Rebel Alliance Ground Reports – What’s Your Current COVID Status…

Red States, Blue States, Red Regions and Blue Regions present an incredible disparity within our republic; I’m curious what is the current status of the COVID lifestyle near you. What is going on in/around your town, city, region or hamlet?

This isn’t just a typical request for ground reports, it’s also a little selfish. You are helping with advanced recon for an ongoing travel itinerary. East Coast, mid-west, then west. Trying to travel during this COVID crisis is a hot mess of frustrated puddle jumping, changes and cancellations. It is quite amazing the scale of difference between cities and states. The media has been reporting in large generic terms, but the stuff that matters is how it impacts your life; your daily function. That’s what we are all interested in.

It is remarkable how different life amid COVID is within each state, even when two states are right next to each other. So how is it your area?

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  1. Gail says:

    I just thank God that I live in rural Mississippi!

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    • Hello Kitty says:

      Same here. We live in rural Oklahoma.

      The OKC City Counsel started their meeting re: mandatory masks in the City at 1 p.m. and were still yammering on at 5, when the evening news was supposed to start. Since they were “zooming”, it was really weird to seem them wearing masks –as they were isolated in their own homes.
      So much for “objectivity” in their “debate” (rolls eyes).


  2. JenMG says:

    Massachusetts with drastically fewer cases but go anywhere maskless and you run the risk of getting chased by self riteous mobs with pitchforks out. Almost all businesses, restaurants, movie theaters, gyms are open but some reduced capacity or limiting # of folks. Godspeed to you Sundance.

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  3. R2Mog says:

    Our wonderful GOV here in CO just issued a state-wide mask ordinance. Unsure what the state’s First Man thinks about this. We went from red to blue so quickly.

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    • Dabigragu says:

      I went to school in Ft. Collins, Colorado. I remember when it was Red, except for Boulder that is.


    • JiminCO says:

      Sitting here, just east of Fort Collins, CO (also near Greeley where they claimed huge COVID-19 outbreak and Danger). Don’t know ANYONE who has been hospitalized with KungFlu–NO ONE. Greeley outbreak in March was mainly limited to packing plant (no masks/5 families living in same houses) and 2 Nursing homes.

      National “polls” suggest PDJT isn’t doing the right things by COVID. The answer is simple: DJT needs to get on a prime time interview/address and state simply that the CDC is a research arm of federal government, but health restriction issues are STATE issues, and federalism works different. The ignorant population needs to be taught that the U.S. Constitution limits his power to run edicts across the whole country. We live in individual “States”. People need to look their GOVERNORS straight in the eye for blame, and the Democrat governors are doing a good job of showing their totalitarianism. Furthermore, individual state action on health issues are to be tailored to each state DEPENDING UPON LOCAL DANGERS.

      Guv Polis here in CO is ultra-left, and can run the scare only so long—especially when the actual flyover areas are not under any real COVID siege. Out here, we are ready–ready—ready to vote in November !


  4. SeedtickinOhio says:

    “From Southern Ohio: Governor DeWine did not implement a state wide mask mandate because he is smarter than that. Instead he devised an analysis based on 7 criteria that essentially allows him to impose mask mandates which appear to be based on a county’s status as a hotbed of the virus. But in reality the system is designed to impose masks by threatening lockdowns. So what he was unable to do statewide he is doing a county at a time. Of the 7 factors 5 revolve around increased positive test results which as we know has nothing to do with anything since this virus has been here since at least last November and the increase in positive tests was expected as a result of increased testing. Meanwhile the mortality rate in my county is .00025. One factor is the number of doctor visits. Isn’t that stupid? Even if you are asymptomatic, which it appears that more than 90 percent of the positives are, you are still likely to call your doctor or visit your doctor for advice and this counts against us. Another is ICU bed use over 80%. Except that our hospital administrators have been quoted in local media as one, viewing an 80% occupancy as a positive as they attempt to recoup millions lost in the lockdown and second, they were quoted as saying they don’t view the current situation as problematic and don’t see a problem with capacity for weeks or maybe months. And they said in that case they would just expand their ICU’s. So in my county for example, there are approximately 800,000 people. We have, since the lockdown, had supposedly 209 people die of Covid. Yet two weeks ago the governor imposed a mask mandate on my county and told us that “unless” our “numbers” improved he would lock us down again. So we have had no mask mandate at all until last week, the positive tests have increased as everyone knew they would, the mortality rate remains flat but the situation is so dire that we need to be forced to wear masks. Then guess what, magically yesterday he tells us our numbers have improved because of the mask mandate. Meanwhile there is actually no “mandate” because the order has no enforcement provision, but it had the effect of an “order” because people were afraid of another lockdown which he threatened if we didn’t “improve.” So now we have supposedly “improved” so there will be no further orders, but guess what we still have to wear masks. In a blatant abuse of power, he has the audacity to equate correlation with causation that the “mask mandate” made the difference. To add insult to injury, I am not even sure our “numbers” improved. And if they “improved” what that improvement might actually be tied to.

    Faced with the reality and related criticism that the mortality rate hardly supports his Draconian measures yesterday he indicated that the death rate is irrelevant because we all have to wear masks, refrain from gathering in large number etc because he is trying to prevent lung damage. He said that doctors are telling him even 30 year olds who get the virus can suffer lung damage that may cause them problems later in life. What doctors? What data? What 30 year olds under what circumstances is not presently clear. But he said that we are a great state, more people have died from Covid than in the Vietnam war [unlike the 2018 flu which he didn’t evidently view as analogous] and if we all wear masks and stay 6 feet apart this virus will be gone in a month and our kids can go back to school. No mention as to the fact that these viruses dissipate no matter what we do, the mortality rate is less than or equates with our 2018 flu and any consideration that these measures might actually elongate the life of this virus.

    Our legislature in Ohio is incapacitated evidently. There are 3 bills waiting passage in our Senate which would end some of this madness. But I am told the governor intends to veto them if passed and although we have a majority in the legislature, the Republicans do not have enough votes to override his veto. So here we are, trapped in madness.


    • kenny says:

      do not forget forget that he kept repeating we do not want to become Florida.
      Florida spikes are all fraudulent but we use them as an example.

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    • Darrell Michael Richardson says:

      When all other avenues fail then it is up to we the people and the 2nd amendment to correct it. By looks of it that is where all of this is headed. Act accordingly.

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    • coastermomohio says:

      I can’t even watch DeWine’s press conferences anymore. The criteria for tightening up doesn’t make sense to me. The death count IS the most relevant number as far as I am concerned. You never know if what he decrees will change in a day or a week or whatever. And he talks to us like we are his children and need to stop being naughty and just wear our masks and follow the rules. And he’s throwing out the “lung damage” excuse now? Yes, it happens, but what about all the other collateral damage of this whole mess?


