Subliminal – But I doubt intentional….. Actually, Unintentionally Revealing

Take a good look at this collection of pictures.   Don’t Rush.   Study it.   It is actually a screen grab from a media imagery organization you are recently familiar with.  But note two cognitive ethnicities/races present; three black ethnic pictures, and four white.

Do you notice something about them?

I visited this a few days ago, and something about the web page just bugged me, but  I couldn’t put a finger on it.  I kept going back and looking at it again, and again.

This screen shot is from the “Case Studies” web page of Julison Communications, the media communications group that attorneys Benjamin Crump and Natalie Jackson hired to represent the interests of Trayvon Martin’s family.

Remember, this picture collage is from a media consulting firm that specializes in “messaging“, and “strategic optics“, and media presentations.   That is their forte…  Their expertise.

Now look at the represented imagery of the three “black” ethnic families, and contrast it to the representative imagery of the “white, or non-black” imagery.

Is there represented anger?    If so, who, or more importantly what, is represented as angry?

And, perhaps even more importantly, what does that tell you about the anticipated messaging you can expect to stem from within the professional firm who view these optics, these specific optics, as representative of their work?   Their “case studies“.

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  1. stellap says:

    At first I noticed that all of the blacks were alone, and three of the four pics of whites were couples or groups. Then I noticed that most of the whites are smiling, and none of the blacks are.


    • MRM says:

      That’s what I noticed too.. the pleasant vs. unpleasant facial expressions. Just perpetuating the myth that all whites are happy all the time and all blacks are miserable all the time. Of course, if those selfish whites would just share some of their happiness……….


  2. tara says:

    I was looking at the description of the case of the black woman, Francis Wright. What struck me was the second paragraph:

    Julison Communications was brought in by Wright’s attorney to help tell Frances Wright’s story and to plan the announcement of a civil lawsuit. Julison worked closely with the Wright family and her attorneys to draft messaging, prepare the statement she read to media following the sentencing and to plan for the next steps in the case. It was the top story in Memphis and also resonated nationally through AP and other media.

    Why would it matter, from a justice perspective, if the story was known to the public? Aren’t jurors supposed to base their decision on the facts they hear during the trial? Wouldn’t deliberate PR be undesirable?


    • Sharon says:

      It wouldn’t matter from a “justice” perspective, because jurors are supposed to base their decision on the facts. Deliberate PR is desirable since we are no longer a nation that operates consistently under law….so PR matters. Alot.


  3. This is the thing I find most despicable about “Team Skittles.”

    Good G*d – Jorge Zimmerman’s swinging in the breeze by himself, and has been from the beginning.
    Meanwhile, Mother & Father (Note I didn’t say “Mom & Dad”) of the year are worse than politicians, having hired media consultants, publicists and G*d knows who else…

    I read today that Crump – through his pet prosecutor – tried to get the judge to put a gag-order on JZ and his lawyer.


    I’d actually give that a thumbs-up PROVIDED the injunction applied to Team Skittles (which includes all the race-baiters, the New Black Klansmen and so-on) immediately and only kicks in for JZ when JZ’s been given as much time to sell “his side of the story” as Team Skittles have already been given…

    Just when you think this can’t get any sicker…


  4. justice099 says:

    Freudian slip or misquote?

    ” Crump says, “If George Zimmerman is not telling the truth about how much he has. I may lying about really happened the he admits to killing Trayvon Martin in self-defense.” ”


    • ytz4mee says:

      “Crump believes, “George Zimmerman has deecieved everybody. The real George Zimmerman is a person who misleads and manipulates. We think everyone is starting to find out his character the more this goes on.””

      Transference? It sounds like Crump is speaking about himself. As this goes on, more and more people are beginning to find out HIS (Crump) character and the “character” of the parents. That’s the issue. Their cravenness is on display for all to see.

      BTW, the spelling and grammar in that article is atrocious. So much for proofreading. Long live the Public Skool system.


