Rebel Alliance Ground Reports – What’s Your Current COVID Living Status?…

With such incredible disparity between the states of our republic, I’m curious what is the current status of the COVID lifestyle near you.   What is going on in/around your town, city, region or hamlet?

This isn’t just a typical request for ground reports, it’s also a little selfish.  You are helping me with advanced recon for a travel itinerary.  It is quite amazing the scale of difference between states.  The media reports in large generic terms, but the stuff that matters is how it impacts your life; your daily function.  That’s what we are all interested in.

It is quite remarkable how different life amid COVID is within each state, even when two states are right next to each other.  So how is it your area?

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  1. rojobirds says:

    Ventura County, CA.
    Cases and hospitalizations are on the rise, but deaths are down. I don’t believe anything our elected and un-elected agency officials report. I’ve heard from others in health care that numbers are exaggerated, but virus is very real. Currently the highest trend of new cases has come from the emotionally challenged children (18 to 30) who were probably active in the “protests. The officials were okay with these ingrates protesting because it was outside, but then closed our beaches over the holiday weekend. Idiots.

    My wife and I do have somewhat compromised immune systems so we do wear masks when entering public spaces where social distancing is close to impossible. I’ve worked from home for the last +10 years that included face-to-face meetings with clients. Now I host zoom meetings. I miss the face-to-face interactions with clients. It was a more personal touch.

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  2. calfcreek says:

    Lago Vista, Texas (just NW of Austin)

    Biggest affect still is on restaurants and bars. Lot of anxiety over that.
    Governors new mask order has most people mad, but compliant. Now stores are putting up “No Mask, No Entry” signs. Most people in my town wear masks just to be kind. No one really believes it helps anything, but if it makes the little old lady next to you feel better, what the Hell?

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    • frethack says:

      Buying a house in LV and closing in a month. I wondered how the businesses there were doing and the general attitudes and policies of city officials toward the virus.

      Just to be clear, by “virus” I mean the Corona virus, not progressive liberals.

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    • yearningabstractly says:

      My friend in Roswell GA wears a mask to make “other people” feel better, too. I say wearing a mask supports the insane Dems and their virus tyranny. If the little old lady is wearing a mask to protect herself (although it does little), then you don’t need to, right?

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      • Sharon says:

        Wearing a mask is pushed because “it’s to protect others” – – – not to protect yourself.

        If all these people wearing masks believe that they are sick, that they are contagious, and that they are dangerous for me to be around, (i.e., that I need to be protected from them) why don’t they stay home? Wouldn’t that be the responsible thing to do?

        In fact, the other meme filling the airways here in OR is, “If you don’t feel well, stay home.” And on the overhead freeway signs (I-5), in large font, it says, “STAY HOME. STAY SAFE.”

        Having democrats in places of authority at this point is like having the fifth grade bullies in charge of the classroom while the teacher leaves to go to a meeting.

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        • stevelbrown says:

          Is I5 really closed routinely as I read?


          • Sharon says:

            I-5 is not “closed routinely” along the extended route. The closures that I’ve seen in the news have all been around Seattle.

            I-84 was closed about two weeks ago by lawbreakers in the road near Portland, where it joins I-5.


          • remnant179 says:

            I-5 thru Seattle was intermittently closed for 19 days by the Washington State Police. The purpose of the shutdowns was to facilitate “peaceful protests” (AKA riots) by Black Lives Matter, Antifa and friends. The shutdowns officially ended after 2 activists were run down on July 4th.

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            • mimbler says:

              agree with quotes around peaceful protests. If you are shutting down a highway it isn’t peaceful, period because you are unlawfully detaining people trying to get somewhere.

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    • Due Gonzalez says:

      Is the mandatory vaccine and keeping kids out of school, business going bankrupt ok cuz it makes the little old lady next door feel better?

      The little old lady like my 87 year old mom calling kids selfish and just bored that’s why they’re partying as she calls it. However, she expects business to take everyone’s temperature when people come in, people to wear masks so she feels safe. Her eye doctor is apparently selfish and just wants money when they called to schedule her appointment. They explained that they take temperature etc etc. well, it wasn’t a necessary thing for her so it was selfish. We won’t get into the fact that each thing they take away, increases their ability to take more rights away. I find the little old lad excuse cowardly.

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      • Sharon says:

        All the little old ladies I knew during my growing up years (I was born in 1944 in farm country) were very capable of taking care of themselves, thankyouverymuch, and would have been insulted if it had been assumed otherwise. Of course, for decades now it has definitely not been cool to “take care of yourself”.

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        • steph_gray says:

          Isn’t it sort of condescending to the little old lady to assume she wants others to wear a mask to protect her somehow even though it does _not_ help protect anybody?

          I am technically a little old lady and I wish everyone I see would tear off their useless masks and burn them!

          But then again, right now, a line from Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged is ringing in my head:

          “Nobody stays here [in Galt’s Gulch] by faking reality in any way whatsoever.”

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  3. mauiis says:

    Beaver County, Beaver, Utah. By the first week of July a total of 6 C-19 cases reported.

    Rural county just off the I-15 about 200 miles north of Las Vegas. Heavy Mormon pop. Committed Mormon owned businesses doing masks in their businesses. The message behind the mask is more religious than political with the C-19 scam viewed as a judgement from God. Again, this from stricter Mormons who are quick to leverage this as a proselytizing tool.

    The rest of the population where I live (“Jack” Mormons and so-called Gentiles ) mostly ignore what’s going on “out there.” Restaurants, after the state eased restrictions, all open, masks not required. Grocery and other retail outlets the same, probably 1/3 or less wearing masks.

    Beaver city was pounded over the 4th with tourists pulling trailers loaded with ATVs behind campers. Mostly from Cali, LV and Arizona. Local gun store busy with out-of-state folks buying ammo and trying to purchase guns. 4th of July morning, 6 a.m., the city set off dynamite (yep, dynamite, do this every year) in various locations to ring in the holiday.

    Overall, the C-19 scam had little impact compared to Salt Lake and Provo to the north. ShitLibs are pushing hard to ‘blue’ this state. Mike Lee like most of our reps is a squishy one, once a foe of Big Tech, now seems to be in bed with Google and others. The sheriff of Beaver County is a “constitutional” sheriff and he means it. A notice was published awhile back warning residents that BLM and its associated tribes were threatening, not to demonstrate (would not work well here) but to door knock then shoot whoever answers. Never happened but I did start answering with caution and my .40 XD.

    Interesting town.

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  4. noainc2 says:

    Fairbanks, Alaska: restaurants and bars all fully open, full capacity, no masks. The only store I know of requiring a mask is Costco. Most people wear no masks in public, although there are plenty of people who wear them around and in their cars. It’s the new identifier of progressives and Dems.
    This is a heavily armed and polite society and liberal types are in the minority and do not harass or lecture normal people. Very friendly community, very varied in the population.
    Anchorage is more like a large city in states, rude people, crime and lots of progressives. I just tend to stay away from the place, don’t know the level of their mask fetishes.
    I have never worn a mask and hardly anyone I know personally or deal with in day to day life.

