After Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood President Morsi Threatens Israel – Obama Calls To Thank Him…

You just can’t make this stuff up folks……  Yet the sheeple?

Egyptian President Morsi:

“I don’t want to take unusual steps, but if I see that the homeland is in danger, I won’t hesitate.”

“Gaza will not remain alone as it was,” adding that the aggressors “know they will pay a heavy price is they continue their aggression.”

He further said that the post-Mubarak Egypt was completely different and that all Egyptians were determined to stop the offensive on the Gaza Strip.

“The blood spilled over there will not get the other side peace and will serve as a curse on them. It will incite all the people of the region against them.”

And what does President Obama do?   He thanks him….. (Reuters) – U.S. President Barack Obama called Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi on Friday to commend the country’s efforts to help calm the situation in Israel and Gaza and underscored his hope of restoring stability there, the White House said.

Egypt’s prime minister, Hisham Kandil, has said Cairo is prepared to mediate a truce in the growing violence between Israel and Hamas, the Islamist group that runs the Gaza Strip. Egypt’s government is allied with Hamas, but is also party to a 1979 peace treaty with Israel.  (article)

Earlier in the day   -   “The price will be high if the aggression continues,” Morsi said after he performed Friday prayers in Fatma Al-Sharbatly Mosque in Cairo’s Fifth Settlement.

“Egypt is different from yesterday,” he added, referring to his predecessor ousted President Hosni Mubarak’s soft stance on the Israel-Palestine conflict.

“We assure them [Israel] that the price will be high for continued aggression, and [we tell them] you have to bear the responsibility,” Morsy continued.

During Morsy’s speech, worshipers chanted: “Khaybar, Khaybar, Oh Jews, the army of Mohamed will return,” in reference to a historical battle fought between Muslims and Jews in Saudi Arabia(more)

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34 Responses to After Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood President Morsi Threatens Israel – Obama Calls To Thank Him…

  1. BertDilbert says:

    The US policy seems to be destabilizing all the countries around Israel as to being our goal, I see no other logical reason for this policy other than to force Israel into using nukes to defend itself,

    Anyone else want to take a stab as to what the goal of our policy is?

  2. You want something to think about? Consider this…
    If the Rothschilds created Israel, why would they allow its destruction?

  3. WeeWeed says:

    Israel. Come immigrate to Texas. With y’all and the Mossad we’d be awesome. Then we’ll secede.

    Sincerely, W2

  4. truthfan7 says:

    I’m just reading a report in Jerusalem Post.. 2 rockets fired from Sinai into southern Israel…
    presumably from Egyptian forces/terrorists, whatever they are calling themselves.

    • czarowniczy says:

      The Sinai ain’t necessarily Egyptian – Israel has to approve any additions of Egyptian forces to the only sector Egypt is allowed to have a military presence in. Sinai’s cut into four areas, north to south, with Egyptian military in the sector closest to Egypt. Next sector has a police force in it to limit keep the peace and serve as a buffer between Egypt and the International Force. The next sector has no Egyptian forces – it’s where the International peacekeepers (yeah, yeah, I get the irony) are based and the final sector, on the Israeli border, is under Israeli control. I doubt the missiles were fired from the Israeli controlled sector but it’s quite possible that – given the spaces between the international forces – they could have been fired from there on a mobile platform. Quite likely that Morsi gave the go-ahead for the firings to have been done without interference from the police in the second sector or allowed the mobile launcher to leave one of the first two sectors, fire, and scoot back to its base. Tacit help for Hamas without getting his hands obviously dirty.

      • czarowniczy says:

        Exactly, while the Sinai is technically ‘Egypt’ the Egyptians only have unfettered access to a thin portion on the far western border. Egypt can assist Hamas/Hezbollah in their actions by having the ‘police’ in the 3rd sector ignore the launcher’s movements or redeploy the police to give the firing parties a larger sanitized area to work in, but that’s about it. The reports seem to indicate, from the locations of the hits, that the rockets are being fired at extreme ranges, indicating to me at least that they are being fired from the police zone away from the International zone.

  5. truthfan7 says:

    If the elimination of Israel is Mr. Obama’s plan that is unfortunate for him as Someone else already has made plans for that nation, and He made them, and told them to his prophets a very long time ago.

  6. Mikado Cat says:

    Google maps satellite view of Israel and surrounding states is educational. Look at the level of agriculture, roads, where there is rain and where there isn’t.

    • lovemygirl says:

      I’m guessing the lush agriculture farms Israel left Gaza in the North are gone. :(

    • Sharon says:

      When my 67 year old mother went on a tour of Israel and Egypt in 1972, she recorded this in her travel diary as they were passing through Caesarea:

      ….it’s been so pretty driving along the ocean. We passed a village of Arabs. They are so different than the Jews. Not as energetic; nor as clean, but maybe there’s a reason for that.

      A couple of days earlier, she had written about their flight from Copenhagen to Cairo with airport stops in Vienna and Istanbul:

      Vienna looked beautiful what we could see from the airport. They had such modern, nearly all-glass buses, and the terminals looked so shiny and clean.

      Istanbul was a different story, so poorly lit, and in the terminal so few lights on. Everyone looked so dark with their covered heads and long robes and no one spoke English. So many little shops in the terminals but we didn’t buy anything. Was dark and scary.

  7. lovemygirl says:

    For the first time in my life I am thinking that a Military Coup might be good for the Country.

    • yankeeintx says:

      Maybe that is why he is getting rid of all of our top Generals, he knows there are enough of us that will want to stop him.

    • Sharon says:

      Some in the officer ranks are firmly in support of the fundamental transformation of America.

