Problems with comments posting

Most of you are aware that we have been having problems with the WordPress commenting and spam filtering system. There recently was a software update, and this may be a result of that update. We don’t know for sure.

In the meantime, your cooperation is requested to help us with moderation.

Dozens of valid comments per hour are being dumped by Akismet (the WP spam filter) into the trash bin. We must filter and restore the valid ones and delete the actual spam and trash. This means that we have to validate each comment when we don’t recognize the commenter. This is an agonizing and monotonous task. It would help if everyone did the following:

1. STOP posting comments strictly about not being able to comment.

2. STOP posting comments 10 times in hope that the repeats will somehow get through. They won’t. It just means that we have to take the time to find and delete them.

3. STOP changing your name in hopes that you will get in. You won’t.

4. Make every comment count. A comment that has a smiley face or says “I agree” is just as difficult to moderate as a long, well considered comment.

We spend hours every day trying to see that your valid comments are posted, but it takes time. Frankly, the complaining makes me want to take a 3-hour lunch, and I’m not alone.

In fact, I think I’ll go make lunch and maybe watch a “Miss Marple” mystery.

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211 Responses to Problems with comments posting

  1. FofBW says:

    Thanks for your dedication and loyalty Stella and Ad Rem!

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    • stella says:

      Don’t forget Menagerie and WeeWeed. We are all working right now.

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      • FofBW says:


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      • Dee says:

        You might wish to post about the posting button, that it will tell you it is posting, I didn’t get that for almost a year so many double comments and if you don’t look at the button you keep hitting it until it goes, but that may have been 3 times. Thanks.


      • GB Bari says:

        Thank you all – Stella, WeeWeed, Menagerie , and Ad_rem.
        Curious if this WP glitch has affected other WP blog sites in the same or similar manner.

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        • Phflipper says:

          I manage a very popular self-hosted WP site way outside the political realm so we do not receive thousands of comments daily. However, we do receive a fair share and have not been experiencing this comment issue through the recent update.

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        • Good point GB, I was wondering the same. I was told WordPress was having issues with people who use protron email. Perhaps because it is encrypted? Maybe just more conservative bashing? Anyway, that’s what I figuring it is. Also, Thanks to all who work so hard to keep this site up. BTW, I also can’t “like” comments but when I click the blue star it does usually turn the star gold but doesn’t record my “like”.

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          • GB Bari says:

            I have the same “Like” problem as you, so it must be one of the WP software “glitches”. Although it’d be nice to know which browsers on what platforms *are* working without issues..

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            • GB, I’ve been using Opera ( on Windows 10) because IE bogged everything down with their constant huge updates and FireFox started doing the same. Over 1.5 years with Opera and so far happy with them. I also tried Brave and Vivaldi but prefer Opera. Hope that helps a bit with the “are working” question although it’s more likely a “which websites are working without issues” question rather than which browsers. I still think it is more likely a “ban conservatives” issue.

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          • warrprin1 says:

            I’m not one of the most tech savvy kids on this block, but in an effort to be helpful:

            Re: the LIKE function. I tried something a few weeks ago just by way of a stumble-bumble approach, and oddly enough, it worked.

            If my “like” does not register, I hit Reply; then hit Cancel Reply, and magically, my LIKE shows up. No idea why this works, but it has every time.

            To eliminate multiple posts of the same Comment: on an Apple OS, post your Reply once, watch the pretty blue progress bar, and wait. No need to hit Post Comment a 2nd time. This works for me on my iPad and my MacBook. Never tried it on my iPhone and I understand that t’is a way different experience posting from a cell.

            Thank you Sundance, Ad rem, Stella, Menagerie, and Wee Weed. Hope I’ve not missed anyone. LOVE your daily greetings on the Open, Wee Weed.

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        • yucki says:

          We had problems a couple weeks ago.
          Conservative, international – not American. Stasi and ‘hate-speech’ are blunt instruments in what we used to call the “free world”.


