Common Sense Resistance – A New Beginning

(HatTip Maksim) I’m sure most know who Bill Whittle is.  He made this video late Tuesday night just hours after the election was decided.   It is long (90 minutes), he rambles some, gets off point at times, but what he lays out is truly revolutionary.  It should be watched this in its entirety.   You may scoff and dismiss it, or just disagree, that’s fine it’s an idea that’s not for everyone.

He is not trying to sell anything – he is presenting the orgin of an idea, a concept.   However, please refrain from commenting on the video unless you have actually watched it in its entirety.   This is considerable, and deep, and takes a while to digest.

“A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy, always followed by a dictatorship.

The average age of the world’s greatest civilizations has been 200 years. Great nations rise and fall. The people go from bondage to spiritual truth, to great courage, from courage to liberty, from liberty to abundance, from abundance to selfishness, from selfishness to complacency, from complacency to apathy, from apathy to dependence, from dependence back again to bondage.”

-Alexander Tytler

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111 Responses to Common Sense Resistance – A New Beginning

  1. Thomas A. says:

    LIKE…… sign me up.

  2. ytz4mee says:

    Okay, so I listened to the whole thing, making notes, and went back a few times over some of the key points. Right off the top of my head, in complete honesty, here are my thoughts:
    (a) Bill Whittle is a promoter and this is a convenient platform to launch his new “brand” – “Common Sense Resistance”. I was immediately turned off by that, because the Obama entourage continually crows about the value of the Obama “brand” and the parallels were too … can’t go there.
    (b) He is a little late to the party, which I will cover in some separate comments so people can add/distract from.
    (c) Finding it hard to take on board the idea that some guy named Thad McCotter had a “profound thought” :-)

    With that, I will comment –

    I agree, wholeheartedly, that we don’t waste another second looking back, and that this is the night that freed a lot of America.

    Yes. It was almost a relief, because a choice had been made. A line drawn in the sand. I am not angry, and I refuse to be baited by the Obama supporters who want to bait so they can “gloat”. Instead, I have turned to them and stated, “Congratulations. You got want you wanted, enjoy”.
    They own this now. All of it.

    • a)Then this is not for you. If you believe he doesn’t have the right to make money from his idea or that somehow makes it evil or wrong because he promotes what he has in his head then you need to move along. You assumed immediately that profit or self improvement, self promotion motive was somehow bad. I actually don’t even think he has even thought it through enough to do that but I do believe that your immediate response is a symptom of a much bigger problem with your common sense being broken. Even if he did it to promote his new idea….good, we need that, more of it. If you want to demonize that, then you probably would fit in better somewhere else.
      c) perhaps you were kidding but the late Thad McCotter was a great man and one of the last good guys who went to Washington only to be kicked out by the machine. The fact that you don’t know who he was also means this may not be the place for you.
      I may seem a little harsh but I do not suffer infiltration of anti free market thinking anymore. I am done being nice. Demonizing idea creators is one of the reasons why we are in decline and embracing socialism.

      • ytz4mee says:

        c) perhaps you were kidding but the late Thad McCotter was a great man and one of the last good guys who went to Washington only to be kicked out by the machine. The fact that you don’t know who he was also means this may not be the place for you.

        the “late” Thad McCotter? Someone better tell him you’re writing his eulogy. Last time I checked, he was guest hosting the Dennis Miller show at the end of November.

        And I don’t know who you are, but it’s pretty presumptuous of you to tell me to leave my own house.

      • Sharon says:

        You are going to tell our ytz to “move along”???? That fact that you would imply so many things about her response says a whole lot more about you than it does about ytz.

        You don’t “seem a little harsh.” You seem very rude or very stupid. (actually one or both–you choose)

        “This may not be the place for you”??? You come into our living room and say that to ytz? The fact that you have no idea how stupid that makes you look actually means this may not be the place for you.

        Ytz doesn’t need my defending her, but I just felt the need to bop you upside the head.. Good grief. Git yerself some manners. Even Colorado cowboys (the gentlemen among them) know enough not to track manure into a lady’s house. You not only tracked it in the house–ya got the smell of the fresh stuff hanging ’round ya like a cloud.

    • Ytz, I think you missed the bigger picture.

      • ytz4mee says:

        I understand the “giving up” on elections and what he is advocating. You wanted some analysis of how he proposes to go about it and examples. I don’t see anything novel in his advocacy. I’ve long part of a group that has lived our lives exactly this way for quite some time now. I gave it everything I had this time. I made the effort. I went to sleep knowing that I had done everything I could do. Tuesday night, I didn’t look back. And I agree – this is their world, the one they chose, they can have it, we will build our own.

  3. ytz4mee says:

    You have a problem when:
    * people think they are entitled to not work
    * when the number of people voting other people’s money exceeds half the population
    *selfish, litigious, dependent (and I would add – shallow)
    *something for nothing
    *the concept of virtue – that there are not enough virtuous people to NOT take things that are offered to them that they DID NOT EARN
    *no moral guidelines

    It is a recitation of facts that we all have known prior to this decision. So, yes.

  4. ytz4mee says:

    We win with solutions that involve private enterprise. Yes.
    Private enterprise that is voluntarily funded from free will. Yes.
    You have to be willing to pay extra. Yes.

    Agreed. All of these are “givens” for “fundamental change”.

    Essentially he is arguing the case for decentralization and diffusion, but
    without any push-back resistance.

    Yes to decentralization
    Yes to diffusion
    No to avoidance of any meaningful resistance or pushback

  5. ytz4mee says:

    Homeschooling: “A second full time job”. Yes.
    However – I firmly reject any notion of “standardized testing” or “standardized curriculum” as that puts you in the trap of top-down mandatory schooling from the Frankfurt school that got us into this mess in the first time. Our Founding Fathers did not have “standardized testing” or a “standardized curriculum”. They were almost to a man all homeschooled, and I doubt that there is an American alive today who thinks they were not well-educated.

