Status Update: Meet At The Old Mill, We Ride At Midnight…

A quote from Sam Adams is a good way to encapsulate the week ahead:

“If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms.”

“Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”  ~ Samuel Adams

First, my sincere appreciation for all of your support as we have worked through a complex process of information assembly, travel, and briefings to those who we hope will step forward.

Mid-August was always the most visible date to determine whether or not DC still retained any functional way to self-correct from the severity of corruption that so many people are now familiar with. That date has stuck with me for almost two years; and so it will remain.

Long gone are the ‘hopes’ and ‘trusts’ attached to Jeff Sessions, Rod Rosenstein, Michael Horowitz, John Huber, Matt Whitaker, John Laush, the House of Representatives or Senate;… all futile in their efforts, perhaps purposefully so. That leaves John Durham and AG Bill Barr… and hope is not a strategy as we enter the final stretch.

If no progress is made by this Friday 5pm, CTH will first share the name of the primary Durham investigator to media previously briefed on the documents we assembled. From there, and within 24 hrs, we will make that name public and direct inquiries can begin.

Barring some unforeseen shift in approach; and based on recent Senate responses to Sally Yates during testimony; there’s going to be no help in the delivery of sunlight from anyone on the Senate Judiciary Committee. Senator Ron Johnson and the Senate Homeland Security Committee is equally useless; and by now every American should know the Senate Intelligence Committee was an active participant; no help there.

♦ A note of warning and preparation. Familiar names that have covered the Spygate fiasco are also not necessarily allies in this fight to deliver sunlight. “Spygate” is a lucrative financial business, lots of books have been sold. Expose the real scale of the DC fraud and Spygate is peanuts; therefore, there are friendly elements who could actually defend their prior interests. It is predictably unfortunate; and no energy should be wasted.

Additionally, media voices paid by Wall Street corporations will offer little sunlight assistance.  There are too many vested financial interests; too many issues of credibility at risk, and too many long-standing reputations exposed. In many ways, directly and indirectly, as you well know, corporate media have participated in the effort to remove President Trump.

♦ Phase-2 is to deliver the briefing material we have assembled to larger audiences. The brief is complex, because the operation outlined within it was/is complex. Therefore, it actually takes two reviews to understand it:

• The first review is a timeline of when documents controlled by the Mueller special counsel were made public; the disparate public releases -and the controlled non releases- were/was a method used by the special counsel to keep people from easily connecting the dots. This was by design.  [Review takes about 45 mins]

• The second review encompasses an additional timeline from material within the publicly released documents. That second approach connects the dots and clears up the remaining confusion. Both reviews are not easy to absorb; but when that mental light bulb turns on, it can never be turned off… and, most importantly, everything reconciles; including the purposeful inaction of congress.  [About 45 minutes]

A set of 30 briefs costs roughly $900 to produce; this material is heavy.  Stunningly, and I laugh about this often, there are only about 20 pages within the documents that are needed to tell the whole story.  However, with today’s level of political skepticism, the brief has to contain every page of every document lest anyone be accused of selective editing.

Mid-week a group of good people are gathering to review and discuss the best methods to blast the information into the public consciousness. This has been planned for a long time. Delivery to public is not an easy task; the information is intellectually heavy, and the ramifications are considerable. However, on an optimistic note, despite numerous opportunities, no-one has yet been able to challenge either the material or the conclusions based almost entirely on direct evidence; and some very obvious circumstantial evidence.

♦ Dissemination – Will a video work… will a Zoom network work…. will live streaming work… will in-person public briefings work… or will it take a combination of all of those? Personally, the latter seems the most effective, but it also reaches the least.  One real issue with video is the briefing material has to be in the viewer’s hand to make sense. Regardless, I am committed to travel and share the information with as many people as possible until I run out of briefing material… which is a forward issue.

Following a logical plan, those public/group briefings will likely start about this time next week. If you have a group who would like to have a briefing, we’ll let you know how to contact and schedule.

As a result of this week’s final discussions, on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, CTH will likely be very quiet as these details are worked out. Friday night, if no action has been taken by the DOJ or AG Bill Barr, I will release the name of Durham’s #1. Then on Saturday, that name will go public, and then we go quickly right into phase-2.

On one hand, I still hold hope that Durham/Barr will deliver…. on the other hand, well, the pressure to preserve the institutions might be too much. However, at a certain point; well beyond all the oft-repeated comments about “sensitivity” and “delicate balances”; the brutal truth has to come out – or be forced out.

Oddly, I have yet to find a person who believes Durham’s investigative unit has this information; it’s always the last question I ask a group or individual. Investigators who have worked on these issues for years also give the same reply. Unfortunately, and despite direct contact, that lack of knowledge appears intentional.

So that’s where things stand. If things change, I will keep you updated.

REMINDER – When I share the message “live your best life”, it is not without purpose. Every moment that we allow the COVID and leftist onslaught to deter us from living our dreams, is a moment those who oppose our nation view as us taking a knee.

Do not allow this effort to succeed.

You might ask yourself how can I, one person, a flea looking into a furnace, retain an optimistic disposition while all around me seems chaotic and mad.

That’s the point; it ‘seems’ chaotic and mad because it has been created to appear that way. There are more of us than them; they just control the systems that allow us to connect, share messages, and recognize the scale of our assembly.

Every second that you live your life with thankfulness for the abundance within it; every moment that we CHOOSE to engage with fellowship; every day that we accept guidance from God – however you define him to be; and every moment we cherish this time to be a beacon of optimism; is a moment that we withstand that barrage and hold the flag in place. It is a genuinely patriotic position not to succumb to the attack.

If you allow yourself to be drawn into crisis and despair, you allow them to win. If your center of normal is based around this overwhelming onslaught, you will eventually concede liberty in favor of peace. Once we stop living in liberty, we no longer have peace.

It took me a while to fully understand just how damaging empty streets, soulless eyes, the lack of smiles, shuttered businesses, and the absence of joy would become. But as I travel around trying to deliver a very specific message to a very specific audience, I recognize just how much damage is being done; not just to our nation as a whole, but also to every individual within it – personally.

