Tucker Carlson: Bobulinski Documents Intercepted and Removed From Overnight Package….

Tucker Carlson revealed this evening that someone intercepted an envelope containing documents of evidence supporting the claims by Tony Bobulinski.  The documents were mailed by a “well known overnight transport” company and mysteriously were removed in transit from New York to LA.  I have a hunch what happened…. but first, WATCH:


I review this story from a position that I cannot fully explain. However, I have personal experience -recent experience- with a similar and rather unusual situation that cannot be explained by any method other than DHS surveillance. So here’s what I think took place.

The package, likely a Fed-X delivery, was intercepted by FBI agents using mechanisms for tracking and surveillance that open targeting through portals connected to DHS.

As an outcome of the U.S. Patriot Act, the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security has an agreement in place with mail shipping companies, public/private services, that essentially allows them a portal to track all in-state and interstate mail deliveries.

The FBI has access to this data network in the same way the FBI has access to federal transportation records. Just like when you book a flight and DHS portals are open that allow FBI to track your movements domestically. This type of portal is also accessed in private company transportation like Uber, Lyft etc. DHS, and as a consequence the FBI, can easily track your whereabouts.

Without much hesitation I will bet the FBI was monitoring the communication of Bobulinski, and by extension the entire Tucker Carlson production network. Once the shipment was known to be taking place, the DHS portals are opened; the package is tracked; and the FBI moves in to intercept the delivery.

The transport company doesn’t need to be participating because they are essentially unneeded. Their system network is connected to the FBI.

That’s the likely scenario.

Wanna bet?

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823 Responses to Tucker Carlson: Bobulinski Documents Intercepted and Removed From Overnight Package….

  1. help4newmoms says:

    In the clip Tucker says that he ‘showed pictures of what was sent” to the shipping agency so they could look for them. At least they have pictures.

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    • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

      I’m going to also bet that the documents sent
      were themselves copies.

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      • mauritia17 says:

        That is my assumption. Tucker is too astute to send originals (I hope).

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        • Baron Sicluna says:

          So the FBI is actually monitoring Bobu and not Biden? seriously? I’m guessing they are worried about what he has on biden. and they going to step in and arrest this guy. Wow. They could phony up an extortion or fara charge on this poor bastard. “Hey Bobu you cant blackmail the Bidens! That’s our job!”

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        • DoggyDaddy says:

          Tucker’s whole story just doesn’t pass the smell test to me.
          1. He’s in California for a one-day interview with Bobulinski. So what’s the rush in getting new documents to him in Cali? He’ll be back in the office in a day; he can read them there.
          2. In this age of electronic everything and with him being 3000 miles from DC, if they were so important to his mission why weren’t the documents just electronically sent to his laptop, phone, whatever?
          3. If more security was needed because the documents were so sensitive, why didn’t his team just send one of their own as a courier — security is maintained because the documents never leave your control.
          4. If the file was too large to send electronically and Fox was too cheap to send a courier, and with little time for Tucker to read a large document, why even have it shipped?

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        • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

          So is the person that gave the documents to Tucker in the first place?


        • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

          Tucker made copies

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      • YvonneMarie says:

        Hope so.


      • The Boss says:

        Good bet.

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      • bayoukiki says:

        Maybe Tucker was testing!

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        • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

          If so…what was he testing?
          Fox? His producer? The mail carrier system?
          His test results only gave limited answers.

          To truly test this…..he should have made multiple copies and sent them FedEx, UPS, and USPS.
          See if ANY of them arrived.


      • Rather Not Say says:

        I don’t think so. I think his production team was sending the originals to him, the guy whose name is on the show to make the call on authenticity. If it were copies, they would just scan and send electronically.

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        • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

          So….whomever provided the “original” documents to Tucker’s crew….
          made no backup copies of their own?

          Well then that would be dumb.
          And it would be equally dumb if Tucker didn’t have his producer MAKE COPIES OF HIS OWN….before sending out the originals.
          Hell…the PC repair guy was smart enough to make MULTIPLE copies of the HDD as an insurance policy.


    • Peppurr says:

      That was a clever move on their part.


  2. Dreadboi says:

    Should put it on an external drive or flash and handed it to him the day of taping..

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  3. Rosemary B says:

    hoo boy. I hope they made copies of everything. jeez.
    Life is starting to get a bit dicey here.

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  4. Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

    The IP addresses of the Sharyl Attkisson infiltration were identified as belonging to
    The USPS.

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  5. Ordinaryman says:

    Hopefully there are copies of these documents.

