November 22nd – 2020 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #1403

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for “Presidential Politics”. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Presidency.


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2,202 Responses to November 22nd – 2020 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #1403

  1. cheryl says:

    Dominion Caught Red Handed Stealing Votes on LIVE TV

    Showing just part of the steal from Trump that night.

    • strateshooter says:

      I really hope Sydney Powell has evidence that HRC used Dominion to KO Bernie in 2016.
      The Bernie Bros really need to know they got screwed.
      Always good to splt the enemy also.

      • dilonsfo says:

        It was a Primary so it doesn’t matter. The Dems or Repubs could name whoever they wanted to run as President. The Constitution does not cover primary elections.

        • Judith says:

          Bread and circuses? Just try to sell that to the Bernie bros.

        • Halo Sandy says:

          It’s like you didn’t read what Stateshooter posted. Your point is irrelevant.

        • amjean says:

          Its the optics; Bernie supporters are already annoyed because they think
          their candidate got screwed; proof will send them nutso (because half of them
          are either nutso already or the young ones just loved the slogan – Feel the Bern”

        • President-elect Amy2 says:

          Yes, but the other side needs to know that this system has been used against THEM. That’s the first stage of convincing them that the election was stolen. Optics!

      • Halo Sandy says:

        Exactly. You realize that means they must have done it twice for China Joe too? Because Bernie had an actual rabid following like a Marxist Ron Paul while Beijing’s dying puppet still doesn’t have real supporters.
        –LOL. They are going to do their best to block the Bernie bros from finding this out, because when the Bros find out about this they may go full Portland on him and the rest of the crooks.
        –Imagine an anarcho-Communist discovering voting is dead for them too and the Clinton-Obama-Biden machine are the ones who killed it.

        • Val says:

          Not sure about that. Bernie Bros voted for Biden as their Trojan horse to get in the White House. They don’t care about law. They knew they got cheated in 2016 and in the primaries.
          For them “The end justifies the means.”
          i.e: “Morally wrong actions are sometimes necessary to achieve morally right outcomes.”

      • mayflowerchild says:

        She said Bernie was told, he didn’t care.

      • The Bernie Brothers do know. Jimmy Dore has been all over how they ere screwed for years. He is one of the original Young Turks. A rare honest Progressive. He also didn’t buy into the Russia Hoax. He saw it for what it was.

        His You Tube show is worth watching – sometimes.

        The BB faction knows, they just can’t do anything about it. They can’t walk away. They have no real leader. Unlike MAGA, we can leave the GOP and make a real impact with our power base.

      • thedoc00 says:

        The Bernie Bros have been bent over the chair twice by Bernie when he caved to Obama and their idol has lived in a mansion and has lived a lavish “socialist” life style ever since. If they don’t feel the banana already sticking out their backsides, evidence of a voting system being involved is not going to fix their willful ignorance.

      • hocuspocus13 says:

        $600K helped him kick his wounds

      • TheWanderingStar says:

        Actually who cares how the dims screwed each other over. That’s the past, we have our plate full in the here and now!

    • Eagle Driver says:

      The MORE Evidence comes in, the case can be made that the dems are racketeering under the guise of a party…

      • strateshooter says:

        Eagle…you are correct.

        The Dems (possibly excluding Bernie) are the political wing of a crime family.
        THE FAMILY has a military wing (Antifa soldiers) , a propaganda wing (CNN/FB etc) and a business wing(Wall St).

        the head of this family is unknown but is rumoured ti be a man called George Soros.

        • mikeyboo says:

          There are many equally powerful people but lesser known than Soros. The focus on Soros prevents these other mega rich subverters of “the people” to continue their evil work unmolested.

    • mac says:

      I don’t know if this has been posted elsewhere, but if you haven’t seen the 3-part series from OANN (w/Chanel Rion) that President Trump has posted on his Twitter feed, you NEED to go see this! It looks like a guy named Eric Coomer who was in charge of setting up Dominion’s security systems is going to be in for a VERY interesting chat with the FBI or the U.S. Marshal’s Service. I guarantee you Sidney Powell is going to be talking all about this sometime in the next day or so.

      It’s looking good for President Trump’s case!

      • JoAnn Leichliter says:

        Of course, that chat presumes that the FBI actually cares. Permit me to doubt. Sadly.

        • mac says:

          Hi JoAnn,

          Of course you can doubt. Still, at the end of the day all of these FEDGOV organizations want to come out of this without being totally exposed as being both a) corrupt and b) worthless. I truly believe President Trump has the goods on the election fraudsters, and that he’s going to make Barr and McConnell an offer they can’t refuse. They will either go along or be put under microscopic investigation themselves for being part of the election fraud and attempted coup. I strongly doubt either one of them would go for the second option; neither one is clean enough to survive that kind of proctological exam, and they don’t want to spend the remaining years of their lives at ADX Florence.

          As they used to say in Vietnam, “Grab ’em by the balls; their hearts and minds will follow.”

