Chad Green’s Dad Talks – Then Chad and Brandy Green Talk – AND U-Tube Scrubs video where Tracy Martin says the voice on the 911 call was not his son

HatTip Treeper JamesF - In the first video you hear Chad Green’s Dad discuss the Trayvon shooting. Chad Green is the 14 year old son of Brandy Green (Tracy Martin’s girlfriend). We are also going to add to this post the video interview of Chad/Brandy and Fox’s Craig Rivera.  (update – video added below)

Listen to Chad Green’s Dad describe the events of 2/26, then listen to video #2 where Chad and Brandy describe 2/26, then compare it to what is factually known of 2/26. This entire thing is riddled with lies and make believe. But, decide for yourself.

First Chad’s Dad:

Now listen to Chad himself and Brandy his mom:

Craig Rivera interviews Brandy Green and 14 year old Son Chad Green

Remember the fox Orlando video with Tracy Martin saying the voice on the tape was not Trayvon?   The video from the day after the shooting?    (screen shots below) 

This is what appears now:

 Does anyone have a copy of that video?

Who’s Lying?   And Why?

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414 Responses to Chad Green’s Dad Talks – Then Chad and Brandy Green Talk – AND U-Tube Scrubs video where Tracy Martin says the voice on the 911 call was not his son

  1. myopiafree says:

    Dear thoughtful people:
    You think you have evidence? You think these people are on Crump/Corey’s narrative? When a person has been taught a MYTH – THAT HE WANTS TO BELIEVE WITH HIS ENTIRE HEART AND SOUL – then no facts will ever penetrate that mind. But here is Crump story-line:

    This is Crump’s story – and he is sticking to it.

    • howie says:

      Do you know if Crump is connected to the “reparations” movement? I know Sharpton is. I am checking for a Tvon motive to attack Mr.Z. One may be there if he was involved with the Black Foot Soldiers. I Don’t know much about the internet but is there a way to tell if Tvon ever posted or viewed the Black Foot Soldiers web site? These gang communications and codes are much more complex than the silly code of the Zimmermans that Corey is having a Baby Hippo over. I wonder if “Slimm” is a code word?

      • DizzyMissL says:

        Good thinking Howie.

      • Let’s be honest – there’s no “code” – what we’re talking about is ghetto SLANG – hence the need for an “urban dictionary” so the rest of us can figure out WTF is being said.

        “Slim” appears to also be a synonym for “lean” as the promethazine/codeine also suppresses appetite, causing chronic users to lose weight.

        All that said, TM was called “Slimm” because he was a bean-pole at puberty when he hit his growth-spurt BEFORE he filled out with muscle – at which point he became “No_Limit_Nigga”…

        Culturally-speaking, he was “Slimm” and not “Slim” because total rejection of standard English grammar or spelling is apparently required for one to be considered authentically “black” — witness rappers “Fitty cent” “Xzibit” “Ludacris” and so on, not to mention every single “tweet” or message ever sent by “No_Limit_Nigga” and his entire social-circle….

        Look at the pics of him from 3+ years ago, 12-18 months & the most recent (like his YT background) ones – they don’t even look like the same kid!

        He was somewhat “thick” – not FAT, just “thick” then he shot up in height and became “slim” until he filled out with muscle and became “No_Limit_Nigga”…

      • Oh… Sorry – I forgot…

        There are those who think the whole “blackfoot soldiers” thing is some white racists because it’s so over the top. I’d be inclined to think so were it not for the Nutty Black Pamper P***ies and countless others out there openly teaching the same sort of sickness. Just browse any TM-related YT comments and you’ll see them – the most virulent of racists who are so myopic they can’t see they’re the ones with the problem – yet they rant and rave about “pussy-ass crackas” and worse – which just happens to be a direct quote from one of TM’s tweets!

        • howie says:

          I think there is a lot of circimstantial evidence to Tvon being at least influenced by the Black Foot Soldiers. They are the violent reparationists. Crump is a legal reparationist. Sharpton is a reparationist. Reparationism runs through the whole bunch. A common thread.

    • myopiafree says:

      What TM that little bright kid, who loved to “skip” down the sidewalk, while (presumed) KKK leader GZ, “shot him down like a dog” – as per Crumps story. Or was “little” TM a 17 year-old kid, with no “functioning parents”, who choose the raper C-Murder as his “father figure.” The Corey/Crump team would have you believe the above. Here is the TRUTH about TRAYVON. Will this come out at trial? What happens to all those people who have promoted TM to “Saint Trayvon”?

      For the new members of Tree-House – this is just a summary of the facts in a condensed format. We seek freedom for George Zimmerman – based on the truth.

      • Listen to JZ’s Dad at ~7:30…

        He’s already described the “tee” and that JZ was on the sidewalk at the top of the tee…
        then he says

        …TM went between the 2 rows of townhomes, and JZ went down the MAIN sidewalk to see if he could see where TM was going…He continued walking down THAT sidewalk…

        The EMPHASIS is in the man’s speech – CLEARLY he’s differentiating between the path TM took and the one JZ took!

        He didn’t say “he followed TM down that top sidewalk…” — it’s OBVIOUS from the 911 tape (as I’ve been arguing) that TM ran down the STREET before taking one of the “cut-throughs” between the buildings – (D: “Which way is he running?” JZ: “Toward the back entrance…” – not “toward the next street“)

        THIS IS IMPORTANT – because it illustrates that Contrary to the Chump-Co narrative, JZ DID NOT EVER “FOLLOW” TM AT ALL!!

        Further, this adds up with “DeeDee” (“He say he ain’t runnin’ no mo’ ’cause he at his father house“) and TOTALLY shreds the whole “Stalked”/”Followed”/etc. narrative…

        TM went down the street then took the “cut through” (I believe the second one – closest to Brandy’s place). JZ knew by the time he got his seat-belt off and got out of his truck that he would never be able to catch TM, so instead he took the closest path to where he might be able to SEE him – across the top of the “T”!!

        He made it as far as the dog-waste station before the dispatcher said “we don’t need you to do that” and so he loitered there while he finished his call. We hear him on the call tapping something on something metallic – I believe he’s tapping his flashlight on the dog-waste-station’s pole trying to get it to work…

        Since he’d seen TM take the cut-through, but not seen him since (“…Yup – he’s gone!…”) and feared he might be hiding in the dark nearby (…I don’t want to give [my address] out loud – I don’t know where this guy is!…“) he was CLEARLY not going to stray off that “main” sidewalk! If his flashlight wouldn’t work, even LESS likely to venture off the “main” well-lighted path into the darkness toward a running / hiding “suspect”!

        Think about it – there’s literally NOTHING in JZ’s background that paints a picture of an “alpha male” – he’s a soft-spoken, meek little dude! Anyone thinking he’s the type to charge into the darkness when “I don’t know where this guy is” is N-U-T-S!!

        I’m not knocking him – just stating reality — he’s NOT an “Alpha” male type! — but this makes his courage in stepping up as he has repeatedly even MORE impressive IMHO! “courage” isn’t the absence of fear, it’s the conquering of it! – but there’s nothing in his courage that shows him to be foolhardy – which is what it would take for him to go charging into the dark after someone who’d clearly scared him already!

        Then there’s the simple fact that he got leveled, mounted, and pounded for so long – if he HAD gone into the darkness you can be damn sure he’d have had his hand on his pistol — in fact, were I in his shoes I’d have removed it from the holster and put it in the pocket of my coat! That Kel-Tec will easily fit in such a pocket! – but he didn’t, because HE WAS NOT FOLLOWING – HE WASN’T EXPEcTING ANY SORT OF CONFRONTATION AT ALL!!

        He was expecting cops at any minute, and by his own description TM was “GONE!”

        Further, we KNOW that JZ didn’t go down the “vertical” part of the “T” because of where the fight and shooting happened – behind the SECOND townhouse from the top of the “T”! Had JZ gone down there, it would have all happened somewhere South of where it did!

        My LT is not capable of running Google Earth, but if anyone would be willing to do something for me I’d really appreciate it!

        Use the measuring tool and figure out the following:

        (1) How far from the intersection of the top of the “T” is it to the spot where TM was laying?
        (2) How far from the top of the “T” to the first “cut through”? To the Second?
        (3) How far from JZ’s truck to each of those “cut-throughs”?
        (4) How far from each cut-through to Brandy’s back porch?

        If you can do this, would you please shoot me an e-mail to my user_Name (note the underscore between the words!) at Yah00?!

        Other notes: I like how Dad corrects the “dispatcher said ‘stop’” bit…

        • ejarra says:

          Hi DD, First Happy Father’s Day to one of most well known fathers.

          I also have been posting that Mr. Martin did NOT run to the T, but instead down the street “towards the back gate”. I started thinking about it after YOU first brought it up a few weeks ago. I added a time line to it. ( I don’t know if you’ve read any of my previous posts so I’ll summarize.) The athletic wide receiver, Mr Martin should be able to run a 40 yr dash in 5 seconds. Brandi’s condo was about 80 yds away, if he started to run that would put him on the porch easily BEFORE Georgie exits his SUV. Form the time he say’s “he ran” and where you here the car door open, 11 seconds pass. If you add another 4 – 5 seconds for him to actually exit the SUV. Mr Martin should have been inside by then in time to watch the NBA.

          But no, he had no keys, a locked door and no one was letting him in.

          The plot thickens…

          • howie says:

            Maybe why Brandy said he was on the porch. She knew he could not get in and Chad was not there.

          • howie says:

            Are you sure? It sounds to me like between the 2 rows of townhomes means the side walk between the two rows of townhomes. Z was on the sidewalk crossing the T and went all the way to the next street, turned around to go back to the truck/car and was attacked on the way cause he thought T was headed for the back gate and wanted to see down to that gate.

            • ejarra says:

              Georgie, went to where you said. I didn’t say that he didn’t do that. Mr. Martin however did not do that but in staed ran down the street in FRONT of the condo that were facing the street. At one point he would have left the street and duck in between a set of condos; where I don’t know. My point was that by the time Georgie would have left the vehicle Mr. Martin, the athletic wide reciever that he is, could have easlily made to Brandi’s. 15 seconds to run absout 80yd.

              Georgie would have lost him immediately which is why he ran to the T and then the road to the east and finally ending up back at the poop station.

              The big questions are: Did Mr. Martin make it to Brandi’s? If so, why didn’t he enter if he was SO SCARED? Was he locked out as he had no key? Was Chad even home? Could they be the reasons why Mr. Martin decided to confront Georgie and then try to murder him? Did Mr. Martin do drugs prior to the beat down? What is the signifigance of the Watermelon drink and Skittles? ( We here know what they can be used for).

              Other minor questions: Who are the 3 stooges and what role, if any, to they play? Did he sell them pot or did he buy it from them along with the “blunt”? Why did it take so long for Mr. Martin to get back? Why did Tracy and Brandi lie about the time they got back? Where was Chad really home? Or did he have over a guest of the opposite sex and didn’t want to answer the door?

              There are probably many more. But that’s what I love about the conservative treehouse, eventually small bits of truths emerge; which bring out more questions.

              • howie says:

                No doubt in my mind he was hiding and ambushed Z. I just think Z walked all the way through to the other street cause he could look all the way down to the gate. and see if he could spot T running out of the complex to tell the Cops. Because he had told the Cops T was heading to the back gate. When T did not appear he headed back to his Truck and told the Cops he did not know where T was. That is when he got Bushwhacked.

          • John Galt says:

            “But no, he had (1) no keys, a (2) locked door and no one was (3) letting him in.”

            We know (1) but (2) and (3) are speculation.

            If he actually departed from Brandy’s for the trip to 7-11 (do we know that for sure, maybe he was with the “responsible” cousin?) then he had a plan for getting back inside. So either Chad was home or he left the door unlocked.

            Did they get GPS and/or cell tower ping info for TM’s phone? Would be funny if he was across town at the time Chad placed his Skittles order.

            • howie says:

              In other words TM was not at the Condo to begin with. Maybe he was out with the Stooges?

              • John Galt says:

                Perhaps. I’m just saying that possibility should be explored, particularly since so many other components of the Crump narrative have proved false.

            • howie says:

              Here is a fun one…There is a massive sting operation going on and Z is not really in jail…

              • John Galt says:

                Another conspiracy theory: States knows that Crump’s narrative is concocted. Nonetheless, they decide to follow the Crump narrative for the purpose of averting riots and avoiding intervention by the feds. Toward that end, the probable cause affidavit references “profiled”, BDLR (all other witness interviews were conducted by investigators, AFAIK) intentionally “ices” Dee Dee to the Crump script, including the obvious mistakes (half-time basketball, iced tea) rather than conducting a normal investigative interview. They know in advance about the 3 stooges, which is why they disclosed that portion of the video in discovery. Gilbreath happily testifies at the bond hearing that they have no evidence to rebut GZ’s version of events.

                Then they let nature take its course. Over time, evidence is revealed that dismantles the Crump narrative brick by brick. At the end of the proceedings, with the Crump narrative reduced to ruins, they point the finger at Crump. Crump duped everyone. Took advantage of poor young Dee Dee. Race riots averted.

                • howie says:

                  Love it. Don’t forget the Black Foot Soldiers. But of course there will have to be a Goat. Hope the Crumpsters read this….Don’t get paranoid now Crumpsters. I am sure you have nothing to worry about. I doubt Brandy is dropping dime on you.

                  • howie says:

                    Hey here is another good one going back to the guy with the Black Foot Soldier home Made Badge that texts to No Limit…His name is Skee. Check that on Urban Dictionary…Ughhh!

                • howie says:

                  They just found a dead Rodney King in the bottom of his pool. Maybe the Black Foot Soldiers got at him for saying “Can’t we all just get along.”

                • howie says:

                  Got another one…TM in his calls list from DD has interspersed calls with a T-MOB. MOB in gang code means Money over Bitches. This is just before he attacked Z.

            • ejarra says:

              What lead me to believe that Chad wasn’t there were 2 things. First, the fact the he seemed oblivious to what went down that night. If he was home, that would be imposible because there is no frikkin’ way a 14 yr. old would be in bed by 7 PM. Earbuds in wouldn’t explain the not noticing of the flashing lights.

              I saw no record that of that condo being canvassed, yet they seemed to have asked questions of most of the other residents. Did the cops knock on that door or not? I “believe” they did and nobody was home. Lights on or off?

              I “believe” that Chad wasn’t home and the door was locked which pissed off Mr. Martin and he went looking for a way to feel better.

              90% of what we surmise here is based on logical events and timelines. Some accurate, some off base. But I think we have a better idea of the “truth” than the MSM does for damn sure.

              • John Galt says:

                “I “believe” that Chad wasn’t home and the door was locked which pissed off Mr. Martin and he went looking for a way to feel better.”

                Does Chad have a cell phone? Cell tower pings might prove interesting.

                • ejarra says:

                  At 14, I would say yes. MOM should get it along with the phone records of the cell co. If he was still in the complex someplace, I doubt pinging would be of much help.

              • jimrtex says:

                Every witness but one was from the two north-most buildings on either side of the walkway. The one exception was in a building to the north of the T, whose back faced down the N-S sidewalk. The longest call, with all the screams was from the northmost home, which had a screened patio, so that the patio door was open (but the screen had blinds so they couldn’t see out).

                The two southmost witnesses were both outside with their dogs. It is possible that the police started canvassing the 2nd buildings and got responses from no one. The building is new enough to be well insulated which keeps both the heat and sound out. Sound is attenuated going around corners and may even reflect rather than entering a unit through a window.

                The front of the units is mostly garages. The front doors may have a little viewing window, and emergency equipment would have come in from the main gate. It is possible that Chad would not have noticed. It is also possible that Chad would not have been forthcoming if Martin had reached the home, like “DeeDee” said he did.

        • Aghastinfl says:

          Robert Zimmerman made the point emphatically in his letter that at no time did George Zimmerman follow, many people erroneously belived that to be a falsehood but what you explain supports his statement. Well done.

  2. Aoife says:

    Let’s play spot the liberal bias!! Nifty article that purports to prove CCW has no effect on lowering crime rates.

    • Yeah – they say “shootings actually INCREASE!!11!ELEVENTY-1!”

      Well… .Yeah – except now it’s decent people shooting scumbags in defense of life and property.

      Personally I have no problem with that and think we need even MORE OF IT!

      But… As we all know… That makes me (wait for it…) “RAY-CISS!!”

