spiral from there.
      Check out these lovely lyrics I found (the internet is such a wonderful resource, no i dont want that junk as a ring tone on my phone).
      Say twins you know how we go do a fucking show
      Get that bitch rowdy how crazy they be acting out there
      Niggas can’t control theirself be like uh
      They call me C-Murder and I got TRU tagged on my motherfucking back
      Ever since I started rapping all my real ass niggas come and follow my lead
      Got my balls and my word nigga ask Young Bleed
      We come do a show in your motherfucking city
      They call me the baddest cause No Limit act shitty
      Beats By The Pound make them ignant ass beats
      When a nigga like me bring the shit to the streets
      Because the ghetto is my home nigga I’m ghetto raised
      I’m unpredictable ask the nigga with the braids
      My motherfucking music be jumping out of record stores
      Nigga where’s your proof motherfucker check billboards
      To all my tank dogs that’s bout it
      Then throw off your set and get this motherfucker rowdy
      We be No Limit niggas and we bout it
      We come to a club and get the motherfucker rowdy [x2]

      [Kane & Abel]
      6 shots of hennesey I’m feeling right in this bitch
      Hit the dash flow off Mike start a fight in this bitch
      I got the crowd jumping gangstafied shit pumping
      Tell that bitch and that hoe I’m trying to do something
      I cracked the optimal open in the middle of the club
      Don’t give a fuck about the popos niggas smoke some bud
      Let’s go half on a 40 sack show me some love
      I stucked a pistol in the club for them wannabe thugs
      TRU niggas smoke dank all the way to the bank
      All the hustlers picks the baddest so love to bank
      Kane & Abel kick butt knuckle up don’t give a fuck
      We bout it and I’m gon’ get this motherfucker rowdy
      I was dropped from the clouds above given a gat and some slugs
      Killing whatever bugs that ain’t a soldier does
      For the love of drugs half of my paper go to bud
      Ebonic you speaking in the club uh nigga what
      Everytime I buzz the tank does when I it
      With the type of skills to knock a baller off his pivot
      I admit it I’m one of the baddest that ever lived
      You ain’t seen nothing wait till I’m full of that shit
      Take a pull of that shit
      And you can meet the pieces
      My ironic thesis first heard on a player’s leases
      Lyrical adhesives making these niggas meet Jesus
      I guess we just got them to pieces like greases
      To my tweakers it’s a piece of dope you was needing
      My vocals got wannabe slugs bleeding
      It’s believing get you tore up by my shotty
      Fiendzotie forever bout it staying rowdy

      • Liberals USED to be the Optimistic Ones says:

        ooops, forgot to mention, these are the lyrics of NO_LIMIT_NI66A

        • TandCrumpettes says:

          Wow! I read that whole thing and have no clue what it’s talking about. Sounds like they knew what words they wanted to rhyme, but somehow it really didn’t matter if the sentence itself was coherent.

          I will have to listen to the song later. But did they really rhyme “pivot” and “lived?” As in, “live-ed?” haha!

      • Justice4All says:

        C-Murder was a gangster rapper affiliated with No Limit Records. He is currently serving life in prison for 2nd degree murder.

        Blacks will continue to blame their alarming violent crime numbers and fatherless child numbers on the white man and poverty as the parents drive around with their children listening to music that brags about making it rain on hoes, having 2 Bit&*es at the same time, milking the welfare system, dealing drugs, robbing, assaulting, and killing.

        The problems in the AA society today is a direct result of their culture and their acceptance of violence, drug dealing, womanizing, and taking advantage of government programs designed to help those who can not find means to provide for themselves.

        • boricuafudd says:

          Coming soon, to every White, Hispanic and Asian community. That is the worrisome part. It is all becoming mainstream, the music already dominates, how long before the rest does too?

          • TandCrumpettes says:

            I hate this so much. I shudder to think what will be mainstream when my daughter is old enough to care.

            I’m no prude…far from it. But I simply like good songs – melodies. Can I sing along? Is it fun to sing along? Verse, chorus, verse, bridge, chorus.

            If I want to listen to a song about dealing drugs, I listen to “Tonight, Tonight, Tonight.” A song about womanizing? “Angel of the Morning.” I don’t think I know any songs that deal with taking advantage of the government, though “Last Train to Clarksville” takes advantage of the public transportation system! ha!