      • cjzak says:

        Thanks for making this site work. So sorry your being bombarded like this!

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  2. Nigella says:

    I haven’t had any problems with my posting.

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    • stella says:

      That’s nice, but we really don’t need to know about what isn’t happening.

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      • bertdilbert says:

        You win the internet!


      • avocadodipp says:

        I am a Web Developer – You folks recently changed settings, so you could block posts/views – need a password that starts with “W”? This could be the issue with an update. Sometimes it takes restarting the server to clear out problems or put settings back to original and restart. Can you restart your WordPress service? I haven’t worked with it for years. WordPress has always been buggy.

        I’m sure you guys are talking to your techs. Let them know any settings you might have changed. I hope this issue clears up soon. Good luck and thanks for all you do!


      • NanetteDragoon says:

        Please help, my commenting has been hijacked as well. Thanks!


  3. freepetta says:



  4. booger71 says:

    I don’t know if I am a professional…but I am a Booger nonetheless. Thanks to all the Mods

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  5. snarkybeach says:

    All the moderators deserve cookies!

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  6. Sundance – not sure if you know that even if someone posts once, it sometimes still shows up twice. This happened to me today and has happened to me in recent days. Hope the update helps! God bless u and all u are doing! May God protect you and keep you

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    • stella says:

      Sundance didn’t write this post, but I and the other admins will make note of it. I suspected that a single double post is accidental. However, I had one this morning who posted the same comment seven times. It’s not uncommon.

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    • Ad rem says:

      Yes…we know the comments that show up in groups of two or three are not the poster’s fault. We’re talking about the comments reposted after a minute or two…several have posted the same comment three or four times out of frustration.

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      • TMonroe says:

        Yep, the temptation can be there to click again if there’s a hesitation in page refresh, and it looks like people need to err on the side of not clicking again

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        • Deplorable_Infidel says:

          “the temptation can be there to click again if there’s a hesitation in page refresh”

          That happens to me A LOT on my home Wi-Fi (Spectrum) when using phone or tablet. The hard wired computer often catches it (“Duplicate Comment”) with a pop-up notice.

          However, the mobile device can post 2-4 in a row if you don’t watch the super-line ” refresh progress bar” near the top and click it repeatedly when it is stalled, for me sometimes 10 to 20 seconds, sometimes 30.

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      • safvetblog says:

        FYI, the only time I have problems with double posts is when WordPress asks me to log in after I post my comment. Usually only happens on my iPhone. If I then log into WordPress, it seems to guarantee a duplicate post.

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  7. The Beardsman says:

    We all appreciate the good works you do to maintain this oasis. Being a moderator on an online forum with over 300k users, I have an idea of how much it can take. Thank you very much!

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  8. drdeb says:

    I can reply using my word press account. However I can’t like any post. This is frustrating since I like to provide praise to fellow treeper’s posts!
    Thanks to Sundance and team for all you do!

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  9. JE says:

    Is Durham free to repost the following?—-“And another indictment.”


  10. Guy-Blanc Déploré says:

    Thank you Stella, Ad Rem, Menagerie and Wee’d and anyone else not mentioned or unknown. I wondered if WeirdPress had been messing with their code. They seem to be adherents of the MS Windows school of “Ship it untested & buggy, fix it later, maybe” style of updating.

    Keep fighting your good fight while sundance fights his!

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  11. YvonneMarie says:

    We love to watch Miss Marple in my home.


  12. TreeClimber says:

    A massive thank-you to the moderation team. Y’all are doing spectacularly.

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    • zurizara1 says:

      I thought we were to limit our “non substantial” comments to ease their workload. The nice comments are nice, but one with many likes would suffice, If your like button does not work, tant pis. Hold it until they catch up. Thank you all for being considerate.


  13. nyetneetot says:

    I can not tell you how many times I’ve posted and the content appears vapid. I now know that it wasn’t me. Thank goodness.

