Root Causes – Ryan Julison

UPDATE:   An email message received from Mr. Ryan Julison 9:10pm 11/27/12:

I was just looking at your site and wanted to ask that you correct two pieces of inaccurate information.

1.  My website is live.  It has been for some time.  I did take it down to make updates, but put it back up a while later.

2.  I have never scrubbed my Facebook page.  Go on my Julison Communications page and see for yourself.  Click on March, 2012 and you’ll see that every post you say was deleted is indeed right there and always has been.

Once you have reviewed both of these items, I would appreciate you correcting the this on your site. – Ryan Julison

Attn: Treepers - What questions would you have for Ryan Julison? Don’t be snarky – be considerate and thoughtful in your considerations.  Mr. Ryan Julison does not deserve respect because he has not earned it.  However he does deserve courtesy.

Mr. Julison has also agreed to be interviewed.

Given ALL of the historical context you are now aware of, what questions would you like to see Ryan Julison honestly answer?

Previously submitted post below -May 4th 2012- for context and intellectual stimulation.

“When a well packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic.” Dresden James

When you have nothing to hide, you leave a trail of indifference. When you have something to hide, you work feverishly to avoid being discovered. Ryan Julison from Julison Communications is working feverishly.

Matt Lauer (left) Ryan Julison (right)

Ryan Julison is the guy hired by Natalie Jackson and Benjamin Crump to create the Media narrative and initial sales pitch around the Trayvon Martin Case. The sales pitch that led to major institutional media organizations falsely making the headlines about racism. Those initial headlines defined George Zimmerman as a “White” 248 lb vigilante racist neighborhood watch captain, and Trayvon Martin as an innocent Black child “murdered” in cold blood on his way home from the store.

We outlined the involvement HERE and also HERE with a discussion of his website, now deleted, HERE

That false narrative kicked off a national controversy that not only still exists today, but has put one man in jail, hurt dozens more in racially motivated and brutal attacks, and cost municipalities hundreds of thousands of dollars in law enforcement resources. All because one specific narrative was constructed to be the most marketable.

It appears Mr. Julison had a change of heart, or recognized his complicit financial risk from lawsuits, since his prior comments to us when he said:

I am happy to share the initial media pitch and subsequent pitches with you, there is no reference made to race in them. [...] you have my email address, feel free to follow-up if you’d like more information. I have nothing to hide.

- Ryan Julison

His company website has been taken down (under construction) and his Facebook page has been scrubbed of the media accounts he bragged about creating. But we captured the images and words before they could be wiped away. See for yourselves.

Here is a portion of the original article. The full article is available here.

[...] During research we identified Ryan Julison and his firm Julison Communications as being the media communications and Public Relations source for the Pigford Settlement. Some of you might be familiar with the Pigford V. Glickman lawsuit against the United States Department of Agriculture commonly referred to as Pigford, or Pigford II.

Essentially the Pigford Settlement was a determination by the Dept. Of Agriculture to settle discrimination lawsuits brought about by black farmers. However, as Lee Strantham has meticulously outlined the original lawsuit, while potentially justified at the time of filing, eventually evolved into a massive fraud by people who never engaged in farming at all. has an extensive research library filled with information about the fraud associated with Pigford claims. The entire Pigford story became a political hot potato for anyone who would deny blacks the opportunity for financial gain at the cost of taxpayers.

Indeed the Congressional Black Caucus and civil rights leaders, use the defensive shield of racism against anyone who would question the motivation of tens of thousands of claimants. This, despite the reality of the number of claimants being ridiculously out of touch with the actual number of black farmers who might have been affected.

At last mention there were over 38,000 individual black claimants seeking monetary awards from $50,000 to $250,000. This compares to DOA internal statistics that put the actual number of potentially affected farmers around 5,000.

But what is the DOA going to do? Deny a large contingent of dependent class Democrat supporting, and race sensitive voters their place at the trough?

A massive class action lawsuit fraught with intentional fraud costing taxpayers over $2.2 BILLION to date from both Pigford and Pigford II settlements.

It appears this is where Mr. Julison gained association with Greg Francis, whose job it was to travel the country and determine qualification for Pigford II payouts. Greg Francis hired Ryan Julison to create the media communications and Public Relations image for the settlement. This also led Julison to become further associated with a variety of institutional race based, and race baiting, black leaders. Indeed Mr. Julison appears quite proud of his association with such fraudulent endeavors as described in highly visible links proudly displayed upon his Facebook page:

Update. Julison has now scrubbed this from his company Facebook page.

2.scnow link here

Greg Francis

Greg Francis is a partner with John Morgan, of Morgan and Morgan Law Firm, in Central Florida. The same law firm now employs former Governor Charlie Crist. Charlie Crist was the governor in 2007 who recommended to the state legislature they approve a $5 million wrongful death settlement with the family of Martin Lee Anderson, who was represented by, …… wait for it…….. Benjamin Crump, as in Parks and Crump. Benjamin Crump hired Ryan Julison, through Natalie Jackson, to do the Media Communications and PR work for Trayvon Martin’s family.

On the same date (March 5th) that Ryan Julison was contacted to participate in the Trayvon Martin narrative he released the following press release on behalf of the settlement (pdf file)

In the interests of time, and sheer exhaustive text bordering on unreadable, we are going to have to summarize the tangled network of players upon this story line, and request your research upon your own. If we attempted to outline the entire construct of how each trail leads from one person to the next we would have a considerable volume on just these interconnected associations alone.

Al Sharpton, Martin Lee Anderson’s Mother – Gina Jones, and Jesse Jackson march 2006

However, suffice to say that from central Florida in addition to the prior connections between Benjamin Crump and Daryl Parks via the Martin Lee Anderson Case, and Jesse Jackson along with Al Sharpton, the political tentacles are transparently obvious.

From the civil rights leaders Jackson and Sharpton, you draw a straight line to the Congressional Black Caucus and CBC member Corrine Brown from Florida’s 3rd district which includes Seminole and Orange Counties.

Sanford, Fla. City Manager Norton Bonaparte, Jr., left, speaks to Rep. Corrine Brown, D-Fla., and Sanford, Fla. Mayor Jeff Triplett, and Rep. Frederica Wilson, D-Fla., before a news conference on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, March 20, 2012, to talk about the shooting of Trayvon Martin. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

In addition to the Martin Lee Anderson case connecting Parks and Crump to Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, you find a deep connection to current U.S Attorney General Eric Holder via his civil rights affiliation spawned by marriage to Dr Sharon Malone. Malone’s sister (Holder’s sister-in-law) was Vivian Malone-Jones from civil rights fame in the Alabama “stand at the schoolhouse door” with Governor George Wallace.

Vivian Malone-Jones worked her entire career inside the Civil Rights division of the Department of Justice that her brother-in-law Eric Holder now heads. So when you hear Eric Holder say “my people” he’s not necessarily referring to blacks in the aggregate; he is specifically referring to “activist African-Americans” like Sharpton, Jackson, Jealous etc.; and as a consequence black civil rights attorney’s like Daryl Parks and Benjamin Crump and Natalie Jackson Esq.

Eric Holder is the inner ear of President Barack Obama, hence Trayvon Martin famously became Obama Jr in the Rose Garden. Subsequently, the Corrine Brown friendly Congressional Black Caucus took up the immediate cause to advance Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton, along with Parks and Crump, to Washington DC for politically expedient, and optically helpful, congressional judiciary committee hearings.

Daryl Parks, Benjamin Crump, Sybrina Fulton, Tracy Martin attend Washington DC judiciary Committee hearing March 27th

From this hearing you heard “Trayvon was hunted down, chased, and shot like a dog“.

Ryan Julison was specifically chosen by Natalie Jackson and Benjamin Crump because he was attached to Jackson/Crump via Pigford and Civil Rights/CBC activists.

Ryan Julison Bragging Rights

Next we look at culpability in selling a racist narrative, and for that we start by looking at how excited Ryan Julison was to sell the Trayvon story to the media.

These are the stories that highlight his sales pitch. These are his selections to represent his efforts, and framed/highlighted in his own words. Again, from his own Facebook page:

This post now removed.

Chicago Tribune Article

CBS News article

This post now removed

Reuters via Yahoo article:

Since Trayvon, a high school junior who wanted to be a pilot, was black and Zimmerman is white, Crump said race is “the 600 pound elephant in the room.”

Whoopsie… Eh, ya might not have wanted to be such a big fan of that one (above) Mr. Julison, it kinda crushes that whole “I never sold race” story you’re trying to hide behind. Hmmm ??? Yeah “check out this story” indeed.

This post now removed.

ABC News Article

This Post Now Removed.

CNN Story / Article

According to CNN affiliate WFTV, Zimmerman, who is white, described Martin to a dispatcher as a suspicious black man.

Whoopsie, busted again. Yep, as you say: “Now working with CNN on the Trayvon Martin story”. Yep, “working” being the operative word hey Ryan?

This Post Now Removed.

ABC “Matt Gutman” story

ABC News has uncovered questionable police conduct in the investigation of the fatal shooting of an unarmed black teenager by a white neighborhood watch captain in Florida, including the alleged “correction” of at least one eyewitness’ account.

[...] Witnesses told ABC News a fist fight broke out and at one point Zimmerman, who outweighed Martin by more than 100 pounds, was on the ground and that Martin was on top.

“That was my baby, my youngest son,” mother Sybrina Fulton told ABC News in an interview in Miami. “He meant a lot to me, I don’t think the police department really understands that…I need justice for my family, I just want justice for my son.”

Ryan, you “worked with Matt Gutman on this story” March 12th? Seriously Mr. Julison? I mean really? You should have scrubbed your tracks a little better. Your “plausible deniability” meter needle is in the red.

You are so far into this racist narrative, the light from outside of racism’s existence could never reach you.

Everyone needs to read the entire article linked above, ALL OF IT, and see exactly what Ryan Julison worked with Matt Gutman to create. It must have been Matt Gutman who was too lazy to actually look beyond the 2005 arrest record for 248 lb weight description.

Wasn’t Matt Gutman from ABC the “exclusive” guest for the mysterious DeeDee phone call conversation with Benjamin Crump? And spends a lot of time in Miami too, where the source of the original “doctored” 911 calls originated. Hmm funny that. In addition wasn’t abc and Matt Gutman the “exclusive recipient” of the stolen Sanford Police Station footage. And again the “exclusive recipient” of the bloody head shot too. Hmmm.

You must have liked working with Matt huh?

This Post Now Removed

Inside Edition Report

This Post Now Removed

NBC Today Show

Now that you know the reality in perspective, this video from the Today Show is a MUST WATCH. It was filmed on Saturday March 17th. The morning after the Trayvon Family and representatives met in the mayor’s office and listened to the tapes. Crump claims 3 eye witnesses etc. Just watch it.

The next day, late on Sunday the 18th was when Tracy supposedly discovered DeeDee via phone records.

This Post Now Removed

New York Times Article

MIAMI — Nearly three weeks after an unarmed teenager was killed in a small city north of Orlando, stirring an outcry, a few indisputable facts remain: the teenager, who was black, was carrying nothing but a bag of Skittles, some money and a can of iced tea when he was shot. The neighborhood crime watch volunteer who got out of his car and shot him is white and Hispanic. He has not been arrested and is claiming self-defense.

Whoopsie, there you go bragging again, “Worked with the New York Times on this story”… So now we know it was Ryan Julison and New York Times Lizette Alvarez who created the new ethnicity “White and Hispanic”.

Are you sure you want to stick to your story about not creating the racist narrative Mr. Julison? Really? This is kind of embarrassing to be so easy to point out. Moving on…..

NBC Nightly News With Brian Williams

Wow, another must watch video. This from Sunday night, the night Tracy Martin discovered DeeDee. And once again the specific ethnicity “White Hispanic” is used.

This Post Now Removed

New York Times Editorial

Wow, Mr. Julison you sound pretty proud of this one. …”Doesn’t get much bigger than that“.

Trayvon Martin, a 17-year-old student, was shot last month as he walked home one night with a snack in hand. His killing has stirred national outrageand protests because there is evidence he called out in alarm over his cellphone as the armed stranger closely pursued him. At the same time, George Zimmerman, the shooter, was on the phone with a police dispatcher, who told him, “We don’t need you to do that.”

This follows the March 20th 11:30am Major Press conference Benjamin Crump held where he announced DeeDee, and a whole bunch of other now dismissed, and deconstructed, nonsense. It seems odd to see Mr. Julison sharing on his Facebook page how proud he is of the false narrative being on display in the New York Times.