      • czarowniczy says:

        There are some 500 general grade (1 thru 4 star) generals in the military today, virtually guaranteeing that the higher the grade you look at the more astute a politician that individual is. To get to a four-star grade you are not guaranteed to have the sharpest points on your star but you can be damned sure that the 4-star is the best politician in the 3-star pack he just vaulted out of. The Army, for example, is capped at 7 4-stars out of a total limit of 230ish 1 thru 4 stars the Army is legally allowed to have. The ‘ish’ comes because if you are serving as Chair or Vice chair of the JCS or as head of Guard Bureau you do not count against that cap and create a 4-star hole that allows some colonel to get his first star and start to play the Grand Game. In theory the Army, limited to 230 generals, could have 232 if two of the 4-stras were Chair and vice chair of the JCS. I go into these numbers because it seems that God, when we are in a war for the survival of civilization, allows the cream of this crop to float to the top, the best strategists instead of the best politicians. In WW II the likes of Bradley, Eisenhower, Nimitz and Arnold came out of a far larger pool, just to where we needed them when we needed them. need them. In Korea the likes of McArthur, Ridgeway and Church came up. In Vitenam Taylor, Abrams and Westmoreland (my old boss) came around and in Desert Storm we had Stormin’ Norman, who didn’t look like he could pass a PT test on a dare, comes out to score a win. I’m not saying that there were none after them but I presume that by now you’re getting my drift – a lotta general grade officers It seems that even with a lot of Clinton-approved officer put into the flag officer race and a lot of Obamaesque approvals being shined up for the chute, God somehow always makes sure that what we need in a time of need is there for the taking. I suppose the more secular military followers will pooh-pooh that, citing military training and all of the ticket-punching bells and whistles the military has to grow and nurture general officers but for the this country’s history we’ve always had the right guy come up at the right time to pull off a win. The Kaiser couldn’t do it, Hitler couldn’t do it, Mao, Stalin and James Earl Cater couldn’t do it, so I’m sure that the that the same divine spirits that have pulled this country’s cookies out of the fires many times are not about to let the POtuS’s machinations throw the US under a bus by peeing in our general officer pool. Not scientific but MHO all the same.

        • Sharon says:

          Thanks for all the info and the summary of the “big picture” ….

          • czarowniczy says:

            Remember when they used to show ‘The Big Picture” on B&W TV?

            • Sharon says:

              Oh, shoot—sorry to say I don’t. I’m 110 years old, but didn’t own a TV until about 1969, and didn’t watch much at all….. :(

              • czarowniczy says:

                The Big Picture was an Army ‘propaganda’ program that highlighted various battles, technological advances, weapons systems, anything that could grab the public’s interest and portray the Army in a light that would make Americans feel good about it. They were also used for recruiting and internally as training/morale tools. Ads they portrayed the Army as militaristic (DUH) and showed violence as an unacceptable extension of American foreign policy all of the networks refused to carry it any more – during Vietnam and just about the time you got your TV.

  8. Sharon says:

    The link is to Joel Rosenberg’s blog…providing updates on the action in Israel.

    An approaching date with considerable significance:

    (from his post)

    …. the Palestinian leadership has asked for and been promised a vote in the U.N. General Assembly on November 29th for the world to declare an official Palestinian state. Before this week’s violent escalation by Hamas, the Palestinians were all-but-assured of a winning vote. Now there is some doubt. Some governments around the world are going to be hesitant to vote to create a Palestinian state when a major portion of Palestinian-controlled territory has fired more than 700 rockets and missiles at Israeli civilians. Netanyahu doesn’t want to take actions that could trigger more sympathy and support for the Palestinian state initiative.

  9. 22tula says:

    1 hour ago in Israel
    Vlad Tepes – November 17, 2012

    • Sharon says:

      :( Thank you for linking…

      And the United States of America no longer can be considered their ally, which is logical since the obaMadministration does not defend freedom and does not stand with freedom-loving people.

      Fundamental transformation, indeed. obama is a promise keeper of the very worst sort.

  10. czarowniczy says:

    If I were Israel I wouldn’t trust the US to take out the garbage. Let’s start just at WW II: we sold out the entire Eastern area of Europe to Stalin AND left some 24,00 US and Brit POWs in Stalin’s gulags to work and die there. In Korea we sold out the Koreans – or at least half of them – after pushing the NKs right back to the Yalu. We also left a few thousand US POWs in NK, Russian (again) and Chinese hands. In Vietnam we sold out the Hmong and Nung, when we left we left them to the Vietnamese Communists and Russians who spent decades slowly killing thousands and thousands of them. Oh yeah – we again left a few thousand US POWs in Vietnamese, Russian and Chinese Communist hands. In Desert Storm we used the Kurds and then abandoned them, almost immediately, to Saddam who went back to his favorite pastime of killing them. The Marsh Arabs too, we left them, but in all fairness we didn’t use them that much so it wasn’t all that… Oh yeah, there were about 20 MIA but we solved that by just declaring them all KIA – that was easy.
    You get the idea, US politicians will throw anyone under the bus – US military included – when it suits their purposes. I guess they also remember the US turning away boats full of refugee Jews before December, 1941. they were sent back to Europe where most of them ended up in the furnaces. Might also remember the US government saying that it had no knowledge of what was going on in the camps until they were liberated in 1945 – something proven a bald-faced lie later on. Hell, we in the Us can’t even trust the current government to stand with us.

    • Sharon says:

      I’ve been aware of the possibilities and some theories, but have never seen documentation that provides certainty: do you have sources on the POWS left behind in WWII, Korea and Vietnam? Or does the murkiness and coverups involved in some of that make “documentation” hard to come by?

      I don’t doubt the lack of character obvious in our government….just don’t want to fill in blank places of history without knowing what I’m using to fill them with!

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