October 26th – 2020 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #1376

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for “Presidential Politics”. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Presidency.


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1,266 Responses to October 26th – 2020 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #1376

  1. Alex1689 says:

    Joe Biden called a lid on his campaign with 9 days left to go. This is not normal.

    The rest of the whole Biden family appears to be in hiding too.

    This is not normal.

    We need to bank our vote NOW. And pray for our country and our fellow citizens.

    • MAGADJT says:

      They either have internal polling that shows it’s in the bag for them, and thus no need for further campaigning. Or they have internal polling that shows they are going to lose, and thus no need for further campaigning.

      • trapper says:

        After Trump trounced him in the debate, and the new polls came in a couple days later showing Biden crashing and burning, there really is no point dragging him around. Give him his soup and let him go back to sitting in his den watching Animal Planet 12 hours a day. He doesn’t understand why they were carting him all over the place anyway. “I’m running for the United States Senate.”

      • Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

        The political risk of having old Joe out on the campaign trail is higher than the risk of keeping him on lockdown. Expect the Fake News pushers to come up with a massive covid scare this week to “justify” Biden hiding. It’s all they got.

        ~~~~~~~ TRUMP the VOTE ~~~~~~~

        • More Bore says:


          They are banking on the combination of mass money flooding the airwaves, a couple more fear pushes, the fraud in a few key places, and maybe a TBD october surprise or false flag.

      • gingergal says:

        Or as President Trump put it, “he’s waving the white flag on life. “

      • TL Howard says:

        Their campaign has all been about huge ad buys anyway so they are keeping that up so I read.

        This mornings dip in the market and the business show “experts” are at least pretending they still believe the national polls. I guess they have instructions to keep up the ruse so they can blame Biden’s loss on the scandal and/or his debate performance.

        Rasmussen has POTUS up 3 pts over Biden now, I think.

      • TMonroe says:

        Or there’s internal polling and common sense that indicates that anything that highlights the Joe Biden of 2021 to 2025 versus the Joe Biden of 1972 to 2012 carries the potential of a net negative

      • Bert Darrell says:

        Or the massive amount of drugs they pumped into him before the second debate is taking its toll. Also, Biden openly stated (on video) that Obama and himself had developed a “most intensive and inclusive voting fraud”. How did that happen?

      • 1800e says:

        Seems he’s just Biden his time.

    • dogsmaw says:

      They not called Hiden Bidens fer nothin 😛

    • Lynnielu says:

      I just got a breaking message from BayNews9 in Tampa/St. Pete that Biden will be in Tampa on Thursday. Of course, no details are given as to where he will be.

    • Tseg says:

      A lot of crazy crap the Dems have done for the past 10 years has not been normal, starting with when the MSM dropped everything and made Trans Bathrooms the most important event in the US for 3 months of my life. Everything started to go down from there. That was really the MSM coming out party, no pun intended.

    • rcogburn says:

      If Biden were running away with this thing, and the Hunter corruption story were neutralized, they would not have pulled him off the stump.

      His handlers decided the live appearances are a net-negative for Biden – limited upside vs potentially massive downside.

      By pulling him –

      1. No more terrible optics of his zero attendance appearances, where he is now outnumbered by MAGA supporters showing up at his events. These are living proof of the complete lack of any enthusiasm for Joe vs enormous enthusiasm for PDJT.

      2. No more Biden gaffes and dementia moments that quickly become viral. E.g. running against Bush; running for Senate; forgetting where he is; wandering behind his wife.

      3. No more questions about anything that Biden is incapable of answering, or will flub his answers – Hunter corruption, ending fossil fuels, etc.

    • booger71 says:

      The national radio news is claiming Jokin’ Joe will be in Connecticut tomorrow.

  2. MR52 says:

    Senator Thune calls out Schumer dirty trick with the Judaical confirmations.

  3. Concerning voter fraud, your best chances at this point, are with your State legislators.

    State Governments should instruct the Election Officials for their State that they must obey & enforce the election laws passed by their State legislature and not the usurpatious orders of judges. Judges have no constitutional authority to change what the State Legislatures do on this issue! See this paper, then pick up the phone and scream at your State rep!!


    • gsonFIT says:

      Mark Levine did something on this last week, but how can it be enforced if you have an opposing party governor? Just opening for discussion Wethepeople. I like the idea but what about logistics

      • Logistically and realistically, you are correct.
        In this scenario, the governor is not as important as the legislators (and The People) themselves, but they still have to sign off on it. We may pay the price of bad choices for governors and legislators, but hopefully, lessons will be learned for future election cycles.

        All we can do now is educate! This is what we do at http://www.buildingblocksforliberty.org.

        Together with those like Hillsdale College, Krisanne Hall, Tenth Amendment Center, PH, JBS, etc., etc., we might have a future chance.

