November 21st – 2020 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #1402

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for “Presidential Politics”. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Presidency.


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  1. Sepp says:

    There are 176 studies now listed on HCQ and other treatments.

    • evergreen says:

      Anecdotal, right?

      • About as useful as anecdotal. The linked web site he keeps posting includes only protocols used by a few doctors before we developed much more effective med routines. There are more than eight THOUSAND papers and studies on COVID now. This “cherry-picked” selection does not include any of the work done with steroids or antibody-based cocktails.

        It’s getting harder for the HCQ holdouts to make a living now that we have drug regimens useful for more patients with fewer risks.

        • The Demon Slick says:

          HCQ = 0$
          New Drugs = $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

        • Clara says:

          HCQ, when given during the first three days of symptoms, is still BY FAR the most effective treatment for Covid-19. Also the cheapest. And therein lies the problem. No way the powers that be were going to allow a cheap generic to be the solution to this crisis.

          No way. No how.

          • We use cheap, generic steroids now. They work better. And frankly, since so many cases have no initial symptoms, patients don’t go for testing unless they feel bad. It’s already PAST the first three days.

            • California Joe says:

              Where can we find cheap generic steroids? Name a few good ones! Thank you.

            • Judith says:

              Not if Zinc + Ionophore supplement is used as a prophylaxis. Nothing wrong with boosting our immunity before we even feel sick.

              My adult children take the Elberberry gummies with Zinc + vitamin C. Plus vitamin D3. I also have a supply of Quercetin and Zinc tablets in the event that anyone feels sick so we can begin to treat it immediately.

              And HCQ instead of Quercetin for high risk patients is another option.

              People who go to work and school are well aware of the symptoms of China flu. They are quizzed about them daily.

              We can certainly take these immune-boosting medications, well before we wind up gasping for air in an ER, with or without a Covid test.

              • Mitigation behaviors also work. It isn’t just about masking. It’s a chair with four legs. If you are missing any leg, the chair won’t stand.
                1. Transmission barriers (masks, shields, standing barriers)
                2. DISTANCE
                3. Hand hygiene (where most people fail)
                4. Disinfection of surfaces, objects and interior air.

                If you do all four religiously, you won’t need any meds beyond a balanced diet and getting enough rest.

            • William says:

              I am Covid positive since Monday. On HCQ and Zinc, better by Thursday. It works. You cannot argue otherwise.

              • I can easily argue otherwise. Look up the term “placebo effect”. Since drugs taken orally can’t ordinarily work as quickly as you report, you just cured yourself because you BELIEVED they were “miracle drugs”. The real miracle is our own extraordinary capacity to heal. There is much we do not know about how to engage that.

                • Maria Bernadette says:

                  HCQ purportedly helps zinc get into the cells, which would help it work faster than what you are used to seeing. So even though other drug combinations don’t work like HCQ + zinc do, that does not prove anything about this treatment protocol.

                  Not everything is a placebo. Not disagreeing that our bodies are capable of healing. It’s just that not everyone is healthy enough to fight off an infection without giving their immune system more resources.

                  Personally, I think natural is better than synthetic. People have been taught to believe that if they are sick it means that their body is deficient in lab-made substances. That being said, sometimes lab-made substances do help. And HCQ seems to be effective with low chance of side-effects.

                • My point was that oral meds can’t cure COVID in three days, so that example HAD to be placebo effect.

                  It’s fairly rare to be able to cure it in three days even with the infusions and injectables available in hospital.

              • Deplorable_Infidel says:

                “On HCQ and Zinc,”

                That is wonderful, but where do you get it?

                Here in [Buffalo] NY, where the governor insists on practicing medicine without a license, the dispensing of HCQ for Wuhan by both Physicians and Pharmacists is strictly VERBOTEN.

                Unless you are hospitalized, but by then it is too late for that regimen to work, I have heard of people back in the spring being sent home from hospitals with nothing after presenting with symptoms “because they were not sick enough to be admitted”.

                Or you are participating in a clinical trial. As far a s I know, none are going on here for Hydroxychloroquine, Zinc sulfate and Azthromycin.

              • Jeantexan says:

                My husband has COVID, he was given doxycycline and prednisone.
                He has underlying issues, cops, and a fib. After treatment of the above meds
                He felt better in 3 days. I was exposed to him during this time as his caregiver
                And I am not affected at all.

            • Deplorable_Infidel says:

              “We use cheap, generic steroids now.”

              I know of a preacher in Chicago that came down with the Wuhan virus about two weeks ago, several days after a trip to NC. He was admitted overnight after presenting with breathing difficulty, given steroids and sent home the next day.