  3. howie says:

    The above badge with the blunt and drawing appears to be a take off on the Black Foot Soldier style of postings on their web site. I also see on it a post “Fight Fight a Nigga and a White. In additon the site says “formerly published auxillary publishing processes are now in place” does anyone know what that means?

  4. atex says:

    TM’s father said when they got home he called his son and it went to voice mail (IF he called at all, he certainly didn’t come home when he said he did–I’m thinking they got home at 7 am)

    Anyway, so how could Traymark have ended the call with deedee?? She said that his ear buds fell out when he was ‘bumped’ or something to that effect and apparent the line was still open because she ‘heard the grass’. SOOOOO when did Traymark shut his phone off? Ya think LE turned it off? Or could deedee be telling a ‘non truth…… ya think?
    I feel none of them tell the truth!

    • Lee says:

      I am of the same mindset – Tracy Martin did not return home until Monday morning. In time to head back to work – Trayvon was an after-thought. If Chad had called his mother and other people during the evening – didn’t he explain that Trayvon had never returned? Wouldn’t they have come home to check? Wouldn’t Chad had looked out of the window – he had to have, at the very least, seen flashing lights? Wouldn’t a neighbor have called – they (the Greens) lived there for four years. All the screaming and fighting and someone getting shot and killed, near your own home, is pretty big news. My phone would have been ringing off the hook – and there would have been neighbors at my door – “did you see that”, “did you hear what happened”…… I have seen the video of the interview with Chad Green’s father. If I am remembering correctly – it is longer than the version that is shown here. I have looked on the internet but cannot find the unabridged version. I do not want to misquote the man – if my memory is wrong – but, I think he addresses his son’s relationship to Trayvon Martin.

      • SteveDinMD says:

        Rather than staying home in Miami to counsel his deeply troubled son, Tracy brought TM to Sanford and Brandi’s house so as not to miss out on his “booty call.” That being the case, can there be much doubt that Tracey and Brandi stayed out all night getting their “groove on?” Otherwise, they would have noticed all the commotion off the back porch and around the community, which went on until nearly the break of day. I also imagine that TM was left alone in Chad’s company in the mistaken belief that the two boys would keep each other out of trouble. Chad probably took off somewhere shortly after his mother’s departure and without her permission, leaving TM on his own and subject to temptation.

        Then the predictable thing happened. TM rifled Brandi’s medicine cabinet and found some cough syrup and/or other abusable medications and decided to have himself a “party.” Without keys, TM probably left by the back (sliding glass?) door, leaving it unsecured so he could get back in upon his return, but wound up in the morgue. Chad probably returned shortly before or after dawn and went straight to bed, not knowing that TM was dead. Later, Brandi and Tracy returned, probably mid-morning after breakfast, to find Chad in bed and TM missing. None of them had any idea what happened to TM, nor did they have a clue about the shooting in their back yard since they were all absent from home until long afterward. Given this most likely chain of events, it also stands to reason that there was no telephone contact whatsoever between Tracy/Brandi and TM/Chad, or they would have realized something was amiss.

        The entire Crump narrative, then — Tea, Skittles, “little brother,” watching the game, begging to go out, little boy photo, etc. — is nothing more that a complete fabrication designed to conceal the underlying, unsavory circumstances surrounding TM’s visit to Sanford. It was designed to conceal TM’s growing delinquency & drug abuse, to conceal ongoing defective parenting, and to make the, shall we say, “complicated” relationship/lifestyle arrangements surrounding TM and his family appear more conventional. In short, Crump needed a far more sympathetic “victim” if he was going to score any kind of a payday.

      • ctdar says:

        How about a knock at Brandy’s door & the other neighbors homes to see if anyone knew who the deceased was as he had no ID?? If chad was home there would b immediate call to his mother & Tracy; they would have gotten involved much sooner than 8am the next day.

        • garnette says:

          Come to think of it, wouldn’t the police have knocked on all the doors to get a list of witnesses for further down the road? I could see that the idea of finding witnesses may be the responsibility of a detective, but what if someone had guests in the house who would be gone before the investigation got back to the witnesses, wouldn’t they need to know everyone who was in the area at the time it happened?

          It reminds me of the situation where you are a witness to an accident. If you saw something such as someone running a light, you stick around to talk to the police rather than waiting for them to make an announcement on the news that they need witnesses for an accident that occurred at this location and at this time.

          • DizzyMissL says:

            They did knock on doors. Need to find out if they knocked on Brandi’s door.

            • ejarra says:

              I BELIEVE they did and nobody answered because NOONE was home.

              Really, think about it. Would they NOT canvass all the condos on that side of the complex?

              Did they log that there was no response at Brandy’s?

              Sounds like more work for MOM.

          • ArkansasMimi says:

            I wonder if CHAD is one of the new witnesses? In the next Doc dump? Just a thought.

            • John Galt says:

              If a flock of FBI agents came down and didn’t talk to Dee Dee or Chad, you know the fix is in.

              • howie says:

                Or the fix is out. This could explain the sudden cessation of all investigations that the Cracker was talking about. They all turned in to Ostriches at the same time. The more I read the transcript of that bond hearing the more I agree with the Cracker that Z will be OK in the end. I just do not understand the process due to limited legal knowledge.

    • John Galt says:

      “I feel none of them tell the truth!”

      The raice-baiters have lied about everything from iced tea on up. The media bought it w/o checking any facts. Worse, the race-baiters have run similar scams previously: Tawana Brawley, Duke Lacrosse.

      “Or could deedee be telling a ‘non truth…… ya think?”

      Tawana Brawley refused to testify under oath where she would be subject to cross-examination. I wonder if Dee Dee will follow that example.

        • myopiafree says:

          Crump “Promotes” DeDE as witness for “Depraved murder” by George Zimmerman.
          Do you think this will happen to Fibber-Crump when DeDe REFUSES TO TESTIFY??
          Court Suspends Maddox for Refusal to Testify at Grievance Hearing
          By ARNOLD H. LUBASCH
          Published: May 22, 1990
          SIGN IN TO E-MAIL

          Alton H. Maddox Jr., who represented Tawana Brawley and other clients in racially charged cases, was suspended yesterday from practicing law in New York State.

          The suspension was ordered by the Appellate Division of State Supreme Court in Brooklyn, which said Mr. Maddox had refused several times to respond to a grievance committee hearing complaints about his conduct in the Brawley case.
          [ Let me give you a hint - Al Sharpton was involved. ]
          I don’t have the record for Nifong – but he got “suspended” also.
          This lying just goes on, and on, and on…..

    • Watermelon says:

      The police report says the headphones were found in his pocket. It also says that the phone was dead. It’s possible that he didn’t turn the phone off and the phones battery died, or that the rain caused it to shut off.

    • Well, his “missed call” logs on the phone would show her call if the phone was on.

      It would show on the bill either way – even if sent straight to voice-mail, but if the phone was off when she called it would not show in the phone’s “missed call” logs.

    • John Galt says:

      Did Crump play the same inaudible tape on March 20 that he gave to the State?

      “Much of the recording was inaudible when played Tuesday at a press conference in Florida”

      Did Matt Gutman do a cut and splice job (NBC style) or does he have a different tape?

  5. Susiejoe says:

    One note I made from Mr. Green is that TM went to the store during half time of the basketball game. From their first stories, I thought that it was a big deal for TM to watch that game.

    • John Galt says:

      Game actually did not start until after TM was dead. Half-time story is nonsense.

    • Watermelon says:

      The nba allstar game started at 7pm. I think that Martin left at 640. The twenty
      minutes left before the game probably left him enough time to get to the store and back in time. Or he just recorded it or paused it with a DVR

    • tobsters777 says:

      I posted this elsewhere yesterday but its relevant here…

      Has anyone noticed the whole statement about “halftime” of the all-star game? I mean on this site: (a link to boston sbnation that I shortened) they list the following:

      Event: Eastern Conference Vs. Western Conference – 2012 NBA All-Star Game. Date/Time: Sunday, February 26, 2012 – 7:30 p.m. EDT
      Location: Amway Center (Capacity: 18,846), Orlando, Florida.

      OK, the game DOESN’T EVEN START UNTIL 7:30PM EDT, so how did TM leave “at halftime” and was at 7-11 at 6:24PM EDT. Hmmm, what am I missing?

      Keep up the great work y’all…

      • bubba says:

        Exactly!!!! More lies …

      • garnette says:

        Where were Tracy and Brandi that night?

        • SteveDinMD says:

          The “official” story is that they went out to dinner. They might have gone out to dinner, but a careful consideration of the facts reveals that they likely didn’t return home until some time the next morning. In all probability, they afterward took their romantic dinner date to a hotel that night in order to “get their groove on” in privacy.

          • garnette says:

            I understand their official story, but I noticed something in the above post about the game that made me wonder if we have missed what was really going on. He took her to a romantic dinner date on the night of the All Star game? I agree with the rest of it. But, we have never wondered about the All Star game in reference to Tracy and Brandi.

            • Jello333 says:

              Yeah, I don’t know if Tracy is a big NBA fan, but if he is then it’s hard to imagine he’d miss the AS game. But who knows.

              The one thing I’m really wondering about, though, is this: If they DID stay out all night, rather than returning that evening as they’ve said, why is that a big deal? I mean, to me what’s far more important than whether or not they stayed out all night, is WHY WOULD THEY LIE about it? It could be something as simple as not wanting to look like “bad parents” for leaving Chad home alone overnight. On the other hand, if Chad really WASN’T home, they’d have nothing to be ashamed of, and so have no reason to lie. Yet it looks very likely they DID lie…. so that could mean that they feel it’s VERY important to be able to claim that Chad was there during the shooting. Figure out WHY it’s so important for them to claim that, and it might answer some important questions.

              • John Galt says:

                Chad needs to be there to explain the reason for the Skittles purchase. Otherwise it is too obvious that TM was on a drug run.

              • Shari says:

                My thought early on was that they went somewhere to watch the game, but then why would they lie about that. My thought was maybe TM wasn’t supposed to be at BG that night. So when this happened it caught Big TM and BG off guard.

                • ejarra says:

                  Let’s say for arguement sake that you are correct and that Mr. Martin, Jr. was supposed to be somewhere else while he was there for suspension from school; maybe at ‘cuz’s house. Tracy and Brandi went to the game and left 14 yr. old Skittle eatin’ Chad home by himself? Could this be the reason for them saying they were home by 10:30PM as to not get in trouble with child protective services? I don’t know the law there, but they seem to be skirting it. MOM really needs to hire a PI to find out if Chad was really home that night; also, if the SPD canvassed Brandi’s condo.

                  • howie says:

                    This is not a can of worms…It’s a whole barrel.

                  • For most of human history – and much of their current demographic – both would be fathers themselves by now.

                    At Chad’s age I worked 30+ hours a week on a “real job” plus ran several small side-businesses employing other kids. I was pretty much alone ~5+ days a week.

                    At TM’s age I was literally homeless.

                    Both are old enough to be left alone for an evening without worry about cps…

                    It’s not hard to see why TM would seek any excuse to get out of there. We must remember that TM was not “at home” in “The Retreat.” Miami Gardens is “Da Hood” – and in that subculture young men like TM rarely stay in the house – they hang out on the street, or at least on someone’s porch.

                    Then there’s the fact that – despite the Saint Skittles narrative – Chad wasn’t “his brother” and likely wasn’t even someone TM would be able to stand for long.
                    Even WITHOUT the need to smoke a blunt or mix up some lean, TM would be absolutely ITCHING to GTFO of there!

                    I’m willing to bet that Pa Skittles and Hootchie-momma weren’t out the back gate before TM was out the back door and gone…

            • ArkansasMimi says:

              HMMMM I wonder if Tracy and Brandi went TO the All Star Game?! IF they came home, it would be very late….

              • justice099 says:

                Actually, in several of the more recent articles, they have mentioned that Tracy and Brandy were at a basketball game. Just one of many examples where the media reports the changing stories of this group and doesn’t bother pointing out that it changed.

                • garnette says:

                  This morning, I thought about it. While I understand that Orlando is a big town and a big tourist town, I began to think it was funny that they traveled that far for dinner on the night of the All Star game. I am totally not into sports, so until yesterday I didn’t realize that the All Star game was being played in Orlando. To me that changes the entire timeline that they are throwing out abut where they were and what they were doing. Whether he was at the game or watching it somewhere in Orlando, I doubt he could have been home at 10:30 like he claims just because of the amount of traffic that would be in town and how police direct traffic after major events.

                  If the story now changes that he was at a game, which had to be that game because I doubt there were any other games going on because all basketball fans would want to watch that game. It also changes or adds to how he interacted with Trayvon. Remember, he said that Trayvon was his best friend. To me sporting events are all about fathers and sons bonding and watching the games together. Why did he spend time with Brandi rather than doing a father son activity with his son? Also, it just dawned on me, if he was watching or at the All Star game, why did he think that Trayvon went to the movies with a cousin? Wouldn’t Trayvon and the cousin perhaps watch the All Star game?

                  • John Galt says:

                    TM at age 17 had no interest in sports. Look at his Tweets. 162 pages (adding both accounts), and his youtube account: no sports.
                    He liked blunts, fire ass lean/drank, thug music, dealing drugs, bishes/hos, street fighting , tats, grills and dubs.

                  • ejarra says:

                    When there is an NBA all-star game on, there are NO OTHER NBA games being played. None, Zilch, Nada. I don’t believe there would be any college games. If there were it would be damn few and probably no Division I. If they went to a basketball game it would have to be the NBA game or a high school one. (Yah sure).

                  • garnette says:

                    I agree with you regarding his tweets. That may explain why he didn’t care what his father did. However, what 17 year old would not want to be in the area near if not at the All Star game, if his father was going to be there or in the area? He may not be into sports, but some of those people whose music he listened to or watched in movies were going to be there. Maybe he was mad that his father took Brandi to the game or to watch the game or maybe he liked the Lean so much he didn’t care, but to me, it says a lot that the All Star game was near where he was staying and rather than doing something with his dad or his cousin, he was at a 7-11 buying skittles and Watermelon Juice.

                  • justice099 says:

                    Well, assuming the theory of them going to the game is correct, here is what I think went down. Brandi, Chad, and Tracy all went to the game. Trayvon didn’t get to go. I don’t think because he was punished, but because it seems like Trayvon’s presence there was a little unexpected and they had probably already made plans, bought tickets, etc…

                • howie says:

                  Maybe they had a Hot Dog at the game. Good enough to pacify the passive media no doubt.

    • Aussie says:

      then that means Chad’s father is lying. The game had not started when TM went to the store.

  6. John Galt says:

    “He wanted something to snack on.” So he bought Skittles for Chad, Watermelon Fruit Juice Cocktail, and nothing to snack on.

    Cool story, Chad.

    • SteveDinMD says:

      Can anyone confirm whether or not the can of Arizona Watermelon Juice Cocktail found in TM’s possession after the shooting was, in fact, unopened? Various accounts I’ve read have implied as much, but I haven’t been able to specifically confirm this, and I have a particular reason for wanting to know. Commenters on other boards have been quick to point out that just because Skittles and Watermelon Juice Cocktail represent two of the three specific ingredients in one particular recipe for Purple Drank, it doesn’t necessarily follow that TM intended to use them to get high. He might well have had innocent intentions for what, after all, are perfectly legal and harmless snack items. Though I have to admit that there are legitimate markets for these products where many consumers innocently enjoy them for their own sake, the totality of the circumstances make THIS purchase seem far from ordinary.

      Thinking about TM’s 7-11 shopping trip got me to reflecting on my own history of such purchases. I’m not far from 50 years old, and I can’t recall a single instance in my entire life where I purchased one single-serving bottle/can of any beverage ANYWHERE and did not immediately begin to consume it. It’s in the nature of that kind of purchase for the consumer to buy one can or bottle because he’s thirsty at the moment and wants to quench his thirst right then. Yet TM buys one can of Arizona Watermelon Juice Cocktail and carries it over a mile from the point of purchase without opening it. Why?

      If the can was for himself, why didn’t TM drink it on the way back from 7-11, or why didn’t he buy TWO cans — one for trip back and one for later? The logical inference is that TM had a purpose in carrying that drink all the way back to Brandi’s house. Was he bringing it back for Chad? It seems unlikely. It would have been a much more reasonable supposition if he had purchased one can for himself and one for the other boy. Then, again, why not just pick up a six-pack or a 2-litre bottle after walking all the way to 7-11 in the RAIN? Anyway, from all indications, Chad wasn’t even home, so we can scratch that theory. Nor could TM’s minimal purchase be attributed to insufficient funds — investigators found more than $40 on TM’s body after the shooting. Consider also that the All-Star game was going to be on TV that night. Did TM go to 7-11 to pick up supplies to enjoy while watching the game? If so, he had a peculiar shopping list. If there weren’t any drinks back at Brandi’s place, why didn’t he buy more? If there were already drinks there, why even purchase this ONE? Even if it was a personal favorite, one can certainly wouldn’t be enough to last the whole game. Also, why didn’t TM buy any chips or other snack items commonly consumed while watching a ball game? Was Brandi’s house ONLY lacking for Skittles, but otherwise well stocked? I doubt it.