  5. ZurichMike says:

    I don’t see it that way. The upper two photos are of (1) a pensive, goodlooking black guy and a (2) a little boy getting his summer haircut. Neither look “angry” to me. The middle photos are of a (1) a sad white couple and (2) a sad black woman. The bottom photos are of what looks like (1) a middle-aged white who looks like he’s contemplating his next real estate conquest, (2) a happy white couple, and (3) a silly vacation photo. Also, I am not sure what the Holy Land photo is all about, and the Dog-E-Harmony rectangle looks out of place. Overall, it’s a messy collection of photos, with perhaps two or three that are engaging or eye catching (the pensive man, the little boy, and happy white couple). I wouldn’t know (or care) what the company was about. Epic fail, in my opinion.


    • ZurichMike says:

      Went to the site — these are photos of case studies, and I looked through some of them (they have added a pizza case study photo now). Not sure there is anything nefarious in any of this.


  6. Ryan Julison says:

    This is Ryan Julison, the operator of the website whose photos are being analyzed here. Obviously, I never usually comment in situations like these, but felt compelled to respond to provide some background.

    I want to compliment the writer of this blog for the passion on display here. While we may disagree, you are to be commended for utilizing your First Amendment rights to the fullest. It is obvious that you have spent an abundance of your time researching and preparing this information.

    Without going into too much detail, I wanted to provide some background that may help clear up some misconceptions. I am not an activist. I’m not even political. I’m just a simple PR guy who helps people communicate with the media. i also happen to often volunteer my efforts to help give the ‘little guy’ a voice. I am not making a dime on the Trayvon story.

    By way of background, the photos you have referenced here come from my Case Studies section. The reason some of the people don’t look happy is because most of them are going through a traumatic situation. The man in the upper left corner is James Jones. He was arrested for going on his disabled daughter’s school bus and confronting her bullies. I volunteered to help him communicate and it became a pretty big story too. The photo directly below James is of an autistic boy and his stepmom. He was bullied badly and it was put on Facebook. Did that for free as well.

    I agreed to help Trayvon’s family because they were simply grieving parents who wanted to do what they could to get justice for their son. I don’t think anybody ever thought this would reach the levels that it did.

    It saddens me that this story has been so politicized.

    I just wanted to help give a family, one that is certainly not dissimilar from millions of others around the country, a fighting chance when battling government bureaucracy.

    Thanks for your time.

    Ryan Julison


    • ….I’m just a simple PR guy who helps people communicate with the media. i also happen to often volunteer my efforts to help give the ‘little guy’ a voice…..

      Ryan, when you take a break from sewing sweaters for homeless kittens from the hairs on your hairbrush, you might want to update your website with this altruistic voluntary “simple PR guy” stuff. Because in your own words:

      Even though we’re not in New York or LA, we know how to get your story in the hands of top-tier media, immediately. Over the past two decades, we have worked on countless national stories that have generated literally billions of global media impressions.

      We have developed media relations strategies for a wide-range of complex issues involving including the very public default of a $675 million credit facility, the bankruptcy of two prominent luxury real estate communities, the unfortunate death of a high-profile celebrity’s child, multiple class-action lawsuits that affected thousands of homeowners and club members and many other instances where communicating was beyond challenging.

      Defining a person supported and funded by, the NAACP, the CBC, by Jesse Jackson, Rev. Al Sharpton, Ben Jealous, Spike Lee, President Barack Obama (need I go on), as the “little guy” is laughable. Sorry, the readers of this site are NOT Today Show News consumers. It ain’t the “little guys” flying to LA for Rally’s, it ain’t the little guys quitting their jobs to become full time leaches upon the image you created. It’s called opportunism and you are not going to be afforded detachment or plausible deniability. You are embedded in this one.

      Nice spin selling though, but then again, that’s what you do. Professional obfuscation.

      But when the truth comes out about how all parties, created and supported specifically BY YOU I might add, are shown to be manipulative liars and sellers of a false reality, the ridicule you will sense will turn your name into a verb.

      “Don’t Julison Me bro”…. will be the equivalent of Joe Rice’s famous SOU faux-pas.

      You have attached yourself to the image of your creation. Natalie Jackson and Benjamin Crump did not initiate a legal strategy for justice, they initiated a media strategy. You created it. Justice defined as civil lawsuits. “Show me the money”. 😦

      You, Ryan Julison, purposefully and with specific intent, sold to ABC and NBC a storyline of racism. Racism where no racism exists because it was part of your sales strategy. Do you know how many victims of physical violence YOU have created.

