Sidney Powell Discusses In-Depth Background of Michael Flynn Case….

Michael Flynn’s lead defense counsel Sidney Powell sits down for a lengthy discussion with Epoch Times’ host Jan Jekielek.

In the court case against Lt. General Michael Flynn, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit has ordered Judge Emmet Sullivan to grant the DOJ’s request to dismiss. But what will happen next?

In the eyes of General Flynn’s attorney Sidney Powell, what are the implications of Judge Sullivan keeping the case open? Is there more exculpatory evidence to come in the Flynn case? And, what are some possible steps to take to strengthen the U.S. Department of Justice as an institution?

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271 Responses to Sidney Powell Discusses In-Depth Background of Michael Flynn Case….

  1. A mandate under rule 41 has not issued yet.Rule 41. Mandate: Contents; Issuance and Effective Date; Stay

    (a) Contents. Unless the court directs that a formal mandate issue, the mandate consists of a certified copy of the judgment, a copy of the court’s opinion, if any, and any direction about costs.
    (b) When Issued. The court’s mandate must issue 7 days after the time to file a petition for rehearing expires, or 7 days after entry of an order denying a timely petition for panel rehearing, petition for rehearing en banc, or motion for stay of mandate, whichever is later. The court may shorten or extend the time by order.

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    • If the judge is not a party, it is theoretically possible that the court could issue a mandate tomorow, 7 days from the issuance of the order of mandamous, putting Judge Sullivan in contempt for not acting, after tomorrow, when the order becomes enforceable. Sullivan has had jurisdiction to dismiss the case to this point as an ethical matter. This interpretation would imply that the court only 7 days to itself request an en banc. I question that result. However I cannot find a time limitation for the court to sua sponte invoke en banc.

      Sidney may need to move to shorten time on the issuance of the Mandate or get the court to define the time periods used to calculate when the Mandate shall issue.

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      • Sidney may like the limbo Sullivan is in and the delay and may use it to get more information out. Flynn may not be worried by his own limbo, at least right now.

        Sidney was criticized a little for not moving to stay Gleason’s Amicus Report. I believe that Amicus report was the final straw and assured the issuance of the writ. Her decision not to try stay to stay it turned out to be a great move.

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        • Jan says:

          When the law is pretty clear about the prosecution holding the power to go forward or withdraw the litigation, looks like another Lawfare trick to try and get by with turning judges into policymakers & legislators.

          We might not have gotten this decision 3 yrs. ago; but Pres. Trump has gotten some conservatives in the DC District Court of Appeals.

          Sue them all, Gen. Flynn, especially Holder’s law firm!!

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  2. GTOGUY says:

    After listening to Bill Barr’s interview on the Ted Cruz’ podcast last week, I am certain that there will be some serious indictments in the next 30 days or so. Comey, Brennan, & Strzok for sure are going to be indicted.

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  3. Some old guy says:

    Jan Jekielek, the “anti-Hannity” interviewer. Great interview that is worth listening to in total.

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    • OmegaManBlue says:

      Hannity could learn something watching him. The format of his TV show makes it harder to do substantive interviews but it’s still possible. He has plenty of time to do interviews like this on radio but wants to talk about every job he held in the past, where he has lived, his MMA, and laugh with his staff and the guests he has frequently.

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      • Mr. T. says:

        OmegaManBlue, the trouble with Hannity and the producers for his Fox News TV Show, is that they always cram too many guests on the show, and because of that, those guests are never allow sufficient time to speak. They are usually cut off because Hannity constantly interrupts, or they are stopped because and once again thanks to Hannity’s blabbering, have run out of time. Laura Ingram’s show is starting to get like Hannity’s. Even when her guests have time to speak she cuts them off because just like Hannity, she likes to hear herself talk. Tucker Carlson is the only one on during prime time who gets it. He doesn’t load his show with guests and ALWAYS gives his guests ample time to speak. Hannity and Ingram could learn a lot by watching Tucker’s show.

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        • Eileen McRae says:

          Hannity’s “tick tock” became China’s TikTok!