          • hoosiertruthfan says:

            I am confident now that President Trump and his legal team have the goods. The thing I am far less confident in is if we have enough manpower/guns to do what you suggest may happen. I sure hope that is true.

            I know he’s got 80+ million supporters but anything that involves the government, I am a lot less likely to trust. My reluctance is based on the prosecutions we’ve seen made against anyone near our president, the inactivity of the FIB and DOJ to pursue obvious crimes and Sundance’s own experience this past year. It still ticks me off.

        • President-elect Amy2 says:

          Yes, we would probably see a repeat of the postal worker “interview.”

  2. DouglasR says:

    So algorithms used by Dominion were off bc of volume of Trump votes! They originally set 2switch 3% of votes 2Biden. Trump votes outperformed that by greater than 3% so they had to stop the vote counting &make up the difference with a massive dump of mail in ballots! Patriots must have the algorithm schematics because Sidney Powell does not claim what she can not prove in court. #cyberwarfare #stopvoterfraud #stopthesteal #electioninterference #electionfraud #bidenisnotmypresident #Landslide2020 #MAGA2020 #KAG2020 #PRESIDENTTRUMP #americafirst #freedom #usa #goodguys #PromisesMadePromisesKept #godwins #godblessamerica #godblessourmilitary #patriotsfight #trumptrain #wakeupamerica #saveamerica #isupportpresidenttrump #trusttheplan #takebackcontrol #trump2020 #teamtrump — Jamie Perkins Hart Jperkins1027 Saturday, November 21, 2020

  3. henrysww says:

    Went into Afghanistan 10/7/2001
    Bin Laden killed 5/2/2011
    That was 3495 days. And it has been 3493 days since.
    Why are we still there? Let’s bring our young patriots home.

  4. Nigella says:

    So it’s the Supreme Court or nothing?Wish I trusted the Supreme Court

    • lindak says:

      I suppose the states in question could correct their vote totals voluntarily.

    • fangdog says:

      It is a shame your question has to be asked. An example, Who do you trust more President Trump or the Supreme Court?

      Probably more people in America who are Trump voters would answer “President Trump”. It is probably the most prudent answer at this point in time. All this malarkey about “saving” America’s Institutions is a sure sign foolishness. Obviously, the institutions exist, but for whom?

    • newtreeperpa says:

      Same here, Nigella. Especially Kavanaugh, who was behind the scenes writing parts of The Patriot Act, one of THE most egregious assaults on our liberties and freedoms ever devised. GWB, a huge globalist and traitor, sold this as our protection. It should be revoked.

      Don’t trust Gorsuch either and ACB is an unknown. WE KNOW Roberts is no good, and I am not buying for a minute he is compromised via the illegal adoption of his kids…it’s something much bigger that the Communist democrats and globalists have over his head.

      • mikeyboo says:

        re Roberts- “maybe compromised via the illegal adoption of his kids” ……or maybe he’s just a skank ho’ (no disrespect to honest hos)

      • hoosiertruthfan says:

        Though Thomas and Alito are warriors. Should they have to pen a dissent, you can be assured it will be brutally honest. I sure as heck hoping they won’t be in the dissent though.
        I guess we’ll find out in the not too distant future who the patriots are.

    • LOL says:

      We will see.
      As we are now seeing the dividing line between the true Americans and those who wish to overthrow our constitutional republic.

    • Blue Wildflower says:

      It’s not the Supreme Court or nothing, there are 80 million people that have been told they are not important enough for their vote to count. They have paid taxes, followed the constitution and expect for this to be taken care of.

    • Marc says:

      DoD is Deep State so why the hell would they use this so-called ‘Kraken’ system against their own interests? Sorry, but that sounds like fanciful fiction to me. Same as the 100K sealed indictments Barr/Durham/Sessions were about to release. Has Sydney Powell claimed that’s what she was referring to when she made her ‘release the kraken’ line?

      • DouglasR says:

        That is a good point. I have read that there is a rift between certain elements in Military Intel which are trustworthy and operating independently and even contrary to the CIA. The recent alignment of Spec Ops under the military that was done by Trump suggest this might be accurate and not wishful thinking. CIA was cut out of some very recent actions. I can’t be certain of this but there are data streams that suggest this. We will see, that is for sure.

        • David A says:

          Exactly Douglas. When President Trump was asked, Do you trust OUR intelligence he did not say yes. Instead he said, ” I trust MY intelligence people.”

          I am surprised nobody has asked him who his intelligence people are.

      • paper doll says:

        There is deep state and then there is deep state. I doubt the military wants to be sold to China.

        • Dutchman says:

          Depends on what you MEAN by “the military”; Obummer seeded the top levels with conmunists, globalists, same thing.

          Rank and file, below a certain level? No.
          But at the top? Hell yeah.

          ME neverending wars with suicidal ROE, to kill literally or psychologically as many deplorables as possible, like fentanyl it is part of a genocidal campaign against deplorables.

          Using Covid the same way, to destroy Main Street, deplorables again.

