October 28th – 2020 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #1378

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for “Presidential Politics”. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Presidency.


This thread will refresh daily and appear above the Open Discussion Thread.

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  1. joeknuckles says:

    Kennedy is a disgusting little dipshit. I will never watch another minute of any show she is on.


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    • Magabear says:

      Can’t believe Fox even brought her back, especially right before the election. Should’ve given Trish Regan the timeslot.

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      • Ken Lawson says:

        They should’ve brought Trish back, but she’s too conservative. Fox is not a conservative network. They happen to have some hosts that are conservative, but overall their company is not. They are a mere shadow of what they once were. I

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    • The Akh says:

      These people have no influence outside of outrage.

      Don’t play that game.


      Move along.

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    • Kaco says:

      Who the hell’s side is she on? Why is he even on her show if she claims the stuff isn’t “verified”. Just to ridicule him and sow seeds of doubt in the evidence? I would never watch her show again but then again, I NEVER watch her show. She’s a nobody. Fox doing their shenanigans again. Thank goodness they let Tucker do his thing and millions are watching him.

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    • El Torito says:

      Yet you post a link, giving her more views, which drives ad sales. smh.


      • dilonsfo says:

        So, Joe did the right thing. He posted a link to verify that what he is saying is not rumor or something he made up. That is what people are suppose to do when giving something other than opinion. People who don’t care don’t have to click on it. People that are interested or want to verify the statement can click and the proof of what Joe said is right there. No guessing, no running to the internet to verify. All done for the reader.

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        • Judith says:

          I realize it’s frowned upon here, but I prefer *not* to attach my source material, good and bad. There is nothing wrong with doing a little digging yourself. (HINT: Use a non-Google srarch engine).

          In case you are not aware, Globalists are very busy scrubbing the internet now. Links posted here are often taken down within hours. Not all readers of this blog are friendlies, so why make their job easier for them?


      • magaxena58 says:

        El T, I for one am glad to witness Rudy challenge her smug routine and Rudy takes no bullsh*t from her….next!

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        • Jacaranda11816 says:

          Yes, magazena, it is worth watching…both for the moment at 6:40 when kennedy channels Biden with her own snarky “C’mon, man”….and for the 3 or 4 minutes minutes at the end where Rudy completely shuts her down.

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    • Kag says:

      FOX News is not your friend!

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    • mayflowerchild says:

      Her voice … ug. I can not stand her. Never even watched her show because I can’t get past that voice.

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    • dilonsfo says:

      I don’t watch Kennedy but I put a “like” because you made a statement of fact and backed it up by posting a link so other can verify. Good job and I appreciate it.

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    • Dana Christianson says:

      Kennedy Was An Airhead On “MTV” Back In Their Early Days.. Foreshadowing The “Dumbing-Down” Of Our Youth. She Represent’s What Fox News Has Become…

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    • Eagle Driver says:

      i CAN just see Kennedy’s career going “SWOOSH” down the drain from this…

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  2. Magabear says:

    Good 13 minute segment on the bogus Whitmer kidnapping plot and the double standards involved with it.

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  3. Troublemaker10 says:

    “Fifteen YouTube creators filed a **federal lawsuit** against YouTube & Google for violating first amendment rights when the platform recently purged the affected accounts.”


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  4. citizen817 says:

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    • Dutchman says:

      “What evil fears most is the publically spoken truth”

      Sounds a lot like “The greatest lie ever devised by Satan, was the one that he doesn’t exist!”

      There IS evil in the World. I have seen it, looked it in the face, long before this.
      CCP is EVIL. Its minions corrupted by it, are EVIL.

      In its exposure, many not experienced at seeing true evil, in human form are shocked, aghast and literally in disbelief.

      They keep expecting SOME sign of humanity, from creatures so corrupted by evil, that there is NO humanity left within them.

      Need to get past the disbelief, get over the shock, ….NOW!

      Your life depends on it.

      PRAY for their souls, certainly. But recognise that the evil that inhabits them has NO “shame”, no “conscions” no concern for “rules” or “fairness”,…and ultimately wants us dead or enslaved.

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      • Judith says:

        Wherever there is innocence and decency in the world, there are those who will seek to corrupt and destroy it. Without a firm belief in a Higher Power, I don’t know how people get through this life intact. Many of us don’t.

        And that is why it is so important to pray that we are *all* of us delivered from evil. The part I struggle with most, is forgiveness.