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  14. Do stop thinking about tomorrow says:

    I run my own WordPress server for clients and its not fun. The update process can kill you. Update the core then hope all the modules and php are compatible.

    Hope it can be debugged. If you need anything let us know.

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  15. Travis Marcum says:

    I’m a professional web designer. If you want I can help with this.

    Dedicated reader. I check 10 times a day for updates at least lol.

    Keep up the great work.


  16. moe2004 says:

    Thank you for all this hard work, hope it goes back to normal asap.


    • felipe says:

      moe says: “hope it goes back to normal asap.”
      felipe says: I think I forgot what ‘normal’ is/was.

      And, for the anonymous admins, thank you for all you do to make this such a well-maintained tree and forest to spend time in.


  17. lolli says:

    Dang. 🤔
    I want to say thank you, but if my post goes to the bin, I will have caused y’all more misery.
    Ok, here goes..(you can leave it in bin if you want 😉)

    Stella, Ad rem, weeweed, Menagerie,

    You are so loved and appreciated.
    Thank you for spending your time fighting the fight.
    You are great Patriots, and we forget about all of your time and hard work keeping some of us in line, and now on line.
    Without you, where would we be?

    Let’s adhere to their requests and give them a break! 🍸🥃 or 2

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  18. Deplorable_Infidel says:

    “There recently was a software update, and this may be a result of that update. We don’t know for sure.”

    The only way to easily narrow it down would be to know from commenters:

    Mobile device or computer?
    Wi-Fi, over the air or hard wired computer?
    Apple or Android?
    Version of browser.
    Internet Service Provider.



  19. kallibella says:

    If able to post this comment, I also would like to say: “God bless Sundance and all Treepers!”


  20. Robert Smith says:

    Thanks for your efforts!

    I have seen people say that you don’t need a WP account to post. The reason I have a WP account here is I didn’t think there was another way to post without one. Would you rather people have or don’t have a WP account. I don’t do anything with my WP account other than post here.

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    • sunnydaze says:

      I don’t have a WP account- never have. Been posting for a few years w/o it.

      The only thing I can’t do is “like” posts.

      The “new” WP is working better than ever for me!

      For the past year, my comments would not post until I closed the window , then came back on about a min. later.

      Since the update, they post immediately!


    • My WP did all sorts of negatives to me so I reverted to the Twitter. I to this day have posted less than a dozen times on my main twitter page and mostly just have it because I can access comments on this site with it.

      Hope my comments here dont’ hurt you through Twitter but I frankly still don’t understand what is posted for all to see on my page and what is just here as a comment separate from that.


  21. Sonia says:

    The last Akismet update from 4.15 to 4.16 should not have caused problems:

    Release Date – 4 June 2020

    Disable “Check for Spam” button until the page is loaded to avoid errors with clicking through to queue recheck endpoint directly.
    Add filter “akismet_enable_mshots” to allow disabling screenshot popups on the edit comments admin page.

    You can reinstall the previous version of Word Press from the control pane (updates)l: “If you need to re-install version 5.4.2–en, you can do so here:”

    Beware! Two of the top links on the web for “Akismet update issues” open pages with potentially dangerous content (both blocked by my antivirus software).

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  22. Crwys says:

    You may want to turn on Akismet debugging to see what’s happening:

    Instructions here:

    It’s most probable though that the problem is detection at the Akismet server end. Getting a new API key *may* help… If you’re paying for the service, presumably you’ve raised massive false positives with support?

    In all likelihood, as Akismet uses a Bayesian filter, it’ll be that particular combinations of words (which aren’t spam at all in certain contexts but are in others) have been marked as spam so many times that Akismet is catching them creating false positives. Or it could be that Akismet has gone “woke”. But it’s probably just the filters.

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  23. Are you looking for comment admins to help weed through the comments? I’m familiar with WordPress and can privately share my bonafide creds to prove I’m not a troll.


    • stella says:

      Thanks, but no. We have a couple other people we can call on if need be. Our group has been together for 10 years, and we don’t plan on taking in new people.