CNN Link

The family of Zimmerman, a white Hispanic, said he has been wrongly described as a racist…

FACEBOOK for Ryan Julison at Julison Communication

So after President Obama spoke, and you finished bragging about the thousands of calls to elevate your prideful self image, you stopped linking your famous outcomes to your Facebook page. Must be ‘mission accomplished’, huh?

I was going to introduce even more substantive information and link connections between Ryan Julison, Matt Gutman, ABC, CBS, NBC et al, mostly from the South East offices of institutional media sources to show how specifically intentional the selling of a racist narrative was. But I think I’ll hold that for another day…. Or, in case someone doth protest too much…

…. there really is no point. As you can see from Ryan Julison’s own words, he “worked with” the media, “organized” the plan, and “coordinated” the efforts, of the entire Trayvon Martin VS. George Zimmerman narrative.

Within the articles he specifically cites, values, and considers as best reflective examples of his efforts, his agenda is clear, evident, without doubt and certain.

One only has to look at his own words and his own construction. HIS, no-one else’s interpretation of it, his very own. To look back now and see Mr. Julison’s recent attempt at distancing himself from the consequences of the very narrative he bragged about creating, is, well, you decide….

And while you are deciding let me remind you of the consequences again.

Matthew Owens

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288 Responses to Root Causes – Ryan Julison

  1. myopiafree says:

    Julison – Why did you publish pictures of a 11 year-old boy – when you knew for a fact that Trayvon Martin was 17 years-old and stood 6 foot 2 inches?

    • doodahdaze says:

      $$$$, fame, and glory. And a belly rub from Robles.

    • LoudaJew says:

      exactly. why were the pictures of George with the bloody head not shown initially? also, why was George picture lightened to look as if he were white? who directed you to look into the 911 calls? why isn’t there still no recent video footage of Trayvon?

    • myopiafree says:

      .OK – and Thanks to Ryan Julison. Could any Treeper post his links here for our review? Thanks!

      My website is live. It has been for some time. I did take it down to make updates, but put it back up a while later.

      2. I have never scrubbed my Facebook page. Go on my Julison Communications page and see for yourself. Click on March, 2012 and you’ll see that every post you say was deleted is indeed right there and always has been.

      Once you have reviewed both of these items, I would appreciate you correcting the this on your site. – Ryan Julison
      I am respectful of Ryan – I would like to hear is complete story and statements.

      • sundance says:

        Are you posing that question to Me, or to him?

        All the prior links to Mr. Julison’s acitivity activity are within the internal embedded links in the above (reposted from May) original thread. The Truth exists in its original form – without edit – Nothing stated by the Treehouse, either today, or as an aspect of historical review is factually incorrect, and all attributions are painstakingly cited.

        • myopiafree says:

          Hi Sundance,
          I just wished to supply the Ryan links for others to review.

          I still am amazed at the incredible false-hoods he has published of a presumed 11 year-old kid – that he knew was a false, misleading story. If he sincerely believes what he says – I would like to see him deposed by O’Mara, for these detailed questions. He has truly done major damage to the entire George Zimmerman family – by publishing these lies.

          • jordan2222 says:

            Here we go…
            Posted on September 8, 2011 by julisoncom_blog

            Not much of a blogger, but it seems to be one of the better ways to communicate with the masses.

            The past couple of months have been crazy! Several high-profile national stories, a lot of regional news and the promise of some very cool things to come.

            Today, I helped my client Attorney Natalie Jackson announce a lawsuit in Federal court against the Dept. of Business & Professional Regulation and the Orange County Sheriff’s Office on behalf of African-American barbers who were unlawfully handcuffed and detained as part of a “barber license check.” Coverage is widespread and prominent.

            I also worked on a media tour of the home of embattled businessman Claudio Osorio in Miami. I’m working with Fisher Auction Company to promote an upcoming bankruptcy auction of Osorio’s 8,700-square foot mansion. Great turnout in Miami as well with three TV’s, the Miami Herald and South Florida Business Journal taking the tour.

            More to come…

        • John Galt says:

          “Nothing stated by the Treehouse, either today, or as an aspect of historical review is factually incorrect, and all attributions are painstakingly cited.”

          That’s what I thought. Accordingly, I don’t see much point in interviewing Mr. Julison, unless under penalty of perjury, with his web site and Facebook history subpoenaed directly from the host. I’m thinking that GZ’s contingent fee lawyers will probably eventually take care of that.

        • I remember when this first happened. Julison claimed the posts mysteriously disappeared right after being outed here.He claimed it was a facebook problem, which we all know was a huge lie. It was the same with his website coming down right at that time. My question is the timing of the actions. Too fortuitous for me to believe it was all accidental or planned. He came here read what was discovered about him and attempted, and is still attempting to make those of us on this site-especially all of the admin and researchers look like it was their mistake and even though he “respectfully” requests corrections., I say “sorry Charlie” because the gig is up. There was careful documentation of all of this and the truth has no agenda. If you can’t tell it then don’t go against the diligent researchers and watchers of this case, and your company

          • sundance says:

            Well said. And now that the “schemers” begin to backtrack, obfuscate, disassociate, distance, etc etc….

            I sincerely appreciate those people who will stand firm and hold them accountable. Blocking, if needed, their sly moves toward the exits.

    • myopiafree says:

      Previously posted by SD:

      Ryan’s Statement, April 2012 ‘i have nothing to hide”.
      I came on your site because I was amused that the haphazard website I had thrown together was getting such a thorough deconstruction (why are the white people smiling but none of the black people).

      I do have paying clients, which is why I set up the website in the first place, but I volunteered for the family and will not make a penny off this case, regardless of what happens.

      I am happy to share the initial media pitch and subsequent pitches with you, there is no reference made to race in them.

      I came to your site in a respectful manner thinking it would perhaps be an opportunity to have a thoughtful dialogue. I was being too optimistic, it appears, because I was met with personal attacks and profanity.

      For the record, I’m the only person on this site who has revealed their identity.

      “Sundancecracker,” you have my email address, feel free to follow up if you’d like more information.

      I have nothing to hide.
      Good – then Ryan will be pleased to testify in open court about how he represented Trayvon Martin as “Saint Trayvon” – and totally ignored the fact that Trayvon viciously attacked Geroge (for no obvious reason), by smashing his fist into George’s face (with major objective facts proven that statement), when Ryan falsely represented Trayvon as a cute 11 year-old BOY, who obviously not have that capability. Is that not just totally DISHONEST – to the core??
      I favor “Freedom of Press” – but where is the line that separates HONEST reporting from vicious SLANDER and LIBEL. Ryan – I thing you crossed that line a long time ago.

  2. lucy's mom says:

    Nobody, NOBODY exposes these creeps like you do, Sundance! Thank you a million times.

  3. jello333 says:

    Question to Ryan: Did Dee Dee listen to the NEN call and read the various statements by George, or was she made aware of the contents of that call and those statements, before she did her interview and gave her statement to BDLR?

    Or some variation of that question. I’d have a LOT of “Dee Dee” and cell phone questions for him. NOT because I’m worried about Dee Dee or the phones incriminating George, but rather because I believe they are some of the keys to proving a conspiracy against George.

    • Question for Julison:

      Have you read Trayvon Martin’s twitter page?

    • justfactsplz says:

      I would like to ask him the exact same thing. I don’t know how he sleeps at night, or Crump or Jackson, or the Martins either.

      • John VI says:

        No one that was black was harmed in the making of this narrative. So why wouldnt they sleep well at night?

        Of course, as it unravels, quite a FEW “African Americans” will be harmed. But that will just get spun as oppression.

        • justfactsplz says:

          Contrare, in the long run many decent law abiding hardworking blacks were affected. They feel like this case has set racial relations back decades. But I do get what you are saying.

    • Liberals USED to be the optimistic ones says:

      I got a question for Julison:
      Would you mind having me and knuckledraggingwino bash his head against the ground for a minute or so while alternatively covering his mouth so he cant breathe or scream? This is not a threat, this is a test to see if he can withstand what they expected George to put up with (since he thought GZ had no right to defend himself). We can give him a fake gun and when he draws it, we stop (if he draws the gu oin the first minute, like gZ dfid, GZ goes free). If however, Julison can go a few minutes of me bashing his skull into the concrete when I am not covering his mouth (without dying) then GZ is not innocent (wont happen).

    • nameofthepen says:

      jello333 says: “…Dee Dee…”

      Dang, Jello – you beat me to it! :twisted:

  4. Judge Dredd says:

    Interesting but George ticked white for ethnicity on his driver licance..When asked his ethnicity on night of the shooting he said white as was noted on the arrest report.George signed of on this report..In fact every official document signed by George where race is required he ticked white.It seems his passion for Hisspanic heritage only manifested after his arrest .Anyone know why he suddenly became so upsett at being described as white?Even blameing his Father on one jailhouse call for calling him George an not chooseing a good Hispannic name..Anyone know if all thease African American children George mentored if there parents will be on the defence wittness list to confirm his weekly Sunday mentoring times.What a Guy.

    • jello333 says:

      Why U mad? Could it be that you see the whole case imploding before our very eyes, and realize that the tide of media coverage and public opinion is doing a slow-but-sure 180?

    • sundance says:

      I think the issue of “ethnicity” only came about as a matter of George Zimmerman being called a racist by the media class. It would appear, and understandably so, that facing wild and unfounded accusations about racism a person would want to present the factual circumstances of their upbringing, and historical affiliation.

      Much like Elizabeth Warren floated between “Native American”, and “white-non hispanic” throughout her career based on current circumstances, perhaps it was in response to the accusations of “racism” that George found himself in need of defending himself.

      To me the bigger question is why the media outlets “created” an ethnic box called “white hispanic” which previous to 3/6/12 had never existed.

      Finding yourself as a flea looking into the furnace of hate from the race-baiting industry, having a 10,000 bounty “dead or alive” placed on your head, watching the truckloads of New Black Panthers patrolling your community in search of you, and seeing your family literally chased from their homes (which were subsequently looted), does lend itself to a latitude of understanding.

      Gladys Zimmerman is 100% Hispanic. George was raised within a multi-cultural family, but with a large connection to the hispanic community.

      Was it an opportunistic decision based on self-preservation? Perhaps. But again, totally understandable given the desire to remain alive and unbrutalized in the face of OVERWHELMING HATRED….

    • James F says:

      What is your source for the claim “George ticked white for ethnicity on his driver license?”

      George Zimmerman has a white father and a Hispanic mother. He calls himself Hispanic on his driver’s license. He calls himself Hispanic on his voter registration card. He married a white woman.

    • yankeeintx says:

      Check out his college application forms that the prosecution “accidently” released. You will notice he listed himself as Hispanic, his myspace page, and his voter registration card…all forms filled out years prior to this incident and on all he self identifies as “Hispanic”. BTW: don’t know where you got your information because on his Florida Drivers’ License, he lists him self as Hispanic. The police officers are the ones who wrote “white” on their reports, maybe because his surname is Zimmerman and not Hispanic.

    • justfactsplz says:

      I know George mentored these children. Their mother wanted to come forward in the beginning to let people know that George is not racist. George asked her not to for her safety. George’s father is white and his mother is Peruvian. They are a multicultural family. George has friends of different races. How do I no this? I know George Zimmerman. As far as defense witnesses you will just have to wait and see who they are if this even gets to trial, which I seriously doubt. Using logic, facts, and evidence, anyone will come to the conclusion that George is innocent of murder. It was self defense. Period.

      • jello333 says:

        “Their mother wanted to come forward in the beginning to let people know that George is not racist. George asked her not to for her safety.”
        :( Now how sad is that?

        • justfactsplz says:

          I know, it is sad. George even going through what he was always had a concern for others safety. He was concerned for Omara, the Osterman family, and this mother. He did not want to risk any harm to this single mom, Her wanting to come forward and speak out shows how well George was thought about by those who were lucky enough to know him.

          • Sha says:

            justfactsplz: If I were George, I wouldn’t have let her or the children come forward . After all the hate aimed at him and his family that lady and her children would have had there lives destroyed just for speaking up for him. He know’s that and that’s his way of protecting them.

            • justfactsplz says:

              That is right. It shows what great character George has and what a good person he is.

