President Trump Announces Normalization of Relations Between Israel and the United Arab Emirates….

Earlier today President Trump announced a significant development toward long-lasting peace in the middle-east. [Video and Transcript}

[Transcript] – THE PRESIDENT: Well, thank you very much. This is very important. This is a big event. And I want to just congratulate all of the people standing behind me because they have done an incredible job. This is something that hasn’t been done in more than 25 years.

Just a few moments ago, I hosted a very special call with two friends — Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed of the United Arab Emirates — where they agreed to finalize a historical peace agreement. Everybody said this would be impossible. And, as you know, Mohammed is one of the great leaders of the Middle East.

After 49 years, Israel and the United Arab Emirates will fully normalize their diplomatic relations. They will exchange embassies and ambassadors, and begin cooperation across the board and on a broad range of areas, including tourism, education, healthcare, trade, and security.

This is a truly historic moment. Not since the Israel-Jordan peace treaty was signed more than 25 years ago has so much progress been made towards peace in the Middle East.

By uniting two of America’s closest and most capable partners in the region — something which said could not be done — this deal is a significant step towards building a more peaceful, secure, and prosperous Middle East.

Now that the ice has been broken, I expect more Arab and Muslim countries will follow the United Arab Emirates’ lead. And I want to just thank them for being — it’s not surprising, knowing Mohammed so well. It’s not surprising. They are in that lead position. And normalize relations with Israel. We are already discussing this with other nations — with very powerful, very good nations and people that want to see peace in the Middle East. So you will probably see others of these, but this is the first one in more than 25 years.

This deal will allow much greater access to Muslims from throughout the world to visit the many historic sites in Israel — which the Muslims want to see very badly and have wanted to see for many, many decades — and to peacefully pray at the Al-Aqsa Mosque, which is a very special place for them.

My first trip as President was to Saudi Arabia in May of 2017. In my speech to the assembled leaders of 54 Muslim countries — every single one was by their leader, their number-one leader. It was an amazing — really, an incredible event. A very important event. I made clear that the problems of the Middle East can only be solved when people of all faiths come together to fight Islamic extremism and pursue economic opportunity for people of all faiths.

And when you look at what’s happening, you’re seeing a lot of progress is being made that nobody thought could possibly be made. And things are happening that I can’t talk about, but they’re extremely positive.

I want to thank the leaders of Israel and the UAE for their courage and for their leadership to forge this tremendous agreement. It will be known as the “Abraham Accord.” And I’d like to ask our ambassador, David Friedman, to please explain why we’re doing and calling it the “Abraham Accord.”


AMBASSADOR FRIEDMAN: Thank you, Mr. President, and congratulations to you on brokering this historic peace agreement.

Abraham, as many of you know, was the father of all three great faiths. He is referred to as “Abraham” in the Christian faith, “Ibrahim” in the Muslim faith, and “Avraham” in the Jewish faith.

And no person better symbolizes the potential for unity among all these three great faiths than Abraham, and that’s why this accord has been given that name.

THE PRESIDENT: It’s a great — great thing. I wanted it to be called the “Donald J. Trump Accord.” (Laughter.) But I didn’t think the press would understand that. I didn’t do that.

Avi, say a few words, please.

MR. BERKOWITZ: Thank you, Mr. President. It’s really been the honor of my life to work in your administration. I think this re- — reaffirms your commitment to Israel, to stability in the region.

It’s just a historic accomplishment, and it’s — it’s peace. Peace is a beautiful thing, and it’s something that everybody in the country should celebrate, I hope. And I’m just so honored to — to be here and to serve in your administration.

THE PRESIDENT: Well, you’ve done a great job. And Jared has done a fantastic job. People don’t really understand the things that he’s able to do. He’s done a fantastic job on this. And you and your team — nobody else could have done it. I don’t think anybody else could have done it.

Jared, say a few words, please.

MR. KUSHNER: Thank you, Mr. President. And I would like to say that — I want to thank the President for his leadership on this historic peace effort.

The President, like with all things, urged us to take an untraditional approach. You can’t solve problems that have gone unsolved by doing it the same way that people before you have tried and failed.

The President takes untraditional approaches. He does things in different ways, but he uses common sense and he tries to unite people by focusing on common interests, as opposed to allowing them to focus on their common grievances.

And what happened was, here — is we were able to achieve results that others were not able to achieve, and this will advance the region, and this will advance the whole world.

I would like to say to the people of the region — Muslims, Jews, Christians — that this does give hope that the problems of the past do not condemn you to a future with conflict. There is a lot of hope and a lot of potential, and this will benefit you and this will also benefit people here in America. Because in America, we used to have a big dependency on the Middle East for gas and for oil. Thanks to your leadership, America is now energy independent. We no longer have that.

But a lot of American soldiers have fought for securing our allies in that region. And making more peace there lessens our need, as a country, to have as many soldiers in that region and lessens our need to have as many conflicts in that region.

And obviously, radical extremism, which we see as a cancer that has infected so many areas in the world — a lot of the extremists have used these conflicts to — to recruit people and to say that the mosque is under attack and that Muslims don’t have access to the mosque.

And now this will enable people to take flights from Dubai and Abu Dhabi directly to Tel Aviv. Muslims will be welcome in Israel, and this will create better interfaith exchange.

So this is a tremendous step forward for peace in the world, for — for America, for — for Israel, for Abu Dhabi. And all would not have been possible without your leadership. So I just want to thank you.