      We are working your trail backwards to specifically identify your contacts, how you messaged, what was your pitch, and to what end was the storyline maliciously false, or intentionally uncorrected. You have a lot of blood on your hands for a “simple PR guy”, and there are multiple authors chomping at the storyline involving the media manipulation, you call PR.

      Out of curiosity, while you might not be paid now, are you saying you will never financially benefit from this optic you created?


      • barnslayer says:

        Well said SD.
        Ryan wants to passive aggressively insult/congratulate you for your misplaced, ill-conceived passion. Note when you disagree with a liberal “passion” is code for “you are an extremist lunatic”. You’re “obviously spending an abundance of your time researching and preparing” is code for “you are a nut job recluse who should be silenced”. He failed to address the choice of juxtaposing whites as happy. His being “saddened the story was politicized” is, in reality, disingenuous since he benefits from the discord. No “injustice” no job. He is just too clever for us dumbass rednecks.


    • tara says:

      Ryan, sorry, but you’re full of sh*t. You wrote I agreed to help Trayvon’s family because they were simply grieving parents who wanted to do what they could to get justice for their son.

      Since when does PR bring justice for anyone? You ASSume that the matter couldn’t be worked out on its own, through the courts, through the normal legal process. You are deliberately attempting to pollute the minds of potential jurors. You’re disgusting.


      • Now, Now Tara, play nice…. Mr. Julison is used to Matt Lauer, and Katie Couric type cognition. You go all wombat and actually identify him by his real definitions, showcase his transparency and stuff, and you just might hurt his fee fee’s.

        I wonder if his kids know their Daddy is reponsible for people getting smashed in the head with hammers and stuff. Hmmmm? Nah, probably not their dinner convo.


        • tara says:

          I was trying to think of an analogy for Ryan Julison …… and then I remembered the other morning Antenna TV was showing the film “The Juror” with Demi Moore. She’s a juror for a mob trial and the mob is turning the screws on her because they want an acquittal. Julison’s actions are only slightly less horrific. He is attempting to coerce people, jurors even, to behave in a particular way under the guise of “justice”. Doesn’t matter if his coersion includes false information. Sorry, I mean JUSTICE™, since the pathetic a-holes of Team Skittles decided to trademark a commonly used word. Hey Ryan, was that your idea too?


    • ytz4mee says:

      Well, if unspooling your web of deceit wasn’t successful, there would be no need for you to “visit” and comment. Thanks for the validation that the work here is having the desired effect – which is educating people on the TRUTH not on the SPIN you so carefully crafted.

      “I agreed to help Trayvon’s family because they were simply grieving parents who wanted to do what they could to get justice for their son. I don’t think anybody ever thought this would reach the levels that it did.”

      BS. Your entire involvement in this case is predicated on making it “reach the levels it did”. However, it has been turned around, and now what you are really implying is you are shocked that the PUSHBACK against your lies and manipulation has reached a level you never thought possible.

      And the PUSHBACK and unspooling has just begun. We can promise you that.


    • doug1111 says:

      So then your responsible for selecting and giving to the media as representative of what Trayvon Martin looked like when he got into an alternation with Zimmerman and was shot, that of when he was a angelic and harmless looking little boy of probably about 12?

      That was so misleading as to amount to lying. Why did the media not realize it had to be when he was much younger than 17 and 6’2″ at 160+ lbs.


    • Say what you want about not making any money. You will period. I have seen your showcases and saw where you said you had a spot waiting for it. It was also stated that you were specifically chosen for the purpose of getting it out there. At the very least you should have checked a few facts before you decided to use the supposed race card. You should be held accountable, along with the rest of them for the deaths that have occurred since this fiasco started from the justice for Trayvon retaliatory killings and beatings. I sincerely try to have sympathy for the parents as they lost a child, but to automatically use the media to incite the violence and pressure on the government in this fashion is irresponsible at least and should be criminal. There is no statute of limitations on murder and if the actual evidence showed guilt or evidence was found in the future then Mr. Zimmerman could be arrested then. To not even allow the time for a proper investigation to be conducted before this became a race issue just shows that justice was NOT the issue here.


  7. Ryan Julison says:

    I came on your site because I was amused that the haphazard website I had thrown together was getting such a thorough deconstruction (why are the white people smiling but none of the black people).

