Tracy’s Tattoos – Why Scrub? – Treeper Research Request – What’s The Agenda Behind The Deception?

I’ve got to admit I had a big smile on my face when I read this comment from Misty3:

From day ONE I have followed this case. DAY ONE!

My eyes did not start to OPEN until I read “The Treeper Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.”

Then there is the bottom layer to all this. What some know and MOST don’t. I am the latter. Quite frankly I don’t want to know why 5 men are running around an office building at night with flashlights. Not yet! I need to be able to discuss this case without having said discussion tainted by thoughts I am unable to express.

Then yesterday Mrs. Obama was INVADING my neighborhood for a speaking engagement at UCF and I heard a student say this, “…if Obama wins Florida he wins the election.”

I remember SD your complaints about O’Mara not going fast enough, hard enough, and so on and WOW revelation.

-Money -Power -Politics

So, do I have a flashlight now too?

I am following you perfectly!

Yes, Yes, a million BINGO’s !!   Forgive me for finding such joy in seeing someone “GET IT“.   Hence, well, hence all of that DC crap – From the Rose Garden to ridiculous Congressional hearings etc.  Which is why we tried to sound the warning bells of Turtlesque O’Mara when we considered the case has far more reaching implications than George and Shellie Zimmerman.    Previous to that we also outlined in update #29 that NONE OF THESE PEOPLE WERE GOING TO GIVE UP.

Who benefits from a delayed drawn out trial?   “They do“.  All of them.

So grab your flashlight and lets light up part of the manipulation by showing the reality of Tracy Martin attempting to hide his tattoos, yes, his TATTOOS!

From Treeper ctdar , who stays doggedly on a fact based issue.   Tracy covered up his neck tattoo after he and Sybrina Fulton began to construct the “Ward and June Cleaver Narrative”.    You know, the story they spun into the media narrative with the help of Benjamin Crump, Media Consultant Ryan Julison, Natalie Jackson and the NAACP crew of optical organizers.  The false narrative storyline that actually made them appear to be attached parents.

Here is the original TrayDaddy tattoo visible early on in the Scheme Team story telling narrative.

It appears to say “CaT” in scrolled tattoo script.

Sometime between 3/16 and 3/22 the tattoo was redone, “CaT” was covered up and it was made to look like this:

The well-worn older “CaT” tattoo was changed to Praying Hands (possibly with rosary) which bears a striking resemblance to Trayvon’s right arm tattoo that looks like this:

*BTW totally off subject but I would love to know what that is sticking out of Trayvon’s pocket or waistband*  [Scooby Snacks maybe?  Or Scooby Snax even?] 

Two possible “CaT” meanings:

The first from diane 

 CAT – Crippin’ All (the) Time

The second from Jeepers Treepers:

[...] it used to be very common  in the 80′s and early 90′s for prisoners to tattoo themselves for what they were known for..

Murderer is signified by tear drops at the eye. CAT signifies a burglar as in CAT burglar. When I asked him why someone would want to advertise his crime he said that they live by a  different code and it is a badge of honor to be called CAT if he was a good thief or burglar.

Much like in rap songs it is a badge of honor to be called a G for gang member or OG for original old school gang member.

Think none of the above matters?


Change the public image of the Scheme Team Family and you change the rules George Zimmerman is subject to, and held hostage by….

Bring forth the Truth of things, making the hiding of things seem less necessary, and all of a sudden “Iced Tea” becomes “Watermelon Juice” in newspaper articles…..  That’s how this rolls.

When the media risks ridicule for continuing the “emporers clothes narrative” they will join the boy-child in truthful acceptance  —– but they must fear ridicule.

Within that fear of ridicule lies the heart of why Mark O’Mara sucks.  He allows them to shape shift every story without challenge.   Why?  Because he himself is just like the media he relates to – Detached from anything, and preferring to be an analyst.

Never play the game by Prog rules.   Play by your rules, righteous rules, be Breitbart, be the Gladiator, and win the crowd to control Cesar in your favor.