THE PRESIDENT: Thank you very much. Thank you, Jared. What a great job. And what Jared said is so, though — we don’t have to be there anymore. We don’t need oil. We don’t need anything there except friendship. We have some great friends. These are two countries that have been great friends, and we’ve been great friends to them. But we no longer have to be there.

It started off when we had to be there, but as of a few years ago, we don’t have to be there. We don’t have to be patrolling the straits. We’re doing things that other countries wouldn’t do. But we put ourself, over the last few years, in a position where we no longer have to be in areas that, at one point, were vital. And that’s a big statement. But we are there for our friends, and we always will be there for our friends.

Robert, would you say a few words please?

MR. O’BRIEN: Mr. President, thank you. The point I want to make, Mr. President: You inherited a Middle East that was a mess when you came to office, and this is one more historic step in bringing peace to the Middle East.

First of all, there was a caliphate that was raging — an ISIS caliphate. And that physical caliphate was destroyed, and you brought justice to al-Baghdadi. You reassured our friends in Israel, who had suffered at the end of the last administration, with a U.N. resolution. You moved the capital to Jerusalem. You recognized the Golan Heights.

In the broader region, you had a very difficult situation in Afghanistan, where we were — soldiers were — American soldiers were coming home injured; wounded; sadly, in some cases, dead. You brought a — you’ve got a peace agreement now with the Taliban, and we’re going to have less than half the number of troops in Afghanistan that were there when you started your term of office.

And now you’ve brought about this historic peace deal between the UAE and Israel. This is the first time in 25 years that Israel and an Arab country have normalized diplomatic relations and entered into a peace deal. And they’re the two most capable countries in the Middle East — two very capable, very skilled, very innovative allies of the United States. So, it’s great for Israel, it’s great for the UAE, but it’s also great for the American — the American people.

So, you came in — you came into office with a region that was — that was really aflame, and you brought peace to that region, and there’s more to come. And so it’s an honor to be part of your team, Mr. President, and to serve under your leadership.

THE PRESIDENT: We do have a lot more to come in the Middle East. A lot of very positive things are happening, and you’ll be seeing that taking place. But where we can get a leader like UAE to head the band and get along with Israel, that’s a big — that’s a very big step.

Would you please say a few words? You have done such a fantastic job.

MR. HOOK: Thank you, Mr. President. The Trump administration made history today. It’s been an honor to be a part of this team that Jared has led.

Peace between the Arabs and the Israelis is Iran’s worst nightmare. And no one has done more to intensify the conflict between Arabs and Israelis than Iran.

And what we see today is a new Middle East. The trend lines are very different today. And we see the future is very much in the Gulf and with Israel, and the past is with the Iranian regime. It clings to power on the basis of brute force that has lost the — it is facing a crisis of legitimacy and credibility with its own people. And the President’s maximum pressure campaign has achieved historic results.

THE PRESIDENT: Thank you. Great job you’ve done.

Would you like to say something?

MAJOR GENERAL CORREA: Yes, sir. As a — as a soldier who has been in every war since Desert Storm, it is an honor and a privilege for your leadership, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed, and Prime Minister Netanyahu to get to peace.

So, your vision and those leaders’ vision on what we can do in the future is just incredible. So, I would thank you, as a soldier.

THE PRESIDENT: Thank you very much. I appreciate it.

Would anybody like to say a few words? Anybody here? Because you were saying plenty of words during that negotiation. (Laughter.) So they got very quiet in front of the media.


THE PRESIDENT: That happens — that happens on occasion.



SECRETARY MNUCHIN: It’s a historic moment. Thank you for being — letting us all be part of this. It is really extraordinary. Nothing is more important than peace. This is an unbelievable moment.

And I would just echo what Brian Hook said: Your maximum-pressure campaign — under your leadership, we’ve had the strongest sanctions on Iran. And your commitment to make sure that Iran will never have a nuclear weapon is part of the most important legacy for peace in the Middle East.

THE PRESIDENT: So, which is easier: dealing with the Democrats or dealing with the Middle East? (Laughter.)

SECRETARY MNUCHIN: Well, a lot of people never thought you’d get a — this type of deal.

THE PRESIDENT: I tell you, I think —

SECRETARY MNUCHIN: So I’ll be hopeful that we can deal with the Democrats.

THE PRESIDENT: I think the Middle East is more reasonable, actually. (Laughter.)

I’d like you two guys to say a couple of words. You’ve been so instrumental. Please.
MR. GREENWAY: Sir, it’s a privilege to serve in your administration. This is a remarkable achievement that’ll stand the test of time, and we look forward to the prosperity and the peace this brings the Middle East and the ways we’ll be able to leverage that for the United States’ national interest.


MR. GREENWAY: So, it’s a privilege, sir.

THE PRESIDENT: Thank you very much.

MR. VANDROFF: And I would just echo what Rob said. It’s — thank you for the opportunity to be part — and especially, I want to thank Avi and the opportunity to serve in his negotiating team to do something so historic. That — thank you for this opportunity, Mr. President. This really changes the world.

THE PRESIDENT: Thank you very much. Thank you. Thank you all very much. This is very exciting. Thank you. Thank you. (Applause.) Thank you very much. Thank you. Thank you very much.

Do you have any questions? Do you have any questions on this accord?

Q Mr. President —

THE PRESIDENT: Steve, go ahead, please.

Q Could you just describe the tenor of the conversation you had with the two other leaders? Was there any hesitation on their part —


Q — in reaching this deal?