              Don’t know anything else. He is about 70, not skinny, prostate cancer survivor and has a cow valve in his heart.

              He is on the road to recovery.

            • Ray Runge says:

              Invisible Mikey. Your advi=ce has absolutely no support in light of known cell biology and practice by actual medical providers.

              Corticosteroids and Hydroxy cocktail address 2 different parts of the pathophysiologic process and your advising only serves to confuse.

              Hydroxy Cocktail permits intracellular zinc to unwind the COVID RNA to stop viral replication. Corticosteroidssteroids serves to step the inflammation that results from COVID viral infection.

              Differing parts of the disease process and both can be helpful when prescribed by a practicing physician after a good conversation about the History of Present illness and the medical history of the patient is known.

          • looking for info says:

            There is also Ivermectin, also as cheap as chips.

          • GB Bari says:

            I’ve been saying that for at least 7 months.


        • WhiteBoard says:

          methods that only address a patient after the viral load is so high that they require hospitalization is FOR FOOLS.

          HCQ or other antivirals keep the viral load low that the body can clear, which is why Asian and African Countries that takes these meds normally for other things, ARE NOT HAVING an ISSUE.

          • I’m in favor of prevention. That’s why I like vaccines. Looks like we will have those in about half a year.

            • Ray Runge says:

              As an otherwise healthy adult, vitamins A, D, vitamin c and some zinc supplementation can strengthen your immune system. A healthy immune system, with some strategic addition of quercejtin can minimize the expression of the COVID illness once infection occurs.

            • WhiteBoard says:

              vaccines studies do not test for covid – its a a possible fraud ?

            • doyouseemyvision says:

              Over the counter vitamin supplements mentioned here are far less risky and considerably more healthful.

              We already know you are pro vax.

            • mike says:

              “I’m in favor of prevention”
              Me, too. That’s why we take 10,000 iu of vitamin D3, 1-4 gram tablets of time release vitamin C TID, absorbable magnesium, zinc, and *lots* of quercetin based food.
              Since Feb, 2020, not June 2021.

              Vaccines for the wrong specific virus version can weaken your immune response (aready demonstrated for flus) and with the dengue vaccine, sometimes kill.

              The application of last year’s virus version to next year’s mutated CV viruses will be one the great biological experiments of/on our lives. What could possibly go wrong?

  2. Oblio - Grand Poobah Elect of the Pointless Forest says:

    Sundance highlighted by Don Surber 3 PM update

    • MaineCoon says:

      Nice tribute to Sundance.

      This is interesting….

      FTA: We know the fix was in. Wayne Alan Root wrote about Election Night gambling.

      Root wrote, “Trump entered the night a 2 to 1 underdog. As soon as the polls started to close and the picture became clear, Trump’s odds quickly moved to even money. Then Trump became the slight favorite. Then a moderate favorite. Then a 2-to-1 favorite.

      “Then 3 to 1. 4 to 1. 5 to 1. 6 to 1. 7 to 1. Finally, Trump moved to 8 to 1 favorite.”

      Then Fox called Arizona for Biden.

      And the odds fell.

      He wrote, “Why would Fox News be in such a rush to call Arizona for Biden? At that moment, Trump’s odds crashed almost instantly from 8 to 1, back down to 2 to 1. That drop set off alarm bells. My friend who is one of the biggest bookmakers in the country called me to say, ‘Wayne, something is wrong. I’ve never seen a drop like that, let alone a drop that fast. How can Trump go from 8 to 1, to 2 to 1. Someone knows something. We’ve got a problem.'”

      This is why the bookies in London have not paid off the bets.

      • evergreen says:

        Welllll, there are probably a number of lefty insiders who have money riding on the “insured” outcome. Has to be. No one musters that kind of moxie and doesn’t put money on it.

      • all4leyna says:

        You know, just before the election Fox was touting some betting site Fox Bet Super 6 where you could make predictions about the debates and the election. I won’t link to FNC but it’s easy enough to find in a Duck Duck Go search.

        I know next to nothing about betting and odds. However, is it possible that the loss of viewers and revenue FNC was anticipating with their turn to the dark side was to be compensated by the revenue generated by this enterprise? It’s possible, since most Fox viewers would put their money on Trump. Calling AZ for Biden would be the catalyst for the rest of the outstanding states to start the steal. Fox then gets the desired outcome and profits.

        I may be getting a little too conspirital, but when the FNC talking heads started talking up this site, I had an oogy feeling about it.