So why did he change it so fast?   What is the real reason?   What was/is the risk here?



Again, following the timeline when did he get this change accomplished.  We know the older tattoo was still in place at the NYC Million Hoodie March 3/17.  And we know the New one was visible on 3/22 (two days after the DeeDee “phone call” narrative was introduced by Benjamin Crump)   When did he change it?

What does CaT actually signify on the original tattoo?   Will that question answer why it had to be changed in order to keep up the false appearances.?

Trash buckets of collection from LA Church visit.

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95 Responses to Tracy’s Tattoos – Why Scrub? – Treeper Research Request – What’s The Agenda Behind The Deception?

  1. LHLaredo says:

    Congressman Adam Clayton Powell (1908–1972) of New York spoke of Black Power at a rally in 1965 in Chicago and elaborated on it in his Howard University commencement speech the following year. He exclaimed that Black Power was “a working philosophy for a new breed of cats … who categorically refuse to compromise or negotiate any longer for their rights … who reject the old-line established white financed, white controlled, white washed Negro leadership” (quoted in Muse 1970, p. 242).

  2. ctdar says:

    Old Tattoo was visible at the NYC Hoodie March 3/21
    also visible at Sanford Rally 3/22
    New Tattoo appeared at Capitol Hill Rally 3/27

  3. cajunkelly says:

    Maybe I’m over simplifying this, but my immediate reaction to the scrolled CaT tattoo was

    “black panther”.

  4. xballer52 says:

    I caution about spending too much time on this subject. The most likely scenario is that “Cat” may be short for an ex girlfriend or his nickname. Spending hours on end analyzing and scrutinizing tatoos, clothing, etc.. in my opinion does nothing more than distract from what is truly important in this case, finding evidence of Zimmerman’s innocence. When it is all said and done, nothing about the parents, their habits, choice of friends, associations, tatoos, etc will factor into the case. There has been a lot of great work on here done on this case; however, I challenge you to remain FOCUSED. The prosecution revels in distractions!!!!

    Baby Troll

    • ctdar says:

      If it was a simple as an ex girlfriend why the need to change it so quickly in the 5 days prior to meeting lawmakers on Capitol Hill. Tattoo meant something that would change drastically the image of Tracy Martin and perhaps Trayvon Martin. Maybe not matter at trial but bet people wouldn’t “donate” as much or the lawmakers take their cause seriously if derogatory tattoo out front & center.
      Just as the first circulated images of Trayvon was the sweet innocent looking baby holding football player not the gold grilled thug image, the watermelon drink became ice tea in the narrative, scrubbed facebooks, and now replaced tattoos…image is everything in perpetuating fraud for monetary gain. With fraud/hoax out there creates reasonable doubt which makes this case go the way of Tawana Brawley & the Duke lacrosse cases.

      • ftsk420 says:

        Maybe it was a nickname for Sybrina. Maybe Brandi is already pissed off because she’s no longer spending time with Tracy. Seem Tracy and Brandi broke up and got back together about a week before Trayvon died. Add that to the fact that Tracy has been going to his Mason meetings with Sybrina.

    • Lou da Jew says:

      well, the media wants to play the “kid” card. the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. the parents were responsible for him since he was a “kid”.

      • ctdar says:

        and what other parents jump to the opportunity to make $ off their sons dead body…guess Trayvon meant something to Tracy & Sabrina after all (see trash buckets & smiling father photo above).

    • Jeepers Treepers says:

      You obviously didn’t read or pay attention to SD’s post above.when he said “think none of this matters?”

      Does it not matter if the father ( who initiated this whole fiasco by getting crump on the phone ) has ties to the crips, is a lifelong criminal or a black panther? It explains the whole narrative. It his tattoo did not matter Crump would have not made him cover up his TAT ASAP. Don’t for one think that the crump team is not telling Terry exactly what to wear, what not to wear, what to say etc etc.