        I believe it is possible to forgive His lost sheep, even as they hang by nooses to protect the greater good. It is possible to take the mantle of God’s warriors without enjoying the battle of good vs evil.

        Lost souls need extra prayers, that they may one day follow the True Path, else humanity on the whole is diminished. And, like it or not, we are all in this together.

        The goal is to protect the innocent and to elevate the lost souls, that we may all move closer to the Godhead, without sacrificing our own divine nature in the process.

        For me, this entails more fully experiencing each moment I am here, and living my life with a consciousness and purpose to serve those who enter my path, in Jesus’ name.


    • A2 says:

      Yeah Citizen I posted it when it came out. Zero interest here except for one person.

      Mr Pottinger is leaving the administration. A great loss.

      I’m sure whatever he does in the future it will support the US and give clear eyed analysis of the PRC.

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  5. PaulCohen says:

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  6. citizen817 says:

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  7. Publius2016 says:

    45 understands America!

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  8. citizen817 says:

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    • KBR says:

      Actually I agree that the Biden scandal is a miasma, given the definition “a stink from rottenness causing bad air.”

      Ephesians 2:2 says that Satan is the prince of power of the air, so of course his followers would carry the stink of corruption.
      Jesus said Satan is the father of lies.

      So I say: Breathe it in deeply, you liars and purveyors of lies in the “Corporate Press,” It is toxic and it will continue to inflate your souls with highly combustible gases, making the fires that much hotter. The one thing you WILL al face is death, but death is NOT the end, it is only the beginning of combustion for evil ones. The gullible that it is meant to confuse is YOU.

      Want the science? By mankind, matter cannot be created NOR DESTROYED.

      (By God all things are possible.)


  9. citizen817 says:

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  10. citizen817 says:

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    • Eagle Driver says:

      Wonder how much of that BILLION DOLLARS the Biden’s got and then passed some onto the Obummer? That would really add to this conflagration everything…WOWZA!!!😎😎😎😎😎😎


      • doyouseemyvision says:

        O got much more than that. His name is much more valuable than ‘Biden’. As someone mentioned above, O has expensive property in Hawaii, DC, the Vinyard.

        He didn’t have much moolah when he came into office as a Senator and then a President. He is worth untold millions, if not a billion by now.

        He’s sold a couple of books and done some speeches. In a normal world, that wouldn’t net you or me hundreds of millions. He has other sources and means of revenue for certain……

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        • Eagle Driver says:

          Something about Obummer has never passed the “SMELL TEST” with me…and you have just eluded to it…Would be a waste NOT to get those millions back, wouldn’t it? HMMME?
          Wonder if President Trump has something in the works???


    • sunnyflower5 says:

      “A tour of the white house and a meeting with a member of the chief of staff’s office and John Kerry would be great,” Khashoggi wrote.

      Khashoggi —Khashoggi — Khashoggi???


  11. Yahoo news DOES link to the FOXnews tube… shields buttercup troll farm.

    “Ex-Hunter Biden business partner calls out family for accusing him of spreading disinformationp on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’

    Our goal is to create a safe and engaging place for users to connect over interests and passions. In order to improve our community experience, we are temporarily suspending article commenting”


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  12. citizen817 says:

    If you really want to know about CCP,
    This book is an eye opener.


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    • “CARLSON: So — and I should say — and I want to put the document on the screen — in his pitch to the Chinese, in his bio, Jim Biden describes himself as an advisor, current advisor to his brother.

      So was it clear to you from the beginning that what Jim Biden was bringing to this deal was his relationship with Joe Biden?

      BOBULINSKI: Yeah, one thousand percent, crystal clear.”

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  13. citizen817 says:

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  14. SR says:

    Waiting for PTrump’s video tweets about Philly riots and Tucker’s interview. I think PA is moved to PTrump after these riots.
    I am not understanding why Biden is campaign in GA and there is no Kamala anywhere.

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  15. Troublemaker10 says:

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  16. leavemygunsalone says:

    Hunter Biden chaired a foundation to stop child abuse while he was engaging in it.

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    • PS says:


      1) Hunter Biden was grafting from the position, which allowed an otherwise insignificant not for profit to get gov grants in the name of “helping children”. The pattern is children of politicians run charities while the parents steer the grant money.

      2) it provided a cover for his fetish, in the same way that Child Protective Service workers in GA were targeting broken families for exploitation. “These images are disgusting, aren’t they, here look at these ones too”.


