Action Alert: Goya Foods CEO Responds To Leftist Boycott After Remarks Praising President Trump…

Yesterday during a White House Rose Garden event celebrating Hispanic business, Goya Foods President and CEO Bob Unanue praised President Trump for his commitment and economic action plan. Mr. Unanue previously appeared with President Obama at the White House; however, his remarks supporting President Trump drove the left-wing nuts bananas.

Immediately following Unanue’s remarks, the organized left-wing cancel culture machine starting demanding an immediate boycott of Goya Foods. Mr. Unanue responded to criticism earlier today.  He won’t back down from supporting President Trump.


The insufferable leftists will lose this battle. Goya is a well known shopping staple amid Latinos because the products are really good. Additionally, if the uber-left thinks Hispanics, writ large, are in line with their identity politics, they’re in for a surprise. Faith and family are at the core of the Latino culture.

ACTION ALERT: Let’s turn this nonsense effort by the radical leftists into a positive opportunity. Thousands of supportive Americans have already started purchasing Goya products. Additionally, purchasing Goya products for donations to local food pantries is yet another way to create a positive outcome against the left-wing professional hate machine. I’m in.




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417 Responses to Action Alert: Goya Foods CEO Responds To Leftist Boycott After Remarks Praising President Trump…

  1. Michael Hennessy says:

    Try Adobo, and Saxon. Great seasonings! Everything they make is to notch.

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    • The Demon Slick says:

      Salsa! Green and red, in the jar. Great product. The boxed rice and beans take way longer than the 20 min the box says. Good but it really takes like 35-40 mins or you get hard rice and beans.

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    • Mrs. E says:

      Yes I wanted those seasonings, but they were not available where I shopped. I purchased $40 of their products, which I have never done before; I will be going back to them, especially for the seasonings. May God bless them.

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    • MelH says:

      I never heard of Goya, will surely stock up for our local Food Bank and talk to the kitchen here, where they feed hundreds every day.

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  2. Cathy M. says:

    I haven’t tried their products but I will now & will buy enough to share.!

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  3. Michael Hennessy says:


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  4. warrprin1 says:

    !Compre productos Goya! Buy Goya products! Son los mejores que hay. They’re the best to be had.

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  5. The American Patriot says:

    The Demosocialistscrats tried to cancel Independence Day spending……..

    Now Goya

    RESULT: Patriots spend more money as a response to their childish threats

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  6. jay says:

    GOYA is getting a lot of exposure on Fox. It’s CEO is on Laura Ingraham show
    Hey pollsters- gauge Goya sales!

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    • MomsforTrump says:

      Just watched him on Laura. She asked him if he was going to be one of those who is forced to apologize for standing with President Trump. His answer: “Hell no”.

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  7. Mary says:

    Goya ginger beer is pretty good, I will go and buy beaucoup bottles tomorrow

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    • MfM says:

      So that is why there were only 4 bottles on the shelf. 😉

      Ginger beer is a treat for me, I’m really going to enjoy more of it this summer.


  8. Pelayo says:

    I highly recomend Goya Guava paste. It’s like a firm and sliceable jam that paired with a white cheese and wine cannot be beat. The cheese and guava paste combination is like the “ate con queso” served as desert in Mexico.

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  9. cheering4america says:

    He seems like a great guy, but what struck me was the introductory comment: “The Latino community in America has doubled since 1000.”

    Whaaaaat? No wonder no one speaks English anymore! (P.S. Looked for the Goya brand at Schnucks today and didn’t find one.)


    • cheering4america says:

      2000. typo

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    • MfM says:

      Sometimes Goya is in a different aisle. Ask.

      Manufacturers often pay for placement. With Goya having a range of items, if they are grouped together some impulse shoppers will likely will grab their lemon juice and garlic instead of going elsewhere in the store. They will be reminded that they are low on Sazon or Adobo.

      I’ve never been disappointed in any Goya foods I’ve bought, but usually go generic for price. I’ll be buying a few Goya items every trip were the price difference is small, or the quality difference is worth it to support the brand.