THE PRESIDENT: No. It was like and love. It was a tremendous relationship that’s been built up over the last, I would say, year. Before that, it was very tense, as everything in the Middle East is. It’s very tense. It’s a very tense place. But it’s becoming less tense, and I have great relationships with all of the leaders. And some of — some are enemies against each other, and I get along with both.

That’s, I guess, the big thing; people don’t understand that about me. I actually — I’ve gotten along. Remember, when I was elected, they said the war will start with somebody within days, and I’ve kept us out of war.

You look at North Korea. Everybody said, including President Obama, that’s the biggest problem. Everybody said you’d be at war. Well, we’re not at war. It would have been a war if I wasn’t elected, if it was somebody else.

No, we’re — we’re doing very well in the Middle East. And I’ll tell you what: It’s been an incredible thing.

But, no, it was tense, but the relationship has become a very good one with — between UAE and Israel — and also with other countries, many other countries.

And I think you’ll be seeing some very exciting things, including ultimately with the Palestinians. I think that’s going to be happening at some point because it makes a lot of sense for them to let it happen.

Q Do you support annexation of Palestinian land by Israelis at this point?

THE PRESIDENT: Well, we’re talking to Israel about that right now, actually.

Q What about the snapback option on Iran? Do you support that?

THE PRESIDENT: Oh, you really know you’re stuff, don’t you? (Laughter.) Well, we’re not going to talk to you about that. We’re going to work something out, and then we’ll talk after it’s completed. But it’ll be a very satisfactory —

Q Why now did they come to an agreement?

THE PRESIDENT: We’ve been working on this for a long time. It’s been a labor of love for a lot of the people in this room. And a lot of them love Israel, and a lot of them love the Middle East, and they love the countries that we’re talking about —


THE PRESIDENT: — like UAE, as an example — standing right here. And it’s been a labor of love. They know it has to happen.

And I don’t want to be speaking too much about it, but if you look, what’s happened since I broke up that ridiculous Iran nuclear deal — money isn’t going to some horrible, horrible groups. And you haven’t seen the kind of terrorism that you saw before.

Now, I don’t like saying it, because all of a sudden, they’ll say, “We’ve got to do something.” But you know what? They’re not getting money because Iran isn’t giving money, and I appreciate that. But Iran is going through very difficult times, and I appreciate that.

And I’ll say this, and I can say it very publicly, that if I win the election, I will have a deal made with Iran within 30 days. They make a very fast deal. They’re dying to make a deal, but they’d much rather negotiate with Sleepy Joe Biden than with us.

Q Why haven’t you already done that, sir?

THE PRESIDENT: But we’ll — we’ll be having a deal made very, very quickly. But, you know, rightfully, they’re waiting until after the election because they would — there’s nothing China, Iran, Russia, all of them would like to see more than have Trump be defeated, where they could deal with Joe Biden, because that would be like a dream.

And this was something that was very exciting. We thought this would be the first country. He’s a great leader; Mohammed is a great leader. And we’re very happy that he was the first country, I would say. And you can see many other things happening in the Middle East over a fairly short period of time. But this is the first time in more than 25 years and — and UAE is big stuff.

The UAE is very powerful, very strong —

Q Do you know when the dele- —

THE PRESIDENT: — has one of the strongest militaries. It’s big stuff.

Q Do you know when the delegations are going to meet specifically?

THE PRESIDENT: Very soon. I guess they’ll be setting up the meetings. Do you have any time?

MR. O’BRIEN: I think in the next several weeks, Mr. President. And then we expect that there will be a meeting here at the White House, with the — the leaders as well.

THE PRESIDENT: There will be an official signing at the White House over the next few weeks. Okay?

And other than that, we’ll meet you at 5:30 or so, and we’ll talk, and we’ll actually take one of your questions. Okay? Thank you. Thank you everybody. (Applause.)

END 11:08 A.M. EDT

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273 Responses to President Trump Announces Normalization of Relations Between Israel and the United Arab Emirates….

  1. jengancworld says:

    If they start chipping away now President Trump’s bust will be completed at Mount Rushmore by the end of his 2nd term!!

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    • DefenderOfTroyDonahue says:

      It shouldn’t take that long to change the features on Teddy Roosevelt’s bust. What the heck is that “progressive” egomaniac doing up there anyway?

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      • doyouseemyvision says:

        Actually, lots happened favorably under the TR administration. He is still the youngest President. His presidency represented the youth and vigor of America at the time, even around the world. He started the Park system, was a big monopoly breaker, did reform, took over the failed Panama Canal under the French. Was the 1st President to win the Nobel Peace Prize for successfully brokering the peace in the Sino-Russian war holding peace talks on a ship in Portsmouth, NH. And that’s at the top of my head.

        Upon his departure from the White House, he and his wife conducted a private world tour, Kings, queens, presidents and prime ministers wanted to meet him when he visited their country. TR deserves the spot and was a wildly popular President.

        There are some great bios on him. He’s an interesting man.

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        • twohartsintx says:

          Wasn’t TR the one that said “Speak softly and carry a big stick”. I think DJT is doing that too! He may sound brash, but I never knew that negotiations between Israel and UAE were happening, so speaking softly. We all probably associated the big stick as our military, but DJT uses finances. Just Awesome!

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          • Jan says:

            The other plus, it probably keeps Ovomit from having Biden try to re-establish Ovomit’s legacy in the Middle East. And it pissed Iran off, along with the Palestinians again.