      • dilonsfo says:

        This guy has no proof that the DoD even has a system named Kraken and if they did, it would be a felony to release the name unless it is a retired system. Earlier upthread someone posted a private cyber company with a program named Kraken that claims it does the exact same thing as this guy is claiming a DoD program does. No doubt they have one but no way would they admit they used it on an American election.

        • CNN_sucks says:

          Someone claim it was supposed to be retired in 2014.

        • Marc says:

          Well, we’ve been told about Hammr and Scorecard and those apparently were used in this past election. In my opinion, Sidney Powell is the Kraken, and Sunday she was released to wreak havoc on the election riggers and crony politicians being paid off.

      • thedoc00 says:

        The puppet masters need strings of control over those doing their bidding, it is that simple.

        The democrat and republican party’s have only one job, control the population of the US by any means necessary.

    • hokkoda says:

      Last week, the Kraken was a CIA supercomputer used to rig elections. Take it fwiw.

  5. CM-TX says:

    Holder is getting nervous… shoulda folded!

    (He always reminds me of The Muppets– he looks just like one!)

  6. CovfefeBerserker says:

    WSB, sorry. I havent even had a chance to look at the data. Life went 2020 on me.

    First, I found out my favorite cousin (more like big brother) died from rona at 5am. He had a rough case, but was through the worst part, and was supposed to be sent home at noon. He died from cardiac arrest with double 100% pneumonia. They tried for two hours, but he didnt respond. Then they gave up.

    Then at noon I found out my grandmother was diagnosed with pneumonia, move to rehab, and tested for CV. Results on Tuesday.

    Then I found out my daughter and her boyfriend have 101F fevers and both lost sense of smell and taste, waiting for test results Mon or Tue.

    Daughter is 26 in med field. I asked her “why nobody I know had CV, then all of a sudden on Tuesday everone I know has it?”

    She told me “it,’s my generation. College kids and those graduated 1-6 years. College let out Halloween, so they all went out to party for a week, then went home for an early Xgvg, and gave their family it. Planes and hotels are really cheap, so the working ones are ‘working from home’ in hotels on vacation, and as soon as they are off work, they go to explore and party at their vacay destination. They know CV will get catch up to them, but it is just a couple day irritation, not that bad.”

    I concur with Daughter. Wife and I are uping quercetin to 800mg/day. Bad moon rising.

    2020 sucks beyond belief.

    • Jay says:

      If things go south demand Plasma!

      • CovfefeBerserker says:

        I am so angry inside! Hard core Patriot Cuz was sure rona was political BS noise. Didnt want to hear it when i tried to get him to take Q&Z.

        This whole fraud is so farsical. A $0.02 pill can prevent the failed chyna bioweapon, but it has been politicized to all stupidity, and the simple cures burried. And it cost me my closest friend.

        • Nick says:

          I’m so sorry to hear that Covfefe. I lost a very close relative and my whole family was sick for months. The protocol you posted is excellent and really helpful. I didn’t see that document until a couple of months ago but almost all the supplements were things I was recommended back in the Spring when we got sick and it saved our lives. I was convinced the virus was fake too, it wasn’t until I started to get sick myself that I realized this wasn’t just another flu. I think the media is at fault, because they lied so much for decades that no one can trust them in a real emergency. Will be praying for you and your family.

      • CovfefeBerserker says:

        Had me worried for a bit. First link full protocal no longer references quercetin. But, is here in the summary for prophylaxis.

        But, shows 250mg/day and Daughter was taking 400mg/day (plus Z&C&D) and still showing mild sympton, so that is not enough to fully suppress RNA reproduction.

        • Libertybella says:

          Where can one get Ivermectin? Its a common dewormer but all the pet supplies websites dont seem to have an oral version or tablet.

        • coastermomohio says:

          I never thought the virus was fake, but I really did think the numbers were hyped. Now they talk about rising cases, but still don’t see huge spike in # of deaths. That being said, when the death is someone you know and love, the numbers don’t mean much. So sorry and praying for your loss.

          My 70 year old brother had a mild case back in October. Only symptoms were severe fatigue. My 71 year old sister is disabled and in a nursing home. A routine test came our positive so she was moved to Covid unit. Sent to ER due to low sodium levels not due to CV symptoms. Levels were restored and she is now back at nursing home. We are monitoring her condition and praying.

          I ordered quercetin and zinc for my family just in case. My son and daughter-in-law work in environments where spreading could easily occur. My 2 daughters work mostly from home. I do think they may have released something more to get the thing going again as I am hearing more reports like yours and now more people I know are getting it.

      • CovfefeBerserker says:

        Plasma or regenoron would not have help in his case, unless they were given on day one. He had shity insurance and Rockford IL is not known for world class hospitals.

        I was texting him daily through the week long event. On admission to ER, he was given massive dose of Q+Z+C+D+remdesivir, but it took three days to suppress the rona.

        Then, three days worth of massively damaged lung tissue cells started to rot, and the pneumonia set in. Two days of antibiotics suppressed that.