            I raise my daughter on this stuff and I think she’s better for it. Even songs that may have less than appropriate meanings, I don’t have to worry about the actual content.”Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds,” is just about a weirdo place, like Wonka’s chocolate factory. “What’s New Pussycat” is just about a cat.

            Nothing makes me prouder of myself these days than when my daughter recognizes someone like Phil Collins by photo only. I’m sure her peers are going to be less than enthused, but at least my child doesn’t learn about inappropriate things before her time. I never have to ask, “Where did you learn that word?”

            Its just one thing less to worry about when you don’t expose them to this junk.

            • Liberals USED to be the Optimistic Ones says:

              Wanna know something interesting? I didnt know squat about these lyrics before I woke up this morning wondering what those lyrics might contain and I didnt have to search long (they are not in the least bit obscure, it would be nice if they were hard to find and few recited them and even fewer glorified them)

            • boricuafudd says:

              I share your feelings, I have 20 yr old, an 18 yr old and a 5 yr old girl. My oldest favorite singers are Kanye West and Taylor Swift, my middle child loves Linkin Park and rock the baby loves the muppets.

              The thing is that while they also may listen to Hip Hop, they are not into that type of life, thank God. They know as many singers from my generation as they do from theirs, I made sure of that, I also tried to educate them as to how stupid it is to be a pimp, a ho, dealin, and that sort of lifestyle.

              My worries are that the baby may not have as many choices as my older kids, since Hip Hop culture and Urban Thuggish Culture are so prevalent now, and by the time she is old enough that is all she will know. What then?

              • Justice4All says:

                How could anybody who likes Taylor Swift like that arrogant piece of garbage Kanye West after what he did to her when she won her first award as a 17 year old girl???

                That piece of trash stole that girls moment from her!!!!!

                • boricuafudd says:

                  You can say what you want about the person, but you can see he well versed on his music, from classical to country. He uses all, and for the most part his songs are as objectionable. Is funny that you mention the incident, cause my son was saying how an ass**** move that was.

              • TandCrumpettes says:

                I know. I preview nearly everything my daughter watches. Sometimes that’s not exactly doable, so I watch WITH her. Unfortunately, so much “kid stuff” is anything but appropriate, you can no longer watch with them. You have to preview everything…even the preschool channels.

                I learned my lesson when I saw one of the Chipmunk movies was on HBO. We missed about half of it, but we cuddled up in bed together and turned in on anyway. Chipettes hip-dancing and shaking their bottoms, singing about “putting a ring on it.” CLICK.

                The film is rated PG for “mild rude humor.” What does that mean to you? Bodily functions? Maybe a guy will get hit in the groin? Somebody gonna belch?

                Why should I have somehow known “mild rude humor” included singing about going to the club in your tight pants, dancing with a man on your hip, drink in hand…

                Its nearly impossible to find anything contemporary that is also age-appropriate for her. As far as her media goes, we stick with stuff made 30+ years ago. If its “new,” its FAR below her level – I’m talking Teletubbies-type level where characters don’t speak. She’s way beyond that now.

                I don’t remember what the commercial was advertising, but one of her channels was promoting some movie that was going to be shown soon, and a male lightning-bug was patting his rump and commenting on how the ladies loved his big butt. Sheesh, you can’t even protect your kids from ADS on their own freaking channels. This has gone too far.

                My daughter watches/listens to stuff I grew up with. Smurfs, Tom and Jerry, classic Scooby, 60’s-80s music, etc. She is too young to know this isn’t recent or “cool.” But one day she will realize she’s been “had.”

                The same thing happened to me when I entered the school system. My parents raised me the same way (raised me on what they grew up with). I believe I was in about 2nd grade when I realized that The Beatles were not still together. “Twist and Shout” wasn’t released just a couple of years ago. But I think I had it “better” when I was finally introduced to contemporary things because it was more or less appropriate to my age. It was completely “safe” to watch the Chipmunks back then. The Care Bears didn’t sing hip-hop. The male smurfs never commented on the size or attractiveness of Smurfette’s butt.

                Parents these days. Sheesh. They LIKE watching movies with their kids that talk about big butts. Parents LOVE seeing animated characters sing hip-hop. They listen to it in front of their children too! Of course they love it!

                Parents pretty well demand this content be in their kids’ media. Few are willing to put up with the “cutesy wootsy,” completely sanitary stuff. Its “boring.”

                I can’t imagine it being any worse, but I know it will get that way, and my poor daughter is growing up right in the middle of it.