        • gsonFIT says:

          Pretty clear in the Instruction Book that state legislatures are responsible for the elections. How could Roberts screw that up? Great post. Sometimes all we can do is the right thing

          • steph_gray says:

            Roberts is done being in the liberal majority on the court as of this evening.

            Amy will clean his clock.

          • Kroesus says:

            ,,,but he DID when he voted with the gang of the confused on the PA SC decision meaning their ruling stood. It is almost as if he can see the unseen now as well. Roe v Wade—“Right to Privacy,” Sebellius—-“Law,” and now Judiciary gets to set the rules for a federal election in contrast to what the US Constitution plainly states in ENGLISH.

          • Publius Huldah says:

            Thank you. Here is the first column on this issue published Sep 16: https://www.renewamerica.com/columns/huldah/200916

            That describes the outrageous ruling of the federal district court judge in TN who substituted HIS view of what is a reasonable burden on voters for that of the State Legislature which [along with Congress] alone has constitutional authority (Art. I, Sec. 4, US Constit.) to make the laws re the “times, places and manner” of voting in federal elections.

            Judges have been getting away with usurping powers granted to Legislatures for close to 100 years because The American People DON’T KNOW that when a power is delegated by our Constitution to one of the “political branches” of a government – the Judicial Branch has no authority to substitute their opinion for that of the political branch to which the power was delegated.

            Another key fact which The American People DON’T KNOW is that the Judicial Branches have no power to enforce their own Judgments and Orders. So if President Trump disagrees [as he most certainly should] with what the federal judges are doing and which permits massive cheating by Democrats; he should let State Republican officials and all State Election Officials know that he will NOT ENFORCE the federal judges’ orders. State Legislatures should pass Resolutions instructing their State Election officials on the law. State Governors should issue Executive Orders instructing State Election Officials that they are to obey the Laws made by their State Legislature and not the usurpatious dictates of federal judges.

            It is very difficult to get the Truth out – when they are so many who don’t want The People to have the Truth. Glad to see the Truth is getting out on this issue.

            It appears that Justices Thomas and Alito may be the only Justices on SCOTUS who understand this issue. I’m pretty sure Roberts is clueless (as he usually is). Lawyers got brainwashed in law school to believe that federal judges are THE sole and exclusive authority on what our Constitution means. Most law students go along with the brainwashing – even though such a claim is obviously absurd!

      • Kroesus says:

        Once ACB is confirmed, sworn, and seated it can be taken care of since it is the US Constitution that sets the state LEGISLATURES as the rules makers for federal elections.

    • we the people- like many states, our feckless legislators gave unlimited power to Governor Killer Cuomo back in March. The earliest they might possibly end is April, 2021 if then.

      • Seneca, please see comment above.
        I’m also an “elder”. Ha!

        • gsonFIT says:

          This is the kind of item the independent news should be covering and letting the people hash out in the public forum. I feel like AOC earned a seat at the table, but she doesn’t get to run the government.

      • Publius Huldah says:

        The State Legislature can’t delegate to the Governor any powers which the State Constitution doesn’t authorize. Check the Constitution for the State of New York. What are the powers delegated to the Executive Branch of New York State? Where are shut-downs, closed churches, and forced mask-wearing authorized? If you can’t find it, the Governor doesn’t have the power.

        Check also the Declaration of Rights in the New York State Constitution: Of the Rights there declared, which Rights are infringed by the Governor’s shut-down Orders? I think you’ll find a fairly long list of infringed Rights.

        Watch this one minute video from oral arguments in a “lock-down” case filed in Wisconsin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gFf-CMPzwiM&feature=youtu.be

        The Question the Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice asked counsel is THE Question every American should be asking re the unlawful dictates issued by their State government.

        • Kroesus says:

          NYS legislature also CANNOT legislate away rights granted in the US Constitution, They may be reacclaimed as rights in the state constitution as well but since the implementation of the 14th Amendment any rights protected by the Bill of Rights are also protected from state abuse.

    • More Bore says:

      Its a great sentiment and we all agree – but judges have done exactly that. the PA and NC funny business is despite the legislation that clearly states what the election rules are.

      • Kroesus says:

        Mark Levin puts forward a scenario that would bring the issue for both states back to SCOTUS post haste. The state legislatures in those states pass a resolution (no Gov signature needed) reiterating that THEY are the SOLE authority according to the US Constitution for setting rules for a FEDERAL election. They then point to current law and say that is what is LEGALLY enforceable in contrast to judicial decrees.

  4. FofBW says:

    It seems that Biden’s internal polling discovered his public appearances were loosing voters and increasing Deplorables / Chumps enthusiasm.