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  6. Guessed says:

    Patriots should engage a random OTR trucker or series of truckers to caravan the documents cross country. Either surreptitiously or ostentatiously or both.

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  7. liza says:

    the originals? surely there are verified copies.

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    • spoogels says:

      WHY did they ship the docs? These should have been taken from A to B by an employee personally in his hand luggage
      I hope these were copies

      Bobolinsky said he had 3 phones which he gave to the FBI and I think he may have had copies made
      Because he was careful enough to record all interactions with the Bidens I suspect he may have been careful to do this too

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  8. I wouldn’t bet a penny against that.

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  9. OffCourseNation says:

    I figured you were going to say the criminal organization know as the FBI did it, and you did.

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  10. booger71 says:

    As I said on the Presidential thread, a mole in Fox News must have tipped off the agency involved to what was being shipped

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  11. R Green says:


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  12. matt3480 says:

    Very surprised by the unprofessionalism of Tuckers team, should have made multiple copies sent/given to multiple people before shipping out. Guliani/Bannon would have not made that mistake, truth is Tuckers producers were probably warned to do just that and blew off the warning.
    Betting that Mr Tony has authentic back-ups though …. he’d be smart enough to have “safe” archives to protect himself

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    • Phil Bacon says:

      Or, could this be some bait, dangled out to see who snaps at it?

      Too many variants at this point. Let’s see what Tucker dangles tomorrow.

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      • flova says:

        I can’t believe he would overnight such important documents instead of hand delivering. That’s crazy and makes one wonder whether this was a way for Carlson, et al to expose how much of a Soviet state we have become.

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        • amwick says:

          I recently spent some time with an old friend. She and her husband used to fly around the world for free. They were couriers. All above board,,, I think it was banking stuff…
          It is a pretty common thing to do.

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  13. Soldier/Cop says:

    SPECIAL NOTE TO JOE: Joe, look at the bright side. Now you can rightfully claim the title of, “Godfather”! I have waited a very long time for you to assume that title. By the way, did you forget about the 1977/78 investigation referenced below? The guys on our team got a real laugh when we were informed that you attended Little Jimmy’s Bible Studies and actually prayed over the news we submitted in our investigation summery. Thanks Godfather for making our work sound somewhat spiritual, at least for a short time! Come on Joe, impress the folks. Explain ‘Green Lining’ as used in the drug trade DOWN IN THE Canal Zone!
    Soldier/Cop, Retired.
    Drug Trade/Money Laundering Investigation (1977/78).
    As the lead investigator of a team of federal investigators who caught then first term senator Joe Biden, a young state attorney general from Arkansas (better known as Billy Clinton), several senior members of little Jimmy Carter’s administration, over a dozen international bankers, and many other federal/state politicians/bureaucrats up to their necks in the international drug trade/money laundering centered in the Panama Canal Zone; I caution any American among the most effectively lied to population in modern times to be very careful throwing rocks at D.J. Trump. Dare any of you to compare the number of federal/state led investigations concerning Trump that have come up empty against the number of verified charges rendered against the entire Biden family only to be laughed off by the sitting oligarchy and their lackeys in the media! ! As a very old cop I am still amazed at how easy it is to pull and/or keep the wool pulled over the average American’s eyes!

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  14. Hoosier_Friend? says:

    The FIB is the enemy of America. Period.

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    • OffCourseNation says:

      And that is all of them, not just 1% like Hannity keeps tyring to sell us.

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    • Soldier/Cop says:

      Hoosier_Friend? Would you like to know how we cops in the army CID (criminal investigation division) referred to most FBI agents? OK, we referred to the street agents as; “PFC’s in Suits” (for you civilians, A PFC is a Private First Class). The reason for the nickname is because no matter the situation getting a field agent to provide any level of support was next to impossible until he/she checked with their headquarters for permission. Worst of all, when we military types had a case that we were bound by law/regulation to turn over to the FBI routinely they were reluctant to take the case until we had fully developed any existing leads which very often put us in the position of violating existing federal/military laws/regulations. In summary, most of the FBI folks I encountered in both my military/civilian law enforcement career were lazy, glory hogs! Soldier/Cop/Grunt, Retired

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      • Hoosier_Friend? says:

        Thank you for your service! I’m very well aware of what you speak. My wife is a cop (brass – worked her way up), and has shared many stories similar to yours, with me throughout the years. The bullshit can drive you out of your mind, if you let it.