      • Risa says:

        Remember Jerry Sandusky, the pedophile at Penn State?

        He used his “foundation”, The Second Mile, to give him access to vulnerable boys from broken families.

        Given the very public inappropriate behavior exhibited by Joe, and the info from Hunter’s lap top, there are questions that need answers.

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    • Johny5 says:

      You know after reading some of those updates, you can do all the police reform you want, but it won’t change the person of these crap stains themselves. At some point they need have a long look at the person staring back at them from a mirror.

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  17. citizen817 says:

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  18. WeThePeople2016 says:

    Here we go again.

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  19. citizen817 says:

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    • gsonFIT says:

      I dont blame China because this is how they have done business since the spice trades. We need to tell them to zip it going forward


  20. citizen817 says:

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  21. FL_GUY says:

    My view of Air Force 1 in Pensacola, FL 10-23-20


    Today, the wife and I decided to go ahead and vote at one of the early voting stations. We wanted to make sure nothing happened to us before we got our vote in for President Trump and every R on the ballot as well as voting against all the constitutional amendments except #4 which requires an amendment to be voted on twice before it becomes part of the state constitution. Most of the amendments were more liberal crap bought and paid for by out of state billionares including trying to sneak through open primaries.

    In our county, for early voting, they have a machine that manufactures a real ballot after they scan in your driver’s license and verify you are who you are. Once they hand the ballot to you, no one else handles it. You fill it out and put it into the counting machine personally. The counting machine tells you if it was successfully counted and an audit tape prints out the transaction verifying the ballot registered. Every place in the country should have one of these systems as it would eliminate a lot of cheating.

    We got to the early voting station about 1:45pm. The parking lot was almost full and there was a long line waiting to get in to vote. The turnout is obviously heavy since early voting started Oct. 19 and it was super busy a week later. It took about 20 minutes to get in. It feels good to put your ballot into the counter and KNOW that you vote counted. People should never trust their ballots to the mail or potentially corrupt election workers, JMHO.

    I feel that the turnout for this election for President Trump is going to be YUGE! Much larger than in 2016. The observational evidence points to this happening. For example, the local President Trump rally.

    Let’s look at a couple of pics from the President Trump Rally on Oct. 23. These pics were taken about 6 hours before President Trump was scheduled to speak. The first pic is what I saw as I approached the line to get in after walking approximately ¼ mile to the venue location. Notice the golf cart driving people that cannot walk very well. Also notice the YUGE number of people in line:


    The next pic is what the line looked like when I got in it. When this image was taken, people had already started forming behind me; there was a steady stream of people that continued to arrive for hours:


    This line extended at least another quarter to a third of a mile and was 2-3 people wide in places. I found out this was the line to the temp ck tent to get to the line for the security gates:


    After passing the temp ck, they were giving out a mask (regular blue paper) and a small packet of hand sanitizer. 99% of the attendees did NOT wear masks.

    People are really motivated this election, more so than 2016. I feel that in 2016, some people were voting against HilLIARy and a lot of people just didn’t vote at all. But this election, those people who did not vote ARE voting FOR President Trump along with the rest of us who did vote for him in 2016: RED TSUNAMI!!!!. JMHO

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  22. citizen817 says:

    Example of a delusional prick pushing MuhRussia…

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  23. Troublemaker10 says:


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  24. sunnydaze says:

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  25. sunnydaze says:

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    • BruceC says:

      We must treat the Hunter Biden leaks as if they were a foreign intelligence operation – even if they probably aren’t.
      Washington Post

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      • icthematrix says:

        This is the lie they will use till after the election…no matter what else is shared.

        The ONLY thing they couldn’t ignore would be hard video and audio, and not just a smoking gun…the gun in action with Joe posed and pulling the trigger.


    • gsonFIT says:

      GG is a Democrat not a dem


  26. CM-TX says:


    😷 = “Face suffocator” (LOL!)

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    • Landslide says:

      Thanks for posting. I’ve watched several of his vids before. This one is good for sending to anyone who is “waking up” as to the current reality of the left’s tactics. Wake them with sarcasm and humor.👍🏻👍🏻


  27. citizen817 says:

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  28. CovfefeBerserker says:

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  29. Oldspeak says:

    Here is probably THE most disturbing statistic that directly affects our lives. 57% of Americans do not trust the media. Terrifyingly, that leaves 43% who sit there with their mouths open. Truly truly scary.