              • jello333 says:

                When the “jail phone calls” were released, I started to listen to them. But then I stopped, because I began to feel guilty. It felt like I was eavesdropping on something that was none of my business, ya know? So the only part I really remember was a little part in the one about money transfers and stuff. And there was something in that one that, I think, gave a great insight into what a good person George is (and also Shellie). She was telling George the different things she was trying to get accomplished, not just re. the transfers, but just day-to-day stuff that she now had to do on her own. At one point she said something like, “Sorry, I forgot to do that, I’ll get to it tomorrow. I’m trying.” To which George said, “Oh no, don’t worry about it. You’re doing great. Really, you’re doing perfect, and I’m so proud of you.” And Shellie comes back with, “You’re so cute.” I just LOVED that little dialog. And as I said, considering the horrible mess they were going through, it gave a real peak into the window of those guys’ souls…. really good people.

                • justfactsplz says:

                  Even though I have followed this case so closely, I too did not listen to all of the jailhouse tapes. These were conversations between a husband and wife and family. Knowing them it made me very uncomfortable and broke my heart at the same time. That being said, the tapes do give a glimpse into what loving and caring people they both are. I remember at the time hearing of how nice the jail was and they let George talk all he wanted. I thought to myself, “Oh, no, be careful, this is a trap.” Sure enough.

                  • flaladybug says:

                    I tried to listen to the taped recordings when they first became available but it took only a few minutes before I felt embarrassed and somewhat uncomfortable. It felt like I was invading their privacy. However, there was something said by George that CONVINCED ME he in fact has a genuinely kind spirit. He and Shellie were discussing his personal clothing and he brought up the fact that another inmate was having his clothes washed and hadn’t gotten them back yet (something to that effect) and George commented that he felt bad for him and wished there was something he could do to help. With EVERYTHING he was going through, he was still concerned about helping someone he didn’t even know. All I could say was WOW……that is someone with a LOVING SOUL!!!

                  • justfactsplz says:

                    That’s George. Amazing, huh?

      • nameofthepen says:

        justfactsplz says: “…Their mother wanted to come forward…to let people know that George is not racist. George asked her not to for her safety.”

        Sh*t! I try to keep this at arm’s length emotionally, but that really impinges. :evil:

    • smoothcriminal says:

      all they have is their lies. the serino tape proves it “are you white or hispanic” asks serino…”hispanic” answers george. its just a fact that gz is not responsible for the officers incorrect report, and he prolly signed it not thinking that error mattered IF he even saw it

    • ZurichMike says:

      Hispanics are white by race, of Spanish-related origin by ethnicity. There is race that had some older designation but are now grouped as European (white); African (black); Asian (yellow); and Amerindian (red). There is ethnicity (Italian, Irish, Polish, Japanese, Brazilian). The two are not synonymous

    • Liberals USED to be the optimistic ones says:

      I find travonistas to be the most fact deficient people on the planet (You must also think skittles is not partf of the lean coctail)

    • Sha says:

      Judge Dredd: Why does his race have to matter at all ? Why can’t it be about what happened instead of the color of his skin.

    • Dredd, The problem with your side is that you want to know who these children are because you will treat them like Uncle Toms, and banish and ridicule them for merely being a part of GZ’s life. There are real, very real but GZ would never put them in the sights of your race-hating weaponry. He will take the accusations that you lob at him and never reveal the children because that is the person that he is. The children’s mother has visited GZ and understands the situation completely. If you had any respect for the safety of children in general you wouldn’t even ask about them.
      You are scum. PERIOD
      You are so blinded by the racist narrative you cannot even see beyond the forest. Have you ever thought you might be wrong about GZ, even once? He is twice the person than even one of his detractors.

      • aliashubbatch says:

        “He is twice the person than even one of his detractors.”

        My friend, you sell George too short. He is far greater than twice the person his detractors are. :)

    • John Galt says:

      “When asked his ethnicity on night of the shooting he said white as was noted on the arrest report. George signed of on this report”

      George wasn’t arrested on the night of the shooting.

    • nameofthepen says:

      Judge Dredd says: “Interesting but George ticked white for ethnicity on his driver licance…”

      Most gubmint forms don’t list “Hispanic” as a category, preferring to mush them in with “White”.

      I know the last census form was that way, as was the last driver’s license app I filled out.

      (BTW…when you see the wavy red line under a word you typed, that means you misspelled it. A simple right-click will give you a drop-down menu choice of correctly-spelled words, among which the one you are trying to use will probably exist. It’s called “spell check”! Most computers have it. Just sayin’…”

  5. flaladybug says:

    Mr. Julison….As a lifelong Floridian I would hope you have stepped back from the RACIAL FIRESTORM that you , as an active participant, helped create and TRY to understand the magnitude of the damage you have helped cause in this state and across the U.S. I am a mother of 4 sons and have myself been on the receiving end of some horrible threats all in the name of “JUSTICE FOR TRAYVON” while my children and I stood in horror. If you are truly just using your talent to “give the little man a voice”, and you meant no malice to come from your CREATIVE NARRATIVE, then maybe you should try to make amends by either testifying against those that approached you to create this FALSEHOOD….. or maybe since the facts show your story was A COMPLETE FABRICATION… put the same amount of time, energy, and resources getting out THE TRUTH!!! Prove that your intentions were and remain HONORABLE and give George Zimmerman the voice he cannot afford to use at this time. In the words of Spike Lee..”DO THE RIGHT THING”!!!!!

    • jordan2222 says:

      You want that, too?

    • justfactsplz says:

      Great post.

    • AghastInFL says:

      SD you should move this post to the top of the thread as a sticky…. the ladybug from Fl has defined this thread.
      I would add that I too was introduced to the TM story by way of a vicious verbal attack, thankfully the truth was easy to find… For those that choose to do so.

    • Sha says:

      flaladybug: As mom’s it’s hard enuff for us to teach and have to worry about making sure our children do the right thing , now we have to worry about them being punished for other’s doing the wrong thing that’s sad…..

      • Sha says:

        oops… Should have said enough not enuff. I hang around with to many teenagers …….

        • thefirstab says:

          Hi Sha!! Hahaha, as soon as I read “enuff”, that’s exactly what I thought… texting and teens! Oh yea, and thanks for encouraging overeating (ham sammie and peach cobbler) last Fri – LOL. I didn’t need any encouragement.

          • Sha says:

            thefirstab: Girl …. I had a break down. I ate way to much junk . Alot of stress lately lol ! I put all the left overs out and turned the teen’s loose…. WIPE OUT ! No more left overs ….no more eating junk for me he… he….

    • nameofthepen says:

      flaladybug says: “Mr. Julison… put the same amount of time, energy, and resources getting out THE TRUTH!!”

      Wow! An absolutely terrific posting, Ladybug! Just fabulous!

  6. justfactsplz says:

    Pride cometh before a fall. Proud as peacock Julison is of his “accomplishments”. There is no distancing himself from his liability. All of this proof will bring Julison and Crump down and George will easily win civil lawsuits against both of them.

  7. James F says:

    Mr Julison, did you, or someone working with you, investigate Trayvon Martin’s social media history on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Youtube and others?

    Did you, or someone working with you, save copies of Trayvon Martin’s social media history on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and others?

    Do you know when Crump and Jackson hired a private investigator or investigators?

    Did any investigator work with you?

    When did you first learn of ‘DeeDee?’

    Did the investigator who Jackson stated discovered DeeDee also obtain cell tower ping tracking information?

    Do you have Trayvon’s complete school records?

    • sundance says:

      Good questions. Thank you.

      More – More – More…..


    • kathyca says:

      ‘Did you, or someone working with you, save copies of Trayvon Martin’s social media history on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and others? ‘

      Yes, and alternatively whether he deliberately obliterated them to the extent possible or told someone else to do so, or knows who did it

    • James F says:

      Did you ever see any actual proof that Tracy Martin and Brandy Green were engaged, and are they still engaged?

      Was it your decision to emphasize Chad Green as a little brother/ step-brother?

      Were you aware that Tracy Martin was still married at the time?

      Why did the media later stop referring to Green as fiancé?

      Is Green pregnant with Tracy’s child?

      Why have Brandy Green and Chad never been seen or heard from again?

      Did you suggest that Jahvaris Fulton should change his name to Jahvaris Martin?

      Did you ever ask Tracy about his ‘cat’ neck tattoo and what if stood for?

      Did you suggest that Tracy should cover his ‘cat’ neck tattoo, first with praying hands, then with skin tone matching colored makeup?

    • Liberals USED to be the optimistic ones says:

      Is it true Deedee can talk to the grass?

      • Liberals USED to be the optimistic ones says:

        If trayvon was such a good kid, why the rush to erase his social media accounts? Why not save them for posteroity?

  8. akathesob says:

    Bottom line the young man TM was a known thug. He lived the thug life. He died as a result of his own actions. Mr Julison is a facilitator of lies rooted with evil intentions and he with the others involved will have to atone for their actions at some point. And Karma is a just law of life.

  9. recoverydotgod says:

    Did Mr. Julison listen to Mark O’Mara’s court presentation on Oct. 19th?

    Is it true Mr. Julison took the job for free? Why did Mr. Julison take the job for free after speaking to Tracy Martin?

    Here’s a link to the article Mr. O’Mara was quoting from in his Oct. 19th presentation:

    Trayvon Martin: Before the world heard the cries
    By Daniel Trotta
    SANFORD, Florida | Tue Apr 3, 2012 6:07pm EDT

    “Now Crump and Jackson needed a media strategy. On March 5, Jackson brought in Ryan Julison, a publicist who had worked with her on a number of high-profile cases. After speaking with Tracy Martin, Julison said he also took the job for free and went to work pitching the story to national media.”

    • recoverydotgod says:

      Here’s diwataman’s link to a portion of Mark O’Mara’s Oct. 19th presentation…along with added video/visual aids diwataman added [I think] for context.

    • stringplayer55 says:

      Your question regarding Julison donating his services demands further elaboration.

      Mr. Julison, what was compelling to you about the case of Trayvon Martin that you would offer your services without charge?

      Did you sell the story to media outlets? That does not necessarily mean did you take any fee when distributing the story to media outlets. It is meant more as what was the angle that you employed when “working with” ABC, CBC, CNN, NBC, and other media outlets in an effort to ensure coverage of the case? That said, did you ever receive any promise of current or future pay from any contacts made when distributing the Trayvon Martin narrative?

      OK, having started with some questions, I’m on a roll here. The questions below deviate from the topic of donating services.

      Since you have coordinated the Martin family communications with the media, how do you disassociate yourself from the media representation of race as an issue pervading the conflict between Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman?

      How did the narrative arise that George Zimmerman outweighed Trayvon Martin by 100 pounds? Did you do anything to correct that narrative? If so, when did you take actions to correct that narrative? With whom did you take these actions? When? If you did nothing to correct that narrative, why not?

      Similarly, how did it come to pass that outdated pictures of Trayvon Martin as a pre-adolescent became attached to the story in media accounts? Also, how did similarly outdated pictures of George Zimmerman become attached to media accounts? Did you or anyone working on your behalf distribute to the media any of these pictures?

      Did you ever see any false narratives portrayed in media accounts? What actions have you taken to ensure an accurate portrayal of the case? Did you ever intervene to correct any false narrative? With whom? When?

      Have media presentations of the conflict between Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman been fair and balanced? If yes, what is the basis for your assertion? If not, then who is responsible for the unfair and imbalanced reporting? Have you communicated to such parties any of your concerns about how the case has been reported? To whom did you express these concerns? When? What exactly was the substance of your concern?

  10. Lee says:

    Who lined your pockets to invent the little boy, walking home with his candy, only to be murdered by a vigilante racist story? Why did the media buy your version without verifying the facts? Why did you malign the police department – knowing an intense investigation was being conducted with full cooperation of Mr Zimmerman – but, without cooperation of Martin’s parents or their representatives? Are you comfortable knowing you ignited a fuse that exploded into multiple attacks against whites in the name of “Trayvon” – by playing a race card that NEVER existed?

  11. kathyca says:

    What, if any, investigation of the facts was done by Julison before he sold the narrative to the press? Who did he talk to? For how long? Was he told true facts that he decided to ignore? Which ones? Did he have any important questions that needed to be answered before he took the job? If so, what were they?

    What was the motivating factor to develop this “niche”? Was it purely financial? Was he looking for a new gig having lost the one he had previously? What other work, if any, has Julison done with the black community prior to the Pigford Settlements and Trayvon? Was it all for compensation or have racial issues and causes been in his heart and mind historically?

