GTFO !! Team Trump Escorts Biden-Harris Out of Texas…

As noted in previous threads, there has been an organic movement by Team Trump to show up at Biden-Harris campaign events and outnumber the Biden supporters.

This effort has an origination in Miami-Dade by Latinos for Trump confronting Kamala Harris in early October, has grown throughout and is a direct way to push-back against the false polling claims and narratives by mainstream media.

Additionally, the Biden-Harris bus has been dogged by parades of MAGA Trump supporters forming caravans of flag waving vehicles and following the route. Yesterday, Biden-Harris cancelled stops in Texas because they were outnumbered by Trump supporters, and as they departed the lone star state Team Texas provided the escort.

Longer Version:


And as we noted before, MAGA TikTok takes the video and adds their own soundtrack.




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314 Responses to GTFO !! Team Trump Escorts Biden-Harris Out of Texas…

  1. sunnyflower5 says:

    Biden. Biden. Biden…….

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  2. But, but, but Sleepy Joe is up in TX.

    Yeah right.

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  3. The rest of the story (first 2020’s should read 2016):

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  4. FPCHmom says:

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  5. FeralFerret says:

    As a native Texan living elsewhere (due to family), this does my heart good. These are the fine people that I grew up with. Already voted for Trump early.

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  6. Apologies to all treepers for reposting. Operator malfunction. Hopefully here is the second part:

    Travis county (Austin) only county where R’s lost ground. Explination is R’s leaving crazy Austin in Droves for suburban counties.

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    • delighteddeplorablechumpette says:

      These are MAGAnificient stats, Art of War. If this is happening in Texas, it’s happening everywhere.

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    • lolli says:

      Or D’s voting Trump 2020!🇺🇸🇨🇱
      Many have flipped. We will see if the count shows it.

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    • RWG (Right Wing Gal) says:

      Trump down by an extra 10 points this year vs 2016 is a little worrisome. I thought we were getting out in bigger numbers than the Dems? I know, I know, we turn out mostly on election day itself, but still.


      • RWG (Right Wing Gal) says:

        Sorry I meant in Travis county. Austin needs to pull its head out.


      • TreeSloth says:

        Texas Proud! It was a Blast in Dallas!!

        Dallas of course, as with most major cities, is Democrat run but is surrounded by “Red” blooded Texans!

        I’m Collin county, just North of the Dallas co line, and we’re Trump Country!

        As of Thurs. Texas early voting surpassed 2016 *Total* turnout with 9,009,850 ballots compared to 8,969,226 Total votes in 2016.
        (My early vote here in Collin co. was #51,051!)

        Democrats think that due to the changing demographics here (Hispanics) that these #’s are an indication that they will be turning Texas Blue! Lol

        I think the “Welcome” we extended them may have them re-thinking that! Lol

        No Oil, No Guns, No God…
        Not in Texas Joe!

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      • Yy4u says:

        RWG in 2016, we weren’t afraid to say we were Trumpians, They were so arrogant we amused them. This year the Lefty Bolsbeviks are wounded and dangerous. People are afraid. Some fear for their jobs, others that they will be attacked, some that their homes will be vandalized, some that they will be csncelled or doxxed I had a yard sign in 2016. Not this year. I am afraid they would hurt my dog. That could explain tge 10 point different if it isnt a flat out lie to make it easier to contest the election


    • coldanger says:

      I wonder about Bexar, where I’m from (San Antonio). They’ve been pretty radical since the Castros came on the scene…


  7. Joe Kenney says:

    I moved to Texas in 1996. I was 21. I didn’t like it at first…but now there’s nowhere I’d rather be. And my 3 year old kid yells “Make America Great Again!” whenever he sees a flag, so there’s hope for the next generation of Texan patriots…

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  8. FPCHmom says:

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    • sheree252 says:

      Wussies. I cannot think of a single Dem getting an egg thrown in their face or at their cars, pepper sprayed, businesses burned and looted, beaten up, threatened to have their homes burned, or shot and murdered by a Trump supporter. Trump supporters have experienced all of them from a Biden supporter!

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    • CountryClassVulgarian says:

      I must say I am proud of my Texas brothers and sisters. YOU DA BEST!!! You win the 2020 super troll award. Right behind our President.


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  9. FPCHmom says:

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  10. FPCHmom says:

    Trump parades going both directions at the state line

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  11. 1800e says:

    I read this somewhere:

    …mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such…you know, the thing.

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  12. thedoc00 says:

    Well after this and frantic fake 911 calls from the democrat bus, the entertainment will continue at 6pm and 10pm when ALL the TV stations will repeat the “dangerous situation narrative”, which ran them out of the state.