  5. AMK says:

    Savannah GA

    Savannah has been pretty ‘normal’ for a couple of months now. In the downtown area of Savannah, where all the liberal SCAD students, professors and virtue signalers are, people wear masks, but only 25%-40% maybe. In the outer regions of the city/county the large majority don’t wear masks. Most businesses have the employees wear masks. Most business have been open for a while.

    I had a work luncheon at a downtown Savannah hotel yesterday, Gov Kemp had just rescinded the mask mandate for all Georgia counties. I walk in the side door and ask the guy at the trolley tour table if I have to wear a mask, in the hotel, since the Governor said it isn’t mandated. He replies, “the Governor doesn’t know what he’s talking about, just wear your mask.” So I take the mask he gives me and walk to the meeting….I didn’t put it on.

    In the meeting room there are 3 large 10′ round tables with 4 place settings each….spread out more than an arms distance from the person on either side of you. No masks on my coworkers. One person came in and said she wanted to wear her mask…but she wouldn’t because no one else had one on….reverse peer pressure!
    Three of us sit down and realize that you can’t even pass salt to each other (not to worry, EVERYTHING was prepackaged)…I move my chair near a colleague, then another person moves closer…soon there were 5 people on 3/4 of one table and 7 people at another table and no one at the 3rd table…..
    Then they brought in lunch…we had to line up like 2nd graders and be passed our prepackaged, shrink wrapped lunch choice under a protective glass shield by a masked and gloved hotel employee.
    Then you moved to the left to be handed your next choice of side dish….the girl in front of me could not decide, so the lady got smart and said, ‘I’ll just let y’all grab your own food!”

    Everyone hugged as we left!

    Today, I had to go to Savannah to another hotel for continuing ed credits (I’m a chiropractor). I walk in a side door, all the seminar employees are wearing masks, the ones from Atlanta are really surprised that no one local is wearing masks, for the most part. I told them that we had been normal for a couple of months.
    I go into the lecture….no masks! 150 chiropractors and no masks! Lots of hugs all around….we are touchy people!

    I wear a mask in my clinic because my employer requires it…but I tell my patients they aren’t required, and 90% don’t wear one ( my office is outside of Savannah proper, so no mandate before Gov rescinded yesterday).

    My siblings in CA have imbibed several tanker trucks of the Koolaid…I get daily mask diatribes from them.

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  6. azchick says:

    South of Tucson here. Ducey, our McCain supported gov., is reviewing all deaths since March and if anyone had any symptoms of the Voter Virus he’s remarking them Wuhan. Retesting is counting as new cases. Seasonal allergy medicine is marked as Wuhan at CVS pharmacy. Our Rep. Club is strong and active NO MASKS. Our club Pres. is a former big time lefty converted to our side and is an adamant supporter of PDJT and conservatives. He let us know wearing a mask is merely conditioning us for total government control. Us old people are standing on corners with Trump signs running the old BLM posters to the back. Primaries are coming up and we’re going to elect PDJT supporters. YIPPEE!

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    • L. says:

      Not to mention we just got a text from the Gov. promoting MORE Surge testing here in the Phoenix area over the next couple of days! So disappointing…Prayers for all! Keep the faith and stay strong!


  7. Pegm says:

    Idaho still in stage 4, Gov Little leaving it up to individual counties/ towns. Only 114 deaths statewide, pretty good spike in confirmed and suspected, but they are including so many in suspected now, who knows what numbers are real. Plus the fact that they find people positive who haven’t even been tested. Yuge scam for money nationwide. Pffffffft.

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  8. Orygun says:

    Eugene, OR area and the people using the bike paths rarely have a mask and the people I see driving typically don’t have masks. My wife went to Walmart after their mask proclamation and she said the store was almost empty. They stopped her at the door and she told them she can’t wear masks and that was it.
    I can hear the roar of Beltline traffic and it always seems the same. The traffic jams are about the same so life goes on even though my neighbors act like people are dying by the thousands so it is easy to see who is still watching MSM. Their answer to the facts is to just not talk to me.
    Go figure!

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  9. trumpetter says:

    In the Atlanta burbs, I was disgusted to learn yesterday that the two largest counties are going to have “virtual” school when they open. Nothing like hurting the poor more! A friend works in the administration and says they have no plan and what they did in the spring is haphazard. This will hurt our kids tremendously.

    Kroger, CVS have added mandatory masks when shopping, but I will be shopping without one and very subtly dare them to make me get one and wear it. I am going to claim discrimination and will put up my cell phone to record the conversation. Perhaps I will make them force me out via security, it depends on my mood. I truly believe that forcing us to wear masks is unconstitutional. As so many people say, “what next, a burka, brown shirts?”

    I read this morning that NCAA president is capitulating to the media on college football. This is a total scorched earth policy and I have to think that China is behind a lot of this? I cannot believe how widespread this is. Imagine, no football and what that will do to the university system financially? Has anyone thought this through? Never mind, i know the answer.

    I am curious as to whether others think that China could be behind pressuring corporations and politicians on this? Am I being paranoid? Never did I think that we wouldn’t open schools, but then when POTUS said “we will get the kids back in school” a few days we should have known this was coming.

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    • Randy Blain says:

      China is behind this as a proxy cats paw for the globalists. The world belongs to Satan. The tribes and families and nations are of Christ. The diktat makers should be arrested as enemy combatants under the monetary and political influence of foreign powers. They hide behind the “rights” which are the birthright of an American citizen…not a chicom sympathizer and foot soldier.


  10. Bill says:

    Atlanta, GA near Emory U.
    In or near ATL city limits you will be expected to wear a mask. Immediately outside of city limits the expectations to play along begin to diminish somewhat, but it’s still generally a good idea to play along if you want to get through public places without drawing attention. As you reach the fringes of the metro area (about 1 hour outside of town in any direction), you’ll find most people don’t care if you wear a mask or not.

    Inside 285, I would be more concerned with the stewing anti-white sentiment. BLM signs are everywhere, especially in white leftist neighborhoods. Rarely, you might see an anti-Biden sign or a red MAGA hat, but most pro-America displays are muted while we wait to see what the BLM retards are going to do next. I wish it would just go ahead and turn into a shooting war so the tension would break already and we could get this whole stupid thing over with. If I had the money, I’d leave this town.

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  11. Sheri says:

    Watertown, Brookings SD Area open. Masks not required by Walmart or most Ag companies Some small stores request masks. Restaurants open. Most everyone in state acting normally. Sioux Falls pushed for more regulations that governor resisted. People primarily going through normal daily activities and thanking God for S Dakota. Godspeed And God bless Sundance.

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    • Christy says:

      Our family is planning a trip to South Dakota! We researched to find the state with the fewest restrictions and common sense and South Dakota topped the list! We are bringing our tourism dollars North!