      Given TM’s history and the circumstances, it appears most likely that TM was reverting to form. TM’s father and Brandi were nowhere to be found, presumably off enjoying a romantic interlude the whole night. Chad, too, seems to have been elsewhere, otherwise he would have noticed the shooting and hours-long investigation with all its commotion. With TM home alone, I don’t think it’s a stretch to imagine that he rifled Brandi’s medicine cabinet, found cough syrup (and/or codeine, percecet, etc.) and came up with a plan for how to spend an unsupervised evening in a strange city and without access to his marijuana connections. Yes, TM had “plans” for that drink, and the evidence allows us to surmise what that plan probably was.

      • Watermelon says:

        Since it was found in his hoodie pocket, as per the police report, it was probably unopened. I think it would have been mentioned if it was empty. Also Martin would have had to reason to hold on to the empty can because there is no deposit for it. I work in a gas station so I know from experience that his shopping list was normal. Arizona products are very popular, especially among teens, mainly cause they are cheap.

        • SteveDinMD says:

          His shopping list wouldn’t be at all noteworthy except for the circumstances surrounding his trip to 7-11, combined with his established affinity for getting high off Purple Drank, or Lean.

      • Lee says:

        A very long walk in the cold, dark, rain – for so little sustenance – I believe it was NEVER about a snack. One thing that is curious about the money – one interview the father made said Trayvon had 22 dollars. He was actually found with 40 and had spent some at 7-11. It all could be just innocent error. But, something gnaws at me about that.

      • chopp says:

        Judging by the way it was laying on the tarp when they photographed it, I would say it was unopened.


        • JEReading says:

          $40 and some change, I believe, on the police report. Does anyone know what kind of bills? Based on SD’s post on the Three Stooges and Trayvon’s activities at the convenience store, we know that he had at least 2 single, dollar bills on his person.

      • docraoul says:

        As I lifted the shirt, I felt a large cold can in the center pocket,” [Officer] Raimondo reported.
        Empty and still cold? Not likely.

      • James Crawford says:

        I wonder if the 7-11 video from earlier in the day might show TRacy Martin or Brandi Green purchasing condoms. It might explain why they were gone all night. It might trip them up on their story.

        Even I can’t believe that Tracy Martin is so irresponsible that he would not have checked on his son and niether he nor Chad could be to oblivious to notice the police activity.

      • minpin says:

        The first officer to arrive on the scene, Raimondo, who also was one to do CPR, noted on his report that he felt a large cold can in the center sweatshirt pocket. I believe that would mean it was unopened.

    • jasper420 says:

      this just means trayvon was lying not neccessarially Chad

    • EXCELLENT point!

      I’ve been saying “what teen buys skittles for someone else and NOTHING for himself – but never quite made the connection that you just did.

      Jullison is actually pretty damn good!

      “He had WHAT?



      I GOT IT!

      We’ll play up the ‘wholesome kid’ angle by saying the skittles were for his little brother!”

      But – like all liars, they can’t stand up to the scrutiny!

  7. 2ntense says:

    What does “roped” mean?

    I am so not getting this whole alternate language.

    • howie says:

      I think it means arrested. I am checking out the code. It appears that there is a network like a gang but not a traditional gang like the Crips or Bloods. It is called the Black Foot Soldiers Network. It looks like Tvon might have been involved with it but I can’t quite put my finger on it. They have code words. It is all the way back to the Civil War and Reparations for slavery. I wonder if Obamas mention of Tvon looking like his Son is some kind of code that certain people understand but we do not. So far I have a lot of questions but no answers.

    • Lee says:

      I do not know – but, I looked on an urban dictionary and “roped – to get caught, arrested, or captured by police or some other authority figure.”

    • “is to roped…” means it is too easy to get caught, busted, popped… School, cops, parents etc. Lean or Sizzurp is less detectable and if ever caught with it “it’s legal stuff” so no biggie…. and generally unseen in drug tests.

      ps. Judging from the general populous response to Watermellon Juice and Skittles he was right.

    • Lib L. Blacksheep says:

      ROPED – to get caught, arrested, or captured by police or some other authority. (defns 1,2,3); to be raped, have rough sex (4,5); to get really, really high on drugs, so stoned you could easily be raped (6).

    • Sharon says:

      Unfortunately, for this whole over-privileged and lawless victim class it’s their native tongue, not an alternate language.

    • CRussell says:

      to get caught, arrested, or captured by police or some other authority figure.
      The cops saw us skipping school so we all got roped up.

  8. atex says:

    2ntense—Check urban dictionary. You may learn things you wished you hadn’t. lol There’s a whole other world out there.
    And yes, Howie, you are correct…arrested it is.

  9. tnwahm says:

    Brandy said that Chad was confused at the end. I’m sure the poor boy is confused; confused by what the adults in his life are telling him to lie about.

    • Chuck says:

      Did you notice how she appeared to be rather agitated and hostile during the interview, sitting in the background looking off camera? She supposedly works as a Juvenile Detention Officer in Orlando, so I imagine the whole alleged dope-using thug image of Trayvon is quite embarrassing for her.

      I wonder if their relationship started off on a personal or a professional note.. Dad is also a big mystery. No mention of his work aside from driving a truck or where he permanently resides when not driving. You can’t find anything on him which is hard to believe considering how most people leave at least some kind of digital footprint nowadays.

      • Omar says:

        Did anyone notice Chad’s eyes darting to the right when Brandi started talking about how Chad’s just confused and that he doesn’t understand why people are sayin’ the things they’re sayin’ about TM, cuz that’s not the TM he knew? It was a typical teenager roll of the eyes, as if to say, “oh brother, quit putting words into my mouth. I understand just fine.” OR, it could have been an unconscious reaction to the lie she was telling.

      • John Galt says:

        “She supposedly works as a Juvenile Detention Officer in Orlando”

        How is that possible? Look at her rap sheet.

  10. bubba says:

    Question: We keep hearing about howv TM left at halftime of the NBA all star game.. well if I am correct he was shot at 7:18 that night.. Game didn’t start till 7:30.. How is that possible??? Hmmmmm

    • atex says:

      You would have to live in their world bubba and i don’t think that is a place you’d like to be. Nope.

    • Sharon says:

      Questions, questions, questions, bubba. ….which just don’t seem to be an issue for local investigators or the FBI or the Revrund Sharp or the NAACP or the Congresswoman With The Giant Red Cowboy Hat.

      • bubba says:

        That’s bc they only want to investigate what they want to, just like the rest of this case..Comment sense tells u this case is a no brainer… If George is guilty w/o any doubt… Why o why all the lies and deceit??

        • Sharon says:

          “Why o why all the lies and deceit??” Because they are lying. And their lies are required to sustain their journey onward to their destination. And if the lies were revealed, the cash cow, money strem, gravy train would stop. That’s why. Careers are at stake. Very highly-paid careers. And in this day of disappearing jobs (obama’s “new normal”), they’re not about to let theirs evaporate. That’s why.

      • Aussie says:

        or that other badly dressed congress-critter.

    • Cyrano says:

      I was wondering about that too, Bubba. So, I went to The NBA website, and found the start time listed as 7:00PM Eastern. That means about 7:30 as you said after the hoopla of introductions. What this tells me is that the father didn’t actually get that info from his son, but from the media narrative of the early reports. I think that narrative has since changed to fit the game time.

  11. atex says:

    These people are ruining my life! I go into a store looking for my Peanut Butter Cups and see Skittles staring at me. I think of what they are doing to Zimms , his wife, father, mother and the rest and I’m ill.

    • Sharon says:

      … yer sayin’ Skittles is the bacon in your life? ;)

      • atex says:

        Bacon? I love bacon!! Hopefully I won’t be seeing a bag of that dopers drug fixins in the meat section or I will have to spend the rest of my life without bacon along with no peanut Butter Cups. Now how sad would that be.

  12. Icestation2 says:

    The Fox News reporters comment that George was an overzealous neighbourhood watch guy, I assume, is based on the false supposed fact that George had called the police nearly 50 times in the previous 12 months. Can anyone here confirm that in fact George had called the police around 50 times in the previous dozen years?

    Also, in the Fox clip they are suggesting that George thought Trayvon was suspicious because he saw Trayvon walking between the town homes. The reporter tries to suggest that the area/s in question were the short path up to the T, and the path leading down from the T towards where Trayvon was staying. But George Zimmerman’s call about Trayvon acting suspiciously was about Trayvon walking/loitering in a completely different location, possibly the shortcut from the main road which Trayvon possibly used to re-enter the gated-community. Does anyone know if this shortcut from the main road does go between the town homes?

    • howie says:

      Anything to avoid the Tvon was a racist possibility.

    • Watermelon says:

      Reports say it was 46.
      I’m a little confused by the next question . GZ reported him hanging out at the clubhouse. This map might help

      • Lee says:

        Thank you – I should have scrolled down to your moment before I posted. I see the earliest one goes back to 2004.

    • Lee says:

      I think that tally goes back to 2005….or for as long as the logs are saved….he did not call that many times in the last year. And one thing I notice about the calls, he made comments on some that he did not want to confront them himself. I think this site had a post at one time that went to the logs. Anyone remember?

    • myopiafree says:

      Hi Ice – I think it was about 49 calls over 7 years. This was not excessive for this community and there has been a number of break-ins. GZ was just doing a favor to the residents of this Gated Community. But after all this shit is “happening” – I doubt that anyone will ever volunteer to “watch” a community. Would you?

      • deep_enough says:

        This, I think is a point worth some clarification.

        At the bail hearing, BDLR asked George’s wife (1) how long they had been married and (2) how long they had lived their present gated community. Her answers were (1) 5 year anniversary is later this year and (2) two or three years.

        Also need to know when it was decided when neighbor watch program started (I believe George was voted “head guy” from the start). George is 28, so 7 years goes back to when he was old enough to buy beer and to his one arrest (that BDLR brought up at bail hearing to prove he was a ‘violent man’ — and that Judge cited to justify revoking bail).

        It would be nice to see if there are any correlations on the nature and frequency of these calls since he moved into Retreat at Twin Lakes and also since becoming Neighbor Watch Captain as well as how many recent calls actually involved serious criminal activity.

    • myopiafree says:

      Hi Ice – GZ was not a “bave KKK racist”. He did not run around the community waving a pistol in the air, and yelling that he was going to “shoot any back kid that he could”. In fact, in these other 911 calls it was clear that GZ had NO DESIRE TO GET INVOLVED WITH THESE THUGS. But tragically, the last Thug came back 70 yards to “mess” with GZ – by throwing a “hard fist” into GZ’s face. Them’s “just the facts” – as we know them in the TreeHouse.

  13. Dan says:

    At that time, Crump and the Martin family where in an all out offensive to get this case covered nationally. They were throwing every lie in the book against the wall hoping any would stick.

    Because if they could tap into national liberal white guilt, they would be taken one step closer to their ultimate goal…..which of course is to sue the hell out of everyone involved and get millions of dollars. And also of course to promote the narrative that police are racist, white people are racist, black people are victims and must cry, scream, assault and riot in order to get “justice” against this racist system set against them.

  14. howie says:

    The above texts refer to Robatussin and “SODA” I found that soda is the gang word for Cocaine.

      • howie says:

        Amazing. It is a whole other reality. There is something real fishy going on and I can’t quite get to it. But it is there.

      • howie says:

        Earlier we found out that all the FBI and other investigations came to a sudden halt. Did anyone find out why?

        • myopiafree says:

          No – but the reason is obvious (to us who live in the truth “TreeHouse”). GZ was Hispanic -BLACK, with some White mixed in. His G grandfather was BLACK. GZ’s father helped raise two black children in his home. GZ worked for the NAACP. If this becomes absolutely CLEAR to all – then this can’t be a ‘race crime’ – and you have to look at TM’s “druggie habit, and drug-paranoia” as the reason TM went back 70 yards to “mess” with GZ. If all this comes out, it becomes clear that the “FEDS” spent $1,000,000 trying to convict an innocent man. Further, like the NiFong episode, it will become clear that Corey is going to spend $1,500,000 trying to convict a man who simply saved his life (in self defense) by shooting the thug that was beating the shit out of him. Howie – THAT IS THE REASON THE FEDS “SHUT UP”.

          • howie says:

            But what if the race crime was Tvons? If they got a wiff of it they stopped cold. That is what I am suspecting.

            • You mean like if he just decided to beat hell out of some “puss ass cracka” (86/152 – see JG’s post just below) in an attempt to impress some girl?

              If you think that innocent, beautiful little boy could even be capable of THINKING of something like that, you’re obviously just ray-ciss!

              Apparently – in addition to being ray-ciss, you’re under the mistaken impression that anyone non-white (except those evil “white Peruvians”) can be ray-ciss.

              Only white people are racist – if anyone hates white people it’s totally justified by what they’ve suffered at the hands of the demonic white devils.

              Glad I could clear that up for you (rolleyes)…

          • Well, that and the fact that FL didn’t seem to need their help to railroad JZ…

            They were going to see him hang, but when FL stepped up and said “We got this”, they backed off…

            Wait and see what Eric “My People” Holder’s “Just-Us” department does if JZ (by some miracle) ends up walking!

      • Omar says:

        slid (from urbandictionary): v. – to be knocked out with one punch; to get hit so hard you fall down and slide across the floor/ground henceforth the term “slid”.
        I bumped into this dude I had plex wit last night. I slid that fool into ray ray’s car.

        Slim gon slid alright. Looks like he slid the wrong dude.

      • John Galt says:

        “feel lik slidn” 11/52
        “when tf we slidding?” 29/152
        “Slimm gon slid” 35/152
        “O.o Zoot” 50/152
        “RETWEET if you smoke #weed” 75/152
        “puss ass crackas” 86/152
        “Finna smoke 1 wit my dawg wayne” 101/152
        “Its a new year lets make some changes. . .fuark dat wea da weedman at??” 105/152
        “COUNT MONEY. . . .DIS MY 1,700 :)” 118/152
        Drug deal discussed w/ SJ_SayNoMo on 144/152 ??

        • howie says:

          No wonder they always get away. The Cops don’t know what they are saying.

        • Damn JG !!
          I’d seen his tweets but somehow missed *ALL* of those!

          Anybody know where we could find a transcription of all of them?

          • John Galt says:


            There is a little search box in the bottom right hand corner of the SCRIBD frame.

            There is a download link in the top right corner of the SCRIBD frame. Click that and there will be a blue download or print button the right side of the page and indicates pdf and txt files available. Then there is skip login link in the bottom right corner of the next page. Then it says you can buy a daypass for $5 for Scribd.

            • John Galt says:

              download link is in the top LEFT corner of the SCRIBD frame.

            • I downloaded the “txt” version – which somehow didn’t include any line-breaks – so I was forced to go through the whole file line-by-line to clean it up.

              My IQ has – without question – fallen a good 80 points by osmosis.

              I have no doubt the damage is permanent…

              Still a worthwhile effort – I’ll probably post in tomorrow’s “open thread”…

  15. Watermelon says:

    Did anyone here follow the Troy Davis case? His lawyer was trying to stop the execution by producing affidavits from witnesses from the trial claiming that they lied or they now think their original testimony was wrong. The judge said that was not enough and asked the lawyers to have the witnesses testify about the affidavits. The lawyers declined to call the witnesses for some mysterious reason even though some of the witnesses were present in court. I think it’s because they knew that there was no way that the witnesses would be considered credible or because they did something improper. The affidavits had a very limited purpose. They were meant to stall that execution, not to be used in a new trial. I think that is the reason behind the bizarre Dee Dee saga. Her testimony was only meant to get GZ arrested, not to convict him.

    • howie says:

      That Troy Davis case was a Tragedy. The iInnocence project was trying to help but to no avail. This whole thing really smells. I am starting to suspect that Tvon was a victim…not of Mr. Z but of the reparations crowd. If he was infected with it it could provide motive. The more I look the more I find that points in that direction. That is always a reason to keep looking. Each player has a motive.