                • vf smith says:

                  Can you imagine what it’s like for me? My uncle wrote songs for and produced all those old MGM musicals (Singin’ in the Rain, for one) and my dad came in second to White Christmas for an Academy Award. I am so glad he never got to see what songwriting evolved into.

          • The usual comeback to a comment like yours is “Yeah well, they said that about Elvis swiveling his hips on Ed Sullivan.” People need to realize there’s a grand canyon between Elvis swiveling his hips and “Im-a blow off yo mutha-fuckin’ head!”

        • Liberals USED to be the Optimistic Ones says:

          And young no_limit_astronaut got dead attempting to murder the NW guy

      • James Warren says:

        unbelievable and to think…when i was a boy..they turned the lights out on jerry lee lewis for singing whole lotta shaking going on? we come a longggg way baby! it should be against the law to put such filth on a disk knowing it will be played on a stereo you can hear a mile. hold your head out the window and start screaming and cussing them SAME words and see where you wind up.

  3. ctdar says:

    At 5:41 of the video with mom, aunt & 1/2bro check out the watch SF is wearing on left wrist. I mentioned this when video first came out but thought i’d repeat, sure looks like a mans watch (note how big the facedial is on her wrist) and wonder if this is a stolen “gift” from TM. It’s obvious from SF’s basic/flat answers & eye shifts that she didn’t know her son but knew what kinda of character he was.

  4. TandCrumpettes says:

    I’m sure this has been mentioned before, but I must have missed it. What is going on in the group picture of Tracy?

    Who are these people and why are they standing in front of a drape? It doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things but for some reason I finally noticed these fellas aren’t actually in a hall. Its a background made to look like a hall but the photographer pulled away too much and revealed the illusion, plus the drape still has kinks in it.

    • ctdar says:

      That is weird, can see where the curtain meets the floor

      • TandCrumpettes says:

        Yeah! It doesn’t matter, its just odd.

        I want to say, I guess they are at a photography studio, or perhaps some kind of party where someone set up a little something so you can get your pic taken with your honey. We used to have that at school dances all the time. I remember once there was a setup like this at a video rental. Now why they did that at a rental I have no clue! But I do remember thinking that renting VHS with my honey wasn’t exactly a memory that needed documenting.

        Still, its just strange that the curtain isn’t pulled to length.

    • tara says:

      Nice crips sign by the dude in yellow. I have to re-visit the thread where this picture was first shown ….

    • maggiemoowho says:

      I believe they are all members of bigTM’s Free Mason Lodge. King Vincent lodge #477.

  5. TandCrumpettes says:

    I love the phrase used here, “portable teen.” Such an accurate description, and quickly becoming an epidemic in our culture, not just with AAs.

  6. maggiemoowho says:

    TM failed his FCAT exams and would not be able to move up a grade without passing those exams. Failing the FCAT’s and having those suspensions could have been a factor in wanting to switch schools or drop out all together.

    • Liberals USED to be the Optimistic Ones says:

      I had that all wrong, then. I was under the false assumption that failing the FCAT was a sign of future academic success (thus, he was designated an academic scholar in the lame stream media).

  7. maggiemoowho says:

    I just don’t think TM was expected to show up at BG apartment that night. I don’t understand why Tracy had a box of clothes for the “boys” to go through, why not do that at home. I don’t understand why BigTM had to stop at Kohls to buy warmer sweatshirts before the game. It’s not like they don’t live in Florida and know what the weather is like. Was it a quick decision to leave and he didn’t have time to pack any clothes. If you read the rest of the article Miriam says TM’s large grey sweatshirt is in TM’s drawer in her sons room. So maybe TM left by himself to go to Sanford without anyone knowing about it. Meet up with his cousin. Got in an argument with his uncle and left to find his dad, who knows, but none of it adds up or makes sense.

    From USA today 12-11-12 article.
    “The cousins were like brothers, sharing their childhoods in chapters as they grew, he said. To him, Trayvon’s potential was most apparent when he built, rode and fixed pocket bikes and dirt bikes. ” He used to put them together himself, so he was obviously good with his hands,” Stephen said.

    The night before Trayvon died, Stephen, who was living in Orlando at the time, remembers the two shivering at a park.”