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      • At this stage in the game, with Sundance’s exposure having skyrocketed from early days and a target clearly placed on your back, I don’t blame you one bit for that. We know that the deep state and left frantically wants to undermine any window to the truth.

        Thank you so much for your heroism and patience.

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  24. Han Solo says:

    I was an Agatha Christie ‘virgin’ until I met my fiance….slowly getting an education and love it! Thank you for all you do. Hopefully all will be smooth soon.


  25. BuckyBadger says:

    Akismet is owned by WordPress. WordPress runs the majority of websites on the internet. If Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, et al, are banning influencers and shutting down/hiding websites, why wouldn’t WordPress do their part with shutting down conservative comments too?

    I am curious to know if there appear to be “blacklisted” words in any of the banned comments that may show a common thread to an algorithm that Akismet/Wordpress has set up?

    Afterall, in the tech company’s minds, conservative thinking is spam.


    • stella says:

      Yes, we know Akismet is owned by WordPress. This site is hosted by WordPress. The only common thread we have tentatively observed is that persons who use certain email providers appear to be moderated automatically, but there are many others that don’t fit.


      • BuckyBadger says:

        Sounds good. You are all doing such a great job. Thank you so much for all you do.

        You may recall that the website that hosted America’s Front Line Doctors was arbitrarily shut down ( by SquareSpace because “they reserve the right to shut down any site for any reason…”

        It feels like Sundance has plans to go all out if need be. I am hoping you have a backup plan in case WordPress decides to just delete this website or turn it off. Someone at WP could literally flip a switch if they decided to, or were told to, and we would all lose each other here.

        I know you have far too much to think about and handle right now, but we all need to have failsafe plans. We’re going to need each other for any phase 2s. A secondary backup website might be a good idea if you have to redirect your DNS servers at a moment’s notice.

        May God bless you and your team Stella, Ad Rem, and Sundance.


  26. dcnnc says:

    Hope you guys get it sorted out soon. I’ve been expecting an uptick in chicanery as we draw closer to the big hoedown with trolls and possible technical disruption. I hope this isn’t part of that, but we appreciate your efforts so know that.


  27. Justin Green says:

    Keep up the good work. This is probably my #1 site for news, thanks to the CTH team and the comment section. Believe me, WordPress is hard to manage and it’s very complicated to diagnose, if at all, when something deep in the bowels of WP breaks. Hats off to the CTH team for keeping this site working 24/7.

    More support coming when the means allow. This, and a bare handful of other sites, have completely replaced my consumption of “the media” since I cancelled cable 2.5 years ago. One of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

    Hang in there, CTH team!

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  28. Duke Taber says:

    I do not know if this will work on a hosted website. I use self-hosted WordPress. But I don’t use Akismet. I use these two plugins and they work great. You might see if they are available for

    Hope that helps.



  29. fred5678 says:

    I don’t have or use WordPress, Twitter or Facebook accounts.

    I just use my email and CTH user name — for at least 5 years.

    No problems.

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  30. Kirsty I says:

    I did have trouble posting about a month ago for a few weeks.
    That dastardly WP wanted me to log in, a feat I was unable to do as I had lost and/or forgot my user name and password!
    However, she persisted. (Gag me with a spoon)
    …and in persistence, found victory, as WP graciously allowed me, even though I continue to be lost in a password fog.
    I’m glad you watch Miss Marple. I found a gem in a 1930 black/white production of Little Lord Fauntreloy, and loving the authour, thought I’d check it out.
    A happier, more pious person could not be found after I watched it,
    although Pollyanna arose the strange, great joy in unconditional love and a grateful heart.


  31. SickOfItAll says:

    I just posted and it doesn’t show. It is why I quit posting in here. Hello to no one. LOL


    • livefreeordieguy says:

      I see your post for what it’s worth.


    • Peoria Jones says:

      Did you even read Stella’s piece? Stop it!