        • Halo Sandy says:

          Ummm…. FOX was running bets on an election they helped fix, refusing to call FL and calling AZ a week early to provide cover for 6 states to stop counting votes so Biden could do 4 am ballot dumps and YOU feel bad for judging them?
          –Yeesh, honestly you discovered yet another dark part of FOX who should be in jail and therefore you need to be considered for a medal.
          –Whoever is running FOX helped steal an election AND ran a casino making bets knowing this inside crime. I mean if they were only mobsters they’d need jail but this is a hanging offense.
          –Keep in mind they made the AZ call the instant the Chinese market crashed too so something is AFOOT.
          –Stealing an election is a crime and I do not accept any scenario where Trump is cheated from his second term and hundreds of co-conspirators aren’t rounded up and charged.

      • Eagle Driver says:

        Me PERSONALLY…I ALWAYS follow the bookies…reason…they have more COLLECTIVE brains cells than the twits on the tube…JUST MMHO!!!

    • willthesuevi says:

      Surber has that Trumpenfreud page on his site as well. If you visit, it is good for a giggle or two. Hasn’t been updated for a while, but after this election there may be lots of additions.

  3. Henry says:

    Jill Biden Chief Of Staff Visa Sale Site Removed After National Pulse Exposé


  4. Donna in Oregon says:

    Wonder how much money the J Edgar Hoover building got paid to look the other way while foreign countries interfered in our elections? Is Dominion a CIA Contractor like Soros? Hell yeah! That’s exactly what happened.

    $$$$$$ for spooks. $$$$$$ for the 7th Floor. $$$$$$ US Attorneys/DOJ, $$$$$ Democrats, $$$$$$$ RINOs.

    Bet it was billions. Trillions.

  5. Magabear says:

    Hmmm, maybe these ballots were preprinted? ?

    • Mike says:

      Time travel has entered the domain of “President-Elect” Lyin’ Joe Biden now.

    • WhiteBoard says:

      of course! its computer filled! so you can meet the HILLARY LOSS amount in 2016.

      thats why the DEMOCRAT affidavits say “the forms were stacked in the thousands and were crips and laid perfectly on top of each other, that was different that the normal ballots”

  6. MaineCoon says:

    Pray for Lin Wood. The death threats have been deemed real.

    Parlor post.

    If you cannot attack the message, attack messenger. I have received death threats analyzed as likely real. Fine. I have protection of Psalm 91.

    @nytimes is now doing hit piece based on frivolous lawsuit filed by former office-sharing partners. Fine. I have protection of TRUTH.

    Guess Times is also upset with me because I am suing Times for Nicholas Sandmann.

    Just another day at the office.

    • Halo Sandy says:

      I pray for Lin Wood’s safety and success. How can we get our patriots some security? Antifa/BLM have killed 34 minimum, tried to kill his client, I’m definitely seeing “credible threat” all over this and clearly our domestic Marxist and China controlled FBI/CIA is AWOL or aiding and abetting.

      • MaineCoon says:

        I somewhat follow Ali Alexander who claims to be the organizer of StopTheSteel (working with others I’m sure). After the DC MAGAMillionMarch, he said none of his people were hurt. He had security for all. I know he had the ProudBoys as security. They were in full, visible force. Other security also, probably. After the march he said none of his people were hurt.

        BLM/Antifi*a come out in the darkness of night.

        Sidney said someone (her client??) is in witness protection. Lin’s Parler posted his security – 4 dogs. Frankly, if I were in such a position, I would have a Baden K-9 dog. Check out their FB, etc., go*gle, Navy Seals trained. I have personally see one at the Navy Seals – UDT Museum in FL. The museum just erected a monument to these dogs at the museum this month. Remember Conan? Yah. That would be my security.

    • WSB says:

      May God bless Lin Wood, and all of the President’s warriors!

    • Jay says:

      In a free society, threats will mostly amount to non-life threatening chatter. In a communist society, threats are government sanctioned and deadly. Nevertheless, a threat on ones life is altering.

      When Trump wins this, we will all be threatened. The left will not walk away. They will not surrender. They will persist. And the only solution will be to shut them down.

      Both Mr. Wood and Ms. Powell have a clear understanding of what communism means and exactly what communists are capable of – that understanding gives them the resilience to fight to the death.

      • Aspade says:

        I think the generals at the top of the extremist Democrat party don’t really have the gung-ho large scale support they think they have. Especially as more and more truth comes out.

        If anything hits the fan beyond what we have seen in Antifa B.S., I think the sheer volume of patriots will quickly stop anything major from happening.

        • You betcha……..
          I’ll change my ammo from bird shot to double ought buck.
          Bring it on.

        • Mike says:

          They love their money too much to ever place themselves in too much risk. It’s all about the money with these people, all about the bucks.

