President Trump Phone Interview With Sean Hannity…

President Trump calls-in to Sean Hannity to discuss the latest headline news. Topics include Democrats’ plans to defund the police, Joe Biden’s bid for the presidency, coronavirus, the economy, and much more.

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59 Responses to President Trump Phone Interview With Sean Hannity…

  1. SR says:

    PTrump didn’t talk clearly or timeline about DOJ investigation and indictments. But he is calling Obama, Biden, clapper, Brennan, Comey, love birds and others. He is happy with internal polls.

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    • MVW says:

      Talk vs Action. ‘Let’s see what happens’…’Republicans don’t act, they just talk.’ etc.

      Totalitarian Media, more than fake, it is corrupt.

      We waited for the 2018 midterm for action. McConnell waited until he could not do anything. 2020 election, then what?

      Justice = National Security
      Economy = National Security
      Free Press = National Security
      President Trump has delivered on one out of those 3. That is the reason we are still on the brink. In my imagination the 2020 election will deliver the missing 2. But I am unsure.


  2. MJJ says:

    Sean Hannity needs to Shut Up and Talk Less More and Let the Guests Doing the Talking especially when the President is on the Show. Hannity makes it all about Himself. Johnny Carson knew how to ask short precise Questions, set up Better Follow Up Questions by Listening. Hannity just plains out Sucks and soon on the Demise. Why listen to Peat and repeats all the Time on the Hannity Vanity Show???? FOX need to give a Show to Leo Terrell!

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    • 28angelica28 says:

      I noticed with the Mark Levin interview that Levin just keeps talking if Sean tries to interrupt. For whatever reason (I’d like to think that The Great One has told Sean to either shut up or when that interview was over, he would have conducted his last Levin interview)! In Coneheads, the Remulacki’s used a shock collar on Seedling and when he talked, he got shocked. We need one for Sean!!

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      • De Oppresso Liber says:

        Shock him, watch his hands & arms cross as he bends forward in a bow, then straightens back up with that stupid expression on his face……classic movie from back in the day! I watched it Wednesday night with my grandkids…..

        Damn, I’m getting old……..but, every day now is just gravy; when I was 20-years-old, I never thought I would live to see 40, much less 50 —- ish.


    • kimosaabe says:

      You’re one of the annoying spewing psychobabble on the Treehouse. Give your irritating hate a rest, dude. You think you’re puffing yourself up with your rubbish. Think again. If you have capability of thinking clearly.


    • Mr e-man says:

      Meanwhile Hannity is one of the top rated cable news shows on TV. Maybe you don’t know what you are talking about.

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  3. tax2much says:

    President Trump should produce his own show where he has a table full of administration employees sitting around. He shows a brief montage of Sundance reveals and then fires several of the attendees. Do this every week until all are fired. He would have the highest rated show in history and will never have to worry about running out of material.

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  4. President Trump might change things up, rather than continuing the predictable Hannity ritual. It would be good to see something different. Tucker Carlson reaches an extended and younger demographic, and would offer a more interesting and challenging interview. He is laser focused on tackling the corruption and hypocrisy of the radical left, and the GOP’s obvious failure in speaking up and stepping up. Yes, Tucker is critical of POTUS at times – especially when he believes WH advisors are watering down MAGA Conservative positions (Kushner for example on H1B, Internet censorship, Antifa). Ironically, Kushner may be the reason Tucker doesn’t get the call.

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    • beach lover says:

      agree. Trump has to change it up a little now. We have heard the same answers over and over because the questions have been the same. He can give a better update on the handling of the virus than continuing to say he saved thousands of lives by stopping flights from China. He always goes from that to ventilators, and working with governors, then they complained about him. We get it. He needs fresh bullet points.

      I think he can take advantage of the cancel culture and have the upper hand. Biden is in a box with the BLM crowd. Push the differences on the handling of the police and the rioters, and the statues. He’s stuck on justifications. Its time to go on offense, not rehashing past actions.

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    • 28angelica28 says:

      I wish the President would have a sit down with Ivanka about her hubby. If not, he needs to be taken for an exorcism of his progressive ways. It might cause a rift in the family, but he would have been better left to care for the business and brought Eric and Lara into the WH fold. Lara is a gem!!!!!