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    • More Bore says:

      I can mildly understand how national media brothels get away with this sitting in NYC… but how do y’all let local stations keep up this mini-me-too mentality? Man I would rush those studios and pull the plugs, screw them.

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      • TarsTarkas says:


        Lesson #1 – How to be a Democratic Operative and push the narrative.
        Lesson #2 – How to be a Democratic Operative and push the narrative.
        Lesson #3 – How to be a Democratic Operative and push the narrative.
        Lesson #4 . . .. . .

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  13. PolskaBella says:

    So gosh-darn awesome! Hands down, the best thing I’ve seen today!! THANK YOU!!
    Prospect, CT tomorrow!! Trump and Back the Blue Parade!!

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  14. drketedc says:

    Battle for the soul of the nation? That’s rich coming from people who have no soul. If they did, they wouldn’t be rioting and bashing their opposition. I’m proud of the way most Trump supporters are so positive! I live in a rural area and every day on my way home from work I see a few Trump supporters with flags and signs by the highway. Sadly, it’s in Colorado and we’ve been taken over by dembots. At least I know there are kindred spirits here! When I’ve had a bad day at work dealing with leftists, these enthusiastic people make my day!

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  15. The tweets in this story from TH are hilarious.

    “The tour bus made a brief appearance in Downtown Austin before the lid was called. Apparently this would take away from vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris’ stump in the Lone Star State.”


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  16. namberak says:

    The vote collection hearse was da bomb.

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  17. ezpz2 says:

    The guy narrating in the video had a contagious laugh.
    Cracked me up 😂😂😂

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  18. Jim Comey is a weasel_doug says:

    Huntington Beach Ca pier is OFF THE HOOK MAGAMANIA!!!!
    There are THOUSANDS out here partying our asses off!!
    Ain’t never seen anything like it here!!

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  19. rharkonen says:

    A great resource for more obscure races, these folks send questionnaires to the candidates and compile their records to rank candidates, judges, etc. them on a scale of “activist” vs. “constructionist” (1 to 10):

    They cover judicial candidates in all 50 states, with detailed local race data for all offices in Tennessee and California races.

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  20. sarasotosfan says:

    That bus has no where to hide. It will be mothballed before Tuesday.

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  21. talkaftercarefulthought says:

    I’m tearing up.. this is the way I thought we should always behave.. years of demoralizing hiding in the shadows didn’t need to be.. ever..

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  22. Nicole says:

    Suppose these stunts turn voters off from the President!
    Is is really Trump supporters or people pretending to be just so the Biden camp can call 911 and say the Trump supporters are intimidating.


  23. Charlotte Powell Brooks says:

    A few other bragging rights about Texas;
    Only state to enter into the United States by treaty.
    The King Ranch is larger than the state of Rhode Island and spans across six counties.
    Has it’s own power grid and produces it’s own electricity.
    The only State in the Union legally allowed to fly it’s flag at the same height as Old Glory.

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  24. Ken Maritch says:

    I wonder what the ratio of Trump flags to firearms is is Texas?

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  25. TheTorch says:

    That is really amazing. I have honestly never seen anything like this. This is the funniest campaign ever! How demoralizing must it be to see more Trump Supporters than your own!

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  26. glennhanson says:

    I only wish we would have figured out this best way to fight the demon earlier.

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  27. Heika says:

    Oh this is ….. A W E S O M E

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  28. Patriot1783 says:

    Hahahahaha, perfect!!🤣


  29. nimrodman says:

    Is that the ‘no malarkey’ bus, repainted?

    not asking for a friend, it’s me who wants to know

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  30. Patriot1783 says:

    Was the MAGA hearse trailing the Biden bus or was that another state….things are starting to blur 🤣🤣🤣

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    • Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

      Yes, that was in San Antonio. The democrat cemetery voters hearse didn’t make the trip up the interstate. (That old boat probably can’t safely go over 50mph. LOL) The MAGA truck cavalry took over and followed the bus up to Austin where an appearance was subsequently cancelled because of all those mean old redneck Trump supporters due to lack of interest. The MAGA posse was joined by locals as they passed through different towns heading north up I-35.

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  31. lavender blue says:

    Belle Isle, Michigan… apparently there’s a repeat of this at the now public Ohiden Biden / Bathhouse Barry rally. Haven’t seen a vid posted yet.. God bless patriots and Treepers! Wings up…

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  32. nimrodman says:

    There was a call for all boaters to line the causeway bridge in Belle Isle for Joe and Barky

    I wonder if they turned out? Maybe we’ll see some photos later

    BREAKING: CALLING ALL LOCAL TRUMP SUPPORTERS — Mole Leaks Out Michigan Location of Obama-Sleepy Joe Rally — Help Welcome Them to Belle Isle!