      • Watermelon says:

        Ive wondered if Tracy martins black code speech is partially to blame. Teaching kids to stereotype strangers before they have a chance to stereotype is dumb. Tracy probably thought he was teaching his son how to avoid trouble but it’s possible it just made Martin angry. Possibly angry enough to confront a stranger in the dark and then beat him up to teach him a lesson. I dont think Martin wanted to kill him or even to do serious damage, but how could GZ know that. This should be a lesson to anyone who starts fights with strangers. You never know who’s carrying a gun

      • AFAIAc, one need look no further than DEEDEE!!
        Remember: Her tweets make clear she was *NOT* his GF, in fact it appears she wasn’t really all that fond of him “OTP (on the phone) wit No_Limit_Nigga x-/” for example.


        *IF* she was really on the phone with TM when the fight started, and they were disconnected, and she tried and failed to call him back — then she just went on with her life?

        Her twitter history shows she continued her 18+ hours-a-day tweeting of everything resembling a thought that entered her thick little head. “I’m so bored…” “gettin ma hair done 2morro!” and so on…

        You were on the phone with someone, they were being followed and scared, you heard a fight start and…. then you just went on with your life and said nothing to nobody?

        Even after you learned that the boy was *KILLED* in that fight, you STILL never said anything to anyone until the boy’s father tracked you down from the dead kid’s phone-bill?!?!



        It REEKS of a kid who’s TRYING TO HIDE!!

        Now *IF* she’s trying to hide, **WHY**??!!

        To me it’s both simple and obvious: **SHE** IS RESPONSIBLE!!

        She’s talking to TM when he notices JZ “eyeballing” him.

        He goes to “check JZ out” and sees the guy eyeballing him has a crew-cut & is in a plain white SUV, and is talking on the phone.

        Where TM and DD live, the “jump crews” who take down drug-dealers use similar white SUVs – so they think he’s a cop.

        TM runs, stashes his contraband, and while still hiding spots JZ standing at or walking across the top of the “tee.”

        At this point it’s OBVIOUS he’s not a cop, and TM is relieved – but then DD kicks in…

        I’m willing to bet she’s laughing, mocking him… “You ran from a ‘puss-ass cracka’ (quoting his tweet!)! OOOOOOoooooo !! You betta go kick ‘dat cracka’s ass or Imma tell eeeybody at school you ran from some lil-old puss-ass cracka!”

        Why else would he keep the call connected as he doubled back over 100 yards and attacked JZ? Why would he want her to hear what was happening unless she was pushing him to do it?

        Just seeing her speak one can see that she’s not the most classy “young lady” – this is a rough street-girl “from ‘da block”. I can show you numerous examples of young black women on YT who are plainly not financially well off but speak standard English and appear to have an IQ above 80 or so – but “DD” is plainly a ghetto-girl — just the type to push a suitor to attack a “puss-ass cracka” and want to listen to the attack.

        At this point I’d bet my house that she pushed him into the attack!

    • John Galt says:

      “I think that is the reason behind the bizarre Dee Dee saga. Her testimony was only meant to get GZ arrested, not to convict him.”

      Bingo. Same reason Crump didn’t prepare a sworn affidavit. They are trying to force a plea deal cuz they know Dee Dee won’t hold up on cross examination.

  16. recoverydotgod says:

    Who introduced Chad into the narrative “facts” ? It wasn’t his mother or Tracy Martin in their Fox35 interview the day after Trayvon Martin was shot.

    Not here either (lots of errors by the skittles are mentioned)

  17. cajunkelly says:

    Dear Lord in Heaven, I feel like I need to reformat my computer after Googling “Trayvon Martin Black Foot Soldier”. “Chilling” (and I don’t mean the slang version) doesn’t even come close to the feeling I experienced.

    Yes, many are making the connection between him and BFS, some specifically because of his no-limit-**** name.

    • howie says:

      The BFS appear to have many interesting connections. Crump and Parks I think are in to the reparations scene along with a BFS Hero…Al Sharpton. I am looking for a Re. Wright connect but am lousy with computers.

  18. myopiafree says:

    The Black Panther holds a meeting for this reason:
    The New Black Panther Party tries to protest outside the home of a man, Joe Horn, who shot and killed two men burglarizing the home of his neighbor. The local residents chase the organization out of town.

    This is why these people want SYG deleted, and the 2nd Amendment removed from the constitution.
    Had G. Zimmerman, taken this case to a Judge, in the first week – he would be free today. It would have saved us tax payers $2,000,000 in worthless prosecution of an innocent man.
    [ Are there "TreeHouse" people in that peaceful protest of the BPP? ] Or are we there in our hearts?

  19. thefirstab says:

    IMO Chad was an “extra” — meant to provide cover for the Skittles. I have no doubt that Chump et al are VERY aware of the drugs, incl. Purple Drank, so had to spin the purchases to be DRINK for TM, candy for Chad.
    I have posted quite a while ago, or maybe just thought it…. Brandi says she knows nothing about any crime problem in the neighborhood, never had problems etc. I find that extremely puzzling; either she goes about her daily life with no clue what’s going on around her, or chooses not to be friendly with her neighbors (I don’t care for all my neighbors, but I will exchange greetings if not conversation), or…. she does know about it, maybe even knows who they are; is she not a “victim” of neighborhood crime spree, due to this?? Pure speculation, but obviously she’s not being “forthcoming” on this video, andd neither is Chad.

  20. mooserator says:

    James F. posted the link earlier and it prompted some thought.

    Chad says Trayvon went out because Trayvon had the Munchies and wanted something to EAT.

    Chad Dad says Trayvon went out to get something to DRINK.

    I think it’s clear Trayvon went out for somehting other than the typical convenience store food and drink.

    Trayvon was on the phone for 7 hours – Chad and Trayvon had very little interaction that day.
    Probably every day. Chad Dad also says Chad called Brandy and made other calls when Trayvon didn’t come back. Yet, Trayvon Dad and Brandy go to bed when they return home late and find Travyon is still AWOL.


    • Not only does Pa Skittles go to bed, but HE TURNS OFF HIS CELL PHONE!

      Oh yeah – he was REALLY worried about his kid, huh?

      Pa Skittles arrives home “Yo Chad, where’s Tray?”
      Chad: “I don’t know! He left here like 4 hours ago, said he was going to get some snacks… I told him to get me some skittles – but then he never came back!”
      Pa Skittles: “OK… I’m turning off my phone and going to bed!”


      My oldest girl (stepdaughter – 26) left here a while ago with her baby and her fiancee, heading to her home ~2 hours away.

      When she gets there she’ll call to let us know she got home safely – and if we don’t hear from them we’ll be calling THEM! One time we were unable to reach them, I was heading their way at 2AM when we finally got through…

      Even when The Boy was last home – he was 28 – I don’t go to bed until I know everyone’s home and safe — much less TURN OFF MY PHONE?!!



      • John Galt says:

        “FATHER OF THE YEAR, HUH??!!”

        Best friend since kindergarten, Dee Dee, who talks to TM on the phone daily, hears TM scared, pursued, running, tired, breathing hard, beat down by a crazy, creepy old white man, hears TM calling “get off, get off”, the phone goes dead, she calls back repeatedly, TM doesn’t answer. But Dee Dee never calls the cops or TM’s family, not even the next day after she learns that TM was shot to death.

        Must be a cultural thing.

        • See my post above – she was hiding because SHE EGGED HIM ON!
          It’s the only thing that explains her behavior!

          • John Galt says:

            “It’s the only thing that explains her behavior!”

            I dunno, until she is vetted and confirmed with authentic phone records, she might be a complete fabrication, just like the iced tea.

            • ctdar says:

              To me, nothing else explains DD behavior afterwards, no followup calls to TM, family, police, barely anacknowledgement on another friends text, and no wake or funeral appearance. Maybe when Dad finally got into TM phone found her on call list at some point and after showing crump they ran with it, just like the AZ iTea no it was AZ watermelon drink.

            • True – I usually add that qualifier (“IF she was on the phone with him…”) but got lazy this time. You always call me on such shortcuts – keeps me on my toes!

    • froggielegs says:

      I think Trayvon went to 7-11 to sell weed to the 3 stooges which is where he got the 40 dollars. He told Chad he had the munchies just to give him a reason to go there with out telling Chad he was selling weed.

      What still makes me wonder is why, when Trayvon started leaving the store, did he turn around and walk back to the cooler area of the store and look? Was he checking to see how much a beer cost hoping the 3 stooges will buy him one? I don’t think he really picked anything up off the floor. I think he only used that as an excuse to go back and check the price of beer so that the clerk wouldn’t notice him looking at the beer and maybe catch him trying to get someone to buy for him. It’s one thing for a clerk to see someone buy you a cigar or smoke, but it’s a whole other ball game when it’s alcohol. If you watch that video, he specifically goes towards the coolers and looks. Then walks out of the store.

  21. cajunkelly says:

    I was Yahoo’ing Patricia Jones, and had to smile at the result I got…The Treehouse being the SECOND on the list of results.

    My question is this…is Patricia Jones a cousin of Tracy Martin, or is she is sister in law? My search got results for both. This is a c and p of the search results…first three listings…and in it both relationships are referenced.

    Trayvon Martin’s Family Attorney Gains Spotlight – Parks …
    Trayvon Martin’s Family Attorney Gains … Miami attorney Patricia Jones … Jones, a cousin of Trayvon’s father, handed the phone to Tracy Martin.… – Cached

    Update #20 – Trayvon Martin Shooting – Odd Associations …
    [...] [Tracy]Martin turned to Patricia Jones, his sister-in-law. An attorney herself, she knew whom to call: Benjamin Crump … Vereen the actor, and Roderick Vereen, are cousins… – Cached

    Trayvon Martin: Before the world heard the cries | Reuters
    [Apr 3, 2012] SANFORD, Florida (Reuters) – Tracy Martin had been … Martin turned to Patricia Jones, his sister-in-law. An attorney herself, she knew whom to call: Benjamin … ( 88 Comments ) – Cached

  22. bubba says:

    Seems to me Team Skittles is having a hard time keeping up with all the lies…And they call George and Shellie liars…They don’t even compare to the corruption of the scheme team…

  23. cajunkelly says:

    Additionally, in researching Crump, I came across this “memory” which I think is undiluted BS.

    Crump gets the “country” part from growing up in Lumberton, N.C., a tiny town not far from Fort Bragg. His mother held down two jobs as a factory worker and hotel housekeeper. His biological father was a soldier at Fort Bragg. He was raised by his mother and her high school sweetheart who later became her husband. Crump regards him as his father. The oldest of nine siblings and step-siblings, Crump grew up in an extended family of cousins, uncles and aunts headed by his beloved great-grandmother, Mittie.

    “She had a switch in her hand when we came home from school. She would ask what we learned in school that day, and she used that switch to enforce the importance of that question,” Crump said of his great-grandmother.

    Crump would spend all day every Sunday in Pentecostal church, often missing the chance to watch his Dallas Cowboys play on television. The influence of the church is visible in his public speeches when he often sounds more like a preacher than a lawyer. His interest in civil rights stems from attending segregated schools until he was in fifth grade.

    “It was a situation to me, that I said, ‘Why do people on that side of the tracks have it so much better than people on our side of the tracks?’” he said.

    Crump can pinpoint the moment his path to the law was set. He was in the fifth grade and by the late 1970s integration finally arrived in his hometown of rural Lumberton, N.C. His class at South Lumberton Elementary School was the first to be bused to the town’s white school. All the black children, like him, were on the federal free-lunch program. In the cafeteria one day, a white girl in his new class pulled out a $100 bill and offered to buy Crump and the other black children hamburgers and fries, whatever they wanted.

    The boy was stunned.

    “I kept thinking to myself how much my mother would have to work to have $100,” Crump recalled.

    His single mom worked two jobs — at a factory by day and, at night, cleaning hotel rooms. That little girl with the $100 made something click in Benjamin Crump.

    “Why do certain people in a community have it so easy and people in another community have it so hard?” Crump said he wondered. “I want to do like Thurgood Marshall and make it more equitable in all communities.”


    Who in their right mind would believe that “a little white girl” in the 5th grade (his own words) would have $100.00 on her? And, in the seventies, what school served “meals to order”? He makes it sound like the school cafeteria was like a McDonald’s or Burger King.

    This moron seems to suffer from the same malady obama does; contrived memory syndrome.

    • mooserator says:

      Yeah, more Crump BS.

      More of the Stereotypes. In our family, there was no Birthday party – you got a home made cake after dinner with your same family that was at the table every night. No presents, and I never saw a hundred dollar bill until I was 17. My first job was at 14, I cut grass before that. My friend rode his bike two towns over to cut grass all day on Saturdays, and Sundays if it rained.

      The Media reinforces the stereotypes that all white people are rich.

      How much do you want to bet that Sybrina and Tracy have made over a Million dollars from Network appearances (selling pictures and stories) on the Big Networks? And how much has Crump made by holding someone’s hand?

    • “…She had a switch in her hand when we came home from school. She would ask what we learned in school that day, and she used that switch to enforce the importance of that question,” Crump said of his great-grandmother…”

      APPARENTLY those “lessons” didn’t include ENGLISH!

      “…It was a situation to me, that I said, ‘Why do people on that side of the tracks have it so much better than people on our side of the tracks?’” he said

      “Why do certain people in a community have it so easy and people in another community have it so hard?” Crump said he wondered. “I want to do like Thurgood Marshall and make it more equitable in all communities…”

      I’m not sure, but I’m POSITIVE that it had NOTHING to do with education, or the ability to communicate effectively in a common tongue, or hard work, lack of criminal record… Nope — it HAS to be ’cause THEY ALL RAY-CISS!!

      SOMEHOW I don’t recall Thurgood Marshall teaching that the path to success was “hitting the ghetto-lottery” (ie: trolling some “injury” at the liability of some “cracka” then filing extortionate lawsuits and forcing “settlements” of 9-figures-plus…

      I don’t even have a problem with someone like chump taking advantage of “affirmative action” and getting an education – heck, I wish THEY ALL would! — but instead of trying to serve as a positive example to them of what one can achieve by hard work, he’s the worst sort of con-man encouraging folk to attempt to get rich by being ever watchful for anything they can get away with claiming to be “ray-cissss”!!

      It’s SICKENING!

      Chump’s still nothing more than a ghetto-class mugger.

  24. cajunkelly says:

    I just asked my DH, who is quite a bit younger than me (grin) and fits more in to the age of Crump, if during his middle school years in a small town comparable to what Crump describes, if they *ever* had a choice of what to eat at lunch. NYET!

    He’s lying his sorry, ample arse off. That is a totally contrived narrative.

    In addition, during my (and my DH’s) school years we had MANY MANY students on the free lunch program, both white and black. They were offered the exact same lunch options that those of us who paid for our lunches had.

    I *well* remember (it’s burned into my brain) the day our school was “integrated”. I was in the 7th grade. As the buses rolled in, (keep in mind my shcool was 1-12th grade) black male students probably six foot tall stepped off swinging short lengths of logging sized chains. If I’m lying I’m dying folks. Our high school annual for that year should be a historical document. Class favorites, etc. for that year had already been elected for each school, resulting in a double annual…there was a black “most favorite” and a white “most favorite”, etc.

    Over the years my children have looked at me in total awe when I speak about remembering whites only restrooms, water fountains, etc. Lord it makes me feel old to think about such things.

    • crossthread says:

      Seems funny.. I GREW UP, just outside Ft. Bragg, in the area that included Lumberton, There wasn’t NO-Choice in Lunches then… Including 100.00 bills, in that ERA, I seen one just once, when My dad got a loan to purchase a new car… (He even made a big deal over the 100 dollar bills). My Dad was in the Special Forces, a e-5 @ the time.

  25. James F says:

    This interview with Chad’s father also indicates Crump/Julison fabricated the step family myth.

    He refers to Brandy as Tracy’s girlfriend, not fiance. And more importantly he does not refer to Trayvon as Chad’s brother or stepbrother or even future stepbrother, only as friend.

  26. James F says:

    From BDLR’s interview with DeeDee:

    Dee Dee: Yeah, and he told me he ready to go home and watch…finish watching the game.
    BDLR: The game?
    Dee Dee: Yeah, he left his little brother, so he trying to rush and…

    Finish watching the game? The game had not yet started. One of the earlier narratives did state he left during the game but was later disproved by the fact that Trayvon was dead before the game even started.
    Rush? It took him 40 minutes to complete a fifteen minute walk.

