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Justin From Canada Now Trying to Stop “Irregular” Migration…

The Canadian Prime Virtue-Signaler, Justin Trudeau, appears to be backtracking on his pledge for a borderless open society in Canada. Since telling the world they would take in all refugees regardless of consequences, well, all the refugees started showing up.   … Continue reading

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Massive Waves of Illegal Aliens Swarming Into Canada Seeking Refuge – Officials Say “Unsustainable”…

You can call this.. well, wait,… first we need the context…. President Trump, DHS and ICE have been cracking down on illegal aliens. As a consequence, in June of this year 884 illegal aliens fled the U.S. for asylum in … Continue reading

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Gregg Jarrett: President Trump “Considering” a Pardon for Sheriff Joe Arpaio..

Apparently Gregg Jarrett had special access to President Trump on Sunday. [Via Fox News – Gregg Jarrett exclusive] President Trump may soon issue a pardon for Joe Arpaio, the colorful former Arizona sheriff who was found guilty two weeks ago … Continue reading

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Doctors Without Borders Suspends Their North African Migration Ferry Service…

Facing increased criticism from the EU and Libyan officials being paid by the EU to keep North African economic migrants from crossing the Mediterranean, Doctors Without Borders has temporarily shut down their North African ferry services. Under the auspices of … Continue reading

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CNN’s Jim Acosta Embarrasses Himself – Complete Lack of Knowledge and History Surrounding The Statue of Liberty…

During a televised press conference White House Policy Advisor Stephen Miller was answering questions about the newly proposed RAISE Act.  A reporter from CNN named Jim Acosta, who always advocates for maximum camera time, thought he could engineer a narrative … Continue reading

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President Trump, Senator Cotton and David Perdue Introduce The RAISE Act…

Earlier today President Trump introduced a new immigration policy proposal for legal entry into the U.S. known as the RAISE Act.  The RAISE Act eliminates the outdated Diversity Visa lottery system, which serves questionable economic and humanitarian interests. The RAISE … Continue reading

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The Swamp’s Biggest Willful Blindness – Republicans Don’t Need Democrats To Fund Southern Border Wall…

On December 12th 2014 the Republican controlled House of Representatives passed a 1,600 page continuing resolution, an “omnibus” spending bill of over $2 trillion dollars.  Every one of President Obama’s policy and agenda items was fully funded; including Obama’s executive … Continue reading

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