    And last, but certainly not least, does he feel any guilt whatsoever?

    Not sure if that’s the kind of questions you had in mind, but those are the ones I’d ask him if I had a chance to speak with him candidly…

  12. flaladybug says:

    Did you, at ANY TIME, personally confirm the information that was being supplied by Mr. Crump, Ms. Jackson, Trayvon’s family,etc.?? Did you KNOWINGLY supply media outlets with information you doubted or questioned it’s integrity in any way? Do you feel any responsibility or guilt for the irreparable harm you have brought the Zimmerman family and, if so, what, if anything, are you prepared to do to correct this injustice that has played out in the media narrative you created??

    • diwataman says:

      I like those questions. In the end Natalie Jackson, Benjamin Crump and Ryan Julison are nothing but mere snake oil salesmen. They have absolutely no compunction with hurting others to get what they want. They are psychopaths and as such will find no quarter or courtesy from me. Trayvon was killed because he was black, George Zimmerman was never going to be charged because Trayvon was black, that is essentially their sales pitch and the sad part is it’s an easy one to sell. That says more about the state of the nation then it does the facilitators themselves.

      In one way I am thankful to them. This case and what they have done with it has brought to light aspects of life I did not understand prior to going through all of this. One thing is, I knew the nation was filled with useful idiots but I didn’t know it was this bad, that is, the problem is much more severe than I had realized with the state of the nation. Another thing I learned is that white people, or non blacks if you will, need to learn how to defend themselves. In this case we saw George have an almost blissful naive faith in the system and asked others to not add fodder for the media. In this case we saw the officials involved repeat ad nauseam the typical line “currently being investigated”. Then in the end we saw surrender “give the masses what they want before they burn our house down”. All of those positions are detrimental when facing such a thing.

      This leaves one of the final things I’ve learned; the likes of Leatherman or my old friend Pyrrho from YouTube and the many who think as they do. The ones who actually believe what the likes of Ryan Julison and Benjamin Crump have done is a good thing. It’s funny because they are in almost one way not all that different from George. Let us not forget that George was a voice in the Sherman Ware case. He himself supported the very people that now speak out against him. Though Sherman Ware hasn’t, that I know of, his sister has, his lawyer Natalie Jackson has as with the masses. Ask yourself this, had that not been George who shot Trayvon Martin but someone similar in his place and all of this played out the same way; do you think George would be signing petitions and marching alongside those very same people in the demand for “justice for Trayvon”? I do. And do you think now after all that has happened to George he will ever bother again with such things? I doubt it. And that’s unfortunately what has to happen to the likes of Fred, Pyrrho, the psychos on twitter, the folks at Justice Quest, and all the little minions, it has to happen to them and their families in order for them to understand.

      But I’m afraid for some even that won’t matter because for them it will be different, they, they will say, are no George Zimmerman, or at least that’s what they’ll tell themselves.

      • nameofthepen says:

        diwataman says: “…had that not been George who shot Trayvon Martin…and all of this played out the same way; do you think George would be signing petitions and marching…for “justice for Trayvon”? I do. And do you think now…he will ever bother again with such things? I doubt it”

        D-man, I’m humbled by the opportunity to have run across you. That was so powerful, and so piercing straight to the heart of Julison’s crimes.

        He’s just another nation-wrecker in sheep’s clothing.

  13. lovemygirl says:

    Mr. Julison, is selling your soul worth the money you make?

  14. yankeeintx says:

    Do you feel foolish for falling for Nat’s and Crumps story? When information starting coming out about Trayvon and the facts in the case, why didn’t you just bow out? What does Crump know that kept you working for him?

  15. recoverydotgod says:

    What was the “Million Hoodie March” pitch about, if not race?

    Martin family spokesman tells how a local story became a national outrage
    Virgil Dickson
    April 17, 2012

  16. kathyca says:

    oh my, I just noticed that the e-mail from Julison is from TODAY. I just assumed it was the old e-mail. So I’ll add, why are you reading here? Why so suddenly concerned with “truth” (not that what he’s said is true) and why only as it pertains to him? For the record, those are rhetorical questions from my perspective.

  17. hooson1st says:

    This was and is a tragedy, a young adult died in the midst of a tragic confrontation.

    I commend Julison for recontacting CTH. If, in fact, his written advice to the Crump team et al are devoid of racial inferences, that is a factor that deserves to be given credit.

    I would like to know from Julison, given everything he knows now, does he think that Zimmerman is the “little guy” who needs the help of media savvy people, in view of the veritable onslaught of influential race-focused personages arrayed against GZ, and not to mention the President of the United States weighing in.

  18. disgustedwithjulison says:

    For Mr. Julison:

    Which media outlets did you arrange “Exclusives” with?

    Which of your stories were “Exclusives”?

    Who was leaking information to the Orlando Sentinal – You, Crump, or someone else?

    Virtually ALL stories you bragged about on your facebook page played up the racist narrative (black kid in footy pajamas murdered in cold blood by white guy who loved guns and thought he was a cop)….what were your follow up actions with each and every one of those media outlets to emphasize that there was not a race element here? Did you ever correct the media regarding their wrongful portrayal of George Zimmerman (both from his ethnicity and his apparent passivity)?

    Who pushed the racist angle? You? Crump? or someone else (and be specific who)?

    Do you have any apologies to the families of white people who have been attacked and severely injured as a result of the narrative you either created or failed to stop….and the resulting barrage of ‘whitey attacks’, ‘knockout games’, and other violence against whites as a result of a narrative that you either promoted, or failed to clarify.

    I could develop a longer list, but Mr. Julison, your actions – either directly or indirectly (as the person who was controlling the messaging as part of your business….you should have put serious brakes on the racist angle….you didn’t and a lot of people have suffered). While I realize that you are probably an asset-less media schmuck, I hope you are one of the first parties named in George Zimmerman’s civil suit.

    • justfactsplz says:

      Amen to that.

    • cajunkelly says:

      Ahhh you beat me to *my* question. Glad I kept reading before posting mine.

      “Do you have any apologies to the families of white people who have been attacked and severely injured as a result of the narrative you either created or failed to stop….and the resulting barrage of ‘whitey attacks’, ‘knockout games’, and other violence against whites as a result of a narrative that you either promoted, or failed to clarify.”

      I would add; Much more than apologies, do you feel that you bear any responsibility for these vicious attacks, given that *you*, julison, pushed the race narrative and *you* stirred the pot of racial hatred.

      People were viciously attacked, I would argue, directly due to *your* decision to promote the “cute little black boy who just wanted some skittles and “ice tea” (watermelon juice)”, vs the “huge vindictive, armed, cop wannabe WHITE man who profiled and murdered said cute little black boy armed only with a bag of skittes” narrative.

      I’d also ask you how involved you were in the production of the “molested cousin”. Tell the truth.

      It’s time to fish or cut bait, julison.

      Oh, one last question;
      How responsible do you feel re the damage done to race relations, not only in Florida, but across this nation, all the way to the White House?

      • nameofthepen says:

        cajunkelly says: “I’d also ask you how involved you were in the production of the ‘molested cousin’.”

        Yessss!!! +1 for you, Cajun.

  19. ctdar says:

    Mr Julison:
    Do you believe someone is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law?

  20. When you took the job did you expect the narrative of a small skittle loving child to take hold as strongly as it did and persist as long as it has?

    Did you expect there to be so hate and violence around the country as a result of the narrative?

    Did you have a plan to settle things down if they got out of control? If so, have you tried to enact such a plan?

    How long did you expect you would have to keep the narrative going to accomplish the goals?

    What, exactly, were the goals? Short term and long.

    What do you believe the biggest miscalculation, if any, you made was?

  21. Mr Julison: I’d previously read that Ben Crump, Natalie Jackson & yourself conjured the fabricated narrative of the racist white supremacist that hunted down & murdered the little Black boy that was skipping home from the store with Skittles & Iced Tea. What motivated you to take on the responsibility of conjuring & furthering the Scheme Team’s false narrative? The times that you posted to social media about working with Matt Guttman, I had the impression that your ego was very much over inflated as though you perceived rubbing elbows with “real” media journalists was a great honor or something along that line of thought. So uhm; Are you an egomaniac that gets off on from being in the presence of those you obviously admire or did you merely sell the false racism narrative to the MSM hoping the public exposure would generate a ton of publicity for your growing business? Here’s a wasted question; Do you feel personally responsible that the false racist accusations against George Zimmerman ignited a firestorm of violence that’s responsible for an unknown number of innocent victims of Black on White hate crimes? Do you believe those innocent victims of Black on White hate crimes, for which I believe you’re greatly responsible for instigating the circumstances, are entitled to file a class action lawsuit against the Scheme Team including yourself? When the case against George Zimmerman is dismissed at the immunity hearing or George is found not guilty at trial, How much do you think the civil lawsuit filed against yourself will be awarded by a jury? My guess is that your on the hook for 2.5 million to the Zimmerman Family. Also: Do you think any respectable attorney or firm will hire your services after your name & reputation has been dragged through the mud & your name becomes a household term for a callous, indifferent, destructive egomaniac that volunteers his services just to be in the spotlight of public attention? Lastly: Unless you’re a complete narcissistic sociopath, how in the Hell can you sleep & how do you live with yourself knowing what you’ve greatly helped perpetrate against not merely the Zimmerman family but against the brotherhood of Americans? Mr Julison; I hope to see you sued into eternal poverty & incarcerated within a federal penitentiary for instigating hate against a Race of Americans.

    • cajunkelly says:

      +16 trillion
      Again, you covered the core of my question.

      I do not for a second believe julison has done this non gratis.

      Would you swear under oath that you have not financially benefitted, *directly* from your…ahem…services re this case?

    • “When the case against George Zimmerman is dismissed at the immunity hearing or George is found not guilty at trial, How much do you think the civil lawsuit filed against yourself will be awarded by a jury?”
      The race-baiters of the world, (see: Julison) use these opportunities to advance themselves on the backs of those that lay down and take the beating. They advance their own fortunes by using White Guilt and the likelihood of non-blacks being afraid to confront the racist narrative that is often painted of ourselves. Usually there are little to no consequences for these actions. Sometimes, like Nifong, some might fall but there are plenty lined up to play the next game. There is money in doing this or they wouldn’t do it. BIG MONEY.
      This is why I am going to make it my life’s work to make sure that these people are hurt financially, but more importantly, shamed publicly for their actions in this. There are many cases wherein it is suitable to accept settlements and walk away but the settlements are not a big enough lesson to keep them from ruining the next GZ. It will be a long lonely walk down the courtroom aisle for the Julisons of the world because their cohorts will not be present to render aid to them. They will scurry from the bright lights of justice……….until it is their turn

      • stringplayer55 says:

        “The race-baiters of the world, (see: Julison) use these opportunities to advance themselves on the backs of those that lay down and take the beating. They advance their own fortunes by using White Guilt and the likelihood of non-blacks being afraid to confront the racist narrative that is often painted of ourselves.”

        The irony is that that by playing the race card when it is not appropriate, these race-baiters serve to perpetuate racial conflict! Certainly, historically racism has been prevalent in American social systems. And yes, I would concede that there are instances of racism (white on black) observable today. But just as there are instances of white on black racism that can be found even now, there is no dearth of black on white racism today. The race-baiters would ignore or deem such actions as justifiable given a historic perspective. They have no allegiance to Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech where MLK states “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.

        No, the race-baiters demand attention to the color of one’s skin. Further, one and only one skin color is lifted as worthy of any attention. It can be a hate crime when there is white on black racism, but, by definition, it cannot be a hate crime when there is black on white racism, no matter the circumstance. It is the “White Guilt” thing that institutionalizes white on black racism as forming the basis for hate crime legislation while denying that black on white racism has any potential for hate crime status.

        • jordan2222 says:

          I hear what you are saying.

          Just as all whites are not the same, so is the same for blacks. The old saying “A few bad apples spoil the whole bunch” certainly applies here.

          I recently made a post about my youngest daughter’s experience in Haiti and the Dominican while there doing missionary work. I posted what she said when she returned.

          It affected me profoundly because as a practicing Christian, she has previously had no bias or prejudice toward any race. Some of her best friends are black and the same is true of my older 34 year old daughter.

          Angel responded and I guess I upset her but I had made the post in haste and think she may have misunderstood or I did not make my complete position.

          So if you are reading this, Angel, I am sorry if I offended you and truly meant no harm. Many of us here know that you are black and greatly respect your posts. Yes, there is also white trash who live in trailer park filth so no one has a monopoly on living like that.