We must shake this mindset. We must withstand this onslaught and rally to the origin of our true national spirit. We must rally to a standard of Americanism and accept this is not that. In essence, we must individually take a stand. Purposefully, deliberately and with forethought, we must engage those around us to get rid of this sense of foreboding.

This approach is how we win the larger battle.

All around us, in every tribe and region, there are people who need you to show them the strength that you have. Strength of spirit. Strength of fellowship that you will not relent from expressing. No matter what noise is shouting from the loudspeakers, we must withstand it; we must make eye contact and remain joyful. We cannot allow despair to be the status quo.

Our nation needs more people like you, right now. Don’t wait… engage life, get optimistic, however you need to do it. Then, let that part of you shine right now… This is how we fight. Hold up that flag; give the starter smile… rally to the standard you create and spread fellowship again. God knows we need it.

Lift your spirits.  I cannot tell you how much of a difference it makes right now; not only to this internet community, but to our nation as a whole.   Choose to be optimistic. Live your best life, RIGHT NOW, there are people working furiously and with great purpose. Remember, this is the only life we have – so seize this day, and then the next, and then keep going.

We live in the greatest nation on the face of the earth. We are the people of that nation, with boundless opportunities most of the world can only dream of.  Our opposition has nothing but false witness, fear and lies.  Push on them, they are weak and shallow.

We are Americans…. Those who are working against our interests thrive in an atmosphere of despair and disenfranchisement – do not give it to them.  Carry an optimistic spirit, regardless of how challenging. I cannot explain it, but that makes success more certain.

Do not fuel our opposition with the power of fear.  Be strong right now; be happy right now; demand action, you are worth it. Do not give evil elements an inch of space within your heart.   Expect and demand accountability.  Do not worry about being perceived as an a**hole about it.

“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.”

Joshua 1:9

Quit listening to those who say “can’t” and “won’t”…

If some feel comfortable sitting in their socially distant box and bitching about all things that are not right, or might be not be right…. Or, if they prefer to allow themselves to be overcome with dark imaginings simply because what cannot be done is more comfortable than the effort to oversee what needs to be done…. well, that’s okay.

They can do that.

And when they are done doing that, they’ll still be in the same place.  However, you can choose to be positive and take action.

Rally your spirits to a standard of worthiness; because you are worth so much more. We are on the right side of history.  We are being guided. It is rather remarkable.

Again, thanks for your support.  Every prayer is felt, and I really believe those prayers are making a difference.  I’m seriously humbled.  Prayerfully so…  But remember, failure has never been in our national lexicon.  Life is good…. now, get to livin’ it.

Hopefully, I’ll see you soon…

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  1. amjean says:

    I thought that document drops on Friday were used because fewer people read them and the media gave the information contained no coverage over the weekend.

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  2. somebodysgramma says:

    One more thought: Today I am grateful that there is a glimmer of light for devastating the Swamp. I had all but given up hope, then came Trump, and now Sundance. I had thought God was bringing down punishment on America for her great sins. Now, I’m hopeful that the Lord’s mercy and forgiveness is encompassing us rather than destruction. I pray for a great awakening – a revival across this beautiful land.

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  3. ZurichMike says:

    Please click on the donate button to help defray costs of this mammoth undertaking.
    Please pray.
    Here’s a good one: Prayer to the Archangel Michael

    St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle.
    Be our defense against the wickedness and snares of the Devil.
    May God rebuke him, we humbly pray,
    and do thou, O Prince of the heavenly hosts,
    by the power of God,
    thrust into hell Satan,
    and all the evil spirits,
    who prowl about the world
    seeking the ruin of souls.

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  4. KBR says:

    In preparation for the all tasks that soon follow,

    Please read the following:’s-army-joshua-513-15

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  5. Beentheredonethat says:

    Good luck and Godspeed to all! Looking forward to Friday.

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  6. Publius2016 says:

    Dear SD,

    Please release the docs now!

    All Gang of 8 except Nunes were complicit…Senate is Deep State Central by design!!

    Seth Rich focus is recommended!

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  7. Drogers says:

    I’m all about riding at midnight …

    I ain’t playing.
    Check six, then check six, and finish by checking six.

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  8. RAM says:

    1. What effect does naming these names now have?
    2. When people see the enormity of the problem, how do they get an actionable, positive direction?

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  9. In fact of the matter the Mulehead team has all the info you have and more.
    They have an action plan or three in place ready to go as soon as you release a word.

    How the spy inside the White House reacts is key, if that one still has Trumps trust even harder.
    That is key, outing the back stabber in such a way that it will be standing live on TV with Trump when Trump calls out its name and acts.


    • Publius2016 says:

      they don’ much is available but SD has found direct links…that is the key: continuous threads!

      The people investigating have specific instructions while SD looks at the entire field!

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    • cboldt says:

      Team Mueller was focused on finding dirt on Trump, and resisted or rejected any information that implicted bad actors in the government. Team Mueller was a perjuryu/obstruction trap, nothing more. It was a corrupt undertaking. It had no predicate other than “get Trump,” and it knew it had no predicate. Congress knew too, and called for a corrupt undertaking with the same objective, get Trump. Impeachment was a repeat – corrupt undertaking, obviously so to those who know the law.
      Team Mueller also adopted, without a scintilla of independent investigation, findings that the Russians interfered in the election with a bias in favor of Trump.

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  10. catman4cats says:

    I have not looked forward to a Friday since I retired. This week, I am looking forward to Friday, and the following week.

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  11. ReglarMerican says:

    Two observations:
    First – during the month of August the power-elite and money-elite mostly leave D.C., NYC, and the power-capitals of Europe to go on holiday and fund-raise.
    Meaning: they are dispersed and less able to “circle the wagons” to protect their grifting, scheming and deceptions.

    Second – Christians in Seattle are holding public, outdoor Baptisms in the area that was temporarily known as “Chop” of “Chaz”. Interesting. From what I could see and hear from the 30 second video the Pastor and the Baptized sounded quite sincere. And I say that as a stuffy coat-and-tie type! Possibly an outbreaking of The Holy Spirit from that unlikely place? … I hope so and welcome it

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  12. inrecordtimes says:

    Sundance, we will be waiting for the blowing of the horn, ready to raise our shields to reflect the light of the sun upon the enemy!