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  33. This wonderful feel good story reminds me of;

    Trump Supporters being the CAT,

    and Harris Biden… the poor mouse.

    Maybe now they will realize,

    there are a LOT more of US, than them.

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  34. seekingthetruth says:

    Sundance—Thank you so much for posting this. This video really tickled my funny bone!

    We don’t have many ranchers in my state, but we’ve got lots of farmers and rednecks (and I mean that in the kindest way because I self-identify as a redneck) with big pickup trucks who would enjoy helping the Biden bus on it’s way! (My own Dodge diesel is sitting the barn ready to go.)

    I drove the interstate this morning for a couple hours through thousands of acres of farmland. Way out in the sticks, I suddenly spied a white Dodge diesel 3500 dually parked up on the interstate overpass ahead. Even from a distance, I could see the two large American flags and two Trump flags mounted in the bed of the truck. The wind was blowing hard so the flags were unfurled even with the truck parked. Someone had gotten out of bed early and were sitting on an overpass in the middle of nowhere on their day off to show their support for President Trump. I didn’t see the driver, but I honked and waved like a madwoman. MAGA!!

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  35. Deplorable Canuck says:

    Man, I just love American patriots! They are kick ass!!!

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  36. T2020 says:

    That was priceless!!!👍🏻⭐️🇺🇸

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  37. rioosodog says:

    LOL…. now that you have my Hispanic brothers pissed off there is nowhere you can hide Biden, because the SHole countries we came from taught us LOVE, and patience for the greatest country God has ever blessed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  38. Merkin Muffley says:

    The liberal media is trying to portray the Harris people as victims but the woman says plainly in the video that their intention was to follow them to their next stop, not to chase them out. The Harris camp cancelled the rallies not because they were threatened, but because they knew there would be nothing but Trump supporters at their next rally.

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  39. TexanInFL says:

    Oh yeah… My homies …

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  40. prtomr says:

    Sundance, this post is the most positive and entertaining that I have seen anywhere in eons. Comments are great as well. Thanks

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  41. Cathy M. says:

    As the ole saying goes-

    Don’t mess with TEXAS!

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  42. ATheoK says:

    “Yesterday, Biden-Harris cancelled stops in Texas because they were outnumbered by Trump supporters, and as they departed the lone star state Team Texas provided the escort.”

    This gave me a great belly laugh!
    I’ve driven into and out of Texas East, West and North.
    The only city in texas that is close to the Texas border is El Paso. Leaving Texas at the El Paso border is going to Mexico.

    All of the other road exits from Texas are long drives over Texas prairie…
    Which mean Harris got a true Tejas sendoff; a loonngg drive with honking shouting waving Texans!

    It’s criminal that Harris didn’t stop for ribs. That’s always one of my first and last stops driving through Texas; that and some great Tex Mex beans, burritos, tamales and the works.

    I’ll bet Harris was biting iron nails in half and destroying cell phones before she got over the Texas border.
    A pity, Harris doesn’t deserve or appreciates Texas good will.


  43. Finbar O'Shaunnessey says:

    Texas is great! Do you still have snakes there? Aside from the Ds?

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  44. spoogels says:

    Never forget what this witch wants to do:


  45. spoogels says:

    FOUND IT!!!!
    What a disgsuting woman

    Kamala discussing the BLOW JOB crisis on CNN


  46. spoogels says:

    You must honor Sean Connery’s dying wish and re-elect Donald Trump.

    — Kurt Schlichter (@KurtSchlichter) October 31, 2020

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  47. Texas GOP statement on slojoe’s Deplorable escort.

    Chaiman Alan West.

    “Three Trump supporters have been executed, one in Portland, one in Denver, and one Milwaukee. A leftist mob attempted to storm the house of the McCloskeys, threatened to burn their house down, rape Mrs. McCloskey, and then kill them both.

    Where is the liberal corporate media’s concern about that real violence? Additionally, none of what your question implies is accurate. It is more fake news and propaganda.

    Prepare to lose…stop bothering me. Maybe Soros can cut y’all another.”

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  48. Patchman2076 says:

    Oh my Lord this is just as good as when Trump beat the old hag.
    I cannot wait to watch all the howling at the moon the weirdos are gonna have to do after this election.
    I know, don’t count my chickens before ethey hatch but I cannot help this feeling.
    My father sent me a video of a recording today in my former home town of springfield massachusetts.
    There was a trump rally on the side of the road.
    They were not afraid of going out there and showing support in a massive blue state that we all know will go for crazy biden.


  49. Digressive says:

    Revolution baby! Resist, persist. The left liked those phrases before, but we’re taking them now. That was awesome to watch. Keep it up y’all. Red Kingdom…


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