President Trump Make America Great Again Rally – Tampa, Florida – 1:30pm EDT Livestream…

After spending the night at Doral, President Trump and First Lady Melania will be traveling to campaign stops in Tampa, FL, and Fayettville, NC, today.  The first event is being held at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa.  Anticipated start time 1:30pm.

Trump Campaign LivestreamRSBN Livestream LinkAlternate Livestream



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237 Responses to President Trump Make America Great Again Rally – Tampa, Florida – 1:30pm EDT Livestream…

  1. Dee Paul Deje says:

    POTUS deserves 4 more years on work ethic alone.

    • WSB says:

      8. We just need to repeal that pesky 22nd Amendment. It seems unconstitutional anyway.

      How can there be three equal branches of government when only one branch has term limits. Either they all do or none does, IMHO.

      • Maquis says:

        No limits on “low-level” Derp State Communists but we can’t keep a righteous man in the White House?
        That’s anti-American.

        • Baron Sicluna says:

          Breaking news ——-
          It has started folks! CNN Headline-Republicans are narrowing the early voting Gap in these states.

          Yep. They are starting the pivot away from Biden has a commanding lead. This is a big deal. Dems needed a huge vote by mail lead because they will not vote in person due to covid fears. Republicans will have a huge in person voting numbers because we aren’t afraid of covid. Their vote by mail is backfiring. They also cant round up college kids for votes. Kids aren’t in dorms. They are living back home and getting high.

      • Rex70 says:

        WSB–100% agreed! Either they’re all term-limited, or all three, equal branches are NOT term-limited. Completely unconstitutional to just limit one.

      • nats1mom says:

        Totally agree with you WSB!

      • Disgusted says:

        Great point! I will be making your point to others all week! Don’t know your real name, so will call you my friend at Conservative Treehouse! Thanks, Disgusted!

    • JG3 says:

      LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the music!!!

    • More Bore says:

      He deserves 4 more years based on that catch of a wife. If he can get her, he can probably do just about anything.

  2. SR says:

    We are going in Reading, PA rally on Saturday. I am seeing PA will be red after Philly riots and new economic numbers.
    I am little worried about after election counting in PA and NC. USPS can stamp election day date mail and flood the absentee ballot when know the numbers to make it. I think they did same thing in California house races in 2018.

    • vikingmom says:

      Yes, I absolutely believe that the House races in California in 2018 were a test case for “late” mail-in ballots and since neither the State nor National party did anything to fight back against the obvious fraud, they are going to try to do the same thing again in Pennsylvania and possibly Michigan, Minnesota, and Arizona…

      • SanJac says:

        Many who were elected in the fraudulent midterms were the test to see how far they can go. Not a single race no matter how much voter fraud was present was ever challenged and that’s how this country has been for far to long.

      • paper doll says:

        Indeed. The GOPe only fought in Fla. because Marko Rubio, of all people, kicked up a fuss, and forced Scott to act. But CA they complacently watched wins drip drip drip away

        • rustybritches says:

          It might have been Marko Rubio to some extent, but it was Matt Gaizi who was the one who started talking about all the trunks that was being opened and the ballets carried in the day of the election and was put away so they could continue to count and they almost got away with it

          • paper doll says:

            That’s right! Thank you! I remember Rubio because I was shocked he rallied the base. Once he did, he stood back and you are right about Maizi and Loomer too.

        • joshashland says:

          Marco is a flip flopper and Senator Scott distances himself whenever he can. Sad but better that Representative Debbie Wasserman Shultz who gets elected no matter what

    • Sentient says:

      Send lawyers, guns and money.

    • RobInPA says:

      What time are you planning to arrive there SR?

      I live in the LV and just requested tickets and need to plan logistics.


    • Val says:

      Great job, Joe Dan!
      “if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves
      and pray
      and seek my face
      and turn from their wicked ways,
      then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:14

    • patti says:

      Thanks bertdillbert…I have really missed Froglegs!
      ‘Every picture tells a story,Don’t it?’ 😉

      • bertdilbert says:

        Everybody misses Dan! When it comes out I make a fresh pot of coffee and polish my glasses and sit back for 30 minutes of entertaining commentary with visual aids.

        I did not expect that many likes for a buffet offering, so I guess everyone was hungry for some fresh legs! 🙂

  3. TL Howard says:

    In Florida, did all eligible voters get a mail-in ballot?