        The last “police agency” I would ever trust is the FIB. Rank and file are all full of shit, from what I’ve heard from my wife and substantiated from hero’s like you

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      • @ Soldier/Cop.. Atl or Pac side? As *OP’s* were conducted from __________..

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  15. The Akh says:

    I hope there are copies.

    This outrageous. We are in serious trouble. No way around it now. I don’t even have words for this.

    We were fools to allow the Patriot Act and every tentacle that has spawned from it.

    The FBI must be leveled entirely. CIA must go too. The Patriot Act must be burned.

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  16. albertus magnus says:

    This is the kind of info that if we dont have copies, it just makes it all appear like lies.

    I assume they made copies.

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    • Linda K. says:

      Of course there are copies. If it was me I would tell the FBI that they need not bother stealing the mail I would gladly give them a copy. Along with every Senator, every newspaper and every member of the Biden family.

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      • bordoodle says:

        Agree, I do not think the owner of the docs would ever give over originals. If they were originals why fed ex or other carrier vs. human carrier. I think this is a Trick or whatever to capture the guilty one. Tucker is way to smart for delivery without human accompany.

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  17. Scott B. says:

    If so, the fibbies took it hook, line, and sinker.

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  18. MostlyRight says:

    Metaphorical Red Wedding at the alphabet agencies if President Trump wins on the day after the election. Made the mistake last time around to trust too many. This was understandable, as President Trump was not a politician and had to depend on existing structures and networks in place in the Republican Party and Deep State D.C.

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    • dr D says:

      I agree and President Trump may have also unfortunately felt like he could work with people from both sides because he always had in the past. Rush has said that Trump was surprised how vicious so many became.

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  19. CNN_sucks says:

    FBI? They warn FB to censor any news about Biden corruption.

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  20. borwarrior says:

    Nothing surprises me anymore when it comes to the corruption at the FBI.

    If what Sundance states is true, this would lean towards the theory that the FBI buried the Hunter laptop evidence and never launched a serious investigation into its contents.

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  21. coltlending says:

    It astounds me that Tucker’s staff did not have a trusted staff member personally fly the original documents to him.

    It’s not after-the-fact quarterbacking to say the originals should have never been out of their physical possession.

    Did they make certified copies?

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  22. Lulu says:

    Are we done pretending that anyone working for the federal government isn’t an active enemy of the American people and the Constitution? We need to abolish the FBI, DOJ, CIA, NSA, etc.

    In the meantime, remember never talk to a fed for any reason, and if you serve on a jury that involves the FBI or DOJ at any level even their labs acquit. They can’t be trusted and have no business having a hand in trying to put anyone in prison.

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  23. mauritia17 says:

    Bait – plausible!

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  24. Devils tower says:

    Also note the the USPS photographs all us mail. That is part of the informed delivery method. There is a large database(photos) of everyone’s mail

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  25. keystonekon says:

    That Patriot Act didn’t do anyone any favors. Big Brother is in full control now.
    Bobulinski is a patriot and a hero, so is Tucker. The rest of the players are intrusive, lying pests, like having a wasp in the car when you doing 75 on the Interstate and you can’t get rid of the thing. Small, but potentially deadly

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    • Alarm bells went off in my head when the Patriot Act was passed. I KNEW it would erode our 4th amendment protections.

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      • gensensibility says:

        I have to admit, when the patriot act was passed, I thought it crazy to think that it would be abused. I thought it would only be used against terrorists. Now, I understand that it is human nature that everything that can be done, will and for the worst possible motives at the first possible instance. That is why the Constitution limits government powers. Our Founding Fathers understood this.

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        • I was far less trusting than you. I immediately assumed that it WOULD be used against citizens, and abused in every way possible. And, I believe THAT was intended when it was written.

          Along the lines of “Never let a good crisis go to waste”

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  26. John Good says:

    Bet you it’s true! “Desperate people do desperate things”

    I posted earlier today that I thought it was “obvious to me” that Obama is starting to look like a Chinese Agent Plant, reading what he & Joe Biden did in Michigan to “transfer” American technology to Communist China, back during the Obama Administration!

    AND, it is getting more bizarre all the time:

    “And to keep up the excitement, GTV published photos of Malia Obama, now 22, naked in Hunter’s bed. While her identification is not confirmed in the video, since they are sitting on the full data file, GTV’s conclusions are believed to be completely accurate.”


    I don’t know how reliable QMN is, but they have written articles that I agree with in the past.

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  27. rharkonen says:

    Why put an empty envelope that physically appeared to have been opened back in the system to catch the attention of workers?