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  5. Linda K. says:

    Trump is getting impatient for the coup to be revealed and indicted. I am too. It seems they are running him out and all of Washington D.C. is deep state. I despise Lindsey Graham, ( he could care less) but I’d like these jerks to pay a price for their trickery. I hate Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney, George Bush, all of them, for their schemes and lies and how they have not supported this President who has fought so hard for us.

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    • 28angelica28 says:

      All those named care nothing about the United States of America. They do what they do for THEIR legacies and their bank accounts. It’s bad enough we elected Bush twice but the fact that we even ran with Romney or McCain is amazing!! Boy were we blindsided into believing either one of them gave a penny’s worth of care about this country or our freedom.
      Hey Utah, you folks need to start a petition to rid yourselves of the scourge you sent to the Senate. That area of the country hasn’t exactly had the best record for choosing Senators–Romney, McCain, Flake, Bennett, Mike Lee, Kirsten Sinema, Martha McSally, … Guys, wake up and smell the freedom. If you keep sending that garbage to the Swamp, freedom will be replaced by Socialism in less than a year!


      • GB Bari says:

        They do what they do for THEIR legacies and their bank accounts.

        They cannot possibly give one rat dropping about their “legacies.”
        That would imply they WANT to be remembered for immorally and illegally attempting to subvert the will of American voters to destroy the best President in modern history along with his highly successful administration.

        Excuse my bluntness but Bull.

        They care ONLY about their personal financial enrichment. The Swamp is entirely about gaining and retaining ultimate power and control, because those who can monopolize it become wealthier beyond imagination.

        Those who claim their quest for power Is for ideological reasons are lying through their teeth. How do we know? Because those people NEVER accept living under the same rules and financial burdens as the people they govern. Those rulers ALWAYS live as elites, wealthy, behind significant layers of security, accumulating significant assets, and able to avoid the normal reach of the law.

        Nobody ever said follow the legacy, it’s always been “follow the money.”

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    • mostlyogauge says:

      Everyone is impatient, but President Trump knows that the vast majority (present Treeper company excluded) of the voting public specifically, and the general public generally, have very short memories. We still have a bit less than four months until the election. Four months is still too long for a lot of people to remember stuff.

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  6. Marc says:

    Book POTUS on another show, PLEASE! Laura or Tucker would be so much better but he has to keep going on Hannity.

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  7. lambgraham says:

    So sad to hear the President of the USA pleading with Lamb Graham and Barr to initiate action in the greatest crime in our lifetime.
    Graham only brought in Rosenstein to seal the deal on his primary. During the testimony of Rosenstein did you notice how he coached and protected him. All any Senator had to do was read Rosenstein words from a previous interview when he stated how serious it was to sign off on a FISA request based on false statements. Then say, “Why should the DOJ not prosecute you?”
    As for Barr, after he declined the criminal referrals on Comey and McCabe I emailed the his office and said, “Wow you had me fooled , your just another dirty cop like Comey and your friend Mueller.”
    The Senate Intelligence Committee beautifully laid out by Sundance is in on the coup.
    When you have paper trails that are open and shut there is no excuse not to indict. The many conspirators involved in the coup are weak individuals who will crack under pressure when confronted with the evidence.
    I know Sundance is preparing a report either supporting or refuting the Durham investigation. My advice is why wait for something that may not come to light. Write your own report based on what you know. If Barr, as rumored is going to wait until after the election and Trump loses, the Durham report will be flushed down the toilet. Especially if Holder is AG and Susan Rice is VP.

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    • sDee says:

      “”I know Sundance is preparing a report either supporting or refuting the Durham investigation. My advice is why wait for something that may not come to light.”

      Not the case. Here is what Sundance wrote………….
      If John Durham and Bill Barr deliver the brutal truth this summer, then a series of releases of information will hopefully enhance their sunlight. However, if they do not deliver the big ugly truth of it – then I will initiate events. Or I’ll go down trying.

      There is a very specific and demonstrable story that is beyond refute and purposefully ignored by media. Within that back-story a whole lot of powerful people and systems are exposed. The specificity and irrefutable nature of the story is the key. Those institutions and the people in them will be confronted and shared in real time so all can watch.