            Pres. Trump has already done more in the Middle East in 3-1/2 yrs. than Ovomit did in 8 yrs.

            Where’s Pres. Trump’s Nobel Peace Prize?

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          • Dutchman says:

            Actually, (and not a put down) those who were paying attention knew Jared has been working on this, since, well soon after the election.

            Its obvious, ‘geopolitics’; Arabs and Israel have a common enemy (Iran) and the old model of Arab countries, of fomenting hate,against israel, to keep their populations from turning on THEM, isn’t going to work, any more.

            So, what do the Javanca critics have to say, now? NeverTrumper fall-der-rall is what the Javance criticism has always been, just too bad,so many fall for it.


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            • twohartsintx says:

              Absolutely Dutchman! I wasn’t specifically aware of UAE being in the mix, but I am aware that the Trump Administration, often utilizing Jared, are working on issues all over the globe. I was annoyed when some lefty media person yesterday asked if Trump was announcing this to take attention off of his Covid response. Like any president can just arrange a peace treaty between difficult enemies on the spur of the moment! Or that it shouldn’t have been announced when it happens.

              I am still not a big fan of Jared or Ivanka, but they are doing some great things and are loyal to the President. I do appreciate that.


        • MamaTried says:

          Bully good! I love TR! Read RIVER OF DOUBT by C. Millard if you want to know more about his character when the chips were down post presidency.

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          • LafnH20 says:

            A Most Excellent book, MamaTried.

            I’ve given it many times as a gift.

            From the link…

            A daring few criticized the efforts of the expedition, some even labeling its achievements a lie.  Roosevelt, astounded at these outrageous accusations, set out on a speaking tour in America and Europe to support his claims.  As you would expect, every critic was silenced.  No one messes with a Bull Moose and gets away with it.

            “Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure, than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much, because they live in that grey twilight that knows neither victory nor defeat.”

            -Theodore Roosevelt


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        • Black Irish Rose says:

          And isn’t TR known as the Father of the US moden Navy?


        • There was the spirit of America in TR.
          He’s fine on Mount Rushmore.

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      • Mr e-man says:

        Just build a huge bust and helicopter it in to sit on top.


      • Perot Conservative says:

        And he navigated the Amazon, leading to his early death.


    • Joemama says:

      I figure cutting PDJT’s countenance into the stone on the mountain will take a few months using industrial lasers and modern explosives techniques.

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    • LafnH20 says:

      Well deserved applause for The president.

      I found myself joining them, jengancworld!
      He just never stops Delivering for America.

      Day in
      Day out..
      He suits up and shows up.

      With Our Best Interests at Heart.

      Can you imagine what WE could have accomplished if He hadn’t been under incessant attack by “nan-chuck”and their “Flying Monkey Brigade*”?

      🇺🇸 Best President EVER 🇺🇸

      🇺🇸-TRUMP 2020-🇺🇸

      * Sources familiar with the “matter” say, Nads Nadler (D-Uniparty, Pelosi wing) has an alleged medical exemption; so, for now….no flying.
      Nads allegedly claimed he could still fly with the best of them and stated his “Willingness” to get back to the buffet..🤔, ummm…I mean… Front.

      Nads Nadler, sources say, also stated (infatically) that reports from Right wing conspiracy theorists that he just sits (?) on park benches all day and has no more chance of getting off the ground than does “The Rock of Gibraltor”…
      are a “MYTH”.

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  2. kleen says:

    Very stable genius.

    Trump is the best!

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    • Gateway Pundit has an article ,Bill Barr says there will be an announcement in the Durham case Friday.

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      • FrankieZee says:

        I can’t wait. I bet Trump has another 5-6PM Presser Friday along with Bill Barr. And if Barr doesn’t have anything substantial to say, then Sundance releases the Kracken Friday night. Guess I will have to get some Adult Beverages like Rush always says.

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        • Jan says:

          Frankie, Barr’s appearance on Hannity wasn’t booked ahead of time, probably Barr wanted on with something in mind because he didn’t give much away on Durham.

          He also talked about the riots & the Legend Project. It could possibly be about the lefties trying to stop ICE from moving criminal illegals by bus in Bend, Oregon.

          They touched on the 2-tiered justice system & Barr said that’s why he came back to the DOJ to get it back to 1-tier

          Or it could be our Sundance got thru to meet w/Barr & told him the consequences if all of this doesn’t immediately see sunlight.

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      • treestar1313 says:

        However, Barr also said it’s not “earth shattering.”
        I hope he’ s not throwing a bone thinking that Sundance will back off. How disappointing if the news doesn’t drop tomorrow!


    • Checkers says:

      Obo did all he could to undermine Israel and to boost Russia, Iran, Cuba, Muslim Brotherhood

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  3. czarowniczy says:

    UAE’s between a hard place and Iraq…had to do that. UAE’s dumping money into becoming the Disneyland of the Mideast and is friendly to the West. It also has the misfortune of being the other side of the Straits of Hormuz…guess who’s on the other side? Put those two together and you can see why the UAE needs the US and (the enemy of my enemy…) Israel.

    Iran’s been attacking UEA ported shipping, remember the one it’s Guards limpet mined inside of UAE waters? The UAE isn’t exactly a military power so it’s going to need help from someone. It’s a marriage of convenience, let’s see what the other countries in the area do, especially 800-pound gorilla Turkey.

