Site Notes, Updates and Apologies…

As many are aware, our website has been challenged by recent updates to the WordPress hosting platform.  If you are experiencing any site issues related to recent software updates by the host platform, please accept my apologies.

Sometime recently, WordPress modified the backside code used for this website, presumably to update to an enhanced platform.  This was not done by CTH, it was out of our control, and it has created a considerable challenge as many site functions have been impacted; not the least of which is my ability to write and post about current topics in a quick and responsive manner.

The WP toolbar used by many, including site admins, has disappeared. No solution currently available.  The site “SEARCH” function tool (right margin) has also been disrupted and is not returning accurate results.  Additionally, the WP reader function is having a compatibility issue and many other ordinary site functions are disrupted. My sincere apologies for any reader/user frustration this is causing.

Be advised this set of challenges is nothing CTH admins or myself have initiated. These disruption issues are all driven by WordPress modifications made without any advanced notice to us.  Some of them appear to be driven by WP adding “plugins” as part of a new upgrade, and we are working diligently through a process to evaluate the compatibility problems if we uninstall the changes (or even if we can).

As with all software updates, these changes can have cascading effects depending on each users individual browser.  If you are experiencing site issues, this is likely one of the causes.  Browser compatibility issues are usually corrected over time, but that does not mitigate the frustration you may experience.

Obviously, given the nature of our political climate, all of this seems conspicuously timed; and of course the WP “happiness engineers” who have initiated this challenge -at this specific time- deny any suspicious intent; which is obviously disrupting the substance of our presented information and your important crowdsource discussions.

Thankfully, most of the more damaging and consequential changes have been mitigated, but there will likely be some issues ongoing as we work diligently through the process of attempting to put our website back to a very user-friendly format.  I have spent the better part of the past 24 hours trying to get things back to normal.

Again, my apologies for the issues and we will persevere.  We appreciate your support and understanding as we work through this.  If you have any specific issue that you cannot resolve, feel free to shoot us an email, and bear with us as you can only imagine the inbound volume in that regard.

Hopefully, I can soon get back to providing the CTH research and analysis that sets this little corner of the internet apart from the rest of the political noise.

Warmest possible regards,


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266 Responses to Site Notes, Updates and Apologies…

  1. mamadogsite says:

    I think this possibly may be bigger than just WP. Having issues with a few game sites as well.

    However, when we win this election, I believe we need to revisit websites, social media, retail, manufacturing corporations, financial, educational and religious institutions, (etc;), who have decided THEIR hate, or displeasure with Trump supporters, is more important than the uninformed, unsure, deplorable Americans who support POTUS.

    They obviously have not realized our financial support, subscriptions and business will diminish, and eventually cease. (4 years ago, who would have thought our economy would thrive without the “made in China” stamp or label. )

    Therefore, I am warning those who knowingly try to subvert our freedom of speech, of religion, and all other freedoms, BECAUSE we will reply in kind.

    People have and still are cutting their cable. Boycotting all sports. Boycotting many BLM -supporting products, retail and corporations.

    When you’ve mistreated and disrespected your long-time supporters and contributors, you are chancing losing them and their business forever.


    Go ahead. Gamble your business future. We have choices. WE KNOW. Don’t be stupid and ignorant in thinking we will surrender our freedoms. This is NOT the new norm, and unacceptable.



    • Texas Rancher says:

      Mama dog site:

      This is EXACTLY why I have been saying that Media and Tech needs to be limited, somehow, as to how many entities they can own! Most of these Globalists and “Celebrities” could live in great luxury for more than 100 lifetimes without any additional “financial support” from us! Therefore, as it is, they do not fear us! Their EMPIRES allow them to lose money in “Vanity Projects” without ill effects, because they take it off their taxes as losses when we vote with our wallets. They control what we are ALLOWED TO READ, and also pave the way for laws and procedures that make them even richer! For example: Jeff Bezos, owner of Amazon and VERY LIBERAL Washington Post! He has made MANY BILLIONS! by delivering goods to homes, while local businesses have closed forever during the China Virus, and his newspaper has kept the lies flowing!


    • Moakie says:

      Sundance your comments section is one of the worst in conservative media. This is chiefly because wordpress comment platform sucks. If you can afford it use disqus. It’s cross site tracking allowing commenters to manage all comments across all sites they comment on is great and a big differentiator from sh*try wordpress.


  2. cantcforest says:

    Not for Sundance or Admins

    Before the hack, I was able to post and like without having to sign in each time. I’ve had to make changes to my adblocker to allow me to sign in, but I’m still having to sign in each time. Any thoughts?


    • Ad rem says:

      Have you checked your browser’s setting re “cookies”….WP insists on installing their cookies.