        • Halo Sandy says:

          –Obama told that late night dummy Colbert he (via puppet Zhao Biden) could order the Navy Seals to extract Trump from the White House. Do it and we’re in civil war with at least 2/3 disobeying the Marxists for America.
          –Yeah, you are so right. These generals are absolute traitors and need to be court marshalled and get the death penalty. The military is UNDER civilian leadership because we are not a banana republic junta. Tim Pool reported the military admitted they lied to Trump about how many troops were left in Syria and defied his orders to pull out, and we don’t know what the F they think they’re doing in the Middle East with no oversight.
          –So #1 half the top brass in our military need the death penalty.
          –Then, the SOLDIERS below them would openly defy these lawless traitors if they went against our real president and America which obviously is a scenario Obama and company have war gamed since their offering trial balloons disguised as “jokes” to the public.

      • flexableunbendenum says:

        Yup, their death.

    • Robert Smith says:

      Since the FBI basically does nothing these days, they are sanctioning the suggestion of violent death.

    • When is it finally announced The Second Civil War has commenced?

    • preptodef says:

      A great majority of death threats are made by anonymous, spineless cowards.

  7. The Akh says:

    Ground report

    Just got back from GA rally at the state Capitol.
    Very peaceful. Most people very happy and energized.

    Good mix of people.

    Most of started to clear out. BLM goons showed for 2 seconds, but were turned back by swat. The Trump side just watched them rant and took pictures and video. But everybody was calm and laughed them off.

  8. Oblio - Grand Poobah Elect of the Pointless Forest says:

    I love the smell of a Fox news dumpster fire in the morning

  9. sync says:

    Get a warrant…this is private property…we will not comply:

    Buffalo, New York Business Owners Stand Up to Cuomo Lockdown Orders; Chase Out Sheriff & Health Dept

    • ExNihiloNihilFit says:

      “Take your commie shit elsewhere.”

      That, my friends, is a nice rally cry.

    • Elizabeth says:

      I cannot love these patriots anymore than I do right now. They were awesome and a great example for small business owners everywhere.

    • decisiontime16 says:

      I’m am so proud of these business owners! Good for them. Enough of these so called health police. Out!!

    • Oly MH says:

      So awesome!!!!! Patriots are rising.

    • Lical Treeper says:

      Beautiful to watch.

    • I am so proud of my fellow New York freedom fighters. Does my heart good.

      • JCM800 says:

        As with all “Authorities”, Unconstitutionally Oppress me on my Private Property, You shall Receive the Same. With Liberty and Justice for All.

        Police States Depend on Secrecy.
        If the Authorities have the Citizens Address, The Citizens must have the Authorities Address.

        This is no Equal Treatment Under the Law, if exceptions are Granted to a Selected Group.

    • Rebelchick says:

      I love it! Using the commies own chanting tactics back at em!
      Get out
      We will not comply
      Bwahaha go Patriots

    • I almost broke down watching this. Yes!!!! I love these people.

    • JCM800 says:

      “and Take of your Identification Concealment Mask, you look like a Criminal wanting to hide your Face.”

    • StanH says:

      Awesome…again! This country is boiling…No More!

    • theunknownpatriot says:

      More business owners need to do this and we need to show up in droves to support them. A restaurant in Mission, Kansas was on the local news last week for defying the mask mandates. Guess where I went to eat the next day? The place was packed. If business owners see that we will support them maybe more will step up.

      They started a mask order in our county today. We aren’t enforcing it at my job. If customers want to wear one, go ahead. If they don’t, don’t. It’s not our business to enforce the garbage mandate.

      Back in March, in Kansas, they allowed the counties to decide on whether they wanted a mask mandate or not. Our county opted out of the mask mandate. We’ve had lower cases than the surrounding counties that opted for a mask mandate. But, for some reason, with all of the latest hysteria they’ve decided to go with a mask mandate starting today. If anything, the last 6 months should have shown them how useless the mandates were.

      • Irisheyes says:

        Kelly and her crooked Dem health czar have really been working hard to ramp up the panic.

        I keep telling people that Kansas has made national news twice over the past few months for “cooking the books” on Covid stats. It really saddens me that too many have been sucked into the black hole of panic Kelly has worked to create.

      • 6079 Smith W says:

        “Missouri’s White House Coronavirus Report” issued November 15 says masks are not mandated but “…recommending Missourians wear masks in public settings communicates the current risk level.” In other words, everyone knows masks are useless but they do have propaganda value.

        City of Columbia, a plantation of the University of Missouri in Boone County passed mask ordinance in July. Initially the ordinance was set to expire October 3, then November 3, then November 18. Today, I can find no information online as to whether our masters-of-the-universe have extended it further.