      Mod’s – thank you SO MUCH for posting this. The other day, I tried to persuade folks to stop posting about this inability to post, but not sure it had much effect. Not only is it monotonous, as you mentioned, but it also makes you jobs harder.

      Good luck, and READ THE ARTICLE before posting. (Ad rem, I’ve had no problems since that debacle with the email addy. Please let the others know, if my experience can be of help.)

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    • Bird Watcher says:

      I can neither post nor like. This doesn’t need to be posted. It is just the only way I can let moderators know i am not getting through. Others obviously are having no problems, so very weird why some are and some aren’t. Tried computer, ipad and iphone. Nada. I would gladly just send a email reporting my status rather than cause extra work for mods. And I wouldn’t even expect an answer to my email. I am just sending thought waves out into the world, and hope one gets captured and eventually responded to.


  32. Menagerie says:

    Something else to consider, please. We are all here during the day, trying to pitch in and help out. Ad rem is along at night and carrying a heavy load on the third shift. Please don’t make it harder on her with inquires about lost posts, test posts, etc.

    Same goes for the email account. It’s flooded with hundreds of emails daily and most of them are forwarded links, duplicate questions about lost posts, etc. Again, Ad rem is the one among us who takes the most time to help people with WP issues, and we will always be here for you if needed, but you can also google your worpress issues and often find a solution.

    We get emails from people who ask us to make changes to their account, to enable them to like a post, to sign up for emails or discontinue emails. We can’t do that, only you can.

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    • oldguy05 says:

      With “google” being what they are, I wish people would stop promoting them by saying things like: “google your wordpress issues”, “google it” etc.

      “Search for” “research” etc. are far less empowering terms and give no credence to those tech monsters.
      I use duckduckgo and have never had a problem finding any information I am looking for.

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  33. Phil Free says:

    How are you posters who are getting posts up, getting them up? After you hit “Post”, is it magically appearing (like it normally would?) Or is most everything going into the bin, only to be later fished out?
    I’m hesitant to try making any additional posts, as I’m fearing each and every one is simply stacking up in the bin. My last post – 15 minutes ago? – never actually appeared, so I suspect it’s in the bin.

    Can’t Like anything, either. I -am- logged in, but nothing happens or changes upon tapping a “Like”… darn you, WordPress. 😦

    • TJ says:

      Same. This worked for me. YMMV.

      1) I opened a new tab and went to my user account setting on WP(I was still technically logged in). I chose a random account setting, and refreshed that page.

      2) New tab,, refreshed, I was able to like again. I technically never logged out.



  34. labrat says:

    I had to stop working and have lots of free time – if you need help let me know.


  35. 2lab2cat says:

    Ad Rem and Stella
    Menagerie and Wee Weed

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  36. PaulCohen says:

    I just logged out of WP, cleared my cookies and internet history, and logged back into WP. Now I will see if that clears up the problems, because I was always seeing my comments hung up lately…….

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  37. topavalley says:

    Speaking of online irregularities,

    I have had The Last Refuge on a monthly donation for years. I recently canceled it because I have been bombarded with fake emails that appear to come from PayPal asking me to click on the link provided to resolve the problem.

    I never clicked on the link provided, the return addresses provided were ridiculous . I did check my PayPal account and credit card statement and there were no unauthorized charges.

    I also forwarded many of the fake messages to PayPal’s security.

    These spoof emails began around the beginning of July. At first I just blocked them but they kept coming from different email addresses.


  38. Bob Easton says:

    Another vote for antispam-bee in case you think Akismet has become woke in some way.


  39. oldersoul says:

    The hardest-working ‘ad rems’ in the business Sundance is blessed to have you all working the boiler room the way you do.

    I will just add this. The software issues started escalating shortly after Sundance declared that he was taking a more active role in confronting the Deep State. I know they did for me. I have been in constant Moderation since Sundance’s trip to DC.