      • ctdar says:

        fathers’ name is Tracy

      • krddurham says:

        “Does it not matter if the father ( who initiated this whole fiasco by getting crump on the phone ) has ties to the crips, is a lifelong criminal or a black panther?”

        Yes, it would matter…if you actually had evidence to support your accusations. You’re assuming a lot.

    • John Galt says:

      “The most likely scenario is that “Cat” may be short for an ex girlfriend or his nickname.”


      Shills make me laugh.

  5. RZ says:

    xballer52, thanks for saying it with style! ……………. My point exactly!

    Baby Troll

  6. ZurichMike says:

    Other than here, I haven’t seen or heard too much about TM or GZ. My opinion? It’s going to go to court, because the judge doesn’t want to rule on SYG and risk race riots — best to blame that event, if it occurs, on 12 jurors good and true.

    Regarding the use of the TM/GZ case as a campaign prop, I just don’t see it — there is too much else going on, and new media outlets are getting out stories about black on black crime, black on white crime, Obama’s horrible policies and Executive Orders, Holder’s shredding of the Constitution — to say nothing of high unemployment, foreclosures, distressed properties, hot weather, etc.

    In summary, I don’t see the TM/GZ case as anything that will influence the elections in Florida one way or another, or add to or detract from the other issues facing the country in the national elections. It’s a diversion, a desperate and diabolical one, but compared to what else is going on, it’s small potatoes.



    • stellap says:

      Good morning, Mike! I don’t live in Florida, so I will let others flesh out this thought of mine, if they believe it is valid. The people in Florida, in my opinion, are paying much more attention to this case than the rest of us. Many of our new commenters are from Florida, for example. Florida is a state that Obama would very much like to take in the November election; hence, the attention of the DOJ to this particular crime. In other words, this is a very localized issue.

      • ZurichMike says:

        Thanks — makes sense. I still think nothing will happen before Election Day, and there won’t be any drums to beat. On the other hand, perhaps Team Skittles doesn’t realize the pushback they might get from the law-and-order voters if the TM narrative gets too screechy and in-your-face. What sayeth the Floridians?


      • CIGuy says:

        I live in Florida and not far from where this happened and it really is not talked about much by people I work around or live around anymore. The media continues to follow, but most are bored by the minutiae. The most recent issue was a memorial to TM that many residents wanted removed, but there has been backlash from certain groups.

        • stellap says:

          They might not be talking about it, or interested in the minutiae, however, there is still the constant media barrage about poor Trayvon, whose life was cut short by a racist white man. That kind of media coverage makes an impression, whether we like it or not.

          • CIGuy says:

            Perhaps where you are, but the local media have really dropped the racist meme. The “boy” vs. “man” angle is still prevalent in the media, however. There’s not much you can do about the media, except counteract it via the web.

          • ZurichMike says:

            By the way, where is g8rmom and the other “old” Florida gang? Haven’t heard from them in ages.

            • stellap says:

              g8rmom was posting yesterday. What other “old” Florida gang do you mean?

              • ZurichMike says:

                Weren’t there a bunch of them always kidding about the Univ of Florida versus Florida State University rivalry? It was always hilarious during football season.

                • stellap says:

                  I don’t think so, but I don’t pay much attention to football! Might have been some other peeps who used to live in Florida, or who are really into college football?

                  ADD: Maybe you are thinking of the Tim Tebow conversations?

    • sybilj says:
      Obama carefully courts black votes with Sharpton
      April 6, 2011
      Why Did Obama Invite Al Sharpton to Easter Prayer Breakfast But Not Southern Baptist Leaders?
      Posted on April 5, 2012

      …Taking a divergent stand from Sharpton, (Richard) Land has been vocal about his opposition to civil rights leaders’ handling of the case. On his radio show on Saturday, the SBC leader unleashed his opinions about the matter.