        Assuming it quietly expired, the City of Columbia’s mask ordinance included an “Exempted Activities” section wherein “a person may remove their…” (capital F captial M) …“Face Mask when an individual has a medical condition, mental health condition or disability that prevents wearing a Face Mask”. The ordinance was followed up with an “FAQ” that includes the following: “You do not need a doctor’s note or documentation proving that you have a medical condition preventing you from wearing a mask.”

        I have taken full advantage of this exemption and have never worn a mask. I carry a copy of the ordinance and FAQ and a copy of the following “Legal Notice – Medical” (link to downloadable PDF follows below) that states my legal right under the Americans with Disabilities Act and HIPAA to not have to explain why I am not wearing a mask.

        When a store employee offers me a mask, I say “thanks, but I am exempt”. If it looks I might have put their panties in a twist, I follow up with, “If you’d like to see it, I have a copy of the ordinance and a legal exemption notification that you can sign. Or, perhaps the Manager needs to sign it.” The response is always, without exception, “Ahhh … OK.” Not one person or store emplooyee has ever asked to see my “legal exemption notification” and I have never been denied service.

        If the masters-of-the-universe in your city/county are mandating Face Mask, you might want to read the ordinance intended to enforce this tyranny, and look for an exemption clause similar to the one described above.

        LEGAL NOTICE – MEDICAL (“Be informed that I am exempt…”
        (alas, “HIPPA” should read “HIPAA” but the Privacy Rules are correctly cited).

    • CNN_sucks says:

      The best video. BLM protest. s/

    • margarite1 says:

      WOW!!!! BEAUTIFUL!

    • johnnyfandango says:

      Not a good look for law enforcement. After Trump supporters have ”Backed the Blue”, these officers are chasing citizens over chickensh!t, compliance of mask and group gatherings for Gov. Death…hey go run down Antifa and BLM, you are on your own.

      • Halo Sandy says:

        Yeah, the Left is working hard to undermine the police. Your choice is follow orders against normal citizens or be homeless. Now that they’ve maligned cops with the Left they’re targeting the rest of us. It’s deliberate.

    • Deplorable_Infidel says:

      “Buffalo, New York Business Owners Stand Up”

      I live in Erie County (NY)

      Doing my best with spreading the news with this link!

      Thanks for posting!

    • Elizabeth says:

      Anyone know the name of this business and what they sell? Do they do any online sales? If so, I’d be happy to do some Christmas shopping with them.

  10. Magabear says:

    So now that our freak of a health czar here in PA has said we’ll be wearing masks here all thru 2021, my plans to move to Florida have been expedited. Any suggestions from my fellow FLA treepers as to where the best spots to go in FLA will be greatly appreciated. ?

    • Somebody says:

      It depends on your needs and desires. I live in NE Florida just north of Jacksonville. There are areas to the south of Jacksonville too. We have beautiful rivers and an embarrassment of riches as far as quality medical care. We don’t have a lot of culture.

      The central part of the state has rolling hills and horse farms around Ocala, theme park heaven in Orlando, space coast to the east, Tampa to the west.

      South Florida has various enclaves, a lot more people, a lot more culture. A lot more hurricanes too.

      The panhandle (hurricane alley) has gorgeous beaches is much more laid back, parts of it are more southern Alabama.

      There are exceptions to this rule, but generally the more south you go the higher the cost of living.

      Do some online searching of different areas and narrow down where you are interested. There are plenty of Florida treepers from all areas of the state. We can then guide you to an area within a region that might suit your needs. Like if you prefer rural, urban, suburban, etc. Specific likes or needs you have.

    • BobR says:

      Volusia County is Trump Country!

    • borwarrior says:

      Don’t live in Florida, however, I’ve found Vero Beach, Ponte Vedra Beach, Venice and Sarasota to be very nice during my travels. I have some friends/colleagues that have made those areas there permanent home.

      A bit on the pricier side for real estate. It depends on how close you need to live near the water.

    • mark says:

      Come to Vero Beach Magabear. It’s a nice little conservative city. Check it out you’ll love it.
      I can put you up for a couple of days and even pick you up at the airport if you fly into Orlando or better yet Orlando/Sanford. Allegiant has fares for under a $100.

      Admin it’s ok to give my email to Magabear, mark.

      • Magabear says:

        Appreciate the hospitality. ?

        All about logistics at this point. Good thing is I have a nice bit of $$$ to cash out from my current employer, so I can kick the tires on things a bit before settling on a particular area. ?

    • Jerry Joe says:

      Please consult U.S. Rep. Hank Johnson’s office before moving to Florida. He is getting concerned that if too many people migrate to the panhandle, a part of it may snap off and sink, Florida being in roughly the same, just north of the equator, tipping point zone as the island of Guam.