        Thur, he was confident that his docs had it all under control, and he would be out of the hospital this weekend, although would be recovering for a few weeks.

        Suspect this was case where rona attacked the blood cells. He last texted me at 11pm, seemed good. 3:30am cardiac arrest. 5:30am, they gave up on recesitation. My guess is clots in heart arteries, and gave up because probably many clots in brain and major organs.

        Maybe off topic, but worried about the Treeper crew too. Looks to me like rona is moving hard and fast. Please keep your eyes open.

        • CC says:

          Something is out there and its bad. We had 5 covid codes in my ICU, in 16 hours. Prior to the end, there seems to be a very rapid increase in the shortness of breath and within two hours, cardiac arrest occurs.

          Rockford has a high population of hispanic residents and the demographic in my ICU is the same. And the hispanic population is taking a huge hit from this. I don’t know about other hospitals.

          There was an article somewhere about El Paso having an influx of people from south of the border and a huge increase of ‘rona victims and overwhelmed hospitals. So I am wondering if it is seeding itself throughout the country. In 1981-19 they blamed WW I.

          Another reason to get this election fixed and fixed now. Joe will let more of this in.

        • ImpeachEmAll says:

          Just say’n… 😉

          CHAGA mushroom extract = powder = Chaga Tea

          (about 1/3 teaspoon to cup/mug hot water)
          (use to wash down Liposomal C and D3&K2)

          Then, again, being a reader of posts;
          you already knew benefits of Chaga.


          Because you did due diligence and
          researched Chaga on the Internet.

    • WSB says:

      I am so terribly sorry to see all of this!!!!! May God bless you and your family.

      My word…just when I thought all of this was hyped ip due to the election!!!

      Just take care of yourselves, and please my condolences for your cousin. Best wishes for your family to recover as soon as possible.

    • Krystal says:

      Prayers to you and your family! Health and healing!

    • Val says:

      — CovfefeBerserker, I’m sorry for all this. People are really suffering.
      IMO, the virus is real, the flu is strong.
      But the prevention and treatment are been politicized.
      If you don’t mind, please, tell us the age of your cousin and if he had other illnesses that aggravated the situation.

      • Landslide says:

        I’m wondering if some deaths are caused by underlying conditions that the person does not know they have. For instance, I know a man in his early 60’s that found out recently that he has a heart issue called Long QT Syndrome. He was born with it and never knew—-only tested for it because his grandson was born with it and they tested the whole family.

        Having just recovered from a mild case of the virus, my prayers go out to CovfefeB and anyone else suffering such tragedy. ?????????

      • CovfefeBerserker says:

        My Cuz was 63, in fantastic shape, perfect health, recently retired engineer who was extremely active coaching sports for young adults and avid boater and motorcyclist. He had minor asthma problem all his life, otherwise no health issues. He was not taking any prophylaxis. Everyone else has been.

        Cuz’s wife (56) and father (87) only had minor syptoms for a day or two. Grandma is 97, so far just a touch of pnuemonia. Not sure what protocals she used, nobody has been allowed to see here for almost a year.

  7. You might be in a sh*t-hole country if you get killed by warning shots.

    I have to wonder what the story is here.
    Clearly. This citizen missed aomething in the travel brochures.
    Like the small print written in 59 burkina native languages.

  8. Zel70 says:

    This “Great Reset” thingy is going to be wild!

    • Eric C. says:

      Too funny, I click on the tweet and it takes me to Twitter (no account logged in). The video is suppressed as opposed to showing a thumbnail like above. Instead of a thumbnail it’s a statement that says “this media contains potentially sensitive content”. There’s an option to click in order to change settings. I’ve never seen that before (not saying that it’s new, but I haven’t seen it – disclaimer I don’t go to Twitter except for links shared here).

      If unusual, then is patriotism sensitive content in Jack’s mind? These people are insane with their control measures, why do they seek so much control over others?

      • JoAnn Leichliter says:

        There is a “VIEW” icon (actually, it just says “VIEW”) that you can press to watch the videos. I think it is on the right side of the screen.

    • mncountrygirl says:

      5am, couldn’t sleep anymore, mind racing. Watched the Minnesota rally at governors mansion. Just a wonderful thing to see all these Patriots coming together. I actually got tears in my eyes when that young lady sang God Bless America. Thank you for posting this. There is no doubt in my mind that my beautiful Minnesota is for President Trump.

  9. henrysww says:

    How many people died because everyone freaked out after President Trump mentioned hydroxychloroquine and then Whitmer and Sisolak and others, I think maybe Murphy prohibited doctors in their states from prescribing it? Fricken demons.