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    • skip says:

      Lived in Alaska from 68 through 79. Wonderful place and your comment about heavily armed brings back memories bringing rifles/side arms on planes when going to the bush and generally being able to anywhere walk with side arms or carrying a rifle. I even remember the shoot out in a small bar outside of Denali state park and another one on I think 4th ave. One always knew their manners when in the Bush…. good old times..

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    • offtv says:

      Boundary county Idaho. 1200sq miles, 11000 people. Old people wear masks sometimes in the store. Everything is open and some never closed even through Gov “chicken” Little’s mandate. Polite people, well armed. Tons of flags flying in the back of trucks, including Gadstan, and stars and bars. No protests. The closest action was in Spokane 130 miles away, and a attempt in CDL, which didn’t turn out the way the socialists wanted it.


  5. Charlotte Curry says:

    Tulsa, OK Gov. Stitt has refused to mandate masks for the state, even though numbers of new cases have risen, but deaths are nearly nil. I suspect that the rules changed here by the Oklahoma Department of Health, same as in Texas to cause a sudden rise in numbers of cases. My neighbor, a respiratory therapist said that all her new patients are under 30 year old. The thing to watch for in OK are the mayors, especially the mayors of Tulsa and Oklahoma City. They are more squirrely than the mayors of the small towns. OKC mayor has mandated masks, Tulsa’s has not. Yet. For the state in its entirety, COVID is not a big concern. There is a lot of space and distancing is not difficult. Lots of land area to be away from people: lakes, deserts, hills, forests, etc.

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  6. Phflipper says:

    Southeast Iowa, 2010 census had Iowa at 3,046,355 in number, World Population Review says 3,179,850 in 2020. Roughly then 11% of the state has been tested.

    Statewide as of 7/7/20:
    339,040 Tested
    31,929 Positive – .094%
    25,415 Recoverd – 80% of positives
    725 Deaths – .023% of positives

    All those numbers play out here locally as life pretty much back to normal in the sense folks are getting on with their lives. Masks are generally seen in Hy-Vee/Walmart by 100% of employees, although most have their nose exposed. Shoppers, 35% – 40% wearing masks, however, everywhere else in public I see few masks being worn. Other areas in the State as of two weeks ago I did experience business owners asking all customers entering establishments to wear a mask.

    Per Gov. Reynolds Proclamation on 6/25, the state is open – with social distancing within businesses by guidelines within the proclamation. Overall these guidelines are not so much restrictive, they are limiting, seating in a restaurant for example by distancing tables and numbers at those tables. Churches open. Mass gatherings such as fairs, farmers’ markets, etc are allowed over numbers of 10 with adherence to social distancing.

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  7. Hello to everyone. The real old timers may recognize me. Hello to all the new names here.

    I am in Rockingham county in southern New Hampshire. It depends on the town, but just about all are “open”. Stay away from Nashua – pretty sure masks are mandatory there (democrats). Gov Flununu (Sununu) has NOT made masks mandatory, but encouraged. He is up for election, and would never be re-elected if he made it mandatory.

    Before they started counting “Connected to” Wuflu deaths as “Caused by” Wuflu deaths 80% of NH deaths were in nursing homes. Where I shop has 2 senior residential places around it, and many older people wear masks, which I’m OK with – they are the demographic most likely to die, and if it’s “Live Free” then that means they can wear one if they want. No one – absolutely No one has been nasty about Not wearing a mask. Medical places such as hospitals, doctor’s offices, and the physical rehab where I go for lymphatic therapy make you wear a mask, which since there are people with medical conditions, elderly, and the fact they are private businesses, I’m OK with their decision. There are medical conditions that the dreaded mask is necessary for that have Zero to do with Wuflu. After working in hospitals for years my view is to be kind, you never know the battles others are fighting. I have seen even the young who look healthy, be in reality dying 😦

    On D-Day in June a New Hampshire blog site (GraniteGrokdotcom) started a “storm the beaches” movement to have hundreds of people show up at the closed beaches. Gee whiz – the governor opened the beaches rather than have a PR nightmare. ORGANIZE people – ORGANIZE and ACT. Just voting is not enough any more.

    I agree with others from NH – I am worried about changing demographics due to people fleeing crazy regressive states to come here. That is a problem Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine have all had which turned VT blue, & Maine & NH purple. All 3 states used to be staunchly conservative before being invaded by the “Locusts” (destroy your home state, leave because it’s terrible, move to a healthy state, vote for the same ruinous things, move on to destroy another state). That and VOTER FRAUD are the 2 big problems here.

    On July 4th our street had the largest display of fireworks since we moved here 7 years ago – even larger than after President Trump won. It lasted for hours. Our own personal display lasted 2 hours. Our town did not cancel the town display which is always very nice.

    About this fall: New Hampshire gets a lot of money from fall “leaf peeper” tourism, and it is a presidential election year, so closing things down more would be political suicide. I am hoping the colleges keep online learning, then perhaps we would have fewer out of state college students voting here (and even double voting at home).

    Large geographic areas of brainwashed regressives are not a good thing. If you are thinking of moving, and love the Constitution, please come to New Hampshire and help us in the good fight to keep freedom and sanity in one area of New England. I am a registrar in my little town, and we are getting a fair number of conservative young couples here because of the fear for their young children in other states, mostly Marxachusetts. Many people work there and live here.

    Thank you, and May God Bless you Sundance, and keep you in the palm of His hand.

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    • NH news update: Gov Flununu announces – “It is imperative that folks attending the (Trump) rally wear masks”
      (but you notice not mandatory)
      From the article:
      “There are only 25 people in the entire state, in the hospital with COVID today. That’s 0.0018% of the state population.
      If you are at high risk, assume that risk or take precautions. If you are in frequent or close contact with people at high risk at home or work, you should take precautions. Those may include not going to an outdoor Trump Rally. It’s okay; you can watch it live online.
      Everyone else, take the free mask with a smile, dry your skin out with hand sanitizer at your discretion, and enjoy yourselves.
      Finally, for that rare occasion, when testing positive might actually mean more than creating a number the press and politicians can scare you into submission with, Hydroxychloroquine and zinc are cheap, readily available.”

      From comments:
      ~”We are supposed to be Land of the Free, Home of the Brave- in case Chris Sununu forgot that one.”
      ~”I will not comply.”
      ~”Sununu thinks his voting base are the ones cowering in the corner of their basement, desperate to keep from getting infected by the All New All Different Plague.
      that is not who Americans are. that is not who New Hampshire is.
      it’s as if he wants to lose. I wonder what the democrat party has on him.”
      ~”it’s the “sununu gambit” named for his father. he should ask Scott Brown how well that works. this was all his to win. all he had to do was stare the problem in the eye, and deal with it without blinking…
      …people adapt to fear pretty what? what is the next thing they are going to use to keep us afraid, apart, isolated? I’m not sure. but I will not fear that either. “I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.” Frank Herbert, Dune”
      ~”The more people that wear MAGA/KAG/Trump/Pence 2020 masks, the quicker the mandatory mask edicts will be rescinded.”
      ~”every time I don’t wear a mask, I rescind their edicts through my noncompliance.”