    • oldersoul says:

      Let us know what you settle on. Many of us are right behind you in evacuating the Commonwealth.

      South Dakota is another one to look at. A bit colder, though.

    • Redzone says:

      We live just south of Jacksonville in Ponte Vedra. It is in Saint John’s county, which doesn’t have the Duvall County (Jacksonville) crap. Great place to live! Saint John’s County has best schools in FL.

  11. Ausonius says:

    At a “discussion site” called The Democratic Underground a conspiracy DUmmy (i.e. member of the Democratic Underground) wondered why “no rich people” (SIC!) hav been killed by the virus, while instead it attacks “the poor.”

    Just imagine a virus programmed to kill only “the poor” while leaving “the rich” untouched!

    I believe that virus is called The Democrat Party! 😉

    • Elizabeth says:

      Still would like to see some of these R reps show up at the marches and rallies. The optics look like MAGA is totally unsupported by their reps. If the Dems can walk arm-in-arm with BLM, our reps should be out on the ground with us.

    • sunnydaze says:

      Twit’s changed it’s ***Election Warning!!!!*** message.

      Now they’re placing the blame squarely at the feet of all the Corrupt News Agencies. LOL!!!!

      • Mike says:

        Yes. Maybe I am reading too much into it, but it looks like they are walking back their “President-Elect” bullshit. “He’s the projected winner(…)according to projections by The Associated Press, NBC News and other news outlets.”

        Who cares what fake news “projects!”

      • Robert Smith says:

        Good catch!

    • Mike says:

      “multiple sources” = multiple fake news outlets. We already know they lockstep into
      whatever “Narrative” talking points they all follow at the same time.

      • Your Tour Guide says:

        How many persons here think that all the disclaimers,
        warnings on all the twitter posts and You Tube videos
        are having precisely the wrong effect? People that may
        have believed the news are likely having their minds
        changed by how over zealous they are with the disclaimers.

        Especially when no one has ever seen anything similar
        in the past pertaining to ANYTHING. Even the sacred
        lefty thoughts like climate change, gun control, abortion,
        and women/ gay/ minority specific bs.

        • Joemama says:

          Interesting thought, but hard to quantify.

          This is another version of the Barbara Streisand effect.

          And it is a bonus to the MAGA movement.

  12. 1togetready says:


    Promoted / endorsed by Iowa REPULICAN Gov. Kim Reynolds and before that Iowa REPUBLICAN Gov. Terry Branstad, the recently retired ambassador to China.

    • Henry says:

      But Bill Clinton said…….

    • Elizabeth says:

      OMG…I need to scrub my eyes after reading that. Whatever happened to teaching the kids the basics and letting them figure out things out with their SPOUSE in the intimacy of their own home? I’m convinced that part of the plot to usher in socialism is to encourage the populace in all kinds of unhealthy activites (drug legalization, promiscuous sex, no fault divorce, discouragement towards Christianity, abortion, frankenfoods etc.) A dumbed-down and poor populace is easier to control.

    • hoosiertruthfan says:

      Good heavens, is that a unicorn with a rainbow mane and tail at the bottom left of the Planned Parenthood parts?

      I’m disgusted by my birth state. It’s a world gone mad.

    • borwarrior says:


      Is he referring to Hillary? Mike?

      Or both??

    • Beau Geste says:

      Instapundit )glen reynolds) has proposed that some GOP purchase a few of the grocery store trash magazines which feature hollywood scum and leftist propaganda.
      These mags cater to the most ’emotionally driven’, impulse-deciding-buying, illogical voters.

    • CNN_sucks says:

      Wow. That was brutal.

    • evergreen says:

      Not strange. Ugly soul warps the mind and body, shows in body language, personal interaction, and mannerisms.

      Personal viewpoint: “presentable”. People who concern themselves with being presentable in social circumstances are displaying a level of care regarding how others perceive them, both for pride’s sake but also so as to not be rude and disrespectful of others. Thus, dressing appropriately, wearing cologne or perfume or deodorant, shaving, make-up, etc., etc., is how the non-left has traditionally carried itself in public. The left is notoriously unkempt and, well, malodorous. Also, their faces are plain, unshaven (although this has gone out of style for a while now), and twisted with vitriol.

      I’ve noticed a long-time correlation where the obsessively self-centered (typically lefty) are poorly attired and ill-mannered…all makes for a natural predilection for totalitarianism: “curse this world and YOU! I want it MY way!!”

    • Robert Smith says:

      He got jailed by O’bama for a trifle.

  13. TL Howard says:

    Has Bill Barr given any speeches since the election?