      Obama Invites Al Sharpton to Easter Breakfast, Excludes Southern Baptist Leaders

      “Rather than holding rallies on these issues, the civil rights leadership focuses on racially polarizing cases to generate media attention and to mobilize black voter turnout,” he said. “This is being done to try to gin up the black vote for an African-American president who is in deep, deep, deep trouble for re-election and who knows that he cannot win re-election without getting the 95 percent of blacks who voted for him in 2008 to come back out and show they are going to vote for him again.”

      UPDATE: Richard Land Loses Radio Show After Trayvon Martin Comments
      June 2, 2012

  7. Jeepers Treepers says:

    BINGO! Tray Daddy is a member of the CRIPS See this gang signs informational from the attorney general of NJ. See page 6.

    The sign that he always flashed on his Facebook images (which were conveniently scrubbed ) are BK which stands for “Bloods Killer” for those who don’t know bloods are the rival gang of the crips. Bloods are known as dogs perhaps crips are known as the DOG rival, you guessed it CAT!

    Also of interest is page 14. all the warning signs that your kid is a gang member. How many did Trayvon exhibit. Hmmmm looks like ALL of em.

    • CIGuy says:

      There’s one problem with the “Crip” line of thinking. Tracy’s group all wore red. If you are/were a Crip, you would not do that and especially not so prominently.

      • froggielegs says:

        Exactly CIGuy. Crips would not wear red ever! Also, If Tracy was a Crip, he would also never wear a SF 49ers hat which I have seen pics of him wearing.

        Bloods wear San Francisco 49ers, along with Philadelphia Phillies, Chicago Bulls, and Dallas Cowboys

        • Jeepers Treepers says:

          Let’s not confuse original CRIPS which are mainly in California with Florida Crips. I am not saying that TrayDaddy is a current member of the CRIPS and that he is out on the streets thugging and selling drugs.

          I am saying that he may have been a past member in his youth which is why Crump made him cover it up. And he and his “Freemason” gang are all ex thugs and reminice about theirnold thuggery days which is why they still pull known gang signs and dress like thugs with background of money floating around. Studies show that gang members graduate from one gang to the next. With a role model like this is it any wonder that Saint Tray ended up a tatted up thug himself?

          • CIGuy says:

            There is no differentiation in the color blue as a preference between Florida and California.


            The only consideration is that the use of blue has died down because of law enforcement’s knowledge of the use of blue by Crips. Having said that, as I said before, they would not use the color red so prominently, if they were/are Crips.

            • ftsk420 says:

              Blood colors are BROWN RED and GREEN. Green for money, Red for blood, Brown the dirt they came from. Orange and pink are used on the east coast. Bloods from Florida would or should follow the code of the UBN which was formed in the 90’s in NY by OG Mack. I agree bloods would not wear blue but those red shirt are mason shirts. With Tracy I see a blood connection. Until I see something that is 100% proven I can no longer comment on this. The information I gave out is a direct violation of the blood code and should never be given out. I’m not saying I would die over this but like was said before a lot of people come here for info.

      • krddurham says:

        You’re right, CIGuy. Crips would never wear red. Many posters here desperately want to label Tracy a gang member, though, for some reason. There’s a pic of Tracy wearing a San Diego Padres hat…some posters on here tried to label Tracy as a member of the Satan’s Disciples gang, based on nothing more than the hat he was wearing. The wild accusations on here are becoming comical.

        • Jeepers Treepers says:

          I don’t think it is a stretch to assume someone was or is a gang member if every picture that they pose in with their posse has known gang signs, known gang tattoos (when was the last time you friends tattooed huge numbers up and down their arms?) and your posse has long rap sheets. These ain’t choir boys over here. The scent may be off, they maay not be official CRIPS, but we are on the right trail. To believe otherwise is to turn your eye blind, when even Crump believes the father has to be whitewashed and given a new persona. To believe otherwise is to believe that Trayvon came from a wholesome home and was just out minding his own business when a white man gunned him down as he was merely carrying Skittles for his baby bro and all the while Tracy and Brandy Cleaver were in their humble abode watching TV waiting for St. Trayvon. Don’t believe the Crump narrative!