  4. Guyver1 says:

    Florida is going to blow up in the demonrat’s faces. Example- some weeks back a fellow Puerto Rican worker, who has been a strong President Trump supporter from the day he stepped off the elevator, approached me with an unexpected request. He is in his mid fifties, but he had never voted. He wanted my help in order to register (as a republican). I helped him register, and he will vote straight red (remove every demonrat) and in person ??.

    The support I have seen for President Trump among minorities at work- amazing, I had never seen anything like it ???!

    • sunnydaze says:

      Middle Eastern Immigrants voting big for Trump in FL. Both Christians and Muslims. I know several.

      Also, because so many come from countries where voter fraud is par for the course, they are being much more careful with their ballots than your average American. For instance, they will NOT drop it in the mail box. It’s delivered to site or vote in person. Period.

      I guess they equate the Dem Party here in the U.S. with whatever Party was the Rampantly Corrupt POS Destructive Party in the countries they came from. >>>I’m certainly not going to argue with them about that!

      Have helped some first time voters fill out ballots so they don’t miss anything. They’re voting straight Repub all down the ticket. These people are serious!

    • Mariposa323 says:

      Same here in Latino Community Miami , except for the South American Elites that profited from socialism in South America . Hypocrites who should know better . We should ask them to renounce their US citizenship since they brag so much about being “global citizens” . Spit .

  5. joseywalesandtenbearsbarandgrill says:

    Godspeed to The Donald.

  6. helmhood says:

    This coming Tuesday, millions upon millions of good Americans will have the chance to finally be heard and they are pissed. If the media thinks these rallies, all the car parades across the country are not representative of voter turn out for President Trump, then they’re wrong. I have a feeling this are going to get rowdy!

    • riverelf says:

      The spontaneous rallies, most especially perhaps the ones springing up around Biden, Harris & O’s visits, are a splendid show of strength from our side.

      They have angry rioters abusing people and looting; we have happy Patriots waving flags and cheering.

      It’s been noticed all over the world.

      • helmhood says:

        It is such a contrast in the two campaigns. Melania said it in her opening remarks, the media streams hate, negativity and fear into people’s homes every day. That is not who we are.

      • Maquis says:

        It’s also happening all around the world!
        The stakes are global and the righteous are not silent.

  7. St. Stephen says:

    Respectfully, consider linking to Right Side Broadcasting Network instead of PBS. They cover all Trump rallies and do a great job.

    • petszmom says:

      I agree. Mike Nificent is hosting. He is the best!

    • From the opening prayer to doing the Trump to YMCA. RSBN gets my vote

    • bentley1blog says:

      St. Stephen…so does NEWSMAX cover all Trump rallies and do a great job. Hosts on NEWSMAX are very Conservative and fair which is such a treat instead of FOX hiring those left wingers to sit on the panels, e.g. Maria Harf…Can’t take it anymore.

      • St. Stephen says:

        Can’t say what or how NEWSMAX does. I’ve never watched NEWSMAX. I found RSBN and have stuck with them because they don’t interrupt the speeches, they show the crowd before and during the speech where appropriate, and the before and after commentary is pretty good. RSBN does a fair amount of tin cup rattling, but then they are viewer funded and there are no commercials or commercial breaks.

  8. FL_GUY says:

    WOW! I have never seen republicans so fired up and determined. President Trump has indeed taught them how to win!

  9. cboldt says:

    For those with cable, the rally is also to be on C-SPAN

  10. warrprin1 says:

    President Trump is the leaders’ Leader, the generals’ General, and the patriots’ Patriot, extraordinaire. Our Founding Fathers would be so proud – and relieved. A lot of them were pretty rough around the edges too! As for me, I love PDJT’s style. This lady is no wuss.

    God bless all of you, Treepers. What a privilege it is to share in your company, your knowledge, your studied opinions, your humor, your righteous anger, your integrity, your faith, and your unbridled patriotism. God save the United States of America. And God save the Treehouse.


  11. petszmom says:

    Everyone have their menus ready for Tuesday? So far I have dessert first but can’t decide on main meals. Any ideas?

