October 26th – 2020 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #1376

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for “Presidential Politics”. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Presidency.


This thread will refresh daily and appear above the Open Discussion Thread.

President Trump Twitter @POTUS / Vice President Pence Twitter @VP

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1,266 Responses to October 26th – 2020 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #1376

  1. Joemama says:

    Amy Barrett has been confirmed.

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    • Daniel says:

      I have a feeling there was a deal with McConnell to make/allow this to happen.

      Does anyone here think the CoC/CCP influence was exclusively limited to the Democratic party? I didn’t think anyone here would assume any such thing.

      But now that there is a stronger likelihood of future rulings actually following the constitution AS WRITTEN, perhaps future cases will be more predictable in their results.


  2. patti says:

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  3. FPCHmom says:

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    • sunnydaze says:

      Great, video at link. Crow are mainly in MT. now.
      That vid. makes me really happy.

      Trump has helped them get the Federal gov. out of their way on some key issues.


  4. FPCHmom says:

    So this is the plan. Accuse PDJT of doing what they do. Except that no-one will buy it.


    • Jimmy R says:

      Yes, I heard him interviewed a couple of weeks ago and he said that according to his polling analysis, Biden is going to win and if he doesn’t then it’s because Republican’s cheated.

      He’s not a pollster, he’s a purveyor of poison.

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  5. Jimmy R says:

    Why is President Trump extremely popular among millions upon millions of patriotic, conservative Americans? The media try to distract you by lying about how it’s because his supporters like his personality. But it’s obvious why they support him.

    It’s because he busts his ass (sorry, but that really is the best way to put it) working tirelessly for common-sense conservative and patriotic policies. It’s that simple.

    The policies: low taxes, deregulation, low unemployment for all, the rule of law, protection of American political culture from Marxism (e.g., canceling federal critical race theory programs), a muscular military, peace abroad, fair and free trade, and sensible foreign policy. This is not rocket science. He works sixteen hours per day championing and working for those policies and does this very well. This is not hard to figure out.

    How many presidents have done this, ever? We can look at Reagan (low taxes and the defeat of the Soviet Union), maybe Coolidge a little (reducing the size of government), Lincoln (in saving the Union and eliminating slavery.) They attacked certain issues, though, whereas President Trump has vigorously pursued a wide array of conservative policies with great energy, finesse, and seriousness.

    The kicker? President Trump achieved what he has while under the duress of a three-year coup d’etat attempt.

    The reasons for President Trump’s popularity are obvious.

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  6. AustinPrisoner says:

    I’m not thinking straight these days. Just 2 or 3 weeks ago, I thought President Trump would die from COVID, but he survived and is thriving. I’m sorry for going off the deep end. Now all the polling I read is pro-Biden and this is against everything I read here and my own eyes reveal how Trump is doing great at the rallies. Biden might attract a handful compared to the waves of Trump supporters. How do you know when you’re being gaslighted? I’m not doing so well and I apologize for not being able to encourage people. But I think the fix is in because otherwise Kamala and all these liberal groups would be furious and emotional with the defeat right around the corner. How do you know what to think?


    • screwauger says:

      Go back one week and read every post by SD. Not just the tag line but read the posts and click the reference links. It’s all right there for the taking. Everything you’ve cited as “worries” is covered, trust us and SD.


    • iswhatitis says:

      AustinPrisoner says: “How do you know when you’re being gaslighted?

      When you pay attention to anything from the so-called “MSM” (aka Main-stream Media aka Marxist-stream media); whether it be news or polls – then you are being gaslighted.

      That’s one way to know… 🙂

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  7. AustinPrisoner says:

    Thanks. I will try to do that soon. I did see that 538’s darling Nate is essentially saying this now: Biden will win according to the polls. But if Trump wins, that just proves Trump cheated! What a sleazy perspective.

    I wish we had friends in Travis County.

    I think I should take a vacation date on Friday Nov. 4th.


    • Trumpmendous says:

      Biden today acknowledged that he was going to lose the election. He said we can’t handle another 4 years of George (Lopez). George Lopez said he would move to Mexico if Trump won (that was in 2016) he just didn’t say which time. So by admitting that George Lopez presence could not continue another 4 years, he is telling us that he (Biden) is going to lose the election and George Lopez is going to fulfill his 2016 promise of moving to Mexico. Bye George.


    • LafnH20 says:

      November 4th is next Wednesday…

      The day after Election day, Tuesday the 3rd.



  8. nwtex says:


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    • sunnydaze says:

      Seeing this happen everywhere Biden or any of his surrogates go is a good wake up call to the Dems/RINOs in our Gov. and Globalists in general.

      Gives them an idea of what they’re really up against with their nonsense.


  9. nwtex says:


  10. nwtex says:

    As my stomach tightens……………………


  11. sunnydaze says:


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  12. dogsmaw says:

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  13. CNN_sucks says:

    Listening to War Room Pandemic EP 457. Seems Liz (guest) said it was classic incest on steroid..OMG.


  14. evergreen says:

    Best way to prevent voting corruption is for registered voters to vote. No one can use your unused ballot if you put it into the count; any duplication would be caught.

    There are two reasons to vote: 1) Trump and the down ballot republicans/initiatives need your support to achieve superior vote tallies; it’s that simple. 2) Non-voted registrations become fodder for criminal ballot mischief. Convince your friends and neighbors to pick one of the above reasons to vote, preferably in person.


  15. Joemama says:

    Facebook allegedly has 6 Chinese academics writing AI algorithms to censor conservatives on staff as H1-B visa holders.


    None of them appear to have been trained in US universities.


  16. Joemama says:

    This is disturbing, but unfortunately probably relevant, given all the examples of Joe Biden inappropriately touching girls and women. Excerpts from Ashley Biden (Joe’s daughter with Jill) diary.
    I don’t have the stomach for reading it, but they published the entire diary.


    • Daniel says:

      Drug and sex addiction… sounds about right.

      Not that I’m convincing anyone here of anything they didn’t already believe, but there is something VERY important about good parenting. The results of good parenting (and some luck because society plays a part as well) are easy to identify. One only has to look at how few examples of rich and famous people’s children turning out well. Trump is certainly one example of good parenting as they haven’t gotten into to drugs or any massive scandal.

      Meanwhile, things like drug and sex addiction pretty much comes from the parents directly and occasionally from neglect.

      None should be surprised that the worst people on the planet are running this country. When blackmail/control systems have been keeping politicians in line for so long, people are quick to get distracted by the blackmail and not notice the actual problem — propensity to addictions of both sex and drugs!! If one were already of sound moral character, then such attempts at blackmail and control would not work at all.

      Yet ANOTHER example where and why Trump is “incorruptible.” They’ve been trying to get him since the day he ran and probably even before. They are still trying to take him down and nothing they do works. Why is that? Does anyone think they are “saving the good stuff for later?” No. They have already fired all of their ammo and now they are firing blanks…. a lot of blanks.


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