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  10. Dee Paul Deje says:

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  11. Magabear says:

    Just tried my first bottle of Goya ginger beer. A bit zesty for my liking, but all for a good cause. 😊

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  12. LEET says:

    This is a powerful testimony by Maximo Alvarez, President of sunshine Gasoline. He really likes President Trump too!

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  13. Mike Lee DelMarcelle says:

    The left realized it was losing some of their 95% black vote to Trump and is going nutso playing the race card to try and get it back. Now they will come to the realization that their 95% Hispanic vote is shrinking. I sense another race game coming soon!

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  14. Monadnock says:

    Got Goya products in my pantry RIGHT NOW!

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  15. glissmeister says:

    Bought two cans of Goya pintos earlier today for exactly this reason. Would have bought more but the Goya section in Target was mostly sold out.

    There’s a meme that came to mind. Maybe there’s a digital artist out there who can get it done; build a satirical product family of canned foods with hilarious labeling. Example:

    Brand: Progressive Foods

    Content: Bullshit

    Label Art: Colorful presentation of Joe Biden’s sh*t-eatin’ grin.

    Possibilities abound. Build a product family satire to brand them all. And let the shelves stay full because nobody’s buying their progressively awful misbranded goods.

    “The con is in the can.”

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  16. Pulling Goya from Latino’s would be like pulling white bread from the masses. It’s a staple. Adobo and Stazon cannot be replaced unless you make it yourself then it’s still not the same.

    Try making one of our favorite meals without Goya and it would fail ….

    Democrats have shot all their toes off this last fortnight.

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  17. grahampink says:

    Show us on the doll where the bad words hurt you?

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    • paulinfl says:

      I totally get the humor and had a good hearty lol but unfortunately the lefts mental health is a question to be taken seriously.
      An atheist, with an IQ of 130+ that I’ve known for 40+ years now, types falsehoods as easily as you or I breathe. The result of a lifetime of exposure to academia and the false religion of “climate change”.
      Never never never…..
      Never underestimate the power of stupid or smart!
      All the best!
      another GOYA buyer and enjoyer 😉

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    • selfisholdbiddie says:

      You make me chuckle.


  18. CountryClassVulgarian says:

    Funny thing. I never was a fan of Goya foods. I am now….

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  19. Jeffrey Coley says:

    I just hope Goya doesn’t go the Chick-fil-a route and reward the decent Americans who rallied to their defense by eventually caving and crossing over to the dark side.

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    • H.R. says:

      Nope. Goya was behind candidate Trump when Trump was campaigning in 2016. The commie-Dems tried a boycott back then and Goya didn’t backtrack. Goya sales increased.

      Goya won’t back down this time, either, and I’ll bet sales will increase again
      When will sellers learn that a boycott by the raging commie lefties represents only a few percent in potential lost sales and only until the next lefty outrage comes along? And half the time the commie-Dems aren’t even customers to begin with.

      But, a boycott by patriotic Americans in all those red areas will result in 20-30% or more loss of sales and we don’t forget after a week or two. The pain will remain for a long time.

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  20. AusLiz says:

    What a great CEO. No apology for standing up for your beliefs. Way to go.Courage and Conviction.

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  21. paulinfl says:

    Went to my local BJ’s here in Clearwater, FL and picked up 1 8 pack of GOYA red kidney beans, 1 8 pack of GOYA garbanzo beans and 1 8 pack of GOYA blackbeans. Going to my local Publix to buy more variety today.
    Refreshing to hear oh and find a CEO with a backbone!

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  22. TJ says:

    I always buy GOYA over other Hispanic/Spanish brands, top quality. When I heard the CEO speak about the history the other day, I felt good about already being a customer. I’m already a fan.

    GOYA is one of the only brands where I can find “gandules”(pigeon peas) to make a Puerto Rican rice and beans, which is different then the central/south American versions.