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    • KBR says:

      “Do not trust the media” covers a lot of ground:
      My favorite media is CTH, although I do OCCASIONALLY watch a few select Fox news/business news shows. (For instance, I watched Bobulinski)

      My real questions here are:
      Who supplied these statistics?
      How did they come up with these percentages?
      Is this taken from people who watch, or from people who actually trust?
      Did they take a POLL?
      Whom did they ask, and how did they determine that their sampling was representative?
      What do they mean, EXACTLY, by “media,” and what did their respondents mean?

      Remember, “ There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.”

      Do not worry yourself about statistics too much. Statistics can be twisted in myriad ways to get a desired result. Sometimes the desired result is simply to get clicks or views. Sometimes to rile people: riled people come back for more “statistical proof.”

      Numbers don’t lie, but statisticians do it all the time.

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  30. BruceC says:

    So, the information (emails and documents) on Hunter Biden’s laptop strengthen and back-up the info (documents made public as a result of a FOIA) on this earlier HSGAC & Finance report (think it was started in Aug 2019 and released around Nov-Dec 2019):

    Hunter Biden, Burisma, and Corruption: The Imapct on U.S. Government Policy and Related Concerns

    https://www.hsgac.senate.gov/imo/media/doc/HSGAC_Finance_Report_FINAL.pdf (PDF 87 pages)

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  31. CovfefeBerserker says:

    Work wth me on this one. It doesnt make sense until you click the pic.
    Worth it though….

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  32. Joemama says:

    In case anyone is interested in hearing about the activist lawfare attacking Brian Kolfage of We Build the Wall, here’s his website. It looks like standard demoncrat legal malfeasance and punishment through the process:

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  33. T2020 says:

    Having trouble viewing some of SD’s posted videos, so sorry if this is a duplicate…


    • johnnyfandango says:

      Great interview and believable. You have to watch twice. Bobulinski is very credible he has all the receipts, dates, times, places, conversations, texts, emails. It is a national scandal this is being suppressed. Biden has sold out the country and put the nation at risk. He has to step down. The FBI and DOJ isn’t doing anything proactive, just like Clinton emails because Basement Joe may be their next boss. This is a total cover up. The ”Media” are again complicit to these crimes. Barr are you that feeble?

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  34. aawlberninf350 says:

    Can a fellow Treeper help me out? Puh-leeeeze?!?!?!

    I saved a pdf given out by Joe Biden earlier this year that I cannot now find. I suspect it was memory-holed. It is a statement by JB regarding the then imminent impeachment of Trump, approx Jan of 2020. JB laid out how the press should address the impeachment charges against Trump, 3 pages in length. It was *great* because 2/3 of it was instructions on exactly how the MSM should deal with Biden corruption charges re; Ukraine. It is the Biden gameplan instructing the MSM how to act regarding the Hunter Biden laptop. PDF was given out by Biden campaign, widely distributed. Vaunted even. I can no longer find it via google search. Anybody out there have a copy?

    Did they need to send out those orders to the MSM early 2020 because there was a back channel advising of Hunter laptop info?

    I also suspect the Deepers at FBI held Hunter laptop contents quiet as nuclear kompromat over a potential Biden Presidency.

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  35. warbucks57 says:

    Nothing in the Bobulinski interview surprises me. I did extensive work in China in the 90’s and early 2000’s, and they use the same playbook. Never let yourself get into a compromising position there, because it will happen. My fear { actually more like reality ), is that numerous politicians on both sides of the aisle have been on this China gravy train. It explains why PT gets virtually no public and verbal support from the Republican leadership. They are either dirty or working to protect their party members. See those enormous crowds all across the country? Guess what, they see it too.

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  36. Publius2016 says:

    looks like another lid day for OHiden…not too good down ballot Dimms…


    Republicans must look at “the laptop from hell” and say: “do you denounce your Democrat party’s nominee if these allegations prove true? if not, how can the voters of this district/state trust you will not sell them out too? I call upon all voters in my district/state to demand answers…there are possible criminal acts on so many pictures with possibly underage girls like Epstein…we need to know…”


  37. JasonF says:

    The New York Post has just published an article entitled “‘Look out for my family’ — Hunter’s biz partner tells all on meetings with Joe Biden“, by Michael Goodwin. The article is excerpted below.