    • tara says:

      Author of the article suffers from the same disease as NBC and ABC … selective editing to imply something other than the truth:

      The night of the shooting, Trayvon wore his customary hoodie. As Zimmerman spoke to a police dispatcher, he described the teen as a “suspicious guy” in a “dark hoodie” that was “just staring, looking at all the houses … looks like he’s up to no good or he’s on drugs or something.”

      Dumbsh*t reporter makes it appear that the hoodie was a key element.

      In the actual conversation of GZ with the dispatcher, GZ describes Trademark’s odd behavior, and only after the dispatcher asks for a description of Trademark and his clothes does GZ provide that info. The hoodie was irrelevant.

      • tara says:

        Just looked at a bio-type article about the author. “Alcindor’s love affair with journalism began five years ago when she heard the story of Emmett Till’s murder.” There ya go. I should write an article, “The fruitless hunt for the next Emmett Till”.

        • boricuafudd says:

          Sort of related, but the election and re-election of President Obama, the last glass ceiling has been broken for AAs. The thing is everything still looks the same from up their as it did from the bottom looking up. The civil rights era is over for them, they know it, but refuse to admit that at this point it is up to them to make the difference. Their destiny is in their hands, as it has been for years, they have no excuses left, so they invent new ones pretend that they are still living in the 50’s and 60’s and are still struggling against a discriminatory society. Except that we are not, AAs controlled whole cities, dictate policy and those cities are in ruins (Detroit, Newark, etc.). Chicago there are Sandy Hook like massacres on a given weekend, these is the reality, it is one that they will not accept.

          • tara says:

            pretend that they are still living in the 50′s and 60′s Yes! I was thinking that same thing! Their #1 interest appears to be their own blackness, and in an age when color matters little they seem incapable of moving on. The Howard University documents are a good example. Not all blacks are like this though, I see plenty who are people who happen to be black, their color doesn’t define them.

      • Liberals USED to be the Optimistic Ones says:

        Sorry tara,
        but hiding one’s identity is a big time red flag for me (many convenience stores now have signs that direct people to remove sun glasses, hats, hoodies, to be able to identify anyoen entering the store). at first this bothered me a tad, but then i came to realize it is for the safety of the store clerks AND for shopppers in the store.
        All trayvon had to do was willingly show his face and he would have been far less suspicious (those not breaking into homes are much more likely to be willign to show one’s face and those with no god reason to be haging out will more than likely try to hide their identity).
        VERY RELAVANT in my book.

  8. joeyp1joeyp says:

    A fact left out was that Sybrina Fulton stated on the Dr. Phil Show that She switched Trayvons school From Carol to Krop so “he could go to school closer to my home”. Carol Sr. High is smack-dab in the middle of Miami Gardens, wheras Krop is 7.25 miles away.
    Sometimes when one needs a friend, it doesn’t matter who that friend is. Thank you Yahoo maps, my friend. ;)

    • Liberals USED to be the Optimistic Ones says:

      A fact left out is that fulton/martin are the most uncreative liars on the planet. if inconsistencies are proof of guilt then they are guilty of a very many things.
      You know she couldnt say he had to swap schools cuz even though they had friends who could hide his record of delinquency and violence, he still had to swap schools (keep in mind he neither lived with his mama or his papa-seems like both mama AND papa was rolling stones-he lived with his aunt/uncle….i wonder who got the child support? sabrina were you gettign the chlid support but lettign the kdis stay elsewhere? isnt that fraud?)

  9. Knuckledraggingwino says:

    The Newton School shooting focused my attention on FBI data on child homicides. The shameful reality is that guns don’t kill children, parents kill children. While guns are used in only a small minority of child homicides, almost all child homicide victims are murderred by their mothers or putative fathers. (Dont forget the DNA studies that confirm paternal uncertainty) Another alarming fact is that African Americans, whose level of paternal uncertainty is extreme, are far, far more likely to murder their children than any other group.

    Trayvon Martin was an extreme case because he was not only denied the support of a father who no doubt had reason to limit his investment in a child of minimal, paternal certainty, he was abandoned by his mother. Sabrina’s infamous facebook photo in which she demonstrates that flaunting the tattoo on her nearly naked breast in an obvious attempt to attract even more sperm donors is a higher priority for her than parenting her son.

    • Justice4All says:

      More innocent children have been killed in drive by shootings in inner cities than what happened the other day but the Traybots do not want to talk about that and Obama makes no attempt to focus on the illegally obtained guns that are used in those shootings.

