Sssshhhhhhh, don’t tell the media…… It’s all Coinky Dink N’ Stuff….. Dontchaknow !

CBS hid the fact that Dear Leader denied Terrorists attacked the compound in Benghazi….  The media hid the fact that our nation was dropped from the Global Prosperity rankings.….  The Administration also hid the fact that a U.S. Drone came under attack from Iran before the election…..   So hush, hush, nudge, nudge, wink, wink….  Better keep this a secret too.  Mmmkay?

The election is over, and now the economic future can be predicted with increased certainty;  Hence, decisions can be made.  So yesterday…… Energizer laying off 1,500 employees now.  Boeing announcing massive defense sector layoffs.   Pepsi Co announces it is laying off 4,000 employees ASAP.

Forty Five Private Sector CEO’s are now first up to announce their plans - number crunching mode - post-election:

Westinghouse announces massive layoffs.   Research In Motion announces US layoffs and moves operations to Canada.  US Cellular announces urgent reduction in employee ahead of end of quarter close.  Commerzbank lays off employees and closes operations.  Iberia Co announces layoffs.  ING Co. files public notification of layoffs.  Ericsson announces reductions to labor force in advance of Obamacare implementation.  Kroger Supermarket chain eliminates Full Time jobs and reduces hours for all employees.    Bristol-Myers sends lay-off notices to employees.

Corning Co. presents reduction in labor force plan.  Boston Scientific Corp announces layoffs by end of year.  Abbots Labs reveals plans to reduce labor operations ahead of Obamacare implementation.   St. Jude Hospital Corp sends announcements of labor reductions to employees ahead of holiday season.   Caterpillar announces plant closures and permanent layoff plans.   Lightyear Haqwker and Hawker Beechcraft announce severe labor cuts.

The Stock Market has dropped 500 points…

The Dollar has dropped to it’s weakest point in last 3 years…..

Harry Reid just promised to make the national Debt $19 Trillion for THIS YEAR’s debt ceiling increase…..

……and the Worst Yet…… Obama says he’ll use “Carbon Taxes” to pay down deficit.

And we’ve only just past 48 hours.

Federal deficit as a percentage of GDP 

Unfunded Obligations  (compared to prior historical bailouts) Treasury, CBO, GAO

Under current law, the costs of Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security will rise substantially.   If this spending is maintained through federal income tax, tax rates will more than double, even for the lowest tax bracket.  (CBO Analysis)

Increased Tax Rates Necessary to Maintain Current Entitlement Spending

Yes, the lowest bracket is 25%, Mid income 63%, High Income 88% and, wait for it,.. ….Projected U.S. Corporate Income Tax Rate 88%

Remember, ssshhhhh !

It’s just all coinky dink n stuff….. Mmmmkay !

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46 Responses to Sssshhhhhhh, don’t tell the media…… It’s all Coinky Dink N’ Stuff….. Dontchaknow !

  1. Aoife Crane says:

    We’re small business people here in central Florida and as a good friend and fellow business woman told me yesterday: “we cut fat in 2008/2009, reduced the meat in 2010/2011 and now in 2012 we’re only bare bones. ” We’re thinking of where our cuts will be and it will involve hours to be sure. I can guarantee you many of these employees voted for Obama and I’ll be curious to hear what they have to say about the cuts. Couple these cuts from all sectors with the increase in prices of everything due to rising fuel and our electric bills (because of the attacks on the coal industry, where this country gets most of its electricity) and the middle class is going to really be hurting. I wish I could sit back and laugh about it but it affects us all, not just the stupids among us, and it’s tough to see something you’ve worked hard to build, that was doing quite well until 2009, barely surviving.

    • ragnar says:

      Give it up. It won’t work. It will just get worse from here. Think survival. Batten down the hatches. Cash out now. Your ee’s are stupid dolts. Fahgettaboutem. When Hurricane Obama makes landfall it be a coming down.

    • michellc says:

      We had already went bare bones. As of today we’re totally barebones. It’s back to just me and my husband.
      We have to try to eek out a living, we still have a mortgage payment to make. So we’ll do our best and cash out our savings. Everything we have left over we’ll cash out as well.
      Thankfully we were told a long time ago to never put all your eggs in one basket, so we can make it for awhile, but it’s either keep making the payment or pay off the house which would take a major hit on our life savings.
      We’re still though not financially able to close down shop yet, so they’ll still get our taxes.