    As far as his offering of an “Academy” there are already several private market entities that provide this service, if that is your desired direction. And we already have “standardized testing”. It’s called the SAT. Ignore adequately preparing for it at your own peril, especially if you are a homeschooled student and seek admission to a college.

    Along with the concept of decentralization and diffusion that he is advocating, there are already nodes – homeschool co-ops – throughout the country, which have taken this concept and been up and running with it for over a decade now. Our co-op operates out of the Sundy School wing of our parish church. He’s not selling anything “new” there. The HSDLA (Homeschooling Defense League) has been at the forefront at energizing and advocating this movement.

    This is one of the key points that I disagree with him. Push back and resistance is important, especially since the teacher’s unions work voraciously to restrict or deny the rights of parents to even have the option to homeschool. Sorry, Bill, you can’t just “ignore them” and go on your merry way.

    And yes, currently, you have to pay twice, and the Leviathan that is local school boards will continue to grow and swallow resources — unless they are Resisted and Pushed Back. So, reducing the reach of the state must be a two pronged approach:
    (a) reject their offerings by choosing to homeschool
    (b) advocate, protest, resist at the local level to reduce the amount of levies sent to the school board (starve the beast)
    (c) advocate, protest and resist at the federal level to dismantle the federal DOE on ideological grounds. That is part of the long term battle that MUST be won and ground that must not be conceded.

  6. ytz4mee says:

    “there is no way to fight this government”.

    disagree. that is part of the premise of going galt. starve the beast.
    while still doing all the other things.
    passive resistance is just as important as all the other things.

    • ragnar says:

      Ragnar sez. Disrupt their supply lines. Do anything and everything you can to avoid and detach from giving your money to the system. Only choking of their flow of revenue will stop them now. I am no longer a participant in it. Defunding is the only solution. Stop putting in and start taking out. I will not be the Beast of Burden for these creatures.

  7. ytz4mee says:

    “change how you view yourself …. independent contractors”

    Yes. But many people already do this, as do those who are “going Galt”. Galt isn’t total withdrawal from productivity, it is greatly diminishing the inputs you put into the system for the state to grab.

    Again, it sounds like he wants to reinvent the wheel, as part of an effort to push his “brand” and website. There are already various mediums of exchange for labor and services – barter type networks, skills exchange banks, time credit banks, bit coins as an electronic, non-state currency.

    • ragnar says:

      Pieces of Eight my friend. Pieces of Eight. We must become Pirates. The GOP-E has become part of the problem. Thus they can not be part of the solution. The treasury must be drained. This can never be “fixed.”

  8. Frank Mutchler says:

    Bill Whittle makes the following points:
    • Virtue is not the natural state of man.
    • Virtue has to be taught.
    • Our culture has actively destroyed virtue.
    • Our government is too big to turn around.
    • The school districts are too big to turn around.
    • Half the country still wants virtue.
    • What are we going to do? We will ignore the government.
    • Things will get worse and worse but eventually the government will cease to exist.
    While waiting for that to happen he suggests:
    • We will obey the letter of the law in order to avoid conflict with the government.
    • We will use the internet as a matrix to construct self-funding parallel structures that will effectively replace our non-virtuous culture with a shadow, virtuous culture.
    • A large enough group of American giving $10.00/mos to a private corporation would provide the funding for the shadow culture.
    I haven’t included everything but I think the above summary is fair.
    I would like to ask:
    • A ‘people of virtue’….who defines virtue? Those currently in power see what they are doing as completely virtuous when measured by their own standards, not ours.
    • Every religion in the world has its own concept of what virtue is and how one achieves a virtuous state.
    • Do we think the government will not see private enterprise as a non-virtuous threat? It already does. How will you protect what you build from the govt? Ignoring the government is not a viable defense. Nazi Germany? The USSR? Imperial Rome?
    • Are we expected to obey the letter of the law if the law is anti-Christian? Anti-Jewish? Anti-(place your noun here)
    Suppose you develop cancer and you seek medical advise from your doctor. If he suggests that you change your lifestyle, eat healthy & exercise and the cancer will shrink and go away, would you accept his advice?
    As a Christian I am instructed that “We are not fighting against humans. We are fighting against forces and authorities and against rulers of darkness and powers in the spiritual world.” The challenge to Christians is not to re-invent the wheel and certainly not to put a fresh coat of paint on the same old wheel but to become part of an entirely new type of wheel.
    I’m afraid I find Mr. Whittle’s advice to be a simplistic, idealistic, and unrealistic therapy for the cancer that has infected not just our once great nation but the entire cosmos.

    • ytz4mee says:

      I agree. The appeal to “virtue” WAS made but it just didn’t sell. Like Rush said, how can you compete against Santa Claus? This isn’t a moral failing that will be solved overnight.
      The better solution is to lead by deed and example.

      This was an election grounded in the tenets of revenge and retribution. They won. People honestly feel that there’s an endless magical money tree that can be plucked.
      The Left wanted us to be angry, and are upset that we refuse to be.
      Okay. You “won”. Good for you. You got what you wanted. Enjoy!
      It demonstrates we are not defeated, we are not demoralized, we have decided to opt out.
      They don’t know how to cope with that.

      • JaSamGH says:

        “The Left wanted us to be angry, and are upset that we refuse to be.
        Okay. You “won”. Good for you. You got what you wanted. Enjoy!
        It demonstrates we are not defeated, we are not demoralized, we have decided to opt out.”
        Loved this! This is Exactly what they wanted and they are really chafing at the bit that we are not doing much more than shaking our heads sympathetically for them. It especially makes them feel foolish for all of the threats of riots and violence they promised in the event they couldn’t steal the election.
        I’m not sure exactly how I feel about this new shadow society, but I am going to investigate it as much as possible. We have to do something!

  9. ytz4mee says:

    Support networks …

    Again – these already exist. Many existed well before even the Tea Party, although the Tea Party has done a good job of creating webpages and links to resources so like-minded people can find each other and hook up. The Treehouse is a virtual support network. The issue is that people have to decide to reach out and connect into them.

