Wednesday Open Thread – April 18th

Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy Name. Thy kingdom come. THY WILL BE DONE on earth, as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but DELIVER US FROM EVIL.

For Thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory, forever and ever. Amen †

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95 Responses to Wednesday Open Thread – April 18th

  1. texan59 says:

    “Shredding the Constitution” – a compilation of lil’ barry’s greatest hits.

    homegrown blizzard

  2. texan59 says:

    House says no to banning lead in ammo.

    • texan59 says:

      As I’ve said, if this is the real deal, there is some crazy stuff going on. Always enlightening, sometimes scary.

    • Interesting read. Social Darwinism. The Progs always project, so that means that they are doing (social Darwinism) what they accuse conservatives of doing. And actually that fits in with ObamaCare, which has similarities to Nazi Germany’s Aktion T4. What are the roots of the racism of the Progs? Why Darwinism, of course. The early Progs (such as Margaret Sanger) thought that some people were genetically superior than others. They wanted to “perfect” humanity by eliminating the inferior or imperfect (which ended up being the poor, disabled, and people of other races, especially black people). When the inferior/imperfect have been eliminated from the gene pool, then humanity would be more perfect and “evolve”. In short, eugenics.

      • This poster (from around 1938) reads: “60,000 Reichsmarks is what this person suffering from a hereditary defect costs the People’s community during his lifetime. Fellow citizen, that is your money too. Read ‘[A] New People’, the monthly magazine of the Bureau for Race Politics of the NSDAP.”

  3. Auntie Lib says:

    Bit of a kerfuffle in Big Sky Country yesterday: The state GOP produced a TV ad tying Obamacare tightly around the neck of our current Attorney General who is the Dem nominee for governor – basically contending that he didn’t support the will of the majority of Montanans by refusing to join in the lawsuit against Obamacare. The D’s were whining big time and trying to pressure the various TV stations to refuse to run the ad because it was “inaccurate” in that it claimed that “both Republican and Democrat Attorneys General supported the lawsuit.” Admittedly, both sides are splitting hairs – but what I thought was interesting/funny was that our local station manager – who is a HUGE libtard! – was all set to follow the orders of her Democrat bosses, UNTIL the company’s lawyer slapped her down. Apparently, he didn’t think that a lawsuit against them for censorship sounded like a fun idea.

    Moral of the story: The liberal media is so entrenched in their own bias against conservatives they can justify not only slanted reporting, but actual censorship. QUESTION EVERYTHING THAT YOU SEE, HEAR, OR READ from the LSM. ALWAYS!!!!!!

    PS – Here’s the ad:

    • minpin says:

      texan59- The infiltration of the propagandists in the educational system began long before the 60′s, but it was in the 60′s that the anti-war messages were heightened by the likes of Jane Fonda et al Make love not war (and get STD’s for free). Give peace a chance (because a world without war, and the elimination of all hate is just around the corner). These are the former drug addeled stinky purple hazed hippes that are running our government, and all of the major institutions in this country today.

      In 08 Obama hit the college campuses around the country, and gained a voting block that was previously more concerned with their new found freedom from their parents rule, and party party all the time. Shortly after that, they got a double whammy with Ron Paul’s message of America is just an arrogant country, that wants to occupy the world. He promised legal drugs, including heroine, legal prostitution, and every other college aged person’s dream of the ultimate utopia. Paul unfortunately convinced far too many that the US could easily be protected with “a few good submarines.”

      • barnslayer says:

        Unfortunately, RonPaul is not going away so soon. He may be in a position to really screw this election big time. Hopefully he will not run as a third party or even better bow out and endorse a fellow republican (wishful thinking).

        • Aussie says:

          you are both so right about icky Ron Paul… that old odour emitter!! Really, he is nothing more than an old f%%$ who should have been put out to pasture a long time ago. He is a man that I personally would not trust and I think that his delusions are worse than those of Jimmah Carter.

      • garnette says:

        I’ve done some reading where I am hearing the same messages from the current left that were being said in the late 1800s and the early 1900s in regards to the rich being the problem, free love and a woman’s right to birth control and that the ends justify the means. Also, the same groups were present to push this message then that are present now. On some level, I am finding it comforting that they haven’t progressed that far in over a hundred years, but on another level it ticks me off to no end that those who are useful idiots to the left are totally clueless of the history behind what they are saying and doing.