  14. Henry says:

    Apple juice reportedly tests positive for Covid-19 using rapid tests in Poland

    • amanda4321 says:

      Yes, the tests are bogus!!!
      Saw something the other day about a woman tested positive in one nostril and negative in another –you would think this would make people wake up!!
      And I think Elon Musk is also calling out the BS test–I think he took 4 in one day, 2 came back positive and 2 came back negative.

      They are now simply hijacking the flu and calling it covid. And this scam was the basis for demanding mail-in voting to steal the election!

  15. amanda4321 says:

    Thought this was worth posting:

    “The biggest threat to our democracy, freedom and prosperity is a sycophant media that campaigns for one party and seeks to destroy the other.” (

    And I’d say a serious threat to justice in this country is when the DOJ and FBI works for one of the major political parties.

  16. ImpeachEmAll says:

    Just say’n… 😉

    The Gloves Are Off…

  17. Frosty says:

    Comment deleted by Admin…

  18. jx says:

    The Atlantic Council is defending Smartmatic.

    The first question is why? Why is the Atlantic Council involving itself?

    The second question is why are they deceiving by misdirection?
    The connections between persons and organizations is diagrammed here:

    • Ausonius says:

      Would anyone have a problem, if Special Operations forces were used to arrest Deep State members throughout the U.S, and the world, after warrants were issued for their apprehension?

      • I cannot imagine why when POTUS has authority under his 2018 executive order calling for a national emergency for election integrity both foreign and domestic.
        POTUS has many powers associated with that executive order (and sorry I forgot the number of the order.)

      • brutalus2 says:

        I would sleep well

      • jus wundrin says:

        Not at all, and it would be a plus if a OANN news truck just happened to be in the area during the 4am no knock raid.

      • Eagle Driver says:

        BE VERY CAREFUL HERE…The US Military SP Ops Community was PUT under CIVILIAN control so there would be no “midnight raids”…However, the LAW ENFORCEMENT OF THE DIFFERENT BRANCHES IS ANOTHER STORY ALL TOGETHER…such as:


      • decisiontime16 says:

        I would be thrilled!

    • Robert Smith says:

      To me, that says it all. We got them.

  19. zephyrbreeze says:

    Excellent discussion about the new move of consolidating all special forces who will report to civilian Ezra Cohen-Watnick reporting directly to acting DOD Chris Miller. Trump now controls Spec-Ops.

    Green Berets – 10 Teams
    Delta Force – 1 team
    Navy Seals – 10 teams
    Dev Gru – Seal Team 6 (separate command structure.)
    75th Ranger battalion, possibly
    Marsoc – Marine Special Operations Command
    Air Force special operations groups – including PJ’s
    Additional secret groups…

    This is a big, big deal. Congress authorized it 3 years ago, but pentagon dragged their feet.
    You can guess why. Now Spec-Ops has equal seat at the table of the other Joint Chiefs.

    • meow4me2 says:

      Edward Solomon, not Snowden. I believe he’s on

    • Charles Dodgson says:

      Edward Solomon. NOT Edward Snowden

    • LBB says:

      This says author is Edward Solomon.

    • benifranlkin says:

      Yes. Great work. The following is a copy of a comment someone made to his amazing video:
      ‘It makes sense why the Dominion people skipped their hearing today in PA after watching your video and why they lawyered up! You just proved through numerical logic that the software was pre programmed to give Biden the win through pre programmable votes that make sure Biden won. I’m guessing whoever came up with the sequence thought they were being clever, but they did not account for people like you and others on TD.W tearing apart the time stamps and data and finding the ratios that will never happen in real life unless they are manipulated by an outside source. It’s like in chemistry when you know your titrations are going to be off so you manipulate the numbers to be what they should be so you get an A on the titration experiment. You make the outcome fall in your favor so you win!’

  20. Cole says:

    Michigan canvasser press statement yesterday on the pressure placed on her to certify absentee ballots.

  21. Rhi316 says:

    How hard is it to hack a voting machine?
    Shows how fraudulent our system is, along with being owned by foreign companies and exported data internationally then tabulated:

  22. Red says:

    ?CALLING ALL #DigitalSoldier PATRIOTS!! We need your help. We need you to scour the internet and socials. Please archive and send ALL videos, threads, analysis done by fellow #DigitalSoldiers in regards to voter fraud and send it to [email protected]

    • JCM800 says:


      Added note :This has the TIk Tok Video of the Spreadsheet with Dates of ballots mailed out and returned on same day, as well as Ballots Mailed Out and Returned Day Before???!!!!
      Thousands of Them.

      • vikingmom says:

        But I’m sure the MSM has a perfectly “reasonable explanation” for how this happened! Remember, this was the “most ethical” election in modern history!!


