Thrill Killing – Five Thugs Murder Pizza Delivery Man For Fun and Pizza in St. Louis

A group of five black males murdered a white twenty year old pizza delivery man in what the race censoring media calls an “attempted robbery”.  However, no money was taken.   The victim is a Bosnian (Bosnia-Herzegovina).  The murder took place in a 97% black census track near Martin Luther King Dr in the Hillsdale area.

Daniil Maksimenko, 22, taken behind the Northwoods Imo’s Pizza where he worked.

Police believe that the suspects ordered a pizza to a neighbor’s address. When the victim arrived, they shot him while he was still sitting in his car.  The suspects then left. A police officer on duty later spotted the victim’s car drifting across the middle of the road. The driver was unconscious with a gunshot wound to the head. He later died at the hospital.

The murder appears to be a racially motivated thrill killing.

HILLSDALE • A 20-year-old man from St. Louis County has been  charged with second-degree murder and robbery in the shooting death of a pizza  deliveryman and another is wanted for questioning.

Chester Romelle Woods is being held on $250,000 bail at the St. Louis  County jail. He was charged on Sunday and was scheduled for his first court  appearance Monday morning.

St. Louis County detectives are looking for Shermell A. Crockett, 20,  who is known to stay in the Hillsdale and Pine Lawn area.

Crockett is only wanted for questioning about the incident and no  Warrants have been issued charging him with a crime.

Woods lives in the 2100 block of Rosebud Avenue. Woods  confessed to police his involvement in the case.

St. Louis County detectives are searching for a second suspect to  question in the death of Daniil Maksimenko, 22, of Ballwin.

Maksimenko was working at the Northwoods Imo’s franchise when he was  called to deliver a pizza to an address in the 2100 block of Erick Avenue.  Before he got out of his car, he was ambushed and shot at about 12:45 a.m.  Saturday. He died Saturday afternoon at Barnes-Jewish Hospital.

Court records say Maksimenko was robbed only of the pizza. The charges  indicate that Woods was not the gunman. Maksimenko was robbed at  gunpoint by Woods and three others, court records say(read more)

Danil Maksienko 22 years-of-age, Pizza delivery driver

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83 Responses to Thrill Killing – Five Thugs Murder Pizza Delivery Man For Fun and Pizza in St. Louis

  1. ZurichMike says:

    Al Sharpton? Jesse Jackson? Any comment from you or the other race-baiting, ghetto thug, riot-inciting leftist whores?

    • Nicole Gower says:

      This sounds like a completely random crime to me… I don’t see any racial motivation… they killed the delivery guy when he was still in his car, how could they know he was Bosnian? Was his car painted to say “hey! I’m Bosnian!”? As sad as this story is and tragic… NOT A RACIAL THING sorry… Just random senseless violence. What Imo’s delivers at 12:45 am anyways? In the ghetto no less…?? I’d sue Imo’s if I was this kid’s family… sounds like a bunch of idiots run this particular Imo’s.

      • Enough says:

        Yeah, and there was no racial “thing” to the Trademark case either until the race baiters saw they could make a buck off of it.

        How many whites has it been now since Trademark….murdered by blacks?

        That’s the whole point.

        • First of all the young mans name was Trayvonne. There is no need to be nasty. That out of the way I will say you are 100% correct there was no racial motivation in this case. Zimmerman( Hispanic/white/African-American) Yes his great grandfather was a black man. Saw an unknown individual in his neighborhood that had recently had several homes robbed For the record I do not think Trayvonne was there to rob anyone. I believe he saw Zimmerman and did not know who he was or what he had in is hand same in reverse for Zimmerman. The evidence we are now seeing supports his claim that at the end Trayvonne was the aggressor ( following someone while talking to 911 does ot make you the bad guy) It is a very sad case.

          • Mike says:

            Actually, his name was Trayvon.

            • Jst2Bsy says:

              If the delivery man had been black, they would not have not have shot him. That make’s it racially motivated.

          • Aussie says:

            Well Marjorie troll that youth’s name is Traydemark.. you do not know whether or not Traydemark was going to rob anyone but he certainly was spotted behaving in a suspicious manner… and he has been caught with items that were stolen.

      • Ramax says:

        All Bosnians are White,this is racial motivated killing,…It is sickening

      • Nick Asher says:

        The kid is out working trying to make a living and these lazy Punks that has not done a decent days work in their lives just want to kill a white person for the thrill of it. Yes! Its racial and is a hate crime.