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      • FrankieZee says:

        I pray to God that you are right. But I believe it really doesn’t matter what Sundance brings to light, Barr and the DOJ will just continue to flick the middle finger at us. On another note, do you think that these D RAT Governors aand Mayors are allowing the BLM and Antifa to riot so that the KUNG FLU cases continue to rise and therefore they must continue to keep their states shut down.

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      • 28angelica28 says:

        I wish the information could be shared and time released on Twitter, Parler and FaceBook over and over. I sincerely hope that all Treepers will save Sundance’s articles when they do come out and Tweet, submit and post over and over and over. Keep the “fact checkers” busy refuting. Keep the deleters busy deleting. We all need to be united on this and fill the internet over and over and over again!!
        Treepers, please join in this endeavor. We may not convert a lot of Democrats but every one we do convert is one more than we have now. If every Treeper converts one, November will be the biggest landslide ev-uh!!


    • 28angelica28 says:

      The Senate Intelligence Committee beautifully laid out by Sundance is in on the coup.

      In on the coup? In on the coup? You are looking at major players. The Senate Intelligence Committee is a joke. Why not rename it the Senate Corrupt Committee? Much more appropriate!! Nancy herself couldn’t have picked a more loyal group of RINO syncophants!

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      • GB Bari says:

        Yes. What is so despicable about the SSIC is that they are SUPPOSED to be the premier oversight entity who represent the People, the citizens who elected them to ENSURE that the intelligence operations being carried out by government employees is always legal, ethical, and does not subvert the Constitution.

        That the SSIC has been so disgustingly and blatantly corrupted is an affront to all citizens of the nation. They did not just fail to do their specific job, they became ACTIVE PARTICIPANTS in the criminal behavior of the Intelligence community.

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      • Mr e-man says:

        The James Wolfe story is the linchpin in all of this. They had him dead to rights and let him off with a wrist slap. Several key players involved in that, from Mueller, Jesse Liu, Warner, NYT, etc.

        There was a crossroads where they could have done the right thing. They chose not to and that choice gives an opening to unravel the whole conspiracy.

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  8. realeyecandy1 says:

    another disappointing interview. SeanBoy gives him the last 5 seconds to talk about his next agenda….they spent the whole interview on grievances. Trump watched Biden’s steal his #MAGA message in Scranton and did NOT even mention. I’m so frustrated, I did not sleep at all last night. This campaign is all wrong OR it is doing what it wants ………………………………. to get beat

    HOW can he stand there and let Biden commit 700,000,000,000 to bringing back American factories and not MENTION that HEY That is my plan that he STOLE

    WHY has there been ZERO done to get the jobs back….it’s been 7 months now and we see ZERO ZERO ZERO

    Doesn’t the POTUS have a PEN and a PHONE????

    I’m getting sick of waiting myself. He is truely a lame duck with tape over his mouth

    Jailing whoever was behind the spying is NOT the winning message. Matter of fact most people are BLISSFULLY unaware but are wondering about the virus and their LIFE and their job

    WORST campaign messaging in history IMHO


    • sDee says:

      Yup let’s second guess the man whose very first political campaign single-handedly took on the Republican machine, the Democrat machine, the global media, the deep state, Wall Street, BigTech, the globalists………….. and WON THE PRESIDENCY.

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    • Josh R Taylor says:

      Take a chill pill realeyecandy1! You sound like all the other hysterical loons thats one more step from being a Trump Bot follower. ITS JULY!!!!! NOT SEPTEMBER when the maximum political points are more important. Trump can just sit back, troll media w his tweets and poll/collect data of current situations to see where the publics head at. Media has been censoring his biggest speeches/meetings anyway! FORGET HANNITY!! HE SUCKS!!

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      • Fubu says:

        I agree. Even the fake polls show Biden’s lead tightening and DJT hasn’t even got started yet. It feels like everyone (Dems included) knows that Biden is a pretender/placeholder and are just waiting to see if he can hang on or how he screws up to lose.

        Also, DJT is the consummate counterpuncher and I anticipate that his campaign will finish with a flurry of punches that will leave even the doubting Thomases amazed.

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        • Fubu says:

          Oh and BTW, we need to forget the prosecution of the Deep State thing until after the election. Just add that to the list of reasons why President Trump needs to be re-elected. It’s not about us getting out to vote, it’s also about us getting everyone you know and then some out to vote as well.