    I do have paying clients, which is why I set up the website in the first place, but I volunteered for the family and will not make a penny off this case, regardless of what happens.

    I am happy to share the initial media pitch and subsequent pitches with you, there is no reference made to race in them.

    I came to your site in a respectful manner thinking it would perhaps be an opportunity to have a thoughtful dialogue. I was being too optimistic, it appears, because I was met with personal attacks and profanity.

    For the record, I’m the only person on this site who has revealed their identity.

    “Sundancecracker,” you have my email address, feel free to follow up if you’d like more information.

    I have nothing to hide.


    • ytz4mee says:

      I highly doubt your media pitches solely referenced “battling government bureaucracy”.

      “I just wanted to help give a family, one that is certainly not dissimilar from millions of others around the country, a fighting chance when battling government bureaucracy.”

      There are lots out there who are willing to share your “pitch” in the interests of full disclosure.


    • stellap says:

      I don’t see much swearing, actually. No, we don’t use our real names here, but then we aren’t public figures or PR executives. We do have an email address that you can use to contact us. I presume you scan the web to find references to your company; otherwise, how would you have found us? We are just regular folks with everyday jobs who write about what is on our minds; we don’t have any insider contacts to media executives.

      If we are so far off base, perhaps you could let us know exactly how. I can’t see why the parents of Trayvon Martin would legitimately need a PR firm; perhaps I am just naive. They have a lot of help from the major media outlets and, of course, from JJ and AS (who also has his own cable television show.) Have they reached the level of notoriety we see today through your efforts?

      P.S.: We don’t profit in any way through the expression of our opinions here – no ad revenue, for instance – and we donate our time. Any small good influence we may have is our payment.


      • rjp says:

        I came on your site because I was amused that the haphazard website I had thrown together was getting such a thorough deconstruction.


        I visited your website because I was stunned that a small group of conservative bloggers was able to fully disprove the entirety of the lies that I had put forth in the name of St. Trayvon of Skittles. And I am worried about the liabilities that may arise once this matter is settled.


    • Sharon says:

      Most people who have nothing to hide don’t feel compelled to say “I have nothing to hide.”


    • That must have been why you immediately went public with the same intensity to stop the racist narrative from permeating the news right?….. oh, wait,….

      You knew it was going to get people hurt and you did what?

      What did you do to stop the selling of racism attached to this story?

      Thought so.


    • Greg Schulz says:

      Ryan Julison, I am not a regular reader of this site, but I have been reading the past couple of weeks because it has been providing interesting speculation on the Trayvon killing. While I don’t have reason to doubt your explanation for the collage, I believe that sundancecracker has plenty of reason to be questioning the work of your PR firm.

      I think it’s pretty clear by now that there has been a deliberate disinformation campaign intended to a) demonize Zimmerman, and b) discredit the work of the Sanford police investigation in order to turn it into a national story and in order to get a conviction of Zimmerman. Without that this wouldn’t have been much of a story at all. And I say this because there have been so many things said about this case that are either not true or have no evidence.

      In order to demonize Zimmerman it has been said that he:

      “Stalked” Trayvon Martin and shot him in cold blood
      That he disregarded the dispatcher/ that he got out of his car after the dispatcher told him not to do that
      Fired a warning shot and then gave a kill shot
      Said “f’in coons”
      Had a major history of violence
      Outweighed Trayvon by 100 pounds (or weighed 250)
      Found Trayvon suspicious because he was black

      In order to criticize the Sanford police it has been claimed that they:

      Were inappropriate in not arresting him immediately
      Didn’t take photos of the injuries
      Didn’t take Zimmerman to the station
      Let him go back home with his clothes and gun
      Left Trayvon as John Doe in the morgue for 3 days
      Should have arrested GZ immediately because Serino felt he should have been arrested that night (even though Serino now says that after his investigation he found no evidence to doubt Zimmerman’s story)
      Tampered with a witness

      That’s just off the top of my head. In addition to this at least 3 people changed their stories or presented new stories after your firm got involved.

      Trayvon’s father earlier said that the screams were not his son’s and then claimed they were.
      Mary Cutcher gave a new story contradicting several witnesses and making several conclusions she couldn’t have made.
      DeeDee came forward and gave a story, but only after waiting 3 weeks to give a story.

