Site Notes, Updates and Apologies…

As many are aware, our website has been challenged by recent updates to the WordPress hosting platform.  If you are experiencing any site issues related to recent software updates by the host platform, please accept my apologies.

Sometime recently, WordPress modified the backside code used for this website, presumably to update to an enhanced platform.  This was not done by CTH, it was out of our control, and it has created a considerable challenge as many site functions have been impacted; not the least of which is my ability to write and post about current topics in a quick and responsive manner.

The WP toolbar used by many, including site admins, has disappeared. No solution currently available.  The site “SEARCH” function tool (right margin) has also been disrupted and is not returning accurate results.  Additionally, the WP reader function is having a compatibility issue and many other ordinary site functions are disrupted. My sincere apologies for any reader/user frustration this is causing.

Be advised this set of challenges is nothing CTH admins or myself have initiated. These disruption issues are all driven by WordPress modifications made without any advanced notice to us.  Some of them appear to be driven by WP adding “plugins” as part of a new upgrade, and we are working diligently through a process to evaluate the compatibility problems if we uninstall the changes (or even if we can).

As with all software updates, these changes can have cascading effects depending on each users individual browser.  If you are experiencing site issues, this is likely one of the causes.  Browser compatibility issues are usually corrected over time, but that does not mitigate the frustration you may experience.

Obviously, given the nature of our political climate, all of this seems conspicuously timed; and of course the WP “happiness engineers” who have initiated this challenge -at this specific time- deny any suspicious intent; which is obviously disrupting the substance of our presented information and your important crowdsource discussions.

Thankfully, most of the more damaging and consequential changes have been mitigated, but there will likely be some issues ongoing as we work diligently through the process of attempting to put our website back to a very user-friendly format.  I have spent the better part of the past 24 hours trying to get things back to normal.

Again, my apologies for the issues and we will persevere.  We appreciate your support and understanding as we work through this.  If you have any specific issue that you cannot resolve, feel free to shoot us an email, and bear with us as you can only imagine the inbound volume in that regard.

Hopefully, I can soon get back to providing the CTH research and analysis that sets this little corner of the internet apart from the rest of the political noise.

Warmest possible regards,


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266 Responses to Site Notes, Updates and Apologies…

  1. Kevin from PA says:

    No need for apologies. Thank you for the AMAZING Info you bring to us daily! Been reading here for about 3 years now and haven’t seen any other site that has such informed readers! God Bless You Sundance! Whatever is needed from us at any time please don’t hesitate to ask! Godspeed.


  2. waicool says:

    commenting to test


  3. Joyce M says:

    Thank you for your diligent work, Sundance!

    I know this dates me, but back in the days when I was a systems developer, my users would have strung me up for smaller infractions and insults than the way that Microsoft, Apple, WP, etc., roll out their “upgrades” and impact our lives.

    We went through rigorous testing, involved the users in the upgrades and modifications – all of which had to be requested and approved, and not just foisted upon the user community without warning!

    My have things changed – and the customer doesn’t seem to be always right anymore, either!


  4. waicool says:

    testing again


  5. RAC says:

    You’ve nothing to apologize for SD, we can still read and post and share information. A few bells and whistles got sheared off is all. Thank you all at your end for keeping it afloat.


  6. jello333 says:

    Back in the day, I tried my hand at programming, but gave up after I realized so many others had gotten a HUGE head-start on me. And so by the time I would have gotten up to speed, most of the stuff I had learned would then be out of date and I’d have to start all over. So anyway, the reason I mention this is that there are times even now that I wish I would have stuck with it, so that I could either have made a living at it, or at least HELPED friends and family when the need arose. Like now… I really wish I could offer you some help, Sundance, but… nah, sorry… I’d only make matters worse. 😉


  7. Durango says:

    Thank you for the updates. My “TREE” icon is back. Yay!


  8. Cowboy79 says:

    Don’t know if any of this might help, but here it is:

    “Can a WordPress Update be Undone and revert back to a previous version?”

