President Trump Great America Comeback Rally and Peaceful Protest – 7:00pm ET Livestream…

For President Trump’s second rally of the day he heads to Grande Air in Swanton, Ohio for a Great America Comeback Rally and peaceful protest.  Anticipated start time 7:00pm ET.

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147 Responses to President Trump Great America Comeback Rally and Peaceful Protest – 7:00pm ET Livestream…

  1. Patience says:

    “Where is THE SON?”
    “Where’s Hunter?”

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  2. JAS says:

    The Eveready bunny is crying in his bed sheets. How can this man do so much at his age. It boggles the mind

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  3. Simple Citizen says:

    Posted this in a few spots:

    Need a little help. Watched a brief clip of PDJT leaving the White House for Ohio and doing the normal Q&A. It was good, but something caught my attention.

    It would seem that the President taped a message for the United Nations. Does anyone have any idea what the message was for or about?

    Would be very appreciative if anyone could fill me in.


  4. Sentient says:

    A Biden-Harris flyer got mailed to my 20’s daughter (a lib) here at the house -‘even though she lives in another state now. Biden and Harris are wearing masks. They look like idiots to me, but libs are scared witless about the China virus, so maybe they would think of it differently. And by “think” I mean “feel”, of course.

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  5. Sentient says:

    If Biden shows up at a debate (doesn’t claim to have Covid), the president should wait til Joe is tuckered out and then ask him what day it is. If he gets that right, ask him what year it is.

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  6. Kathryn says:

    When I was in college in the late 70s studying political science, one of my Professors stated in class that Americans would resist any overt effort to make our Country Socialist or Communist…she presciently stated that those who wished to thrust same upon the American people and consequently redistribute Her wealth would need do so covertly, through the Courts….via the Supreme Court especially.
    Here we are more than 40 years later and the Courts have redistributed the wealth in America and have legislated from the bench finding countless penumbral rights. I thought of her lecture today as President Trump speaks this evening…This Court battle isnt so much about womens rights or climate change…smokescreens…it is about being on the brink of taking back our country from those that sought to change our Republic into a Venezuela or China without our consent through our Courts.
    President Trump should hit this hard.tonight and clearly laying it out every time he speaks….this real underpinning reason ..transforming our govt structure…not abortion or climate change or healthcare…that this is the real reason why the Supreme Court is a key issue for the Dems….and why their enabled violence and chaos is escalating.

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    • GB Bari says:

      Well that proves that not all college professors were brainwashed communists by the late 1970s. That didn’t last long, unfortunately..

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      • Kathryn says:

        Their T.A.s weren’t as roundly educated even then…to put it nicely…smaller thinkers–narrower arguments….two run ins with them..Nonetheless the Professors to whom they answered were real thinkers…appreciated independent thought so long as it had some historical or factual basis. My Political Sciene Department now is a ghost of what it once was…Hell…the University is definately not what it once was….totally awash with sycophants who kneel before the Marxist altar. Sadly…they dont even know it…all in the name of being ‘woke’.

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  7. kelley says:

    My 73year old Mom and my 75 year old Dad have been waiting in line for the rally all day. They would wait in line until they drop for our President! MAGA LOVE TO ALL OF YOU!

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  8. Sentient says:

    Too funny: The American population is falling “expodentially”.

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  9. Our President Trump is truly amazing- many people in their 50s and 60s couldn’t keep up with him. Two rallies a day and in between sign a few treaties, make peace between Israel and the Arabs, maybe sign an executive order or two. All in a day’s work for the man I consider to be the greatest President in American history.

    Here is an article that has a fantastic campaign ad; hope it’s getting lots of air time:

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  10. Troublemaker10 says:

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  11. beach lover says:

    Just announced that Cory Gardner will support nominee for S.C.! Let’s roll!

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  12. NICCO says:

    Let God arise and his enemies be humbled and destroyed.Father we bless our president and all with him.We cover him and all with him with the precious blood of Jesus Christ and surround him and all with him with the fire of your Holy Spirit according to Ezekiel 2;5.Father bring your warring angelic legions to thwart and destroy every plot and plan of the enemy.Fathe,we thank you that your hand is mighty upon our president.Father we worship and glorify you and thank you that you love us so much that you gave your one and only son,Jesus Christ.In Jesus Christ name we pray ,Amen.

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  13. Troublemaker10 says:

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  14. Round 2
    OBiden KOed by PDJT

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  15. retiredseabee says:

    AF1 on final approach.