      Thank you for providing this forum to see how things are going in other states. So uplifting to see so many like-minded patriots. It’s lightens the load. C’mon NOVEMBER!!!

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    • Paul says:

      God bless Kristi Noem and South Dakota!


  12. John says:

    St Pete FL here – Get the Karen’s warning about not wearing a mask. I do when I have to as I am recovering from cancer and am easily susceptible to infections. Usually on the boat every weekend and some nuts will where a mask on a boat. Still don’t anyone in direct and extended family, co-workers or neighbors that have the virus.


  13. South Central minnesotastan, an hour away from minniecrapolis.

    Herr walz has moves the goal posts one week prior to his monthly request for extensions to his supreme powers.
    A dfl house, and repubublican senate with no power to stop him.
    There are a few lawsuits in the works.

    No state-wide mandate on masks, but some metro cities, and outlying (Rochester, Winona, Mankato) have enacted their own.

    Most folks are wearing masks in local stores, except the local Ace.
    The youth league sports(no masks) are in competition weekly(lacrosse, soccer, baseball, tennis)
    Parents and spectators were not wearing the muzzle of shame outside.
    The swim center has also re-opened.

    We have no decision yet on school opening.

    The legislature can’t agree on how to spend fed wuflu relief funds, so that money sits in the bank.
    The legislature can’t agree on anything, so nothing gets done.

    My district went from purple to blue in 2018.
    We are still very purple, though.
    We need Jason Lewis back.(donate if you can)

    Herr walz will use the plandemic narrative to disrupt MAGA2020 anyway he can. He hides it better than coumo, and others, but he is swamp scum. He is a never-trumper that did not attend the Inauguration of our VSGPDJT.

    Thanks, ‘Treepers, and Patriots.

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  14. Deplorable_Vespuciland says:

    Lots of free testing going on now in Texas and of course everything is bilingual. Many locations are lined up with latinos freshly returned from their Juneteenth & 4th of July vacations back home across the border. Governor gave in to his east coast medical advisors last week masks are now “required” in public. Went to a garage sale this morning and no one was wearing face diapers. Teachers union is demanding that schools stay closed (not scheduled to open until about Labor Day anyway). Of course they expect all educators & administrators to get paid.

    For perspective that the Fake News pushers will never give you:

    ~~~ TX seasonal flu deaths in 2018 = 11,917
    ~~~ TX seasonal flu deaths in 2019 =10,020
    ~~~ TX C-19 deaths so far this year = 3,561

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    • TexanInFL says:

      Yes, Pence flew in and the mask mandate started. ??? Makes you wonder about him.

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    • thedoc00 says:

      Don’t forget the Wuhan Virus count in TX uses the wide open criteria as well. Over stated by as much as 25% even per CDC.

      The democrats and news media have declared “record numbers” of cases every night for the past week without any details on dates and numbers tested and criteria to declare a case. The fascinating part is that the “record number” is a moving target, up and down. It seems to always lower than the record number the night before and then after the OMG moment, a massive record number is reported on Friday night. That record number bounces all over the place and yet the lemmings never stop to see what is happening.

      None of the numbers are supported by the TX DPH website.

      Yet our clown governor bends the knee along with the other lemmings. There are enough RED county commissioners, representing as many people as live in the democrat city limits who would back him, if just showed he still had cajones and fought.

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    • paulashley says:

      Just wait. Soon leftist and weak RINO governors will be shown stats ylike those you’ve presented and mandate masks for the seasonal flu in perpetuity. We’ll be ruled by perpetual “emergency” governments.

      Well, until the revolt..


  15. Sassy says:

    Large MO metro area: Do not know anyone who had COVID or tested positive. Do not know ABOUT anyone who had COVID or tested positive, meaning no friend, no relative, no neighbor, no grocery clerk, nobody with whom I have interacted since this began last January, has told me that he or she knows about anyone who had COVID or tested positive. Same for my spouse. Same for others I specifically asked if they know of anyone. Same for anyone with whom I have corresponded via snail mail, telephone, email, including people from all over the country as well as from other countries, such as England. Nary a one. Can’t explain it. Can anyone?

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    • ediegrey says:

      Same experience for us. I just got back from Dierberg’s grocery store. For the first time. a guard (I guess) asked if we had our masks as we entered the store maskless. We said yeah – he said we could not enter the store unless we wore them. I said I have a breathing problem and cannot wear a mask. He said go ahead. That was it.


  16. We have a literal jackass in the governor’s chair in NC. He has demonstrated his willingness to put partisan party politics ahead of the state’s wellbeing. He chucked an opportunity to improve NC’s economy by more than $200 million by denying he would re-open the state in time for the RNC convention. He uses fake excuses to mandate masks throughout the state (fortunately, most SANE North Carolinians ignore this unhealthy mandate) and has done everything in his power to block voter ID laws, and cheat the system as he did to get elected in the first place.

    He likely approves of the ridiculous “pay reparations to blacks” passed unanimously by the Asheville city council. Will be interesting to see how they actually PAY for it when the majority of whites move out of that blue enclave.

    Our country is at war against a gang of THUGS masquerading as a Democrat party, one seemingly hellbent on dumping a demented “old white guy” on the American people. Of course that means that no one will be voting for Biden. They will be voting for whoever they put in as VP (Hillary Clinton? Michelle Obama?) Who knows? Who really cares? Certainly not me and hopefully the hundreds of millions of TRUE American patriots who will turn out in numbers never before seen to vote in this upcoming November election to rout these demons.

    May God grant our great president Donald J Trump a 50-state sweep in this election, a Republican House filled with Trump-aligned representatives and a Senate with an unstoppable Republican majority.

    In God We Trust.

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    • Yy4u says:

      Dont mean to rain on your parade Granmmum because I agree 100% with you. But Trump aligned Republicans are as rare as unicorns. The best we can hope for is Trump winning with Republican House and Senate which only means they cant work against him OPENLY. Remember Ryan and McConnell 2017 ane 2018.

      And yes, your governor is an idiot! But we Virgjnians got you beat. At least here on the East Coast.

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      • I know what you mean about the RINOs in Congress. Except for a stalwart few, their venality and cowardice is breathtaking.

        I do believe there will be a shift in this upcoming House, as quite of few REAL Trumpites are running for office. If McCarthy does more than simply talk the talk, as he’s been doing, I think he’ll make an excellent Speaker once Pelosi is knocked off her pedestal and, hopefully, straight into Guantanamo Bay, with Schiff, Nadler, Schumer, Feinstein and Waters for company.


    • paulashley says:

      I’m south of insane Asheville in what I sensed was Trump country when I moved here four years ago, but I am dispirited to see how many people here wear masks. It’s not due entirely to northern retirees, either, as large numbers of the young are masking.