    • vikingmom says:

      Biden is crashing in the polls – even the faked ones…the Hunter story is still out there and even the MSM can’t keep people from finding out about it. The stock market was almost back to its February high and the 3rd Quarter job numbers looked great for a true V-shaped recovery.

      Quick – cue the COVID crap again!! And all the sheeple will nod in terror and rush to vote for the guy who is hiding in his basement and promising to shut down the entire country again and make us all wear masks forever? I don’t think so!! Sorry – fool me once, shame on you – Fool me twice, shame on me!

    • zurizara1 says:

      Hurray – COVID cured the flu. Wouldn’t you know?

  5. Sonia says:

    Britain is now recording more Covid-19 deaths per million people each day than the US – and it’s fairly safe to assume these data include what in the past would have been ‘normal’ influenza-related deaths, minus the fear-mongering. Influenza cases have fallen by 98% across the globe, and none of the experts ‘seems to know why’.


    • cheryl says:

      The AP is pushing a story today that El Paso is under curfew due to their hospitals being overwhelmed. I’m hoping someone around here is from around El Paso and tell us the truth.

      • thedoc00 says:

        You do not even have to hear from an El Paso Treeper. Stop and consider for just a moment that leading up to this “dramatic” development why have there been zero stories on the democrat loving TX Media about the build-up until today?? One would think any medical staff with even a modicum of care would have publicly sounded the alarm days or weeks ago to local municipal authorities or state health department. Also, what does this say about the democrat run city of El Paso and surrounding democrat county of El Paso if this situation was developing into this sudden crisis??

        • KBR says:

          That statistics seem to prove that the Demoncrats are more susceptible to Covid19, and to keep each other safe, must NOT under ANY circumstances come out of their homes at all for at least FOURTEEN DAYS.

          Additionally, they should wear gloves to get their mail and burn all mail immediately, in case it might be COVID-infectious.

          (That should stop further mail in ballots and all Dem voters who have not yet cheated, er I mean to say, voted..)

        • cheryl says:

          I knew it was coming when, yesterday, Margaret Brennan kept trying to get her medical expert to say that hospitals were being overwhelmed and he wouldn’t.

      • Tseg says:

        The article literally has no mention of how many people in hospitals in El Paso. If they were showing The Infirmed laying in the halls that would be a different matter.

      • booger71 says:

        The lefties in SW Missouri are doing the same thing which include the CEO’s of two major hospitals saying the ICU’s are being overwhelmed by covid but I have it on good authority that is not the case…yes the ICU’s are full but not from covid cases.

      • Crusader says:

        I think they should just move the border to the north side of El Paso and let it be part of Juarez. Any place that elects the likes of Beto is no longer an American city.

    • doyouseemyvision says:

      Not all countries categorize Covid deaths the same way. Even the US has changed its categorization of Covid deaths since March. This chart is really comparing apples to oranges, just bear that in mind.

      Not all countries are even using the same test. For example, US is using a PCR test, Germany is using a test that detects CV infections much more conservatively. Just be wary of apples to oranges comparisons.

  6. furtive says:

    Pretzel ? Joe
    Past is prologue:
    “Marriage doesn’t need a constitutional amendment“


    • DeWalt says:

      That ammendment is in the Bible.

    • Chris says:

      Stupid question. I’m a millennial, so a lot of Sleepy Joe’s tenure was before my time. Was he actually a more “moderate” Democrat? I know that doesn’t exist anymore, but I feel like times were different 30 years ago. It seems like he has been pulled so far left by the socialists/marxists in the party.

      • furtive says:

        He’s role playing. He was a normal guy before he became veep. Actually, he supports everything Trump advocates., even pro life(Catholic)
        Trump is a traditional Harry Truman Democrat, who seized control of the GOP. That is why they are so scared of him. It’s fear more than hate.
        The communist party USA seized the Democrat party beginning when obama was elected in 2008
        Trump saw the the plan, which is why he drew up his own.
        The Power of Positive Thinking.
        Traitor Joe got greedy, took money from overseas as all senators do, & got away with it…until now.
        Obama is subbing for him this week, because he has too much to lose if trump prevails. He is the biggest criminal of all. He likely got a piece of the action from Biden’s graft.

        Traitor Joe Biden had no choice but turn socialist. There was no other way in 2020.

      • willthesuevi says:

        Joe can be summed up thusly; If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.

        Joe, as are many POLITICIANS on both sides, is more in favor of popularity than anything resembling principles, honesty and character. He is for whatever he thinks will win more votes in the next election.

    • mike says:

      I agree with Biden on this one.

  7. ohnoyoudonot says:

    MON, OCT 26, 2020 | BY HUGH HEWITT

    Assistant to the President Jared Kushner On Sudan , Israel and the Abraham Accords And The First Step Act.