    Has anyone examined the new code to make sure that there has not been content inserted, or other backdoor adjustments made, to potentially degrade the usability of the site … remotely or otherwise?

    This is not meant to be conspiracy theorist. But I put nothing past Big Tech, which is near-uniformly against everything we are fighting here. And quite a bit is now in play.

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  40. Robert_Timsah says:

    Be better off hosting your own WordPress install and then use something like disquss if doesn’t offer that plugin.


  41. mtk says:

    Have not been able to post since last friday.

    If related to software update could it be Akismet is configured to reject posts made while the browser is in incognito mode.


    • stella says:

      You had a comment post earlier today and one yesterday. They probably just were released from trash and you didn’t go back to check on them.


      • mtk says:

        Thanks Stella.
        I have written about a half dozen posts…
        Musing on my observations over the weekend.
        None of them made it.
        I am not too concerned, nore have I back tracked to see if they made it the SD reports i was commenting on.
        Sounds like you folks have your hands full.
        As SD says, “Live your best life.”

        So person to person. I am doing just that.
        I bought a serious telescope. Planning doing a little Father and son bonding. He is going to be 76 this August. Not much time left for stuff like that.
        Regards, to all at CTH


  42. timothy says:

    Thank you for what you do, both admins and mods.

    Please open a gab account so we can comment there. Many of us have been banned by the commies at twitter and cannot comment there.

    You are doing God’s work in your pursuit of Truth and I an thankful for you; you are in my daily prayers

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  43. Jeffrey Coley says:

    I’m accustomed to WordPress occasionally “eating” my comment only to have it appear later. When I see the same comment as the most recent one for several minutes I know WordPress is being WordPress.

    If you’re going to try posting again, at least make a different comment.


  44. Janeka says:

    To All,
    Too bad y’all weren’t around when I had to work for a living.. It would have been swell to be ahead of the curve 95% of the time.. Thanks for all y’all do to keep us peasants, clods, dweebs, plebs and cretins in line, armed with truth, thinking for ourselves and Educated.. Stay safe and keep up the good work. Prayers are with all of you

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  45. Jimmy Jack says:

    Thank all if you for your hard work and quite frankly your bravery and leadership right now.

    I appreciate it. God bless you and God bless America.

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  46. anthohmy says:

    My conspiratorial mind is imagining somebody at Akismet who is unhappy about The Big Ugly

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  47. lunazen2020 says:

    Hopefully resolved soon.. thanks for keeping up the fight!


  48. fact45sec25 says:

    Forgive my trespasses: I plead guilty (especially when frustrated that one entity doesn’t seem to post for me, then trying another…). I will be more patient, I will be more patient, I will be more patient (ad nauseam).


  49. thedoc00 says:

    Thanks for the work all of the CTH Admin folks accomplish.

    Having been involved with developing software based “systems” (O/S, Middleware, Firmware and APPs) for 35 years, while working my civilian job, it is obvious the enemies of good have the resources to legally cause allot pain and frustration.

    Follow the guides posted above and keep plugging away and keep a smile on your face as well as a drink of something you like nearby all as you curse under your breath. The smiles and keeping cool are going to be vital as sadly it is going to get worse as November draws closer.

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  50. RAC says:

    Previously when it wasn’t quite so bad, that was when Adrem said it was mostly Proton Mail users who were being affected. Ones comment showed up on the page with a message above it saying it had gone into moderation, and it stayed visible till one went off the page or reloaded it.
    Since it went worse it’s changed. Soon as one clicks post the comment immediately disappears, never showing up on the page, and I get the impression that the page is automatically reloading soon as one clicks post.
    That’s how it appears from the senders end, sorry tis not techy speak, but if it gives a clue in any way I hope it helps.
    Many thanks to all at that end for the work you do, it’s very much appreciated.


    • stella says:

      You get the message if your comment is in the “pending” queue (waiting for release). What is happening now is that everything is getting dumped into the trash and we have to pick through it to release the valid comments into the “pending” queue, then approve them, one by one.

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