      • Belinda says:

        you think they would have shot him if he turned out to be black? Get real hate crimes include white people too although we are not allowed to say so!!!!

      • texas58 says:

        What makes you so sure this murder wasn’t racially motivated? The evidence is on the side of those who say it was. The victim was white, the murderers are all black, and since they didn’t rob the victim you can’t say that was the motive behind the murder. No, they wanted to kill a white man and saw an easy target. It was absolutely racially motivated!

      • RolloverRiderPGR says:

        And you are a more- Ron! What does his country of origin have to do with anything? He looks more WHITE as is MOST of the people that were NATIVE (the past centuries or so) to the area and west and north of Bosnia! HECK he COULD have been a white muslim if you even have a little knowledge of the area and of history and the news of recent years but from your post I highly doubt you know more than rap music and if it even sounds like the news you change a channel or put a CD or ear buds in!

        These are black PUNKS, NOT men as the article states as a real MAN would give someone a toe to toe chance but because it was more than one it’s nothing BUT sissy punks! And as we’ve been seeing in the news lately after a certain Florida problem an excuse as MOST of these black on white assaults is by more than 1 on a single white telling us that they are as I said pathetic little sissies thinking they are men and getting respect. Yeah,, That’s how I want respect! By letting the others know I don’t have the gonads to take out a single white guy by myself! Yeah real bad man he/they all are! I bet the gangs in Gateway are all about like this, back to the tribe mentality! Or what the New Black Kittens Party are looking for! Real sissy boys that can run in packs! Me Yeah I have respect. For a brown floating object in a toilet over these not so manly men!

      • Aussie says:

        well Nicole Gower you need to take off the rose-coloured glasses because this was a race-hate crime. Blacks again killed a white man.

      • Aussie says:

        one more thing, the fact that he was Bosnian is irrelevant. All of the Bosnians, Croatians and Serbians that I have known are white. The issue is not being Bosnian, but the fact that he was white…. YES I AM GOING THERE!!

      • Greg Zotta says:

        Nicole, are you that naive? Not a racial thing? These black thugs killed this person because he was WHITE. Have you been paying attention to what the racist Attorney General Eric Holder has been doing fomenting racial tension across the country?

      • Myke says:

        They had no idea he was Bosnian, but they certainly knew he was white! I guarantee if this had been a group of whites who murdered a black delivery driver, you and the mainstream media would be screaming “No justice, no peace”, wouldn’t you!?

      • It is a racial thing when a member of our race gets killed by a member of another race. And Bosnian isn’t a race, his race is white. And they should definitely tell he was white. White people can be targetted for economic reasons, entertainment reasons, as well as racial reasons. But they’re still targetted. Interracial homicide is overwhelmingly black-on-white. I don’t much care if the offenders happened to say a racist word or not.

  2. He look’s like one of the obamas kid’s…. I guess moochelle is maybe controlling his diet a little to closely.

  3. kinthenorthwest says:

    and how much money would a pizza man have any way….
    This whole mess has gotten so out of hand…
    I make a bet if any of us did a web search we will find at leas a dozen black on white race related crimes and I be a bunch of them will have one of the criminals saying words along the line that it was for Trayvon.

    • Jello333 says:

      While we don’t yet know if this particular attack had anything to do with “Justice for Trayvon”, we know a whole bunch of others have. And for ANY of these recent attacks, I want to see people charged with crimes. I don’t mean just the ones actually doing it…. I mean the instigators. That would be Corey, Crump, Sharpton, several other individuals, certain people in the MSM…

      Yeah I know this isn’t likely to happen. None of them will probably ever face criminal charges. But I think we should at least raise our voices about what SHOULD be done.

    • RolloverRiderPGR says:

      Actually you are correct and this is NOT the first of them! The New Black Kitten (panther) Party and the Idiot Brothers (jackson and not so sharpton) 2 are wanting a race war and the idiots are falling for it! Won’t be much of a war when they are only 14% of the US population and maybe 1/2 of them don’t even want or care what the IB2 or the NBKP want! Yeah it’ll be over faster than Desert Storm!

  4. StephUF says:

    Long hot summer ahead.

  5. CTDAR says:

    Oh & go figure, he’s wearing a HOODIE

  6. bufordt says:

    Stupid media…..wouldn’t he be “White-Bosnian-Herzegovinaian”

    • tara says:

      I’m surprised they didn’t publish 10 year old pictures of these guys. I guess their families couldn’t afford to hire a PR team. But I’m sure the guys are really great, maybe wanted to be pilots or rocket scientists or something. Majored in “cheerful”.