      • Knuckledraggingwino says:

        FBI data reveals that in the extremely rare occasions when young children are murderred with a firearm by someone other than family or an acquaintance, they are usual murderred by a Black person. Perhaps instead of banning certain types of guns, we should ban black people from owning guns?

        Year of incident by Race of offender for United States

        Return to selection page         Download data    Printer-friendly
        Display Options:
        Count    Row %    Column %      
        Victim-Offender relationship
        Stranger, Unknown
        Weapon used
        Age of oldest victim
        0 to 5, 6 to 11
        Count White Black Amer. Indian/Alaskan Native Asian/Nat. Hawaiian/Pac Isl Unknown Total
        1980 4 15 0 0 1 20
        1981 7 3 0 0 0 10
        1982 4 8 0 0 0 12
        1983 5 10 0 0 0 16
        1984 5 10 0 0 0 15
        1985 12 8 0 0 0 19
        1986 1 7 1 0 0 10
        1987 3 9 0 0 0 12
        1988 14 16 0 0 2 32
        1989 12 22 0 1 0 35
        1990 17 24 0 0 0 42
        1991 8 38 1 0 0 47
        1992 15 47 0 0 0 62
        1993 14 37 0 0 1 52
        1994 23 62 0 0 1 87
        1995 12 46 0 1 0 59
        1996 9 23 0 0 0 32
        1997 13 20 0 1 1 34
        1998 12 20 0 0 0 32
        1999 4 11 0 1 0 16
        2000 5 8 1 0 0 14
        2001 7 17 1 0 0 25
        2002 19 35 0 0 3 58
        2003 21 27 2 0 1 51
        2004 2 16 0 0 0 18
        2005 8 27 0 0 0 35
        2006 6 22 0 0 1 29
        2007 9 28 0 0 0 37
        2008 20 15 0 0 0 35
        2009 12 18 0 0 0 30
        2010 4 22 0 0 0 27
        Total 307 671 7 5 12 1,002
        Suggested citation: Puzzanchera, C., Chamberlin, G., and Kang, W. (2012). “Easy Access to the FBI’s Supplementary Homicide Reports: 1980-2010.” Online. Available:

        Data source: Federal Bureau of Investigation. Supplementary Homicide Reports 1980-2010 [machine-readable data files].

        OJJDP | OJJDP Statistical Briefing Book | FAQs about Juvenile Homicide Victims | FAQs about Juvenile Homicide Offenders | FBI | Bureau of Justice Statistics

    • Liberals USED to be the Optimistic Ones says:

      Dems have a lot invested in paternity fraud (it is a very lucrative racket)

  10. tara says:

    I was wondering what happened to Kim Kardashian wannabe Jasmine Rand, and I see she’s working with another attorney from Parks/Crump to defend some blacks who were charged with voter fraud. As expected, they cry racism. They didn’t cheat, their voting rights were suppressed! (throwing up black power fist)

    Nine people were charged last year in connection with the alleged absentee ballot scheme including Madison County Supervisor of Elections Jada Woods Williams and school board member Abra “Tina” Hill Johnson, both now suspended.

    Williams is facing misdemeanor negligence charges and her case has been moved to Tallahassee. Two defendants have settled their cases through pretrial intervention. The remaining six defendants including Johnson, who won by a mere 28 votes, are facing felony election fraud charges. Some also have been charged with perjury and making false reports to law enforcement. Johnson’s case and that of her husband, Ernest Sinclair Johnson Jr., were not heard Wednesday because their lawyer was too ill to attend.

    It wasn’t part of their legal argument, but the defendants, all black, and their lawyers have said out of court they believe the state investigation that led to the charges was part of an effort to suppress minority voting.

  11. anne says:

    I feel all children living without two parents, are in danger, not just african americans.

  12. Vanya says:

    Trayvons parents need to get charged with something for this mess. They conned everyone. They created a dead good kid for money and fun. How many free trips did they get exploiting a what if kid. What if he was theirs, what if he was Obamas. That pick of Sybrina and Trayvon and Javarius, that doesn’t even look like Trayvon. Its like they found the only 4 pics he ever took when he was smiling and young and naive. Its really sad if you think about it.