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  13. uncreativ says:

    Disclosure is the best option. I’d think electronic release would be less costly and easier to do, but getting “hard copies” in the hands of multiple friendly people is a good idea in order to ensure anything online doesn’t get yanked.

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    • JiminCO says:

      friendly people here. Law trained. Watching the whole mess since 2015. I’d like to have a hard copy of the briefing to fully educate. Then, I saddle up and ride . . . . Its for the America that gave me so much it is a daily humbling.

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  14. Tyshab says:

    First thank you, a thousand times over, for information and inspiration.
    Second, this information must be presented, however really needs visuals…..plotted on a timeline, the network of ppl, etc. it has to made crystal clear to the vast majority who do not read anything more than a few sentences long. Really need some visual designers on this. Government machinations, org charts, bureaucratic processes, forms, heck even basic functions of the 3 main branches are all a black box to most. Too many details to absorb.
    Third, not only was there as yet unsuccessful coup attempt on trump, but also successful take overs of DOJ, FBI, Congress, Intel orgs. Must clearly show this —— deep swamp, cabal, coup, etc all have become cliches—-these words have lost their power.
    Visual storytelling is critical to understanding.

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    • jenncarp2013 says:

      If you are trained in visual storyboarding this is a great piece of advice and service to offer Sundance. ❤️

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      • Mountaineer says:

        Need some good infographics. I’m willing to help with this

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        • Tyshab says:

          Yes! That is what is needed. Unfortunately, I am weeds person, but when communicating with those outside field I need pictures and stories to convey just the main points necessary to communicate my message. For those with interest, backups of the ‘in the weed info’ available.
          Sundance has been doing this but needs further distilling to enlighten those not following the details. Something in levels, 1st ) high level, direct—-major agencies of government taken over [pix of agencies], gain power and wealth exploiting you [simple chart of loss of $$, freedoms, ability to vote without fraud corrupting], unacceptable from your employees…government is your employee!!! Correct this distortion, take back control!
          Build in the details at hierarchal levels of detailed visuals, written.
          This is not my area of expertise, but know the value of this form of presentation….need hook, line, sinker.

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  15. northwoodswatcher says:

    Well, Sundance has a lot more patience than I have… If I were in the President’s shoes, knowing full well that the demonRATs and their allies have hit teams searching high and low for any opportunity to take out me and my family, I’d take them out first… I’ve used this allusion before, but this is Pinochet territory…

    The Founders set up a Republic so we wouldn’t have to live through the era of lawlessness that they experienced… remember that during the American Revolution, many areas of the country — Long Island, Westchester, the Jersies, etc. — were no-go zones occupied by guerrillas working both sides of the fence. It feels like that today. It just seems that the forces arrayed are so extensive, so entrenched, and so rich, that it would take an army to overcome them.

    Why wait for the chaos that will descend upon America when the VOTE-BY-MAIL card is played? Why wait for the 2nd Battle of the Chads? Use the Insurrection Act to stop the riots, end the misuse of executive orders, and scoop up all of the guilty using all of the LEOs that are currently and clearly under the direction of the President, while we still have the Presidency?

    If the President waits till AFTER the election, however, when the Criminal Leftist Media cloud everything up, and stir up more demonRAT riots, death, and destruction, the President’s authority will seem to be in question (among those who haven’t been paying attention, like us) and then any such action taken at that point will seem to be acts of desperation.

    I say round up all of the traitors now and force the issue, while the full range of federal LEOs is available, not to mention special teams that can be called upon to corral or vaporize traitors-terrorists like Antifa/BLM, Soros, the Big Tech billionaires, etc.

    If push comes to shove, Pinochet them, NOW, before they get to play out their end game.

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    • Rileytrips says:

      You forget, the President does not have the support of the military leadership – the Pentagon. He cannot do what you propose without enforcement – which they will not allow. How weak would that make our President – and our country – look to our enemies, if he makes such orders…..and then they refuse to carry them out ?!

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      • lolli says:

        👍 exactly right!

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      • Marsha Gould says:

        ” It is easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled ” Mark Twain
        Not sure if that is his, just what it said and it is one to remember no matter who said it ! Difficult road ahead, God Bless the freedom loving peoples of this world .

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      • gunrunner03 says:

        I never thought I would read those words, “. . . the President does not have the support of the military leadership – . . . ” I pray for our Country and our President.

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        • northwoodswatcher says:

          Just as a point of reference, In his message to Congress of September 7, 1942, in which he demanded that Congress forthwith repeal certain provisions of the Emergency Price Control Act of the previous January 30th,146 FDR formulated his conception of his powers as “Commander in Chief in wartime” as follows:

          “I ask the Congress to take this action by the first of October. Inaction on your part by that date will leave me with an inescapable responsibility to the people of this country to see to it that the war effort is no longer imperiled by threat of economic chaos.”

          “In the event that the Congress should fail to act, and act adequately, I shall accept the responsibility, and I will act.”

          “At the same time that farm prices are stabilized, wages can and will be stabilized also. This I will do.”

          “The President has the powers, under the Constitution and under Congressional acts, to take measures necessary to avert a disaster which would interfere with the winning of the war.”

          “I have given the most thoughtful consideration to meeting this issue without further reference to the Congress. I have determined, however, on this vital matter to consult with the Congress. . . .”

          “The American people can be sure that I will use my powers with a full sense of my responsibility to the Constitution and to my country. The American people can also be sure that I shall not hesitate to use every power vested in me to accomplish the defeat of our enemies in any part of the world where our own safety demands such defeat.”

          “When the war is won, the powers under which I act automatically revert to the people—to whom they belong.”

          One would think that in the War on Terrorism enunciated by President Bush after 9/11, and which several departments have been created to help fight, alongside existing departments, President Trump would have the same broad sweep of action available to him that President Roosevelt had available during WWII.

          As Commander in Chief, President Trump has a broad powers and the Insurrection Act also conveys broad powers. In declaring specific states and cities in insurrection, President Trump would be able to change the political landscape, including declaring martial law in those states in insurrection and resorting to military administration, as was used during the Civil War, during Reconstruction, and during a number of other emergencies.