          The REAL issue, I think, is that the race whores perpetuate racial division but also set back whatever progress has been made in improving race relations among those who have CHANGED over the years.

          I know that to be true, as some of my friends have radically changed their views as a result of George’s case. The net result is that a lot of folks now publicly make comments that they would have never made before this case.

          The current president is incapable of concealing his true feelings about race so, in a sense, he unwittingly gives his stamp of approval to guys like Jackson and Sharpton.

          Holder too may try to hide his thoughts but his thinking came through loudly when he took absolutely NO action against the new black panthers, who openly flaunted the law, even going so far as to say, “white man’s laws” did not apply to them. Guess what? They were obviously correct so imagine what whitey thinks now about blacks. To make matters worse, this also influences many blacks to continue to hate the white man.

          It “justifies” their receiving favorable treatment and undeserved benefits. They continue to hold the white man responsible for what happened long before I was seven born. Why am I still paying for that? Can I ever get out of debt?

          Why can’t I park my car in the middle of a black ghetto, day or night, and feel safe?

          Angel, the best I can do is to make a public apology since we cannot send each other private messages.

          Forgive my rambling.

          • stringplayer55 says:


            I am sorry for the pain you and Angel are going through right now. I pray that you and she will find peace and joy and forgiveness.

            God was made incarnate, a miracle of his grace for all mankind. Surely, he has a miracle of grace for you and your daughter. I hope that miracle of His grace occurs for you sooner rather than later.

        • jello333 says:

          A whole lot of disgusting comparisons have been made in this case. Here, lemme correct a few:

          The circumstances surrounding Trayvon Martin’s death are NOT EVEN REMOTELY comparable to what happened to Emmitt Till!

          Sybrina Fulton is NOT the “new Rosa Parks”… not in experience, not in character, not even close… period!

          And Al Sharpton, Ben Crump, and their ilk are not even in the same universe as Martin Luther King where civil rights are concerned!

          Anyone who tries to make a positive comparison between these various people is doing great HARM to race relations.

      • Nicely stated, big thumbs up + 1,000,000

  22. James F says:

    Concerning the CNN article “Protesters declare ‘I am Trayvon Martin,’ but who was he?”

    Did Tracy Martin confirm Horton’s statement that Trayvon begged to go to the store? Do you know what time it was when Trayvon did this begging?

    Isn’t it true that Tracy never came back to Green’s townhouse at all that Sunday until 10:30 at night, he did not just step out to go to dinner and a game?

    Wasn’t Trayon left unsupervised most of the time during his stay in Sanford, especially that Saturday night and all day Sunday? Doesn’t that contradict the claim that “He wasn’t just suspended from school and up at Sanford kicking it and having a good time?”

    In another interview, Chad Green stated Trayvon went to the store to get “something to snack on.” Why didn’t Trayvon buy himself a snack?

    When did you find out Trayvon never bought iced tea, but actually bought Watermelon Juice Cocktail, which contains absolutely no tea at all? Did you just ignore this fact to preserve the iconic image of Trayvon with iced tea and skittles that you created?

    During the 10-day suspension, Tracy Martin took his son with him to Sanford, about four hours away from Miami, while he visited his fiancée because neither he nor Fulton wanted their son to stay in his hometown where he could enjoy his friends, said Horton, who has been in close contact with Martin’s father.

    “He wasn’t just suspended from school and up at Sanford kicking it and having a good time,” said Horton. Martin had only been to Sanford a handful of times.His fateful walk to the convenience store for a bag of Skittles and an iced tea on the evening of February 26 happened only because the teenager pleaded to leave the apartment, said Horton.

    “The only reason he got a chance to go to the store is because he begged his dad to go,” he said. At the time, his father and his fiancée had gone out to dinner and to watch a basketball game, leaving Martin at the townhouse, according to Martin family spokesman Ryan Julison.

  23. Cyrano says:

    Did you honestly believe the members of the Sanford Police Dept colluded with each other, as well as the State’s Attorney, and the fire dept in order to protect George Zimmerman? If so, do you still believe it? If not, how could you associate yourself with those who made those accusations?

  24. Hugh Stone says:

    Just a few here:

    When julison first found out about deedee.
    Was he in the room during her interviews?
    Has he ever met her face to face?
    Did he know Tracy Martin was not cooperating with the police?
    Did he have access to all the evidence?
    Does he know that he set race relations back about 40 yrs?
    Does he still represent the family?
    Does he stalk this website often?
    Is he worried about potential lawsuits?
    Will he make this mistake again, knowing the power of the internet?
    Does he feel bad that he made honest man out to be a racist?
    Did he invent the term “white-hispanic”? If not him, who did?
    Does he believe GZ story of being attacked?
    What was in it for him if not money?

    • justfactsplz says:

      Great post and questions. Kudos to you sir.

    • nameofthepen says:

      Hugh Stone says:

      When julison first found out about deedee.
      Was he in the room during her interviews?
      Has he ever met her face to face?
      Did he know Tracy Martin was not cooperating with the police?
      Did he have access to all the evidence?

      Nice one!

      Especially the “DeeDee” part. I’m going to post a bit more about that part, as soon as I finish reading what’s already posted. :)

  25. maggiemoowho says:

    I would ask, why he feels George Zimmerman life is dispensable.

  26. skeptiktank says:

    Crump has stated publicly on several occasions that George Zimmerman hunted Travon Martin down and shot him “In Cold Blood.” Do you agree with that assessment? If not, how could you help promote such a statement with a clear conscience?

  27. James F says:

    Mr. Julison, what do you make of Martin’s and Green’s statements that indicate Trayvon made it home before heading back to confront Zimmerman?

    Here is Tracy Martin explaining Trayvon’s route. He says Trayvon “did come in that back gate and I knew he was going to the back of the house…HE WAS SITTING OUT THERE.”

    Tracy again states “he was sitting out in the back” during a different interview @1:43.

    This seems to confirm Brandy Greens statement that “he was sitting out on the porch.”

    Did they find something belonging to Trayvon or did someone tell them they saw Trayvon there? Who could have informed them that Trayvon was on the porch just before the confrontation?

    • stringplayer55 says:

      Excellent angle. It begs the questions:

      If Tracy Martin is to be believed, then why has the narrative been that George Zimmerman stalked Trayvon instead of the narrative that Trayvon stalked George Zimmerman? Who is responsible for spinning the story as Trayvon Martin was stalked by George Zimmerman? Did you insert into media presentations that Trayvon was stalked by Mr. Zimmerman? Did you know at the time of your presentations to the media that Tracy Green asserted that Trayvon had made it onto the back porch before the fatal conflict occurred?

  28. Hugh Stone says:

    What was julison doing at Mary and Selmas conference? Did he “coordinate” with the witnesses?
    Does he represent any witnesses?
    If he had it to do over, the narrative, would he change anything?
    How many press conferences did he coordinate?
    Was the nbpp ever around when he was with crump and co?
    If so did the nbpp have any input?
    Who sent out the photoshop picture of GZ, where red was turned to orange,that looked like a mugshot?
    How much input did al sharpton have?

  29. jordan2222 says:

    My questions for Julison:

    What is your current involvement in this case?

    Were you ever promised future compensation?

    Since you did not get paid but were still able to arrange for articles to be published that were “unfavorable” to George, do you have any intentions of arranging for articles to be published (as you did for Jackson) that contradict the false narrative that was created?

    Have you had any contact with the defense or state? If so, what was the substance of those contacts?

    When is the last time you spoke with Crump and/or any members of his team? If so, what was the substance of the contact

    Did you ever speak with any LE officers in the SPD? If so, when and what was the substance?

    Have you ever talked with Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton or Jessse Jackson.? If so, what were those conversations all about?

    Sundance, what is your deadline for questions?

  30. justfactsplz says:

    Mr. Julison the racial hatred that you instigated have caused the whole Zimmerman family to go into hiding. Even their friends have had threats. An innocent elderly couple had to leave their home due to threats when their address was mistakenly published to belong to the Zimmermns. Mr. Julison was everything you did worth it and if you could go back in time would you do it again?

  31. smoothcriminal says:

    “I was just looking at your site” doubtful. maybe more like he clicked the link to that OLD treehouse post, when I posted it on in a post titled “an oldie but a goody, the time julison failed on the treehouse”.
    the reason I say this, is it is not likely that one day julison goes to and magically happens upon that OLD post of all the posts made since then. the only alternative is if he came here and searched his name since him scrubbing is the 6th post down. this leads to more questions: everywhere I go, the trayvonites try to minimize the info on this page, yet julison is overly concerned with the info here to go as far as to contact SD and ask for him to “correct” it….and if its “the treehouse lol” and “the racist treehouse” and “they make stuff up, its just opinions” why is he so concerned?

  32. jordan2222 says:

    “Once you have reviewed both of these items, I would appreciate you correcting the this on your site. – Ryan Julison”

    Wonder when sundance will comply with his request?

    • justfactsplz says:

      You do realize Sundance does not have to comply with anyone’s request don’t you? Has Leatherman corrected anything on his site? Everything here is factual and truthful. That is why this man protests so much, because it is the truth and exposes his deeds for all to see.

    • sundance says:

      How can I correct something that was, and is, truthful when it was written. Just because Julison made changes after to reflect and create a different optic does not stop the original article from being factual. It would be intellectually dishonest to “correct” something like that.

    • myopiafree says:

      I wonder if Ryan Julison – will correct the FALSE STATEMENT on HIS SITE?? Will he comply with OUR request that he do that?

  33. recoverydotgod says:

    Did you become acquainted with or come to know of George Zimmerman during the course of your work on the Sherman Ware case?

    • thefirstab says:

      Recovery – I have been wondering the same… we DO know that natjack knew of GZ, which is his “source” for this event. My question would be, as someone professionally involved with the media did he not do any fact-checkingto confirm details? It is apparent that he did not.

  34. eastern2western says:

    Why did Julison made a decision to erase all of trayvon martin’s social media presence after he accepted the case?

    • nameofthepen says:

      eastern2western says: “Why did Julison made a decision to erase all of trayvon martin’s social media presence after he accepted the case?”


  35. xballer52 says:

    Good luck getting him to answer any of these questions honestly. It’s very predictable what you are going to get from him. He’s going to say that he was hired by the family or their attorney’s to arrange interviews with the family and Crump, and that he did NOT ever personally push a narrative and indicate to members of the media how they should present the story. He will say that he was merely a conduit for the Martin family, their attorney’s and the media.

    He will not admit to doing anything wrong. He will not admit to selling a racial narrative. He will not admit to being paid or to any arrangement for him to be paid from future settlements.

    I know his type. He is a liberal elitist, who has found a market in victimology, and who thinks he is doing the a great service to this country by ensuring social justice for generations of victims who have been oppressed by “The Man”.

    Good luck getting any HONEST answers from this guy. All you will get ar partial truths and plausible deniablities. He will hide behind media priveledge.

    • smoothcriminal says:


    • sundance says:

      Perhaps. But then again, perhaps not. Not if he’s staring me in the eye he won’t.

      • xballer52 says:

        I hope you’re right!!! Unless he’s all of a sudden developed a concious, I just don’t see it happening.

      • jello333 says:

        Dude, if he allows you enough time to ask all the questions that have been posted here, you better have a whole day set aside. I’m just amazed at how many great questions people are putting out there. Actually no… “amazed” isn’t the right word, because the intelligence and thought put into these questions is pretty much to be expected from everyone here. Quite the contrast to how this site is portrayed by those at other sites, huh?

      • justfactsplz says:

        Wolverines! Look them straight in the eye always.

      • rumpole2 says:

        Any chance of the interview being recorded?
        Video would be nice.. audio will do.

        • nameofthepen says:

          rumpole2 says: “Any chance of the interview being recorded?
          Dang, Rumpole! That was gonna be MY question.

          “Video would be nice.. audio will do.”
          No! Video only. With one of those timer things showing. And an outro at the end, before the camera gets turned off, saying how long the interview was.

          Less chance of crying “falsified” later.

          Also, how about Mr. Julison authorizes it, ON THE VIDEO, to be published on YouTube? :twisted:

    • John Galt says:

      “Good luck getting any HONEST answers from this guy.”

      Judge Nelson didn’t want to waste her time listening to Crump when he wasn’t under oath. I think that’s a wise course.