  10. Sharpshorts says:

    Seems to me that Patriots need to start promoting a “new” set of “Conspiracy theorys” to fight the Uni-Party elitists that have stolen the country from We the People
    Examples of where more info needs to directed, as more and more Americans are beginning to understand how massively they are being lied to…Here’s two to get started:

    1) Campaign finance laws, enacted by Congress Uni-party creeps and made constitutional by Supreme Court Uni-Party members like John Roberts.
    Why is there a $3000 cap for individual citizens’ contributions but unlimited amounts for big donors?
    (remember – “corporations are people too”…)
    Politics and other people’s money need to be separated…

    2) How are SCOTUS circuit assignments determined and by whom? How often do re-assignments happen? (I’m not complaining about the recent Supreme Court changes)

    3) and on and on, there are so many more issues to conspire about if we are to remain free.

    I certainly need a “Civics for Dummies” book. I did not get taught civics in my school years (graduated in 1972). IMO America needs the book as well…
    I’m trying to figure out how the more “Constitutionally” conservative Justices got assigned to districts where the major election fraud issues seem to have happened…
    Seems to me that Justice Roberts and the other SC leftists would not allow this if they had their way… I’m just wondering if these re-assignments happen on a regularly scheduled basis and when was the last time new assignments were issued…

    President Trump’s SC picks highlight the importance the court plays in where this country is headed…

  11. The Gipper Lives says:

    Colorado’s Secretary of State Jena Griswold is caught scrubbing the State’s website of Dominion Cheatware info, including the bios of the ANTIFA and Venezuelan election goons who run it. I thought you were proud of your systems, lady.

    voiceofreason: “Here in Colorado the setup for active voter fraud was facilitated with House Bill 1303 in 2013, which at the time I called the Voter Fraud Act. This bill threw Colorado into all mail ballot elections, eliminated precinct polling places, immediately dumped into the active voter lists all inactive voters where there was still an address attached to the file (over 300,000 ballots were then mailed out to these “voters”), and the bill, now law, allowed same-day voter registration. HB13-1303 made Colorado ripe for voter fraud. Then in 2019 Polis and his legislature sealed up Colorado’s election future with SB19-235. Automatic Voter Registration, may be the worst of all the new election laws here in Colorado, ever. It directs all state agencies to register to vote everyone who contacts their office for any reason. This includes Medicaid, where at least 25% of the population is on their rolls. SB-235 will result in the state automatically registering many thousands of non-citizens. Election integrity was significantly compromised by SB-235. What we have been enduring for several years in Colorado is now being played out on the national scene.”

    It wasn’t just Californians fleeing. Colorado was targeted by Soros and Mail-In Vote Fraud was the means.

    • annieoakley says:

      I know this is true. Mail in is awful and add to that, voting machines that we know switch votes.
      Illegals are encouraged to vote and you can take the driver test to get a license in about a dozen languages. The license is issued in your language too. I imagine ballots work the same way,

  12. strateshooter says:

    as families gather for TG Dinner I really hope the elder generation can take the opportunity to explain in brief and simple terms to the younger generation just what is at stake over the next 2 months.

    • President Elect Michael Osmon says:

      Friday evening at 5pm we were all home from work and sitting around the table and all of our phones gave out this horrible alert that was loud and as obnoxious as you could get it to be from a phone’s speaker. We all got the same message saying thanksgiving is canceled and stay at home until December. It was either J.B. Pritzger or it was Lori Lightfoot who sent this text. I have a separate phone for work and that phone went off an hour later. The message on that phone was much shorter as well. I wonder if it’s because my office at work is further from the city than my house. Anyway, point is, here in Chicago they want thanksgiving to be canceled. So we are having a funeral for a turkey

  13. Julian says:

    If the Presidential Election is thrown to the House of Reps to vote State-by-State I have a question.

    Which way will the Wyoming Delegation (Liz Cheney) vote?

    Will Wyoming/Cheney vote for President Trump or Vice-President Biden?

  14. spoogels says:

    Professor speaks about Covid lockdown and masks and distancing

    • LOL says:

      Good listen… about 4 minutes

      • Oldspeak says:

        We are exposed to millions of viruses per day. In fact we need to be, to retain a healthy immune system.
        If you were to PCR people at random waiting at a New York bus stop for traces of specific viruses, for example the four well-known coronaviruses existing prior to SARS-CoV-2, ~4% would be PCR positive. It’s literally “in the air”; we are connected social creatures living in a sea of continual viral and bacterial exchange.
        That 4% would not be reporting clinical symptoms.
        That’s not “infected”. That’s playing forensics.
        PCR should only be used to help confirm a clinical diagnosis, I.e. individuals presenting with symptoms.
        Chasing down healthy individuals around the country with a forensic test kit, calling positive viral RNA detections “cases”, is not just lunacy, it’s outright deception.
        Oddly enough when you keep doubling up the volume of testing, you start seeing exponential growth of “cases”.
        Then you’ve got the false positive issue. We can call that 1%, but as the testing ramps up, due to cross-contamination etc (the lab work is increasingly run poorly) it’s more ~2.7%. The pandemic can’t end even if the entire population was well! **

        • Oldspeak says:

          In other words if you took 10 000 PCR tests, and fill them with Camel snot, 150 of them would test positive. Now use just that “built in false positive error rate, into the hundreds of thousands of tests, and you have an “epidemic” – only the positives are Camel snot. Never mind the small detail of the PCR not being either able or designed to “find” a live virus. PCR is being used fraudulently, and is a medical malpractice when used to isolate, base policy on etc – criminal

  15. Antonio says:

    only I find the DW shameful in the last few weeks? from ben shapiro I could have expected such behavior, but Matt Walsh, Klavan and Knowles have become waffles

  16. furtive says:

    The Amistad Project has uncovered an organized effort involving multiple private organizations and partners working with government officials to design, fund, and implement an improper and illegal scheme to create an unconstitutional two-tiered election system to deliver the presidency to Joseph R. Biden.