  12. Its 5 O'Clock Somewhere says:

    Early voted in person today in Sioux Falls – first one in line with the hubby. We were probably the only ones in line that didnt have the face diaper on. So disgusting that in the state that does not have a mandate the sheep are EVERYWHERE. The weed legalization is also on the ballot using the ploy of “taxes will go to help fund the schools ” BS. Just like they did in CO. DONT CALIFORNICATE MY STATE!!

  13. sunnydaze says:

    Cspan 1 has it. Melania’s going in w/ him.

  14. Lion2017 says:

    Melania! God Bless them both!! Our Lion & Lioness!! The crowd chants “We Love You”!
    I’m crying.

  15. sunnyflower5 says:

    First Lady Melania is such a gift.
    Florida love you!

  16. sunnyflower5 says:

    “We are a country hope —not fear or weakness.
    We have leader who shows us that everyday”
    — First Lady Melania

  17. petszmom says:

    Well that was just nice and dandy. Our first couple on their second honeymoon type schmoozing on stage and the durn teleprompter was in the way. I hope someone got all those lovely pictures. I love romance.

  18. paulashley says:

    I love seeing the smiling maskless faces behind our President!

  19. zimbalistjunior says:

    where is Hunter?!!!
    this is amazing

    • OffCourseNation says:

      From Twitter to Facebook, from ABC, CBS and NBC, a Dark Ages Curtain of Censorship and Lying by Omission has descended across America.

  20. Trumpstumper says:

    121 K on RSBN

    President Trump on FIRE

    lowlife anonymous

  21. joejoefromsandiego says:

    CNN Sucks!

  22. SR says:

    PTrump said word “Mike Pompeo” may be wrote this hit piece. I can not wait firing of Wray, Barr, Haspel, may be Pompeo, CDC/NIH mafia and many unknown unelected officials.

  23. rashomon says:

    IMO, Melania should not be promoting The Vaccine. No one has established “the virus” yet; Reminds me of the HIV/AIDs daze on behalf for Big Pharma. I really don’t like this.

    • Maquis says:

      She is asking only that it not be politicized.
      I cannot imagine a more appropriate approach.

      • rashomon says:

        Her comments will be sliced and diced to promote The Vaccine. We’ve seen this every time PTJT has attempted to moderate the issue. Strike it from the repertoire as lawsuits are breaking out across the world over the misinformation spread about this issue that has shut down worldwide economies.

        • Maquis says:

          “They made HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS…”
          Speaking of the Biden Crime Family.
          The scale of corruption is huge, and the reveal continues…

        • amjean says:

          Cool your jets – wait and see what develops; we have no info on these
          vaccines yet. You may not be old enough to remember, but according
          to my relatives, polio was a horrible pandemic; people had vaccines
          and it has been eliminated as a health risk in this country.

          • rashomon says:

            amjean, I am in my 70’s. I have worked in journalism/propaganda for fifty years. Believe me, what your hear/read/see is NOT reality. Trump’s ability to tippy-toe through this maze of muck amazes me. This pandemic is but just one of the attacks to take down our country.

            BTW, I have followed you on TCTH and appreciate your input. Thank you.

      • Redzone says:

        Tons of elderly folks are anxiously awaiting the “vaccine.” It is a huge deal to them and can not be ignored, notwithstanding what one believes the efficacy is.

    • paper doll says:

      Believe me, I hear you . However the more PT and company talk up a vaccine, the more the globalist pull against it. As someone who does not want to take it, I’m therefore glad he and she speak of it.

    • sunnyflower5 says:

      She didn’t just promote the vaccines. She said therapeutics, as well.
      People are given the freedom of choice —-which is something Biden/Harris socialist group will take away and make demands.

  24. severance23 says:

    Over 125,000 watching this rally just on RSBN – The numbers must have the Press, who the President has just rightly called out as “the enemy of the people”, must be terrified of the enthusiasm being generated right now.

    • RWG (Right Wing Gal) says:

      A huge tell for me is when the NY Times writes a piece about how it just doesn’t “feel” like Biden is winning (published yesterday). I’ve been seeing that word a lot lately, and when even the left is admitting that their gut just doesn’t think Biden is going to win, that’s very telling.

  25. listingstarboard says:

    Sometimes i wish that just once everyone put their phones down and everyone clapped their hands and cheered all at one time–it would be so powerful.

  26. Maquis says:

    Fake News Gonna Lose!!