      Inserting comments from another site is unusual, but Sundance wanted to know what was going on in other states. This website is the 1st or sometimes 2nd read political website in NH – so this gives you an idea of the state outside of the regressive, locust enclaves – the real NH we pray and act to save.


  8. Ralf of Beverly says:

    Traveled from Ca to IN along the I 40 and back along the I 70 in early May. Plenty of motel rooms, reservations not required. Food was nearly all take out. Restroom stops were at the truck stops, generally acceptable. Carried a cooler of drinks, fresh fruits and vegetables to supplement the McDonalds. Missouri seems the most relaxed concerning masks. Illinois seemed desperate to write tickets.

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  9. suecorrea says:

    Pinellas County, Florida

    Governor Desantis has not put draconian measures in place during this pandemic.

    The county officials have chosen to do things that are outrageous.

    Pinellas requires that we wear a mask as of last week. Also very strict new rules. A local restaurant had a patron test positive for Covid. They tested the entire staff of the restaurant. They are all negative but still required to CLOSE for two weeks quarantine. They did not make the Walmart Grocery store that the patron shopped at close. Nor did the close the local CVS that she shops at.
    They only closed the small businesses that she had used.

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    • Yy4u says:

      Reading this Pinallas county report is proof positive the Deep State Globalists are after the Middle Class and esp, small business.

      Closed down restaurant but not Walmart7 or CVS

      Trump is our leader so to destroy us which Obama nearly did. They gave to take him down first. What they do to him they do to us and vice versa


    • Bill says:

      I live in Florida also and confirm that the Governor has not ruled unilaterally – rather he allows local government (county or city) to issue their orders thereby allowing their residents to determine whether or not at the next election the decisions the elected officials are making square with the citizens they WORK FOR. Brilliant strategy that takes a page from our great President, teaching everyone with a brain that you get the government you vote for. I live in Volusia County – we have a terrific Sheriff, and so far our County Government has been reticent to impose overbearing rules. The City of Daytona Beach has a mask mandate but 5 miles up the coast in Ormond Beach we are free.


  10. Alan Reasin says:

    Cecil County MD: NJ has now closed restaurants again so we canceled our resort reservation for the end of July. MD started off like the Democratic states shutting down restaurants, bars, etc. We now have indoor dining at 50% capacity and have had few protests, so I expect the “infection” rate will be low unlike other states. So we should remain stable to advance into the final stages of the federal recommendations. PA still have restaurants limited to outdoor and takeout. Now that health “experts” are pushing the fear of airborne Covid-19, I expect many reverses of the opening up of our economy. One could believe this is intentionally being pushed to hurt Trump.

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    • Bon Am says:

      Agreed! All political!

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    • yearningabstractly says:

      ” One could believe this is intentionally being pushed to hurt Trump.”

      No kidding?

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    • Greetings fellow Maryland comrade! I’m a current Talbot County(Eastern-shore, Md) resident, transplanted from HdeG 20 yrs ago. Here in St Michaels it’s much the same as Alan described above. On the way for a day trip to Ocean City hoping the face mask nazis aren’t out, we didn’t bring any, just take out I suppose.
      I have been home with 3 teenagers, only 1 has returned to restaurant work this week, fearing that schools will soon be closed for the fall. I’m ready for this BS to be over. I would love to get out of the People’s Republic of Maryland, with HS junior and senior and 2 aged Mothers, relocation will have to wait. Fortunately the Eastern Shore is still pretty sane, although many transplants are trying to change that.

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  11. Michael says:

    New Hampshire–Massachusetts boarder. World’s apart! NH virtually open, with most not wearing masks. (And not getting dirty looks if in store without mask) Massachusetts (alleged republican Governor) mostly still closed, all masks, can’t go in any store without masks.Dirty looks and comments from those who don masks, etc. Just opening some gyms, etc. this week. Both states–all public offices closed to public. NH is “right to carry state!” 2nd Amendment!

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    • steph_gray says:

      Yep – I too am on the border and get quite a few chances to compare.

      However, hearing stories of Free America in FL that Howie Carr tells makes me drool with envy! New England is almost all blue-fascist.

      I would love to see NH flip red in the election. And I have started considering moving there…


  12. KingAdRob says:

    Redondo Beach, CA. – July 7, 2020: The Wuhan-corona virus scam is having a lot of impact with little to NO push back from the people. We had recently opened restaurants for indoor seating when Gov. Newsom decided to close all indoor seating and beaches from 12:01 am Friday, July 3 to 5:01 am Monday, July 6 for reasons. And everyone took it and didn’t say a word. We are required to wear masks when going into a business but I performed a little test. I went into my local Rite-Aid to purchase a few items without a mask and no one said a word to me, not the security guard or cashier. #Unbelievable How much longer are we going to be jerked around by the people that work for us?

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  13. Fred Garvin says:

    Central Ohio here. Virtually no restrictions but there is talk of mandatory masks coming down the road if you are in public. I will not comply.

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  14. Bon Am says:

    Allegheny County, Pittsburgh, PA here! County executive stopped all alcohol in all restaurants and no more than 25 can gather because cases rising, but then they are cooking the numbers, from all i hear in this town……..supposed to be in green now, but PA governor, (wolf), says cases rising blah blah, but more are getting tested, so DAHH, but HE dont have to wear his mask… dirty looks at grocery store when i take mask down, dont care really, still working from home, required to wear masks if I do go to the office, since i am considered “essential”, and have no,idea when we will return. Been doing this routine since mid march! Sooooo. Hang in there everyone!

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    • antiqueiron says:

      Hi neighbor, I can confirm your observations. I’m north of the craphole city of Pittsburgh & most sheep are scared to death & masks are everywhere…but on me. However, at store entry if asked about a mask, simply say you have a medical excuse & they MUST allow you in without a mask, no questions asked. A regional grocery chain has over 30 lawsuits against it due to thuggery and bodily throwing customers out of their stores. They will lose every suit.


      • steph_gray says:

        Horror story heard yesterday about a deaf customer, who cannot understand people wearing masks because he gets by with lip-reading, bodily manhandled out of a store.



  15. Rock Knutne says:

    NW suburb of Chicago. 30 miles from downtown.

    Most of my friends are retired and back from their winter homes south and/or west.
    ALL of them have bought or are purchasing guns. Many have signed up for concealed carry lessons. We’re all taking the threat of “we’re coming to the suburbs and taking what’s ours” at face value.

    Most elderly people around here aren’t wearing masks. Most 40 somethings and below are.