    .“…a world-renowned statistical expert who testified in the 2000 Bush v. Gore case, and intensive, on-the-ground investigations is working the Amistad Project is confident it is able to demonstrate to the courts that hundreds of thousands of ballots were fraudulently cast.

    —In Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, removing improper and fraudulently-cast ballots results in President Trump winning these states.

    —-In Michigan, extensive irregularities and illegalities plagued the vote-counting process in Wayne County, affecting more than 300,000 ballots in a state decided by just 150,000 votes.

    The Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Nevada, Georgia, and Arizona suits allege:

    —-violations of the equal protection clause, as some voters, specifically those in large Democratic strongholds, were treated more favorably than others.
    —-violation of due process, various state laws, and violations of numerous state court orders.

    A common thread of the election dynamics in these states is that Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, through a progressive organization called the Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL), provided enormous amounts of money to Democratic-controlled cities in these states for elections.

    The grants that Zuckerberg funded literally paid the salaries of election officials, and came with significant strings attached, such as mandating the number of ballot drop boxes and polling places – a fact revealed by documents released by court order.

    The common violations across the six states include:

    ——Systematic efforts by election officials to correct defective ballots in heavily-Democratic areas but not Republican ones
    ——Lack of enforcement of voter identification laws
    ——Denying Republicans the ability to observe and certify ballot completion, as required by law.
    ——Denying Republicans the opportunity to watch mail-in ballots being trucked and unloaded at large tabulation facilities
    ——Failing to check signatures on mail-in ballots and corresponding documentation
    ——Refusal to release logs showing when ballots were delivered and by whom

    In Michigan, a private left-of-center organization, Rock the Vote, secured a contract by which it was apparently able to have activists enter new voters onto voting rolls and amend other registrations.”

    • furtive says:

      From data experts in Switzerland :
      How one of many venues of voter fraud worked in Pennsylvania likely the same in other states
      1. They order a mail-in ballot for themselves in a DIFFERENT name with an address they can access.
      2. That access is stored in the database as a “change”.
      3. Then a 2nd unsolicited ballot is ordered.That address gets overwritten as the last change, but now there are TWO BALLOTS AT THE SAME ADDRESS, first for the fraudster, them the real person matching the address.
      4. The real person fills out the authentic ballot timely or vote in person ,then at the last minute, the fraudster fills out the vote for Biden and either adds to Biden’s tally or negates Trump’s authentic vote.

      Discrepancies were found with several voting addresses with duplicate names

      —Cross reference matches who voted (on paper as “valid“) by birthday & full name in both Pennsylvania & Michigan in JUST ONE COUNTY.

      —Obituaries match active voter rolls in Pennsylvania & Michigan

      —-more GOP ballots were “pending” than Democrats in Pennsylvania

  17. spoogels says:

    Sidney Powell dropped a MOAB tonight on Newsmax TV!

    Sidney Powell: “Georgia is the first state I’m going to blow up. And Mr. Kemp and the Secretary of State need to go with it because they’re in on this Dominion scam with their last minute purchase!”

    — Captain Common Cents?? (@CptCommonCents) November 22, 2020

  18. Oldspeak says:

    Please download and review, share, send to your reps, medical folk, etc etc, and DEMAND answers as to WHY this approach, as compiled and attested to by a multitude of medical and scientific “experts” (now even I hate using that term). INSIST that detractors SCIENTIFICALLY explain any objections. It’s time for them to put up or shut up, or WE will shut them up.

  19. spoogels says:

    Join the Resistance
    Nov 21
    I don’t normally do long threads but I felt the need to expose the evil which we are up against here.

    This one is about Klaus Schwab and his Great Reset and their plans to change humanity for the benefit of those in power.

    Help me spread this thread.

    • jrapdx says:

      Change humanity?

      Well good luck with that. I’ve said for years, literally decades, everything in human life changes all the time: fashions, politics, technologies, etc., all except one thing, and that’s human nature.

      Any student of history can point to numerous examples of prior eras going back hundreds, even thousands of years with astounding similarities to our own time. Biblical scholars as well. Why? Because human nature is bound to our construction, patterns repeat among only so many major variations.

      The attempts to constrain humans to particular types is hardly a new folly. Notably past attempts have not endured, we’re far too ornery a species for that to work. In the end it’s bound to backfire, so let ’em try, predictably it won’t even get off the ground let alone fly.