    They have a great (easy) recipe for “arroz con pollo”(chicken and rice) and a classic red kidney beans recipe, that I’ve had Americans with Mexican heritage ask me how to make. lol

    Check the site, take a break from toxic social media and 24/7 negative feedback loops.

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  23. Paprika says:

    I’m already a consumer of Goya products, but will stock up extra on some staples!

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  24. mayflowerchild says:

    Yep, Goya products every trip to the store now ! Viva la Goya !

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  25. mayflowerchild says:

    Yep, Goya products every trip to the store now ! Viva la Goya !

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  26. Super elite covfefe999 loves her President! says:

    I’m in too! I already buy Goya garbanzos, I’ll check out the other products and buy a few of them too. At every shopping trip, not just the next one. Great idea to donate to food pantries.

    Sundance, thank you so much for the action alert. It’s the next step, a very important one.

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  27. Super elite covfefe999 loves her President! says:

    The responses on Goya’s twitter are pretty hilarious. LIke this one:

    The funniest thing is all these Trump supporters who “say” they’re going to buy Goya products now. Like they’d ever go down THAT aisle of the supermarket.

    The funniest thing is that Trump got 32% of the hispanic vote in 2016 and it’s probably going to be higher in 2020. 🙂 Many of them go down THAT aisle, I’m sure. And I, a white person, always go down THAT aisle to pick up various items. Libtards just don’t get it. This is why they lost in 2016. They don’t understand who votes for Trump.

    My last sentence just reminded me of something Kellyanne Conway said after the 2016 election about “hidden” Trump voters. She said she didn’t mean hidden in the closeted sense (i.e., afraid to say they were voting for Trump), but hidden in that many of us don’t conform to the stereotypes. All of the hispanics who voted for Trump are a perfect example.

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    • Super elite covfefe999 loves her President! says:

      ROFL! Some chick wrote:

      We need to ask all Latin, Mexican, Cuban, Puerto Rican, stores to pull @GoyaFoods
      from their stores:

      Like their gonna do that. hahaha The Goya products are probably hot sellers in those stores, and in the big box chain grocery stores too.

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      • Super elite covfefe999 loves her President! says:

        Isn’t ironic that the very same Democrats screaming about racism and xenophobia want to silence a Latino man and harm a company that employs thousands of Latinos.

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    • Jimmy Jack says:

      Showing the ignorance of that tweet further,Goya is in the regular canned/frozen/slice aisle as everything else, not the “international food ausle”. Goes to show you how out of touch with reality some people actually are.


      • MfM says:

        It really depends on the store my local ShopRite they are separate. The hanging Directory lists of items has an aisle marker specifically labeled GOYA.

        My Wegmans they are split up with some being in organics.

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      • wondering999 says:

        I’ve not been eating much from the frozen foods aisle lately. But — passed through today and noticed Goya rice and beans, and chicken in the frozen dinner aisle. If you have freezer space it’s a possibility.

        I went for the cans mostly


  28. Lanna says:

    Goya products are great, sure hope there’s some sofrito cooking sauce left on the shelves by the time I get to the store since I have shrimp in the freezer and really want to make one of my favorites, Camarones a la Mexicana.

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  29. Jimmy Jack says:

    Goya’s kidney beans are the best for Crock Pot chili recipes as per Americas Test Kitchens and this Treeper. Maybe that’s something to try if you’re stocking up for yourself.

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  30. ncbirdnwrd says:

    I will purchase as much Goya as possible and take it to my church’s St. Vincent de Paul food pantry. We have many needy Hispanics in the area.
    Conservatives are so uncaring! 😏

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  31. MfM says:

    I’m getting hungry.

    It’s really nice everyone sharing their favorite items.

    If you are unsure and want to support Goya without going the Food Pantry route, they have olive oil and jarred chopped garlic. Others who know more of their products likely will add more.

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  32. DFinley says:

    Long-time Goya consumer, especially their coconut water (delicious, made in Thailand, one of my favorite places after the good old USA), but they have a wide variety of products and everyone on this site should make an effort to purchase one or two items every week just as blowback on the lefties. I’ve never had a problem with any of their products. MAGA!