      • Arkindole says:

        Exactly. I would bet Julison lawyer’d up waaaay back. The interview will never happen. He’s just playing CTH as chumps–that’s his/their game.

        • Sharon says:

          Mr. Julison may have a variety of motives driving his communication with Sundance, but Treepers asking questions about his activities and choices over the past several months does not make them chumps.

          • stringplayer55 says:

            I agree. Julison should be careful when he answers these questions because when George is finally absolved and there are a whole bunch of civil suits naming Crump, NatJack, and others including Ryan Julison himself, then his answers here could come back to bite. If he ever has to modify his answers, then he opens himself to further questions about reasons for his changed response.

          • Arkindole says:

            On no, no, no–I didn’t mean that at all Sharon..there is an unbelievable amount of research going here–I can’t even keep all these facts on the TM case in my head. I’ve sat waaaay back and read CTH for months and months because this is the only source. That is THEIR game–looking for “chumps”. That’s how they view the other world. “That’s his/their game” . They use/view that as an advantage.

            • Sharon says:

              Thank you and no problem at all….I understand completely, and I guess was just pushing the clarification for the sake of new readers. ;) I can’t keep all the facts straight either, which is why I seldom post on the GZ daily thread. They released new info on amazing discoveries about Einstein’s brain the other day–what do you think we’d find if we could look at some of the brains here? Good grief, these people amaze…SD, CathyCa, Jello333, rumpole, Jordan2222 and so many. (I feel like I am at the Oscars trying to make an acceptance speech–you know the minute you start naming names, you leave out some importants ones…)….just know, you researchers, that you are amazing on an individual level–and at a group level, you’re deadly (in the very best way :) ) .

              • Arkindole says:

                You bet; ditto. Great thinkers here.
                Additional convolutions (novel ones) mean more surface area-more neurons. Hmmmm…the treehouse gyrus?…:-) “Scotty; quick; MRI’s for everyone–ACA pays!”

      • stringplayer55 says:

        I do believe you are correct. The place for these questions is really in front of a court where testimony is sworn to. I don’t expect forthright answers from anyone in the Team Martin camp unless they are directly confronted with the consequences of a perjury charge. Even then, I am not certain that forthright answers would be offered. Rather, answers that mitigate personal involvement are most likely to be provided.

      • Sharon says:

        Regardless of the outcome of Mr. Julison’s (declared) willingness to communicate, though, isn’t this one of those situations where the process itself ends up shedding light on the players?

  36. Cupcake says:

    The March 13th post “Worked with Matt Gutman at ABC News yesterday” currrently on Julison Communications facebook page has no comments, but on Sundance’s screenshot above it has 1 comment.

    The March 21 post “NY Times editorial about Trayvon Martin. Doesn’t get much bigger than that.” currently on his facebook page is dated March 22 on the screenshot.


    • sundance says:

      The answer is (for those who were not arround then) – THE TRUTH – He scrubbed them then someone pointed it out. He claimed Facebook did it to him somehow…. after we laughed at him for a few weeks, he then posted that he solved the mystery and had accidentally done it himself and reposted them…. Yeah, that was the story at the time.

      We wondered how odd it was that only the ones we outlined had disappeared. The posts before, ahead, and inbetween those we captured were unaffected by the mysterious facebook “glitch”…. whatever. Silly actually.

      Oh yeah, and it was an accident that he “decided to change” his website 3 days after we posted about it…. more glitchy stuff I guess. Uh huh.

    • sundance says:

      Also, not all of them were deleted – only the ones I specifically outline as “this article now deleted” were removed. The others, the less damaging ones, still remained.

      I was careful in May to only identify the missing ones as “now deleted” and that is reflected in the repost of this above which is merely a copy of that original post.

      His protestations to the contrary are silly.

      • nameofthepen says:

        sundance says: “His protestations to the contrary are silly.”

        At Julison Communications…

        we have developed communications strategies for a wide-range of crisis situations…

        I guess not including this one, though. :lol:

  37. LittleLaughter says:

    Mr. Julison, Surely you read the initial police reports. When was that? As you read them, you saw where his injuries were noted; why then did you indulge the false narrative that he had no injuries? Further, you must have seen the eyewitness statements- the ones that said it was Mr. Zimmerman crying out for help and not Mr. Martin. The ones that stated it was clearly Mr. Martin on top of Mr. Zimmerman, punching him. Why then did you continue with the fabrication that Mr. Zimmerman attacked a “child” and murdered him? Do you understand why you now have no credibility?

    • Cupcake says:

      I would love to hear his answer regarding reading the initial police report!! I would also love to hear the answer to that same question from Crump, Natalie, Gutman, Tracy, Sabrina, left-wing media commentators, Sharpton, Jamie Foxx, etc, etc etc…pretty much anyone who publicly accused George of cold blooded murder in those early days.

  38. LittleLaughter says:

    DOES YOUR CREDIBILITY MEAN ANYTHING TO YOU? Is that why you are trying so hard to now hide your involvement in the race baiting false narrative that you once tried so hard to push on the nation, but has now been shown to be ripe with lies and fabrications?

  39. kathyca says:

    I’m on Julison’s fb page and the missing posts are there now…sorta. Go to the right side under the “create page” button and look at 2012.

  40. Sharon says:

    It’s interesting to observe the existential difficulties of someone accustomed to lying when they decide to tangle with someone accustomed to truthing.

    On one hand, it ain’t pretty; but OTOH, it’s absolutely beautiful. Hard to look away.

    Spock would say, “Fascinating.”

    • jello333 says:

      I hope we’re getting a lot of lurker eyeballs today. They just might be learning something… more than on just some random day here, I mean.

      • rumpole2 says:

        They see EVERY word posted here. They scurry back to their nest and chatter about it.
        They are too stupid to understand it though.

      • rumpole2 says:

        They are in denial about the real facts. Anybody who tried to post truth about Trayvon was banned. They think Crump is just a lawyer in search of Objectib ebidence” lol
        They don’t know who Julison is. :)

        • jello333 says:

          Heh, I hadn’t considered that… that they may not even know about Julison. Seems hard to believe for people who have “studied” the case, as they claim to have done, but maybe so. I looked a bit at Leatherman’s place, and so far only a couple of them seem to have figured out what’s up with Julison. I don’t think they believe it (re. the interview).

          • rumpole2 says:

            No mention of Julison ever at JQ (As far as I recall) and reports are: nothing today for sure.
            They are still confused about the phone evidence. They clearly KNOW there may well be evidence of Trayvon not being an angel.. so they don’t want that released.. but since they are so stupid the actually think DD is a great witness lol
            They do want any phone evidence that confirms the DD call

            • jello333 says:

              Saw a tweet by one of them a couple days ago. Made my jaw drop even more than usual when dealing with them. Something like, “Quit worrying about the phone O’Mara. The prosecution said they can’t get any info off it, so you don’t need it either.”

          • jordan2222 says:

            Lots of folks at HuffPo do not know who he is.

          • rumpole2 says:

            They really do not know who Julison is.
            The members are mostly poorly informed. What information they see is just what is posted on their own threads, and since there was a policy decreed that a lot of information was VERBOTEN.. they are totally unaware of it.
            The dominant alpha cretins like LIMPapa, dish up puerile photshopping and video mashes as a sort of gruel for the members to feed on.. and they lap that up.. but the poor swine don’t get to even see a lot of pearls. By the time our pearls of wisdom get there, they are already corrupted.
            Once they banned and/or drove away their few sensible posters, and then hid themselves away, they lost touch with reality almost totally.

    • arkansasmimi says:

      :) ITA

  41. arkansasmimi says:

    I am just curious why it is NOW Julison decides he will agree give SD an interview? Timing is everything to folks like Julison, hmmm GREAT JOB SD! I wonder if he would be truthful about the list that CHUMP was suppose to turn over about the DD phone call interview?

    • James F says:

      I was thinking that this might be Julison’s version of what O’Mara was trying to do when he ‘invited public scrutiny.’ Maybe Julison is expecting to be on the “hot seat” soon and wants to be prepared.

      All this week we’ll be preparing to defend ourselves against the State’s renewed motion for a Gag Order. We’re confident that everything we’ve posted, and everything we’ve said publicly is proper and well within our rights, but we know that on Friday, the State is likely to find the most questionable thing Mark’s said and present it to the Court. I’d like to ask if you and other supporters could help us scour the web and, strange as it may sound, send us links to the most potentially questionable statements we have made during this process. Again, we’re confident ALL our statements are easily defendable, we just want to know what we’re likely to have thrown back at us.

      • arkansasmimi says:

        James F, I was thinking about the same thing, since all these questions are posted for all to see :) LoL that means he really has some thinking to do, scurring around like cockroaches when the light comes on…

      • nameofthepen says:

        James F says: “…this might be Julison’s version of what O’Mara was trying to do when he ‘invited public scrutiny.’”

        Thumbs up, James! That thought crossed my mind, too.

    • John Galt says:

      “I am just curious why it is NOW Julison decides he will agree give SD an interview?”

      Perhaps he thinks he can restore his internet reputation with more BS. The top two Google hits for “Ryan Julison” are CTH pages. Sucks to be Ryan Julison attempting to market a PR business when his own PR is crap.

  42. LetJusticePrevail says:

    Mr Julison,

    You obviously played a large role in the coordination of the press releases, press conferences, and media interviews about this case. As such, it seems entirely reasonable that you were kept informed by the family members and their attorneys as to developments in the investigation, and the content of what they planned to discuss during these same press conferences and interviews. That being said, I pose just a few of the many questions I would like to see answered.

    First, can you explain why (during his press conference on March 20th) Ben Crump said that the witness dubbed DeeDee (who was purported to be on the phone with Trayvon during the beginning of the interchange with George Zimmerman) was discovered by Tracy Martin on March 18th when Tracy checked his phone records, but when Natalie Jackson appeared on Democracy Now on March 30th, she claimed that the family attorneys had hired a detective who discovered DeeDee’s identity through phone records? Which is correct?

    Also, can you explain why Tracy Martin waited until March 18th to make this startling discovery, even though he was fully aware that the SPD was trying to access the phone records as early as March 5th? Were you personally aware that Tracy had refused to provide his PIN to the SPD, even though this would have allowed them to determine if Trayvon had been on the phone at the time of the shooting?

    On this same subject, can you explain why the people who employed you to represent their cause to the media were publicly criticizing the SPD for not accessing the phone records earlier while they, themselves, were in fact delaying the SPD’s efforts to do that very thing?

    And one last question on a vaguely related vein. Do you, or the Martin Family Attorneys, feel any culpability for the ending of SPD Chief Bill Lee’s career, or have concerns about any civil liability suit which may be filed by him for the loss of his position with the SPD?

  43. cajunkelly says:

    julison just got served up a heap big plate. :)

    Belly up to the table julison, let’s see what you choose to ingest and what you reject and push aside.


  44. Knuckledraggingwino says:

    Mr Jullison:

    Were you aware of the irrefutable fact that Trayvon Martin’s carcass along with all other physical evidence near the top of the “Tee” when you were peddling your narrative?

    Did you consider the logical conclusion that the close proximity of Trayvon Martin’s carcass and other physical evidence in such close proximity to George Zimmerman’s “truck” relative to Brandy Green’s townhouse combined with the taped conversation with the NEN operator that establish a timeline for events is an irrefutable rebuttal to your narrative that Zimmermann pursued and confronted Martin?

    Were you aware of the physical evidence obtained by the autopsy of Trayvon Martin that conclusively proves that Mr Zimmerman did not physically assault Mr Martin that is further proof that refutes your narrative that Mr Zimmerman profiled, pursued and confronted MrMartin?

    Were you aware of the injuries that Mr Zimmermann suffered which combined with bruises found on Mr Martin’s hands and Mr Zimmerman’s blood DNA found on Mr Martin’s clothing that conclusively proove that Mr Martin had assaulted and severely injured Mr Zimmerman which gave Mr Zimmerman good cause to believe that he was about to suffer death or great bodily harm?

    Skulls and egg shells share the same, basic, structural shape which makes them extremely resistant to distributed compressive forces but extremely prone to failure when compressive force is applied to a small area. This fact combined with the extremely large, peak forces that result from an impact with an unyielding surface is why it is so easy to break an egg shell by tapping it against the edge of a frying pan. Do you realize that by slamming Mr Zimmerman’s head against the sidewalk during this prolonged and unrelenting assault, Mr Martin was exerting extremely large, peak impact forces on Mr Zimmerman’s skull which could easilynyave resulted in a severe fracture or shattering?