          • CIGuy says:

            The Crump narrative has many holes and they are becoming ever more apparent each passing day. There may be a history of gang relations between Tracy or Trayvon, but it doesn’t appear to be Crip related and that is why I offered information that would indicate that your focus was on the wrong gang, if there is a right gang.

            I somewhat share krddurham’s reservation about going down these little paths. What is the ultimate goal, really? If it’s to make sure that Zimmerman wins a motion to dismiss or an SYG hearing, Tracy’s past will not be helpful in that pursuit. If it is simply a counter to the Crump narrative, then it may.

            I understand the larger picture perspective and the desire to make connections so that everything becomes understandable, but I’m not going to delude myself into thinking that these connections will ever see the light of day outside of this little community.

          • krddurham says:

            Do you have a picture of the “known gang signs, known gang tattoos” that Tracy and his “posse” were displaying? I’d love to see them. In the meantime, could you tell me which gang the following people, flashing gang signs, are affiliated with…


        • redgrandma says:

          Although I come from a gang infested city I know little about the gang culture. What I do know about is sport team loyalty. I am a Chicago White Sox fan. So are my other family members who live in various locations around the country. They wear Chicago White Sox hats — wherever they are — nothing else. I do also — never a Cubs hat. Care little to nothing about football. Ditto my friends from Milwaukee and the Brewers. Why would someone from Florida wear hats for teams from San Diego or San Francisco or any other part of the country? To me the answer is that it has nothing to do with sports and everything to do with sub-culture of gang identification.

          • ftsk420 says:

            Not true some people just wear them to match the rest of their outfit. Yankee hats are some of the most popular ones not everyone who wears them are fans a lot of Yankee hats just look cool.

          • CIGuy says:


            In Florida it has more to do with the lack of any decent sports franchise. The Orlando Magic are in disarray, the Dolphins have been floundering for years, the Jaguars are pathetic and the Buccaneers are on and off. For baseball, both the Rays and Marlins are so-so.

          • krddurham says:

            Like ftsk420 said, the hats just match what he’s wearing. They do not seem to have anything to do with gang affiliation. I’ve seen pics of Tracy wearing hats from the 49ers, Padres, White Sox, and Marlins…which coordinate with the outfit he’s wearing at the time.

      • deadassassin says:

        agreed. I lived among some gang members in the ghetto….one once asked for a light for his cig….I tried to hand him my red lighter, he would not touch it, “its bad luck”..he asked me to light it for him.

    • John Galt says:

      BINGO!!! Brandi loves dem gangsters!

    • howie says:

      These gangs are kind of like the old Tribes in Africa. Always at war with each other. Black History Month should do a course on Black Gangs and the roots in Africa.

    • ftsk420 says:

      Crips I have dealt with call themselves cuz. What sign did Tracy flash all the time on his facebook. I know there is a pic of him with his mason people and he’s throwing a sign. In my experience I would say he’s some how involved with the bloods.

  8. Jeepers Treepers says:

    If indeed TrayDaddy is a member of the CRIPS it seems that GZ has more to fear than just your average vigilante. In their eyes GZ killed one of theirs. He is a nationwide target of all CRIPS members. These are stone cold killers. As the saying in gangs goes “blood in, blood out” once a gang member always a gang member, just because he has graduated from a steer thug to his new fake freemason gang ( the black Freemasons gang that he is in is not recognized by the official Freemasons body) that he is in now is just an extension of that.

    How many of you will be surprised if you turn on the news one day and hear that GZ was executed? How many of you will be surprised if joy and dancing will take to the streets in certain neighborhoods if that in fact does happen?

  9. diane says:

    “… the Rollin’ 60s and 83rd Street Gangster Crips (”Eight-Tray”) have been rivals since 1979.”
    Eight-Tray. Hmmm…Named his son after his favorite gang?