    “You don’t get to be Churchill’s in the sunlight”.

    On that account, he is right. With JarJar’s promise of “payback” and a President who exhorted his followers to vote “Revenge”, anyone who openly resists in the sunlight will be singled out for special attention – a time honored tradition. Torture and slaughter one openly and the rest will be meek as mice. So resistance must be more subtle, more passive and more underground now.
    They think they won because the vocal opposition of the Tea Party has melted away. They could not be more wrong. It has simply gone underground out of necessity. The Patriots who dared to defy King George weren’t “Churchill’s in the sunlight” either, but they continued on their path of active and passive resistance. That is the model that must be followed for as part of the long term strategy in the battle for IDEAS and BELIEFS. To restore VIRTUE.

    That’s my take on his pitch. That and a Metro pass will get you on the subway, for what it’s worth.

    • ragnar says:

      “When robbery is done in open daylight by sanction of the law, as it is done today, then any act of honor or restitution has to be hidden underground.”

  10. Just A Fellow says:

    I’ve been thinking along the same lines all morning long. Look around you (depending on how your county voted) almost half of those you see think you should provide for them. They would gladly take from you in order to satisfy their immediate wants. Almost half of those around you would scoff at self sacrifice and hard work, they are satisfied with their government subsidy check, their 50″ flat screen (which I can’t afford) and watching Joy Behar sneer at the work ethic and the stable family of a very decent man, Mitt Romney. Almost half of those around you won’t care to exercise just the smallest amount of cerebral activity to contemplate and then understand the entrepreneurial risk and stress a skilled business person with a dream goes through just to get their business off the ground. Instead half of the population will grumble that this rich guy isn’t paying his fair share for their labor, so they’ll gang up on him in union form and force him to either capitulate or go under. A society like this will not survive. I don’t know how long it will take, and I don’t want it to happen, but the laws of nature and economy will eventually pull rank and decide what will stand and what will fall. The time has come to stock up, team up with those of similar sober mind, organize and hunker down. In time the other half will come begging at your door or try to break in and take what they want, but unlike the grasshopper and the ant this won’t be a happy ending for them. The lesson is past learning and because they wont be allowed inside they’ll have to figure out another way to ride out the economic storm. Their selfishness caused this mess. Let them deal with the consequences.

  11. rumpole2 says:

    I watched it. I am not in the mood to be too deep in my appraisal, but I did like that he put into words the concept of “virtuous people”. People who don’t then need government control… people of good conscience. People who take personal responsibility. As I have opined about the NZ experience, when I “joking” blame things on “Socialism” I am talking about the overall mindset of people now. A lack of personal responsibility and a dependence mentality. Perhaps this could also be described as many people not being virtuous as they once were.
    Someone once described USA as a place where people succeed DESPITE Government.. and I have felt that was the case. It was at least a place to look to for inspiration. I followed the 2008 election closely and was shocked and saddened to see the result… .. now it seems worst fears are confirmed.
    I am not sure I go along totally with Bill Whittle, but as he says this is just a base.. it could develop in many ways.
    I know in an informal way I try to ignore the government here and operate somewhat parallel to it. For example we do have State run “die while you wait” Health care which I contribute to through taxes… yet my wife and I have private health insurance as well.

    • waltherppk says:

      I have the impression you have a pretty good bead on what happened just like i do. Looks like the pot is still boiling so I am not going into it until the stew cools a bit.

  12. ragnar says:

    LET”S TAKE THEM DOWN! Guy Grand strikes again.

  13. emmieaz says:

    Though I applaud his enthusiasm and the fact that he is actually putting something on the table, it ignores the reality that we are battling evil, and evil will win this battle, though not the war. I see through a Biblical world view and it was written that the world will come under the rule of the evil one for a season. I believe the virtuous in the USA was the last domino to fall so that antichrist can come to power.
    That being said, even from a secular view, how is what he proposes any different from what we have now? You are free to commerce as you please using your own money (after tax) so long as you don’t break the law. We have that already. Like someone said above, he is reinventing the wheel. The very problem is that we have to pay 50% of our hard earned money to support the parasites who don’t work to the governing bodies. If you ignore that and live happily, then you are living happily as a slave. He is telling us to accept our fate and make the best of what we do have. The gov would find a way to come after any producers to somehow get their share or put a stop to production if they can’t. The gov will not allow themselves to become irrelevent. There will be blood shed whether we want it or not.

  14. Bill’s idea depends almost entirely on the Internet.
    In the 1930s and 40s, radio Networks depended on the telephone wires of AT&T for interconnectivity.

    If the Government has control of the Internet, like AT&T controlled the phone lines, there lies the Achilles’ Heel of Bill’s idea.

  15. yankeeintx says:

    He is a really good salesman, but it won’t work on US soil. For example, if you build a brick and mortar school, and it is a success, people will notice. Even if they opposed it from the beginning, and didn’t contribute, their sense of entitlement will take over. They will want the same for their children and will use what ever is at their disposal to interfere. The only reason why they don’t interfere with homeschool co-ops now, is it would take actual parental involvement.

    • Omar says:

      Exactly….and they will take their discrimination cases to court because their kid couldn’t get in….or because their kid didn’t do as well once they did get in. And the courts will uphold them and force the new, parallel school to dumb down the curriculum so suzy charity case doesn’t get left behind. And while we’re busy obeying those laws, they are using those laws to take over our parallel world too.

      • stellap says:

        In my town we have a special high school that prepares students for technical careers. The local school system partners with a local technological university, and children outside of the school system are admitted; they have a lot of minority students from the “city”. These students were admitted strictly on merit.

        A couple of years ago a group, B.A.M.N. (by any means necessary) began picketing – not at the school, but in the downtown shopping area. They also strong-armed local businesses to put up posters criticizing University High School. Their complaint? Supposedly the UHS didn’t provide all of the amenities available at the regular public high school, such as sports teams etc. Their real goal was to create a “regional” school district. In other words, give the city kids (all of them) access to our schools (all of them), which are supported by our tax payers. That is the ultimate goal – have the suburbs support the cities.