          Any military leader contravening the directives of the President, up to and including the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff could be removed and, without waiting for Senate confirmation, be replaced. President Trump could install military leaders loyal to him during an emergency like an insurrection of the states. Certainly his enemies in Congress would seek to restrain that arc of action. They would seek impeachment while he could use the U.S. Marshals Service and other LEOs to arrest officials acting traitorously. It would certainly be a touch and go situation. But the point is that the power is there, and has been used to varying degrees by Lincoln, FDR, and others in less limited actions.

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      • old deplorable owl says:

        Riley, I think it’s entirely possible that military leadership Colonel on down could defy the Pentagon in a push-or-shove situation. Those soldiers, sailors, Air Force and Marines crowding in for selfies, cheering wildly, etc. when PDJT goes to them are clearly NOT being forced to attend a la Rocket Man!
        I can envision a situation where the Stars are bodily hauled out and locked up, even. Don’t discount our military!

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  16. Phflipper says:

    “If you have a group who would like to have a briefing, we’ll let you know how to contact and schedule.”

    Yes, I will be watching for the announcement. I have one group locally of 15 assembled now. Another group I can pull together 800 miles from where I live, of which I work remotely with on a daily basis. Within this second group, one member is a personal friend of many important people in business, local, and state bureaucracy.

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    • Dixie says:

      Connections like that are so important. I have none.

      All I can do is donate which I will do to help support Sundance so he can help and support those who CAN DO what needs to be done.

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      • Phflipper says:

        Donations are equally important Dixie just as you point out. And, telling family, friends, co-workers makes a difference. You may not change minds now but when the truth becomes widespread they will know you told them earlier, your stock in their mind elevates and they put more trust in you in they future.

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  17. Patience says:

    Start a hash-tag with a simple catch phrase like:
    #What’s Up
    #Hear This
    #I Know
    #So you know
    #WE KNOW

    Have signs and flags made with the hash-tag

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  18. As much as I want to help and am going to help, I have to force myself to do things according to SD’s schedule. If not, opportunities and energy will be wasted. And may even be counterproductive. As much as I want to alert people in my sphere of influence, my job right now is to just identify those whom I will reach out to first.

    These next several days I will spend preparing myself. Spiritually first and foremost, closely followed by physical and mental preparation.


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  19. r9909 says:

    In my opinion, some of the most important words that have been written here are those reminding us to keep our spirits up and to live our lives – essentially reminding us that we all control our own happiness and in effect our own destiny.

    I am reminded of what I saw a few weeks ago. Many of the usual leftist suspects I know started posting stories of how hard, and depressing, life has been recently. Especially during the lockdowns. Guess what, a few days later Michelle Obama comes out with the same sob stories.

    I realize the enemy is organized. But I also realize that we have a huge advantage once we organize – we have facts.

    Keep positive, and keep fighting.

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  20. Bogeyfree says:


    Might I suggest using the talent of some here, maybe in very small teams of 2-4

    For example one team might be those with a vast amount of writing experience so the suggestion of a short executive summary seems critical and could be their assignment.

    Then the idea of having a video presentation sounds good and my guess is here at CTH there are some very good media/video production people who could focus on this assignment.

    Then I think there could be a team to specifically target large groups and associations to ensure they get a packet and/or are offered up a speaking opportunity maybe by you if big enough.

    Of course I still think gaining WH support is critical and again depending on how far you have gotten there maybe a team to help get deeper within the WH that also includes the Trump children maybe?

    Again your work has been outstanding and we wouldn’t be were we are today without YOU and your effort.

    I know these small teams take a little time but you could vet over the phone but having a professional type video, a executive summary, a website even to hang all the reference documents coupled with a major Association attack team/plan could go a long way in ensuring the effectiveness of our battle.

    My bet is there are some very, very talented people here at CTH who can and would be more than willing to carry a bigger load and offer up their skill set if asked.

    Just throwing out some ideas.

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    • RJ says:

      Methinks you are a real team player! Washington employs a very serious and deadly game of ambush–passive aggressive behavior rules their day.

      Your thoughts go a long way in confronting these narcissistic, lying pols/bureaucrats.

      Know that you are not alone in this quest for freedom, honesty and might I add…The American way!


    • dbdb says:

      I would be willing to manage a small team OR just knock on doors… someone just point me toward the greatest need! Most of us are also willing to invest a few dollars to reproduce materials or find resources to accomplish the same!

      Please consider that most small business (very wide set of talents) is only waiting to be enlightened and asked to help. Heck, most are already enlightened!

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      • Hans says:

        Me the football star?

        So I played high school football..

        Yes I was so good (in my own eyes that) what would a team of 11 Hans’s look like..

        Small I only weighed 125 lbs soaking wet…. I was so slow I was always ran the extra lap after wind sprints… in fact after a pass intersection the coach said.. when are you going to start to run..

        So what was I good at ……..defense.. played corner line backer …. I quickly analyzed the play…. sat just far enough back that the quarter back take the bait..

        So a team of Hans’s was a non winner… so I realized that the winning team needed diversity.

        Using everyone’s contribution for success.. it was a life altering experience. Not based on color, education, ethnicity or personality.. fitting the right person for the jobs that needed to be done.

        We have been very fortunate to have Sundance as our quarterback…. it’s now for us o complete he team… MAGA


    • bertdilbert says:

      Yes, a short executive summary is critical to success. A massive document is good for analytical types like Sundance who need every detail to move forward.

      We live in a world of short attention spans and instant gratification. We need to plug into that mindset. Mike Flynn is a victim. We rally around victims and injustice. It is what the democrats do with things like BLM. They are successful with it. We should learn from successful things that work and not try to reinvent the wheel.

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    • Eric C. says:

      Under the Incident Command System (ICS) used by fire departments in CA since the 70’s can be used to manage anything (used as NIMS at the Federal level).

      Span of Control within ICS is 5-7:1. The IC oversees the Command Staff (Safety Officer, Liaison Officer, PIO who report directly to the IC and the Operations, Planning, Finance and Logistics Chiefs who oversee those parts of the organizational function) consisting of 7 people.

      Within the Operations Section (Ops) Strike Teams (in the fire dept it would be 5 like Type (city or wildland) fire engines with a leader (usually a Battalion Chief (BC))) and Task Forces (a mix of functional things like a Ventilation Task Force could be 1 BC 2 fire engines and 2 ladder trucks) get things done.