    HH: Now Jared Kushner, President Truman recognized Israel in 1948. President Nixon saved it during the Yom Kippur War in 1973. But I think President Trump fairly could be said, along with those two, to have been most critical to Israel, because he’s led the Arab world to recognize and embrace the existence of Israel. Fair statement?

    JK: I believe so. And look, you know, President Trump, he understands American power, American strength. And what he did with the Middle East is his first trip as president was to the Middle East. If you remember the last campaign, the Middle East was a hot topic. You had, you know, basically a genocide in Syria. They were killing Christians. ISIS was running rampant. Iran was fully emboldened, funding proxies that were destabilizing the whole region.

    And America was still relying on the Middle East for a lot of energy. And so if you think about what President Trump did, he went to Saudi Arabia, he brought together the 54 leaders of Muslim and Arab countries, and said this isn’t America’s problem. This isn’t your problem. It’s all of our problem. And you know, he set up a center there to combat terror finance. We’ve now gone into the banking systems of all the Middle Eastern countries. We’ve reduced the funding of terror by a dramatic amount.

    We opened up a counterextremism center in Saudi Arabia. We’ve seen some tremendous reforms there that will help, you know, reduce the long-term extremism and radicalization of the youth. And we defeated the territorial caliphate of ISIS, which was essential. And I think that you’ve seen that Iran is a different country today than they were four years ago by having their resources significantly hampered.

    And so I think that President Trump also hasn’t allowed these countries to cherry pick or to look at things through a conventional lens, and basically saying okay, let’s agree on what the goals are. Let’s all agree on that, and then let’s keep iterating and working to try to find ways to get there. And so again, over the last three and a half years, we’ve been criticized, I mean, me in particular by all of the, you know, experts who worked on this problem set for a long time. And the reality is that you know, we took a different approach, but it’s that different approach that allowed us to achieve the different results.

    HH: You know, Jared Kushner, when they write up the history of this, they’ll say “Peace breaks out in the Middle East. Experts hurt the most.”

    • ohnoyoudonot says:

      HH: … Does diplomacy actually work? Or is it always really the Melian Dialogue, the powerful dictating to the less powerful?

      dictating to the less powerful?

      JK: Well, I don’t think it’s one or the other, right? Doctrines are complicated, because it’s really about application, right? So you know, when I was in one of the countries, you know, on my first tour, my first year was really about listening more than it was about lecturing, right? And so I was really trying to understand why this had failed, what people’s perspectives were, what we could do differently, and then how we should resolve this conflict.

      And you know, one of the leaders said to me, “You know, Jared, I think you’re going to make peace here.” And I said “Well, why do you think that?” And he said “Well, the U.S. usually sends one of three people to the region. You know, people who come and fall asleep in meetings, you have people who come and read notecards and have no ability to react, and then you have people who come here and try to convince us to do things that aren’t in our interests. And you know, what you’ve done is you’ve come here, you’ve listened, you’re trying to get our perspective.”

      • Ray Runge says:

        A classic example of a bad treaty grounded in the victor telling the vanquished to “bobble your head and sign the Document”, is the Past WW I Treaty (Versailles).

        Germany was told to sign and shut up. This helped fuel a “I have had my nose rubbed in the dir”t component to the German national psyche. Weimar Republic and the rise of “we can get it done” Nazi attitude, along with the emboldening liquor of anti semitism were Yee Hah type nationalistic and totalitarian cultural fuel.

        The one sided treaty certainly played the seed of WW II.

    • Doppler says:

      Great post, ohno! JK applying the art of the deal to get to yes. I hope someday to read an excellent account of JK’s role, mentored by and representing his father-in-law, on the one hand, making the rounds among mortal enemies, step by step aligning their own interests, on the other. Inspiring.

      • ohnoyoudonot says:

        The whole interview / transcript was great.

        The part on First Step Act shows part of why black / hispanic Trump popularity is on the uprise.

    • ohnoyoudonot says:

      In a June, 2020 assessment by the Brennan Center, which is at NYU Law School, it’s named for the great person. HH: … It actually has on their website an update, December 21st, 2018, 1:10pm. President Trump has signed the First Step Act. And in June, 2020, the center’s senior counsel, Ames Grawert wrote, “The First Step Act is intended to do two things – cut unnecessarily long federal sentences, and improve conditions in federal prisons. More than a year after it was enacted in 2018, key parts of the law are working as promised.” What’s your assessment, Jared Kushner?

      JK: I think it’s been a tremendous, tremendous success. I mean, the First Step Act was the prison and criminal justice reform that basically did, you know, two things. It 1) made the prisons more purposeful, right? In America, we’ve had a debate, what’s the purpose of our prisons, to warehouse, to punish, or to rehabilitate …

      The second thing it did was it rolled back some of the laws from the ’94 Crime Bill that obviously was passed by President Clinton and obviously, you know, Joe Biden was bragging about having written that bill. And that basically did a disproportionate sentencing for crack versus powder.