    • Liberals USED to be the Optimistic Ones says:

      Child neglect is a form of child maltreatment.[1] Child neglect is a deficit in meeting a child’s basic needs. Furthermore, child neglect is the failure to provide basic physical health care, supervision, nutrition, emotional nurturing, education or safe housing.
      ..the persistent failure to meet a child’s basic physical and/or psychological needs, likely to result in the serious impairment of the child’s health or development. Neglect may occur during pregnancy as a result of maternal substance abuse. Once a child is born, neglect may involve a parent or carer failing to provide adequate food, clothing and shelter (including exclusion from home or abandonment); protect a child from physical and emotional harm or danger; ensure adequate supervision (including the use of inadequate care-givers); or ensure access to appropriate medical care or treatment. It may also include neglect of, or unresponsiveness to, a child’s basic emotional needs.
      There are various types of child neglect.
      Physical neglect refers to the failure to provide a child with basic necessities of life such as food and clothing;
      Medical neglect is when caregivers do not meet children’s basic health care needs;
      Emotional neglect is failing to provide emotional support such as emotional security and encouragement;
      Educational/ developmental neglect is the failure to provide a child with experiences for necessary growth and development, such as not sending a child to school or giving him or her an education.(Barnett et al., p 90).
      Depending on the laws and child protective policies in your area, leaving a young child unsupervised may be considered neglect, especially if doing so places the child in danger

      • Liberals USED to be the Optimistic Ones says:

        I would sugest that the martins/fultons are guilty of many things, but to me this one if the most disturbing (if they had been real parents, trayvon wouldnt have thought attempted murder was how you responded when you got caught being suspicious in the vicinity of multiple burglaries at night in the rain (while on suspension from school).
        if trayvon had been left a pile of skittles and drinks (‘food and drink’), he wouldnt have had ot leave the house for anything (recall how candy and sugar water was redefined as ‘food and water’ by the media as if it was something essential that could not be denied to him (but NOT somethign his PARENTS had a legal RESPONSIBILITY to provide for him AND his little brotha who asnt)

        • tara says:

          The refusal by the general public to see the situation in a realistic manner is very disturbing. It tells me that most people are satisfied with the initial sound bites delivered to them by the media (who in turn, at least in this case, received them from a prejudiced PR team). No thought required, they were told A, B, and C and that’s what they continue to believe in spite of piles of contradictory or mitigating info.

          Because of the Trademark incident I’m paying special attention to the CT massacre. It’s amazing to find that so many people still think Nancy Lanza was a teacher at the school simply because that’s what they heard in the first couple of hours after the shooting.

  13. justfactsplz says:

    I knew Trayvon was not living with either parent at the time of his death but I thought he was living with friends. This is very interesting that he was living with an aunt and uncle. As usual, great investigating Sundance.

    • Liberals USED to be the Optimistic Ones says:

      I am pretty sure traydad was paying child support. How much you wanna bet sabrina fulton was collecting child support for a child she didnt raise? the court granted the kid to her, she didnt want him. she tells the uncle/aunt, if they want to raise him, they can, but she keeps some or all of the money (for some strange reason I dont trust that woman. she seems like no stranger to fraud)

  14. mung says:

    “Now folks on the ground in/around Trayvon’s High School have provided the specific information as to why he did not live with his mom. However, until that is confirmed, and some additional measures are taken, we will leave it out of the outline.”

    Can’t wait for this one.

    • tara says:

      I’m wondering if they were planning to switch schools again, and he needed to live in a particular area to attend their target school.

      I remember one of his tweets, he said he was moving again and said something like that he moved around like a military family. I connected it with a foreclosure but it was just my speculation based on public records I’d seen.

    • LouDaJew says:

      we need someone like Breitbart who can interview kids from Krop right off of school grounds. ask them if they knew Trayvon, etc. etc.

  15. myopiafree says:

    Subject: General problem of the “no-parent” kids.

    Macro-scale of TM’s “future”.

    The Washington Post 12//17/12. Metro, Page B2, “The ‘School-to-Prison’ pipeline”

    This story is about kids who commit almost-crimes in the schools, and almost get arrested.

    Wash Post> “… It was a defining moment for the issue. The “school-to-prison pipeline” is the set of get-tough disciplinary practices that critics say steer students out of schools — though suspension, expulsion, or police involvement – and into the criminal justice system. Lately, this phenomenon is getting more attention”.

    They got this situation EXACTLY BACKWARDS.

    It is the “absent parents”, who are letting these kids “run wild” that produces this problem. But then again, they NEVER blame the parents, they BLAME THE SCHOOLS.