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        • 28angelica28 says:

          he will also wait until the last minute to name his woman of color choice for the presidency.

          Webster says that “a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race” is racism. If the color of one’s skin and the gender of one’s birth are the only qualifications for a vice-presidential nominee, why not nominate Wanda Sykes? At least you know where she stands. If it’s Kamala, how will she justify calling Dementia Joe a racist during the Dembates?


  9. sDee says:

    Hannity reasons that masks work because everyone in his grocery store wears them and no one got sick. He obviously did not watch the Simpsons. 🙂

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    • Alli says:

      I think we need our own grassroots movement. We need to be visible like we did with our tea party movement. September October rallies. If we can’t travel to DC we can hold rallies in our own cities and towns simultaneously. A coordinated effort to show our support at the same times and days. I plan on giving as many folks possible rides to the polls to vote. I have helped many Democrats understand what’s at stake and they are voting for President Trump
      The local Republican party committees are not as useful as they could be. We have to be seen in large numbers
      Silent no more.

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  10. Marcia says:

    Retired Magistrate here: I see a lot of hand wringing here.

    Let’s take a look at the history of this country. So the Pilgrims come to this country for religious freedom (no, not for slave trading) and tried socialism for the first two years and almost starved to death. They finally figured out that capitalism works best! Years pass, and then the French and Indian Wars. Then in 1776 the signing of the Declaration of Independence after years of Great Britain putting its boot on the throat of their struggling colony. The war of Independence is the result and the United States is born. Well, Great Britain, not one to give up, burns down Washington D.C. in the War of 1812. In retrospect, maybe not such a bad idea, but I digress. But, the United States survives and thrives.

    A few years of somewhat peaceful existence in the young United States and then the Civil War, starting in 1861 and lasting until 1865. Reconstruction begins in the South with carpetbaggers coming down from the North to profit in the South. Turbulent years. Then in 1898 the Spanish American War with Teddy Roosevelt and his Rough Riders. Of course in between there are financial downturns and epidemics but the country goes on.

    In 1917 the United States enters World War I with soldiers marching off to a world war and thousands cheering. People were not cheering so much when many of these soldiers came back in 1918 with serious physical wounds and mentally damaged. Numerous of these soldiers who survived World War I were killed by the Spanish Flu pandemic which killed millions. The United States pulled itself together and life went on.

    In the 1920’s the economy was great, women got the right to vote and the country’s future was bright. People overextended themselves in the stock market by speculating on futures. Many middle class people became wealthy overnight. Then the stock market crash in October 1929. The wealth of the 20’s vanished overnight and the 30’s were difficult for many. In the western states the land was not cultivated correctly and the dust bowl resulted. The United States shouldered on.

    On December 7, 1941 Japan attacked Pearl Harbor and we entered World War II. It was over in 1945. A few years of peace, then the Korean War (not a conflict, a war). Then Viet Nam, Gulf War, 911 and the resulting War on Terror. The citizens of the United States got through all this and shouldered on because this country is worth it.

    What makes today different and why are so many discouraged. Because we have a President who has shown us how corrupt this system really is. He is fighting to save the country as we know it. Many in both parties are throwing everything they have at him to stop him and turn the country into a socialist or communist nightmare. We can’t let that happen. President Trump can’t do it alone. So quit complaining, get involved in local politics, give money to President Trump’s campaign, try to influence as many people as possible, read bedtime stories to your children and grandchildren about America’s historical figures (don’t leave it up to schools) and pray, pray and pray some more.

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    • jeans2nd says:

      That’s lovely, Marcia, and quite accurate.
      Are you aware NONE of our kids and gkids have been taught this history? NONE

      Our kids and gkids have been taught Howard Zinz’s History of the United States. Go read it. You will find nothing you wrote included in Zinz’s history.

      Now, go from there.

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  11. Big Jake says:

    Hannity is the WORST interviewer.

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    • LafnH20 says:

      Hannity begrudingly allows his “Guests” to speak. And, when they (finally) get the opportunity to speak, he enthusiastically interrupts thems.

      That’s how I see it.

      🇺🇸TRUMP 2020🇺🇸

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      • jeans2nd says:

        Hannity also brings on “guests” to make the guests listen to Hannity’s views, not the other way around.
        Laura Ingraham is just like Hannity.
        Both a waste of good listening time.