    This works to the US’s advantage to as it not only secures the other side of the Straits firmly in Western hands but as Qatar is getting Islamic-uppity it gives CENTCOM and its subordinate units to relocate to in the area if/when Qatar gets too pissy, it’s a bargaining chip. I wouldn’t be surprised if the UAE guaranteed CENTCOM that it would build its relocation facilities. Qatar has to get together with Iran, Russia and China over sale and distribution of those huge South Pars gas deposits and the other guys might say they want the US out before they parlay.

    More here than meets the eye, but let’s see what happens after the election. One of the sops a Rat POTUS might throw China and Iran (China’s eyeballs deep in Iran right now) is a pullback of CENTCOM forces and installation in the Mideast, allowing China to assume responsibilities for ‘peacekeeping’ in the area. China has big plans for the area and who knows what the Rat party might give China in return for its help in the 2020 elections?

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    • Jeem says:

      czarowniczy, very detailed post. Thanks.

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      • czarowniczy says:

        I’ll give Trump the credit for working this tangled web into a course of action that will stabilize certain aspects of the Mideast maze for a while.

        I don’t see the Palestinians dialing back any more than they’ve done in past ‘peace deals’ but I see this as a check to some of the mess Obama created. How this will work out will depend on the November elections.

        If Biden wins start praying for Israel and the Mideast in general.

        Liked by 2 people

        • mikeyboo says:

          If Biden wins America is in at least as much peril as Israel and the Mideast.


          • czarowniczy says:

            The triad goes hand-in-hand. If Israel folds due to US actions/inactions we’ll lose our credibility to most of the world, we’ll be the Paper Tiger China’s always said we are and China will partner with Russia to divide up the Mideast and Africa.

            I’ve said since Day One in Stria that Russia’s in too deeply to get out, they’ll go to war first. Russia was Iran;s partner in the Pars exploitation and is cozying up to Qatar but China’s moved into Iran big time,shoring it up and giving it access to modern Chinese weaponry.

            Israel’s building a natural gas line into Europe to challenge Russia’s monopoly there so now Iran has Chinese support and Israel’s poking Russia big time while the Democrats are looking as if they’re ready to unveil their own Final Solution. Watch to see if any of Old Joe’s relatives go to work for Mideast or Chinese gas companies; if so sell your Israeli stocks.


  4. DefenderOfTroyDonahue says:

    Now it’s OK to root for one of Sheik Mo’s horses to win the Kentucky Derby.

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  5. kleen says:

    The problem for the left in going after Trump for this agreement, is that it was between 2 countries and they both agreed. It really isn’t Pelosi’s business.

    2 countries deciding what’s best for them. Let Dems get in their business and see how that works out for them internationally.

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    • Joemama says:

      Perhaps you need to change your world view. The democrats do not have a plan for the USA. Everything they do is to enrich themselves (through payoffs to their extended families) or as a result of blackmail.

      We the people or the USA does not even come into play in their strategy. It is all about (only biggest motivators listed):
      1. How do I enrich myself by steering bribes/kickbacks to my extended family (who then channel most of the money back to me).
      2. I must do what XXXXX country says I should do, or else they will reveal that I have sex with 6 year old children, or some other horrible crime.
      3. I must support the DNC commands, because if I don’t, I will lose my next election, or worse, the DNC will reveal my crimes and destroy me and my family.

      There is no point in trying to make sense in what the left does, until you understand the framework under which they operate.

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      • G. Alistar says:

        And…. perhaps UAE and now Oman, etc.sense the strong possibility that Trump will be the POTUS for the next five years. Timing is everything.


    • LafnH20 says:

      Kleen… agree.
      From the transcript above…

      MR. KUSHNER: “Thank you, Mr. President. And I would like to say that — I want to thank the President for his leadership on this historic peace effort.

      The President, like with all things, urged us to take an untraditional approach. You can’t solve problems that have gone unsolved by doing it the same way that people before you have tried and failed.

      The President takes untraditional approaches. He does things in different ways, but he uses common sense and he tries to unite people by focusing on common interests, as opposed to allowing them to focus on their common grievances.

      And what happened was, here — is we were able to achieve results that others were not able to achieve, and this will advance the region, and this will advance the whole world.”

      How does one put a negative spin on this? How is PEACE in The Middle East, or anywhere, for that matter, a bad thing for America?

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  6. elgato2020 says:

    About the biggest and best EFF U to the prior weasly administration. I’m sure Obama and Val are deeply depressed about this.

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  7. sunnydaze says:

    What an incredible day.

    I must have been asleep at the wheel? Cuz I didn’t see this one coming.

    Liked by 4 people

  8. modspell says:

    I’m no fan of Jared but maybe this is where he shines. We’ll see. I see 666 when I look at him and I don’t know why that is. But if Donald trusts him I’ll go along…for now.

    Liked by 4 people

    • doyouseemyvision says:

      Jared rescued the nearly collapsed USMCA talks with Mexico. Without Jared, this was off the rails. Even the Mexican Pres praised him (on the phone) at the announcement ceremony.

      Jared pulled off criminal justice reform that no one could do for 40 years which is bringing black Dems in droves to the Repub party. Jared got the ventilator production going across multiple companies, filled the states’ backlogged needs, and filled the national stockpile.

      This guy works tirelessly and quietly behind the scenes. The jobs he takes on are difficult and complex. You never hear about him. But he’s working his heart out for America.

      Liked by 4 people

    • twohartsintx says:

      I see that when I look at him as well. I try not to, we are not supposed to do it, but every time I see him.