    In TM’s case, TM just skirted “getting caught”. But the 53 classes he “skipped”, and being caught with an “empty bag” of “weed” – were strong indicators of TM’s future – as it is with all these “absent parent” kids. Schools do not raise kids – the PARENTS ARE SUPPOSED TO.

    Put the responsibility where IT TRULY BELONGS.

    • Liberals USED to be the Optimistic Ones says:

      The schools have all the responsibility ands the parents have NONE! CHILD NEGLECT!
      if oen of trayvon’s biological donors had been a parent, he would still be alive today

      • Sharon says:

        The schools have been demanding that they have all the responsibility for at least 25 years. I will never forget the lecture I ended up giving a bunch of high school teachers and explained to them if they would do THEIR jobs and let me do MINE (instead of trying to “parent” our sons and cut us out) that everything would go much better. Idiots. One of our sons still had a couple of behavioral issues in high school, secondary things from some serious learning disaibilities–and the teachers were constantly wwanting to cut him slack because he was “really such a nice boy”–I ripped ‘em a good one and told them to stay out of my way, because, as I pointed out to them, once he got out in the world, he wouldn’t get points for being “really such a nice boy” but would be expected to conduct himself properly at all times. They were VERY BUSY and determined to reparent him and protect him from his mother. He was always bemused at their efforts, because he knew they didn’t haqve a clue about normal parent/child relationships (at least “normal” in our part of the world)…he always knew they had no idea what they were up against.

        myopiafree is quite right that the parents are supposed to raise the kids—but any parent that sorta doesn’t mostly feel like it is going to find it very, very, very, very, very, very easy to default out of the picture–and the schools will LOVE ‘EM FOR DOING IT….. enabling doesn’t beign to cover that they do. I was actively PARENTING and they FOUGHT ME over it—and that was over 25 years ago.

  16. WhiteFalcon1 says:

    In the pic with the 6 guys, you gotta love that the 2nd from the left is throwing a Crips gang symbol with his hand….nah, nothing to see here folks!

  17. whitefalconone says:

    In the pic of the 6 guys, you got to love the 2nd guy on the left throwing a Crips gang sign, huh? Nahhhh…nothing to see here, folks…move along!

  18. scannersliveinvain says:

    Did they photo shop Trayvon into the picture of Jahvaris and Sybrina? Look at Jahvaris’ shirt, then look at the shirt he’s wearing in the interview pix above. They seem exactly the same.

    • ctdar says:

      Yeah possibly, TM looks like an afterthought, was the J shirt bought post Trayvon? If its not pshopped makes it look like Sabrina is sitting on TM right knee where if it is seems more naturally spaced like she & J sitting side by side on a bench

    • WeeWeed says:

      Does Trayvon have on his sainted hoodie? Does look like a sweatshirt.

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  20. tara says:

    Wow, when did this happen? “JACKSONVILLE, Florida (Reuters) – A grand jury indicted a Florida man for first degree murder on Thursday in the shooting death of an unarmed, black high school student last month after an argument over loud rap music.

    Dunn, who is white [...]

    Why does color matter? And are Parks/Crump representing this kid’s family? If so, we’re in for a wild ride again, though in this case I suspect I’ll be on the side of the shooting victim. Shooting occurred at a gas station.

    • diwataman says:

      Color only matters when a non black kills a black, at least that’s what I’ve learned from looking at the media and the likes of Crump.

      The shooter said they pulled a gun on him and I read that they drove away then came back to the gas station. Last I read no gun was found which apparently helped with the grand jury decision.

  21. MuayTyson says:

    I loved all the catches on the gang sign being thrown. I do beleive it is a Crips sign. Didn’t Tray dad have a neck tattoo covered that indicated gang affiliation? Is Tray dad involved with gangs and gang behavior? What is his work history? What was he teaching his son either directly or by his actions?
    The over 70% illegitimacy is one huge factor in the black community pathalogies gang behavior is another.

  22. scannersliveinvain says:

    If it’s not photoshopped, Jahvaris sure knows how to take care of his clothes. That shirt would be four or five years old if they took the photo when TM was 12 or 13.

  23. clerkdante says:

    Something had already seemed odd to me, and this article gave me an answer.

    Every single child death story you see (especially when they’re trying to pluck at the heart strings), what is the one thing you always see?

    The kids bedroom.

    Stuffed animals, posters of favorite sports stars, academic awards, trophies, etc.