      • cantcforest says:

        That was my first thought. Thank you so much. I’ll look there again.
        Please take care of your other problems, I’m here for the long??? haul.


      • Peoria Jones says:

        This sucks, Ad rem. Lots of problems, and we commenters all have different ones.

        Your end is more important, so thanks for persevering for us. And thanks to SD for for letting us know. We’ll be here, faithfully.

        The CTH team is worth waiting for. Have a cup of tea (or a margarita) and Godspeed! ❤


      • What the hell is a cookie and how do I get one from WP?


      • Ad rem:
        (re WP cookies)

        The monster of socialism is hungry and wants to be fed!

        As with all adherents to socialism (who are avowed enemies of

        capitalism) there only means of receiving payment for their ‘services’

        is to impose it on their victims.

        The virtues of capitalism promote the willing and glad payment for

        services rendered.

        But, in the end, we must understand that these are, in their wanton

        disregard of private property rights and every other civil right which

        Americans revere, simply hungry monsters.

        We pray that our political process will resolve our conflicts peacefully.

        But by the same token, political legitimacy always depends on the consent of the governed, and that certainly applies to the here and now.


    • cantcforest says:

      Ad Rem,
      You nailed it. It was the handling of cookies, but it wasn’t set as I thought it was.
      I don’t understand why so many of these problems are dependent on individual browser settings, but consider trying a cleaned out alternate browser to access CTH. If that works, you probably need to tweak your browser settings.
      This is free advice from a country boy, consider what you may get in the next shovelfull.
      Thank you Ad Rem.


    • MelH says:

      cantcforest. you’re lucky. I’ve had to sign in always, for the last 3 or 4 years every time, but I submit this is all because of ALL platforms having to make room for the SYNC function that is so new. (You can make your lap top, and phone and desktop all have the same info on them always.} My e-mail client is constantly battling that and makes one change that wrecks something else, and they have been fiddling to get it right for MONTHS! Their latest “fix”made it so if I hesitate while writing a line the next word I write gets inserted somewhere in the previous line. BUT I won’t bore you with what Twitter does to we Conservatives!


  3. SD, appreciate the update and all the hard work to get over another (unnecessary) hurdle. Biggest issue I have is the loss oddments the menu bar. I can live without it as I am sure there are much more important things to deal with.

    We shall get through this also.


  4. upstate909 says:

    Thank you for all you do SD. No worries, no apologies necessary. These issues will be corrected between November 4, 2020 and January 20,2021. No inconvenience here, maybe some frustrations, as I am sure you are feeling as well.

    Please consider exporting your articles to parler or rumble, if possible. So far, they have not censored any comments, aside from terroristic threatening or personal bodily harm. I think we all know when a troll is a troll, and when some of us may have differing opinions. Just thinking if more people were aware of your research, more eyes may be opened. Even better would be they would delve into the vast amount of research you have provided.

    I have ZERO association with either of these platforms. But so far, so good.


  5. nimrodman says:

    As Grandma Covfefe pointed out on page 2 of the comments, images no longer display – all you see is the text link to the image

    The link WILL click thru to the source, but the image does not show here

    Caturday will be a lot less fun if we scroll down the page and all we see is a list of text links

    I ran a test on one of the most recent posts to rule out the possibility that it’s only yesterday’s posts that were corrupted

    It’s not

    It appears we’ve lost image display capability permanently as a result of WordPress code “updates”

    – as of now – unless it can be fixed

    here’s my test


  6. Rick554 says:

    So far all seems to be good. But even if for some reason I can’t comment, be advised that CTH is still the first site I check I the morning and the last at night. Thanks and GOD bless you All. And GOD bless the USA!


  7. H.R. says:

    Hey! My Treehouse icon is back.

    I had the blue ‘W’, as did everyone else, and after coming back here to catch up after dinner and some other chores, the TREE is back!

    I guess progress is being made.


    • Grammy850 says:

      H.R. I was so glad to see my tree icon back also. It’s the simple little things that matter sometimes isn’t it. The tree icon was like seeing a light in the window of home on a stormy night. I always look forward to see what Sundance has posted and the comments from fellow patriots So in honor of our tree return here is a quick redo of Joyce Kilmer’ s poem I loved when I was a child TREES

      I think that I may never see
      an icon as lovely as Sundance’s tree
      A tree whose hunger for truth is never quenched
      For our country whose fearless leaders are President Trump and VP pence

      A tree whose roots grow deep and wide
      Representing patriots far and wide
      In our love to GOD each day
      we patriots lift our hearts to pray

      For We are a family coming from far and wide
      And we know in you we can abide
      Give us courage to never sway
      From fighting the battles that come each day

      So dear Lord we thank you much
      For Sundance, Ad Rem and each one of us
      That you will bless us and keep us in your care
      And if it be your will let President Trump beat the pants off of Mr Putz (Biden)
      By grammy



  8. simplewins says:

    TREE LOGO is BACK!!!! Great work SD!!!