      In this example a Task force could be 1 leader over seeing 5 or 7 groups in a regional area. The 1 leader educate the up to 7 group leaders who have teams and individuals under them who are the targets of the information.

      Span-or-control (controlling the correct way to present the information) and expandability (logistics supports the needs and operations implements, you need logistics to create the plan, produce the documents that are used by the Operations Section Chief who implements the plan – in this case “Make the bug ugly public”) ensure the operation has the resources needed to “git r dun”.

      Communication is easy with people communicating needs to their “leader” where it gets to the Ops Section Chief who gets it directly to the Logistics Section Chief where adjustments to the plan (each operational period has a plan that is developed – could be 1 day long or a particular phase) and resources are order (briefing docs, etc.)

      That’s how you get stuff done on a large scale, easily.


  21. regitiger says:


    a. always have at least contingency plans….in fact, relying on a single plan is a plan for failure. I am talking directly to the ENTIRE ensemble of sundancers here. Each will have their own part, yes, but within each compartment and campaign, there MUST be a series of contingency plans. Whether or NOT the first plans succeed OR NOT, the secondary, tertiary and multiple plans MUST be activated. If you want to start a fire, don’t throw a match…bring gas, and set EVERYTHING ABLAZE….the opposition has perfected the fine art of repetition and incessant messaging. We would be well informed to understand the success of that strategy and duplicate it. As a fellow treeper reminds “Tell them what you are going to tell them, tell them, then tell them what you told them.” (e.g, Convey your message, convince your audience, and confirm where they stand.) Example: if you plan is to talk to all your friends…great….then also talk and recruit THEIR friends…if you plan on posting material on social media….great…but also make sure you “attend” your activity. People will have questions. Prepare for these questions, by controlled the narrative and conversation…don’t get toxic. Here are the facts…here is where I got them…this is what it shows….here is what I AM DOING ABOUT IT. THIS is how it makes a difference….this is why you should care too.. Have ALL of these kinds of things in mind when you are starting to get your fires started. Never underestimate the power of having a shared meal with friends and neighbors. But don’t be clumsy about it…Be direct. “I want to invite you over and discuss something very important that I believe you want to get involved with. this aint’ amway or a sales pitch. I would like you to discuss this with me in a setting so I can communicate something very very important with you”….if it doesn’t pan out (and it will for some people)…MOVE ON. Arguing with someone who doesn’t care or can’t get it, is NOT the end of the solution. A favorite anecdote of mine was this:

    when asked how he managed to call 1,000 people in one week and set an all time high for record sales having zero experience,

    he replied: I am hoping for no’s…I look forward to them. The more No’s I get means I am just that closer to getting yesses! (mindset..confidence…endurance….know it…depend on it)

    b. notify and activate ONLY YOUR MOST TRUSTED ALLIES to find support in your own army. Do not create stove pipes. If things gets constricted, separate the obstacles and detail new strategies…Do not allow things to stagnate. Spread the responsibility. However, be realistic. It makes zero sense asking someone who is late in the game to spread the word to perform. That it NOT to say to dismiss opportunities…More to the point, get loyalist on board rapidly and energized with a specific plan and set goals. Do this and this and this, by this date. Talk to this person and these people by this date. Have your people work together and motivated. Become the chief of your party, but also decentralize. Pick the toughest but also the most effective people in your group to expand the energy. Don’t become a control freak.

    c. Evaluate progress….What can you show has been achieved? record it…set it down on paper….similar to goals…a goal without a finite number is not terribly honest or desirable. Have a number by a certain date. Once that number and date have been achieved, keep going. Learn from mistakes or setbacks. But don’t make important decisions on one single success or failure….

    d. Prepare and practice. Like giving a speech, it’s important to know how you sound and how to fine tune your message. Practice..practice. But also practice being fast on your feet to cover the most important areas and details that will come up. Make it something powerful…something that is motivating. A good slogan helps that is powerful. Use the one that reflects your personality and your passion. Be real!

    e. make it personal without getting personal. People are motivated to act when it hits the heart….be mindful of the heart..speak from it. Facts are important..but it is the heart that moves joyous…confident and express supreme excitement about what is about to be accomplished. Make it something people WANT to get involved with…Because they see the bigger desirable state of success. give them cause by allowing them to realize cause….talking to someone is not the same thing as talking TO someone. Be controversial about the subject not the party. Be humble about it. Find your own way to describe why this matters to you….why it is the most important thing in your priority.

    f. At the earliest signs of weakness, react. Sometimes people flop…sometime the first ideas just don’t seem to catch. Don’t get discouraged. It happens. This does not mean failure. It means it is time to make some changes. Delight in making changes.

    g. pray….pray to GOD that he will give you the right words at the right time and that he moves you. Do this because you will need to do this in order to be successful. Have a favorite verse from the bible..something that speaks to the power of GOD and how you can use that knowledge reliably in every situation.

    Geaux Trump 2020!


    Liked by 3 people

  22. Robert Leroy Brooks says:

    We hunted down communist 24/7 in the ‘Nam.
    Back then, it wasn’t pleasant. Especially for them.
    It won’t be now, either.

    Liked by 5 people

  23. usmc58 says:

    I see all the conservative websites, talk shows, podcasts as, for the most part, “preaching to the choir. ”
    Our present situation is, as I see it, at least as dangerous a national emergency as The Great Depression, the Civil War, WW1, WW2, and all conflicts since, combined, were to our nation; our Republic; our Liberty; our way of life.

    Since such is the case, couldn’t our President – the most powerful man in the Free World – commander the airwaves just long enough to present the truth of the situation to EVERYONE. FDR did basically that with his little “Fireside Chats”.

    Sure, the Democrat Establishment would whine, scream, and throw hissy-fits. So, what else is new? We’ve listened to that for over four-years now. As I see it, that is the only way to bypass the corrupt main stream media and get the word out to all of We the People.

    Help me to understand why this couldn’t be done, and why it wouldn’t be a huge step in the right direction.