    It seems this ‘half time’ myth was especially pervasive in the black community. Since the Martin’s obviously fabricated this lie after the fact, it is impossible for DeeDee to have heard it from Trayvon as she claims. She was obviously coached or influenced by the media and her entire testimony is therefore suspect. The Martin’s blatant attempt to deceive the public also puts their whole story in serious doubt.

    “During halftime of the NBA All-Star Game, Martin’s family said he walked to a nearby convenience store to get some candy for his younger brother.”

    • John Galt says:

      Team GZ probably already has a PI talking to Dee Dee’s classmates. This will come unraveled.

      • That is where they need to really dig. Those Fort Lauderdale kids are quite vocal about this incident and how DeeDee is full of BS about it.

        • mooserator says:

          Dee Dee is obviously lying. She has Zimmerman saying the same line once – two totally different ways.

          She gives three different things as the LAST thing she heard before the phone went dead. It can only be one – and she gives three.


          • John Galt says:

            Yeah,and as time passes, she keeps hearing more and more stuff after the phone shut off.

          • John Galt says:


            Start listening around 5:20 to the Crump interview. The early part is inaudible. The description of the confrontation starts around 5:20. It differs radically from the BDLR interview. The headset falls and the phone is cut off. She hears a push. No get off, get off. No grass. Another thing I noticed is that Crump gets her to say that TM was scared. He doesn’t ask how she knows he was scared. She doesn’t say his voice was low. Crump seems intent on getting her to say that TM sounded normal all day. (to counter drug allegations).

            I can’t hear anything about skittles, tea, rushing to a basketball game, leaving the store, running to the mail thing, being inside the gated place. Some of that might be in the inaudible first portion of the tape, I dunno.

            Seems to me that the clips played by Matt Gutman didn’t come from the Crump interview. So there may be a clear progression of the narrative over time.

            At about 10:10, I think Dee Dee says something about “racial” and “cuz he had a hoodie on”. There is nothing like that in the BDLR interview. Nor is there anything about racial profiling in the probable cause affidavit. This indicates that they dropped Crump’s racial profiling from the script.

      • ctdar says:

        Unless there is a recording of calls from that night between the 2
        isn’t it all hearsay anyway and moot?

    • myopiafree says:

      This liar DeDe is the CORE OF COREY’S CHARGE OF 2ND DEGREE MURDER FOR GEORGE ZIMMERMAN. She can testify to this. But if O’mara ever cross-examines her – her story “falls apart”. This is important, because she is the one who stated that, “…TM said he was ‘cornered’, and was not going to ‘run’.” The implication was that TM was going BACK THE 70 YARDS TO “DUKE IT OUT” WITH GZ. However DeDe “spins” her Crump-Crafted story – the 2nd Degree is bogus. We the Tax Payers are paying Corey to find this out – and torment the hell out of Zimmerman and his wife. How much “flogging” of two innocent people but done – before justice will prevail. (Or maybe it won’t).

      • bubba says:

        Yep…. Dee Dee lying about him wanting to return home to finish watching the game… When it did not even start yet…. Shows right there her testimony is all BS..

        • Cyrano says:

          Another thing that caught my attention listening to Dee Dee’s account was the way she referred to “The mail thing”. It struck me as though she had a picture of it in her mind. Where would she get that mental picture from? Did someone show her a picture of the mailbox area? If so, Why?

          • bubba says:

            Because she was coached… And it was hard for het to keep up with all the lies…

          • John Galt says:

            The thing that caught my attention is that it sounds like total BS.

            “Dee Dee, I’m leaving the store now. I bought drinks. [ice tea and skittles, blew your line dd] It’s about to rain.”
            [skips over big time gap]
            “Dee Dee, I’m running to the mail thing.”
            “Dee Dee, I ran inside the gated place.”
            “Dee Dee, I’m standing under the mail thing.”
            “Dee Dee, it’s startin a little bit drippin water, so I’m putting my hoodie on.”
            “Dee Dee, a crazy, creepy old white man is on the phone and watching me.”

            • bubba says:

              Don’t forget…. I can hear the grass…lol

              • John Galt says:

                “You want that, too?”

                • thefirstab says:

                  This is exremely rude, forgive me…. that line, I grin every time I hear it – “you want that, too?” makes me think of a streetwalker. On a more serious note, cash is king on the street, information or cooperation will cost you; I wonder how much the “going rate” is to purjure yourself? Maybe there was stand-by info, just in case…. “you want that too?”

    • docraoul says:

      The last minutes of the interview are most interesting where she uses the word guilt/guilty 5 times. Excellent analysis and full transcript here.

      • Dan says:

        Yes, it was very well written. If you haven’t checked it out yet….you should.

      • zane says:

        And here is the money quote from Dee Dee’s testimony given to BdlR:

        BLDR: OK, let me go back a second, when you said Trayvon told you the guy was in some kind of car.

        Dee Dee: Yeah…on the phone. (which substantiates GZ’s telling of the events of that night)

        BLDR: On the phone. Did Trayvon ever expand on that? Did he ever say anything else about that now he’s out like that…like, un, whether the guy had gotten out of the car? (Objection your honor, leading the witness) Did he ever describe, “Yeah, the guy, now he’s out of the car, he’s chasing me.” (Again, your honor, leading). I know you said the guy, he said the guy was following him. But did he ever say the guy got out of the car? (leading, your honor)

        (and now the money quote)

        Dee Dee: You want that too? (obviously surprised tone)

        Was BLDR trying to get Dee Dee to tell him something that had already been discussed by him and Dee Dee? Was he trying to get her to say something that he had discussed with Crump in reference to Dee Dee’s forthcoming statements? As said over at statelymcdanielmanor, Dee Dee knew what BLRD was referring to, as if they had already discussed that aspect of the night in question and she was surprised he wanted her to repeat it.

        If O’Mara is good, and I am beginning to have my doubts since he has been blindsided by the prosecution TWICE, he will rip this kid’s testimony to shreds. And the beauty part of it, since BLDR was the one to take her deposition (statement), BLDR is subject to having to take the stand himself. It is highly unusual for a prosecuting attorney to take a statement and do the interrogation of a witness. That is ususally left up to the lead investigator who testifies at trial.

        It is obvious that Dee Dee had been previously coached before BDLR deposed her. Her reference to TM going to the store for “food and drink” is NOT how a ghetto teen girl would talk; just listen to how she talks during deposition. And neither would Trayvon. Trayvon was a “No Limit Nigga” whose Twitter page doesn’t show a kid who would say he was going to the store for “food and drink.” That is one clearly coached aspect of Dee Dee’s statement.

        At cross examination, Dee Dee will be a disaster for the prosecution. But since they named her in the affidavit, will Corey be forced to use her? And if not, can O’Mara call Dee Dee to the stand anyway, listing her as a “hostile” witness and trip her up on her claims when she doesn’t have people standing by to coach her? BLDR even stated in her deposition that Crump had been there (where ever this was taken) meaning that Dee Dee had already discussed her testimony with Crump.

        Angela Corey, and BDLR, just may have screwed the pooch on this one.

        • howie says:

          Can you see her on the stand heaving to explain all the gang code in all her Tweets? Maam, what does (any of them) mean?

  27. Cyrano says:

    This is just another reason why the prosecution so deparately wants a plea deal. It will be very embarassing when the witness list is revealed, and Dee Dee’s name is not on it. The question in my mind is “Could the defense call her as a witness”? I don’t think they would, but if they wanted to, what would be their pretense?

    • Cyrano says:

      To answer my own question, they could call her because she is mentioned in the affadavit as to probable cause. I still don’t think they would call her, not knowing what she might say?

      • John Galt says:

        They know what she is going to say. It is in the BDLR interview and the affidavit of probable cause. In order to call her effectively, they have to be prepared to impeach the material parts of her testimony from the BDLR interview.

        • If MOM has half a brain he’ll subpoena her for DEPOSITION – ask her every possible question and get her nailed down.

          Then in court he can tear her to shreds with any answer that differs from the deposition transcript, not to mention any court or deposition testimony that differs from her taped TV interviews or the BLDR production.

          The only concern about such a tactic is that he needs to be careful not to be seen as being “mean” to her – but he’s such a milquetoast type that I really don’t see that being much of a problem….

          If I were in his shoes I’d almost be looking forward to tearing her to shreds. I’d almost guarantee he can get her to break down over egging him on…

          “why didn’t you call anybody? 911? Your MOM – ANYONE?!”

          “You were worried about him? but at 8PM you tweeted “watching TV”, and at 8:15 – as the Police Photographer was taking this here picture of his rapidly cooling corpse, you tweeted “I’m SO BORED!!”…”

          Yeah – I’d eat her for LUNCH!!

        • ejarra says:

          Here’s the first question MOM should ask DeeDee when she gets on the stand:

          MOM: DeeDee, did you get a chance to memorize your interview with BLDR?

          DeeDee: Some, but hows ya goona spec me do da dat. Man… yous spec me toe meber wht da white dude said an wha I done said. Yous gotta be sh*tin me.

          • John Galt says:

            She will also have to memorize the deposition that MOM will take prior to trial, the Crump interview, the ABC tape.

      • myopiafree says:

        O’mara has now choice but to call DeDe, and cross examine. Because if she REFUSES, the entire 2n Degree murder charge – has no “legs” on it. She will probably “change her mind”, and story. But she needs to testify in court. This is indeed a “fight to the death”.

        • howie says:

          She will have a blood pressure attack.

        • howie says:

          If one goes to the Hospital with that blood pressure they keep them overnight at least to run tests so they won’t get sued for malpractice. I want to see the hospital records.

    • garnette says:

      I would think that if her name is not on the witness list for the prosecution that the defense could still call her as a witness. She may try to fight it, with a lot of support from Crump; but I think that would just make the defense’s case stronger. I wonder if there is a motion that can be filed to remove information from the affidavit that was used to arrest George if the witness who was used in that affidavit was not a witness for the prosecution.

      • chopp says:

        Either side can call her and if she fails to appear, her little butt can be hauled to court.

        • minpin says:

          I truly don’t believe that DeeDee has the intelligence to understand how much trouble she can get in for lying as the star state’s witness. I doubt she can come back and say that someone from the state or even Crump made her do it, if she is proven to have lied.

          The story from Crump was that her mother didn’t want her to talk with anyone other than who Crump probably approved of, and that didn’t include the SPD. If her mother was so interested in protecting her daughter, she would not have allowed her to possibly have perjury charges filed against her. I wonder if the defense has any way of checking the mother’s bank account. I doubt anyone would have offered her a college scholarship, or that she would have been interested if they did.

          • myopiafree says:

            I doubt that DeDe will suffer any penalty for what she has lied about up to this point. If she is called as a witness in the trial, and swears in there, and THEN LIES, she will get the book thrown at her. Remember the black female in the Nifong case – WHO CAUSED THE CHARGES TO BE MADE AGAINST THE LACROSS TEAM? She was smart enough to “change her mind”. Since she DID NOT HAVE ANY MONEY – there was no sense in suing her for lying. Nifong’s entire case went, “Poooofff”. All Nifong got was his fingers slapped. Same thing will happen with Corey.

            • mooserator says:

              Dee Dee statement to Bernie DLR was under oath.

              That is all that is required for Perjury – that the statement be under oath, does not have to be in court.

              And Dee Dee has lied – most of her statement is directly from the Media coverage.

            • Ummm… IIRC Nifong was disbarred and did some jail time, didn’t he?

              I’d LOVE to see Angie-the-Hutt get off as “easy” as Nifong!

          • 2ntense says:

            Like they’d actually file charges against Dee Dee and Crump or BDLR. Wouldn’t that be fun though. If it comes to it and they don’t charge them with perjury, someone needs to riot. Peacefully of course, the masses marching through the streets singing Kumbayah.

          • Omar says:

            Well….I’ve asked before about the reward that the NBPP offered. Wonder if they cashed in on that in exchange for testimony that led to indictment.

            • Aussie says:

              the reward is still current. The last thing I saw on the subject was that the Black Pampers otherwise known as the BKKK were still collecting money for the reward. They were renewing interest in the reward when George was on bail.

      • Cyrano says:

        I would think this could be a very important issue at a SYG hearing. If the list has been divulged at that time and she is not on it, the defense could, as you say, argue that it should not have been put in the affadavit. The prosecution would probably counter with the fact that they have her statement recorded.

        My fear now is that the prosecution can do anything they want, and no one is going to call them on it.

    • John Galt says:

      “Could the defense call her as a witness”?

      Yes, why not? Designate her as an adverse witness pursuant to 90.612(3), ask non-stop leading questions, and impeach her brutally pursuant to 90.608.

      “I don’t think they would, but if they wanted to, what would be their pretense?”

      I don’t think they need a pretense. Just serve her with a subpoena. If they are prepared to impeach her, they could subpoena her to the bond hearing on June 29 as a preemptive strike to demonstrate that the evidence is weak, which is a relevant factor in determining bond. The danger is that her bond hearing testimony could be read back at trial if she is unavailable to testify at trial, and they might not be fully prepared to impeach her (such as by getting the ABC interview tape from Gutman or having a PI talk to her classmates). Another danger is that they might be allowing her hearsay testimony to come in, when it otherwise might be excluded if offered by the prosecution.

      The advantage is that she is in front of the judge and BDLR won’t be able to protect her with speaking objections, as he might try to do at a deposition. Also, it is much more difficult for a witness to lie, when sworn on the stand, in front of the judge. They might be able to blind side her with 3 stooges information.

      The general rule is that you can’t make your case with the other side’s witnesses, but there can be exceptions.

  28. Looking for a loadable copy of the Fox Orlando video from the day after the shooting with Tracy Martin and Brandy Green.


    Can anyone enhance the audio on this interview from Thursday 3/22 (two days post Crump expose’ presser on DeeDee) The audio on this clip is terrible and I would be interested to hear the first 2/3 of the interview clearly:

    • sybilj says:

      This is what I’m hearing, (with earphones).

      … did he have any money for the pizza … um, I had … we had to order them pizza … I asked if he had any money for that … he told me he had money left over and I told him I see him when I get in.

      … (re. walking the path with TV crews) … presumably that was the path he took … um, I don’t know of the of exact path he took … be he did come in that back gate … um, and I know he was going to the back of the house … ah, he was sitting out there … so, um, the police told me they would walk me through the scene and they never walk me through it … so, but, ah … listening to Zimmerman on the tapes he was telling me that he was at the clubhouse so in fact I did, um, … when he said the clubhouse I knew for a fact that Trayvon came in that … the the front gate

      • sybilj says:


        (Re. last thing Trayvon told Tracy) …MY LAST CONVERSATION WAS … I ASKED HIM … did he have any money for the pizza … um, I had … we had to order (th?)em pizza … I asked if he had any money for that … he told me he had money left over and I told him I see him when I get in.

        … (re. walking the path with TV crews) … presumably that was the path he took … um, I don’t know of the of exact path he took … BUT he did come in that back gate … ah, um, and AND I KNEW HE WAS GOING TO THE BACK OF THE HOUSE… ah, he was sitting out there … so, um, the police told me they would walk me through the scene and they never walk me through it … so, but, ah … listening to Zimmerman on the tapes he was telling me that he was at the clubhouse so in fact I did, um, … when he said the clubhouse I knew for a fact that Trayvon came in that … IN the the front gate …

      • James F says:

        “um, and I know he was going to the back of the house … ah, he was sitting out there”

        Again with “he was sitting out there”!!! Both he and Brandy made this claim so they must have evidence he made it home!

        • sybilj says:

          Did he come in the back gate, head to the back of the house, stash and or get something from the patio or townhouse, and then head to the main gate? Was he meeting up with someone … the Three Stooges, maybe???

          That may explain the discrepancy in how much money he had on him.

          Lee says:
          “One thing that is curious about the money – one interview the father made said Trayvon had 22 dollars. He was actually found with 40 and had spent some at 7-11.”

          $22-Skittles and Watermelon Fruit Juice Cocktail=about $20. Where did the extra $20 come from???

          • John Galt says:

            sold 1/8 of Mexican dirt weed

          • Aussie says:

            he must have sold weed to the three stooges. It is the only way to explain the money.

            I am still betting that TM left a stash of weed on that porch and that Traydad knew all about that weed and whatever else was there.