      Even my sister who voted for Romney asked me this morning I don’t understand why the election has anything to do with all these people being layed off. I told her I can’t believe you just said that, I’ll give you a run down of the rosy side of the picture, tax increases, spending increases, Obamacare, deficits as high as the eye can see and gutting the military and carbon taxes. That’s why the election had everything to do with it. Now you say I scare you when I tell you the worst that can happen, so I’m just going to hang up and once again remind you to always keep at least 1/2 tank in your car so when the SHTF you can make it to my house, because I’ll be too busy battening down the hatches to come rescue you. I’ve warned all of you for years and listened to how little sis is a little nuts with her thinking the black helicopters are coming to get her and thinking she can live off the land like it was the 1800′s, sadly I think the time is coming very soon where all of you older than me, wiser than me family is going to be glad little sis was a little crazy.

      • scubachick75 says:

        My mom, dad, and sister all voted for Obama. I’m so mad that I don’t even want to speak to them, let alone see them. My husband has been so generous to my entire family. We bought my mom a new car, pay her car insurance, cell phone and her monthly $150 hair appt. We pay for my sister’s cell phone and monthly $150 hair appt, school clothes for all 3 of her kids every year and loan them money whenever they need it. We never hold anything over their head. They repay us by voting for Obama knowing that it will destroy our business. The same business that they have benefited from for the last 17 years. They are in for a rude awakening and better hope they can qualify for one of those free Obama phones. This bank is closed. And their reason for voting for Obama…..they don’t like Romney’s views on abortion!! How can I be related to these people??

  2. lovemygirl says:

    What sucks for me is a job in hand just disappeared. My final interview with a company you mentioned was suddenly cancelled.

    • That sucks. Really, I’m sorry to hear that…. :( Have faith; and be deliberate.

      • ragnar says:

        We are now a doomed democracy. They always collapse. Not if, when. The 47% is actually the 52%. A failed democracy is always followed by a dictatorship. Will it be a leftist or a right wing dictatorship? Who knows. We have never been a democracy before. Now we are.

        • John Galt says:

          What if the House stonewalls on spending any money? Can they force a total government shutdown / collapse? It would be the best thing that could happen. Shut ‘er down.

          • ragnar says:

            Won’t happen. They will play. Don’t you think? It is all so far gone I don’t think it can be fixed now. They are just blame shifting. Even Maddoff could not keep it going too much longer.

    • ragnar says:

      Hurricane Obama is on its way. Be prepared. This is the eve of destruction. Do you know anything about survival? I am taking a crash course. Trying to outfit a boat to be almost self sustaining. Nobody will hire in the face of Obamacare. If you think this is bad wait a couple months. I will proudly fly the Jolly Roger.

      • John Galt says:

        A friend of mine is negotiating to buy a boat in Friday Harbor, Washington. He says that he can live on seafood.

        • ragnar says:

          I am looking for the right Pirate Ship myself. Yes you can live on seafood in a pinch. Or any chickens you can steal ashore:) Spam gets old after a while. I am looking to become as self sustaining as I can. A four year hiatus to the out-out islands if needed. I am working on my water distiller now. Fired by driftwood I can get on the beach. I found a 12 volt freezer that can run off solar and wind turbine so I can get ice for my Rum. It is fun. This election drove me over the edge. When it all goes South I go further South.

        • apachetears says:

          Fishing license are regulated by the government, you cannot fish anywhere or anytime that the regulations cover I’d say right to the limit of National waters salt and fresh.
          Similar to Whitetail hunting it only happens during hunting season and when it’s not in season it’s poaching which results in forfeiture of equipment and vehicles as well as boats if caught. let’s not even talk about endangered sea life you may be harming. Right here in drought conditions a badly needed reservoir to store more water has been turned down because of a Mussel called the pocket book Mussel thought to be extinct. About 100 were found in the creek that would have filled the lake. People, animals, and crops from agriculture can die from a lack of water because government cares more about a mussel.
          You cannot count on hunting or fishing to live under current government regulations.