    “The best solution, would be to find the updated version of your template, or different template, that is compatible with the latest version of WordPress. it is usually not recommended to rollback (revert) your current version to an older version. That is because newer versions often include security updates and a rollback may put your site at risk. Second, the change between the database structure between versions may cause complications in maintaining your site content, posts, comments, and plugins that are dependent upon the information stored in the database.

    Please note, that without a backup of your entire site and your database, made prior to your upgrade attempt, a successful rollback is near impossible.”

    “How to Roll Back WordPress Versions”

    I’m not confident enough to try this.
    Maybe someone else knows more about wordpress.


  9. DonnyVee says:

    Changes coming with no advance notice make me extremely suspicious.


  10. warrprin1 says:

    Thank you for working so hard, Sundance, and for explaining about the tech belches. I will stay tuned.

    After all the time, work, effort, and energy you have contributed to keep us informed and to preserve our Republic, I think the least we can do is to demonstrate patience in the face of this inconvenience. Let’s hope that WP is on the level and not attempting to shut down our 1st Amendment rights.

    You are a ⭐️. No one does this stuff better, or works harder to get it done. Going to see how this posting attempt works out now. God bless you, SD. I don’t know what we would have done without your work and this site for the last several years.


  11. dunewall says:

    Thanks for the info Sundance. One of those consequences (maybe) is that I can’t comment on here from my iPad due to the WordPress login not working from here. WordPress otherwise works on the iPad..


    • jebg46 says:

      My iPad kept displaying where “Like” is on screen “Loading”, on every single comment. I made the mistake of going to Apps site for WordPress which I clicked “Get”. Then it said updated 1 week ago. Then it took me through entire sign up where I got stuck at “Jet” which I ignored and went back to CTH. Then I went to WordPress on CTH and had to redo sign up. Have no idea what fixed the “Like and Reply” but it’s back and I can “Like and Reply”.


  12. imkittymyers says:

    The only problem I experienced was Tuesday night. I didn’t want to watch the debate, but I did want to follow the comments posted here about the debate. I had a problem accessing CTH, so I re-booted my computer and everything was back to normal. I attributed the blip to CTH getting heavy traffic.


    • tuskyou says:

      I had a tough time on this site on my macbook with safari but no trouble on my old android phone. The wordpress header to forever to load and didn’t work well. Today my android phone is funky—-I used to have a mobile type version of CTH on my phone but now it’s the desktop version. When technology works its wonderful but boy when it doesn’t……..


  13. skipper1961 says:

    I expect it to be a very, very long time before you owe ANY of us Treepers any form of apology.
    Warmest Best,


  14. A Fortified City says:

    I read where some were concerned that we might lose access to this site similar to what has happened in other places on the Internet forums.
    I sure hope I don’t loose access because I sure love it here.
    I use to go to church a lot until well until men took it over but, I like this fellowship better, crazy sounding huh. But it’s true!


    • Dixie says:

      Our losses have been great due to covid and the dems as well as friends and family who disagree politically, so I just don’t think I could stand losing CTH too. So there is nothing crazy about your comment. I love it here too.


  15. citizen817 says:

    No apologies necessary. This site is the best, no matter what the problem is.


  16. jello333 says:

    A quick list of a few problems I’m personally having… NOT to complain, but just so others will know it’s not just them if they’ve got the same issues:

    Every time I post a new comment it gives me the “notify me of new comments” checkbox, even though I’ve clicked it earlier.

    Although I’m receiving email notifications of new comments, I’m not getting them for “likes” to my comments.

    Speaking of “likes”, they now seem to be working, but last night they weren’t.

    Also last night a couple times I got a really weird page popped up having me check off each and every post and site I wanted to “subscribe” to… I don’t remember seeing that before.

    Probably most aggravating is that the little notification icon that’s usually in the top-right corner of the page (where you check for replies and “likes” to your own comments) is missing.

    Oh, and last night I got three different email notifications of a single, specific new post, and half the title of the post was all garbled.

    So yeah, WordPress picked a really stupid time to do an “update” or whatever they want to call it… assuming it WAS stupidity rather than something worse. :/


    • skipper1961 says:

      Personally I have only noticed the difference on my “smart” (android) phone. Which is no great loss to me, as I only read on it anyway.