        • myopiafree says:

          Hi James – if that is true, the they must have been AT HOME! Now I am confused!! Maybe the mysterious Chad saw TM sitting there – and told Brandi and Tracy later. Maybe DeDe heard him sitting there – and then get up and go the 70 yards to “mess” with GZ, who DeDe claimed that had TM “cornered” and “in fear”. These “interlocking fib” simply don’t make logical senses. Think this will come out at trial? Or do you think Corey will force GZ to ‘plead out’ before trial?

      • Doctor Theopolis says:

        Yeah, “DeeDee” heard everything through the headphones that were in his pockets, and not actually plugged into the phone.

    • Jason says:

      Funny first he says I knew for a fact he came in that back gate and was sitting there. Then he says he knew for a fact he came in the front gate. I can tell by watching him he’s having a hard time remembering what he said before. He’ thinking way to much before he talks.

  29. recoverydotgod says:

    Link to YouTube bid u requested

  30. John Galt says:


  31. MikadoCat says:

    We need a reference document with all the information in this case laid out and updated, with items listed as very reliable, disputed, and speculation. Too much of what I have read in todays posts has factual errors or uses disputed information.

    Crump says Trayvon and DeeDee talked for hours on the 26th, that is disputed with the claim they talked for hours during the trip down to Sanford, but not on the 26th.

    When did Trayvon leave Brandy’s condo?

    What route did Zimmerman drive, up Retreat View Cir, or up Twin Trees?

    • James F says:

      According this version, straight from Tracy himself:

      “It’s something I will never get over. I had talked to my son between 2 p.m. and 3 p.m., then 12-13 hours later I found out that he was dead. He was three weeks from turning 17. I know my son was a good kid who had a future. He was very responsible. If he said he was going to the movies or to the store, I know he was doing that,” Martin said

      Read more here:

      So this “begging to go to the store” must have happened “between 2 p.m. and 3 p.m.”

      “The only reason he got a chance to go to the store is because he begged his dad to go,” he said. At the time, his father and his fiancée had gone out to dinner and to watch a basketball game, leaving Martin at the townhouse, according to Martin family spokesman Ryan Julison.

      • James F says:

        The 2:15 text to DeeDee matches up with the “between 2 p.m. and 3 p.m.” stated by Tracy but DeeDee specifically denies Trayvon texting her about going to the store.

        BDLR: Again, I’m sorry to have to ask you this. Um…did..when this was going on…I’m talking about that day, February 26, did Trayvon send you any text messages?

        Dee Dee:…like…

        BDLR: You know, like, ‘I’m going to the store, or did he ever text you and say, like, this guy’s following me, or did he just tell you that?

        Dee Dee: He just tell me.

        BDLR: OK, then he never texted you that..this all that you’ve told me.

        Dee Dee: Mmm…mmm [No].

        The calls and texts on 2/26/2012 are:
        2:13 text from Hollywood, FL
        2:15 text to DeeDee
        2:18 text from DeeDee
        2:20-2:23 (3 min. – to Martin from non-T-Mob.)
        2:38-4:21 (103 min. – to Martin from DeeDee)
        2:45-2:47 (2 min. – to Martin)
        3:02-3:04 (2 min. – to Martin from non-T-Mob.)
        3:04-3:07 (3 min. – to Martin from non-T-Mob.)
        4:30 text from Miami, FL
        4:28-5:09 (41 min. – from Martin to DeeDee)
        5:09-6:30 (81 min. – from Martin to DeeDee)
        6:30-6:43 (13 min. – from Martin to DeeDee)
        6:41-6:44 (4 min. – to Martin)
        6:45-6:50 (5 min. – from Martin to DeeDee)
        6:46-6:48 (2 min – from Martin to non-T-Mob.)
        6:49-6:53 (4 min. – to Martin from DeeDee)
        6:53-6:54 (1 min. – from Martin to DeeDee?)
        6:54-6:55 (1 min. – from Martin to DeeDee?)
        6:54-7:12 (18 min. – to Martin from DeeDee)
        7:04-7:05 (1 min. – to Martin)
        7:08 text from DeeDee
        7:12-7:16 (4 min. – to Martin from DeeDee)

      • minpin says:

        He was such a good father that he didn’t even know that his son had already turned 17 weeks before the incident.

        • John Galt says:

          I think they all talk backwards.

          “He was three weeks from turning 17.” means — He turned 17 three weeks ago. –

          Dee Dee talks like that also. “He started walkin back again”

      • recoverydotgod says:

        Basketball game.

        Do you suppose it was the all star game in Orlando on feb 26th?

        • “The only reason he got a chance to go to the store is because he begged his dad to go,” he said. At the time, his father and his fiancée had gone out to dinner and to watch a basketball game, leaving Martin at the townhouse, according to Martin family spokesman Ryan Julison.

          Which begs the question, if Tracy and Brandy went out for “dinner” to watch the game, what time did the game end? Tracy says he arrived back at the townhouse at 10:30pm

          • garnette says:

            I found a TV schedule for the game and it shows that TNT had scheduled 7:30 to 10:00 for the game. I did a quick map of Orlando to Sanford, which usually shows center of town to center of town. It comes up right at 29 minutes. Do sports games ever finish on time? Wouldn’t the city streets be congested with traffic from the games? However, it does fit their statement perfectly.

          • minpin says:

            So how do you go from Travy having to beg his father to go to the store, to Tracy later saying that he just figured that Travy went to the movies with his cousin, a responsible person, so he just went to bed? If the thug was truly being monitored by Tracy, and TM had to beg him to go to the store, but going to the movies was OK, and never showing back up in the apartment that night, is having your cake and eating it too. Just because these people don’t seem to have two firing brain cells doesn’t mean the rest of us are as stupid, and as brain dead.

          • splat! says:

            The first time, a while back, I saw that statement “he begged his dad to go”, my parental radar went up on high alert. When a teenager in trouble begs to go out somewhere, chances are what his motives are suspect.
            Secondly, I read a post here recently that quoted Tracy as saying the last time he talked to Trayvon was between 2 and 3 in the afternoon. So, if that is when Trayvon was begging to go to the store, why did he wait until after 6:00 pm to go to the store? Did Trayvon make more than one trip to the 7-11 that day? Was this his second run for Watermelon Juice Cocktail?

          • Jason says:

            Game ended at 10:22 PM, At 10:34 they were announcing Durant as MVP.

      • zane says:

        WHOA! Wait a minute……..didn’t Tracy Martin state that he started calling around the next morning looking for his son? If he last spoke with his son between 2:00/3:00 p.m. it means that he would have, according to his statement, learned of his son’s death between 12-13 hours later which would have been between 2:00/4:00 AM. Not the 8:00/10:00 a.m. we have been led to believe.

        Also, in Brandi Green’s first statement to the Fox reporter, she also states that Trayvon was “just sitting on the porch” and this guy “came up and shot him.” So, did Trayvon sit on the porch, thinking about how a cracker had been following him so he doubled back and caught GZ from behind?

        Tracy Martin and Sybria Fulton have been listed by the prosecution as witnesses. If they are, then these TV interviews can be used to discredit their stories as designed by Crump and Company.

  32. cajunkelly says:

    Is it just me, or does anyone else here think the Brandy in the Rivera video looks nothing like the Brandy in the My Fox Video of her and Traymark’s daddy? Much more chubby cheeks in the Fox video. Deeper set eyes and heavier eyelids in the Fox video.

    • Tula says:


      • mooserator says:

        Youtube will say that Video has Hate Speech in it and remove it soon. Someone better download a copy of that Video.

        Can someone save a copy of this Video off of YouTube?


    • Rumpole says:

      You Tube upload of that WESH report

      • Tula says:

        Thank You Rumpole.

        Commissoner Patty Mahany

        Trayvon Martin – Female calls 911 dispatcher

        Combo Tape – @ 1:20 “He don’t know anybody here…” Brandy Green

        “Odd..Trayvon Martin’s Father gives conflicting accounts of Trayvon’s whereabouts on night he was shot” – by velvethammer – March 24, 2012

        “I had gone out for dinner,” says Tracy, “and when I got home, Trayvon wasn’t there. I tried calling his cell phone several times, and it went straight to voicemail. I wasn’t that worried, because he had been spending time with my 20-year-old nephew who was a responsible young man. There wasn’t a panic that he wasn’t at home. I figured that they had gone to the movies, because they had said they might. So I laid down, thinking they would show up later.” Tracy Martin

        • myopiafree says:

          Did Tracy FIB? “nephew … a responsible young man. There wasn’t a panic that he wasn’t at home. I figured that they had gone to the movies, because they had said they might. So I laid down, thinking they would show up later.” Tracy Martin
          Another time > TM went to 7-11 at half-time during the game to get Chad Skittles and “Tea”.
          Tracy can claim a ‘confused mind’ at this point. I guess so can DeDe, and avoid any problem. Brandi can do the same thing. Chad is to young to testify. Since Crump has not “lied” directly – he gets “off the hook” also (very smart about that issue. Crump manages to tell Corey what to do – so Corey gets stuck with Crump’s lies. He is truly one skilled Sociopath. They are the worst.

          • garnette says:

            I seem to remember that he also said that when he called the police about him the next morning, he expected for them to have him in the back seat. Why did he think the police had had Trayvon in custody?

            • John Galt says:

              suspended from school 3x, weed, stolen jewelry, burglar tool, vandalism, swung on bus driver

              “In police custody” sounds like a natural assumption.

            • Chuck says:

              I wondered that myself when he said it. Why call the Police first to see if Trayvon was in custody? Was getting picked up a regular thing for him? I’d be calling the hospitals, the responsible cousin, any friends, etc.

          • minpin says:

            Crump has not lied directly? Whoooosh.

    • McBain says:

      How come we don’t hear anything about Trayvon’s voice? Did he have a high, low or normal voice? The screams heard on the 911 tape were obviously high. GZ seems to have a high voice in the police recordings but no one talks about that. There must have been some recordings of Trayvon. What about his cell phone voice greeting?

      • John Galt says:

        Unfortunately the Dailer Caller redacted his number from one of his Tweets or we could find out what his voice sounds like. It starts with 305

      • garnette says:

        You can hear him say something on the 7-11 tape that sounds like he has a low (deep) voice.

        • McBain says:

          Why aren’t more people talking about this? I thought 90% of the case comes down to who is screaming in the 911 calls. I haven’t heard anyone in the media mention that GZ seems to have a high voice.

          • myopiafree says:

            HI McBain – if someone “cold cocked” you, and was beating the shit out of you, and you are screaming for your life – YOU WOULD HAVE A “HIGH VOICE” ALSO.

            • McBain says:

              Are you sure about that? I have a normal to deep voice. I’d like to hear a legitimate sound/voice expert talk about the odds of the voice being Trayvon’s if he does indeed have a deep voice during normal speaking. I’m sure some people have great range but what are the odds? Seems to me it’s much more likely to be GZ’s voice. That would probably be enough for reasonable doubt right there but the MSM doesn’t want to touch it.

              • ejarra says:

                Actuallly, that is exactly our (almost all here) point.

              • Aussie says:

                here is an experiment: listen to the call to the police operator. Listen very carefully for the cadence in GZ’s voice.

                Then listen to the tapes where there are screams for help.

                If anyone believes that the voice is TM and not GZ then those people are full of it. If you listen very carefully you will hear the cadence in the voice of the person calling for help. There is no way that the voice is Traydemark Martin.

      • James F says:

        You can hear Trayvon say hello twice at about 3:50 in this version of the 7-11 video that includes audio. His voice is deep, which is probably why his mother was sure to make the statement that absolutely no audio or video of Trayvon exists except for his voicemail greeting and the would be too traumatic to release to the public.

        “And now he is gone from his mother forever, only able to stare out at her as a shining face on a cellphone. She has no home videos of Trayvon. She doesn’t even have voicemail messages from him saved. The only way that she could now hear Trayvon’s voice would be to call his phone and listen to his answering message, but she dare not do it. “If I hear his voice, I think I’m going to scream.”

  33. Tula says:

    Tracy Martin via YouTube

  34. myopiafree says:

    Question for the TreeHouse Legal Research Team: I think there has been about 170 SYG cases. These would have been ruled on by a Judge. The question of mine is this – how many have been CHALLENGED – AFTER THE JUDGED MADE A RULING, i.e., the person was reacting and self-defense was required. I ask this about G.Z., if he had been wise enough to insist that his case of SYG be taken before a judge in the first two weeks. Any suggestions, ideas??

    • myopiafree says:

      Here is some of the SYG history. It is un-even at this time:

      I think G. Z. would have been freed – because of the smash in the face he took from TM, followed by the head pounding he was getting from TM. The forensics (Medial Examiner) showed this CONCLUSIVELY. I hope O’Mara gets this case before a SYG judge.

      • 2ntense says:

        Would Lester rule on SYG or would it be someone else?

        • minpin says:

          Since Lester has been given the Zimmerman case, he would be the one to rule in a SYG hearing. That ain’t looking to good for GZ with this particular judge.

          • myopiafree says:

            My Point is this – IF GZ had a lawyer, and BEFORE CRUMP – they had takes this “open-and-shut” case to a SYG Judge – that would have ended this FARCE. I know that what is happening now is going to cost several million dollars – on this case. SYG, if used correctly – would have prevented this mess and “Legal Lynching” of George Zimmerman. This is a pitch for the REASON FOR SYG and self-defense laws.

            • howie says:

              Today my belief is that a SYG will not be needed. The only way to convict George is to arrest Gailbreth and DLR for Purjury if judge Lester has allowed the Zimmerman statements to be released to the public. From what I can tell he has done so.

            • John Galt says:

              They would never have had probable cause to arrest if the police investigation had been properly conducted. Keep all evidence secret during investigation, locate and interview Dee Dee without coaching and interference. Separate and simultaneously interview Tracy, Brandy, Chad. No probable cause. No arrest, No Judge, No SYG hearing.

            • recoverydotgod says:

              Before Crump

              Yes I agree with you. I especially see that in no skittles for chad…just skittles…until crump and julison showed up…so far as I can see.

              By Mar. 8th global grind link I commented on earlier, Ben Crump already knew the skittles were in Trayvon Martin’s front pocket and the “ice tea” was in his jacket pocket.

              • minpin says:

                Tracy Martin was taken to the police station early the morning after the incident. He was provy to much of the early investigation. Chris Serino took him to a seperate room, and told him GZ’s version of the events. Don’t know if that was recorded. Tracy took the information he was told, and passed it on to Crump. There are many things that Crumpy has come out with over the period, which could only be coming from Tracy Martin, one of the sweet sweet parents that Corey promised when she said she was “seeking justice for Trayvon.” I suspect many of the leaks are coming from the Martin parents as they seem to be kept in the prosecution link.

      • myopiafree says:

        From talk with John, Sandy, and Howie – let me suggest the following. IN THE FUTURE, if a case identical to GZ’s case develops – he be told that he must be AUTOMATICALLY BE CHARGED WITH HOMICIDE. He would then get a lawyer, and the police would assemble their excellent data. (This would be, in effect, an “mini-trial”, or a “summary judgment”) of the case. If the judge could not determine “Justifiable Homicide”, then the next step would be to take this case to a Grand Jury. But that first “Wicket” would be the “mini-trial” of George. This would have saved the state A HELL OF A LOT OF MONEY. It would have saved George’s life.

    • Sandy says:

      I’m assuming (which is usually not a smart thing to do) that you are referring to the first two weeks after he was charged with Murder 2 rather than two weeks after the incident since he would not have any standing in Court before he was charged with a crime. The problem with moving too quickly on an Immunity from Prosecution hearing is that you have just one shot at it and you really need to have all your ducks in a row,that is, all discovery and all investigations done so that you know every possible answer to all the accusations the prosecution will throw at you. It really is somewhat of mini trial.

      • myopiafree says:

        Sandy – Those are good statements and questions. Since SYG is new (since 2005) there is confusion with both police and “justice”. But explicitly I meant the two weeks AFTER THE INCIDENT. The police would have collected the evidence. The GZ lawyer would have contacted a judge – who would have accepted the responsibility to evaluate the police facts (which make self-defense rather obvious) and made his ruling. BUT THIS ISSUE IS NOT CLEAR. Does it require that GZ be CHARGED WITH SOMETHING – FOR THIS PROCESS TO TAKE PLACE. I would think that IT IS NOT REQUIRED. Or if it is required – THEN A CHARGE OF MANSLAUGHTER WOULD BE “AUTOMATIC”. If you or any Tree-House person has some information on this – it would be worth a review with all of us. Thanks!

        • howie says:

          I think the defense if it comes to that would be Justifiable Homicide. Not self defense. The state wants self defense to be used. Self defense is not a defense to manslaughter.