        • Omar says:

          Right….because they can’t STAND it when they see someone else doing something to better themselves, or their children. It makes them feel inferior, and therefore, they must shut it down so that no one has more than they do. It’s a disgusting philosophy they follow!

  16. waltherppk says:

    Despair over the election results is something I understand and share. The certainty of pessimism that this election result heralds the end of the republic is something which I do not share. It could happen that way but is not completely assurred to be the result. Certainly that pessimistic view and resignation to inevitability sets aside any enthusiasm for recriminations. An unvarnished practical and factual analysis of what has happened absent any tunnel vision dictated by the principles of zealots should be done. The purse strings are still in Republican control for any legitimate operation of government. So unless the progressives are suicidally dedicated to their purpose to destroy the very republic on which they are parasites, they will understand that some compromise is necessary which will allow the republic to survive. SOS for another 4 and worse is what the pessimists predict but it is not certain that will occur or that it even can occur as a practical matter because the course may be self limiting ….you can’t get blood out of a turnip would be the applicable cliche.

    • Sharon says:

      The purse strings are still in Republican control for any legitimate operation of government

      On paper that is correct. In real time function, it hasn’t been true for some time.

      Obamacare was never passed: it was “deemed passed.” There hasn’t been a budget for 5 years: ongoing spending has been based on continuing current services, which has increased the spending every year, with the stimulus being incorporated into the baseline.

      • waltherppk says:

        Litigation can be used effectively every place that law is being violated. Lawyers and lawsuits present obstacles and burn up the clock while interfering with the lawless who can be even stopped cold by courts, politics notwithstanding. And where politics fail, then there are other options including passive resistance. There are many countermeasures to use in doing battle with evil.

      • waltherppk says:

        I agree that in practice what has occurred is lawlessness being placated and indulged excessively. So at the point that abuse is brought to screeching halt…..liberal lefties are going to have whiplash, treatment for which they will have to see their sports medicine professional who is a Republican house member. See how that works is truly a beautiful thing ….a real piece of engineering for ensuring the continuation of responsible and honest government

        • Sharon says:

          There are no constitutional points of leverage still functioning at the level of efficiency necessary to bring anything to a screeching halt. None.

          • waltherppk says:

            Not when you have crybaby Boehner asleep at the switch instead of growing a pair and doing his job.

            • Sharon says:

              As I said, there are no constitutional points of leverage still functioning at the level of….etc. etc. etc.


              • waltherppk says:

                Boehner can be replaced and he is not the only house member. If crybaby won’t do the job needed to be done then old school Republicans with some backbone (not RINO’s or NEOCONS) need to get somebody who will do the job of Speaker, somebody with an intelligent message and an attitude about duty to match.

          • waltherppk says:

            The liberal messaging now is conciliatory pickpocketing diversion saying that “the people” want bipartisan cooperation from their congressmen which means the degenerates are begging for money for their socialist utopianist agenda ……gridlock is what they want so give it to them. Reduce services to essential services appropriations and circular file and stonewall and defund everyhting else. Gridlock works fine for me.

    • The purse strings are still in Republican control for any legitimate operation of government

      Ultimately, and unfortunately, Walther you do not fully grasp the concept of “continuing resolutions”. Without a “budget” there are no “purse strings”.

      I highly recommend you do a little research into how government is funded absent of a Federal budget. The elimination of the Budget effectively nuteralizes the concepts which frame your reference….. thereby, like many, your analysis is flawed.

      You are stuck in the wrong paradigm….. and making the mistake of historical reference comparison.

      • waltherppk says:

        The house can shut down the government if it wants.
        Shut it down. Bring it to a reckoning.

        • This is incorrect – this is also why the founders created “divided government”. No single branch of government can create a “shut down”. It is impossible.

          And even if it were possible… which it is not, what you advocate for is misplaced responsibility. The burden of consequence is displaced from the true epicenter, Obama, to those of lesser fault, Congress.

          This plays right into the hands of the chosen narrative of lefists. If Congress were, which it is not, able to shut down governmental operations, which it cannot, then the burden of cause becomes theirs instead of Obama – How does this help?

          • waltherppk says:

            I disagree that the government can operate outside the law simply by excecutive order of Obama. Continuing resolutions are not provided for except as a transitional emergency measure and that has been abused to become the SOP for how Obama runs things. The house can definitely put a stop to it and the house has done so in the past. Continuing resolution DENIED ……now what? Will the Senate override that by passing a rule that the House has no authority over appropriations ? This becomes farcical.

            • First Off – Again, I respectfully request you COMPREHEND what a “continuing resolution” is.

              A budget establishes payment for governmental activity prior to the incurrance of expenditures.
              A Continuing resolution establishes payment for governmental activity AFTER the expenditure is incurred.

              Denying A Continuing Resolution during a deficit spending administration IS not stopping the expenditures. There is no method to “Deny a CR”. Raising the debt ceiling, or the refusal thereof, is the only way to stop deficit spending without a budget. There is no ‘denying the expenditure” in Continuing resolution Denied.

              • waltherppk says:

                Continuing Resolution is a type of joint resolution and its denial by either Senate or House certainly blocks the appropriation and does in fact shut down the affected operation that is thereby defunded. Continuing Resolution is properly used to maintain the operation of something that the budget appropriation for is still being debated, as a kind of delaying measure for a reckoning on the appropriation for that operation. The purpose is being subverted to allow unlawful operation of government outside of the mandated budget and appropriation proces that is supposed to occur, and the House can put a stop to it and defund the operation targeted. There should be no fear that the progressives will hate conservatives any more when approval of their lawlessness is required …making sure that the answer they are given is NO …”approval denied” …continuing resolution rejected and denied approval…the bill fails…end of story


              • waltherppk says:

                @sundancecracker we are talking about the kill switch and it does exist

                • waltherppk says:

                  It is getting crowded in the breaker room :D Who wants to pull the switch :D Somebody go wake up Speaker Boehner and tell him it’s time to cry or something

          • waltherppk says:

            The leftists want a constitutional crisis …I say give ‘em one and call it what it is.