    For Tony Bobulinski, the meetings with Joe Biden are unforgettable, and not because they had anything to do with politics. It’s because that’s when Bobulinski fully understood that Joe was very much involved in the foreign business schemes that son Hunter Biden and Joe’s brother Jim had cooked up.

    The final proof came during two conversations over two days in May 2017. He first met the former vice president in the lobby of the Beverly Hilton Hotel, where Joe was to speak the next day at the Milken Conference on the “moonshot project” of finding a cure for cancer.

    “Hunter and Jim and I are there, and Hunter gets up and talks to his father when he comes in,” Bobulinski told me in a Tuesday interview. “He then brings Joe over and introduces me, saying he’s the one who’s helping us with the business we’re doing with the Chinese.”

    If Joe Biden was honest with the public when he said he never discussed Hunter’s business with him, the next words out of his mouth would have been, “What business with the Chinese? What are you talking about, son?”

    But that’s not what he said, according to Bobulinski. Joe Biden didn’t look surprised or curious about Hunter’s introduction and, after a get-to-know-you conversation, Bobulinski remembers Joe saying, “My son and my brother trust you emphatically so I trust you. Good luck and work hard.”

    Joe liked him, Hunter and Jim later said, which Bobulinski took as an ­official seal of approval.

    The next morning, after the speech, Bobulinski says he was ushered backstage to greet Joe Biden again, then walked him to his car. He recalls the former veep’s parting remark as, “Keep an eye on my son and brother and look out for my family.”

    He said he then spent two hours with Jim Biden in the hotel, mostly listening to stories about the family and their other business dealings.

    At one point, Bobulinski says he asks if the family isn’t concerned that Joe will run for president in 2020.

    “I said, ‘Jim, how are you guys doing this, this seems crazy?’ He looks at me and kind of chuckles and says, ‘plausible deniability.’ ”

    When I asked him Tuesday by phone if there is any doubt in his mind that Joe Biden was deeply involved in the deals, Bobulinski says absolutely not. “I was only there because I would be running the family business. Why else would he even talk to me?”

    That’s a great question, one of many that the Bidens have ducked. Another involves the notorious e-mail where a partner in their since-dissolved business reviews the equity divisions, noting that, among other things, Hunter Biden gets 20 percent, Jim Biden, Joe’s brother, gets 10 percent and Hunter will hold 10 “for the big guy?”

    Bobulinski has been saying for days that Joe Biden is “the big guy,” and neither the Biden campaign nor anyone in the family has specifically denied it. Yet such is the sorry state of public affairs in America that the tech censors block reports in The Post and elsewhere on the subject and major media outlets don’t even press the presidential front-runner to come clean.

    It’s not for a lack of trying on Bobulinski’s effort.

    The burly former wrestler at Penn State, Navy lieutenant and self-described “American patriot” first went public last week, making successive statements Wednesday and Thursday and provided to journalists reams of e-mails, messages and texts covering nearly three years.

    Since then, he met with the FBI, where he turned over three phones, and two Senate committees. Asked if he has a formal agreement with the FBI, Bobulinski answered quickly, “I’m a material witness, I don’t need an agreement, I’ve done nothing wrong. I have zero concern.”


    Although his meeting with Joe Biden occurred four months after Joe left the White House at the start of the Trump administration, Bobulinski is emphatic that the start of the Chinese deal, and Joe Biden’s involvement, came much earlier. He tells me he was recruited in 2015 by the man who wrote the “big guy” e-mail, James Gilliar, whom he describes as a former British intelligence officer.

    In fact, Bobulinski says Hunter and James Biden had been working to introduce executives of a Chinese energy conglomerate to foreign government leaders around the world for two years.


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  38. nwtex says:

    View this post on Instagram


    A post shared by Team Trump (@teamtrump) on

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    • KBR says:


      “Battle for the Soul of the Nation” right in front of corrupt liar Joe. At least Joe (and Demoncrats) admits it.

      Satan is Father of Lies and liars. And yes he wants the soul of our nation. All of us.


  39. nwtex says:

    Viewing this never gets old 🌟 That’s it for me…..he put a smile on my face…so I’m out………..💞


  40. 28angelica28 says:

    When questioned about Hunter’s business ventures in Ukraine and China, Joe Biden said “Not one single solitary thing was out of line, not a single thing.” Does this bring back memories of “We didn’t have a scandal that embarrassed us, I know that seems like a low bar. Generally speaking, you didn’t hear about a lot of drama inside our White House”? If it doesn’t, it should. I guess the reason for Obama’s statement is that they simply weren’t embarassed by any of the scandals rather they reveled in them!