    • Cranston Snord says:

      That’s a good one

    • Aussie says:

      there are no black Bosnian Herzegovinian. They are all caucasian.

  7. Roscoe P. Soultrane says:

    Just like the Fascist RethugliKKKan-run media to lie so blatantly. That wasn’t thrill killing, that was socio-economic activism and Justice for Trayvon! Pizza’s rayciss anyway. Pizza uses black olives. Green olives get to live in a jar, with a nice view. But the black olives, aw hell naw. They locked up in a can, can’t see shit.

    • 2ntense says:

      But them green olives be RED in em. You know what red is. Some ‘o dems have white in em. White in green olives is… white green olives an dat be rayciss. At least the white part. But dem green olives be spanish an dey white too… so it still be rayciss. Pizza is RAYCISS we needs to make laws about rayciss pizza.

    • Jake says:

      Wow. what a bunch of ignorant nonsense!! Roscoe, you’re a racist bigot! Also, what kind of an uneducated idiot spells racist, rayciss??? That little red dotted line under a word means you’ve misspelled it moron.

  8. Scoots Knuck says:

    I hate to say it but maybe this kind of thing NEEDS to happen so more “passive” people get aggravated, get informed and take action against these thugs. For too long they’ve looked the other way, accepted being intimidated and let these thugs – and the racebaiters that condone their actions – get away with it. Time for the sleeping giants to wake up and fight back!

    • CTDAR says:

      No it doesn’t, what needs to happen is when someone is murdered, or been a victim of a crime, the guilty need to get arrested, convicted, and thrown in jail where that system can take care of them.
      enough of being sensitive to the defendants rights, living or dead the victims deserve their rights as well,

      • texas58 says:

        When seconds are critical, law enforcement is only minutes away.

      • texas58 says:

        Frankly, a properly utilized weapon would have been far more effective in this case than waiting for the police. Wait for the police, you die; shoot the thugs first, you live!

  9. tara says:

    Good job, Chester! We know you’ll enjoy the rest of your life in the care of the Missouri Department of Corrections.

    I hope the driver’s loved ones seek revenge. Wipe out that whole neighborhood. I’ve spent a lot of time in St. Louis, there are some neighborhoods that are total losses humanity-wise. I hope no cabs or delivery vehicles go there ever again. Stop the mail delivery too, it’s too dangerous for the carriers.

    • 2ntense says:

      That sounds like Paris during Ramadan.

    • Roscoe P. Soultrane says:

      “I hope the driver’s loved ones seek revenge.”

      Too bad Arkan’s Tigers are out of business.

    • Sharon says:

      I don’t hope the driver’s loved ones seek revenge. I certainly don’t hope they wipe out that whole neighborhood. If they do either of those things, their lives will be ruined. Completely. On top of the loss of their loved one.

      In spite of our emotions there should be a limit to what we declare that we wish for. I do not want an open-ended, ever-escalating race war. It sounds like you would be in favor of it. Be careful what you wish for, tara.

    • Jello333 says:

      No, there are some good people, mostly elderly, who live in those kinds of neighborhoods but have no choice. They live on SS and have no way to get out. And they don’t like these crimes anymore than the rest of us do. They live in constant fear day after day. I really feel for the decent people who have to live in areas like this.

    • Mike says:

      It would be a shame if the victim’s family were veterans of the Bosnian war…you know, trained guerilla fighters and such.

  10. kittymyers says:

    White Girl Bleed a Lot: The return of race riots to America and how the media ignore them.

  11. tara says:

    I was “driving” around using Google street view … check out this address: 6473 Missouri 180, Wellston, Missouri. It’s close to the neighboorhood of the killers. Do the street view, spin around, and soak up the atmosphere (insert Obama picture here). Missouri 180 is also known as Martin Luther King Drive, I’m sure the Reverend would be pround.

  12. They’re just independent Reparations collectors, and anyone interfering in their operation is a race-criminal.

    I’d truly give about anything to be joking, but I can point you to the site so you could read it for yourself… This mentality is actually gaining traction among certain demoraphics…


    • Dude says:

      Or maybe it’s something they heard on a radio show played over the weekend by King Smair Shabazz, The National Field Marshal for the New Black Panther Party.

      • tara says:

        Eric Holder’s people! Obama’s sons!

        It’s on.

        • tara says:

          By the way, notice how he talks about people in the projects. Let’s tear them down then. All of the white peoples money supporting their asses, let’s cut it off then. Stop giving them food and stop providing them free health care. Let them fend for themselves. Put big walls around their neighborhoods and watch them cannibalize each other. F ‘em.