          • jello333 says:

            Without getting too deep into this, I’ll just say that IMO, maybe the most powerful two words in the English language are “executive order”.

          • waltherppk says:

            Oh yes it is possible to shutdown the government and it is a matter of design that such a thing is possible as one of the intelligently engineered checks and balances against extremist fanatics and despots that is built into the legal foundation of the republic.

              • waltherppk says:

                Then how has it been done before if the law is followed ? House appropriations are required by law to be made as the payment authorization for disbursements for government operations and the House is the source agency for appropriation as well as for any revenue producing legislation by law. It is like you are saying the House has no function in the financial operation scheme of government when that is its primary function, that is what the house does. Has there been a rewriting or abolition of the constitution ? Or are you saying they simply ignore the constitution ? If that is the case then why not litigate the issue or is the supreme court also gone completely corrupt as well ?

                • Ugh.. ugh.. ugh… ONCE AGAIN – YOUR REFERENCE IS WRONG.

                  There is NO BUDGET – NADA – ZIPPO – ZYLCH…. So there is no process for shut down, keep up, or making peanut butter sandwiches, surrounding the “budget” that pertains.

                  THERE IS NO BUDGET.

                  If there were a budget, your mindset of laws and rules would apply. BUT THERE AINT. So quit framing the “must do’s” and cannot do’s around non-existing pertainence.

                  • waltherppk says:

                    Correct there is no budget which is precisely why there is a need for Continuing Resolution as the unconventional means of appropriation not budgeting the expense but authorizing a disbursement to pay an expense. However it is not the way that appropriation on a continuing basis is supposed to be done. And it can be stopped being done that way if the House does not pass a Continuing Resolution bill which is a law required at least every year when a conventional appropriation based on a budgeted expense would otherwise have been the normal thing to do in keeping with the law.

      • waltherppk says:

        All my life I have been told i lack a grasp of things I understand quite fully and it is still a mystery to me why that is. It is like who are you trying to convince… yourself or me ?

        • Your wiki entries only describe CR in the budgetary process. Try again.

          You are confusing people and if you continue to post confusing lies, which at this point I can only assume is intentional, then you will be sent to banned camp.

          I ain’t putting up with lies…. not from you, not from no-one. And Niavete’ is not an excuse for false statements.

          • waltherppk says:

            It is a budgetary process extension of a sort but it is more precisely a year limit temporary appropriation authority to fund things for which the budget is not really settled or approved. It does not substitute for budgetary process as an oh well we have no budget for this expense but will just keep paying whatever amount year after year until somebody follows the law and produces a budget for this particular government operation expense.

            • It does not substitute for budgetary process as an oh well we have no budget for this expense but will just keep paying whatever amount year after year until somebody follows the law….
              Let me re-write that for you: It is not supposed to substitute for budgetary process…. year after year until somebody follows the law…But it does. The 2008 first installment of a non-budgetary fiscal year wCR as a specific and intentional strategic decision by Speaker Pelosi and Harry Reid to provide unlimited resources for their candidate President Elect – Obama when he took office on day one.

              You keep referencing the absence of a budget, and CR use, as a temp process. WRONG, it is strategic, specific and intentional use of CR funding with Debt Ceiling increases as a way to avoid ANY spending restrictions on Government. This was, a well crafted plan, and has been executed as planned to eliminate the House of Reps even if it were lost, which it was.

              CR’s do not “plan for spending”. CR’s pay for spending. Spending after it is incurred.

              There will NEVER be a budget in Obama’s 8 year term and in 2017 it will have been TEN FULL Years without a Federal budget. With over a $20 trillion debt in existence.

              • waltherppk says:

                Our replies passed in flight. I see what you are saying but for that to work would require the huse to be acting in collusion … is that what you are saying ? That would make sense because the House actually has legal authority to do something to stop this but they have not acted and there is no explanation or no good explanation we know of.

              • waltherppk says:

                Let’s zero in on this. There has been no budget, and it appears the House could force the issue demanding that a budget must be submitted and passed before any continued appropriations of non-essential services are done to include any renewals of Continuing Resolution type bills which have been an abuse of process. Responsibility for allowing the nonsense to continue then resides squarely with the House for not doing its job. Or if this is not correct then where have I got this wrong ?

            • waltherppk says:

              I may be incorrect and if you can show me that I will certainly admit to being mistaken and apologize for getting it wrong. But certainly I have made no effort to deceive.

    • ragnar says:

      I don’t think we have a republic now. It has become a doomed democracy.

      • waltherppk says:

        Unless the progs have a Zen moment brought to them by a Republican controlled House suddenly wanting to do its duty and then doing that duty, then yes that could be a fair prediction.

        • ragnar says:

          If I were speaker I would send Obama a letter.

          Dear DOPUS,

          You will veto any legislation without repealing the tax cuts. We will not pass any legislation repealing the tax cut. In this case we are wasting our time. We are closing down the house for vacation til’ next year. Merry Christmas. And a Happy New Year.



  17. Mikado Cat says:

    The greatest weapon against socialism is the example of another system that works better. As long as we have pockets of capitalism doing well, no socialist can be really happy.

    Going underground seems the wrong direction.

  18. Arkindole says:

    I’ve finally had enough time to listen to everything on Bill’s video. I enjoyed listening, but I’m left with an empty feeling. Maybe it’s because I have been a small business owner; maybe because I’ve used Craigslist (similar to his networks) to find contractors, etc. I’ve done many of the things Bill advocates such as home school one child. I’m not convinced there’s a solution in his ending thesis.

    The first part of his presentation was right on. Virtue is declining, if not gone for a large percentage of people. We constantly discuss this in our bible study, with our main conclusion being that we as Christians must continue to foster Christian ideas in our children (most of us have older kids who have made a choice to drift away because of pier pressure and “freebies”, as Bill discusses). It is very difficult to find a solution to what basically boils down to personal immaturity and acceptance of responsibility in choices. This theme has been recently put forth in terms of the “Santa Claus” analogy, which I think is a good one.