      • jello333 says:

        Yeah, the problems I listed are when I’m using my desktop (like now). I really don’t know if it would be the same on my phone, since I haven’t been on there recently.


  17. waicool says:

    using Firefox works better, Brave browser is buggy


  18. L4grasshopper says:

    I’m posting this from my desktop PC using Firefox. That is, if it successfully posts. But at least I can see me “logged in” to the site with my avatar of my Dad flying his L4 somewhere in northeaster France during WW 2 🙂

    But using Safari on my Ipad, when I try to log in, it gets hung up “logging in to WordPress”. Just keeps trying. Never succeeds. When I go to WP site, it recognizes my login identity, but I just can’t get logged in to CTH.

    As I said…it looks like I’m “in” using my PC since I’m typing this…but when I hit “post” — who knows what’s going to happen 🙂


  19. Using firefox this morning…could not post…still not posting…


  20. grahampink says:

    Nothing is coincidental.


  21. msidaho says:

    Been there – Done that.
    Ran a web store for about 10 years. Host upgrades became more frequent and frustrating. Every time it happened i, too, had to go re-do my site and correct unwanted changes – only had about 1000 pages to check.
    Finally i asked them to stop doing upgrades for my store – yes, i knew the $$ check out sales risks – bah!
    All of us who have been there are full of understanding and sympathy – the rest are just confused.
    I didn’t have WP, but probably they are all equally horrid
    Thanks for all you folks do – we LOVE our TreeHouse


  22. skimo69 says:

    Thank you for all you do and put up with. Everything contrary to free expression of ideas strikes me as suspicious.


  23. Texsun says:

    Sundance, thank you for providing this platform for patriots voices! No apology needed! I agree the timing is very suspect; however, they will never shut us up. I started coming here when you provided analysis on the Travon Martin/Zimmerman fiasco.

    Keep up the outstanding work! It is so much appreciated.


  24. Papoose2007 says:



  25. Ploni says:

    Thanks, Sundance. I’m on an Android device and strangely am downloading the full sit, no longer receiving the mobile site.


  26. RyderLee says:

    Papoose2007 ,



  27. Magabear says:

    Hopefully the mobile version of the site returns, or else I’m hosed. 😞

    Went and cleared my cache and cookies on my android. Obviously didn’t help and now I have to re-enter everything again on every site I go onto. 😡


  28. Grandma Covfefe says:

    Sundance. I refused to take your apology, as we all knew it was NOT you nor the Admin. No need for the apology. You are quite the gentleman.

    Frankly I’ve been surprised that you have been able to carry on with your work for all these years with all these trolling going on in the Treehouse. When I first found TCTH over 5 years ago, I love the fact you were/are tenacious in seeking truth every day. Your words, emotions and images on a daily basis was perfect for the mood of the day. But from that day forward I’d wake up every morning wondering if TCTH would be there, hacked or deleted. It is still on my mind every morning….. going on for over 5 years now. So just know that I know the Swamp does not like your kind or our kind here. We know that in the Swamp’s eyes, we are the enemy. But we know that we all are on the Right Side of the Law & Order and the Swamp knows it.

    I do know TCTH is targeted, Sundance. You know and see too much. Hubbie and I were aware of your (and many Treepers) gift of insight and connecting dots 5 years ago, and we have been committing ourselves to praying for you, AdRem/Admin, Treepers along with Candidate Trump..

    Last night,I thought after my prayer post went Pouf that this may be the start of the shut-down of what Big Tech has arrogantly threaten to do. The timing is just too obvious. And your Mission trip can’t have made the Swamp too happy either. So I had been prepared for something like that.

    Thank you so much for the updates here and I’m relieved…so relieved, like I was this morning, that you all are still here. Relieved and very Happy even if the site was still a bit wonky. I’ll take it anyway I can, as long as you all are still here. You all are my family.

    *This is what it is now in my world…none of them are my complaints, just an observation to share and compare.
    *The site looks very normal now than an hour ago.
    *Also an hour ago the tree is back on my tab and bookmark bar. Yay. Hated that ugly “W”….reminds me of that other ugly W who betrayed us…ugh
    *Posting my comment is still like last night…the comment box is smaller and typing the letters are very small.
    *But typing in my email and name under the comment box is back to normal an hour ago, so that’s great. It popps up for me.
    *No images yet but that’s OK as long as you can do it, Sundance, that’s all that matters.