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  16. retiredseabee says:

    Wheels down


  17. Maquis says:

    Big Beautiful Bird!

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  18. patti says:

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  19. Peoria Jones says:

    FILL THAT SEAT signs! 😀

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  20. Peoria Jones says:

    Somebody (I think here?) had a great idea about the media lying about PDJT’s crowds…

    At every “Peaceful Protest Against Stupidity” Pres. Trump could whip out a camera/phone and get a quick shot panning the crowd from his podium. Then post it on Twatter the next day!

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  21. patti says:

    Hawaii checks in …

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  22. Patience says:

    Timing is everything
    -so it’s been said.

    It’s the end of a Party
    -Dems are walking-dead

    With the start of the season of Autum
    -often referred to as Fall

    President Trump having said, “We caught em!”
    -Yes, “We caught them all”,

    what better reason
    -to start out a season
    that celebrates exceptionalism with reward?

    An Executive Order
    -seems much in order: The Very Stable Genius Trump award .

    ~Patience 9/21/20

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  23. Duke of Cumberland says:

    Maybe someone addressed this during the last peaceful protest, but everyone behind the President is wearing a mask, but no one in front of him is. Thing is though, they’re ALL MAGA masks! A big FU to the Karens in the media?

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  24. Ocelot says:

    Lindsey Graham stood strong with President Trump and Justice Kavanaugh and now he’s doing the same with this new SCOTUS nomination. It appears POTUS’s continued faith in him was not misguided.

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    • Ocelot says:

      ALL party infighting should cease until after the election except to criticize those that shamefully bail out of their responsibilities to their voters like Murkowski has done to Alaskans.

      Work to re-elect the GOP nominee rather than help the Democrats get a win.

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    • Yes. Gramercy and Turtle want those judges confirmed. Other than that,,,
      We shall see.

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    • Mr. Morris says:

      So sorry the mob came for Mitch McConnell and then Lindsay Graham. The mob will come for us too. I will vote for you Senator Graham because I don’t want our country overtaken by the Marxist Democrats whose plans include terrorizing us and destroying our country. Let’s stick together, we are stronger together. We will win together.

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  25. Patience says:

    The fellow behind President Trumo wearing blue shirt, white sleeves and stars on a tank and red MAGA mask
    is quite happily-animated . Fun to see.


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  26. sunnyflower5 says:

    Beautiful Photo

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  27. Patience says:

    OMG *hang my head in shame)


  28. tuskyou says:

    “The want to declare the death penalty unconstitutional”. Oh hell no!


  29. Patience says:

    “We Love You” repeated over and over is SWEET !!!!!!

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  30. bleep21k says:

    Yes Treepers – LARGE crowd out to see President Trump in Holy Toledo airport lol!

    I took the kids to see the plane land – with LOTS of others there just for that purpose;

    AF1 landing – Holy Toledo!


    Video quality doesn’t do that landing justice!


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  31. tuskyou says:

    MAGA, AGAIN!!!


  32. Tom22ndState says:

    This man is on fire like Elijah!!!
    4 more years Mr President.
    Sleepy Joe has loosed the terrible righteous indignation of a popul-ar(ist) leader of the American peoples. The canard that Trump disrespected our war dead has reinvigorated DJT’s instinctual political waypoints. He will deliver. Amen.

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  33. Linda says:

    Anyone know why AF1 isn’t painted in patriotic red, white and blue!!


  34. JAS says:

    Something really wierd. The feeds above don’t match. Look for the guy in the yellow shirt. I couldn’t match anyone else but he is on the wrong side of the stage in the first feed……???


    • JAS says:

      Never mind… I figured it out. The cameras are so far away, the people behind POTUS are also at a distance from him. Telephoto lens makes the look closer. and thee cameras are in different positions. It’s a parallax error.


  35. tuskyou says:

    Mini Mike is back 😂🤣😂🤣


  36. lgd says:

    does it seem like the Secret Service protection is getting tighter?

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  37. teaforall says:


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    • Bigbadmike says:

      Greater Charisma than JFK
      Greater Politician than LBJ
      Greater Strategist than Nixon
      Greater Peacemaker than Carter
      Greater Economy than Reagan
      Greater Warrior than Bush 41
      Greater Communicator than Clinton
      Greater Tax Cutter than Bush 43
      Greater Emancipator than Obama
      Greatest President the USA has ever had

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  38. StanH says:

    He’s having fun. The boss!