    My friends and I have started to never wear one anywhere unless we’re confronted and then we give the ‘red pill’ lecture before donning a mask (which we then immediately remove when out of the sight of whomever forced it upon us). We figure the resistance has to start somewhere.

    Anecdotal story – I was in a training session at O’Hare airport and when I walked in all 15 people were wearing masks. I never put one on and acted as if everything was normal. Found a friend to talk to and told him his mask was useless. He took it off. By meetings end zero people wearing masks. Peer pressure I guess.

    I’d stay out of Illinois if I were you. You’ll be surrounded by teachers and government employees.

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  16. MitchSteel says:

    New Orleans METRO.

    Phase 2 with 25% occupancy in restaurants, but you can go into a grocery with unlimited people.
    Masks are now required when entering a building
    Gun stores have little inventory and there are lines waiting to get in
    Service Industry is getting crushed and they don’t expect to come back in full until 2023 and for a service town, that really hurts.
    Most of the basic items can still be found, although Clorox wipes, I have not seen in months.
    Price of food, especially proteins has really gone up in price.
    Weather is hot, as it is July.

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  17. Please says:

    Upstate NY – blue dot in red sea – lowest death rate in state. Libs still masked and sheltering indoors. Cons outside no masks living life but always looking over our shoulders because of fear-porn MSM…you never know when some blm or corona karen might blindside you.

    Our ‘hub’ has true non-violent protests but it does not leak out to the burbs or rural. Stores require masks, but there are usually several rebels going naked. I usually wear a mask because I work locally and want to ‘fit in’…I know it is useless and I know I am bad for caving in, but I don’t want to lose work because some lib sees me and ‘outs’ me.

    I have discussions with many on both sides and it seems the tide is turning more away from our… “glorious dem leaders” /s…. but not far enough for a MAGA vote from my lib neighbors, but I would guess by November, in the privacy of the voting booth, there might be a few more right boxes checked. In 2016, my area went 75% Evil.

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  18. Hartwell, Georgia here:
    We are in the woods, on Lake Hartwell. I think there are about (now) 9 cases of Chi-Com flu and maybe one death of an older person with pre-existing conditions, so I am not sure if the death was listed as Chi-Com flu….but probably for Fed$$’s reimbursement..that’s the way it is now.
    Few mask wearers, store employees are now wearing the masks but most customers are not…unless you hit the grocery stores on the 1st of the month, then you see all the morons come out with the masks and gloves….

    So far, I have stopped all shopping in Wally-World, for all the reasons listed by others.
    Home Depot is fine to shop in, although, I do see some families come in the outdoor garden area fully masked and gloves on….don’t even wonder why anymore; can’t fix moronic behavior.

    A few weeks ago, BLM bused in about 50 Marxists and had a parade. My 93 year old neighbor told me she really didn’t believe any of the local black population would really participate because they have the same as the whites, maybe even more; (which is true).

    When at the dentist, they meet and greet in the parking lot, take temp…and make jokes about the Chi-Com flu germs in the air….LOL!!
    When we went to Anderson, So. Carolina for a cardiology visit, my husband had to wear a mask, I waited in the car under a shade tree. He bought 2 at CVS and the one he wore in the doc’s office and test area…he left in the glove compartment!!!!!

    When I travel to Lavonia to visit the liquor store…no masks in the current one I’ve been visiting; and people act normal, even the salesmen are not wearing masks.

    We’ve had two appraisers here since this scheme played out; one wore a mask until she asked my op-ed and she removed it and finished her task. The other appraiser: We had to exit the house, while he was in…he later joined us on our patio and told us everything we already knew; he didn’t wear a mask and agreed with our position.

    My daughter is working from home (near the Atlanta area), 3 days a week (but that was the deal when she went with this particular builder, etc.) and she does not wear a mask, or even have one in her vehicle.

    Students were attending on-line classes, meals were delivered to their homes and to my knowledge, schools are re-opening; extra curricular activities are going on.

    Most down here are in agreement that there is a ‘flu’/’cold’ going around out there that the Chinese deliberately created in a lab, sent it to the USA and the Trump-Haters are all on it, hoping to take down Trump.


  19. Marilyn Curtis says:

    I live in Central NY State. We have a lot of issues here under Governor Cuomo. Our county leader is a good guy thankfully, as Cuomo pushes counties to get tougher monitoring his covid 19 rules.
    We have local businesses that will never re-open and not only are individuals trying to figure out how to survive going forward, we also have an increase in gang and criminal activity. Our government locally, and maybe county and state, claims to be broke.
    My focus personally though, is a battle to let my 95 yr old mom get outside and have time with me. She and others in nursing homes have been in solitary confinement and not able to go outside or see anyone except what is called ‘essential staff’. It’s criminal and has nothing to do with covid 19 ‘keeping them safe’. This began in early March. It’s now approaching mid-July in NYS and they’ve not been outdoors at all. NYS DOH is headed up by Dr. Howard Zucker under Governor Cuomo. I’m trying now for independent journalists interested in calling this out. I have written (and unwritten) contacts in advocacy with all the right people and none of them can (or will) make any headway. I emailed a local news agency and got no reply.

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  20. Bill says:

    The Florida Department of Education issued an Emergency Order Monday, signed by the Commissioner of Education Richard Corcoran, that mandates all Florida school districts and charter schools to re-open for 5 day a week school beginning in August, 2020. State is not allowing individual school districts to make the call. This is a win for Florida school children, and a loss for the unions. Also – in Ormond Beach, FL we are NOT under a mask mandate and our beaches are beautiful and free.

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  21. Sherry says:

    We live part time in a 55+ mobile home country club. Our latest newsletter reported NO Covid-19 cases in the park since reporting started in March. There are over 2000 people in the park in southern California near Palm Springs, so that is very encouraging I think. I go for a morning walk on the front nine of the golf course daily maskless and see many residents of the park without masks walking dogs, doing tai-chi, etc.