          • myopiafree says:

            For Both Sandy and Howie – We are talking about WHETHER GZ had to be charged with a homicide BEFORE he when before a SYG judge. That is an “open question” for me (and us). Given that this SYG is “new” – I think that this case should have been an “automatic” charge of homicide – if ONLY TO GET THIS CASE BEFORE A SYG JUDGE. This is where i think the SYG law should be clarified. This is where I think George got “hung out to dry”. Because they did not charge him with anything – he could not use SYG. This is where the “race explosion” came from – as conduced by Team Crump. Can anyone on TreeHouse get any information that answers that question? Thanks!

            • howie says:

              SYG is unavailable for 3rd degree murder. It is not a defense for it. Only 1st and 2nd degree. I think so anyway. The only defense for 3rd degree is justifiable homicide from what I can tell. I hope that makes sense.

              • John Galt says:

                No, SYG is a defense to everything. The SYG hearing in the Dooley case was for a manslaughter charge.

                • howie says:

                  K I did not know that. Then SYG is a defense but not self defense. Good News.

                  • John Galt says:

                    776.032 Immunity from criminal prosecution and civil action for justifiable use of force.—
                    (1) A person who uses force as permitted in s. 776.012, s. 776.013, or s. 776.031 is justified in using such force and is IMMUNE FROM CRIMINAL PROSECUTION and civil action for the use of such force, unless the person against whom force was used is a law enforcement officer, as defined in s. 943.10(14), who was acting in the performance of his or her official duties and the officer identified himself or herself in accordance with any applicable law or the person using force knew or reasonably should have known that the person was a law enforcement officer. As used in this subsection, the term “criminal prosecution” includes arresting, detaining in custody, and charging or prosecuting the defendant.
                    (2) A law enforcement agency may use standard procedures for investigating the use of force as described in subsection (1), but the agency MAY NOT ARREST the person for using force UNLESS it determines that there is PROBABLE CAUSE that the force that was used was unlawful.
                    (3) The court shall award reasonable attorney’s fees, court costs, compensation for loss of income, and all expenses incurred by the defendant in defense of any civil action brought by a plaintiff if the court finds that the defendant is immune from prosecution as provided in subsection (1).

              • myopiafree says:

                Hi Howie – YOU make sense. But what is confused (by the “State”) is what GZ was supposed to DO – in that first two weeks. What I suggest – in the future – is that the person be AUTOMATICALLY CHARGED WITH 2nd DEGREE (IF THAT IS WHAT IS REQUIRED) – to simply to get the case before a SYG JUDGE – as soon as possible. Again – I think this is the “open” issue that must be resolved. This is the “trap” that GZ got into – and IT WAS NOT HIS FAULT. (It is my understanding that, in the past, this case would have been charged as either 3rd Degree or manslaughter. The problem was that GZ was allowed to “walk” with no judgment at all.

                • howie says:

                  I see what you mean. Like a Police investigation when a Cop is involved in any sort of shooting. They are suspended with pay. He is in a trap if Corey can get all the way to trial with 2nd degree as the main charge and lessers. Fortunately I doubt she can. At least I hope not.

            • howie says:

              Oh,and yes a person has to be charged with a crime first. Sorry.

  35. Walther PPK says:

    The “iced tea” is probably a criminal investigation artifice known as a disinformation tag, because all of the inner cricle investigators and direct witnesses having direct reliable factual information were “in the know” it was watermelon juice that was in evidence, but everyone more distant from the facts was “marked” by the “iced tea” disinformation as an unduly influenced unreliable witness. Disinformation is used in intelligence work like putting a dye marker in flowing water to see where the dye ends up and who gets stained by it. It is something like the dye packs slipped in with the loot in a bank robbery. So every witness or alleged “insider” or “expert” who bought into the media narrative and public releases who was talking about iced tea is fluourescing positive under the light of close investigative scrutiny as a “disinformation tagged non bona fide witness” whenever and wherever they talked about the iced tea that never existed, because they thereby identify themselves as outside the loop from the inner circle where the good information existed. People who confuse watermelon juice with iced tea have publicly put their credibility in the crumper, er I mean crapper. The authentic and reliable criminal intelligence information and documents won’t bear the “iced tea” disinformation tag of evidence and/or witness tampering.

    • AWESOME post – though in THIS Case it might be just as simple as (1) When you say “Arizona” people think “tea” and (2) those closest were already afraid of the “racism” angle and didn’t dare bring the word “watermelon” into the discussion…

      Anyone thinking (2) isn’t valid should just TRY correcting someone about this on some other site. You can’t even hit the “POST” button before someone’s calling you “rayciss” for daring to suggest Saint Skittles bought watermelon juice!

      On the THIRD hand (I can have three for rhetorical convenience – it’s MY post!), it would have made a GOOD “tag” for just those reasons… Maybe it was a “tag” decided upon by someone who was either super Pc or blessed with a bit of a twisted sense of humor…..

      • James Crawford says:

        The third hand is called “the gripping hand.”. Read “The Mote in God’s Eye.”

      • howie says:

        What happens if you mention No Limit Nigga? I bet they really go off scale.

        • myopiafree says:

          I am getting tired of being “P. C.” I don’t use the word “Nigger”. But even people of color talk about Niggahhs – which is the “Thug Class” according to even Jess Jackson. If you put the name on yourself of, “No Limit Nigger”, and love “Gangstas” and consider them to be your “God Father” and have engaged in “Stolen Goods”, selling “Weed”, “Fist Fights”, puched out a bus driver, then, while not “officially caught” – you have crossed that line – and chosen your life-time career as a “thug in training”.

    • Watermelon says:

      I think the police just made a mistake. If you read the reports from different officers they don’t even agree on what Martin was wearing. One of them said that he was wearing shorts.

  36. mooserator says:

    They knew they had a problem – why would someone beating the crap out of someone be yelling for help?

    Crump and Co. said that Trayvon was shot while Zimmerman got pleasure in watching him in agony until he finally shot him the second time. Crump’s Colleague (Parks) said on TV that Zimmerman shot Martin while sitting on top of him. Zimmerman was cruely in control and had chased, caught and attacked the poor young boy. Only to straddle him, beat him, and shoot him.
    Jesse Jackson told crowds that Trayvon was shot in the back.

    Those stories were attempts to weave a story where Trayvon would be yelling for help.

    If it was Trayvon yelling (and I’m sure they both yelled at some point), we wouldn’t hear the Help as clearly. How many of you struggled trying to decipher what Dee Dee was saying? It would be the same with Trayvon.

    This stoy has so many lies holding it up, it’s mind blowing.


    • Excellent wrap-up of the various false narratives!

      At this point it seems they’ve settled on the “Well – OK – TM was straddling JZ and beating on him – but only beCause he was fighting for his life against a CRAZY, RAYCISS MAN WITH A GUN!!

      To quote Fred Reed:
      Nobody starts a fist fight with a man holding a gun.
      Nobody holding a gun starts a fist fight with his left hand.
      Nobody who is winning a fist fight pulls a gun.

      (1) TM didn’t know JZ was armed. Any claim that he attacked because JZ was chasing himwith a gun is pure IDIOcY!
      (2) I’d add that nobody who is LAWFULLY carrying starts any fight at all – in fact most of us will take a lot more BS from idiots when we’re carrying than we would when we’re not! In any case, this common-sense point proves JZ didn’t start it.
      (3) JZ was getting his @$$ kicked when he shot in self-defense!!

      This is simple common-sense.

      As for any claim that Saint Skittles was the one screaming, that’s easily disproved as well… Try this:

      Kneel on your bed, straddling a stack of pillows to simulate a person under you.
      Scream like JZ did, while pounding the heck out of the pillows “MMA Style” as we know Saint Skittles did to Jorge.
      Just TRY to keep your voice from fluctuating with every swing of your fist – IT CANNOT BE DONE!

      We hear “HEEEEEeeeeeeelllllppp!!” – a “normal” sound of someone screaming and tapering off as they run out of air.

      If he were screaming while swinging we’d hear “HEEeeEEeeEEeeLLllLLllPP!!” — the exertion of swinging and the impact would cause and INcREASE in pitch and volume with each swing.

      Even if there WAS no “John”, even if Pa Skittles had NOT agreed it was not TM screaming — even if one can suspend common-sense enough to believe that the person on TOP of the “ground-n-pound” were screaming for help instead of the victim — simple realities of human anatomy and body-mechanics prove the whole Idea is STOOPID!!

      • myopiafree says:

        HI D_Dad, You are correct in this analysis. It is amazing how much people can IGNORE if they have seized on a “narrative” that GZ was a brutal thug – with gun out – running down TM. Presumable he stopped TM and they were standing there with GZ holding a gun on TM. Then what happens?

        1) Nobody starts a fist fight with a man holding a gun.
        2) Nobody holding a gun starts a fist fight with his left hand.
        3) Nobody who is winning a fist fight pulls a gun.

        [ Remember the result MUST fit the 'final facts' as John reported them. ]

        Try this experiment with a toy-gun. Hold the toy on a friend that is part of this experiment. Then, attempt to SLUG your friend who is 2 feet away. What happens.
        1) Your friend ducks the swing – and goes for the gun
        2) You might ACCIDENTALLY SHOOT as a reflex action, but you lose your “aim” as you wind up to take that hard swing. (But why do this. If you intend to kill – just shoot – why put yourself “at risk”.) Makes no sense at all.
        3) But assuming you knock your friend down, you jump on top and continue to hit with one fist – while ATTEMPTING TO HOLD YOUR GUN STEADY ON THE MAN YOU ARE SITTING ON. This is very difficult – but that is the “Crump Story”.
        4) Now, sitting on top of Trayvon, you get tired, and just shoot TM. But why go through all of this?
        5) YOU CALLED THE POLICE. You knew they were coming.. If you had TM under the “gun” – you would be in very serious trouble. Concealed Carry – don’t allow that – check the law.
        It is profoundly difficult to “explain” GZ on top – punching out TM on the bottom. But reason and common sense – play no role in either Crump’s or Corey’s mind. (Sorry for the long analysis – but we all try to make sense of this situation. )

    • froggielegs says:

      “Crump’s Colleague (Parks) said on TV that Zimmerman shot Martin while sitting on top of him.”

      If that were the case, Trayvon would of been found on his back not his stomach.

  37. Walther PPK says:

    Some friends of mine did undercover and intelligence work and they are some devious wascals who would pull exactly this kind of “white lie” or “inadvertant misidentification” to see where it would lead if anywhere. They do a lot more overt deception if it can help an investigation and this sort of artifice would be trivial. And if it was an inadvertant error then maybe it was luck or divine intervention the way it worked out. Because the original investigation appeared to be competent and yet there was a lot of unfounded criticism about how unprofessional it was. So now all the supposedly more qualified iced tea guzzling professionals who took charge are drowning in an ocean of watermelon juice while the allegedly less competent adminstrators they replaced or usurped are likely having a good laugh about how all those more professional replacements are looking like fools. Who made a monkey out of who? Somebody get the governor of Florida to have sip of evidence and make gargling sounds and lets see if we tell if the liquid is iced tea or watermelon juice. Maybe Angela Corey and Benjamin Crump can add their gargling voices and it can be a singing trio. Sorry I couldn’t resist.

  38. mooserator says:

    Hey, check out this Picture!

    Maybe a Mod can post it here.


  39. Dan says:

    Which side is lying?

    The side who gave an account to the police within seconds of the incident, voluntarily attended all police interviews without an attorney, voluntarily took and passed a lie detector test. Voluntarily reenacted the scene with the police the next day. And throughout this, his account of the events of that night remained the same.

    The other side, who did not cooperate with police, who would not provide password details on their phone without consulting their million dollar racial grievance attorney first. The side who has more versions of the events of that night than stars in the sky. Who have obfuscated, threatened, propagated stories to a friendly and cooperating press, and flat out lied throughout this entire ordeal.

    • howie says:

      Just shows what Dupes people are. Buy one get one free. OK.

    • myopiafree says:

      Hi Dan,
      This is my first thesis is this:
      No good deed – GOES UN-PUNISHED.
      This is why people, hearing a “murder assault”, go inside and LOCK THEIR DOORS. It is a sad comment – but if you are attacked by a THUG, and you scream, (but have no pistol) – you will DIE. No one WILL COME TO YOUR AID. The next day you will either be comotose in a hospital, or dead. TM would be “long gone” back to his high school. This is the true reason why “concealed carry”, and the SYG law exist. It is the reason why GZ is alive.

  40. Dan says:

    I would be willing to bet, one of the life lessons TM’s Dad taught him was not to take no disrespect from no one…..especially from no cracker.

    While there is merit in teaching your children to never be walked over. There is also the danger of teaching them to be oversensitive to every slight. Many imagined slights are not intended and or so minor can and should be easily ignored and forgotten.

    For example if TM just had simply walked the last 80 feet to his front or back door and went home the additional two minutes GZ had spoken (calmly) to the dispatcher.

    Instead TM was not going to be disrespected for being clearly profiled, and if this white boy dared follow him, he was going to get a beat down. For the record I believe TM was profiled for his unusual behavior in the rain, and dress much more than his color. If you superimpose a white face into that hood instead of black…would any of GZ’s behavior been different? GZ could barely tell what race TM was anyway.

    And why did GZ follow TM?
    Let’s imagine you are a 30 year old man. There is a breakin in your house at night. You hear a burglar downstairs. You call the police who are their way and will arrive within minutes. You peek downstairs, get a visual of the suspect. The suspect breaks and runs out the front door.
    Would you be completely illogical to walk downstairs and peek out your front door to see if you could get a visual on which way the suspect ran? No actually, most men would probably that EXACT thing. You wouldnt expect the burglar to be hoping to jump you outside if the suspect was the one fleeing the scene.
    That is what I relate GZ’s behavior too.
    When GZ didn’t have a visual on the suspect (what he was hoping for to give the police), the amazing thing is we don’t even have to speculate too far on exactly what GZ was thinking as he clearly shows fear when he doesn’t want to say his address out loud just in case the person showing unusual behavior is lurking about.

    Turns out he was right to be nervous as he was violently assaulted less than 2 minutes later.

    • John Galt says:

      “Let’s imagine you are a 30 year old man. There is a breakin in your house at night. You hear a burglar downstairs. You call the police”

      Call the police? Why? So you can be killed by friendly fire? Grab the 12 gauge.

      • myopiafree says:

        John – part 2 – you pick up the phone – and it is dead!! Grab your 0.45 – because it will be you or the thug. Don’t kid yourself on this issue – or it will be the last “kidding” you do.

      • Jason says:

        I have had someone try and enter my home before. The last people called was the cops.

    • howie says:

      Suppose Tvon ran to lure Z in to an ambush?

      • John Galt says:

        Dee Dee can be used to support that argument. “His voice got low.” So far so good. “I know he was scared.” Objection, foundation, speculation, move to strike. His voice got low because he was waiting to ambush Z.

        • myopiafree says:

          This is exactly why DeDe must testify under oath and in court. There is no proof at all that GZ did any “stalking” – or any of it. Yes the entire case of “depraved indifference 2nd degree murder is based on DeDe fibs. This is the same thing at the LaCross players and the 6 cops (in NY) who were accused of felonies – with no basis behind them, other than alleged “crimes” – by a “fibber”. This is Nephong – PART 2.

  41. myopiafree says:

    Did GZ “run down TM” and shoot him in the back as Jessie insists? When you or I say, OK, I mean I understand. What I (or you) do – is up to me or you. It is rather obvious that GZ could not see TM, so the issue of “running after” was moot. He had no idea where the hell TM WAS. GZ jogged across the top of the “T” – and then started BACK. TM came back about 70 yards, out of the dark, from the bottom of the “T”, and STOPPED GZ WITH WORDS AND A PUNCH IN THE FACE – THIS IS CONFIRMED BY THE MEDICAL EXAMINER. GZ did NOT THROW THE FIRST FIST AT ALL. Here is the video of this sequence:

    When does this go to trial? This a case of self-defense. Any questions?

    • myopiafree says:

      Let me add this about the “logged calls”. They can be “off” by one minute. It takes about 30 seconds to run 100 yards, or 300 feet. TM had gone DOWN to Brandi’s in 40 seconds and came back. Any questions.

  42. Pingback: Zimmerman New Video + Evidence - Page 32

  43. froggielegs says:

    That’s exactly what I thought Howie when I first heard Dee Dee’s interview when she spoke of Trayvon’s voice getting lower. Then to have her saying…

    Dee Dee: “Yeah..and I hear, I hear something like bump. You could hear that Trayvon bump (She pauses then says) somebody bumped Trayvon cause I could hear the grass”

    Right there she said Trayvon bumped/hit GZ but changed her mind.