  9. marksmanjax says:

    As good as this may seem, the Lion is Laying down with the Lamb…


  10. warrenjay13 says:

    Barr will announce something on Friday—-not earth scattering, but proof they are moving in the right direction…Sundance set them all on 🔥….please!

    Liked by 3 people

    • Reaganite says:


      Bill Barr slams Democrats, teachers unions in blistering ‘Hannity’ interview
      Fox News
      44 minutes ago


  11. Elvis Chupacabra says:

    The word around the campfire, well bonfire really, is that Sundance is pushing Bill Barr, a bit. Of course, after that waterboarding her got from the DemocRATS and Fat Jerry Nadler last week, Barr will probably release the Durham Report even if he has to write it himself!

    Keep up the good work!

    Liked by 3 people

    • Joemama says:

      Durham report?

      Prosecutors issue indictments. Inspectors General issue reports.

      Give my regards to David Brock. Tell him I that I hope he gets a really awesome suntan while he burns in hell.

      Actually, I really wish that he would see the error of his ways and reverse the evil that he has foisted upon the US public.

      It is so sad to know that so many of my fellow alumni are going to be the close company of satan, if they continue on their current path. David Brock seems to have made his choice, but as long as he is still alive, he still can try to change his ways.

      BTW – can you even make a living off of what David Brock pays you? Soros/Brock/etc seem to not pay you professional propagandists/trolls very well.


  12. susanphd says:

    Trump’s timing of this announcement was perfect. Sucked up all the media airtime. Totally overshadowed the Biden / Harris schoolroom visit. No one even paid attention to Biden. Low audience turnout too.

    Liked by 6 people

  13. kleen says:

    Yeah, the left is wanting to speak against 2 countries who just worked out a peace deal amongst themselves. Kinda like… my body my choice. Their countries their choice.

    Yeah… go after them, that will look nice.


  14. susanphd says:

    I thought prosecuters don’t write “reports.” They either agree or decline to indict criminal activity. Only Mueller coup lawyers write reports. I wasn’t expecting a Durham “report.”

    Liked by 1 person

  15. kleen says:

    “Tomorrow there will be a development in the case.” AG Barr.

    “It’s not a big development, but a development to show things are moving along.”

    “We’re not going to do anything inappropriate before the election…”


    • Wethal says:

      Inappropriate? And after the election? if Biden’s vote fraud works, any indictments will be dismissed (expect, of course, the one against Mike Flynn).

      I hope Barr didn’t mean that: a) some matters would be held until after the election; or b) Durham won’t be finished until after the election. Durham should be tidying up the plea deals about now.


    • Joemama says:

      “We’re not going to do anything inappropriate before the election…”

      Wow! Talk about an inappropriate statement!

      I really hope Mr. Barr understands the gravity of the situation.

      que será, será

      God, grant me the serenity
      to accept the things I cannot change,
      the courage to change the things I can,
      and the wisdom to know the difference.
      Living one day at a time,
      enjoying one moment at a time;
      accepting hardship as a pathway to peace;
      taking, as Jesus did,
      this sinful world as it is,
      not as I would have it;
      trusting that You will make all things right
      if I surrender to Your will;
      so that I may be reasonably happy in this life
      and supremely happy with You forever in the next.


      Liked by 2 people

    • Beau Geste says:

      inappropriate like indict biden for corruption in kickbacks from foreign aid?
      And for treason/sedition/conspiracy, evidence falsification, lying to the courts, perjury in order to carry out a coup against an elected President? That is “inappropriate before an election featuring the criminal biden(s) ? c’mon man…..

      Liked by 2 people

  16. susanphd says:

    How is it not a stall tactic to appease Sundance and his big Reveal – “The Big Ugly” begins August 14 at 5pm. There will be no delays. No matter what. We will not be satisfied with Barr’s little crumbs of hope. Action is required now.

    Remember the WOLFE case. That was the fulcrum.

    Liked by 2 people

  17. kleen says:

    Barr is saying the investigation into the attempt to sabotage 2016 election and also to remove an elected President should not interfere with upcoming election.

    Liked by 2 people

  18. newbietreepper says:

    I’m not the only person thinking this has to be Sundance’s own tripwire. The media’s hair on fire approach tells us that they know we know.

    Liked by 1 person

  19. susanphd says:

    Because of what we know about the WOLFE indictment and the complicity of the SSCI; the Awan Case (dropped): the Greg Craig Case (dropped); the Russian Internet case (dropped); McCabe & Comey cases (dropped) all under Barr’s umbrella, I am not so sure I trust what Bill Barr says. I feel like he is throwing out some “hope” crumbs to numb the digital warriors.

    Sundance has evidence that he will make public tomorrow at 5pm (to media) and Saturday (to public).

    Sundance says there is no Durham investigation. It is a head fake, a false flag like Huber.

    I want to know what is REALLY going on. Thank you Sundance for all of your incredible work.

    Liked by 2 people

  20. Troublemaker10 says:

    After Historic Israel-UAE Peace Deal Brokered By Trump, Biden Tries To Take Credit


    The Arab Peace Initiative that Biden cited was proposed by Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah at the 2002 Arab League Summit in Beirut, Lebanon, endorsed by that summit, and later endorsed at the 2007 summit in Riyadh. It called for full Israeli withdrawal from Golan Heights, which would leave Israel vulnerable to attacks from above it, withdrawal from the Biblical Judea and Samaria, where the ancient Jewish kings were crowned, and withdrawal from East Jerusalem, which includes the Temple Mount, the site of the Biblical temples, and for Jews, the holiest place on earth.