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  22. Kathleen Ford says:
    St. Petersburg Florida here. Republican Governor Ron DeSantis (R) regularly criticised by local Democratic City Mayor Kriseman (Cries man) and marxist media. Governor acted early to protect our elderly and is responding reasonably to conditions. (Whereas ignorant Mayor was planning to continue with Grand Prix race in Downtown St. Pete early March. Race officials postponed the race). Statewide the effort is really being managed by Florida Emergency Management not Health Department (which is primarily reporting statistics). State health department funding had been significantly cut while infrastructure for responding to hurricanes has not. The Governor has been deferring to local municipalities and county government and county heatlth departments to enact non-pharmaceutical interventions such as distancing and masking ordinances and, if they so decide, more restrictive business openings as local conditions warrant (or change). Statewide Dems pushing for a statewide mask order. (Yes they made it political). Absent catastrophic change, I do not foresee Repub controlled Legislature passing such legislation or this Governor signing bill into law. 4 hospitals in Pinellas County are limiting some elective surgeries (again) due to increase in covid hospitalizations. Death rate still declining. Still in Phase 2-50% restaurant capacity. All business employees and customers are required to wear masks inside except restaurant customers. Bars shut down after the 20 somethings surge in cases (coinciding with protesters and looters (Tampa). Lots of folks at mostly open beaches and parks. Many still out on the water in their boats, kayaks, paddle boards and on the sand bars (no masks but loosely distancing). Lots of Trump flags flying from boats. I have seen a couple Trump flags in front yards and few Biden yard signs.Most walking and riding outdoors observing social distancing with very few masks. By city and county ordinance masks for employees and customers in retail establishments. Most appear to be complying. Tampa rolled back its mask penalty from a “criminal misdemeanor” to “monetary fine” only. (Enforcement challenged). Most people are wearing the masks and social distancing. The BLM and useful idiots have been protesting (some criminal conduct has been arrested). St Pete’s Black Jewish Police Chief, who did not grow up in St. Pete, has met with protestors but clearly states no criminal conduct allowed. (Nonetheless, PD has allowed illegal conduct blocking state and local roadways.) BLM leader has Covid now. And, article above shows Covid infected police department. It’s hot, humid and they have been outside and exposed. Considering how much the BLM leader was hollering without a mask I suspect he infected a few others. Anecdotally, a local GP doc, his wife and 3 of six children recovered from covid-children were asymptomatic. Significant angry divide locally between Reps and Dems on covid, Gov DeSantis and President Trump. I’ve been wearing a mask and gloves to the grocery store since early March before masking required-retired RN.


  23. Jay says:

    I have a president that said, “He is all for wearing masks ”

    will encourage masks at his Rally.

    I have a vice president wearing one to set an example.

    I have president that said ” we are letting states weigh in”

    I have a state mandate supported by supreme court.

    I have a state rep. who is against governor deciding, so has decided as a singular representative that he us in a more appropriate position to dictate and by email told me and others to ignore state mandate.

    encourages businesses with money motive to make their own decision, putting employees out of the decision and at risk.

    I have neighbors more interested in their right of convenience rather than employees rights to safe work environments.

    I have fellow Christians ignoring the call of God to protect the poor, weak, and to put others before self by justifying that freedom of dress in this instance is what jesus would do.

    In this case, let’s assume it should not be mandated by state… You as a Christian should still dawn a mask, and be joyful to a sacrifice at this time to protect others


    • Fannie says:

      Do you realize you started almost every sentence with the word “I”? J-O-Y = Jesus, Others, Yourself. God bless.


    • RednorBlue says:

      Every now and then I really wish there were a dislike option.

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    • Joemama says:

      Please try to find ONE refereed journal article that concludes that wearing a mask protects others.

      The masks worn in hospitals are to protect the wearer of the mask. Many of these N95 masks have vents to facilitate easier breathing, but allows viruses and bacteria to be emitted in droplets.

      The homemade masks and bandannas are a joke when it comes to control of bacteria and especially viruses.

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    • Kureelpa says:

      Dawn a mask – what is that?
      I think you mean ‘don a mask’.

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    • 7delta says:

      You’re making a bogus ethical argument, not a scientific one, then framing it through a religious lens. God is not anti-science…He created it…but my guess is He’s against being used to manipulate people into accepting, or forcing participation in, a lie constructed for personal or political gain…no matter where, or which side of the aisle, it originates. 

      Paper and cloth masks aren’t new. If they offered any protection to the public, it would be backed by decades of studies, trials and data reviews. We would have been wearing them decades ago. We haven’t, because the opposite is true, which is why the argument is about respect, not science. 

      Why is Covid-19 different? It’s a novel viruses and people can die from it? The same can be said for any “new” virus or contagion, in general, like the bird and pig ones that have rolled through over the last decades. Just like H1N1…when it showed up several years ago after nearly a century of being MIA. H1N1 is the bloomin’ Spanish Flu. Yeah, the 1917-18 one. It’s still circulating and unfortunately, has a notable mortality rate…and has a greater demographic mortality spread than Covid-19. Not one peep about wearing masks, social distancing or closing down entire economies.

      What changed? Not mask materials or their permeability or the nano-size of viruses and certainly, not God. My God, the Biblical one, doesn’t lie and tells us not to. He clearly doesn’t ask us to sacrifice the truth, so deceived people can feel respected. Remember Jesus’ encounters with the Pharisees? The tables in the Temple? No soft soaping there.

      Lies have no foundation in respect. Pretending to respect a lie is, in itself, lying. Oh, what a tangled web we weave… You might want to rethink how God values truth, motive and “sacrifice”…and avoid thunderstorms. 

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  24. Vigilo Confido says:

    Ruskin, Fl (South of Tampa) Masks required indoors. Most people don’t wear them out on the streets but the number of people I see wearing masks is growing.


  25. geezlinda says:

    Robert Lee Texas…..small-town friendly people here do not care if you wear a mask or don’t wear one. Family Dollar is the only store here that requires a mask as far as I know. It’s a corporate thing I think. 5 cases…1 death. Life is slow and easy for the most part. Country living is a lot safer these days.

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    • Dan says:

      I’ve driven thru Robert Lee a few times years ago and thought it would be a nice place to live. Is the lake still pretty full? I often wished I could stop and take the time to do a little fishing. I really miss the traveling down it that area that I used to do, now too old to do a lot of traveling.
      You folks stay safe and keep healthy.



  26. Mr. Morris says:

    Beaufort County, South Carolina requires masks in all places of business. I was in Publix without a mask and was told I needed to put a mask on, I did comply. In the same Publix a woman was wearing a face shield which she said worked better for her than a mask. She found it easier to breathe.
    A week or so ago I was in a smaller food market. One of the managers, wearing a required mask was sweating profusely. I asked him if he was ill, he said the mask was making it difficult for him to breathe.
    Our local financially troubled McClatchy newspaper, The Island Packet, is in full hysterical covid mode.


  27. minnesotamike55 says:

    In MN positive cases, deaths, and hospitalizations have gone down or stabilized this week. Yet, some cities are enacting mask requirements after 3 months while the situation is getting better every day. Otherwise, everything mostly open.

    On the mask issue, I’ve read some of the so called studies that support mask wearing. Unfortunately, the studies focus on N95 masks and not yesterdays snot rag face diaper. The facts are that N95 fitted properly, with no facial hair, and no touching the filter area, reduce large particles expelled by the wearer. Not so conclusive for smaller particles. The key in one study was that large wet molecules don’t spread as far as a dry small virus exhaled that can penetrate even n95.

    I can’t find any study that looks at casual home made mask wearing. If you think about that, why would anyone do a study about thousands of different materials? It would be near impossible to set any baseline or establish a “most common” material so the studies just aren’t out there. But yet, “experts” claim studies support masks but never state or quote the specific study.

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    • testpointwp says:

      I have an orange hardhat with hearing protection and a face shield that I use when chain sawing. It just occurred to me that this would offer triple protection.