    I think the most troubling part is “feeding the beast” in terms of the status quo, as Bill suggests. We are told to “give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar,…, but we are also instructed to oppose a government that violates God’s principals insofar as we must eventually answer to a higher authority. In this regards taxation becomes my most central issue in terms of feeding the beast. How does one resist and increase “virtue” by mearly establishing alternate structures that will eventually be taxed in one way or another (read: business taxes) to facilitate immoral or non-virtuous activities? How can we fight evil by giving it the fuel it needs to survive?

    Not sure…

    • ytz4mee says:

      And as he states, at the moment, Caesar takes 50%. But what he doesn’t account for is Caesar’s voracious appetite, and the demand will increase. 60%, 70%…. 90%, heck it doesn’t matter. His plan assumes that there will be operational limits on their greed. These are people who reject the premise of the Laffer curve. So then what?

      • ragnar says:

        Wrong must be called wrong. The GOP-E is no longer willing to do so and can not be considered to be in opposition. They are collaborators. More moral reletavists.

        Meta-ethical moral relativists believe not only that people disagree about moral issues, but that terms such as “good,” “bad,” “right” and “wrong” do not stand subject to universal truth conditions at all; rather, they are relative to the traditions, convictions, or practices of an individual or a group of people.[3]

    • ragnar says:

      By not giving it the fuel. There are a couple ways to put out a fire. 1. Cut off oxygen. 2. Cut off heat. 3. Cut of fuel. The fuel is your money and productivity. The heat is moral relativity, and the oxygen is the MSM. The supply lines must be disrupted.

  19. I watched the video. I am amazed he was able to speak coherently for over an hour on that night. I was speechless with shock and dismay, and since have been alternately numb and grieving. So, we have to be kind to him in our comments, as he stated clearly he was throwing half-formed ideas out, just to provide us with something positive. That said, I have a few gentle responses.

    First, I repeatedly realized as he talked that Whittle’s disengagement idea may work for secular conservatives, but active Christians – especially those who believe a massive, Great Awakening-style revival is coming soon – don’t have Jesus’ permission to stop interacting with the unsaved. We must stay friends with them, help them find Christ, and help them in tangible ways as God directs. We can’t ignore the lost, or “bug-out” to an undisclosed location.

    His encouragement to abandon traditional politics is oh, so very attractive on November 8, 2012. But what about the Republican-majority House of Reps, the 30 GOP governors, and GOP-majority State legislatures around the nation? Do we just ignore/abandon their State-level firewall? The States are the only constitutional protection left to us, if the governors/legislatures have the cojones to stand up to the Feds and invoke 10th-Amendment protections. We can’t destroy the GOP brand at the State level, and get anything good accomplished. (Memo to Gary Johnson and Virgil Goode: Thanks for standing on your principles – and thereby helping elect Obama. Why did you ignore the Ross Perot lesson?)

    Also, like left-wing legislators experiencing the unintended consequences of new tax laws, Whittle assumes nothing will change while we get our alternative-culture established. The Feds will not just stand still and let all of this happen:

    a. In his Academy example: homeschoolers need to stay engaged and vigilant at the local, state and federal levels every year, just to ensure the right to homeschool isn’t legislated away (it is always under attack somewhere). And as stated above, very successful academies will likely be targets of share-the-goodness lawsuits.

    b. Using Whittle’s example of a privatized moon-shot, the Feds can easily throw so many regulatory restrictions in his path, that his rocket ship would never be allowed to take off – or only allowed after the company follows every single one of the government’s profit-robbing rules and restrictions. Don’t forget EPA and state regs that *already* forbid people to build/develop their own property due to damp ground “wetland” or other absurd zoning.

    c. Even his Internet-organizing advocacy assumes the Feds will not place onerous taxes, fees, and/or restrictions on commercial use of the Net by those they deem their enemies. And what about electronic snooping and drone surveillance? The Starfish-net may survive only through 1770s-style Committees of Correspondence – i.e., paper messages, delivered across distance by hand.

    What is most refreshing in Whittle’s video is his eagerness to move on. I really need that right now, even if I don’t agree with all his points.

    • ragnar says:

      Socialism always collapses of its own weight. Always has always will. The best way to stop it is to fatten it up now. It can not be stopped at the ballot box. It must die of its own bloat. Pop like a balloon. We should prepare, then stand back, take cover, and watch it explode.

      • Sam says:

        At the rate Obama is spending borrowed money, we’re headed for a Greek style implosion. You can bet our debt to GDP ratio will be Greek-like very soon. It will affect everyone except the rich. Most of us do not live totally off the grid, totally independent of the need for employment. I for one do not look forward to seeing socialism die of its own bloat. There will be riots and robbery and very hungry people as well as thugs fighting to take over. No, I can’t say I look forward to that.

      • bob e says:

        mebbe’ this is my favorite place. you people are very noble. very smart.
        i am sick with fear in my stomach from tuesdays journey into a 3rd world
        voting precinct in florida (i could easily have been in central america) i felt that way,
        til today. i find myself, gaining some balance of reality & courage back, chunk
        feeding on the purity of thought here…i gotta’ read slow & can’t zip surf it..
        i am thankin’ god i don’t own a 45 ..watching this world unfold is incredible..!!!

        • Sharon says:

          This has been an ugly few days…but nevertheless, welcome to the Tree, bob e….and others who are stopping in as they fight their way through a dark and tangled path in the woods. You’re all so welcome. Find yourself a branch that has a view that suits you. In the worst of times, we always have the ‘smores ready to go….on particular nights, for those who wait for it–‘Tilda rolls out the cooler; and at all times, the Chapel is open for anyone who wants to sit around and sing songs or share a prayer.