      I’ve been shopping in SC to avoid mask confrontation but may try local this week after my wife reoorted that Ingles wasn’t enforcing Cooper’s edict. That possible positive note is dampened by tge national edicts of corporations like Walmart. I hope their bad example doesn’t spill over to the smaller stores.


  17. stobberdobber says:

    Wausau WI.
    Mid-central Wisconsin. About half here wear masks. We currently have no written “orders” about anything. Various companies are requiring masks and distancing before you can enter. Since the “protests” and opening of bars, our positive cases are rising at a very accelerated rate though. They have more than tripled. Too many people not using common sense. Just my opinion.


    • thedoc00 says:

      Do NOT buy into any numbers rising with out seeing details on the numbers. Here in TX the media and democrat county commissioners make up the numbers that never match the states tested numbers. Plus they announce new records on a daily basis, yet those records never seem to increase but bounce up and down.

      It is about rates (infected, hospitalized, deceased, etc) vs tests administered and criteria used to declare a case. NOT number of cases vs some unstated period of time.


  18. Reading daily since 2012, first comment. Cowley County Kansas, population 35,356, has 43 reported covid19 cases. County has Colleges, meatpacker-transferred workers, cattle, hogs,& wheat farming. Walmart requires mask, hospital & Cardiology Clinic require mask, small pharmacy just began allowing clients inside, no mask. Kroger Dillon’s Grocery store nonchalant on masks. I’m tattered playlists on youtube..

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  19. Gus says:

    Central Texas – no end in sight to the efforts to produce mass hysteria and keep us locked down / in masks. It doesn’t matter that Bexar Cty (San Antonio) just had to revise their numbers by over 3,000 down, the blue mayors continue their hysterical demands and have ordered body bags and refrigerated trucks out of an abundance of caution and because we all need to understand how real this is. Meanwhile story after story of testing centers considering everyone anyone positive was around positive. A person that was scheduled for a test and didn’t go received a letter a week later stating they were positive. The data is meaningless. Now Texas schools are pushing to not open and have only only schooling until October. Abbott buckled and said yes they can delay for 4 weeks. Seems like this is going to be life for the rest of 2020.


    • thedoc00 says:

      Here in North TX it seems most school districts announced they will not open until after Labor Day. Some districts are announcing a 12 August start but virtual classes only, until Labor Day, when a “reassessment” will be made.

      Warned my friends, who are teachers, be prepared to run virtual the whole 1st semester and then all year after 4 November when President Trump is re-elected.


  20. soozword says:

    SW Utah here. Our county is fairly free in yellow status but the corporations just this week have gone full mask nazis. Every grocery store, including Walmart and Costco, is now requiring them. My husband will reluctantly wear one so I send him since I will not. Occasionally I can get my elderly father to go who loves to grocery shop (awesome Italian cook) but the 108 degree temperatures in town discourage him. Am really upset over this mask nonsence, especially when I see all the “Visit Beautiful Utah” commercials given many of the hospital cases (but still far less than most states) have been tourists.

    We have a big pantry so need to use up those foods rather than buy fresh. I have a handy recipe program with over 30,000 recipes that allows me to do a search that will give me the recipes requiring specific ingredients (single or in combination). So this is how I’ll go into cooking survival mode because I don’t want to give the grocery stores any more business than I absolutely have to.

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  21. ShB says:

    Lindsay, Central Valley CA (in a relatively conservative area) I have made a recent trip to the grocery store and all personnel had masks, either on their faces or — in the case of the vegetable stocker — hanging off his chin. Some stockers were without, although they had it handy in a pocket or around their neck; no one was walking around saying we had to wear one. The only time I wore mine was when I was in an area of the store where people were close together or in the checkout area as the quarters were closer. You can use own grocery bags as long as you pack the food in them yourself. When I went for my first haircut in three months, I was met outside the salon by the masked stylist and told I had to have my temperature taken before I could step in the door. She said they were shampooing customers only by request (the stylist could refuse) and they had to be two shampoo bowls apart from a co-worker w/ another client.

    Two of my high school classmates (’71) are on Fakebook, one is a nurse and the other a die-hard conservative and they duke it out almost every day about not wearing/wearing a mask. The former posts about how kind, considerate, safe and smart it is to wear a mask because “it’s not about you,” it’s about our community. The latter posts all the latest arguments against wearing masks. My sister works as an NP in the ER at the hospital in Selma, about 45 minutes from Lindsay, and she says the ER is busy, but not overwhelmed, with mostly non-serious COVID cases and people wanting to be tested.

    My husband is a psychiatrist and medically manages numerous group homes for DD adults, teens and children from Visalia to Ukiah. During most of the pandemic he has been doing tele-conferencing. Most of the homes do not allow visitors, but accommodate (with some restrictions) medical personnel. Parents visiting residents have to sit in the garage or out in the yard; other homes are not allowing any visitors. A lot of inconsistency in protocol due to numerous regional centers that fund/supervise these homes. Some homes are taking husband’s temp at the door, offering hand-sanitizer and making him take off shoes. Others just say, “come on in.” Only one resident out of all of the homes had COVID, so he/she was quarantined, as was the staff and the home. None of the homes are taking residents to the doctor or ER unless an extreme emergency to avoid COVID exposure. All have reported that their residents are mostly okay with not going to school, but not happy about losing their outings. Incident reports have risen due to being cooped up at the home all the time, frustration with the change in routine and lack of outings; a smaller number of residents who hate going to school or on outings are perfectly fine and even better behaved being able to stay at home.

    We keep our sanity by not listening to the jackdaw media. CTH, Limbaugh and a few other cherry-picked people/sites are our resources. The politicization of COVID for the purpose of sweeping a mentally incompetent retread into office so that some group or person behind the scenes can pull the strings is vile — why are people not seeing through this?? This gambit was already tried with Obama — do we really think Obama was the real president and not Valerie Jarrett and her ilk? It worked once, so D’s are betting it will work again. You’d think people would see the handwriting on the wall, but, then again, we’ve had 12 more years of public school and university indoctrination into political/social marxism and millennials are paying their parents back in spades for funding their worthless education by brainwashing said parents.

    The only way to look at what is happening is as a rehearsal for the coming Day of the Lord. Maranatha! Have faith in God’s Providence and Sovereign Purpose!

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    • Debson says:

      This could be my story up here in The Peoples’ Republic of Eugene, Oregon. I just got through “debating” an former co-worker (we’re both retired) on Fakebook about face masks. He wouldn’t relent, nor read any of the scientific links I posted for him. Finally I told him we were wasting our time over face masks because no two scientists ever agree either. Haven’t heard from him in two days. Whew. Wonder when he turned into a SJW virtue signaler.

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      • ShB says:

        A lot of those virtue signalers are coming out of the woodwork lately and their toes are very sensitive to being stepped on if you say a word wrong!