    As it turned out, Israel never compromised on those issues, and yet the UAE has made peace, so Biden’s citation of the Arab Peace Initiative to buttress his claim that the Obama administration had anything to do with the deal is ludicrous.

    But in one sense, Biden is correct, albeit not for the reasons he cited. The Obama administration, by its support for the theocratic, despotic Iranian regime, the largest state sponsor of terrorism in the world, triggered Egypt, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia to link with Israel as all four countries were aware of the Iranian threat to all of them.

    Liked by 5 people

    • mikeyboo says:

      Troublemaker-“by its support for the theocratic, despotic Iranian regime, the largest state sponsor of terrorism in the world, triggered Egypt, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia to link with Israel as all four countries were aware of the Iranian threat to all of them.”
      And there you have it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  21. Everybody has a job in me relations.
    The President does his.
    The US Navy does theirs.

    Up yours, iran!


  22. Wethal says:

    The agreement between Israel and the UAE sucked a lot of attention away from Biden-Harris, but I expect she’ll be featured on the Sunday talk shows (Biden still hidden in the basement, of course).

    I hope Durham’s action tomorrow is enough to make the Sunday talk shows scramble to rearrange their guests, and draw more attention away.

    Liked by 1 person

  23. susanphd says:

    Some people think Barr is simply going name a “new” prosecutor on the case. Could be the person Sundance has uncovered.


    • kleen says:

      At this point he shouldn’t be naming anybody. This should have been over with.

      This is an internal investigation. We know the names, who did what, we know the crimes and it’s all documented.

      What’s to investigate? Just get their emails and texts and you have the motive, and plot.


  24. MaineCoon says:

    Below is today’s WH presser where detailed presentations were given regarding the Abraham Accord. Jared Kushner gives an interesting overview of the process and greatly credits President Trump.

    Go to 6:44 in the clip to hear NSA Amb Robert O’Brien’s tribute. It is well worth listening to. He gives an overview of all President Trump has done in the ME region towards peace. This man has a very humble heart. He is so truly honored to be work with President Trump and softly yet accurately states that he is truly worthy of the Nobel Peace Prize.

    Lastly, I bet Present Trump chose the name “Abraham Accord”. The three great faiths were birthed in the Holy City of Jerusalem, based on the Hebrew word “salem”, meaning peace, peaceful. Shalom means peace. The father of all 3 faiths – Judaism, Islam & Christianity – was Abraham. Only President Trump would have thought to know the Accord have Abraham. Afterall, which nation would break the peace accord named after the founder of their faith?

    Also, I see his hand of USA protection by moving the embassy there as many Muslims will come to the Al-Aqsa Mosque. Again, I believe it was part of his peace plan as much as it was in recognizing J’Lem as the capital of Israel.

    God bless President Trump.

    Liked by 2 people

  25. Ray Cardinale says:

    It will be a shame for our country and the World if Trump is not reeleted. I think it’s true that many are waiting to after the election. He/we will have much more leverage if they know they have to deal with him for four more years. I grew up on Long Island near NYC so he was on local tv often. His personality always rubbed me the wrong way. Only until the fall 2016 did I start to appreciate who he was. I say all this to indicate that I’m no sycophant . Wow, he is an amazing man. He just may change the World for good. I can’t believe so many people, especially Never Trumpers, hate him so much. I pray enough people will see what we are on it be precipice of and respect him.

    Liked by 2 people

  26. Fromseatoshinningsea says:

    There is no greater negotiator in modern world history than Donald Trump. No one. I’ve studied his career since he moved from Queens to Manhattan real estate. His deals are incredibly complex,10,000 deal points. He masters them all. Joe Biden, even in his youth couldn’t have gotten two pages into the these 300 page documents. Biden today couldn’t get past the first paragraph. Barry never put a deal together, never; all Big Mike’s boy ever did was create policy of destruction. His bullshit line, “You never built that,” was spoken by a fraud who never built anything. PDJT is a throwback to the great men who built America, men whose likenesses and memories are being destroyed by Barry’s legions of seditionists unfit for a civil society.

    This awesome announcement might have come sooner but first Israel had to take care of a little business in Beirut.

    Liked by 1 person

  27. Troublemaker10 says:


  28. regitiger says:

    “…not earth shattering…”

    b. barr
    13 aug 2020

    under produce



  29. Wethal says:

    There’s another bit of schadenfreude to enjoy.

    Clinton spent the last year of his presidency desperately trying to get an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal that he hoped would win him the Noble Peace Prize, and somehow make people forget his impeachment. He couldn’t do it (Israel was not about to commit suicide, and Arafat would accept nothing less).

    If Trump pulls off more agreements like today’s, I don’t expect the lefty Nobel Peace Committee to award him the prize, but at least Trump’s accomplished more for Mideast peace than Bubba ever did.

    Trump’s impeachment may fade given his accomplishments, but Clinton will forever be remembered for Monica Lewinsky’s blue GAP dress.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Mr e-man says:

      Just think, if the Palestinians allies leave one by one, they will have to negotiate with Israel. Right now they get welfare from all the other Muslim nations and military (offensive and defensive) ability for free. They are pissed because this is the beginning of the end for them to say they are oppressed and are freedom fighters. Trump went around them. They have to deal. Will they deal now or wait for mental miscreant Biden? I’d go with the sane guy.


      • Rah says:

        They’re far too stupid to deal now.