          We have such a variety of terrific folks in the Tree and sort of sense that there’s an influx of other friends we haven’t met yet–headed in from the open plains, looking for a place to gather their wits and be prepared for open-ended battle for the things that matter most.

          That’s a little more serious that most welcomes we toss out–used to be crowds of dancing smileys and stuff…..but it’s been a little hectic lately, so we just welcome you, offer you a branch and look forward to your company. We’re all feeling a little sick these days….. :(

        • ragnar says:

          They ain’t got us yet. I knew a man who had survived the Bataan Death March. He did so by escaping from the line and hiding in the hills until the Phillipines were liberated. He and a few others fought back by disrupting the Japanese. I knew another man who survived IWO because he was wounded. Now though the enemy is inside the wire.

  20. JW says:

    Thanks for the video. I watched it in it’s entirety and he is exactly right. Discussing, debating, or fighting with these Progs is a fruitless endeavor. The most effective way I have dealt with them while debating is to expose their lies and then ridicule them for believing such nonsense. Many of them get demoralized for a while but then return with another strategy. The best thing to do is to find a way to make them irrelevant and leave them to their insanity.

  21. From my (disad)vantage point, I think the world has become too dependent on the Internet.

    Do you realize that if someone “pulls The Big Switch,” as we used to say after my Fireside Chats on the radio, everyone will panic…running around in circles…not knowing whether to sh!t or fly a kite.

    There will be no need for a “Bank Holiday” like I declared in 1933 to keep you from your money. They’ll just turn off the ATMs. The Government has been buying truckloads of ammunition. They must have some plan in mind to p!ss everyone off.

    Before Bill W plans for trips to the Moon and setting up Charter Schools, I’d look to home and family and preservation of what Freedoms remain. The next 48 months are going to be unlike any this Nation has seen on US soil.

    • 22tula says:

      You are right F.D.R., we are too dependent on the Internet.
      It is time for all “Town Criers,” to hit the streets.

    • Sharon says:

      The things we “do on the internet” are no different (for me) that what was being done years ago in a different form:

      I used to write letters, receive letters and respond to letters; now I write, receive and respond to e-mails from family and friends.

      I used to get the newspaper or news magazines from the mail box, spread them on the table and read for a couple of hours; now I read the headlines on the internet at sites of my choosing.

      I used to spend time on the phone trying to reach a friend or family member, waiting to break through a busy signal; now I may text or e-mail.

      I used to wait for the mail to come to receive bills and bank statements; process them and balance accounts, etc; now I maintain accounts and balance accounts frequently because of online access.

      I used to receive multiple mailings from our church, to remain updated on activities and friendships there; now I read updates on the internet.

      I used to search the newspapers for ads for my favorite stores; now I am on their e-mail list and receive info as often as I want it by FB or e-mail.

      Sometimes I think we can get a little too cute and “hard on ourselves” as though we’ve all gone to seed because “we spend so much time on the internet.”

      Good grief, I don’t spend near as much time on the internet as I used to spend on doing all the activities listed above in the old way. It doesn’t mean the new way is inherently better, but it is new. How I am using my time and what I commit my time to has not changed in character or content, and sometimes I get a little annoyed with the assumption that “being on the internet is an awful thing.”

      Being on the internet no more inherently awful than writing letters, reading magazines, calling a friend on the phone, receiving and opening the mail, reading church mailings or looking for good deals at stores. We are more vulnerable, since we are doing so much business at the pinch point of the digital service itself. It is what it is.

      If all the inner tubes disappeared tomorrow, those who use the internet for living their lives in normal ways would reconstruct their life habits within 7-10 days, in my opinion. I do not use the internet in lieu of face to face relationships or activities or as an alternative to fulfilling normal responsibilities. Do you?

      If we’re going to beat ourselves to death over how awful we are for using the internet so much, then we can just as well go whole hog and go back to manual typewriters.

      So, F.D.R., go ahead and pull the big switch. Up until last year, God Himself frequently pulled the big switch on us in Minnesota blizzards and we would, without notice, be without power or heat for indefinite periods of time. It really wasn’t that big a deal. We stayed warm, kept light going and kept eating.

      The internet is a handy tool. .

      (But I don’t want to have any real confrontation with anyone from your current address, so it’s ok if you ignore my point. 8O )

      • I get your point totally. I think you missed mine.
        I simply said that the World is too vulnerable by doing -everything- on the Internet.

        When the USPS goes away, how will you communicate without the Internet?
        When branch banks go away, how will you bank without the Internet (or ATMs)?

        I agree that the Internet is “handy” but someday, it may be the ONLY form of communication and that puts tremendous power in the hands of a few (that may decide to cut off communications for nefarious reasons).

        Without the Internet, America would have beene in total information darkness with regard to the goings-on in Washington for the past 30 years. I’m not condemning the internet; I’m issuing a word of caution.

        How else could I communicate with you all? :evil: Eleanor won’t let me haunt any more.

        • Sharon says:

          Ah! Understood. I mistakenly assumed you were participating in shallow reasoning, and I should have known better. My Dad cheerfully despised everything you dreamed of for our nation, but he certainly never thought you dabbled in shallow reasoning.

          He never did forgive you for Yalta, but I’m not thinking you ever asked for forgiveness either.

          Eleanor won’t “let” you haunt???? Since when did you listen to what Eleanor says? …..oh. That’s right. Forgot where you were for a moment.

          Back to the point you were making–the vulnerability…yup. I forgot to run out the continuum on the issue of internet dependency. You’re exactly right.

          Kyrie Eleison

  22. lovemygirl says:

    Das Boot

  23. Missy says:

    Though I am a Christian and applaud the desire to promote religious “virtue” and moral behavior, using religion for the basis of our argument places us at a disadvantage in any discussion with that majority that has prevailed in this election. They may or may not be religious but those who are religious do pick and choose what “religious” tenets they follow just like the non-religious pick and choose what societal laws they will follow. So any discussion based on religious or societal laws will, when convenient, be ignored by the unlawful.