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    • gsonFIT says:

      I would like to hear from brother Jim Biden. Pretty sure he is the grease trap. Also no way this all happened without Obama’s knowledge. If it somehow did happen without the then President of the United states knowing it was malfeasance on O’s part and needs investigation.


    • KBR says:

      Joe says “out of line,” but did not define the “line.” Doublespeak.


  41. strateshooter says:

    as soon as POTUS wins this election…and I mean on Election Night…he should announce he is ordering OPERATION DRAIN THE SWAMP immediately.
    1. An Election integrity Czar
    2. A Public Corruption Czar(to target all long DC Dems and RINOs).
    3. A new AG (Sydney Powell) , a new FBI Director(Tom Homan) and a new CIA Director(Grenell).
    He should demand from Durham and interim report for the American People by YE20.
    4. A Media Czar to review media laws to ensure censorship and propaganda are OUTLAWED under the Constitution + new laws governing journalistic practice ( any journo KNOWINGLY printing falsehoods should be jailed for 10 years minimum , any social media company censoring should be fined 1 B $ + company CEO jailed for 10 years).

    ENOUGH…. The USA must not fall!!. The world needs a free , strong, democratic USA governed by WE THE PEOPLE or freedom dies


    • I’ll vote for number 3 first.


    • I’d like to see arrests of the Lawfare personnel; it is in writing that their efforts are an intentional attempt to throw monkey wrenches into the normal workings of government by using the court system. That ought to qualify as RICO.

      Even the very name, “Lawfare,” is indicative of the fact that it is “Warfare” by using our laws against us – just as recommended in the 45 Communist Goals for America.

      The street thugs are just that, thugs, but this blanket of anti-American lawyers all over the country eating up resources just to slow or stop what they don’t like is a huge Evil in a whole new form.


  42. Dana Christianson says:

    Wonder What The “FBI & DOJ” Press Conference Is Gonna Be About This Morning? China Related National Security Threat….


    • Jimmy R says:

      “No reasonable prosecutor would…. we’ve decided this for the DOJ even though it’s their job, not ours, like we did with Hillary’s violations of the Espionage Act. Have a nice day.”


      “China is hacking our election by paying trolls to sh*tpost on Twitter.”


    • Bogeyfree says:

      There was no intent to do any deals……………


  43. Dora says:

    Vegas will never be the same. (Sigh)

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    • Somebody says:

      I don’t know Disney is coming back to life. Once there are vaccines it will be regarding as another flu. Life doesn’t stop because of flu season


      • Deb says:

        The problem is that a lot of those conventions are put on by large corporations for their employees. I know that my husbands corporate overlords are having him work from home for at least the next 6 months, with no travel anywhere, let alone to a large convention.
        Perhaps when a vaccine comes out they’ll have to change their tune, though my husband isn’t going to take a vaccine.


    • H.R. says:

      Dora, that tweet brings out a lot to think about.

      Let’s say the Covid Scare is called off tomorrow. “Never mind. Covid is no big deal.” What will the World be like?

      Some things will return to pretty much normal, such as tourism and restaurants. People like to get away and see new places and they like to eat out.

      Manufacturers can get back to work while businesses that have had their employees working from home will have to decide if that will continue or will they have everyone returning to the office… or maybe just some portion coming back in person.

      How will it effect real estate, sales forces, the airlines? Will the small businesses that failed be able to start up and try again? Some people like being able to run down to a shop and pick up what they want right now. They want to get out of the house and examine things before they buy. Did the lockdown cause permanent damages to all the small businesses that closed or just some? What types of small businesses do people want to go to even if the products are available online? Maybe move and restart a small business elsewhere?

      How much of a “Buy American” backlash against Chinese goods did the shutdown generate? Will we see even greater opportunities for American manufacturing startups that might never have happened without the Covid Scare?
      Anyhow, that tweet represents the sort of analysis and planning that all businesses and entrepreneurs need to be taking at least some time to think about now, because the Covid Scare can’t be sustained forever.


  44. Nepanyrush says:

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    • Dana Christianson says:

      “Plausible-Deniability” Now Mean’s That The MSM Just Ignores The Whole Story.. These People Don’t Even Try To Hide Their Crimes Anymore. The “Gatekeepers” And “Cock-Blockers” At The FBI, CIA, DOJ & MSM Do It For Them….


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