    Liked by 4 people

    • ltravisjr says:

      I had been wondering that since way back in the “release the memo” days. In am guessing he wouldn’t have done it if it could compromise “ongoing investigations”. Of course with the election timeline we are at the point where investigations can’t just continue to be ongoing without jeapordizing their own existence.


  24. usmc58 says:

    I see all the conservative websites, talk shows, podcasts as, for the most part, “preaching to the choir. ”
    Our present situation is, as I see it, at least as dangerous a national emergency as The Great Depression, the Civil War, WW1, WW2, and all conflicts since, combined, were to our nation; our Republic; our Liberty; our way of life.

    Since such is the case, couldn’t our President – the most powerful man in the Free World – commander the airwaves just long enough to present the truth of the situation to EVERYONE. FDR did basically that with his little “Fireside Chats”.

    Sure, the Democrat Establishment would whine, scream, and throw hissy-fits. So, what else is new? We’ve listened to that for over four-years now. As I see it, that is the only way to bypass the corrupt main stream media and get the word out to all of We the People.

    Help me to understand why this couldn’t be done, and why it wouldn’t be a huge step in the right direction.


  25. chuck lowe says:

    Ironically and sadly enough, Sundance has taught us all enough to know, that in spite of Sundance, we should be less than sanguine that this enterprise leaves Americans with a win for the Rule Of Law and the Constitution.

    The riots/”peaceful protests in Chicago last night, indicate, that the only remedy for the BLM/AntiFa anarchists in the streets are bullets to the head. The excuse last night, another flimsy diaphanous faux crid de cour based on the shooting of an ‘innocent’ “Gentle Giant” is prima facie that there are no hearts and minds to win here. Bloody constraint is the ONLY solution to the destruction and chaos fermented by the DNC, the Deep State and the 4th Estate.

    It is what it is and me, I hear thunder.

    Liked by 5 people

  26. SamlAdams says:

    Samuel Adams approves of this message

    Liked by 2 people

  27. Tyshab says:

    And the biggest reminder of all, THEY WORK FOR US! Would anyone let an employee get away with this?
    Every government employee works for US!

    Liked by 3 people

  28. joseywalesandtenbearsbarandgrill says:

    Josey Wales: Now remember, when things look bad and it looks like you’re not gonna make it, then you gotta get mean. I mean plumb, mad-dog mean. ‘Cause if you lose your head and you give up, then you neither live nor win. That’s just the way it is.

    Liked by 2 people

  29. Jan Sanne says:

    I’ve read about Durham’s reputation so we’ll see; however, Barr is a swamp creature who participated in a cover-up once before. Has he now seen the light? Doubtful. The President could have picked his own special counsel(s). People with good reps and who would follow the evidence now matter where or to whom it lead.


    • Rileytrips says:

      The actions AG Barr takes will prove to us all whether he truly does love the rule of law, and his/our country….or not.
      We need to plan for both outcomes.

      Liked by 3 people

    • cboldt says:

      Barr’s statment that the DEMs are revolutionaries engaed in what amounts to religious zealotry is, to me, a most serious statement.
      It is an us vs. them statement, where reason is not an option.
      One side or the other will win. Barr was not telegraphing that he sides with the DEMs or with those who endeavor to manipluate or undo the election (plenty of GOP in that cohort).
      What can he do? The law limits his power. On the other hand. the people don’t have the same sort of limitation. We have legitimate political force, and at rock bottom, the government only exists with the consent of the governed. Defund the corruption.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Will Hunt says:

      Barr will do something probably in this timeframe but it will not be enough. Sundance is providing an inducement.

      Liked by 3 people

  30. “WuFlu Bat Stew News for You” > principia-scientific(.)org

    Six field reports on the WuFlu hysteria, with emphasis on Texas, to be updated with these, on the scene activities > Aug 1, Chad Prather concert in Tomball, 300 MAGA supporters booed governor Abbott > Aug 4, Yellow Rose Ladies GOP luncheon, 100 ladies booed Abbott > Aug 6, GOP House candidate rejects Abbott and RINO Cornyn > Aug 7, central Texas MAGA rally with new president of Texas GOP, Col Allen West, 100 Patriots booed Abbott

    Texas is done with UNIPARTY puppets

    Liked by 2 people

  31. BuckNutGuy says:

    Outside PDJT, the most powerful person in the swamp today isn’t Barr, Durham, Pence, Pelosi, Mitch. The most powerful is:

    James Wolfe

    Do you think the leaked Carter Page FISA was the very first document that Wolfe ever leaked? We know Warner went into the SCIF with Wolfe from released text messages, did he order/direct the code red? Pause for a moment and think about a FISA warrant. It is such a secret document that we have established a secret court to approve it. Do you think Wolfe was even nervous? He was head of SSCI security for years under both Rep and Dem leadership. He knows where the bodies are buried, what was leaked and at whose instructions (SSCI leadership, CIA, DOJ-NSD, NSA, etc).

    He was granted immunity in the plea deal he copped for lying to the FBI (instead of leaking highly classified docs). I hope Durham has put Wolfe under the klieg lights, in a hot room with no windows.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Hans says:

      I have thought that all along.. but is Mr Wolf patriot enough to come out and do a press conference.. tell everyone what the real inside looks like… Perhaps a book deal .. I bet it would be worth millions… perhaps up to 50 million…

      President Trump.. the government pays bounties of millions of dollars to individuals who help defeat our countries adviseries…. should we not use some covid 19 money.. Plienka disappeared… so could Mr Wolf after testimony..

      After all he has immunity from prosecution….

      Any Treepers Know Mr Wolf.. Mr. Wolf.. for 25 plus years you worked for the government. Do you love this country enough to save it?


  32. Flemming says:

    I think Trump has deliberately kept the bad actors on his team and around him, while monitoring their acts very carefully and at the same time collecting all evidence of their crimes. This has been the only way for Trump to really drain the swamp – he needed evidence of their motives and wrong doing. No he has got all the evidence, so if Barr and Durham do not deliver, I think Trump will lay his cards on the table, showing all the evidence. Biggest mistake is to take Trump for being stupid. I am mostly curious about the roles of Pence and Kushner. Interesting week 🙂 Wonder if the names Seth Rich and Julian Assange will come up. And thank you very much Sundance – it has been interesting following your articles here from Denmark. All the best to you and the greatness of America.