  22. Joyce M says:

    Update from Oklahoma – went to OKC today; at the automotive shop, no masks – not even customers coming in, no social distancing, life is completely normal (other than people complaining that the city council is going to vote on making masks mandatory this evening). I red-pilled a lady; gave her information on how to take action to recall the council members and rebel against the mask order.

    Stopped at a store and I was literally the only person there without a mask. People in the store seemed very disassociated; like they were in a bubble. No eye contact, no acknowledgement of others. Even the lady checking out in front of me ignored and did not communicate with the cashier. Very distant and estranged. I concluded they’ve been wearing their masks too long and are most likely suffering from oxygen deprivation.

    Grocery shopping at a large locally owned store and again I was the only person not wearing a mask. Some of the other customers were pleasant, acknowledged my “excuse me” when coming up on them to pass them, etc., not so distant as in the first store. The store music was interrupted on a regular schedule to thank everyone for maintaining social distancing; please and thank yous included in the message.

    At the park, people were walking with masks on; singly, with others and with dogs. Thankfully the golf course players were not wearing masks and the 2 or 3 runners I observed did not have masks on. I did see other drivers wearing masks inside their vehicle although they were the only occupant.

    If the council does mandate masks today; these sheeple will follow obediently along, no questions asked.

    The Governor had stated he will not mandate masks. He has tested positive for COVID and is working from home and has stated he does not feel ill. Now if only he would be as brave as Govenor Kemp of Georgia and override the mask mandates!

    Liked by 2 people

    • coldanger says:

      Hi, neighbor, south Ok here. I’m so suspicious of Stitt’s “positive” test with no symptoms. I applaud his decision to stay mask free.


    • paulashley says:

      Interesting point about the masking causing social distancing, and not the physical but the mental kind. That is a frightening development to sane people but one likely loved by statists who want each “human unit” to look only to the government collective. That sounds overblown, but it may be where this will end if prolonged. We’ll all be alienated from our neighbors and thus from our communities.


  23. Kay says:

    We have covid19 here in Arizona. Unless we vent the atmosphere it’s not going away. However the news that we’re getting portable morgue machines isn’t anything new. We get these each year at this time. The bikers come in, get killed, and nobody wants to identify their bodies so they can’t be released and get cremated. As such they back up the space for normal heat stroke victims. Add in Covid19 and its a perfect storm.

    Let’s talk about politics: Ducey is a libertarian so he’s leaving it up to localities which the sheeple hate. They want mandated masks and are hashtaging recallducey on twitter. He knows about it as it was brought up in the Thursday weekly press conference. Phoenix and Tucson where the majority of cases are located the mayors (democrat) have mandated masks into infinity with a $2500 fine for not wearing one if you go outside your house with out one. Phoenix PD has said they will not enforce. Almost all businesses have a mandatory mask policy. Which in 115 degree heat isn’t good. People are putting them on just to get inside the business and as soon as they leave off come the mask.

    Prescott is mask free. They’re more rural.
    Flagstaff – avoid – its full on communist as it has the University.
    The city of Phoenix is innundated with out of state plates. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or bad but if they vote the way their plates are AZ is sunk as a red state.


  24. Squirrel Doc says:

    Spent the evening last night in and around the corner of Martin Luther King and 4th Street in downtown Louisville, KY. On a “normal” summer evening, 4th Street would be jamming – outdoor music, sidewalk cafes, people strolling about, dining, shopping, talking. Last night it was a ghost town. Boards covering the broken windows, major businesses shut down for good, empty store fronts, very few people, no traffic. My friend and I stood at that corner after dinner for about 45 minutes, finishing our conversation, and saw maybe 5 people. Only a few cars went by.

    This has to end.

    Liked by 2 people

  25. coldanger says:

    Very south central Oklahoma here. Masks haven’t been mandated by Gov Stitt yet. But he tested positive 2 days ago (I’m always skeptical) and of course the Left Stream Media are going nuts because he’s refused to make masks mandatory. So it remains to be seen if he does a 180. OKCity council are debating today whether to do so there, as they are a hot spot. I don’t know if masks are popular in the city, but almost no one wears one where I am. Tulsa isn’t mandatory, and again no idea how locals feel about masks. Life has been next to normal for a while. The only ways one knew anything was happening here were the shortages and closed businesses. We’re about 90% back to normal levels. Schools are planning on opening here in August. Safe travels, SD…

    Liked by 1 person

  26. MDW says:

    Another fake report from Florida. What a SCAM and people need to go straight to jail.


  27. amwick says:

    My husband and I succesfully infiltrated NY state. We navigated across the border into Hancock using all secondary roads. Once we were there, I insisted on using my step daughter’s truck with NY plates so we were able to do two sorties. While traveling around we saw more state troopers than she has seen in the area. There were state troopers on the big highway 17 leading into town, so I was glad we took the backway in. We managed to stay for three days, and beat feet getting the hell out. People in NY and PA all seem resigned to wearing masks. It is really sad to witness.

    Restaurants insist on masks until you are seated. Apparently your butt transmits the wuflu, so having it in a chair is 100% effective in blockin transmission. Who knew?

    Liked by 5 people

  28. As we see happening continuously now, censoring by Youtube deleted hundreds of videos by citizen investigative reporter when they actually deleted his channel. I followed his work for four years but only managed to download and save a small portion of the total volume. What remains on Youtube is available by clicking the Header ‘playlists’, then choosing ‘created playlists’ at channel ”tattered playlists’. I will attempt to load here.some of those video reports that I did manage to save. I’m rather new at this, and also likely can’t match the erudite company here, but I’ve been a dedicated, thankful reader of Sundance & crew, as well as commenters here at the treehouse since the 2012 Trayvon Martin affair. I expect to mostly continue waiting eagerly for each new posting!


  29. midtngal says:

    In Nashville today…early voting started for state and local reps and there was a tent there to sign to recall our Mayor. The folks doing the recall petition were not wearing masks (it was outside but with the hysteria around here…). They told me that if they get 68,000 signatures by (forget the day next week..but next week) he is out the NEXT day! That was some GOOD news! They say it is looking very promising!

    As I went inside to vote, I was the only one without a mask. Everyone standing in line like good soldiers…6 feet apart. As I got to the front and handed my voters registration and ID (it’s required in TN) the lady took it from my hands with cooking tongs! She’s also dressed in basically a hazmat suit. Only 1 pen per person and if you didn’t take it, they just threw it away! I thought we were in bind for money?!?!? Then she handed me the paper that will have my ballot printed on it along with a coffee stirrer straw. That was what was used to make selections on the screen. All this ridiculous extra expense for a county that just passed a 34% increase in property taxes! I’d say they will have multiple hundreds of thousands of votes to oust this man!