      • mikeyboo says:

        You have to be a “sane guy” to go with the sane guy. There are several other countries in the Middle East such as Saudi Arabia that would like to make peace with Israel. The question is can they defeat the bigots and war mongers within their own borders.


  30. Mr e-man says:

    My take is that when he said “tomorrow there will be a big development in the case”, Barr was referring to Sundance. He called for an interview to preempt Sundance’s “deadline”.

    He could just be saying the “development” will be Sundance’s reveal and Barr will say it just shows we really are moving forward because his reveal is of a hidden investigation, not Durham.

    But it will out the hidden investigation and force a reckoning, not allowing a hidden investigation to go past the election. But we were investigating, see?

    I need suspicious cat for that interview.


  31. Troublemaker10 says:

    Liked by 1 person

  32. regitiger says:

    back in the day…the most effective planning strategy was to make announcements promptly at 6 am sharp monday…always monday…in this way people begin immediately to coordinate …dropping solid announcements on friday or weekends is weak…it sends the message…oh yeah..before you go home and relax for two days …one more thing…thats weak.

    so when i hear …big this or that..coming soon…on a always fails to be impressive…

    i want the damned national emergency warning system to go off…i dont care what time it is..

    hit the effing red button.

    sound the alarm…this is not a drill


    • Joemama says:

      That Monday announcement strategy only works if you have a real news media that actually reports on important news and does real investigative journalism.

      That no longer exists in the US main stream media. All major news outlets practice lying by omission more often than doing investigative journalism. You drop the news on Monday and all the major outlets will just ignore it, if it doesn’t somehow advance the communist one-world government narrative.

      The old formula is dead. You have to get the message out by word of mouth – i.e. social media and by other means. The MSM is just a propaganda tool now.


      • regitiger says:

        You are of course correct.

        I guess you know, old school me, is still stuck on a normal functioning society and government.

        maybe I do it to remind myself why all of this is so strange and distorted.

        I want my years back….not the time…the experience and the truths


  33. Troublemaker10 says:


  34. Fools Gold says:

    Most important message from the Trump statement regarding ME from President Trump paraphrased by me (what I heard)..

    “Since we’ve become energy independent from ME oil we now have a very powerful leverage for not getting into ME affairs and wars. Folks in EU, if you’re listening pay close attention. Americans, this is how you MAGA and KAG”

    Liked by 1 person

    • margarite1 says:

      I always thought people in the ME were behind our “environmental movement” here in the US. Who benefited most from us being dependent on ME oil? It took a non-politician to do what obviously needed to be done a long time ago.

      One of the reasons I love President Trump is he isn’t owned by anyone – only his love for the USA. It was always ludicrous to think that he was Putin’s puppet – he was never anyone’s lackey – ever. He is a true alpha male who has shown how a true world leader solves problems..

      Liked by 1 person

  35. Spurwing Plover says:

    Hey Liberals neither Clinton nor Obama could do that want trump to get the Peace Prize? he is better qualified then Obama


  36. David says:

    I am your Israeli friend.
    May God bless you and make you win 2020 and have a more peaceful 4 years.
    May Corona disappear and God bless America and Israel.

    Liked by 3 people

  37. Trump rocks! I love him. I wasn’t even aware he was working on this. He is the peace and prosperity president. May God bless him.

    Liked by 1 person

  38. Jeffrey Coley says:

    Remember “The Art of the Deal”: Begin negotiations with outrageous demands. It costs you nothing, and you have plenty of ground to give up extracting concessions from the other side.

    Israel annexing the West Bank was never a serious proposal. Doing so would be impractical and likely would end up a bloodbath. However, in return for abandoning annexation Trump was able to get UAE to normalize relations.

    He is using the same gambit with the Palestinians he used with North Korea. You can’t negotiate with a mad dog, but you can pressure the sponsors and enablers to stop him. If Trump can simply get some of the sponsors to quit supporting Palestinian belligerence their intransigence will decrease significantly.


  39. Sonia says:

    Richard Grenell speaks for the silent majority:

    I’ve waited a long time to have a Republican President who doesn’t start new wars, brings U.S. troops home, and still delivers Peace deals.Electing an outsider like @realDonaldTrump to lead Washington, DC means the insiders are always mad – but America is better off.— Richard Grenell (@RichardGrenell) August 13, 2020

    Liked by 1 person

  40. In the Land of Poz says:

    Kushner FOX interview on the peace deal is interesting for those with questions about Kushner.

    First of all Kushner was pretty good on his feet even if dealing with a cooperative interviewer.
    Comes across as intelligent and sensible, pragmatic decisionmaker (like Trump).

    Second, he consistently underplays his role, does not try to discuss his actions to look good, and gives all credit to Trump. I see nothing in the last 4-5 years to suggest he has long term political ambitions of his own, though of course the odds may change the longer he stays on as Trump’s right hand man. I had imagined Kushner’s Don Corleone-type father, the sometime Federal prisoner, giving him the speech about how he had wanted “Governor Kushner, Senator Kushner” as his hope for the son. But Kushner may actually intend to return to a life of wealth, business, and the ultimate trophy wife. We’ll see.

    Kushner articulating the bias in the media polls in several different ways, implying the obvious saying he “doesn’t know why they pay money for” garbage numbers, without actually saying the word “deliberate fraud”, was excellent.


  41. RAC says:

    “National Security Adviser Says Trump Should Be ‘Front Runner’ For Nobel Peace Prize”
    Be sure to see “This is an excellent point.” tweet at the end of the article.


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