      1. It meets the criteria for a face mask.
      2. Protects the wearer if you get in a fight.
      3. You can’t hear much of what anyone is complaining about.



  28. merry says:

    Lincoln County Oregon. Georgia Pacific to again shut down for seven to ten days in July. If GP closes for good so does Toledo and the county tax base is greatly diminished.
    Water plant problems in Newport shut down fish plants just as they reopened after 130 some covid cases among imported workers. Temporary fix may allow plants to reopen today.
    Lady and her daughter heading to Corvallis for covid have car trouble and can’t make appointment. Nevertheless, they were notified they tested positive.
    Electric bills going to skyrocket as five dams on Snake River to be breached for salmon. (Eastern OR)
    Personally we just stay home gardening, cooking, getting firewood for winter,fishing Yaquina River may put wall tent up at river. Once a week we go to Newport for groceries. stop car, put on mask & gloves race into Fred Meyer fill cart check out. no conversations don’t recognize anybody when check out girl tells me to stand on blue circle it takes me a while to understand what she says.
    Yes, I wear mask & gloves & stand on the blue circle just because i don’t want to waste time and be yelled at.
    We ate out several times at Georgie’s and once at Kum Yuans before they again shut down. They are now open again, but our habits have changed over the last four months and we are withdrawing from society even more than before.
    Neighbor over yesterday killed a fifth of Rebel Yell Kentucky bourbon. says everybody up and down are arming even more than usual and organizing.
    Loggers trying to recall Gov. Brown who is trying to ruin logging. TimberUnity

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    • remnant179 says:

      “our habits have changed over the last four months”
      You have described my experience here on the North Olympic Peninsula in Washington State. Only the names of people and places would need to change to describe my COVID lifestyle.


  29. Lenny says:

    Galveston, Tx

    Mask requirement by Governor who till now was level headed. People are pissed but most are compliant. Bars closed, however restaurants are 50%. Beaches opened on Monday, they shut them down due to A) keep the crowds down because nearby Harris county is run by a liberal nutcase and is locked down so 1/2 of Harris comes here, and B) local police departments are under staffed due to the Chinese flu. They float the police here when crowd control becomes a problem during the summer and large events. All in all it’s okay for a short beach stay say 3 or 4 days.

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    • crikey9 says:

      Interesting that the Pence Birx Civid show made a stop in Tx and Abbot went sideways. Pence is running a stealth campaign against Trump

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      • Mr e-man says:

        Trump put Pence in charge of the Covid task force. I wouldn’t call that stealth.


        • Kureelpa says:

          It is stealth if Trump doesn’t realize that Pence is Deep State. Look at Pence’s interview with Paul Bedard, where he admits he hired Birx, but doesn’t admit to Fauci & then congratulates the US on a job well done. Pence also prattles on about the lives the Coronvirus Taskforce saved, when I heard POTUS saying the same thing – I stopped My monthly $50 donation to him – starting to sound like a Politician. Anyway I always thought that the Covid response was on Pence & POTUS let him run with it – that’s why it was so screwed up.
          I wrote an email to POTUS & told him so & asked him to get ride of Pence & bring in Ric Grenell as his VP


    • thedoc00 says:

      I live in Collin County. Read the EO carefully, as masks required only “where 6 ft social distancing cannot be observed.”

      Media, commenters, stores and municipal leaders saying different are adding to the EO a regulation that IS NOT THERE. That is why all the democrat run counties are up in arms. While the EO is cowardly and includes the idiotic 20 case rule, it does play off the ambiguity of the 6ft social distancing vs masks.


  30. Super Elite says:

    Americans reported a nearly 33-percent increase in mental-health issues since the start of the COV-19 crisis.

    This stat makes me think of Howard Hughes and his mental-health that apparently came about because of his childhood during the 1918 flu pandemic. He wouldn’t bath himself and died after not taking a bath for about 2-3 years.


  31. Pokey says:

    Here in The Peoples Republic of Colorado, nothing much has changed. We haven’t had a single death in 4 days even ostensibly from COVID19, but the vast majority of our deaths have been attributed to COVID19 and cannot be confirmed as being caused by that virus by our County Coroners. My best guess is that less than 5% of all COVID19 deaths have actually been COVID19 deaths. 77.5 percent of statewide deaths have happened in nursing facilities, which is inline with nearly every blue State in America. Most of the people know that the whole lock down was a bad idea, but most businesses are operating at less than 50% of normal business out of fear the County Health authorities will shut them down and revoke the licenses to be in business after they have already paid the annual Government extortion for the privilege. Since the Governor has been using totally useless statistics to justify his continuing emergency powers, the end is not yet in sight.

    The Rockies are due to start playing at the end of the month and they are still not permitted to have any fans in the stadium. Looks like the Avalanche are being treated the same. If Governor Jared Polis does the same to the Broncos in September, he will suffer some political push back from the people, but none from the Broncos organization who are in full support of the BLM and Antifa crowd gatherings and rioting. As for the overall conditions, we have a surplus of sheeple who think that doing what they are told by the government is the American way. And they are still believing everything the Gubnor tells them and they are still very afraid to go out in public.

    Colorado has had 3 alleged cases of COVID19 that have been fatal for anyone under 20 years of age and ZERO fatalities among the under 10 crowd. Yet, inexplicably, the State has not decided to even explore the obvious option of reopening any of our K-12 schools this fall. That is absurd in the max, but many people in this panic stricken State won’t send their kids out to die from COVID19 because, I don’t even know.

    Do not try to travel in Colorado because our Gubnor does not want you here.


    • annieoakley says:

      Polis thinks he is The King of Colorado. Spends his time on his (non-irrigated for the tax break)
      irrigated ranch in Weld County. Surfaces once in a while with a mask to issue new rules that pick winners and losers. And it is true, blind belief in government knows best, seems to be doctrine in CO.


  32. buckturdgison says:

    N VA and DC: I live in the former and have been into DC several times in past few months.

    N VA: slowed down considerably but many signs of life. Much less traffic (which is nice) than before the virus hoax kicked in. It is loosening up a bit, including reopening of gyms. A few restaurants are allowing seating. Most hotels in N VA still closed (bad esp for this time of year; tourist season). Masks everywhere but fewer than 2 months ago. One need not wear a mask while exercising at gyms.

    DC: it has a ghost town, high-crime feel. The areas ‘downtown’ now have a Detroit, East St Louis, Rockford IL feel, which I have not seen in 20 years here. Feels much more dangerous than before the virus hoax. The usual bustle of the height of the tourist season is GONE. The usual crowds on the Mall are not here. The hotels are closed. Most Starbucks have no seating; you can pre-order a drink. Many businesses have all their windows boarded up; many of these are spray painted with graffiti. It is next to impossible to hail a taxi (pre-hoax: cab in 2 minutes or less, always). The streets are empty. Some Metro stations closed, operating on a greatly reduced schedule. People do not want to go there.
    DC has taken a major step backward and I expect that many people and businesses will leave the city and relocate. Much progress on safety, investments, business achieved over the past 15-20 years has been wiped out.