        • WeeWeed says:

          You’re exactly right, Garnette. In my own lifetime – since I was a KID, they’ve been declaring that Republicans were gonna do away with SS and Medicare if they got in – seriously. Every.Single.Cycle. And abortion, since the ’70′s, blah, blah, blah. Rush IS right when he says they’ve used the same playbook for 60 years. Oh, and I forgot about “not letting minorities vote,” and returning to Jim Crow, ad nauseum…

        • WeeWeed says:

          1934. Yep.


  4. Robin Leach [Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous]: Obama Is a ‘Socialist’ – He Is ‘Whipping Up This Racial War and This Economic Divide’

  5. Forest Service going to Blow Up Cows?
    I can’t believe these guys. I’ve been to this cabin several times. It’s 9 miles up Conundrum Canyon on single-track trail. No way to get trucks in. They know whose cows they are. Just tell the rancher to hire a butcher, pack him in with a couple of chainsaws and then mule-train out the meat after having one hell of a feast. It’s been frozen all winter, packed in a cabin. Bury most of the bones up on the mountain side. Problem solved. Oh, and since the mules walk in empty, have them pack in some bacon to wrap the filets in. :) Actually, I think the Rangers are concerned about competing with hungry black bears just coming out of hibernation. I’ve seen a couple of huge ones up that canyon, and I bet they would love to have at some good flank steaks. Again, problem solved. Idiots.

  6. Why do Liberal Women Hate Conservative Women So Much?

    Well-known psychiatrist Dr. Keith Ablow applied his professional skills to the dust-up between lesbian Democratic strategist Hilary Rosen and the wife of GOP presidential candidate and stay-at-home-mom Ann Romney, and made some fascinating observations about the hostility liberal women direct toward their conservative peers.
    Writing for Fox News, Dr. Ablow weighed in on the controversy, saying that Rosen provided a “clear psychological window” on women who despise other women when she showed “gut-level contempt” for Mrs. Romney, describing her as having “never worked a day in her life” because she chose to stay home and raise her five sons rather than pursue a career outside the home.
    “What Hilary Rosen has exposed is a psychological fault line that separates those women who simply oppose unfair gender-based barriers in education or employment or elsewhere from other women who actually despise and disrespect those females who choose to be full-time wives and mothers, instead of entering the workforce,” Ablow writes.
    “These ‘anti-gender’ women have it in for anyone who embraces her femininity, maternal instincts and capacity to nurture as their highest priority — postponing or passing up other laudable opportunities to work at, say, a law firm or as a marketing executive. They despise the notion that some women may indeed be drawn — instinctively and happily — toward creating special and loving environments in which to raise their children, while spending all their available time sustaining and enriching those environments and those children.”
    He goes on to say that they “despise the parts of themselves that may be drawn to such roles, as well.”
    When women like Rosen make the kind of comments that she did, “they’re essentially talking about themselves . . . trying to reassure themselves that their own choices in life weren’t only equally as good as those of other women, but better. Far, far better,” Ablow states.
    They want to believe that their choices are better because they freed themselves from the roles that were once expected of women, “leaving them not only freer than, but superior to, those women who don’t feel enslaved at home, but feel fulfilled at home,” he said.
    Ablow does not believe that women who are happy raising families have much credibility with the likes of Rosen – or President Barack Obama – because both Rosen and Obama only resonate with the disenfranchised and the abused.
    “Anyone who thrives in an American company or American home, while proud and happy with any element of traditional American values, must be a hopeless automaton or relic of the oppressive past,” he says.
    The fact that Mitt Romney made enough money to allow his wife to stay home only makes things worse.
    “See, psychologically, that only makes women like Hilary Rosen hate Ann Romney more. Not only does she seem to be enjoying herself, and not only do her children seem to be happy and successful — but she actually allowed her husband to go out and make the money to support all of them. And that’s letting a man be comfortable being a man, too. And, to Hilary Rosen, that’s a cultural crime and psychological assault.”

    • Aussie says:

      I can reduce all of the above to one word: Lesbian.

      It answers the reason for the hatred. It is jealousy.