  8. Patience says:

    Where’s Joe? ??

    Hiden Obiden

    Joe hunter ?

  9. Cole says:

    This is the type of story, put out today, that undecided voters need to see and hear. It puts Biden supporters in a box–either they discredit anything Putin says, or they go along with what Putin says about Hunter’s dealings being legitimate, thus agreeing with Putin. Catch-22!


    Business that Joe Biden’s son Hunter “had or might have” in Ukraine has nothing to do with Moscow, President Vladimir Putin said, on Sunday, adding that Biden made “good money” there and Russia sees “nothing criminal” in it.

    “It doesn’t concern us. It concerns the Americans and the Ukrainians,” the Russian president said when asked about Hunter’s business dealings in Ukraine during an interview with Rossiya-1.

    Putin revealed that he is aware of “at least one company” Joe Biden’s son “de-facto headed,” adding that Hunter “apparently made very good money” from this endeavor. Still, Putin said he does not “see anything criminal about it.”


  10. FreedomNinja says:

    Joe doesn’t know for what position he is running, nor does he know his opponent. For all he knows, some guy named George is challenging him for the Senate. Biden won’t win, but we have to vote like our lives depend on it. Time to wipe the floor with these socialist chumps.

  11. Henry says:

    Pictures of Malia and her credit cards,too, on hunter’s laptop?

    Would explain o’s lackluster campaigning….

    • Sparky5253 says:

      I saw that, too. Such disgusting people. Horrid parents with no morals. They don’t even protect their children. The sexual depravity and corruption in DC is beyond words.

    • gsonFIT says:

      So was that photo actually on Hunter’s laptop?

      • Henry says:

        Who really knows?
        If it’s real; left will say deepfake.
        Chinese guy on gtv does have some very interesting pics though.

        • gsonFIT says:

          Yep. All our kids need more drugs…Drug to School. Drug to Church. Drug to Grandparent’s and Drug away from the computers and smartphones

    • Alligator Gar says:

      Those two little girls (at the time) were nothing but props for Big Mike and O’Zero.
      Nothing. But. Props.
      I feel so sorry for them. Yes, they will go to the Ivies. Yes, they will get good positions later. But they were not cherished, protected, and loved like children should be. Nothing can make up for the lack of parental care and love. Nothing.

    • steph_gray says:

      There was a post here a couple of days ago debunking this, saying that the image of the card with the cocaine is indeed real, but has been on the Internet for years and has no relationship to Hunter Biden.

      Let’s be careful in this wild west of information, treepers!

  12. ed bernay says:

    How is it possible that Biden thinks he can still win the election even though he will not be out campaigning for the next 8 days? His campaign thinks that it is worse for his election chances to be out talking over being locked in his basement? Biden’s corruption and their Presidential nomination process exemplifies today’s progressive Democrat party.

    I really hope the Democrats don’t try BS games to try to win. I’m expecting them to hire people to stand in voting lines on Election Day to discourage Republicans from voting. I can tell you right now, I will stand in line for 24 hours to vote for Donald Trump and from what I can tell from seeing reports on Trump rallies, others Trump voters will do the same.

    • RWG (Right Wing Gal) says:

      Yes, don’t let them discourage you. They have nothing left but to try and keep us home. I know not everyone here agrees, but I would recommend voting early if you can (in person). From all I am hearing, it will be cold and gross with long lines in most of the US on election day.

    • rcogburn says:

      “How is it possible that Biden thinks he can still win the election even though he will not be out campaigning for the next 8 days?”

      Great question. Meanwhile, it would appear Biden thinks he CAN’T win the election if he DOES keep campaigning!

    • 1stgoblyn says:

      He doesn’t need to campaign b/c he has been guaranteed he will win, just like with Hillary in 2016. They think they will be able to overcome the cowards, the chumps, irredeemable deplorables, the clingers and smelly walmart shoppers, the spineless enablers who will be out there in massive numbers voting for our VSPGPDJT’s four more years. TRUMP 2020!

    • Sparky5253 says:

      Biden did say that the Democrats have the largest voter fraud organization in history. Like Hillary, Biden is counting on that for the win.

      • Julia Adams says:

        Probably because his campaign has told him to stay at home—he is embarrassing himself and making self-incriminating remarks on the trail.

      • Julia Adams says:

        Probably because his campaign has told him to stay at home—he is embarrassing himself and making self-incriminating remarks on the trail.

    • BuckeyeMom says:

      This has shades of the Obama/Romney campaign.

      No complacency- vote, vote, vote!

    • jus wundrin says:

      Isnt this how hilly lost the blue wall?