      Obviously your firm was not responsible for all of the misinformation (and can’t be blamed for the media not deconstructing it critically) but it did apparently at least have a major role in creating and pushing these narratives. The question I have is how involved were you in creating/ pushing these claims which are either false or have no evidence which are not meant to promote the truth, but meant to demonize Zimmerman and the Sanford police in order to make it a national news story.


    • Sharon says:

      Why would folks seeking to promote themselves and their service in a professional way use a self-described “haphazard website” as a primary vehicle of that promotion?


    • terrymann78 says:

      Ryan, I would be interested in seeing those media pitches. Are they something that can be posted here?


    • barnslayer says:

      I am amused that Ryan Julison has such an abundance of free time that he would choose to spend so much of it here. I admire his passion for making a case for his altruistic, apolitical efforts on this humanitarian project. One must admit a lesson could be learned from our treatment of Mr. Julison. Personal attacks and profanity are wrong and are only to be employed by the liberals. Ask George Zimmerman.


    • Aussie says:

      you know what you are talking mushroom fodder. In other words you are lying about your own motivations.

      Let’s start with your involvement in getting people to sign up for money that they do not deserve because they are not farmers, they are not Tom Pigford or the original farmers who actually deserved to get justice.

      Here you are again going to the media and distorting the truth about the person who was killed, and because of your distortions a man in lying in hospital in a very serious condition after he was bashed almost to death. Then there are those others who have been torched and bashed and knifed, all because you lied about a thug by the name of Trayvon Martin.


    • GracieD says:

      Ryan, first let me say Bless your heart. How are you going to live with yourself after what you have done? Sorry, but your “good intentions” count for absolutely nothing. I am curious as to your thought processes in coming up with the Strategy to be used in this case, but can understand why it is not in your personal best interest. The day will likely come when you are subject to a Civil Suit from GZ, or one or more of those who were beaten “for Trayvon”.

      Just a little aside to let you know where some of us are coming from. Speaking only for myself, I was a Dem. until Dec. 2009. I grew up at the knee of the late Senator Russell Long, and go way back with many Louisiana politicians. I know how the political game is played. I, along with many other former Dems. are using Dem tactics against the very ones who taught me those tactics. I have no problem teaching said tactics to anyone who wants to learn. Translation: It will be much more difficult to get over on the average American. You really should try the Truth, it is liberating!


  8. Laurie-Anne Manel says:

    “but I volunteered for the family and will not make a penny off this case, regardless of what happens.”

    What a bunch of self-serving drivel. Your “payoff” may not be “a penny” but I can guess you hoped to “cash in” by building buzz/prestige for your firm in the dog-eat-dog world of “crisis communications”, as well as burnishing your credentials and contacts within the disingenious legacy Progressive media. “That” was your hoped-for payoff, IMO.

    However, your pitch/spin blew up in your face – big time. The Prog media is walking back your entire spin. I am guessing not too many people are returning your phone calls these days. In your world, a spectacular flame-out on the WORLD stage like the whole Crump-Martin narrative FAIL is the death knell for a firm like yours.

    You sold it, now you own it.


  9. labrat says:

    Mr Julison,
    I’m glad you’re here. I have a question for you. Who’s brilliant idea was it to misrepresent the images of both TM and GZ in that now famous picture that was plastered all over? I’ll tell you right now that it’s backfired BIGTIME. That’s PR right? Get that image out front in everyone’s head first while they are making their initial impression, was that your idea? If so, I think it was despicable.
    So when grieving parents come to you with their understandably biased version of events do you not vet them first to see if their story fits the facts? I ask because as I’ve followed this story it seems to me that it’s the stuff coming from the Martin camp that is continually being refuted by the facts and yet the Zimmerman side has been rock solid consistent with the publically available evidence. Perhaps you know some things we don’t, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt, for now.
    The way I see it right now – you and your friends are playing a very dangerous game. 53 people died in the Rodney King riots, thousands injured and over a billion dollars in damages. I seriously fear the same kind of outcome here, will you be proud of yourself if it does?


  10. conservalicious says:

    I’d like to know whose idea it was to trademark the “JUSTICE FOR TRAYVON™” meme? I have a hard time believing that a grieving Mother would ever think to do that.