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  33. dustahl says:

    I do not believe any of the numbers put out by deep state.
    I like South Dakota approach, do what you think is right ,not what you are told to do.

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  34. vikingmom says:

    Great article that explains the “rise” in cases and why that is actually good news! No expectations that the media will cover it correctly of course! Fear stokes ratings and damages the economy, both of which benefit the Left!


  35. crikey9 says:

    Living under King Bel Edwards regime and worse living under Mayor Sharon Weston Broom. Both Democrats. Broom ordered mandatory masking last friday…lol….my personal experience was the Friday and Saturday party held by the teenagers next door whose parents were not home. 30 underage kids crammed into cars coming and going all hours of the day and night. No masks no distancing. We are forced to fill out a contact tracing form when going to doctor, dentist hairdresser barbers. Our 2nd wave case surge began when CDC changed the definition of a what is considered a case and voila we havea surge although hospitalizations and deaths continue to fall.


  36. A few other points of interest I forgot to add about Hartwell GA:
    1) PO workers-no masks, but social distancing
    2) Beautician: Offers masks and gloves but does not wear and few patrons wear.
    3) Local restaurants are open; some with full inside service …others drive thru or outdoor dining…not many masks seen, other than worker-bees.
    4) Small local stores; very lax on restrictions….rarely any masks….no gloves.

    So, there you have it…from Lake Hartwell, where lake activity is about the same as usual.


  37. Tom Hansen says:

    Pierce County, WA. Governor Inslee imposed a mandatory mask order that you cannot enter a business for a product or service without wearing a mask. All workers must wear a mask. So, it is the Mark of the Beast Mask Rule. No mask, no service.

    Indoor dining at 50% or 6 ft. rule capacity whichever is less, but take out and delivery still prevail. Otherwise, overall economic activity, freeways, and city traffic appears almost back to pre-Wuhan virus levels. There still seems to be certain product distribution interruptions at the grocery stores. Meat prices and general grocery items are definitely higher. There is still no entertainment venues open such as movie theaters, theme parks, sporting events yet allowed. Only parks are open, but no gathering of more than 10 people.

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  38. jumpinjarhead says:

    Here in very rural NE Georgia, masks are rarely seen. People routinely shake hands in greeting each other. Most appear to see the “precautions” being reflected in the big chain stores (Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes etc.) are silly.

    It is striking as one drives south toward Atlanta that the closer one gets the more masks one sees (even sheeple driving in their cars). There is a large family-run farm stand on the main highway that Atlantans (mostly urban “upperclass” whites invariably in their Porsche, Mercedes, BMW, Audi SUVs and of course the virtue-signaling Teslas with Biden stickers) use to go to their mountain retreats in north GA where they escape to on weekends. On Friday afternoons nearly everyone looks like they just stepped out of a Ll Bean or Orvis catalog but of course all are wearing their (increasingly “designer”) face masks. In stark contrast, the rest of the week no masks are to be seen among the overall-wearing local patrons.

    If my conversations among fellow church members, students at my defensive firearms school and with other neighbors are any indication, more and more people seem to be waking up (finally!) to the reality that this “virus crisis” is a partisan political campaign aimed at affecting the election.

    My standard comment in these conversations is that if there really was a public health crisis, it lasted for about one 24 hr news cycle.

    Thereafter, just like EVERY other “significant event” (e.g. sufficiently dramatic to get the sheeples’ attention such as the Minneapolis cop’s knee on the perp’s neck etc.), the enemies of freedom pounce on it (always ahead of repubs who as usual are left to merely “react” to it) and from that point on it is wholly manipulated with the eager help of the “media,” to both try to damage Trump and to further their now wholly-revealed Marxist agenda.

    In sum, were it not for the incessant drumbeat of the propaganda “media” about the faux “virus crisis,” people around here would be pretty much living their lives as usual.

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  39. Mr e-man says:

    Newport Beach, CA.

    Beaches are closed. How stupid can that be. As someone said, no one on the beach puts their towel within 6 feet of people they don’t know. Family groups are the ones together. Our number of cases went up so the Governor shut down bars, beaches etc just for the July 4th holiday. He’s a leftist so his intent was clear. He didn’t want patriotic Americans to be able to meet up and discuss this issues and celebrate America. That would be disastrous for him. He is picking on Republican (at least it was) Orange County. We have 3.2 million people in the county. 18,000 cases, 366 deaths total. This past week our deaths went down to zero or one a day. Was around 10 a day at the peak.

    Have to wear masks in public areas. Most people out this weekend did not. I wear them in stores for the workers there but that thing comes off as soon as possible. It’s not healthy to wear a mask for extended periods.

    Bars had reopened but the Governor shut them down again for the holiday. The young people in the bars do not wear masks and do not social distance. There is a bit of a rebellious attitude by most. We wear masks to be polite to others but we resent the mandate. Lots of Democrats here now that fully support the draconian measures. Covid fear rules for them. They know it hurts Trump. They don’t care about the people losing their businesses. We went Hillary in 2016 and Harley Rouda (D-Moron) beat Rohrbacher in 2018. Michelle Steele is looking to unseat him in 2020 so we will see if we go back red. State offices are hopeless but we keep trying.


  40. Ono says:

    I live in rural San Diego county Ca. Newsome just mandated yesterday that wineries, shops bars and restaurants close again for indoor service. The Ca. tourist industry is getting slammed. Of coarse Napa County where his winery is is open.

    In Ramona and Temecula there is a large number of people who don’t wear masks, and many who just wear one around their neck.

    I encourage any Ca creepers to print a copy of the recall Newsome and send it in.

    I have met a lot of liberals in the tourist industry that want Gavin out.

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    • Ono says:

      Treepers not creepers…

      Newsome petition


      • Mr e-man says:

        I signed it. Unbelievable that an idiot like Newsom could become a Governor. But we know California doesn’t have an electoral college so elections are decided by LA and San Francisco. San Diego gives a little red push back but nowhere near enough. We have an office in LA and every one of those people are rabid liberals. And they do not hesitate to make their opinions known. They are used to an echo chamber. Groupthink runs rampant in big cities. It take courage to disagree with the mob.

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        • Ono says:

          I moved from Santa Barbara to North east San Diego County. The bike path to UCSB was close to my house and I rode it often to the beach. I used to write Trump MAGA on the path with sidewalk chalk. Never failed on my way back some triggered students were trying to scuff it out. I live in a very conservative section of the state and I like it. Used to live in OC in my youth and it was refered to as “Behind the Orange curtain”. Ultra conservative. No its ultra illegal aliens


  41. rmnewt says:

    Just visited Pagosa Springs CO. What a breadth of fresh air with kids playing on the playgrounds, people swimming an fishing w/o masks, nature, nice 4th fireworks, and lots of pickup trucks.