      I dont see the strategy here. Joes condition must be worsening.

    • TexSwede says:

      Reminds me of McCain suspending his campaign against Obama when the banking crisis hit. That worked out real well. Biden reminds me of McCain.

  13. JasonF says:

    The Washington Examiner has just published an article entitled “The big Trump rallies you don’t see“, by Byron York. The article is excerpted below.


    “I can’t believe there aren’t any newspeople here,” said Linda of Greene County, Pennsylvania, as she stood among hundreds of cars and pickup trucks idling in long parallel lines in a vast big-box-store parking lot Saturday, waiting to join the Interstate 70 Trump Train. Indeed, although there were carloads of Trump supporters as far as one could see, and many more on the way from Ohio and West Virginia, and this enormous political event was happening less than two weeks before the presidential election, as far as I could tell, I was the only newsperson there.

    It was the biggest political rally no one saw. And gatherings like it have been happening for months in some of the places President Trump needs most to win if he is to be reelected. And, remarkably, the rallies are not the work of the Trump campaign. The road rally in Washington, Pennsylvania, was organized and staged by local Trump supporters, linked together largely by Facebook, who want to show that enthusiasm for the president in western Pennsylvania and surrounding areas is not just strong but stronger than it was when Trump eked out a victory in Pennsylvania in 2016. If Trump wins this critical state, it will owe in significant part to this organic movement and the energetic organizers who have nothing to do with his campaign.


    Maria, from Washington, described herself as a lifelong Democrat who turned Republican when Trump ran in 2016. She and a lot of her family members voted for Barack Obama twice, she said. Now, looking around, she marveled that “the enthusiasm for Trump is unreal.”


    There’s no bigger supporter of the industry, or of Trump, than Amy Savage, founder and owner of Oil & Gas Safety Supply. …. Coronavirus hit Oil & Gas Safety Supply hard, as it did so many other businesses across the country. The two stores shut down completely for 45 days. …. Now, Savage is making back a little money selling Trump gear — flags, stickers, clothing, everything. What started with a shelf or two of Trump stuff has now turned into a 10,000 square foot section of her store in St. Clairsville. ….

    Savage has also turned into a major pro-Trump organizer in the region. She put together the tri-state rally in a matter of days, using her store’s parking areas — it takes a lot of empty asphalt to stage one of these things — and using social media to spread the word as far as she could. She hoped to be able to get 5,000 people to attend — about three to each car — and it appears she succeeded.

    Other than an appearance from the president himself, it’s probably the most effective Trump campaigning going on in Pennsylvania, and it has nothing to do with the official Trump campaign.

    “I think there’s a lot of people who are shy supporters,” said Ron from Butler.

    “I know people in their 50s who haven’t voted in their entire lives, and they’re going to vote for Trump,” said Patrick from Beaver County.

  14. I want to urge everyone to early vote if they can because the left is playing the COVID second wave thing and who knows what else they will do to prevent us from voting on election day…I don’t like voting early but I did this past week for this reason….

  15. rcogburn says:

    IMO, the Biden/China corruption are the biggest bombshells to come out of the laptop scandal.

    Our former Vice President is bought and paid for by the Chinese government!

    I hope some smart journalists are really digging into this, with a series of articles that make it comprehensible. It’s complex story that is not immediately understandable. It made headlines the last couple of days, but not much new coverage on it today, and the early stories were dense and, for most people, difficult to follow.


  16. 1stgoblyn says:

    The crowd at President Trump’s peaceful protest in Allentown this morning is very, VERY rowdy. If he doesn’t win PA, there is something fishy going on.

    • RWG (Right Wing Gal) says:

      Bring it on. So tired of their temper tantrums. These idiots need to learn that as adults you don’t always get your way. I’m locked and loaded here in WA state.

    • gsonFIT says:

      One America fact to curtail it: The Second Amendment

    • Guyski says:

      Not worried one bit. Watched some videos of Trumpers / real Americans dealing with these idiots. For example; some idiots causing trouble, real Americans professionally corralling them to where they want them. Then some idiot hits a guy in a wheel chair. Then POW real Americans beat the crap out of the idiots. ?

      • rcogburn says:

        Which is why they need their accomplices, the Democrat mayors, to create safe spaces for them to riot. Even then, they are pathetic.

    • stonedstooge says:

      Let’s see if they are willing to die for $20 an hour. I’ll die for freedom for my kids and grandchild for nothing

    • 1stgoblyn says:

      I don’t understand these leftist temper-throwers. If they want to live in a commie country there is a little place called Cuba that would love to have them. They keep screaming out bad our country will be with another four years of a President Trump. So live with it and love it or move to another country.