    Another thing that bugs me is, Mary Cutcher’s interview with Anderson Cooper….

    Anderson: “Based on what you saw and again you did not see a struggle, do you believe it was self defense on Zimmerman’s part?”
    Mary Cutcher: “I do not.”
    Anderson: “Why?”
    Mary Cutcher: “Originally I didn’t believe it was self defense because what we saw when we walked out on the porch. If it was self defense why was he on his… on on Trayvons back?”

    Notice how she started to say “why was he (GZ) on HIS” then stuttered and said “on on Trayvon’s back”?

    As Mooserator stated above, “Crump’s Colleague (Parks) said on TV that Zimmerman shot Martin while sitting on top of him.” Cutcher was clearly coached by Crump and company. I would like to hear their explanation of how, if GZ was on Trayvon’s back straddling him, how was he able to shoot him in the chest? What did GZ do lift Trayvon up while sitting on his back, stuff the gun under Trayvon and shoot him?

    • howie says:

      If she owns her condo wait til she finds out Crumpster is suing her.

      • James Crawford says:

        Many of the condos are owned by real estate investors who rent them out. Unless these investors are idiots (which is doubtful), they realize that they have a vested interest in GZ’s winning the immunity hearing. Have they stepped up to the plate to support GZ? Is Cutcher a Condo owner or just a tenant? If she is a tenant, has anyone considered contacting her to inform her that GZ’s conviction will guarantee that the homeowner’s association and her personally will be sued? Perhaps this would make her less willing to allow Crump and the news media to influence her recollection?

        Yea, I know I am an evil bastard.

    • McBain says:

      I can’t see Cutcher being called as a witness. In fact I can’t see any of the witnesses being called by the prosecution. How are they going to make their case?

      • howie says:

        I really wonder. If DD is their star witness, this is over before it starts.

        • myopiafree says:

          Howie – DeDe IS THERE STAR AND ONLY WITNESS THAT 1) TM was ‘RUN DOWN’ by GZ (her story is confused at best) 2) TM was “cornered” at Brandie’s Condo. (If you look at the “MAP” that is virtually IMPOSSIBLE. (GZ was 70 yards away). 3) TM had “Ear Plugs In” (No he had them in his pocket. 4) DeDe heard “GRASS”. (How the hell do you hear grass??) 5) GZ “swung” on TM. (Pure conjecture on DeDe’s part). 6) GZ was “white”. (Nope he was Black – hispanic -white. How does that make him a “White racist”??) Virtually ALL OF COREY/CRUMP’S CHARGES ARE BASED ON THIS SCREWED UP STORY-LINE. I assume she will “decline to testify”. But if she does, O’mara will “eat her up” – and Crump knows this. Yet again this is identical to the Nifong case. It is built on “fibs, lies, witness coaching, harassment of George and his family, conducted for POLITICAL REASONS – NOT FOR REASONS OF TRUTH OR JUSTICE. That defines these Neo-Racists trials of the 21st century.

          • howie says:

            I was thinking about the “Heard the Grass” I wonder if the “grass” was a narrative she was supposed to espouse. It almost seems as she expects DLR to know what “The Grass” is. The one word grass might represent a pre-planned narrative. I am having a hard time explaining what I mean I guess.

          • McBain says:

            There are too many problems….
            She didn’t see anything. She can only say what Travon told her and some of that might be hearsay.
            She doesn’t speak very well which might confuse the jury and make her look immature. If the prosecutor has to say “So, what you’re saying is…..” after everything she says it won’t come off well..
            She’s a friend of Trayvon so the jury might assume a bias on her part.

        • McBain says:

          I actually feel sorry for DD. Her friend died and now she has the pressure of the entire black community on her back. She didn’t ask for this responsibility.

          • minpin says:

            Then DeeDee could have very easily said, no thank you. She apparently didn’t get involved from the get go, for whatever reason. She could have maintained that position very easily. She deserves no pity from anyone. If she has chosen to lie for the black community, she alone has that cross to bear.

            • McBain says:

              If DD is flat out lying then, your’e right, she doesn’t deserve any pity… but lots of people exaggerate on the witness stand or in statements in order to help the side they think is doing the right thing. She probably believes Trayvon was “profiled, pursued and confronted” by GZ. Lots of people have been brainwashed by Crump and the MSM.

              • Aussie says:

                oh I agree with Minpin, DeeDee deserves nothing in the way of pity… nothing. When she is finally exposed for being a liar, she will have to pay the penalty.

                Her perjury is way more serious than anything done by Shellie Zimmerman. Her lies have resulted in a travesty of justice.

                • myopiafree says:

                  Yes, I think DeDe (not the sharpest knife in on the table) will be smart enough to realize she is being “played” by Crump – and that she has no desire to spend time in prison for Crumps fibs. I think she will “forget” a lot of this, and her story will change. She will say, I simply didn’t here too much. She will be an “impeached” witness – if she even goes to trial. My bet is that she “withdraws” with the help of both Crump and Corey – before she gets there. But that “guts” the entire Corey charge of “depraved indifference”.

          • I believe she did when she egged him on.
            She wanted the thrill of listening to TM beat some random man for no good reason.
            She should be where JZ is.

            • myopiafree says:

              Hi D_Dad – I think you are right. They had been talking a long time – so she was probably bored – wanted to create some “excitement” by inciting TM to go back and “mess” with this obvious “Neighborhood watch person” – just for the “challenge” of it. I mean, what’s the the harm of doing that?

      • John Galt says:

        Cutcher’s head would explode when she wasn’t allowed to speculate on the stand. If she testifies, it will be very limited.

        • No way they put her up.
          She’s a NUTBAG for starters, but when she talks about “the little boy” in the media – it’s obvious she’s been polluted by the whole “Passion of Saint Skittles narrative, most especially the 5-year-old pics of doe-eyed, sweet little TM.
          She’d hurt more than help.

          • Aussie says:

            Exactly. The woman is not the kind of witness you want in a murder case. She cannot get her story straight. She is another who simply makes things up.

  44. McBain says:

    I wish someone would do a really good documentary on this case. Like the “Paradise Lost” documentaries about the West Memphis Three. The producers could hire people from this website.

    • Dan says:

      I hope so. But standing up to the racial grievance crowd is not for the politically correct.

      Nobody besides GZ knows with 100% certainty what happened those 2 1/2 minutes after he hung up with the dispatcher, and the first 911 call by a neighbor reporting the disturbance.

      I feel strongly the most likely scenario is exactly what GZ told police within minutes of the encounter, over and over during police interviews, during the lie detector stress test, and then the reenactment the following day at the scene.

      I think very few people besides the greatest liars, criminal minds in the world, would have lied about the series of events within minutes of the event, and then kept their lies straight throughout future retelling. Not a 28 year old loan officer.

      And then the screaming which occurred for over 45 seconds. The scheme team has the audacity to have us believe that GZ lied to the police within minutes of the event by telling them he was the one screaming….when it was actually Trayvon. That is PREPOSTEROUS! There were dozens of witnesses in the proximity! I don’t think even the greatest sociopath in the world would have thought up that lie at the scene.

      However, if you take away the screaming, there are some scenarios that put more culpability in GZ’s camp. For example TM saw the gun and that was the reason he assaulted GZ. These are possible but unlikely. While we never know for sure, the key to piecing together the most likely scenario is looking at character. I’ll tell you one thing for sure, if Trayvon was a straight A student going to an Ivy college next fall, I would think GZ was probably guilty as sin.

      The fact of the matter is there are those that will give every benefit of the doubt to Trayvon precisely because of his race. The majority of black people will….and many white people too. Look at the earwitness for example.

      So when you combine the forces of political correctness and the racial grievance crowd, The headwinds are too strong that any show like dateline or 48 hours would ever produce a show that truly reflects the complete downward spiral Trayvon’s life was in at that exact moment in time. They will never admit the true likelihood of an out of control 17 year old assaulting someone for being “dissed”.
      Trayvon’s color is everything in this case. If he was a white thug suspended from school for 10 days…nobody would care less.

      • McBain says:

        I agree for the most part. However, when the produces of “Paradise Lost” started making their movie, they didn’t know The West Memphis Three were innocent. All I want is a filmmaker who hasn’t made their mind up yet. Let the facts determine the direction of project.

        • Dan says:

          I think it would be great if the conservative treehouse authors produced a video documentary about this case.

  45. ArkansasMimi says:

    Zimmerman’s Twin Lakes Community Was on Edge Before Trayvon Shooting
    by Amy Green Mar 28, 2012 4:45 AM EDT

    Conversations with several residents, however, suggest that Zimmerman’s calls reflect a wider feeling of concern and distrust in the community. For years, Twin Lakes residents had been on edge—demonstrated by their decision last September to start a neighborhood-watch organization, which was initiated by Zimmerman himself. The burglary of Olivia Bertalan’s home was just one of at least eight reported over the previous 14 months—several of which, neighbors said, involved young black men. On Feb. 26, the odds were stacked against Martin: he was a young black man in a neighborhood that was feeling besieged by crime and blaming it—fairly or not—on people who looked like him….

    Olivia Bertalan said it was George Zimmerman’s wife, in fact, who helped her to identify the burglar who stole her laptop. Bertalan didn’t know Zimmerman well, but said he was helpful and “sweet” after the crime, inviting her to call them anytime if she felt afraid or needed anything.

    Officers eventually identified the person who burglarized Bertalan’s home as a neighbor. He was arrested but released because, as Bertalan understood it, he was a minor. Both he and the other man were black, according to the police report.

    After the crime, Bertalan said, she was afraid to come home and find things missing. She and her husband got a dog, as advised by police.

    “There was definitely a sense of fear in the neighborhood after all of this started happening, and it just kept on happening. It wasn’t just a one-time thing. It was every week,” she said. “Our next-door neighbor actually said if someone came into his yard he would shoot him. If someone came into his house he would shoot him. Everyone felt afraid and scared.”

  46. ArkansasMimi says:

    CONT…. from above comment ****( if you go to this link you can also see the front of the complex with the NW sign and gates, closed at time of pix.)..

    Three weeks before Martin’s death another Twin Lakes resident arrived home to discover a kitchen window open and a laptop and gold necklaces missing. Two witnesses said they saw a young black man standing nearby, but they did not see the man break into the home, according to a police report. One witness said he believed it was the same man who had stolen his bike. The next day officers responding to a call confronted three black men and one white man on bikes near the neighborhood. The same witnesses identified one of the men as the same man they saw near the burglarized home. The officers found the laptop in the man’s backpack.

    Last July a rental car was stolen from one townhome along with the car keys, which were inside on a dining room table. The resident awoke in the morning to discover her sliding glass door open. The car was eventually found abandoned. In August a PlayStation and videogames were stolen from another townhome. In September someone vandalized a townhome under construction. In December someone broke into a foreclosed townhome, stopped up a toilet and started the water running. According to a police report, the water flooded the bedroom and caused drywall in the garage to collapse

    • Aussie says:

      these other burglaries raise a few questions in my mind.

      There is much confusion about when TM arrived in Sanford. This has varied from a few days to something like a full week. I do know that DeeDee spoke with TM on the Friday.

      The first question raised is whether or not TM had been to Brandi Green’s place on previous occasions. If he had, did these visits coincide with any burglaries. The next question is whether or not he had ever associated with Burgess who was the one that was caught with stolen goods.

      Two people were seen at the scene of those burglaries. One of them was Burgess. Who was the other person?

      Is it possible that GZ had seen this person on a previous occasion… that is on one of the occasions when he caught someone who was trespassing? Could have been that the figure looked familiar? Could it have been that GZ saw behaviour that looked like TM was casing those places near the clubhouse?

      These are the questions that are coming up in my mind, over and over again because something about TM’s behaviour had triggered something within GZ to make him think that this person was acting in a suspicious manner. The only clue I have is George’s own words “he looks like he is on drugs or something”….. what was he doing to cause George to make that remark. I do not believe that he was talking on the phone to DeeDee. Something stinks about that particular scenario.

      • Jason says:

        I feel TM was looking into windows maybe. When he spotted Zimm he threw on his hood and was looking to hide. I don’t think the rain had anything to do with his hood going on.

        • Aussie says:

          this begs the question: when did he remove the hood after leaving the 7-11? He had the hoodie on when he was in the convenience store and it was still on when he finally walked away from the store.

          That means he already had the hoodie on.

    • froggielegs says:

      According to this article, they insinuate that the gate is always closed…

      “Gated communities aren’t really any safer than other neighborhoods, said David Morgenstern, spokesman for the Sanford Police Department. “Crime is comparable no matter where you go. All that gate does is make the people who live in that community feel better.

      “If a criminal wants to get in, they can.”

      It’s not hard. Drivers draft behind residents with remote control passes, following them before the gates swing closed. Old renters retain the pass code and share it. Landscapers, pizza delivery people and repairmen all have access.”

      But what I do find interesting is this…

      “Trayvon Martin lived with his dad, who resides in the Miami area, and had visited his dad’s girlfriend at the Retreat several times before. The kids in the neighborhood always looked forward to playing football with him. But to George Zimmerman, he was a stranger.”

      I thought Trayvon lived with his Mother in Miami and I thought the Dad lived with Brandy?

      • Jason says:

        So it quite possible the kids in the area on bikes that were caught looking into houses could have easily been TM. It’s also possible that Emanuel Burgees knew TM since he lived down the street from Brandy Green. I feel it’s also possible TM knew who Zimm was.

  47. Sentenza says:

    Any idea what the name of that neighbor was?

  48. howie says:

    The Key to starting the Dominos falling for Corey is probably the Stooges. I think that Corey put a stop to all investigation when the road turned in the wrong direction for the Persecution.

  49. Ignatius J Donnelly says:

    I wonder if their relationship started off on a personal or a professional note.. Dad is also a big mystery. No mention of his work aside from driving a truck or where he permanently resides when not driving. You can’t find anything on him which is hard to believe considering how most people leave at least some kind of digital footprint nowadays.

    If his Facebook page is still up you can see pics of his house and pics of him and his Mason friends.. Tracy did not live in Sanford. He visited on the weekends

  50. Ignatius J Donnelly says:

    I truly don’t believe that DeeDee has the intelligence to understand how much trouble she can get in for lying as the star state’s witness. I doubt she can come back and say that someone from the state or even Crump made her do it, if she is proven to have lied.

    Who’s going to charge her?
    She’s the prosecution’s star witness.

  51. Ignatius J Donnelly says:

    The first question raised is whether or not TM had been to Brandi Green’s place on previous occasions.

    He had. Watch the 7-11 too. He seemed very familiar with the store.
    I doubt he had any friends in Sanford. He would have been hanging out with them if he did.
    Didn’t he spend 2/25 with his cousin?
    Here’s a question. Do you all think Team Crump knew about LEAN or ROBO?
    Did they read the inaccurate police report and then spread the Ice Tea and Skittles for the little brother story without realizing what TM was actually purchasing? What would be the narrative if they had realized the implications of that purchase?
    That night TM probably was just going to drink the stuff without cough syrup or vodka. I’m sure he would have preferred some Robitussin but it doesn’t look like he got his hands on any..

    • howie says:

      His Cuzz has said on his tweet of March …I think 14th that he has to go to Orlando to “Make some moves for Tvon” I wonder if there was a Crump meeting to get the lies straight?

  52. Ignatius J Donnelly says:

    As for the Mother, I doubt she still believes that it is TM screaming on the 911 calls.
    Before the 7-11 tapes no audio or video of Trayvon supposedly existed.
    Charles Blow asked her about it and she said, “Maybe on his VM but I’m not sure.”
    She would have to be a party any plan to bury any recordings of TM if Audio and video of TM(its 2012) existed

  53. Ignatius J Donnelly says:

    Is it possible that GZ had seen this person on a previous occasion?

    That’s one reason he called the po pos. He hadn’t seen TM before.

  54. Ignatius J Donnelly says:

    They will never admit the true likelihood of an out of control 17 year old assaulting someone for being “dissed”.

    Yup, unfortunately, it was as simple as that.
    I’ve seen the case described elsewhere as “Death by Testosterone.”.
    GZ was not seen has a helpless innocent by person who made that comment though.
    He though it took two to Tango.

  55. Ignatius J Donnelly says:

    I wonder if there was a Crump meeting to get the lies straight?


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