    Liked by 3 people

    • landrand says:

      I realize many here may not like Glenn Beck and Blaze TV, but his whiteboard sessions explaining the corruption of Ukraine gate were very well done. Perhaps this info should be briefed to Beck and even Dan Bongino as they both have large audiences and are very good at explaining the complicated.

      Liked by 2 people

    • joseywalesandtenbearsbarandgrill says:

      “I caught them all”…….no way is The Donald going to go away quietly if Barr chokes and pukes in the batters box. Fact is The Donald is going to have to lead the charge against these people. They are going to ruin him once his term is over. This is life or death to him has well as the future of our country at stake.

      Marvin Gaye….lets get it on

      Liked by 4 people

  33. StanH says:

    “These are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives every thing its value…”

    Just as our fearless Forefathers faced impending doom in the autumn of 1776 and Thomas Paine authored the American Crisis we are again up against a far away imperial power who has begun to “rule” by decree. Flexing their dictatorial wings by selling out their country for 30 pieces of silver. Without exception all swamp rats are bought and paid for and in the end their only concern is “what’s in it for me?” Their masters ooze through the halls of congress with bags of cash from the evil enemy fort called K-Street.

    So as we force the turning of our country back into a Representative Republic understanding that money is the “mothers milk of politics.” or better put “the River Styx” filling the swamp with the brackish water of evil and deceit.

    As opposed to the flea in front of the furnace, perhaps a better analogy is the grain of sand that turns into a pearl. Information that Sundance has amassed will act like Chlorine clearing the brackish waters of the swamp for all to see. We simply have to be tenacious and be fierce in our delivery. The happy righteous warrior.

    If we hold firm, and not fall for the latest “swamp gas” delivered by the news actors in the MSM and rally Americans to the flag the truth will overcome the wicked and “WE WILL CRUSH THEM!”

    Our standard bearer for this fight is our Great American President Donald J Trump. We must stick very close to this great man as he was sent by divine providence to slay evil and restore our great nation.

    As General Sundance has compiled chapter & verse on the largest political scandal in the history of our Republic the evil amassed is small but load. We are large and fierce and with our bibles, guns and love of country we are unbeatable.

    ““If God is for us, who can be against us,” Paul

    God Bless America! God Bless President Trump! God Bless Sundance! Bless his Deplorable Army!

    “Let the sun shine, let the sun shine in, the sun shine in…!”

    Liked by 5 people

  34. iSapiens says:

    Sundance – you are doing the impossible, which is now possible.

    Make the Briefings in short bytes, and try not to make it dry. People have a short attention span at best. We who are here, have read through countless articles and posts, but the average Joe/Jane simply won’t give the time. As such, strategies need to be developed for this.

    1. Have a website (or a few) (i.e. something along the lines of “openeyes”, not something that can be attributed to GOP).
    2. Top-Down approach: Start with the conclusion, then the 2-3-4 main points, then from those points expand. This to allow people to delve in as much/little as they want. If you have a coder to make it interactive on the website, even better.
    3. Same as Point(2) but have it as a video. You’d need to find several conservative content creators to help with that.
    4. Find the minutemen in every State that’s willing to help.
    5. Use “guerrilla format” to spread this on the streets: pass pamphlets, attach announcements on walls or car windshields, etc… giving a byte of info, website address, etc… Make them professional or the messages will be ignored… The minutemen can help here.
    6. Physical briefings would be provided to those that are most involved, so as to maintain critical speed, and avoid time-sinks. The leaders (who had witnessed the briefings) can then branch off.
    7. Start with Tea Party contacts, to simplify organization, and have a larger momentum. I.e. start with like minds first, then undecideds, independents, and go from there.
    8. On the website – provide several example letters to contact your Local / State / Federal leadership. Make it into a massive flood of letters (not just email that can be deleted).
    9. Put Corporations on the spot for collaborating or supporting the Coup.
    10. Do not make this a Dry approach. Make it “happy”. Find ways (music, simple sentences, punchlines, even slogans).
    11. Get supporters to “walk the streets”. An all Digital Insurrection or One-on-One Briefings would not garner the momentum needed over the next couple of months. The best example is Catalonia’s Independent. Although there was support, not as many came on the streets. It was largely “hashtags” and digital. So the Police were easy to put it down, even as they voted for it. This example is not an endorsement of their independence, but an example of what they did wrong. If your “skin” isn’t in the “game”, to be out and about, it won’t bring as much change. It’s why small minorities can have a big reach – so imagine a majority.

    As always – Sundance – you’ve gone way beyond expectations. Now, find the disciples, the experts (video, web, etc), the minutemen, the Tea Party infrastructure…. well, you already have a plan, and I hope at least some of the above are in it. Good Luck…
    P.S. Sundance – show results, and don’t be shy to ask for donations.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Eric C. says:

      Yup, no since paying to haul a U-haul full of documents around when people are willing to pay for them and have them shipped.

      You need to be in a position to trigger the order of hard copies once that wire is tripped. That starts today by getting a list of those who are willing. In my time in the fire department, resource requests were key. The earlier you made the request the easier it was to implement a plan once an event occurred. When it was 110 degrees out in the Coachella Valley and I pulled up to a residential house fire, I asked for a 2nd alarm immediately if I was the first arriving engine. I can always cancel them if we got a knock down, but I knew I’d need the extra staffing if there was a lot of work to do.

      Just identify the phases and implementation. Like I said earlier, the value of a hard copy and one-on-one (in person to a group) briefing is indispensable. But, luckily we are living in an era where we can all get things done in Trump Time if we set out to do that, I think gathering a group that have the understanding (those that have been following for awhile) and getting them the material to start sharing within there “tribe” to gain interest in a in person briefing can create the exponential growth needed.

      A good slide show (even with narrations) can bridge the gap between the trigger date and when you can be in-person doing a briefing. Going through the slide show with a hard copy in-hand several times and then the people won’t need the slide show, they’ll know exactly what to say.

      Again, I completely agree in-person is best, but there are ways to start gaining traction before that can occur.

      I’m here to help in anyway.