    I then went to Home Depot expecting them to not let me in without a mask but there was no one there to stop me and I went on about my business. It was probably 50/50 of folks with/without masks.

    The new “normal”…yeah, I don’t think so!


  30. Veritas says:

    WNY here. Comrade Cuomo had his thumb on everyone… in my little upstate area all is semi normal. Must wear masks to go into stores, etc. but outside—only the firmly indoctrinated are wearing masks
    If you need hot LZ come on over, we have your 6


  31. jeans2nd says:

    North Coast – in the spirit of social distancing and maintaining a strict 6 ft rule, our local Walmart first added uni-direction aisles, and now is moving all the aisles very close together, about the width of one cart, and stacked the shelves around 13 ft high.
    Our Walmart is pushing hard for order online, and pickup only available now, in person or delivered.

    Almost as if Walmart is working toward eliminating all human employees, and using a robotic “picker” arrangement, like Amazon uses.
    This Monday a strict mask-only rule goes into effect for Walmart.
    Gosh, d’ya spose they want to eliminate all humans altogether?

    Most here are maskless, traffic nearly normal, and, nobody cares. So far.
    Anyone here would gladly lend you a hand (you should know that anyways, up here on the North Coast), but honestly, who would come here deliberately?

    Liked by 1 person

  32. JTR says:

    Rural Georgia’s not too bad. Steer clear of Atlanta. Gov. Kemp is a Republican, but Atlanta is full of Demorats. Just go around the city on 285, and don’t stop until you are well away! The rest of the state isn’t too bad, just have a mask handy in case.

    Bon voyage!

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  33. spren says:

    Northeastern CT here. Surprisingly, despite being a very blue state, all things considered the situation is quite reasonable. Masks recommended, but many exemptions allowed. Restaurant in-dining is back with capacity controls. Bars still closed, but open from the restaurants. State parks and beaches are open, but all picnic tables have been removed so you have to eat on the ground or bring your own chairs. My wife wears a mask in grocery stores, but I don’t wear one anywhere I go. And no one has said a word to me. Most people are wearing them out in public, but no one has even given me a sideways reaction for not wearing one. But northeastern CT is a different animal from the rest of the state. We’re a very rural area with gorgeous countryside. Back in 2016 all you would see on drives were Trump signs, not a single one for the hag. But our votes are overwhelmed by the rest of the state.

    Liked by 1 person

  34. Paul says:

    Went to ‘Floor and Decor’ on Bell Road in Glendale Arizona not wearing a mask. Met by ‘Mask Sentry’ at the front door. I explained having a medical reason for not wearing a mask. Sentry called the manager who disregarded the ‘Americans With Disabilities Act’ (ADA) exemption and rudely asked me to leave saying “this is private property and we require masks”. I left. Then filed an ADA complaint with the US Dept of Justice, which was easy to do online. If you are in Glendale AZ and are looking for tile. Go to “The Tile Shop” at 8154 W Bell Rd. Super friendly and helpful, had a great selection, really nice clean store, and no mask mandate. Unfortunately, most people still wear masks in this area. Will people ever wake up that masks are scientifically ineffective and just a political weapon of fear?

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    • Paul says:

      I should have mentioned that they did offer free masks and hand sanitizer at the entrance. Employees did wear masks to “keep you safe”, so don’t be afraid.


  35. Cathy M. says:

    Fairhope, AL here. (about 35+ miles west of the FL Panhandle & about 35 mi. east of Mobile)

    FAIRHOPE, AL: 22,085 population. (is in Baldwin co.)
    BALDWIN County. population- 223,234

    No public Floyd protests since June 6th.

    The only public protest in Fairhope since June was 4-6 people on a primary street corner protesting against the governor’s emergency stay-at-home/business closure restrictions. They publicly protested by waving signs for several days. I’d say most people here rather file in person or writing their opinions directly to local & state representatives & Gov.

    People aren’t happy with the Governor. We were at stage 2 of the Safer at Home Order but recently bumped us back a stage until the end of the month. but yesterday the Gov. made wearing a mask mandatory w/ exceptions (previously it was ‘strongly recommended”) & a $500 penalty.
    It has been reported that some believe it is unlikely that anyone, except in certain circumstances, will be arrested for ignoring the order.

    Heck, Baldwin county reports only 13 Covid deaths. One of those was a man that was receiving chemo treatments.

    Some Good news-
    *Gulf Shores & Orange Beach beaches remain open w/ social distancing.
    *Boating & Fishing Tournaments still allowed.
    * In Orange Beach there was a Trump boat parade a few weeks ago.
    *Vehicle traffic is back to near normal.
    *Some Hotels are now open but Marriott TownePlace Suites – has remained open throughout this period for nightly rentals as well as daily “Quiet Space” rentals for anyone needing an office space with high speed internet.
    * Many stores, bars & restaurants opened for dine-in at 50% capacity, some did not.
    * Some Hair salons, Gyms, etc are open.
    * It appears that most people were no longer wearing masks but as of last nite the Gov. is requiring it. Now all stores won’t allow you to enter w/o a mask.
    ** “As of May 1st, Rows of condos in Orange Beach, Alabama. Rental agencies are welcoming a surge of visitors to Alabama’s beaches this month.” Hotels also open.

    ** “Several national chain restaurants at the Eastern Shore Center have posted closure notices, some citing COVID-19 as the reason. Casey Williams with the Eastern Shore Chamber of Commerce said it’s likely businesses that closed for good were already struggling.”
    He’s likely correct. That Center lost a number of chain stores a few years ago.
    Now, The Shoppes at Bel Air Mall (Mobile), Fairhope Dillards Dept Store, are still closed.

    ** Medical facilities have allowed me to enter the facilities without a mask when I advise them I can’t wear a mask due to a medical condition. They do not ask what is that condition.(I do have such a condition,tho).

    Here’s the Gov’s Order. There are many exemptions from wearing a mask but I highly doubt that most or any stores, etc. will actually read the exemptions. So, I will keep a copy of the Order in my purse to show store employees or managers, etc if they attempt to prevent me from entering their establishment without wearing a mask.

    Click to access order-adph-cov-gatherings-071520.pdf

    So there, Thrrrriipt!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Cathy M. says:

      I thought I was posting just the link.
      Anyway, skip the 1st page. Exemptions for wearing a mask starts at pg. 2, #2.


      • Cathy M. says:

        Fairhope, AL here. (about 35+ miles west of the FL Panhandle & about 35 mi. east of Mobile)

        Some background on Mobile County Floyd protest
        POPULATION- 186,804
        over 50% black (mentioning only for reference)
        (2nd largest city in AL)

        We had/have no wide spread Floyd “riots” in the Gulf Coast city of Mobile/Mobile County nor the cities of Fairhope & Foley in Baldwin County. They did have a few relatively small peaceful (literally) protests May 31st, (except a short lived one in Mobile on day 2). & several meetings w/the Chief of police & the city’s director of public safety. No public Floyd protests since June 6th.