      • JoAnn Leichliter says:

        The great Communist experiment in Russia failed. But millions died and it left in its wake a society of people who find making life choices and decisions too difficult for them. Perhaps the subsequent generation is different. I guess it depends on how adversely the gene pool was affected.

        • jrapdx says:

          Doubt that the “gene pool” was altered, effects were on the culture and individuals. Look what happens to descendants of holocaust survivors within 1-2 generations. Robust, creative energy is not uncommon. Communism is an expression of the evil potential within human nature, it can’t sustain itself and inevitably collapses as you describe.

      • Dana Christianson says:

        Klaus Schwab Is Pushing The “Transhumanist” Agenda.. Bill Gate’s Want’s To Alter Our DNA With Vaccines So He Can Own The Patent On The “Human-Race”… This Is Where We Are At People… Last Time This Happened God Brought A Great Flood.. Book Of Genesis “Noah Was Perfect In His Generations”.. “As It Was In The Days Of Noah So Will It Be In The Day’s Of The Son Of Man”……

        • jrapdx says:

          Foolhardy to attempt to alter DNA because there so much we do not know about its intricacies. Changing a single base in a particular gene can have profound effects, in other genes changing thousands has no effect at all. Best practice is not messing with Mother Nature, when we do, likely as not she’ll turn around and slap us silly.

  20. Stillwater says:

    Reposting to the the Presidential thread in addition to the interview thread…

    Here are the main notes/highlights of the interview….

    Sydney Powell updates NewMax – 11/21/20

    Hardcore evidence of voter fraud:

    Affidavits: Firsthand testimony of witnesses who saw how and why the system was created and how it worked to accomplish the objective for Hugo Chavez.

    — People who saw ballots being destroyed.
    — People who saw fake ballots being created.
    Statistical & mathematical evidence that’s irrefutable… No matter how you analyze the statistics; whether it’s a predictive model or the actual data as it comes in.
    — Other testimonial evidence Democrats added 35k votes to every Democrat candidate to begin with.

    Senator’s Warren and Klobuchar said in reference to the 2018 midterms that they don’t trust Dominion and that they saw evidence of votes could be switched.

    — It cuts across political parties
    — They used to smudge the edge of the ballot so the machine would reject the ballot(old method). Now they have become more sophisticated and can drag & drop 100’s of thousands of votes wherever they want them.

    — Everybody knew when they bought the system that was one of the features of the system.
    — Probably 1000’s involved including those running the machines at each of the polling centers.
    — One of the higher ups of Dominion went to Detroit the night of the election to handle things himself.

    — We have evidence that there were any number of VPN lines open to the internet for foreign actors to be meddling in it.

    — Our witness from Venezuela who saw it all created and how it worked said he knew as soon as the machines were turned off in those key states because the landslide vote for Trump broke the algorithm that had been programmed into the machine.
    — They and to stop counting in those areas and backfill the vote with fraudulent mail-in or whatever means they used to do it.
    — Whether they just injected numbers or trashed votes for Trump or changed the numbers.

    — In GA, Mr. Kemp and the SoS are in on the Dominion scam with their last minute purchase or award of the contract to Dominion of $100 million.
    — The state bureau of investigation for GA ought to be looking into financial benefits received by Mr. Kemp and the SoS’s family about that time.

    Another benefit Dominion was created to award is what I would call election insurance. That’s why Hugo Chavez had it created in the first place.
    — Sydney thinks people should look into the origin of the software.
    — Sydney thinks the technology in Chavez’s software is originally Hammer and Scorecard software from the CIA.

    In GA:
    — ballots being shredded
    — ballots being thrown out in trash bags
    — lying by people working in the center
    — votes being switched & algorithms being run

    — Probably the first step with the system was to weight the votes. So Trump vote is about three quarters and the Biden vote is one and a quarter.
    — You can see the reports and the records of fractional numbers for the votes.

    We’re seeing the same things in MI except larger number of ballots being stuffed in.
    — It’s the old fashioned stuffing the ballot box, they’re just doing it by computer instead of by paper.
    — They’re dragging and dropping files of votes from one person to another instead of just stuffing paper ballots in the ballot box.

    — Sydney said she could (theoretically) wait a month to file the fraud case and everybody would have to undo their certifications because it’s so bad. (Sydney was addressing the media’s incessant demands for evidence now.) (15:20/15:45)

    — In a number of states there were modifications to the machines after the statutory cutoff date. That should invalidate every vote cast on the machine. (16:16)
    — There is no way GA can proceed to have an election using those machines for the runoff candidates.

    — (Evidence to view) Exhibits were attached to Lin Wood’s complaint in GA that are remarkable and stunning, including the young man from Venezuela who saw how Hugo Chavez hired the people to do the software and how it worked to make sure they won every election thereafter.

    Dominion’s own handbook tells you that those things are features of their system.