    At least seal it up so it looks OK, arriving at the destination mysteriously empty, killing a few more hours as they check with sender “are you sure you put something in the envelope and din’t accidentally ship an empty”, etc.?

    So this was overt with no attempt to hide it or create a mystery.

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    • lulubelle5621 says:

      I used to work at one of those shipping places. If it was emptied at some midway point from shipping to destination it would have been taken out and an attempt made to find the contents.
      I find it hard to believe that anyone would address something as vital as that that to Tucker c/o a hotel across the country.

      Also quite a stretch to believe that the FIB’s posted someone u/c to work at a shipping company to intercept any shipments. They would have to have someone looking at every piece that came in the doors.

      Maybe every piece is scanned but still would have to have someone pick it out of the hundreds of thousands of pieces. Additionally, every piece has a weight on it to tell if it has contents in it or not.

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      • Beany in Michigan says:

        Sounds more like an inside job at FoxNews – maybe to catch a suspected Biden spy (part of the ‘Resistance’?) and expose him/her? I just can’t believe copies were not made. Tucker is too smart for that kind of a blunder. Last night, he didn’t mention copies at all.


    • CountryDoc says:

      As I said last night, much of this may seem staged

      Why would Tucker make that theft public?or is

      Why wouldn’t they try to hide evidence of the crime and replace and repair the envelope to buy more time getting away?

      In his story, the postal workers aren’t looking for it until they come looking for it. Wouldn’t they have reported missing contents when the empty, cut open envelope was found on the belt or whereever?

      Was it insured?

      Those familir with the couriers sequences would know exactly when it happened. Likely there are videos.

      For an investigative journalist, Tucker seems mighty “Oh well” about what happened. He may knows what happened, or is responsible for the disappearance or the hoax of it disappearling. That is highly speculative, but my suscpicious cat remains at the “Oh well another national deep state corruption. I wish they’d just stop doing this”

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  28. vicschick says:

    There is either a mole in Fox News (which wouldn’t surprise me) or as Sundance says, the IC is monitoring Tucker. As soon as Tucker reported it tonight, I told my husband “they’re spying on Tucker. Guarantee it.”

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  29. Shouldn’t this have been expected? There are probably lots of people who have their mail opened and read regularly.

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  30. screwauger says:

    Shared far and wide. “what you’ve got is a bunch of dirty cops, and some of them had better go to jail or your not going to have a single Republican trust the FBI for generations…” Prob not the exact quote but sure bring Devin Nunes’s statement from months ago to light huh? This is not going to end well.

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  31. kelley says:

    Should the patriots take up shop outside of Joe Bidens house.. and demand answers? Or set up shop outside of the media? Peaceful protest?

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  32. TonyEuropa says:



    see if this is being filtered


  33. Jimmy R says:


    Were these originals, in the sense of irreplaceable (signatures, handwritten notes, etc.), such that any backup copies Bobulinski has might be viewed as less authentic? If so, then the op was meant to reduce Bobulinski’s credibility by stealing his evidence from him so that he no longer can muster it.

    If they were not originals (and the perpetrators knew that), then the op was meant to see what Bobulinski has and what he is sharing with Tucker. This would mean that the perpetrators think Bobulinski has kept some items close to his vest. In that case, no originals were taken, but the criminal merely got some information. If so, then were the documents actually items Bobulinski has so far kept close to his vest and not shared? Or were they simply copies of documents he’s already shared or described? If the former, then the op did manage to get some information. If the latter then it failed.

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  34. Bogeyfree says:

    I can’t believe the person who provided the documents to Tucker would not have kept copies.

    My bet is Tucker will have a new set tomorrow. But it says there is a real protect Biden network within that building.

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  35. Trygve says:

    If these were originals, I could see them being stolen, removed.
    If they were mere copies, not even the FBI would be dumb enough to remove them and thereby incriminate themselves like this. (They would just photograph them and send them on their way again).

    I conclude that these were originals, and we’ll never know what was in them.

    How stupid to send via fedex as opposed to encrypted means. A tragedy.

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    • CountryDoc says:

      As valuable as that content was, it should have been insured, never sent by public courier, and Tucker should be more alarmed. This is all too amateur on Tuckers/Fox for the level of importance . It may be that Tucker knows who in Fox is involved.


  36. Bogeyfree says:

    So why don’t a few thousand PT supports become independent media people and stake out all the Biden homes and bombard with questions everyday until Tuesday.