        In Mobile, the black police chief & officers did a great job. The Chief led a peaceful protest. During that protest, a very small breakaway group of activists showed up & tried to march onto the I-10 interstate. MPD knocked that shite down within mins. & arrested, i believe it was 13 people, including one who broke a MPD police car window. She’s facing federal charges.

        Things calmed down when the city’s director of public safety & MPD Chief spoke with those leading the breakaway group. They apparently realized the Chief wasn’t gonna back down & was actually listening to their issues. The Chief & safety Director did not speak from behind a podium, they were on the street surrounded by the protesters answering & taking their questions & arranged for meetings with them later.
        That should give u how relatively peaceful the protest was.

        2nd day protesters (some believed to be out of town/staters) dragged down a statue of Robert E. Lee in front of the high school named after the general.

        Another 120 yr old Confederate statue was vandalized by a lone wolf. The city quickly cleaned the statue up & the Mayor hid it away for safe keeping until things in the country calm down.

        Since the statue came down, protests ground to a halt. Most protesters are taking to social media.

        “I think we saw less violence because that’s our norm and our culture,” said Kimberly Pettway, a professor of social work at the University of South Alabama and activist since 2007. “I don’t think Mobilians wanted to see the chaos.”

        *Now, northern AL is a totally different matter. Reportedly, they’re still at it out in the streets, Especially in Birmingham (largest city in state) & Huntsville.
        (Info gleaned from several news articles.)

        Liked by 1 person

        • Cathy M. says:

          BALDWIN County. population- 223,234

          FAIRHOPE (in Baldwin Co.)
          22,085 pop
          over 90% white
          4.8% black
          the rest are other minorities
          Baldwin county is across the bay from Mobile county.

          1st week in June, one very peaceful Floyd protest thru downtown Fairhope . In video it appeared to be almost 100% white people. No property damage, confrontations, etc.

          FOLEY (Baldwin County) – June 3
          An organized Floyd peaceful protest in Baldwin County.

          Demonstrators posted up on each of the four corners at the intersection of Highway 59 and Highway 98. They began at 6 p.m. and stayed there until dark. A little over 100 people.
          No property damages, etc.


        • TwoLaine says:

          There is a male statue, I believe it is in Mobile, that has a time capsule buried within or below the pedestal. Every since I read about this a few years back I always wondered if that wasn’t part of the statue hunting allure, buried treasure, because I cannot imagine that this was the only one.

          The one I am thinking of had cash and coinage of the times buried in the time capsule. I imagine that would be worth quite a bit these days. I’ll see if I can find my notes on it tomorrow.


          • Cathy M. says:

            I heard that legend back when I was in high school (1960s).

            Legend in Mobile was a time capsule was buried underneath the statue of Confederate Navy Officer Rear Admiral Raphael Semmes. (That was the 120 yr old statue that the Mayor took down & stashed away somewhere to allegedly keep it safe until things calmed down.)

            This article doesn’t necessarily mean there’s not a time capsule under Admiral Semmes.
            But we might have got the location of the time capsule wrong.


            Liked by 1 person

            • Cathy M. says:

              UPDATE on the Admiral Semmes statue that Mobile, AL Mayor removed for allegedly safe keeping until things get back to normal.

              After complaints filed to Gov Ivey-
              “City of Mobile agrees to pay $25,000 fine for removing Confederate statue” (of Admiral Semmes)

              The City of Mobile has agreed to pay a $25,000 fine for removing a Confederate statue, Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall announced.

              The mayor of Mobile said the bronze figure of Admiral Raphael Semmes has been relocated to the History Museum of Mobile, which will display the statue while placing it into its appropriate context.

              Marshall said removing the statue from public property was a violation of Alabama’s Memorial Preservation Act, which was passed in 2017.

              “On June 4, the City of Mobile removed a 120-year-old statue of Admiral Raphael Semmes from public property within the city,” Marshall said in a statement. “Now that the City has acknowledged its intent to remove the monument permanently, the facts surrounding the removal and a plain reading of the law led me to determine that the Act was violated. After being notified of that determination, the City has agreed to pay the required fine of $25,000 without a court order.”


            • TwoLaine says:

              That is cool!

              I looked for it last night and couldn’t find it. I was looking for a list of statues in Mobile and couldn’t locate one. I know I would remember it if I saw a list of names. I saved a digital pdf of the article.

              I don’t think it was Semmes, but I could at least look for that name. Ponce de Leon sticks in my head for some reason, but I have slept since then. 🙂


  36. Margot says:

    North Central Florida here. For the most part, things seem to be laid back. The pool and clubhouse in our neighborhood has been open for a while now and people are enjoying it. No one wears masks at the pool. Out and about, it’s mostly business as usual, with some social distancing restrictions as laid out by tape on floors of shops and such. Even Walmart was fine, although that’s about to end. I’d say about 50% of the people wear masks, but we have a heavy population of retired people. And it seems that many of them, even though they may vote red, are on board with wearing masks. It bothers me a little, because it almost seems like even the conservative older folks who do wear masks, are doing so out of virtue signalling or because they think it’s the thing to do. Sort of a herd mentality. But most don’t bother others who aren’t wearing masks, so there’s that.

    I really hope Florida doesn’t lock down again.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Darwin Teague says:

      I have seen a paper from Walmart that said if a customer says they cannot wear a mask because of a medical condition or religious belief, the employee is to allow you in and basically tell you to have a nice day.


  37. Pam Labine says:

    Northern Wi……Northern Mi……
    A lot of annoyed healthy people.

    Liked by 3 people

  38. TonyE says:

    The Coastal OC, 92603, Calimexistan.

    People are truly pissed off now. Today I went for a tooth cleaning, Home Depot and Costco. Last week it was a hair cut and a Japanese supermarket.

    Learned a new nickmane for He Who I Call Premier Loathsome… Gov. Gruesome. Awesome.

    People see through the politics now. The first wave we all put up with it because we didn’t know, but now we can see the game being played. Deaths are dropping, rioting is OK, stores being closed, corporatist “media” is giving Gov. Gruesome all the time he wants without any criticism.

    The OC decided not to shut down our schools. Now, Premier Gruesome Loathsome is pushing it. This will end in in the SCOTUS.

    This won’t end up well. People are not stupid.

    We need a revolution that protects our property values.

    And, public employees should not be paid for not working. Where is my US Passport, huh?

    Liked by 1 person

  39. TwoLaine says:

    You know, you could set up an online form/questionnaire for everyone to complete these questions, along with whatever other data you want to collect. All responses are then collected in an online database, are searchable, and can be made into all kinds of reporting. Actually someone somewhere shoud be collecting this already on a periodic basis.