    • I think you’re right that she was convinced to do it by one of the enablers. Still, not a good thing for her to agree to, IMO.


      • tara says:

        Oh certainly. Their minds were occupied with the grief for the loss of their son. Remember Fulton initially described the incident as an “accident”? But she soon had her mind changed for her by her crack PR team. Ryan, was that your idea too? Did you provide scripts for the family? Advise them to trademark common words? Invite a rapper to the most recent rally whose lyrics are filled with violence and misogyny?


    • Aussie says:

      this is the “grieving” mother who did not go to Sanford when she heard that her son had been killed… it did not take her long to trademark his name.


  11. zane says:

    Mr. Julison, I have to wonder why someone who runs a successful business (as I assume yours is) feels the need to respond to comments made on a website that is not considered one of the most popular on the internet. I also have to wonder why a PR firm would involve itself in propaganda distribution knowing that people like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, race baiters both, are involved.

    So, if your purpose is to cleanse yourself, and your firm, of the grime that is now attached to the false narrative of “racist, white Hispanic” that has been attached to George Zimmerman, perhaps you would like to answer the question posed above: are you, or your firm, responsible for the photos of Trayvon Martin as a young 14-ish early teen to the media? Or can we lay that at the feet of your bottom-feeder friend, Mr. Crump?

    I would say that 99.99% of millions of other grieving families from any tragedy do not feel the need to hire a PR firm to “get the word out.” How has what you have done bring any justice for anyone? It doesn’t, and all you did was help create a false narrative that now has other Americans being beaten to the point where they may not live. Somehow I doubt you will add those tragedies to your resume.


  12. voiceofinsanity says:

    I am sure his business will suffer. call it karma


  13. SurlyVoter says:

    Julison – The possible riots and deaths related to it will land firmly at your feet. You created a monster and you are here because this “haphazard” website is one of the very few that is on to you. This isn’t going to go away.


  14. Really Mr. Julison it really does look strange that you showed up here. If you wanted discourse as you say then answer the main question stated here. Why the disparate photos? You only came to see the information here. I have my own personal question. Why would the family need to hire a lawyer before they even had their son buried for goodness sake? To protect their interests/ to get justice for their son? How would they know they wouldn’t get justice so soon? Sorry I have so many questions and of course you wouldn’t even begin to answer them. Go collect the money you think you will get by doing what you did, because surly is right this isn’t going away.


  15. M Simon says:

    From poster Mark Bradman at Wagist:


    Occams Razor:

    1.) Tracy says “Trayvon grounded” for suspension. Yet Trayvon not home, maybe movies and thats…. wait for it……. OK?

    2.) Dad (Tracy) arrives home at *cough* 10:30 pm “ish”, yet 11pm live feed news shows cops, tape, investigators, spotlights, flashing lights etc. Dad doesn’t notice yet 70 yards away?

    3.) Altruistic Trayvon goes to get “skittles” for Chad. Yet, chad don’t say “hey dad, Tray went for skittles 4 hours ago and never came home, what gives”?

    4.) DeeDee hears from worried Trayvon, then hears confrontation and Trayvon thrown to ground. Next day he’s dead. She discovers 5:30pm and does…….. wait for it…….. nothing?

    5.) “DeeDee” *cough* “discovered” March 18th, two weeks after unattended funeral?.

    6.) And to support her *boyfriend* she provides HER phone records, no… wait…, huh.

    7.) Mom (Sybrina) hears from Dad (Tracy) son DEAD Monday 9:00am and does…….. wait for it….. nothing. Doesn’t jump in car and head to Sanford? Mon… Tue…. Wed….. Thur…. nothing. Staying home. Yet now proclaimed “Mother of the Year” while rallying in…. wait for it…….. Los Angeles. Uh huh.

    Sniff test failed.


    The Martins are a peculiar “family”. My theory is that they were at a swingers party that night. Which is why all the conflicting stories. But it is just a theory.


    • WeeWeed says:

      The entire mess gets curiouser and curiouser, does it not??


    • ejarra says:

      8.) Dee Dee, the prolific tweeter, never tweeted to her fans that she may have been the last person to talk to TM. She never followed up by calling the Sanford police that TM may have been in trouble. Showed liitle sorrow for TM based on her actions after finding out about TM’s death.


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