    • ftsk420 says:

      Speculation I urge people not to jump to conclusions. There is a blood gang called 9 Trey gangstas also. 8 trey not 8 TRAY.

    • krddurham says:

      Why would Tracy name his son after this gang even if Tracy was actually a gang member? Tray means 3…eight-tray means 83. 83rd Street is the set that gang is claiming.

  10. sybilj says:

    Martin, Tracy B

    Miramar, FL
    East Saint Louis, IL
    New Bern, NC
    Miami, FL
    Pembroke Pines, FL
    Opa Locka, FL

    Martin, Cora Mae
    Martin, Kevin Lacarte
    Martin, Georgia D
    Martin, Sandy K
    Martin, D V
    Martin, Jacqueline D


    xxx Windy Trl, New Bern, NC, 28560

  11. aliashubbatch says:

    Don’t know which is bigger, the tattoos or the MMA/Purple Drank, but this is just mind blowing stuff here. This is just too cool.

  12. M4 says:

    Nice work on the tattoo issue. Definitely appears to be an attempt to clean up his image for the PR push. Otherwise, I can’t imagine a father paying such attention to a cosmetic matter at such a time of grieving and mourning.

    And thanks Avid Reader for the links to the discovery – looking forward to looking through these.

  13. MikadoCat says:

    Keep digging, follow the leads that suit your interest. At this point nothing should be overlooked until things clearly outnumber lookers.

    UGH, I’ve just done a lifetimes worth of google image searches on neck tattoos, yuck.

  14. Venus says:

    What is the gang situation in East St Louis where Tracy probably spent his youth?

    • ftsk420 says:

      9 Deuce Bishops (the dominant blood gang in st.louis)
      62 Brims
      VNG Brims
      Bounty Hunnaz
      Treetop Piru


      Rollin 60z
      62 Kitchen
      87 Kitchen
      83 Hoover
      1-9 Hoover
      107 Hoover

    • CIGuy says:

      Folk Nation is a big gang in Illinois that has ties to the Crips. People Nation is their rival in Illinois and has ties to the Bloods.

  15. recoverydotgod says:

    Tatoo scrubbed up just in time for Pres. Obama’s March 23rd remarks? and before Sanford City Commission Meeting on March 26th? and Washington D.C forum March 27th?

    In Slain Teenager’s Case, Long Route to National Attention
    By Brian Stelter
    Published Mar 25, 2012

    A version of this article appeared in print on March 26, 2012, on page B1 of the New York edition with the headline: In Florida Shooting Case, a Circuitous Route to National Attention


    National coverage increased somewhat the week of March 12, but really intensified only after March 16, when tapes of 911 calls were released, showing that Mr. Zimmerman had been told by a dispatcher that he did not need to follow Trayvon. Having the audio — which the police had previously declined to release — was critical because it gave radio and TV reporters more material for their segments and because it aroused more suspicion about Mr. Zimmerman.

    Within days of the national media scrutiny, the Justice Department said it would investigate the case, and on March 23, President Obama addressed it directly, furthering the media dialogue.



    I think this photo is from March 26, day of Sanford City Commission Meeting…from earlier in the day, at Macedonia Baptist Church in Eatonville.

  16. nameofthepen says:

    Regarding the “changed” tattoo on Tracy’s neck, is there also the possibility that it ISN’T actually changed on his body, but only “airbrushed” or CGI’d, (Computer Graphic Imaged) in the new photos?

  17. Jeepers Treepers says:

    Like I said we are on the right track. The CRIP “Bloods Killer” gang signs that Tracy was doing threw me off. It seems much more likely that CAT is referring to BLACK PANTHERS. Treeper cajunkelly also alluded to this. I am at work now but will post up more including images later. In the meantime can anyone let me know how I embed images? I don’t see any option for that. Do I have to be signed up somewhere or use HTML?