    Did you consider the irrefutable fact that because the concrete sidewalk is an unyielding surface and the back of Mr Zimmerman’s head has no crush depth as his face does, the peak accelerations exerted on Mr Ximmerman’s brain during each impact with the sidewalk were an order of magnitude greater than the accelerations exerted on his brain when Mr Martin punched him in the face?

    Did you consider the probability that these accelerations exerted on Mr Zimmerman’s brain which likely exceeded 100 gees, likely caused internal injuries including concussions and tearing of his brain stem that remain undocumented only because Mr Zimmerman declined to go to the emergency room where Doctors would have ordered a CAT scan and MRI?

    You have been instrumental in publicizing the key premis of the case against Mr Zimmerman that Mr Martin’s initiating the physical confrontation by punching Mr Zimmerman in the face, breaking his nose, then continuing that assault by holding him down so that he could continuously punch and slam Mr Zimmerman’s head against the concrete sidewalk was not a potentially lethal assault that justified Mr Zimmerman using deadly force to defend himself. Now that I have explained the basic physics of Mr Martin’s vicious, prolonged and unrelenting assault against Mr Zimmermann to you, would you be willing to participate in an experiment to test this hypothesis by allowing me to reenact Mr Martin’s assault against Mr Zimmerman using your skull as a test subject?

    If you are unwilling to participate in such an experiment, why not?

    Do you feel threatened by my invitation to articulate in an experiment to reenact Mr Martin’s assault against Mr Zimmerman using your skull as a test subject?

    Do you feel threatened because you realize that volunteering to be the trust subject in such an experiment would inevitable result in your suffering great bodily injury and death?

    If you are unwilling to forfeit your life by becoming my test subject in this experiment which I am certain would result in your skull being crushed like an egg shell, why would you expect Mr Zimmerman to risk forfeiting his life by enduring Mr Martin’s assault in the forlorn hope that his neighbors or the police would intervene before Mr Martin killed him?

    I have no further use for this witness your honor.

    • stringplayer55 says:


    • ftsk420 says:

      Do you feel threatened by my invitation to articulate in an experiment to reenact Mr Martin’s assault against Mr Zimmerman using your skull as a test subject?

      “Do you feel threatened because you realize that volunteering to be the trust subject in such an experiment would inevitable result in your suffering great bodily injury and death?”

      Lol of course he is threatened. I would love to participate in this experiment. But we can’t just bang the skull against the pavement you would also have to sucker punch him and break his nose for the experiment to be accurate.

  45. boutis says:

    Mr Julison, how many cases have you previously worked on with Natalie Jackson and/or Parks and Crump? Is your contract formal or implied? Is it a contingency agreement in which you are paid after a clients recovery from settlements which allows you to state you are working for free but in fact are expecting future compensation? How much have you been paid previously by Jackson and Parks and Crump? Do these law firm pay accumulated expenses or is another entity paying them? If a case starts appearing that recoverable settlements are not going to pan out do you scuttle and move on to the next independently or with permission of Jackson, Parks and Crump?

  46. Angel says:

    Why were you present at a rally for Trayvon Martin with the NBPP in attendance who passed out flyers for the capture of GZ dead or alive at this rally?

  47. Judge Dredd says:

    James F my source that George ticked white on his driveing licance an passports ect…Multiple sources .Like Sundance inffered perhaps he is makeing do under the circumstances.

    • stellap says:

      How about a link? James F gave a link to the article saying that George had marked hispanic on his driver’s license.

    • stellap says:

      Here’s another reference to his status:

      “George Zimmerman is Hispanic – his drivers licenses indicates he is Hispanic, he votes as Hispanic, and he is listed on the police report as Hispanic – something the Media knew (or should have know a month after the incident). Interestingly, as more and more people began to question the portrayal of George Zimmerman as “White” his racial identification in the media changed from “White” to “White-Hispanic” (a new, and never before used racial class). As a result of further outcry over the manufactured designation “White-Hispanic,” George Zimmerman is now Hispanic.”

    • nameofthepen says:

      Judge Dredd says: “James F my source that George ticked white on his driveing licance an passports etc.,…Multiple sources”

      I asked you an hour ago, when you posted this the first time…where is your proof? Post links, please, or STFU.

      “my source” and/or “Multiple sources” earns you a big fat ZERO around here.

    • ftsk420 says:

      Post proof or it didn’t happen.

  48. Sha says:

    My question to Mr. Julison would be. Who give’s you are the race baiter’s the right to decide that one life has more value than another ?

  49. gretchenone says:

    Mr. Julison,

    Knowing that this case is unraveling before your eyes, why would you be willing to be interviewed when it is probable that anything you say could be used against you?

    Is someone else pushing you forward to take questions?

    Do you have legal representation? Would you mind sharing who?

    Do you think Matt Gutman and others in the media are culpable for spreading the narrative that George was a racist killer of innocent teens, or are they also victims of the contrived narrative? At what point is/was the media responsible for correcting the false narrative?

    Would you feel comfortable asking George Zimmerman’s forgiveness?

    One question for Sundance:

    Are you an avenging angel?

    • John Galt says:

      “Knowing that this case is unraveling before your eyes, why would you be willing to be interviewed when it is probable that anything you say could be used against you?”

      Because he is not sworn. Free deposition prep, assistance in “crafting the story”. Why wouldn’t he participate? Written questions presented in advance, how lovely. Way better than showing up live for a deposition.

      • gretchenone says:

        Yes! But I have a feeling some people are several moves ahead in this ‘game’. And it ain’t Julison and friends. They are looking behind and that is not a good position to be in.

      • smoothcriminal says:

        yeah john but the same holds true for gz on hannity…and the state added that to their “evidence” against george

  50. Hugh Stone says:

    Did you feel threatened by the nbpp being around?
    Were you coerced into pushing the racist angle? If so, by who?
    Are you gonna try to save yourself and your business by throwing crump under the bus?
    Do you know the TRUTH when you see it?

  51. I’d like to ask Ryan Julison lots of questions, but I’ll ask just a few simple one here:
    (1) Mr. Julison how did you hide your white skin in order to get Crump, Jackson, Parks, Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and so on and so on to feel they could TRUST you to do their dirty work, i.e. selling a non-FACT based narrative and so early on in the case?
    (2) Mr. Julison on what evidence did you rely on to base your narrative solely on George Zimmerman being a RACIST WHITE man, 2 times the size of little black boy Trayvon Martin who he chased and gunned down in cold blood for NO reason — were you being RACIST by judging George Zimmerman based solely on the color of his skin?
    (3) Mr. Julison who was supplying you with information relating to the case that supported your fake narrative and WHY did you purposely leave out evidence contained in the Partial Police Report that was made public by Sanford Police Department supporting George Zimmerman’s claim that Trayvon Martin punched him in the nose and inflicted injuries to the back of his head…..PRIOR to any trigger being pulled by George Zimmerman?
    (4) Mr. Julison WHY are you, Benjamin Crump, Natalie Jackson (and whoever else the shoe fits) trying to backtrack from your non-FACT BASED narrative of “RACIST WHITE MAN GEORGE ZIMMERMAN….” – and is it because there is accountability on all of your collective shoulders for the blood shed of innocent people, like Matthew Owens for one; the racial divide in the USA that your non-FACT based narrative has help to achieve; and, more importantly, the wrongful arrest & Second Degree Murder Charge against George Zimmerman for standing his ground in self defense?

  52. Frank Taaffe says:

    Oh What A Tangled Web We Weave When WE (CRUMP JULISON JACKSON) First Practice To Deceive! These folks will be deposed Time is on our side now GZ Supporters ! Officers of the Court Watch out !

  53. recoverydotgod says:

    1. Who were the members of NOBLE [National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Officers] on the Sanford Police Department Tracy Martin was referring to when he thanked them for not letting the case go cold at NOBLE’s annual conference in Little Rock, Arkansas in July?

    2. How is “race” not “the 600 pound elephant” in the media strategy room you used?

    3. When did you, Ben Crump and Natalie Jackson figure out “Zimmerman” was Hispanic?

    Family of Florida boy killed by Neighborhood Watch seeks arrest
    By Barbara Liston
    ORLANDO, Florida | Wed Mar 7, 2012 11:45pm EST


    Crump said the family was concerned that police might decide to consider the shooting as self defense, and that police have ignored the family’s request for a copy of the original 911 call, which they think will shed light on the incidents.

    “If the 911 protocol across the country held to form here, they told him not to get involved. He disobeyed that order,” said Ryan Julison, a spokesman for the family.

    “He (Zimmerman) didn’t have to get out of his car,” said Crump, who has prepared a public records lawsuit to file on Thursday if the family doesn’t get the 911 tape. “If he never gets out of his car, there is no reason for self-defense. Trayvon only has skittles. He has the gun.”

    Since Trayvon, a high school junior who wanted to be a pilot, was black and Zimmerman is white, Crump said race is “the 600 pound elephant in the room.”

    “Why is this kid suspicious in the first place? I think a stereotype must have been placed on the kid,” Crump said.


    • recoverydotgod says:

      Who was your client in these cases? Pigford? Martin/Zimmerman?

      If a PR professional protocol for forming a media strategy “held form here”, what would that look like in these cases? Pigford [media will be focused on a government agency]? Martin/Zimmerman [media will be focused on an individual]?

      Did you take a “draft first and ask questions later” approach? Pigford? Martin/Zimmerman?

      What was your due diligence process in these two cases? for Pigford? for Martin/Zimmerman?

    • Knuckledraggingwino says:

      Thank you for reminding us that Crump and Jellison began pushing the meme that GZ should not have gotten out of his car before the heard the 911 tapes. I have always believed that GZ exercised poor tactical judgement by exiting his vehicle but this does not establish criminal intent.

    • thefirstab says:

      “Who were the members of NOBLE…thanked them for not letting the case go cold at NOBLE’s annual conference in Little Rock, Arkansas in July?”
      Hmmmmmm…. didn’t I see recently that Crump has a new client, and a prayer vigil was to be held in Little Rock this past Monday?
      What is the connection/influence of NOBLE? Sounds intriguing….and racially motivated.

      • thefirstab says:

        Here is an link on the latest:

        Yup…. just what I suspected. Shooter is white. Many outstanding questions on why, how, etc. but… SHOOTER IS WHITE, SHOOTEE IS BLACK. And Crump is involved. Go.Figure.

      • arkansasmimi says:

        Funny (not ha ha funny either) thing is that unlike FL stations, CHUMP news conf was NOT carried LIVE, no interruption of normal tv on ANY CHANNEL. I feel confident in saying I would think any LE would investigate before arresting anyone.

        The Ward man accused of murder in the shooting death of an employee was released from the Lonoke County Jail Tuesday on a $100,000 bond. …

        Lonoke County Prosecutor Chuck Graham said Reynolds has not been officially charged in the death of Ernest Hoskins, Jr., 21, of North Little Rock.

        Graham expects to get the case file from investigators with the Arkansas State Police next week and file charges of first-degree murder and two counts of aggravated assault. …

        The shooting was on Nov. 9 and Reynolds, who is white, was not arrested until Saturday. In the interim, Hoskins’ family retained Ben Crump, the attorney for the family of Trayvon Martin, the black teenager who was shot to death 11 months ago by George Zimmerman as he walked through a multi-ethnic gated community in Sanford, Fla.

        Crump’s law firm specializes in wrongful death, malpractice, personal injury and civil rights cases.

        The case has received much media attention since Crump was hired. One report from Channel 11 in Little Rock can be found on You Tube under the title “Bizarre Cover-up Type Activity Surrounding Death of Ernest Hoskins Jr. During Business Meeting.”

        But Graham said after Reynolds was arrested that investigations take as long as they take and that the race of the shooter and the victim were not a consideration.

        “I don’t care what color people are. We just do our job,” Graham said. “I didn’t know the victim was black until the NAACP called me.”

        Graham has asked police departments throughout the county to call him when they get cases that are likely to be turned over to him.

        He said this week that Ward Police Chief Steve Benton called him within 30 minutes after he got the call about the shooting at 26 Deer Run.

        • nameofthepen says:

          arkansasmimi says: “The Ward man accused of murder…”

          Mimi, I did a YouTube search for the link mentioned in this article. Here it is:

          There are a couple points in that very short clip that caught my attention.

          1. The “wife” asked the question, “Why would you bring a gun into a business meeting? That’s the biggest question that there is.”