    Sundance, you are very much respected, appreciated and greatly loved. All the same goes to beloved AdRem/Admin, too. I can easily speak for others here too. Thank you all for working on this to make it back to normal if possible.

    That beautiful Snarling Lion is Perfect for the mood here, lol Snarling Lion will remain til January 20th 2021.

    Tougher times are coming but God is With us and….we are ready to Ride at Midnight …Meet at the Old Mill with Sundance Pancakes in our pockets. Let’s Roll, Wolverines.
    Love you all.


    • RyderLee says:

      Grandma Covfefe ,

      Thank You for Always Saying Everything so Perfectly !

      💐You are a True Gem 💐


      • Grandma Covfefe says:

        I know all of you hearts….we all are alike in so many ways. We’re in this together for one goal….to help save America from Evil as best as we aare able to do.

        You are so sweet…Praise God for all you Wonderful Prayer Warriors!
        Love you, Ryder.❤


    • Ad rem says:

      I am totally verklempt over WP gobbling up last night’s Prayer Post!!! It just melted into the ether ….nowhere to be found.

      I know how much time and love you put into each and every post, and for that I am saddened. 😢


    • MelH says:

      Grandma, i did’t read who was posting, just read and as i got near the bottom i thought, “Bet Grandma Covfefe wrote this”. I keep worklng to make my prayers more like yours, but i think you have a lock on eloquence. Nobody does it better, EVERY day!


  29. b2226 says:

    I’m so upset with CTH over this that I’m going to ….. make another donation. Love it here – my first and last read of the day.


    • Beau Geste says:

      me too.
      If I was really paranoid, I’d conclude this is to force CTH to spend time away from presenting important issues.

      I use Opera (with ads and popups disabled), and ignore wordpress, which works fine except I can’t “like”.


      • steph_gray says:

        I’ve been using CTH for years now without WordPress logon – never signed on to it.

        IMHO it works better this way. It would be nice to be able to Like things, but I can always post a short complimentary reply if warranted.

        For the first 2 or so years it saved my login. Then over the last year it never did, and I learned to cope using keyboard shortcuts. That was the only other drawback and no biggie.

        Now as of today it is saving my login again in a new dialog box, so the lack of likes is evidently all I’m missing – for now.

        I sure would miss this site insanely if it ever went away, though!

        Just posting this for comparison with WP users. Again, trying to be useful!

        (I spent my career in software and around user interfaces. They are not easy to get right.)


  30. ohnoyoudonot says:

    Just like Magabear, was using mobile version on Android phone.

    I have been posting, but when I tried to log into WordPress, it requests to log in via Jetpack.

    Not going to do that …


  31. ezpz2 says:

    Yes, the timing certainly is conspicuous and suspect.

    On my older model I phone, the print has gotten very small, and doesn’t fit on the screen without sliding over.
    Maldonado, no like option.

    I often would read and comment and like via WordPress reader, but while I can still comment and like via reader, I can no longer read the article unless I go to the main site.

    Thank you, Sundance.


  32. Justdirectyourfeet says:

    Ah…so maybe my one comment posting 4 times isn’t as cringeworthy as I thought. I hope this doesn’t post 4 times.


  33. VOLunteer says:

    Site just returned to normal on my mobile.


  34. cantcforest says:

    Windows 8 on Dell Laptop /// Slimjet/ Just signed into to see if I was still there//
    updated Slimjet adblocker whitelist for CTH and WordPress and succeeded in being able to post.
    I’ll continue to explore and try to stay out of Sundance’s way, and his team.
    God bless you Sundance.
    (for now, having to log in each time)


  35. Chip Bennett says:

    Sundance (and admins), I again offer any WordPress-related assistance I may be able to provide. You have my contact information. Feel free to reach out if there’s anything I can help with.


    • Ad rem says:

      That would be wonderful Chip!!! Thank you for your kind offer….relaying to SD.