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  42. Bonnie says:

    Southern California under mandatory mask order. Young people wearing masks while alone, outside or driving. Yesterday a pool supply store would not let me into the store, delivery only. Hair salon had plastic shields separating stylists cubes yet sat 4 people under hairdryers with no separation. It’s random what business come up with. A drug store had shower curtains hanging from the celing in front of their registers. A man walking into an auto parts store would not grab the door handle until he wrapped his hand under his shirt to use as a barrier.

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  43. Warren says:

    I live in Pasco County, Florida. The country has mandated masks for all persons in public places and businesses. I think if one remain 6 feet from others, then the mask remains optional. But most stores here now require a mask to enter. My building requires a mask for those times when one is in a hallway or other public space. No visitors are allowed in the building. The Pasco County Board follows St. Pete like lemmings. Nonetheless, the Governor here seems to be doing a good job.


  44. Chris says:

    Santa Rosa Ca we are in full compliance with local codes. The city is all Democrats so they are doing as told by queen Maze (health director or sovereign)and lord Gavin.


    • Mr e-man says:

      Praise be to him in the highest for he doeth the noble work of Soros. Kneel before him or face the wrath of closures.


  45. Fairhope, AL (across the bay from Mobile) – No mask requirement, everyone complies with Senior hours mask courtesy. About 10-20 percent wear masks otherwise. It’s really hot down here right now and very few people wear them outside. Mobile was talking making them mandatory.

    I was in NE Alabama a couple of weeks ago and they seem much more cooperative with wearing masks up there. I was in MS last week along hwy 45 and it was about 20 to 30 percent wearers.

    I was iin Memphis TN this weekend and everybody wore a mask.

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  46. tdmd16 says:

    Virginia Beach. Beaches completely open! Phase 3 but masks still required, Nobody has said a word to me for not though. Bars still not but some places seating with spacing. Exercise equipment at near full cxapacity.


  47. kenzy says:

    SF Bay area, most businesses and restaurants with outdoor sitting have opened with social distancing provisions. Everyone wears masks when in public but few wear masks when walking along neighborhood streets. People are courteous and wait for you to pass if needed. Traffic is almost normal on the 101 but nothing like it was during rush hours before Covid. Went wine tasting by appointment with family visitors a week ago and the winery was surprisingly very busy.


  48. dammit_janet says:

    Phoenix, AZ: Face masks recommended not required. Some stores require a mask, others only recommend it. About <50% compliance. Restaurants are drive-thru, take-out or delivery only. Gyms, Salons, Tattoo parlors and a Water Park are closed, but some still open in defiance. Uber/Lyft require masks, & 3X the normal wait times with reduced availability of drivers. Pools are open, but with <10 people using at a time. Haven't had anyone confront me about wearing/not wearing a mask in public. Doesn't seem to be much in the way of protests/violence here. Probably too hot to be outdoors. Hospitals under-whelmed, death rate continues to decline, but an increase in positive cases.


  49. mary-lou says:

    WE the People hereby demand that Dr. Fauci either resign immediately or be fired for incompetence. Here’s the petition to fire him:

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  50. Farmerboy says:

    Frederick County, MD reporting.

    Haven’t worn a mask in the Farmer’s Coop, Home Depot or Tractor Supply.

    I was asked by a Tractor Supply employee where my mask was at checkout and told her it was in the car and she left it at that.

    I made the mistake of going in mask-less with my family to Home Depot. They’re always catching up to me as I run around cobbling things together to get stuff done. Thus, my wife was confronted by a big baby. He first asked where her mask was and she told him “right here” holding up the mask in her hand. He then proceeded to go berserk and scream and shout “call the police, I want to speak to the manager!” They quietly walked away but he didn’t want to back down so he proceeded to berate my wife. Mind you, we’re in the plumbing section and I had a 24″ long piece of 3″ PVC pipe in my hand. I went around the corner to see what the problem was and this guy started to back off when he saw me coming.

    We tried to go back to minding our own business but this jack ass absolutely popped his top to the point of telling me to put a leash on my dog! It took several seconds for that statement to register with me because I would have never thought someone would stoop that low. My wife, Spaniard that she is, let loose on that bastard especially for cursing and swearing in front of our two daughters and calling her a dog. She handled herself just fine and sees right through the mask virtue, too.

    Then he took a different tack and said we were breaking the law which I unequivocally refuted. He pressed the issue so I asked him which law which prompted him to go back to leftist tactics when confronted with reason. (There is no law on the books for wearing a mask in public. It is a mandate supposedly punishable by fines and jail – BUT IT IS NOT A LAW UNTO ITSELF!)

    At that point I was about to go to jail when a couple of HD employees split us up. My hat is off to the employees and, perhaps, HD for their policy not to kick me out of the store right then and there. The guy who cooled me off said “you don’t want to spend the night in the Frederick County Detention Center, trust me, I know!” I thanked him and he said “Don’t worry about it, sir. Have a wonderful day.” Major cred to that store for letting me and my family go about our routine afterward even without the masks!

    The irony is, if this idiot really thought he was gonna get some bad cooties why did he insist on approaching us? Also, why did he offer to step outside to settle things? Are we going to put our masks on first for a fist fight just so we’re safe? Where has rational thought gone????

    At a neighbor’s pool yesterday. I stated with no uncertainty that if we were really in some deep doo-doo then we wouldn’t be gathered at the pool! Nor would any of those in attendance have been gathered with anyone else on Independence Day! Some in attendance have a lifetime subscription to the mania but couldn’t refute the point!

    I also pointed out how is it possible, in the Zombie Apocolypse, that all the businesses that remained open during the whole thing haven’t been hit by a loss of employees if everybody is dropping like flies??? Like Sundance has pointed out, the grocery stores are open and they’re A-OK. As I pointed out at that neighborly meeting it’s all the same faces since before. If things were really, truly bad then businesses would be losing the capability to operate due to a lack of employees. 2020 has been one enormous political sh*tshow!

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    • Sharon says:

      Questions: “The irony is, if this idiot really thought he was gonna get some bad cooties why did he insist on approaching us? Also, why did he offer to step outside to settle things?”

      Answer: Because the primary reason for the mask mandates has nothing to do with disease.

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    • Hello Kitty says:

      Dear Farmerboy,
      The young man who decided to take you one very likely entered Home Depot for the very purpose of finding someone to take on. While there are certainly a segment of the population that is truly afraid of contracting the virus (my 72 y.o. mother, for example), there are many more who yearn to feel important. Aside from the opportunity to “virtue signal”, this young man recognized that his day was in jeopardy of being like his previous days: unimportant. It is sad, but true that so many relish the power and sense of importance that the “hall monitor” position affords them.



    • your wife and mine must be related. the only difference is mine’s italian!!


    • sonoftrump says:

      Wish you had stomped his ass and then he could decide if it was all worth it.


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