      • Nah, I don’t think HR being a lesbian has anything to do with it. It’s just a liberal thing…they have this weird mental disconnect where they just can’t fathom being fulfilled by being a fulltime mom & wife, yet they resent those who do find pride and satisfaction in it. It shows them up.

        • Aussie says:

          yes, that is my point… the jealousy comes from the lack of fulfillment.

          Keep in mind that we have a Prime Minister who is of the same type… though she is not a Lesbian.

        • garnette says:

          I was thinking of mothers who realize that most of their paychecks go for childcare or taxes so they decide to make cuts to their budget so that they can stay home with their children. Too often, I think women have been convinced by liberals or the media that they need to work to be able to afford to give their children more stuff (rather than their time.) It just shows me that too many liberals really don’t think about financial matters whatsoever and are more concerned with stuff than what really matters.

    • WeeWeed says:

      Simple. Conservative women are better looking. And libs abort their children.

    New Three Stooges Movie Mocks Catholicism
    Instead of doing an authentic remake of the beloved 1930′s comedy hit, The Three Stooges, Hollywood has used the new version to promote its anti-religion ideology by mocking the Catholic Church.
    The new PG-rated film, which was released this weekend by 20th Century Fox, opened in theaters across the U.S. on Friday, April 13. Commenting on the new film, Catholic League president Bill Donohue says that there was once a time when Hollywood was respectful of religion and avoided crudity in films, but it now specializes in being offensive and never misses an opportunity to trash religion.
    “This movie is not just another remake: it is a cultural marker of sociological significance, and what it says about the way we’ve changed is not encouraging,” Donohue says.
    “Yes, the slapstick is there, along with the groans, pokes, thumps, and the like. But the TV show never mocked nuns or showed infants urinating in the face of the Stooges. The film does.”
    In the new version, the Stooges are depicted as seeking to raise money for their orphanage which is run by “habit-wearing stereotypical nuns,” Donohue describes. One of the nuns is play by swimsuit model Kate Upton who is shown wearing a “nun bikini” with a large rosary around her neck. Another nun, Sister Mary-Mengele, is named after the Nazi war criminal Josef Mengele, and is played by Seinfeld creator Larry David.
    “In 2009, David proved what he thinks about Catholics when he was shown going to the bathroom in a Catholic home splattering urine on a picture of Jesus,” Donohue writes.
    When David recently appeared on the Conan O’Brien show to plug the new movie, he said that after wearing a habit in the movie he now understand why nuns are “so mean.”
    “You know, the outfits might have something to do with that,” he told O’Brien. “Forget about the fact that they never have sex. If you gave me a choice of no sex or having to wear that outfit the rest of my life, I would definitely take the no sex.”
    Film creators Peter and Bobby Farrelly have been working on the movie since 1999 and critics such as Dennis Lim of The New York Times claim the two brothers “stove for absolute fidelity to the original.”
    Millions of offended Catholics beg to differ.
    “In 2009, David proved what he thinks about Catholics when he was shown going to the bathroom in a Catholic home splattering urine on a picture of Jesus,” Donohue writes.
    When David recently appeared on the Conan O’Brien show to plug the new movie, he said that after wearing a habit in the movie he now understand why nuns are “so mean.”
    “You know, the outfits might have something to do with that,” he told O’Brien. “Forget about the fact that they never have sex. If you gave me a choice of no sex or having to wear that outfit the rest of my life, I would definitely take the no sex.”
    Film creators Peter and Bobby Farrelly have been working on the movie since 1999 and critics such as Dennis Lim of The New York Times claim the two brothers “stove for absolute fidelity to the original.”
    Millions of offended Catholics beg to differ.

    • griz1234 says:

      Yeah, and I’d prefer not to see “Larry David” and “sex” in the same sentence for the rest of MY life.

      Libs attack Catholics because, unlike other special interest groups who’ll go unmentioned, they don’t riot, behead, or otherwise express their disgruntlement via mass mayhem.

      Now, if they’d just stick to making fun of the Pope’s funny hats it’d be all good! :0)

    • Aussie says:

      I never liked the Three Stooges. Nothing has changed.

  8. Sharon says:

    Today we went to the DMV office where we knew we could update our voter registration, due to our move to this community in January.