  27. SR says:

    PTrump body language is very very positive just before election. He knows he won the war and battles are still going on at state level.
    Biden travel schedule is showing they are loosing if travelling to MN.

  28. Ausonius says:

    To the LameStream Media: “I think you’ll be losing!”

    And they are losing right now: e.g ratings for BLM Football “plummeting.”

    The crowd goes wild, and rightly so!

  29. A Fortified City says:

    I’ll be watching RSBN again tonight they do a good job. The patriots all of us we need to grow this company to a point it can compete with the communist broadcasters. Most of the guys I hear are believers who are not afraid to give witness to God. We need to focus our monetary support big get them up running I mean big time and right away.
    That’s what the wicked left does they make it happen. We need to start making some things happen.
    If I were really wealthy like these socialist Big Tech operators; a company like RSBN would command a big share of reporting the news.
    Look at Laurene Jobs buys a tabloid paper hires an editor just to slander and demean our good President.
    Why in the world can’t we?

    • Maquis says:

      Patriots definitely have to step up their game in this regard.
      I need to get rich soon…

    • rashomon says:

      WE can. $10 at a time.

      • A Fortified City says:

        Exactly if every patriot would donate just half that much and there millions of us who voted 2016.
        If every patriots would subscribe for the minimum amount per month. Netflix 12 bucks a month people don’t think twice about supporting an outfit that affiliated with Obama. We gotta go beyond getting excited about what Trump’s doing and do something ourselves. I’m talking about as a consolidated body of millions getting together for a specific purpose.
        Time a wasting.

  30. Patience says:

    “WE LOVE YOU” ❤❤❤

  31. Patience says:

    “MAKE THEM PAY” ~chant

    “They’re gonna pay” ~President Donald J Trump

  32. Patience says:

    “Chris (Wallace) was tougher than Joe” LOLing

    “I like his father better than Chris….. He TRIES to be like him; BUT (nah)”

  33. Patience says:

    November 3rd?

  34. Patience says:

    “We are going to defeat the anarchists!”

  35. glennhanson says:

    Geeze. In an effort at being fair unlike every other network Fox switched to Biden screaming, ranting and raving!

  36. paper doll says:

    Open the states!

  37. paper doll says:

    If I can get better, anyone can! ?

    • sunnydaze says:

      Think it’s more effective to just stand silently with your Trump gear. if you’re going inside.

      This disruptive stuff has never won a GOP voter over to Dems when they do it all the time. Not sure why a Repub would think it would win a Dem over.

      Trump supporters lining the road when the Dems come to town is much more creative.

      Just IMO.

  38. Maquis says:

    “He wants you to surrender our country to China.”

    • cow wow says:

      He understands our rights and stood up to the bs-cried out that it was a public park and he had every right to be there! TY for posting this marvelous piece of true American spirit!

  39. Maquis says:

    “Shame on Jack Dorsey!”
    Kayleigh for the slay!

  40. sunnydaze says:

    Cspan is not moving it’s camera’s to the Jumbotron. So no one who’s watching Cspan knows that that is Gavin Newsom and Andrew Cuomo praising Trump’s job in assisting them during Covid.


  41. glennhanson says:

    I’m sorry and trying to be open minded yet I can still find not one reason Biden offers to gain a vote. The virus is in the hands of only one so we are left with only one conclusion stated often. They have to hate Trump more than they love the USA.

    • seekingthetruth2 says:

      For shats and goggles, I subscribe to 30330. Just now, I got 28 texts simultaneously!

    • sunnydaze says:

      I’m starting to think the ONLY reason anyone is still voting Dem is because

      1) Climate Change.>>>> Yes, they apparently believe that a bunch of Crooked Politicians can control the Global Climate. Don’t ask them how.

      • mimbler says:

        I know dems that vote dem because they always have. They know nothing about the candidates or current events (on purpose, so they can still vote dem.).

  42. Sonia says:

    Meanwhile, in Broward County, Joe attempts another ‘quick sprint’ getaway.

    “Have you ever been on a horse and it sees its barn?”
    Comment credit to gsonFIT

  43. rashomon says:

    As our President marches through a long list of accomplishments over his first term in spite of all the barriers thrown in his path by the DimDems and the RINOs (never forget the RINOs), he remains optimistic about out future and the challenges it presents. That’s enough for my vote.

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