  9. Jimmy Jack says:

    God bless you for your graciousness. I for one am just thankful you post each day. Full speed ahead.


  10. Patriot1783 says:

    Just to report in, I have had a WordPress acct since @ 2011 with the Tree and never any real issue in all this time but just checked and all responses to my posts have been wiped from the account. Blank slate 😔


  11. I”m giving up for the day…can’t post, reply or like…sigh…hopefully tomorrow will be better.


  12. resolute says:

    Thank You, Sundance, for everything that you do. No issues here on my end, knock on wood. For what it’s worth I’m using a desktop with Linux Mint and Firefox. It’s a great system.

    I’ve a few friends in the computer business, specializing in internet security. They’re involved in stuff that’s orders of magnitude beyond what my simple mind can comprehend. Word is that hacking from Russia, and especially from China, is at such a high level that we’re definitely in the midst of WW3 and it’s all being fought online. Most of the attacks are aimed at government sites, financial institutions, and large businesses, but with something as important to Americans as the information found here at the treehouse I wouldn’t be surprised at all if this site is caught up in the fray.


  13. ichozfreedom says:

    Well, You know that the formatting changed recently on FB ALSO! MOVED EVERTHING AROUND! I’m chalking it up to Election Meddling!


    • carterzest says:

      FB is horrid. They recently took away FB classic as you mention, and I see the same ads and posts despite hitting “most recent” I see the same stuff all the time. Tie that in with the mail in voter propaganda And fact checker tags on 30% of the articles I post and it is no longer usable


  14. Magabear says:

    Anyone having success at getting the mobile version to reappear? I’m not. 😞


  15. montanamel says:

    Firing circuit test …. 3…2…1… TEST


  16. montanamel says:

    Running Win7 Pro, i5 chip, Chrome – same laptop I have used for last year or so…generic settings I guess, have never tried to “change” or even check a “setting”… Using Satellite ISP, dynamic IP assignment.

    Just posted as normal

    Was able to “LIKE” another posting in a normal fashion.

    FWIW: I have had two other notices of “website issues”.. NOT WP RELATED…

    One site called out “massive denial of service attack”….

    Wonder whats happening over at Space Command…? eh?


  17. Test. You no longer exist on WordPress. All of my followed accounts have been wiped. Can’t add any either. A real mess.


  18. Cathy M. says:

    Well, That’s a relief.
    Thanks for the update SD.

    I know very little about anything techie so I thought it it was just me not knowing what the heck I did to mess my WP up.


  19. Linda says:

    Thank goodness everything looks/works normal for me! I am not real techie! And Sundance, OMG, you certainly don’t owe us an apology, I just pray for the Lord’s hands to guide your repairs of it! And FYI, CTH is my first and last of the day pretty much only place I get my news from! A little twitter, but only a select few! Thankyou so much for all you do!


  20. shevee says:

    another test


  21. Retired IG says:

    Must be the season of the witch

    My computer has shut down twice in as many days. For no reason whatever. Looking at the weather? Don’t think this has anything to WordPress.
    Thinking Bill Gate’s is wrapped up in his underwear re the failure of his Agenda. Fork him tool
    Hope you had a good Full Moon Day.


  22. CountryDoc says:

    I’m not able to log in to WP the way I did


  23. CountryDoc says:

    Interesting, I was logged in, but couldn’t tell. Also not sure if I’m getting notifications of responses from others to my comments.


  24. Just testing. Tried to comment earlier today and nothing happened.
    Thank you Sundance and all the AdRems.


  25. Guy-Blanc Déploré says:

    I notice that besides my WP bar being gone, I can like, and see how many likes a post has, but can no longer see who liked a post by hovering the cursor over the likes.


  26. HeLLINaHandbasket says:

    ha ha ha haaaa ha ha ha haa haha … that snarling lion at the end.
    …. A F T E R saying “Warmest possible regards.”

    You always plug-in the most perfect pictures, in the most perfect places!



  27. silentmajority4life says:

    Is there any chance you can update the “skin” or template of the website that would bypass all of these problems? Just a thought. If that means you lose all of the old content because it does not transition over I understand the reason to delay this.


  28. AvengerDave says:

    Thanks for the update. On the good news side. We have managed to lock in 7 more votes for Pres. Trump in my family. I Republican and 6 left leaners.


  29. appraisher says:

    I was caught up in the problems early, but with the diligent help of Ad rem, the worse seems to be behind me (thank you♥). Doesn’t matter what the “enlightened intelligentsia” attempts to throws at us…WE ARE HERE, and not going anywhere.

    No Fair Weather Friends in this Treehouse.


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