  17. Convert says:

    Yet another amazing, jaw-dropping story from the sordid lives of the Bidens revealed on the laptop. Which will be blocked in all social media and completely ignored by all major media. What in the world will our children and grandchildren think years from now when the truth is revealed about the rampant corruption, evil, and conspiring?


  18. gsonFIT says:

    So when can we see Susa Rice’s NSC information that Obama so quickly sealed after the 2016 election?

  19. Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

    First Trump Rally of the day underway now in drizzly Pennsylvania.

    ~~~~~~~ TRUMP the VOTE ~~~~~~~

  20. ohnoyoudonot says:

    Has Covid killed off the flu? Influenza cases nosedive by 98% across the globe


    In the Southern Hemisphere, where the flu season happens during our summer months, the WHO data suggests it never took off at all.

    In Australia, just 14 positive flu cases were recorded in April, compared with 367 during the same month in 2019 – a 96 per cent drop.

    By June, usually the peak of its flu season, there were none. In fact, Australia has not reported a positive case to the WHO since July.

    In Chile, just 12 cases of flu were detected between April and October. There were nearly 7,000 during the same period in 2019.

    And in South Africa, surveillance tests picked up just two cases at the beginning of the season, which quickly dropped to zero over the following month – overall, a 99 per cent drop compared with the previous year.

    • Eric C. says:

      Ha ha ha, “the more the planners plan, the more the plans fail”

      I wonder if the SARS-COV-2 is actually taking out the normal “flu” virus.

      • TMonroe says:

        Or if they’re testing one versus the other, with people also trying to stay away when they’re sick another temperature is up versus powering through and going to the office and other public places.

        • linderella says:

          Right — when we started taking COVID precautions like sanitizing, masks, and safe distancing, I thought that one good side effect might be that it would prevent a lot of colds and flu. A nice byproduct of all this has been that places are less crowded, people coming down with something tend to stay home or isolate more — and stores and public bathrooms are a lot cleaner than they used to be!

    • Buddy Smot says:

      Someone want to explain how one virus can kill off another. Why didn’t the flu virus kill off the common cold.

      A more reasonable explanation is that some flu cases are being counted as COVID. Another explanation is flu is not being counted at all.

      If you get sick insist on a comprehensive flu test. Do not take NO for an answer.

      • Eric C. says:

        Well Buddy, using simple logic. If Covid is more easily transmissible and “competes” with the “flu” virus for a host, then if more people are getting Covid as opposed to the flu along with “social distancing”, the general germaphobia that’s more prevalent right now may cause a scenario where the flu virus can’t spread and replicate. This might be a scenario in which Covid could “kill” the flu virus.

        We have significantly eliminated international travel and put a large halt on domestic travel. People with “symptoms” are probably actually staying at home. In fact, international travel and domestic travel only rose since the late-60’s Hong Kong flu and the 2009 H1N1. Maybe this was a much needed reset to “slow/stop the spread”.

        It’ll be interesting the long term effects. We should have a good idea after this winter.

  21. Convert says:

    Hey smart people, I am hoping some of you insider types that comment here can offer some reassurance: there are all kinds of political operatives and hobbyists who are isolating studying tabulating all of the voting numbers so far district by district and the state by state and posting it on social media.

    It seems to me that they are doing the Democrat fraud machine a great service by letting them know exactly how many votes they need to come up with!

    The other thing I’m worrying about is the fact that Democrats are so overwhelmingly voting by mail and voting early and the election is going to hinge on Republicans showing up in huge numbers on election Day and willing to stand in line for hours. Again given the kind of behavior that we have seen from the opposition, what’s to say that particularly in densely populated areas antifa won’t show up and completely disrupt voting! All it’s going to take is a few pipe bombs going off at some polling places and you could see numbers drop off dramatically, and we know that in many cases the police will do nothing about antifa . They just stand down and watch. I guess my question is do we know if the RNC is actively looking at security issues for voters on voting day?

    Having said all of that, for those of you who are not data nerds and not following all of that research that’s going on on Twitter, you should be encouraged. The numbers are actually looking amazingly good; yes the Democrat number looks huge, but in comparison to 2016, not so much. and in comparison to what we know about the numbers that are needed to win and how many votes are still out there from committed Republican voters etc etc., looking good. Numbers from Black and Hispanic voters look astounding! So all in all be a good cheer!