        • Dude says:

          That’s right. He has direct protection granted by Eric Holder. The race tensions are bad enough. Everything from the event of Obama’s son, Trayvon, and the media’s agenda, then add rants like this and watch the fireworks fly.

          • tara says:

            I think the Obama cultists actually thought that Obama’s election would be the start of a new era in race relations. I guess it was, just the opposite of what they expected.

            Maybe we should pay to have them shipped off to their own island. it will end up like Haiti. At least then they’ll have only themselves to blame.

      • Enough says:

        They don’t have the guts to leave their hovels and come near any town that is a majority white. They spew their garbage, act like tough guys…..then shoot innocent people and continue to tear up their own crap.

        Grow a set NBPP….come to a white neighborhood. Try that sheet and see what happens. I would friggin’ pay to see that.

  13. tara says:

    I can’t get over thinking that this guy just guaranteed that he’ll spend the rest of his life in prison and never get out because he decided to kill some innocent guy. Idiot wasn’t even thinking that maybe one moment of “fun” wouldn’t be worth 60+ years rotting in prison. He probably thinks prison is easy because all of his pals go in and out (and in and out). Well, the short sentences are easy, the long ones are not. And the people who go in and realize that they’re never coming back out again …. they have a mental hell to deal with each time they think “I’m never going to do again”. Some of the prisons for the guys with the most serious crimes are harsh, locked up 18, 21, even 24 hours a day, likely with a cellie, in a 6 x 10 room that most people out here would consider a closet. Never again to walk barefoot into a shower, cook a meal on a stove, open up a refrigerator and get a cold drink, soy soy and more soy every day, strip searches, lockdowns, fights, mental illness all around, no air conditioning even during the worst heat waves, no sex unless you want to make it with a guy …

    Was it worth it, Chester? Did you even consider the consequences? You will now, buddy.

    • Dude says:

      You create a really good picture of what he will probably go through, it makes me feel a bit better, but I can still think of a more appropriate form of justice for him. At least he enjoyed his pizza after the murder. I wonder if the blood and brain spattered pizza box effected his appetite while he was eating it. Sorry if I’m a bit graphic, but you really have to wonder.

  14. GunTotinGranny says:

    If these cretins could read, they might benefit from the wisdom of Walter Williams.

    Should Black People Tolerate This?

  15. Greg Zotta says:

    Welcome to ObamaNation. These kind of thugs have been emboldened ever since the racist Attorney General Eric Holder refused to prosecute the New Black Panther Party for voter intimidation in the 2008 election in Philadelphia. Eric Holder was silent on the bounty place on Zimmerman by the NBP and is reluctant to prosecute black on white crime.

  16. ORPO1 says:

    Reblogged this on Among The Joshua Trees and commented:
    “Attempted robbery” so says the media.
    One does have cause to wonder, I do believe.

  17. LuDog says:

    These Cowards are no THUGS! 5 sissy fighting girls could have committed the same act when the odds are 5 on 1 and the 5 have a gun while the 1 unarmed man is expecting to deliver a pizza. These COWARDS should have there hands, feet, and balls cut off, then left to rott w/ no help from society.

  18. ric says:

    A Quick trial and a short rope. Next?

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  21. maddog says:

    This aggravates me so much… How come this is not all over the news? Oh, that’s right it was just a bunch of down trodden minorities getting back at the white man for decades of slavery. they had ever right to kill that man… I mean after all that was done to them, keeping them locked in the projects through so much hate by the white devils. Give me a break! It’s time the African American community took stock and realized the only people holding them back is their own people, you need to stop playing the blame game and take yourselves seriously, stop gang-banging, stop doing and selling drugs. Stop acting like thugs and thinking it’s cool. You can change this no one else can.

  22. ANGRY WHITE MALE says:

    They damn near start a national riot over Zimmerman, and hardly a word of this anywhere. Not even in mainstream news is this even “newsworthy” material. See the racial bias here???

    Hills-dale Sgt. Robert Kelly told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch the AMBUSH of Maksimenko had been planned in advance as a robbery (premeditated murder). This was a trap, plain and simple, set by NOT ONE, BUT FOUR worthless gang banger thugs who waited for him to arrive before shooting him execution style in the head and killing him over a pizza. A DAMN PIZZA!!!!! AND NOBODY IS OUTRAGED AT THIS????

    God bless MY people!!!
    Daniil Maksimenko – God rest his soul and justice to the murdering blacks who took him from us!!!

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