  12. Summer says:

    I agree with those who think that President Trump should stop giving Hannity the same interview over and over again, answer the same predictable questions with the same predictable answers. It is boring and, frankly, disappointing. Hopefully not a preview of the upcoming debates.

    His team needs to provide President Trump with better, updated talking points. He needs to talk more about the dangers of Marxism and socialism, in details. Both Rush and Tucker provide brilliantly articulated talking points, use them! They say exactly what the Americans need to hear today. Especially Tucker. Amazingly, Tucker appears to be more riveting and more effective in terms of Trump re-election efforts than the Trump campaign and perhaps Trump himself, in my unpopular opinion. Yes, I do agree that Tucker would be a much better interviewer than Hannity.

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  13. GB Bari says:

    I think the problem that too many Treepers have with Hannity is that, IMHO, Treepers are, as a group, significantly better informed than the average Hannity fan.

    Sean Hannity speaks at a relatively basic level of understanding which I believe he does so as to include the largest possible audience. Rightly or wrongly, he and his Fox management have apparently decided that their target audience cannot comprehend or digest the myriad details or multiple simultaneous issues and circumstances that affect and shape every aspect of the series of scandals and fraudulent campaigns being run against the President.

    So Sean keeps it simple with a lot of repetition. This drives Treepers nuts because, based on my reading of most comments under every article, most of us are well beyond knowledge of the average Hannity fan.

    So while there are bits of enlightenment in Sean’s interviews of the President, we know too much and are expecting far more from an interview of the President than Sean is able to deliver. That said, I can only hope that Hannity’s regular viewers will glean as many positive bits of information from this as possible.

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    • dr D says:

      GB, I think what you said is true to some extent, but I think it goes beyond that. While I think most of us appreciate that Hannity is on our side, myself and others simply can’t stand his propensity to interrupt his guests. He does it routinely and he usually does so in order to inject his repetitious talking points or little phrases (e.g., “Hillary bought and paid for dossier”).

      The thing is, he has some great guests, but when I used to try to watch him I found myself yelling at the TV – SHUT UP and let ’em TALK!

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    • Ninja7 says:

      GB Bari, I hope so also. We at The Conservative Treehouse, have a Refuge and a community to vent, observe, comment etc. Sundance etal, is able to make many complex subjects easy to digest and understand. ( wish I had that talent).🤔
      We have no idea what will cause someone to be red pilled. (myself stumbled across this site about five years ago). We need to take the information that we have learned here and spread it out among the general population.

      We all know that the Lame Stream Media narrative of Orange Man Bad.
      Some examples of bringing some light onto some subjects:

      Remember that the media is telling you a story but not the story (believe it was Bongino ‘s)

      Wearing masks. Using chicken wire for a window screen will keep mosquitoes out (Believe a Treeper mentioned that in the last week or so)

      COVID-19 is very dangerous and deadly. Really,
      Spanish Flu 1918, 50 million plus deaths, world population about 950 million, 5.26% of the world population died. Experts TRAGIC EVENT.

      2018 Seasonal Flu 650,000 dead. World pop about 7.5 billion, 0.009% of the world population died. Experts: TYPICAL YEAR.

      2020 COVID-19 approaching 500,000 dead. World pop about 7.7 billion 0.0064%.
      Experts, World is ending shut everything down.
      1% would be 77 million deaths, If 5.26% is Tragic and 0.009% appears to be no big deal. What are we doing?
      (Saw this from another Treeper earlier this week)

      COVID-19 positive cases are going up.
      So is the number of tests, more tests, more cases one will find. The real question should be how many are dieing. Our dead rate is declining.
      (As Samuel Clemens IIRC stated that figures don’t lie but liars sure know how to figure 🤔🤔)

      If we are able to bring some sanity to a world gone mad. Possibly some eyes may be opened. One can only hope.

      Also Treepers keep your head on a swivel, giving logic to some ideologue, is akin to giving a bath to a vampire in Holy water. So always maintain situational awareness.

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  14. 335blues says:

    President Trump should sue for the tax records of the leadership of the marxist democrat party.


  15. GTOGUY says:

    Breaking: Appeals court stays order on Flynn Dismissal, orders petitioner to respond in 10 days. The lawlessness continues……

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