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  39. TigerBear says:

    Yes Sir, we kicked ass in 2016 and we’ll kick ass again in November 2020!

    KAG 2020

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  40. Patience says:

    Presidert Trump is SO hands-on; pert near eyerythang !

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  41. The Gipper Lives says:

    He took out the founder of ISIS?

    He should have given Obama a trial first.

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  42. Maquis says:

    I appreciate he’s citing Communism more.
    Wakey wakey.

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  43. jus wundrin says:

    ‘Trump: ‘I’m So Angry at Republicans’ for Slow Investigations’

    Thank you for saying what we, your supporters, have been thinking for a VERY long time, Mr. PRESIDENT!

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  44. fionnagh says:

    During the 2016 campaign, PT was asked whether he preferred to be “loved” or “feared.”

    His reply was “respected.”

    Sorry to disappoint, Mr. President, but there’s just no way around this:


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  45. MJJ says:


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  46. tuskyou says:

    Hey, I just thought of something. When was the last time POTUS played You Can’t Always Get What You Want?? I’ll have to go back and research this but if anyone can point me in the right direction I’d really like. Thanks in advance.


    • tuskyou says:

      I’d like to see the last time that song was played. Did I miss the song or was it removed and the change snuck past me?


    • Nepanyrush says:

      The Stones complained about it being played at Trump rallies and I think legally tried to get it stopped. But the author of YMCA said he had no problem playing his song; he just wanted President Trump to dance to it (and the President did).

      By the way, the author said the song YMCA was just a happy song, a song for the people, that it was not created to have the connotations some gay activists tried to attribute to the song.

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      • tuskyou says:

        Thx for the response. I remember complaints about the song but never heard about legal challenges from the Stones. I read somewhere about the Village People cop being a Trump supporter. The song is fun and POTUS has used it as a way for us to remember USMCA. The girl in the SPACE FORCE shirt was really jammin to it tonight.


      • TonyEuropa says:

        My favorite is “In the Navy”

        Specially the part where the guy in the back says “Hey, I can’t swim”.

        YMCA used to be a common dance song at weddings. FUN stuff.


    • Lanna says:

      POTUS has a ‘political entities’ licensing agreement’ with a music rights group but there’s a provision that, if an artist files an objection to his use of their song, he can’t use the song. Stones filed an objection and threatened to sue if he continued to use it. The licensing agreement covers about 15 million musical works, so he has a lot more to choose from.

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  47. Robert Smith says:


    John Kasich is a loser. I just wanted to say that.

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  48. MVW says:

    The Left left with Bernie, no anti MAGA protestors at the Trump Peaceful Protests. This is so different than 2016.

    My guess is that the Bernie’s have been bused to burn, riot, and pillage along with Antifa and Communist Lives Matter. There is no such a thing as Biden protestor at a Trump rally, just not enough energy.

    I would not be surprised if Crooked California & New York are the only states that break 30% for Biden.

    Crooked ballots and counting is what Joe is banking on. It is a basement strategy. Leading from the basement. It is the IV drip, one foot in the grave future of the DNC.

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    • Bigbadmike says:

      Agree. No energy for Joe from the lying media, Communist academia, and Hollywood Elite. They know they’re toast. Just hoping Nancy gets sent to a nice quiet home. Gonna put up some more Trump 2020 signs I have left and my next order is going to be Trump 2024. That’s how this ends.

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    • delighteddeplorable says:

      “I would not be surprised if Crooked California & New York are the only states that break 30% for Biden.” I agree 100% and even at that, Col. Greg Raths has excellent momentum to unseat the odious Katie Porter in California’s 45th District. It’s looking more and more like many previously solid Dim states are in play. The DNC is on life support along with their candidate. What an excellent display of solidarity. 😄


  49. USA Citizen says:

    The Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA are Domestic Terrorists and should be arrested and sent to Prison! The Far Left Democrat Party is financing Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA to destroy our country and to hurt President Trump. China Biden is for the Mob and getting rid of police to stop the rioting. Don’t vote for any Democrat, they are giving you a taste of what our country will look like if China Biden wins. Vote for President Donald J. Trump November 3, 2020 to get rid of the Terrorists and the Far Left Socialist/Communist Democrats!


    • rpcoastie says:

      Oh no! According to FBI Director Wray it’s White people who are committing all the crime and riots. I don’t know how anybody can head a federal law enforcement agency and be so absolutely clueless. I would call Wray an empty suit but that wouldn’t be fair to all those empty suits hanging in our closets!


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