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  33. MfM says:

    I was just at Aldi, and they don’t stock many name brands, but they have a few Goya items including coconut milk and water. They also had Sazon spice mix and some inexpensive cookies.


  34. nola lady says:

    Our local store that is hispanic oriented small town chain has mixed frozen vegetables that are of good quality and quick cooking. The blend with the lima beans is really good.

    Everything I have bought Goya in the past was good. I am so sick of the attack on free speech.

    Free speech is an absolute right. As long as you are not encouraging violence or defaming another I support everyones right to free speech not just those I agree with.

    These boneheads need to bone up their arguments. Problem is they have no rational argument otherwise there would be no need to try and cancel everyone they don’t agree with.

    Cancel culture is fascism pure and simple.

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  35. Alsonso says:

    You must support GOYA

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  36. plane of the ecliptic says:

    If the support in the Hispanic community keeps trending up the Dems are going to start building the wall !!!

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  37. alonzo1956 says:

    Just added Goya split peas to the pantry, and anything else Goya my wife wants to pick up at the store today. BUY AMERICAN, BUY GOYA, IT MATTERS!


  38. TonyE says:

    The White Snowflakes really are stupid.

    Do they really think the Mexicans give a hoot about White Elitists Causes? Most Mexicans and Latin Americans have a WORK ETHIC, are Christian, don’t support abortion and don’t like gays.

    And now the Snowflakes, whose idea of “Mexican food” is Taco Bell, are trying to boycott Goya? Sure, Snowflakes, sure, go ahead and boycott something you have never used before, and didn’t even know it existed. But the Latin Americans are gonna think you are very “stupido” and “loco” to tell them not to buy their stuff because “El Jefe de Goya” supports Trump.

    Who, BTW, many “latinos” support.

    I usually watch Univision “news” in the morning, with the sound turned off. Mostly for the tatas… and they didn’t have anything about Goya.

    I’m still pissed off the Snowflakes pulled down the statues of Columbus and Junipero Serra.

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  39. HeLLINaHandbasket says:

    FoxNews Brian tells us “people in America are starving”.
    …. really? Where exactly is this happening? That is an insane thing to say.
    Sure some families don’t have a stocked pantry like all of us here most likely have, but with all the available federal benefits, school lunch programs, local community pantries, religious donations, and just about every single govt agency and local goodwill and NGO ready to hand-out food, and money, I really have to call-out Brian on that remark.

    I am certain, the American families tucked deep inside a mountain range aren’t the folks he’s referring to, because those folks aren’t in a location to get the WEALTH of food readily available to every single American – he was absolutely inferring “city-folk are starving”.

    Maybe he was being hyperbolic, or maybe he just watched one of those UNICEF commercials and mistook what he saw on the TV screen… those kids with flies in the corners of their eyes, all skin and bones and near death’s door, as Americans – could one even make that mistake ? …I don’t know, but I just find it offensive to telegraph a clearly bogus talking-point. Yeah, sorry for the rant, he probably just misspoke – but it really irked me for some reason.


  40. Ramon says:

    I will buy more goya products than never before.


  41. lostandfound says:

    I had never bought Goya before (grew up on soul food, raised in the deep south), but I went to Publix today and checked it out. I love beans and rice, any beans and rice, and I was amazed at the wide selection. The asst manager saw me standing there and asked if he could help me, so i had the opportunity to tell him about the boycott and the determination of Patriots to support Goya products. He just stared at me and then said “oh.” And I added assorted cans to my shopping cart and headed for the checkout.

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  42. sunnydaze says:

    haha. Check out this vid a guy who loves Goya Adobo made a few years back:

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  43. sunnydaze says:

    This was left as a reply to AOC re. boycotting GOYA.

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  44. yonason says:

    Goya make the best quality canned beans, IMO. They’re the only ones I ever buy, or ever will.


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