      Liked by 2 people

    • 4*Freedom says:

      YES. AGREE WITH THIS STRATEGY & action plan. Online summary first, details follow, use most reliable networks for faster contagion – such as Tea Party networks. Possibly use reliable known parties with reach – such as Sidney Powell, who might quickly infuse credibility for this expose. Tea Party plan could also maximize pressure on their House/Senate delegations to take swift, firm action – nothing else will be tolerated. * See *. II Kings 6:8-20 ** When enemy troops surrounded the Prophet Elisha, his allies were terrified. But Elisha said, No – actually we outnumber them! At which point their eyes were opened and they saw they were surrounded by angels with fiery chariots – an invisible army of allies. Next, the enemy army was blinded – could not function either offensively or defensively. *. My prayer: may this be us – as millions of faith-filled Americans pray for deliverance, and in that way are praying for Sundance and this effort, without full knowledge. May God’s angelic warriors battle for a righteous, just nation – and may enemies of that purpose be blinded, stripped of offensive and defensive competence.


    • dbdb says:

      I’m ready, willing and able!
      Deplorable in Colorado… worked in Trump Freedom Office, Parker CO in 2016


  35. Will Hunt says:

    God bless Sundance – a man/woman/group with the right stuff.

    Liked by 1 person

  36. I.......... says:

    How are you going to keep the Tech Oligarchs / Corporate media from censoring your message? Now they know when the delivery will take place.


    • An says:

      Lots of copies/archives. It’s hard to get them all and taking them down creates more noise about it.

      I hope that @sundance does a hybrid approach to this – i.e. I’d like a video explaining it and digital copies, that way everyone can get the material, as well as to have this in person/video teaching that’s planned.

      Liked by 2 people

  37. Publius2016 says:

    Dear SD,

    I recommend each drop like a Game of Thrones Chapter! Release by person featured!!


    Young idealists naive American rises to upper echelons of his industry to find that the corruption is so pervasive that Crooked DNC Fake News have colluded to Steal 2016 Election. Compelled by morals, ethics and revenge, SETH RICH STEALS DOCS AND FUNNELS THEM TO WIKILEAKS. Unbeknownst to Seth, Wikeleaks has spies on Globalist Payroll and is discovered!

    Wild Bill and Ag Lynch meet in Arizona to exchange the Guccifer 2 Coverstory and relevant docs!

    Wikileaks releases “some of the docs”!

    Seth Rich body is left in the heart of DC and all surveillance footage for 6 months destroyed.

    Crazy Bernie folds.

    Deep State emboldened decides to destroy 45, RNC, and any and all competitors with Operation Cleveland!

    At the end of the day, 45 WINS!!! The Globalist move up the Insurance Policy!

    Seth Rich murder remains unsolved. Assange rots in prison.

    Liked by 1 person

  38. Donata says:

    Swamp creatures beware. True American Patriots are coming for you. We are happy to do so. Full of life and love. American pride rides again.

    Liked by 2 people

  39. SYFer says:

    I’m deep in urban northern CA and essentially live like an underground dissident. I’ve been virtually alone here and am not sure exactly how I can be effective (beyond my efforts in various social media outlets).

    I’d possibly be more effective and would get a lot of energy and inspiration out of being able to team up with other Treepers here.

    Is there anything to us forming small Functional groups or organizing in that way?


  40. Grant Hodges says:

    A prayer for Sundance’ venture.

    Liked by 1 person

  41. Blue Moon says:

    Does anyone think I can get Rand Paul to gather together a group in our district (of which he lives)? Maybe ole Mitch would want to attend this group meeting. It’s worth a try. I believe Rand will but I have my doubts Mitchel would.


  42. cheering4america says:

    Remember “War of the Worlds”?

    Imagine that times a million … and nobody ever fessed up that it wasn’t real.

    Liked by 1 person

  43. revarmegeddontthunderbird says:

    I’ll travel a few hundred miles to go to a briefing.


  44. no-nonsense-nancy says:

    Ready to help, Sundance!


  45. Gunner says:

    Sundance, may God bless and keep you, but, if you’ve got something, then please share it far and wide NOW!

    Waiting on suits in the swampland known as Washington, D.C., to act is futile at best, dangerous at worst.

    Again, God bless you!

    Liked by 1 person

  46. revarmegeddontthunderbird says:

    I’m willing to travel several hundred miles to a briefing. Just need some dates, times and locations.


  47. JamesD says:

    Get Project Veritas involved. They do a good job of disseminating information. Also, make sure it gets out on Parler, Minds, and Gab.

    Liked by 3 people

  48. Bogeyfree says:

    So what groups, associations or organizations do you have an in with?

    Surely everyone of us here at CTH knows someone who is influential at a high level in a group or organization? Or you belong to a group or organization where you can inquire about either……….

    1) Allowing the emailing or posting of the Sundance Truth and Evidence Information so all of their members can see and read the truth about Spygate and the massive DC corruption.

    2) if big enough, see if they will allow a speaker (Sundance hopefully) to address the group at their monthly, national meeting/convention.

    I think we would be amazed at just how connected we at CTH are to so many groups and organizations.

    Liked by 1 person

    • 55praises says:

      Many of the comments thus far are BIG ideas. What about the small ideas…local community bulletin boards, church bulletin boards, local newspaper 1/4 page ads.

      Input on specific content/wordage to place in the above places (meeting dates, website location, something to draw attention to…) would solidify the message.


  49. Mrsgiggles44 says:

    Prager U.

    Liked by 2 people

  50. lolli says:

    I know there are quite a few Texas treepers on here.
    Hoping we could meet somewhere central for a Sundance briefing. Then we can go from there.

    Liked by 1 person

    • jenncarp2013 says:

      I’m a TX treeper and think this is a FANTASTIC idea. Surely we should be able to find a good spot for Austin, DFW, and Houston area treepers to meet.

      In fact, @Sundance can you announce I’d like to organize this? If I can get people to tell me approximately where in TX they are coming from I can start getting a venue together.

      Liked by 2 people

    • breakout15 says:

      Name the time and place and it’s “kickstand up” from the Hub City. I typically keep a low profile and observe from my tiny branch. However, that should never be confused with my commitment to the cause.
      God and Country.

      Liked by 1 person

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