    Yet, in 10 months of coverage, in a story manipulating the media like no other, we’ve never seen his room, heck I don’t think we’ve ever even seen the inside of any of his potential “homes”.

    This kid was truly portable.

    • froggielegs says:

      OMG I have been thinking that for a long time now. Why have we not seen anything that would humanize Trayvon?? All we have ever seen are photos. No bedroom or home interview where parents say something like, this is where he took his first steps or this is where he sat at night doing his homework or this is his bike he use to love riding around etc. Nothing, Nada, Zip! Not one thing that showed where Trayvon lived and enjoyed life. Just old photos from a few years back.

    • TandCrumpettes says:

      Wow…I can’t believe I never noticed this. You’re absolutely right.

      But even a portable teen has to have some belongings. At the worst-case-scenario, if TM were sleeping on people’s couches, he’d have to have had clothing. At the bare minimum, he would have had school books. These things have to be somewhere…

      I wonder if that “somewhere” is a lone backpack and a locker at school. That’s really tragic.

  24. flaladybug says:

    There is one element in all of this that I have never been able to quite understand….maybe you guys can help me understand. I’ve been following this story from nearly the beginning and actually understanding the FACTS since finding the CTH since around April or so. One thing that continues to puzzle me is the diffence in the behavior of Trayvon and his brother. It’s obvious that Trayvon was dealing with many issues including abandonment…..lack of supervision…. trust….anger….negative influences that went unnoticed or ignored….etc. In fact, I have often thought that had Trayvon and George met under different circumstances before Trayvon had fallen so far, George and Shellie would have possibly been able to help Trayvon by mentoring him like the others they helped. I truly believe if Trayvon would have gotten that type of attention from ANYONE things would have turned out completely different for him. I truly think he was a good kid that became the product of his negative environment. So I can’t understand what caused Trayvons life to take the wrong turn it did when his brother’s path is a complete opposite!!!! He speaks well, seems respectful, is in college, I mean…..WTH???

    • LouDaJew says:

      something I find very weird is the Sybrina tattoo on Trayvon’s wrist. I find that very odd. I haven’t been able to figure it out. I’m assuming that meant that he loved his mom, but WHY would he get a tattoo on his wrist with his mom’s name?

    • sundance says:

      Trayvon was born 17 years prior to his death. His father, Tracy, left his mother 14 years prior to his death, so Trayvon only knew Sybrina and Tracy together for 3 years.

      Jahvaris was not Tracy Martin’s son. Jahavaris was Sybrina’s son from a former marriage. Perhaps Jahavaris’s father was involved with him as he grew up in a way that Trayvon’s father did not.

      From all indications Trayvon grew up with influences around him that Jahavaris was not similarly exposed to…. That is why despite their common womb, they grew up in disparate ways.

      • kathyca says:

        Or he could just be a different sort of kid. Some kids are destined to overcome obstacles, including their chitty parents, just because of their personal biological and psychological make up. Older and “only” children, including those of irresponsible parents, are notorious for that. If JF is the oldest and, effectively, an “only” if Trayvon wasn’t mostly living with him and Sybrina, it wouldn’t be completely surprising that he’s the family “success story.” He may be quite a bit more responsible than his own parents.

  25. scubachick75 says:

    My heart actually hurt for Trayvon when they asked Sybrina those questions and she couldn’t answer them. It was a simple,basic question and her response (or lack of one I should say) said so much. Most mother’s light up when you ask them to recall memories or moments with their children. There was nothing in Sybrina’s eyes….nothing!

  26. Sha says:

    I think all kids wont is to be loved and to know they are important to someone. When my dad (stepdad) came into my life, for the first time I felt safe , loved and wonted. He changed my whole life with patients and love. I always tell everyone I have 6 boys. I had two of my own. Kids just wont to be wonted and loved. They wont hugs and kisses and attention and they don’t care where it comes from they just need it. Some people think teens don’t need as much attention but there wrong thats when they need it the most. There is so much going on in there little world . Stability is very important when you are a teen it is your foundation and what you build from , with out it there is anger and uncertainty. It just takes one person to care enough to make the difference in a childs life.

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  28. Sherron says:

    The Skittles, Arizona watermelon tea and Robutussin make a concoction called Lean. It can be deadly and can even cause a psychotic break. That’s why he walked a mile in the rain to the store? Why on earth did the Martins leave that young son of Brandi’s with Trayvon?

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