  22. It’s Not About the Money or the Prostitutes
    It’s about China, stupid.

    “But it’s not the prostitutes, the drugs, the money, or the bribery that are the real issues here. The crisis comes from the greatest source of the monies involved. Hunter Biden and the Bidens received millions from the Ukraine, millions from Russia, and millions even from Iraq. But they received more than $1 billion from our greatest enemy, Communist China.
    “China isn’t just another country. It isn’t our ally, our friend, or even our “competitor.” It is a nation that has vowed to replace America as the most powerful nation in the world. It has declared its plan to do so under its “Belt and Road Initiative,” and it has even revealed the unconventional forms of attack and subversion it is using to do so under the banner of “Unrestricted Warfare.”
    “Now, the government of our most strategically significant adversary is on the cusp of potentially seeing a man who they have essentially “bought” take the White House, a man whose family has been enriched with blood money generated by a regime that still maintains labor camps and where the one-party system crushes or “disappears” anyone who dissents. ”
    A Must Read The Whole Thing.

  23. disman2017 says:

    How does this guy do it? All these different state rallies (NC, OH, & WI in one day). The President is having 3 rallies in Pennsylvania today. PA shocked me last time around as I thought that Hillary would hold on to it due to Philadelphia (remove Philly and that state is red even with Pittsburgh and Harrisburg). The Amish, rural folks, and coal miner/energy workers that live in PA better show up in high numbers to outvote Philadelphia like they did last time around. Don’t be another New York, California or Illinois! This goes for you too, Michigan and Wisconsin. Stay red!

    Meanwhile, the Sleepy Big Guy is taking yet another lid and won’t hold any more events until election day. He sounded like an angry old man at his last event. Plus, he can’t even remember Trump’s name???? Never have I seen such a lazy candidate for President in my life yet the corrupt press is trying to convince people that he’s up in the pools. I like that the President’s videos of using the Sleepy Big Guy’s words against him and even using footage of Bernie Sanders, who’s trying to become Labor Secretary under the Kamala Harris/Sleepy Big Guy admin. Faux cut away from the videos to push those fake Real Clear Politics polls and the rally isn’t on Newsmax or the 3 C-Span channels (Comcast doesn’t carry OAN where I live).

  24. Margaret Berger says:

    I was confused why the DNC powers that be chose Biden. Now I understand they didn’t chose him the CCP did and told the DNC this is our choice.

    • gsonFIT says:

      They did so through the Awan Brothers! Not sure of the logistics but I think Pakistan gave up OBL which they then used to compromise Obama admin. But the DNA of the whole thing goes back to William Jefferson Clinton renting out the Lincoln bedroom and selling ICBM plans and tooling machines in the mid 1990s to China.

      This is much more important than Hunter Biden.

  25. DeWalt says:

    Another, In Case You Missed It. Remember Epstein? Yea. Still waiting for that Bill Barr investigation into his death. Ho Hum.
    Things you’ll never see about people you’ve never heard of. Those people that are really running things. Watch this.


  26. DeWalt says:

    Reading about the COVID vaccine and how mostly conservative people say they won’t take it brings this thought to mind. And yes I really believe they are this evil.
    The vaccine comes out and it’s strongly urged that you take it. People are so suspicious of the Globalist Cabal they refuse. What if the Vaccine is for a man made Virus they haven’t released and it is very deadly? They got you.


  27. ohnoyoudonot says:

    Operation Autumn Hope

    Human-trafficking operation leads to 80 Columbus-area arrests, over 200 in Ohio


  28. willthesuevi says:

    I don’t have time to read over 800 comments today so if this was posted before, just ignore.

    Sundance retweeted this from Kelly O’Donnell. It is the annual Halloween gathering at the White House. Put a smile on my face this morning. I just love the “Little Man” Soldier in the video. An awesome sign of respect from a future patriot!


  29. Patience says:

    Allantown PA’s “Friendly Protest” was packed !!!
    >Now they all need to GO VOTE for Presinent Donald J Trump.

  30. WeThePeople2016 says:

    Say a prayer. He is surging strong too. He is now tied with the Dem in MN.


    • I’m glad he’s spending in the rust belt, but that’s not a very big ad buy. Sadly, I think Parscale wasted tons of cash early on and now they’re having to be strategic where to spend the remaining dollars.

      • BuckeyeMom says:

        I really think in today’s age of streaming content, that regular TV ads don’t have the same impact as they used to. I rarely watch television as it is, so to me, these ads are useless.

        As far as to what Parscale did, who knows….

      • MAGADJT says:

        Eh. I feel like they have (or can get) all the cash they need. It’s not like they’re searching the couch cushions for quarters.

  31. Hollywood Bungalow says:

    Obama led from behind.

    Biden wants to lead from his basement.

  32. StanH says:

    News Politics

    Microsoft Rep Threatens To ‘Slide Knife Between Ribs’ Of ‘Asshole’ Conservatives

    October 25, 2020Natalie Winters

    Just to be clear what the enemy is thinking.

  33. MR52 says:

    Folks, I was reading comments on a Breitbart thread that said vote for each candidate. A straight ticket could make it easier for them to alter the vote. Not sure how true that is. I always have vote per candidate no matter what.

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