        • starfcker says:

          They aren’t even bothering try to explain anything away. They are simply rolling over everything in their path. The Uber plan of attack. Stop us if you can. The lack of a Department of Justice and FBI is unfathomable. This isn’t a complicated case if ethical and non-corrupt federal law enforcement were involved. But they are not. How did we ever find ourselves in this position?

  23. jrapdx says:

    Earlier in this thread I remarked that Joe Biden is a well-known stutterer, which accounts for some (but certainly not all) of his peculiar speech mannerisms.

    Some commenters took me to task for saying this as though it meant I was “supporting” Biden—most assuredly I do not. However I didn’t see those remarks until now.

    But just to show I wasn’t spitballin’, a quick search produces a ton of material out there documenting Biden’s speech issue. For example, here’s an article from CNN (of all places) in Feb 2020:

    Biden is as corrupt as elected officials get in our system, but that’s a subject independent of disabilities that a person struggles to accommodate and overcome. The latter may be considered admirable in one sense, but it’s the former that bears on suitability for assuming office of President.

    Clearly Biden fails the test, which we all knew well before the election. The way the election was rigged only emphasizes the point of how utterly dishonorable they are, both Joe Biden and the Democrat party.

    • vikingmom says:

      Sorry, but even in February 2020 there were concerns being raised about Biden’s cognitive decline. If CNN ran a story about his childhood stutter, then it means they were laying the groundwork for using that as his defense on the campaign trail, in order to cover for any verbal gaffes.

      I am NOT mocking anyone who has a speech impediment but there are thousands of videos showing Joe Biden giving dozens of speeches over his 40+ year career and he did not exhibit any issues with his ability to speak until the last year or two, at the most. Having had a mother who battled dementia for over a decade, it is very clear that he is exhibiting classic cognitive decline, possibly from Parkinson’s related dementia.

      • jrapdx says:

        You apparently don’t know that much about stuttering. Many stutterers learn “tricks” to compensate for the handicap, so may not be detectable especially when giving prepared remarks.

        Of course stuttering is not a cause of dementias, including that associated with Parkinson’s. Evaluating behaviors at a distance, even by experts, is fraught with uncertainty, a reason it’s regarded as unethical in medical professions.

        IOW stuttering and compensatory maneuvers is only one possible “explanation”, though I wouldn’t put it past CNN to try to use it as an “excuse” for poor verbal performance.

        But it is a fact that Biden is afflicted with stuttering. Thing is I don’t care. It isn’t relevant to his corrupt actions, which is a much more important issue for us to focus on at this stage of the game.

    • Robert Smith says:

      Whatever it is it is quickly getting worse. I don’t remember it being an issue in his earlier life.

      • jrapdx says:

        You probably remember correctly, but as I was trying to say stutterers frequently learn “tricks” that enable them to speak more fluently at least under some circumstances. For that reason it may not have been evident earlier on.

        OTOH stutterers can develop conditions that cause problems with speech independent of stuttering. Conversely sometimes stuttering worsens, for example, during times of stress, tension and anxiety.

        No shortage of speculation about what’s going on with Biden. Let’s acknowledge there’s a multitude of possibilities, as for me, I can’t say I know and I don’t want to guess at it.

        In any case, Biden’s mental status or health condition is far less a concern
        than his history of gross corruption, as well as conduct of Democrats (and allies) in this election. Seems to me that has to be the priority way above anything else. If, and only if, that is fully addressed will the rest have a chance to fall into place without a hitch.

  24. WhiteBoard says:

    Obama, Lock Him up! Lock him up! Lock him UP!

    • JCM800 says:

      Considering what we’ve learned in the past two weeks, that is starting to seem more like a possibility.
      I’d be Ratcliffe and Pompeo Know that he is a Fraud.

  25. Cole says:

    How about a little Saturday night levity? These Hitler rant videos are always funny.

    • jrapdx says:

      Now there’s a Biden enthusiast who misunderstands what “driving force” means in political terms. Then again, the Democrat party encourages violence against political opponents. Very likely the driver will get a ticket for taking a wrong turn at a traffic light, after all just an honest mistake, so what’s the big deal anyway?

  26. Don Pirrello says:

    Our glorious leader has reignited a deep sense patriotism and civic responsibility. I thought this would never happen. His overwhelming landslide is bringing us together. Our momentum is growing. We are bonding together through the mutual love of Almighty God .I find myself truly loving people I have never met. Our shared values, our love of liberty, and our appreciation for all those who have sacrificed to defend freedom will be our firewall against the tyranny we are facing. Fervent prayers for all those on the front lines. And a special thanks to Sundance for providing a home to for us to share our views.

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