    • sundance says:

      Chip, if I just delete the “JetPack” plug in that WP engineers added will it cause a crisis?


      • Chip Bennett says:

        Sundance: I’ve only had positive outcomes when disabling Jetpack. I’ve never liked it (for many reasons). Unless you use any of its features, it shouldn’t cause any problems. If you ever want me to give you help on the back-end, let me know.

        I’ll add: the vast majority in the web development world (including WordPress and Automattic) are left/far-left ideologically, but I would not suspect anything nefarious. It’s more likely their “decisions not options” approach/philosophy has, yet again, led to unintended consequences.

        It’s a big part of why I self-host WordPress; but then, I don’t have to deal with the amount of traffic/engagement that you do.


        • stella says:

          Chip, our moderation lists have also been tampered with – entire sections deleted and entries added that cause thousands of comments to be sent to pending. Also, suddenly most of the comments were sent to the trash for no explicable reason. This has happened more than once.

          Seems deliberate to me.


        • stella says:

          Additions to moderation lists like “”, “”, and “”.


        • sundance says:

          Thanks Chip, I just went to look and see if I can deactivate the JetPack plug-in… 😦

          Unfortunately it says this is operated by WordPress and does not give me the option to deactivate it. It is the only plug-in like that.

          Any thoughts?


          • Chip Bennett says:

            Ultimately? Self-host. JetPack is developed by Automattic, who owns/runs They have JetPack tightly integrated into the experience. You should be able to disable it, module-by-module/component-by-component.


  36. lewfarge48 says:

    Every time I visit I think : “thank you so very much for being here Sundance !”
    and the appreciation for the rest of the team !
    I absolutely fell that all treepers share this thought.
    It is always appropriate to say “Thank you ! “


  37. Scott B. says:

    This is but one little skirmish in the coming war.

    Keep your powder dry.


  38. cccp3-o says:

    Thank you for all you do, Sundance!!


  39. Sharon says:

    my notifications bell is missing in action as well


  40. Leon Brozyna says:

    So, not only do you have to keep up the usual battle, but now have to untangle these WordPress changes. Annoying as all git up; changed my settings as well on notifying me of new posts.

    It’s what all these organizations do … just when you’ve gotten comfortable with a certain process, they up and change things. Does keep one on ones toes though….


  41. CNN_sucks says:

    The new feature is driving me crazy..🤬


  42. Dances with Wolverines says:

    Thank you, Superman!


  43. Blue Wildflower says:

    Thank you, Sundance! Maybe this means we are over the target!


  44. BigBlockMill says:

    I agree with Sundance. Strange timing for an update which cripples CTH.
    Just saying.


  45. Pinot Noir says:

    @SD Think WP wont shut the treehouse when it suits them?


  46. dayallaxeded says:

    Thanks very much for caring and sharing! No worries at all. At times like these, I think of “DJ” the guy who maintained The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler (my first intro to WP right after 9/11/2001) openly kvetching on the blog about what a pain WP updates were. Fortunately, the content here is intact, excellent, and at worst, the site basically presents its desktop format on my phone, so not a big deal. I’m confident the hiccups will be resolved in due course. Thanks again for all SD, all “management,” and “content providers” (h/t to you, Menagerie)! Y’all really are the best in the biz!


  47. billrla says:

    I have noticed some issues. For one, I am required to sign-in again to insert a comment and my usual Gravatar seems to be missing. Also, the display of text being smaller than usual, on both my iMac and my iPhone, but, for the most part, CTH is working OK, at the moment.

    As a WordPress user myself, I know that updates and glitches with plugins can cause unanticipated and annoying problems. In the present case with CTH, possibilities for unfair play are always a possibility.

    I do hope that CTH has a good backup plan, in the even of de-platforming by WordPress.


  48. MsDollie says:

    Always start AND end my evening web browsing with CTH.

    Best, most detailed site to be found.


  49. dayallaxeded says:

    If clicking on “Like” or any other link or button isn’t giving the joy you’re looking for, try clicking on the “Donate” button, upper right of the desktop layout. It seems to be working fine! And the rewards of supporting this “Last Refuge” are immeasurable!


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