          2. The news anchor states that, “Hoskins and his wife are newly-married, and he and his wife planned to have a wedding celebration this month.”

          Thanks to my “Trayvon/Crump Media Experience” maybe I’m a little too “tuned” to certain things. Seeing Crump standing there, looking so…so…”Crumpty“, I found myself wondering if:

          a) Reynolds had a CC permit, and, like George, wore his gun all the time.

          b) If this really is the deceased’s wife. After the “Mr. and Mrs. Martin” scam, Crump’s stories carry no cred with me. Gimme some proof first this time.

          But, it’s a huge relief that, so far, there’s been no media lynch-party formed.

          (Ha ha…wonder if Crump offered Julison the job and he refused? :lol: )

          • arkansasmimi says:

            When I first saw it on tv, I wanted to throw up. I have read 2 diff places that the deceased was married I believe it was back in July. So I will ASSUME it may be like a reception? I know of some that have done a private wedding and later had a reception for family and friends. I will go with innocent until proven guilty. As we all know, just by whats printed/reported doesnt mean thats what happened. I read that the boss stated he pointed the gun at the guy because the guy told him (boss) he needed to get his a$$ off the couch and go to work himself, when the boss asked the guy why his sales were lower last month. But, again, there is more to story I am sure. Still unsure why CHUMP showed up.

            • nameofthepen says:

              arkansasmimi says: I will go with innocent until proven guilty. As we all know, just by whats printed/reported doesnt mean thats what happened.

              +1,000, Mimi!

              I have read 2 diff places that the deceased was married I believe it was back in July. So I will ASSUME it may be like a reception?

              Of course. Just slightly delayed. :roll: :twisted: :lol:

    • recoverydotgod says:

      Do you consider the SPD to have “ignored the family’s request for a copy of the original 911 call?” as reported in the Reuters article linked?

      Do you consider any other request by the “family” or by the SPD to have been ignored that would have “shed light on the incidents” around that time?

  54. “Mr. Julison has also agreed to be interviewed.”
    With all due respect SD……This will NEVER happen

  55. myopiafree says:

    About Ryan – It is incredible to me that this Julison would be so completely devoid of any rational ethics. He is obviously PROUD OF WHAT HE ACCOMPLISHED. The fact that he had to destroy Geroge Zimmerman’s honesty and reputation, with his lies – DOES NOT BOTHER HIM AT ALL!! For pure “propaganda machine”, Julison gets a A+. As an honest person, Julison gets a D minus. How much “trashing of the truth” does Julison do – before his is called a liar?

    • stringplayer55 says:


    • Sharon says:

      There is a mindset in which an individual imagines themselves to be invisible in their daily world of choices and behaviors, seemingly without compassion for others, no awareness of others’ pain, a bit sociopathic in casual ways. This doesn’t have to do with the pace of life today or the internet. There have always been folks who could live like that without any apparent hindrances in their own conscience. Maybe he deals with something like that in his daily decision-making–and choice of career. Perhaps it’s almost a given, considering his choice of career? I don’t know. And I’m not trying to pound on Mr. Julison here–just saying–there is a mindset that lends itself to this kind of life.

  56. John Galt says:

    Request that Julison answer the questions in writing, in the form of an affidavit, sworn before a Notary.

    See page 13.

  57. cajunkelly says:

    Julison Communications shared a link.

    August 21.

    Working with attorney Ben Crump and the family of a college student who suffered a beating at the hands of LAPD officers after they accused him of skateboarding on the wrong side of the street. Here’s an AP story from a press conference held today in Los Angeles.

    Yet another connection between him and crump. I’m just sayin….

    Ain’t sayin anything more, far too letigious, IMO.

  58. cajunkelly says:

    Someone posted a collage of pictures…and in it was a “Dog E Harmony” logo. It was mentioned that it seemed inconsistent with the other pictures. This will explain….

    There was A New Beginning Pet Care & Rescue, a nonprofit searching for adoptive homes for dogs dumped off at animal shelters. Julison came up with a clever Dog-E-Harmony event that made the national CBS evening news.

    He helped a woman from Naples fight the local school board so her 6-year-old disabled son could get his service dog in the classroom. He helped a family from Mississippi whose autistic son was bullied on camera, and then the bullying was put on Facebook. He came to the aid of the Orange County barbers whose shops were raided by the Orange County Sheriff ’s Office and the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation in what should have been routine licensing checks.

  59. My one question – Can you please explain why DeeDee would have said “You want that too?” During her interview?

  60. Hugh Stone says:

    Did julison ever witness anything improper between sabrina fulton and ben crump?
    Are there notes, records, or emails of the strategy meetings with Crump and Co? If not, why were they destroyed?
    Did the racial angle idea from your company or from your clients?
    Did julison orchestrate the protests that featured people from the nbpp?
    Did julison ever meet with congressmen or congersswomen to discuss the case?

  61. flaladybug says:

    Thank you guys for the words of support about my post. Although I have been an active reader at the CTH I have only commented a couple of times. I am a stay at-home married mom of 4 boys and my life usually revolves around their needs, but the intelligent, detailed, thought provoking, FACTUAL discussions I read here daily have reignited a passion for knowledge that had lay dormant for quite awhile!! I owe you all a debt of gratitude for bringing me out of my bubble and opening my eyes to the SERIOUS PROBLEMS facing us all today.
    To Sha…your response hit home in a HUGE way in showing me I am not alone in my fears of what our children now face as our society is being destroyed by the likes of Julison, Scheme Team, and even more frightening, the very “Justice System” we are told to look to for protection!! It is an unfortunate reality I now must make my children aware of….that this INJUSTICE could happen to ANY ONE OF US!! I know now it is my duty to fight against these unlawful, unethical practices for the preservation of not just MY children’s future….but OUR VERY EXISTENCE AS LAW ABIDING AMERICANS!!
    One final question for Mr. Julison…..Since the tide is shifting and people are becoming aware and ANGRY that they bought the “TRUTH” you created and realizing it was a complete FABRICATION, we are seeing the main “PLAYERS” beginning to try and create PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY. Are you afraid that you are about to be THROWN UNDER THE BUS YOU WERE ONCE DRIVING???? What say you Mr. Julison??

    • nameofthepen says:

      flaladybug says: …I owe you all a debt of gratitude for bringing me out of my bubble and opening my eyes to the SERIOUS PROBLEMS facing us all today…I know now it is my duty to fight against these unlawful, unethical practices for the preservation of not just MY children’s future….but OUR VERY EXISTENCE AS LAW ABIDING AMERICANS!!

      Wow, Ladybug. That’s an absolutely awesome post. Heck, I wanted to quote the whole thing! :lol:

      You make me proud.

      Welcome back to the fight. :)

    • jordan2222 says:

      I consider it to be patriotic to tell others about this site.

    • thefirstab says:

      Flaladybug – wonderful post…. I see alot of myself here, and how I happened to also find the Treehouse. 100% agree with your thinking…. except…. 4 boys????!!! lol God Bless You!

  62. nameofthepen says:


    OK, here’s my wish list. Only two requests:

    1.Will you tell us truthfully everythingyou know about “DeeDee”?

    2. Will you tell us truthfully everythingyou know about the “orphan” Comet phone?

  63. flaladybug says:

    I am overwhelmed by the support from the treepers….and HUMBLED to be a part of such a MAGNIFICENT GROUP OF WARRIORS!!! Today has been such an amazing experience for me…think I’m gonna do my “HAPPY DANCE”!!!! Woooohoooo!!!

  64. jello333 says:

    Oh yeah! Those are the same guys who made “We Like the Moon”. Still one of my favorite things ever on the internet.

  65. jordan2222 says:

    There are over 250 responses to this thread as I write this.. ..WOW.

    ‘There are lots of great questions but I began to wonder if Julison even knows the truth. If not, he could not possibly answer them.

    He was retained to be a publicist, not an investigator so I suspect he knew very few factual details when he got involved since that was not his job. I doubt that he felt any obligation to do any of that. In fact, not knowing the truth, made his role even easier.

    His “mission” was to create publicity and awareness of the case and he certainly did that so, in a sense, he did his “job” and did it very well. He did exactly what Crump and the rest of his gang wanted.. He spread a “story” even it was false and the entire world has heard it. Wow!!

    Political strategists do this all the time but not nearly so successfully.

    Insofar as what he knows NOW, he may still not have access to all of the facts and may not be able to answer many of questions that everyone has asked so it’s possible he can truthfully say, “I do not know.”

    If you were Julison, would you want to know all of that? I rather doubt that he does. Please consider that morals has nothing to do with it. In fact, not having morals and deep convictions is a great quality for his profession.

    I would like to know the the extent of his current involvement and if will he get paid for what he has done since not getting paid could limit his future liability or even excuse him altogether.

    I am not expecting any ground breaking news.

  66. nameofthepen says:

    Mr. Julison – for all you’ve done…a Happy Hanukkah card to you:

  67. Judge Dredd says:

    youwantthattoo says:

    November 28, 2012 at 1:40 pm

    My one question – Can you please explain why DeeDee would have said “You want that too?” During her interview? I I R C …I listened to the tape the poor quality one .An I thought she said something along the lines of ….When asked if Trayvon indicated that George made remarks or moves that he intended to get into a fight/Altrication…An her responce was kinnda coy ..Well you could say that….As to the neggativity I detect from some posters though not sundance he at least has been civil.Im from the UK an have an open mind on what ocoured that night…This is not a team sport where you take sides,In a tragedy like this there are no winners only losers..I wasnt attacking George in my first post when I stated that I would like to hear from the parents of the children he mentored an if that not possable there parents.Who no s maybe there anxious to speak out.An George doesnt want them to as it could jeperdice there safety…Also re wether he ticked white ethnicity or not now seems moot also as lots of sites an stories saying that latino was not even an option to tick so there you go…Also Im not being rude by not answering your questions like someone said I forgett whom …I asked you an hour ago for an anser blah blah …But Im in a differnts time zone 9 in the evening to you is 2 am zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz time for me an as for provideing links forgett it an a luddite .Barely kow how to turn a pc on let a lone send link copy an paste ect .Im more likely to put tippex on the screen to corect a spelling mistake than press delete button..In closeing to anyone whom ive offended its been unintentinal aybe not freindly fire as yet.But at least nuetrale fire………..


    • “An her responce was kinnda coy” That is an understatement. You seem to speak the same Queens English that DD does.
      “Who no s maybe there anxious to speak out” Yeah I am sure that a black family would want to speak out as much as they would like have bamboo under their nails. BTW, do you know B’rer Rabbit?
      “Also re wether he ticked white ethnicity or not now seems moot also as lots of sites an stories saying that latino was not even an option to tick so there you go”. Again are you familiar with Brer Rabbit?
      “In closeing to anyone whom ive offended its been unintentinal aybe not freindly fire as yet.But at least nuetrale fire……….” Same question, see above.

      • Follow up…..after brief cool-down…….
        Sorry for being crass but I am so fed up with narrative-based rhetoric from persons uneducated about the case in even its simplest form. Your type take what is fed to you and purge it back out to the rest of us like we are as equally stupid and uninformed. I am at my wits-end. Sorry

    • nameofthepen says:

      Judge Dredd says: “In closeing to anyone whom ive offended its been unintentinal aybe not freindly fire as yet.But at least nuetrale fire…”

      Judge Dredd, if I roughed you up without good cause, you have my apology.

      And, it was me who reminded you that I had asked earlier for a reply. Again, you have my apology, since I didn’t realize you were in the UK.

      You say you’re a novice to using a computer. If you’re sincere, then I’d suggest you do a lot more reading than talking for a while. You need to get up to speed on all you have missed.

      You can do a search using the search function here on the upper right-hand side. Type in “Zimmerman” in that little slot, hit “Enter” on your keyboard, and get started.

      As for your question on “DeeDee”, from all the info available, she is most likely a mythical character, like a unicorn. Without this “DeeDee” character, the state could never have charged George with a thing.

      Good luck with your studies. :)

  68. flawesttexas says:

    Mr. Julison….do you plan to take legal action on any of the parties involved in this case, once all the falsehoods are fully revealed?

    Should MSNBC fire Al Sharpton for deliberately slandering, in public and on air, George Zimmerman?

    Why did you not call for, or contact law enforcement, when the New Black Panthers were handing out the “Wanted: Dead or Alive” pamphlets/handouts, calling for the murdering of George Zimmerman?

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