  40. Chris E says:

    I live in Fauquier County, VA – a largely rural county about 50 miles west of DC, a fringe suburb. The population is about 71,000 and there have only been a few hundred cases and 7 deaths reported, all very elderly, and the one large hospital gas not been overwhelmed.


  41. DanJ1 says:

    SO CLOSE TO ZERO, IT IS ZERO: I track the statistics for Washtenaw County, Michigan which has 639,000 residents and includes Ann Arbor’s University of Michigan and Ypsilanti, a predominantly lower middle class ethnic community. Both cities should be Covid hotspots. Combine that the county borders Wayne County, another national hot spot, and this should be a highly vulnerable population.

    Not the case at all. The numbers here are so close to zero they are statistically zero. About 1 death a week is attributed to Covid. The 1,000 bed University of Michigan Hospital and the 500 bed St. Joe’s Hospital (both major regional institutions) register less than a dozen Covid patients in hospital combined. The number of cases are rising to about 14 new positives a day but the hospitalizations are dropping and deaths are bouncing off zero.


  42. RS says:

    Good morning Brother and Sister Treepers! I’m a long time reader, rare poster . . .
    Our area, we live in a farming community generally between Syracuse and Rochester (NY). Most wear masks in stores, not all. Less so in the non chain and rural business.
    Rochester is allowing a shutdown on 490 this Sunday.

    If someone were to fly in then want to drive east, that could mess them up. There are several good local roads to get to where you want to go. No need to use 490 or 390 in the metro area.
    I recently recieved an email alert that our Gov was trying to push a requirement that business are responsible for making their Clientel wear masks.. Nothing like trying to pit people against each other . . .(Might be an intended benefit from their pov!)


    • Margot says:

      “our Gov was trying to push a requirement that business are responsible for making their Clientel wear masks.. Nothing like trying to pit people against each other . . .(Might be an intended benefit from their pov!)”

      You nailed it. And may I humbly suggest that he is not, in any way, shape or form, “your” governor, as proven over and over by his behavior. He’s a perverted, petty tyrant who has no business having dominion over decent people such as yourself.


      • RS says:

        Thank you Margot,
        When I meet folks out and about, if they are willing, I open up conversation and ask them what they think about our current state of affairs. At a minimum, people believe or suspect that something is ‘wrong’, it all feels fabricated (because it is!). I also talk with others that have a pretty solid handle on things. Recently, I’ve suggested to the leadership at my church that we have regular conversations within our group, asking the hard questions of ‘What do we do ‘If’.’ and, How can we best support our community .
        Do I make some people uncomfortable? If I do then, I’m succeeding!

        Time to go! have a customer coming over soon . . . Be well All!


  43. Country Patriot says:

    Here in (semi)rural central Texas, when we are out here on our own land is the only time that we feel free. Out “there” (among the english-Remember “Witness”), I feel like a stranger in a foreign land.

    The rules are continually changing. Everyone thinks that they have been deputized to make rules on-the-fly. Politicians that I once supported like Gov Abbott has secumbed to the fever. Local Judges are competing with each other to see who can create the most “laws”. Now our church seems to be torn apart as the pastor has decided that he needs to get into the act of unilatterly legislating.

    I am 81 years old and would have bet that I would never live through a time like this in USA. Sundance, I will continue to pray for your safety outside the wire.


    • Margot says:

      I understand how you feel, Country Patriot. Nor did I ever think I would live to see what is happening right now, although when I think about it, we’ve been travelling to this point for decades, allowing politicians and government accommodation after accommodation, always trying to be fair, tolerant, etc. To compromise with people we should never have compromised with. And here we are.

      Live long and prosper!


  44. BSR says:

    St. Louis City and St. Louis County have enacted 100% face mask requirements. They’ve canceled all youth team sports. Universities in the area appear to be doing online classes only for the fall semester and public schools are beginning to follow that trend as well. Rep Ann Wagner’s challenger Jill Schup has raised an unbelievable $1.2M last quarter alone which ironically is when the paycheck protection nonsense began. All concerts and sporting events have been canceled except for a drive in concert series at a local casino. Office buildings have restrictions on elevator usage. Many convenient stores are running very low on available change preventing customers from paying for with cash. There are STILL BLM protests going on at strategical targeted residential areas and businesses which I suspect has some sort of shakedown element to it for those who took paycheck protection funds. Two business owners in my family who live near me received checks they never applied for for $80k and $120k respectively which they did not deposit. That about sums it up here locally.


  45. Darwin Teague says:

    Madison County, Indiana. Indiana was in stage 4.5 which was supposed to expire on the 17th. It has been extended until the 31st. Stage 4 limits crowds to 250, restaurants at 75% occupancy, bars at 50%. Stores fully open, I believe. Stage 5 will basically remove all restrictions except nursing homes, which will be decided separately. Marion County (where the state capitol is) has had a mandatory masks for a while.

    Zero effect on me until this week when most of the stores are requiring masks. They finally got me to stay home! lol I won’t wear a mask.


  46. Introverted_Treeper says:

    Here is WA state’s Emergency Preparedness “Rules”

    Click to access WAC296-800.pdf

    Interestingly, on the last page, it was appended to last through Nov. 5, 2020. strange….? nope.


  47. karenlivesmatter says:

    sooo, USVI here….. 130,000 people… 6 deaths, all over 80 (longer than a human lives on average….) been in a ‘state of emergency’ since March… started a gradual re-opening… Dem guv just came out and re closed the bars because of 25 new ‘cases’ … also restaurants are no longer allowed to use china or glass, $10,000 fine for establishment unless you use paper and plastic…. out of nowhere…. because dishwashers that sanitize things to 190 degrees are not safe?!?! went out for my parents birthday, spent over $250 at fine dining restaurant that served us on paper and plastic because… safety? Bars closing are because that is where people are spreading things is right! the truth that ‘the HOAX is on YOU!’ they can’t allow people talking amongst themselves… God help us! and don’t forget to breathe! without wearing a mask!!!


  48. Uncle Al says:

    News from Sarasota County (not the city) Florida. Sarasota City has issued a mandatory mask diktat but the County has not, nor has Governor DeSantis issued one for the state. I live in an unincorporated part of the county and rarely go into the city proper more than once per week.

    Two local stores inaugurated mandatory mask obedience today as corporate policy. I shopped at both of them. I did not wear a mask. There was no one at the door to check so I walked right in. All employees were masked obediently and a majority of customers were as well, but by no means all. No one batted an eye, nor commented, much less objected. The only presumed mask-related communications were a few slight nods and minimalist grins exchanged between us the unmasked. Utterly (pun intended) non-verbal.

    This experience has given me hope!


  49. Kane Virgil says:

    LOL @ the proud gathering of the smallest penises in the state.


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