    We were required to produce our current driver’s license, with photo ID, and record the license number on the paperwork.

    I’ve gotta work on my genetic lack of interest in protesting and frequently having public facedowns–it wasn’t until after we were out of there that I realized I should protest, bellow loudly about discrimination, yell about how hard they were making it for me to vote, accuse them of targeting me to disenfranchise me. But you know how it goes. Just didn’t think of it in time. Had places to go and people to see. Fun stuff to do. And I just didn’t think of it.

    Are there pills we can take to correct our genetic predisposition to not act like jerks in public places due to perennial offense over something or other? I’ve never heard of them. The left and all their victims are born to that crap–we have to learn it. What a mess.

  9. So I would like to hear from our very own GRUNT. I know how he feels about this subject. A flyowver with a statement? I wonder?

    • WeeWeed says:

      I’m pretty sure he feels the same way all of us do.


    • texan59 says:

      He would probably get barred from wordpress for life. :(

    • Sharon says:

      Those photos of the flyover Washington The very first time the shuttle was being moved from point A to point B along the back-highways of the Antelope Valley, the very first time it was going to be loaded on to a 747 to do the necessary tests (including test flight) we were standing somewhere along those dusty roads, watching, as it crawled along at (as I recall) about 7 mph. Absolutely amazing and, for me–always–time for tears.

      The fool in the White House does not have a CLUE about the folks who put that fine machine together. It may indeed have dropped like a rock upon return to earth (and it did–we saw it more than once) but that was one amazing flying machine. I wish Kelly Johnson and some of his aeronautical descendants were still around to help us …. but, OST, he doesn’t deserve to have to share air with the unAmerican Pampers.

    • texan59 says:

      I pray to all that is holy that it’s not that twit Seacrest! :D

    • Sharon says:

      My first thought was that I was glad that was over–the last few years they way they have used him and displayed him on New Years Eve to meet THEIR commercial needs just made me sick. I do not understand why his family agreed to that….maybe he did. Who knows. But it was very uncomfortable to watch. It actually made Seacrest look like a jerk for being the prop and the mouthpiece.

  10. texan59 says:

    Look who just showed up!


  11. solaratov says:

    Dawg! It’s what’s for dinner. ;-)
    mmmm mmmm mmmm The new white meat.


  12. texan59 says:

    Morning Joe on doggygate! Pretty funny stuff! :lol:

    These guys are just unbelievable. Here they are bashing Ted for his (taken out of context of course) and calling this so horrendous and horrible and how dare they …………..and they throw in RL and a bunch others. Take a bucket with you if you watch this cause you will need to puke in it along the way.

    • they are all so bent on their thinking and the way they see all this………………………….ok so not you can banish me for a day……………………they are SOS otherwise know as “STUCK ON STUPID” and it never ceases to amaze me how low they can go to fulfill their agenda.

  14. Chilemba
    Junior Member

    Join Date: Jun 2010
    Replies: 3
    What is Barack Obama doing to help Kenya?


    All my hope in Barack Obama is fading away. I thought since Obama is half Kenyan he would help Africa especially his ancestral home Kenya but I am beginning to loose hope in Barack Obama. I was in Kenya during the elections and I can tell you that the entire country was praying for Barack Obama. My family although not that religious attended church service just to pray for Barack Obama to win the elections. Now it seems like I prayed for nothing because Barack Obama is doing nothing for his ancestral home which is very bad. No matter what, Kenya is his ancestral home so he should do something for Kenya. If it continues like this then I tell you that i will personally attend church service in 2012 during election time just to pray against Barack Obama so he doesn’t win.

    WOW, we’re getting help where we might least expect it. LOL

  15. Let’s go Flyers!!!!

  16. texan59 says:

    If Jeffrey Immelt had his head up dear leaders butt any further, they would be the two-headed, brown-eyed monster. Introducing the myplate button on new GE microwaves.

  17. MRM says:

    Has anyone seen Finch lately? I haven’t seen anything from her recently… just curious

  18. solaratov says:

    Ten (count’em! 10!!) reasons D’OHbama could lose in November……………….


    • texan59 says:

      My cup does not runneth over with optimism just yet! I’ll do what I can to ensure Teh Won’s defeat, but there are still an awful lot of stoopid people out there. :twisted:

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