    — The Democrats used them against Bernie Sanders in 2016. Somebody even told him what had been done to him when Hillary Clinton won that primary.
    — The person who sent Sydney the data told her that they informed Bernie Sanders of all their findings and he didn’t do anything. (He sold out.)

    — Used for both parties.
    — Used against John James and probably Doug Collins in GA.

    Democrat congresswoman Carolyn Maloney wrote the Treasury Secretary about this very issue in ~2003. (19:48)

  21. So, I heard there will be Trump rallies after 10 PM in Ca, for Nancy’s nephews enjoyment…..

    The President (our VSGPDJT ) was asked about the days events, he replied that the day went very well ! Several birdies, some pars, putter was on fire !


  22. pochas94 says:

    Right. We want to abandon the Republic and live under the rule of a bunch of rich, malignant narcissist oligarchs.

  23. waicool says:

    it took awhile but I finally removed all instances, shortcuts, apps, etc of wonkpress from my devices everywhere. i still have my login creds though, commenting still up until the big move to the old mill first week of Dec. also put a stop on my IT guy who was re-doing my website on the wonkpress platform. lmao, MAGA!!!

  24. Halo Sandy says:

    OK .. so the traitorous plan is unmasking. Benedict Kemp, Georgia’s bribed traitor Governor has outed himself and shown his cards, and the plan.
    –I don’t know “who” got to him. It literally might be Miss Lindsay Scam, Turtle McConnell or the CCP. Yeah, it could be our supposed side.
    –They want to sacrifice Trump and hold the Senate to sell us off into Chinese slavery the less obvious way where they all get their 8 mansions like McCain.
    –Did you see this corrupt anti American piece of filth governor’s press conference?
    –Now, if Kemp fought the election fraud THIS time he could save the Senate AND Trump AND America. He deliberately did NOT.
    –He is going to certify the fakest election in history. THEN for the run-off he’s going to demand that THAT election not have the thrown away ballots, the dead voters and fraud he is essentially confessing they know about from this time.
    –We have to let the world know WE know the RINO’s are selling us into Chinese slavery and it will not stand.

  25. Halo Sandy says:

    Oooooooooooooh. You guys what’s going on? Some people are saying Sidney Powell and Lin Wood say Kemp WAS bribed by China.
    –I want traitors to swing. Our legal process is supposed to have the ultimate penalty for this.
    –I know Beijing Biden is two minutes from natural death but it’s the principle and deterrence. Kemp, the Biden crime family, the Clintons and a very large portion of our political class should be tried and put on the Row with the serial killers and jihadis to await their lobster meal and lethal injectables. This is just the proper course, I don’t write the law.
    –If anyone knows if this is true or not please share.

  26. Nobody knows better than the Jews what a Holocaust is. Before there were masks there were Jew Badges, although the masks are much worse, more intrusive.

    The Jews also know about resistance- TRUE resistance. When the Jews say “never again” they mean it:

    • Bubby says:

      The response of many New Yorkers to the maskless Jewish wedding on Tweeter is chilling. Many sounded like Germans from November 1938!

    • mikeyboo says:

      I read the article. After government pressure they went to “virtual” wedding ceremony.
      Ironically, Cuomo is not only picking on religious Jews but on religious Catholics as well.
      Both groups think it is more important to worship God than to worship Cuomo.

  27. Oldspeak says:

    Sorry guys – I see people are asking about the downloadable PDF regarding the Covid recovery post further up. PDF can be downloaded here – . Please read, discuss, question, point out errors or suggest alternate hypothesis – this is how science is done – NOT some academic “because we say so” decree that we currently endure.

  28. MFBecks63 says:

    Good Morning Treepers— Just up here in Los Angeles with a curious thought. So we have the whole legal team beating the drum hard about GA. I wondered how all the cheats from Kemp and the SOS down to the ballot forgers and lowly count crooks are waking up this Sunday.

    Might be getting a bit nervous. Maybe frightened.

    Then it occurred to me, right about now Georgia time, not LA, last cup of coffee before church time, when a FRIENDLY knock on the door can sometimes be effective.

    Now, the overwhelming opinion here is Bill Barr is awol. Maybe he is. Of course, day after the election everyone said the DOJ won’t get involved for 10 days. SOP and all that. But then lo and behold it was announced—not by Barr, just announced—that the DOJ was immediately sending officers into the field. Remember? And (maybe I’m wrong, it’s early), but due to that didn’t one of the DOJ obstructionists resign because of that?

    So Barr actually did do something immediately and early and “what a blessed morning” phase as my own coffee boils and I’m quietly praising and thanking the Lord, well, I’m just wondering if in Georgia under a whole lot of pressure and guilt having spent the last week shuddering at the increasing sounds of the beating drums isn’t ready to share their coffee with a nice man or woman coming up the drive right now with a “Good morning. We’re from the Department of Justice. We have reason to believe you’re in a bit of a sticky situation. We’re here to help you or of it—make you the best deal possible. You got another cup of that coffee?”

    Have a blessed Sunday. Let’s see how the Lord will have it play out…

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