      • allhail2 says:

        ragnar, funny you mention the Jolly Roger, I just pulled mine out last night and put it in my truck. I may be stuck on land, but in the mountains, she will proudly fly.

    • ctdar says:

      I’m sorry lovemygirl

    • michellc says:

      I’m sorry. I know people still have to find some way to make a living, we all have to have a roof over our heads and most of us have a mortgage to pay.

      • ragnar says:

        I was to start a 6 month project next week. I do not know now if it will go ahead. Oh well.

        • michellc says:

          I was kidding my husband last night before we went to bed, maybe we can win the lottery, pay everything off, give them the last of our taxes and turn the rest of it into gold, silver, lead, guns and ammo and into bartering items.
          Then we wouldn’t have to play their game anymore. Grow our own food, grow our own animal food.

          • ragnar says:

            That sounds like a lot more fun than watching Shep Smith! :)

            • michellc says:

              I haven’t turned the news on since Tuesday night. If I could talk my husband into it, I’d cancel satellite tomorrow.

          • apachetears says:

            SEE: Randy Weaver at Ruby Ridge.

            • michellc says:

              True. But I don’t have a better plan. We could leave the country but would probably end up worse off.
              Not that I’m in danger of winning the

              We don’t have a lot of choices though and can’t afford at this time to not play their game and fund their takeover, but when the SHTF, I don’t think they’re going to be coming after us.
              I’d rather die on my feet than die on my knees.

              • ragnar says:

                I think there is time to get ready. It takes a hoard of Locusts a while to denude a country this big. They are hungry but can only eat at a certain speed. But get going.

    • Patriot Dreamer says:

      So sorry to hear that. :(

  3. caruhsel says:

    Speaking of Iran, a leading Proggie ( or 2) ramble on incoherently, more blah, blah, blah)

  4. winstonsmith6079 says:

    And this is just the START of the avalanche!
    There is a rule that for every six jobs filled another ‘support’ job is created – restaurant, trucking, grocery and such. The corollary would be “for every six jobs LOST another ‘support’ job is LOST”!
    This article lists FIVE THOUSAND, FIVE HUNDRED jobs down the tubes – thus another THOUSAND ‘support’ LOST and that loss would cause 166 MORE JOBS GONE – just in the companies whose numbers are known!
    And for more brown icing (and I DON”T mean chocolate!) on the cake, SIXTEEN MAJOR COMPANIES are listed as planning to announce severe labor cuts!

    • ragnar says:

      Batten down mon. It is gonna get bumpy. The hapless, helpless, population has no clue. Just look at NJ. They think Obama himself is gonna fly in with a chopper and save them.

    • John Galt says:

      The job picture will just get worse. The coming generation is too stupid to compete in a tech world economy. US ranks 47th in quality of math and science education.

  5. myopiafree says:

    And “The Market” gave a vote of “No Confidence” – by dropping 300 points the day-after. This is not going to “end well”.

    • ragnar says:

      Cramer and the Crats on CNBC are all frowning. I thought they would be jubilant. They were all for Obama. I wonder if people are cashing out their 401k plans?

      • John Galt says:

        Like the dog that keeps catching the car, but still doesn’t know how to drive.

      • flaladybug says:

        I told my husband last nite we needed advice on our 401k. Lost 3/4 of it during Clinton BS…have it back up now but it’s in 100% “safety no risk”. Thinking we should take withdrawal hit and get it while we can….any advice? Thanks ;)

  6. John Galt says:

    DJIA down 3.28% in two days, so far.

    No worries, America didn’t build that.

  7. labrat says:
    I found this useful site to counter the prog propaganda going around on FB. Like this for example:

  8. ctdar says:

    Here’s list by day of job layoffs for the last week:

  9. Mike says:

    Just when I get really depressed about Obama being re-elected, I hear the simpering neocons squeal about Iran shooting at a drone. Remember the drone of Iranian air space that they shot down two years ago. I promise you that the Iranians remember that and would justifiably consider it an act of war.

    Give up the foreign policy bs. We will probably never have another post 9/11 time when foreign policy swayed voters. We are too poor as a country to fight any more pointless wars.

  10. Mikado Cat says:

    Think 2014 and 2016, make them count, make a real change.

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