    If the real media won’t do their jobs them I guess the job falls to the real Patriots of this country.

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  37. Bone Fish says:

    So Barr and Wray are CCP operatives too?

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  38. SanJac says:

    The only way to make sure things actually get to their destination without the Fan Belt Inspectors interception is hand delivery from point a to point b just like the progressive (lazy communist) and intelligence agencies are doing.

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  39. guidvce4 says:

    Sundance. Totally believable. The Deep State is capable of this kind of action. Hopefully, copies were made and secreted somewhere safe.
    Can’t trust the feebs any more. Actually, never could. But now they have become a blatant arm of the dem(commie) party.

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  40. TonyEuropa says:

    I’m going to try to repost…. break it up in pieces.. see if I can figure out what is causing the filtering.

    I sent some emails last week with links about Biden’s corruption to addresses in gmail and hotmail. I own my own domain name and web/mail servers. I had “light” filtering of my server ( spam ) and somehow my email was not going out.

    I modified the links…. sent it to myself. Email went out.
    I removed the filtering, sent the original email with links. Email went out.

    The gmail addresses never received the email.

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  41. joebkonobi says:

    This is what happens when there is no consequences or accountability for crimes committed by the IC. This has to end. The US IC and their globalist and media partners are in control of our blessed America and will not quit until the have expended our resources and turned us into a banana republic, socialist, corrupt sh*thole. Damn you Bill Barr!

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  42. Ned Zeppelin says:

    Once Trump wins . . . The gloves will come off, be prepared.

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  43. VegGOP says:

    Of course they didn’t send original documents via FedEx, UPS or whatever. Carlson and his team are not stupid. Nor would Bobulinski give up his only copy of this stuff to Carlson. I have an alternative idea: Could this have been a trap laid by Carlson, and the FBI took the bait?

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  44. Amy1212 says:

    My vote is Clowns in America based on the business partners. Should have either been hand delivered or sent via other “electronic” means, not sent as a package. Interesting that the carrier now has plausible deniability. Tucker definitely needs better security advisors.


  45. johneb18 / @johneb18 says:

    It was a sting operation. FBI/DHS caught red-handed. At minimum an experiment by Carlson at the behest of Bobulinski to see if the docs would be stolen. And they were. I bet they were scanned first and digital copies made on non-networked equipment and saved to multiple thumb drives. Were probably only copies of the original docs shipped.

    That’s what I’d have done.

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    • VegGOP says:

      See my post above… “I have an alternative idea: Could this have been a trap laid by Carlson, and the FBI took the bait?”

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    • john- AGREE. No way in hell would a guy like Tony Bob ever let ANY important docs out of his possession unless it was because he had multiple copies and/or it was a trap.

      Given the magnitude of what we are dealing with- namely the future of our American Republic and Western civilization, I don’t think Tucker or Tony would leave anything to chance.

      As we can all imagine, there are many reasons why Tucker would set up such a trap for the FIB or other spy agency who would take the bait. I hate to be crass, but if nothing else it is going to get the attention a much bigger audience AND make the connection about how BARRZINI, WRAY and all the rest are covering for the BIDEN CRIME FAMILY.

      In fact, maybe we should call it the Barrzini/Wray/Biden Crime Family.

      The FBI and Injustice Dept. are a total disgrace.


  46. dunewall says:

    Probably does not have to be too sophisticated. Like the USPS, the tracking number bar code is scanned at every point in its trip and put in a central database. They just need to monitor the database to know where the package is. Just find a place where it would be stopped, like at a distribution point, long enough to go and get it.

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  47. gsonFIT says:

    Our young Americans really dont understand privacy and freedom, and they certainly dont not know the meaning of tyranny. If you have a young person you communicate well with make sure you discuss this event. Make sure they understand not to take their freedom for granted. Encourage them to discuss with their friends and contemporaries

    Liked by 3 people

    • gson- based on interactions with my grandchildren, the ones who are in public schools, I don’t think they are being taught to value ANY of the virtues, freedom and civil rights that we hold dear.

      Liked by 2 people

      • gsonFIT says:

        But we can. What better way to voice our frustration with the current state of dems. Many of us here would have been dem voters in the 1960s or 1970s. Some of what bill Clinton said made sense in the early 1990s. We have lifetimes of experience. just spend a minute sharing let them ask questions

        disclaimer: My first vote was for Ronald Reagan and I have never voted anything but R

        Liked by 2 people

  48. Shooter Six says:

    I strongly suspect Tucker Carlson’s team has copies of everything. At least I hope so.

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