    • ftsk420 says:

      I have seen that sign used by bloods also. Some blood sets use that sign. There was a post in regards to a guy that is in Tracy mason group he’s a blood it was easy to identify. If he’s a blood chances are Tracy is one too or at least affiliated. If Tracy is a CRIP and his freind is a BLOOD then they are no longer in the life. Stuff like that can and will get you killed. Tracy isn’t a crip.

  18. James F says:

    Gang, Prison and Gangsta Style Tattoos
    “The common praying hands tattoo that you see often signifies ‘praying to God for forgiveness’ for one’s deeds.”

    Current Tattoo Trends Gangsta Tattoos
    Praying hands Tattoo

    • ftsk420 says:

      I don’t feel they have anything to do with gangs or jail. So many people have them now usually when someone passes away. I do admit they were used by Latino gangs. But tattoo have become so popular I have seen senior citizens getting them.

  19. WestTexasFLA says:

    Something is up with the tattoo change in the time period mentioned. That original CaT tat has some negative meaning, somewhere. Now I am not sure if it is a gang-related tattoo….but I bet Benjamin Crump knows!

    Good work again SD and fellow Treepers

    Oh, and I am one of the Florida posters….I live in Seminole County. And as another Treeper already stated, the case talk has toned down greatly among the locals…except for the media slant in the news…even the Sean Hannity/Mark Levin radio affiliate still reports the case news like they are pro Trayvon

  20. Arch Stanton says:

    Tracy B. Martin was date of birth 2-26-1966 or 6-28-1966? Interesting matches on

    • DizzyMissL says:

      Criminals like to slightly modify their DOB or the spelling of their name to avoid detection for previous crimes.

  21. HadEnough! says:

    I don’t know if someone already pointed this out, but I worked in the Federal Prison system for many years and CAT means that you are a thief, or you have the skills necessary to be a good criminal. It originated from Russian prison tattoos. I would sure like to see any other tattoos he may have, as then I could identify if he has a gang affiliation.

    Also the SOX baseball cap has gang meaning as well… many different gangs use these hats. My best guess is that daddy Tracy has done time. The CAT tattoo would only mean that you have been caught. Has anyone done a comprehensive criminal history search on this man?

    • Jeepers Treepers says:

      I pointed that out yesterday. If you read the article you are commenting on. My background is in law enforcement but the neighborhoods in NYCI did my beat in was not gang related, they were mafia related.

      • ftsk420 says:

        When did you walk a beat in NY

      • HadEnough! says:

        Jeeze oh weez! Do you really have to attack me.. I was just stating what I know. I don’t have time to sit and read everything or every comment every day.. that is why I premised my comment with … If no one has said already… Lighten up a bit, tattoos just happen to be an area of knowledge for me.. prison tattoos and STG tattoos… not necessarily street tattoos.

        We are ALL on the same team here. Have a little courtesy will you?

  22. Hoonan says:

    I had a buddy in the Navy…his nickname was Cattfish (the 2 “T’s” for “flair” ) He was black and based on his nickname he had a tattoo of the word “Catt” because for short we would call him that. He isn’t nor never was involved with the Crips and didn’t live or portray himself as living the “thug life” or a “gangsta”. I think we’re reading too much into this and as said before that tracy’s tat is prob an ex-GF or a nickname of his or maybe somebody he knew who is dead.

    That being said getting the tat fixed does seem to be a lil inappropriate or “bad timing” since he’s supposed to be grieving a ton and focused on justice or whatever and makes him more out as not really having his priorities straight and fits right into the opinion they are now a “scheme team”. Also maybe he had planned to get it fixed for awhile but really couldn’t afford to….until…well some extra cash flow has now come his way ;)

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  25. terriergal says:

    Makes you wonder about the burglaries in the neighborhood since he’d hooked up with Brandi Greene who lived there… police said they were carried out by a couple black men.

    Trayvon had jewelry in his backpack that was given to him by a “friend” that he wouldn’t name. Wonder who that friend was.

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