    I agree with those who say, give them (the democrats) what they ask for. Then when things fail, as they most assuredly will, speak in terms of the violation of the law of the Universe, the law of cause and effect, also known in religious terms as the law of the harvest, for it will have it’s way no matter what.

    We have tried to deny cause and effect in this world, in this country, in the schools, in the government, in our homes, and in all parts of our lives. That is the reason things are not working at every level. We have the choice of our actions but not the choice of the consequences and when we make every effort to deny the natural consequences of our actions, the Universe conspires against us. This cannot be refuted by science nor by religion.

    The greatest and most effective teacher is “mother nature” or the law of the Universe. So what do we who want to obey the law do when the majority is disobeying the law? We do our best to prepare ourselves to survive the destruction and be ready to offer well reasoned, (Universal) law abiding solutions. (When the Republicans, after decades, got control of the congress, they acted just like the democrats.)

    When the voice of the people want a “King”, when the majority of the people choose iniquity, the rest of us have to do what we must do to survive while we all suffers the consquences until the majority who have chosen poorly suffer the ultimate consequence or stop making poor choices.

    • Sharon says:

      I wouldn’t use religion as a basis for argument (at least not if I was thinking clearly!) for the most part….but Biblical truth and rationale influences my thinking. At some point, in order to more easily dismiss my argument, my opponent could probably claim I was using “religion”—

      Personal point: Jesus was a serious foe of religious people. Those who majored in being religious were those he publicly attacked and skewered with great liberty. You say,

      when we make every effort to deny the natural consequences of our actions, the Universe conspires against us. This cannot be refuted by science nor by religion.

      Very good point–and this principle is clearly taught in Scripture. This is not contrary to Christian theology. This is the basis of much of Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s angst with the good Lutherans of German, how they made a deadly presumption that they could easily separate their faith from any direct connection to or taking up cause with the Nazis. Horrible, horrible deception that would eventually destroy Germany and he desperately argued the point with them.

      “the Universe” as such does not exist outside of Scriptural truth as though it’s a separate entity to be dealt with by human beings. God’s extension of mercy to nations or individuals does not inherently include personal relief from the consequences, and the Bible never records that it does. Further, if those who are Christians claim that the Bible does say that, they either don’t know their Bibles or they are talking spiritual froth.

  24. Icestation2 says:

    The idea does sound great but unfortunately it’s just not workable.

    The dysfunctional unproductive side of the nation would ultimately bankrupt the nation. They would not only proceed to tax the hell out of the productive parallel side of the country, but the value of the dollar, which the productive side would still be using, would be constantly devalued every year as the unproductive side printed money at an ever increasing rate.

    There are only two possible options. Either we all go down together with the sinking bankrupt ship, or the productive side decides to split the nation in two with all those wanting socialism and liberalism to go it alone.

  25. thefirstab says:

    Sounds like a “house divided”, for sure. Check mark Option 2, as well.

  26. emmieaz says:

    Option 2, option 2!!!

    How likely is a non-violent succession? How would we start/go about it?

    • ragnar says:

      Ya can’t because the masses of morons will never get it together. Forget about them. It is every man for himself now. Prep up the basics. it is fun and ya can’t lose. there is a cth survival guide on the upper right to click and get ideas. It will become more important now. Or you can put in some of your own ideas.

  27. Icestation2 says:

    The way things are going we are not that far away from the moment when the productive side of America finally does get pissed off enough to demand something like a secession. Seeing that the military would also almost certainly be on the side of the conservatives, we would have no real problem forcing a split if there was no other option.

    IMHO, what we urgently need is for Obama to do his worst. We need the American people to witness how appallingly bad socialism and liberalism really is. We need America to suffer four years of hell to literally allow us to purge the growing acceptance of these shockingly awful ideologies from our national consciousness.

    The only way the Republicans can possibly survive is to allow the Democrats to absolutely prove their incompetence to the American people. Republicans helping to moderate even slightly the Obama agenda will only soften and slow America’s terminal decline but that decline will still happen and worse the American people will get used to it. Allow Obama to raise as many taxes as he wants. Allow the Democrats to quickly destroy themselves in four years.

    For God’s sake, let Boehner be the lame arse he clearly is. The perfect man for the job to allow Obama and the Democrats to hang themselves with their own policies.

  28. Just A Fellow says:

    I’ ve thought about this over night. Although I appreciate Bill Whittle’s passion and intelligence I think this concept is in practical. Instead I suggest succession, not revolution. Their are five times as many red counties than blue counties. The original civil war started as a states rights issue. It ended up being a war against slavery. A new succession movement. An be peaceful and it would also be a stand against enslavement. In this new nation those on public subsistence would be prevented the right to vote and only those eligible for such aid would be the handicapped. We already have the perfect foundation in our constitution, we can keep all of the good, but learn lessons from the bad and remove those ideas. There are over 150 million of us. 150 million that have virtue and self sacrifice ingrained in our nature. Let’s do this. Again, I’m not talking state by state, but county by county. This is not a war, but stepping out of the current corrupt system.

    • ragnar says:

      I already seceded.

    • Icestation2 says:

      County by County wouldn’t work either. With the dysfunctional living side by side with the productive, their hatred of the have’s would cause violent clashes.In fact, even if the whole nation was split, the failing side would be going crazy over those prosperous living over the border. The solution would be to allow those Americans back in the country that agreed first to live under a capitalist and conservatism society. And lots would. Within a few decades the nation would, I’m sure, come back together. Many people just need a serious reality check. Forcing them to go it alone for a while would be a perfect solution.

  29. gryph202 says:

    Folks, the pessimism and navel gazing in here is atrocious, particularly coming from ytz. What Whittle is proposing can be seen in a lot of regards depending on one’s ultimate point of view, but I look at it as a way to SURVIVE the now-inevitable collapse of our economy, which will surely be followed closely on its heels by the collapse of our culture. If any of you have a better idea for an alternative to Whittle’s plan (such as it is at this point), I’m open to hearing it. Until then, I think it’s god at least a snowball’s chance in hell of working, and that’s better than no chance.

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