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        • Peppurr says:

          Totally agree with you, Mr T. I am so tired of Hannity. I’ve always wondered how much effort and inconvenience is involved, in order for his guests to get to FOX studio to be on. And, like you say, he takes over the conversation while I want to hear more from his guests.
          Agree on Laura too and would add that she seems seems to think of herself, (lately) as some sort of comedian while laughing through her routine.
          So Tucker is my #1 go to.


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          • Missy says:

            Hannity drives me nuts with those things… BUT at the same time, he is amply demonstrating that he is just not that smart, innovative, or entertaining. He constantly repeats the same talking points he has for years, has that repetitive cadence to his speech, and really has little to offer.

            Enjoying Newsmax these days, OAN, and videos from War Room Pandemic w/Bannon and the team, with great guests. Lots to choose from.

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        • Jan says:

          There’s too many, especially on the Democrat side, who fear him because Tucker is a pretty good debater. He had more willing Democrats & journalists coming on when he first started his show than he does now.

          He got Senator Braun pretty good the other night. I had such hope for Braun & he turns out to be another Indiana fake Republican. Geez…

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    • sturmudgeon says:

      Some old guy… Yes, Jack is calm, thoughtful, and creates a peaceful atmosphere, even when delving into these terrible government agency actions…. a real pleasure to tune in.
      Sidney Powell, as is General Flynn.. The Real Deal! What a Force for Good.

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    • johnnybiface says:

      Jan is excellent. Every time I hear his interviews, he asks the right questions and is able to achieve relevant, fulsome answers. You can tell that the interviewee respects the forum and the host so that the questions and answers are responsive and relevant.

      Like many of you, too many times I hear a Hannity interviewee about to say something interesting and Hannity steps right into the middle of the interesting answer then Hannity asks a different question basically c*ck blocking an interesting point or answer so the interviewee has to answer a different question from Hannity. Hannity then needs to go to commercial break and then a new question and a different subject.

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    • I can’t wait to listen to it; no time until this evening…then it will be my evening entertainment. Jekielek is a fantastic interviewer.

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  4. Mortimer says:

    45:15 mark Sidney confirms “no gag order”.

    She says Flynn just decided to keep quiet until everything is final.

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  5. gymcy81 says:

    That was epoch. (both the meaning and the pun are intended)
    Thank you Epoch times’. You are on a roll. Good.

    Next steps are to get epoch information more mainstream – to more and more people.
    i.e. improve the education

    The error by omission in the interview, the mis-justice elephant in the U.S. justice room:
    In addition to DOJ and FBI personnel, unlawful behavior cleanups,
    maybe at some point in near time
    we can get to cleaning up the embedded supreme court ideological bias – and get back to following law.
    It’s like some of them (about 4 mis-think they are empowered to evolve or mis-interpret the legislated, written laws)
    are mis-leading the way by proverbially, obstructing written law and justice – for decades.
    i.e. leading by poor (yet elite) examples – not in a lawful (written law) way.
    (but mis-appearing so, by getting mis-appointed, mis-confirmed, by wearing the robe to mis-look professional, and continually getting a pass at making mis-judgements without a u.s. law basis.).

    Yes, it is big ship to get back onto a correct course in the interest of equal justice for all.

    And part of the current system, does need to have voters be educated – not fooled – prior to, or during, elections
    (which is continuous cycle -which may not last with an progressively, backwards, increase in mis-educations)..

    ” prove all things,
    hold fast to that which is good.”
    Thessalonians 5:21

    i.e. As wise christian, hard and smart working Grandfather advised to Grandson over 35 years ago,
    ‘don’t take any wooden nickels’. (whatever the words, or forms)
    It’s quite apparent that many people never got such advice and / or do not take it to heart. There is proof in the pudding. See above….

    …love thy neighbors…

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    • G. Alistar says:

      Mark 12:28-34 New International Version (NIV)

      The Greatest Commandment
      28 One of the teachers of the law came and heard them debating. Noticing that Jesus had given them a good answer, he asked him, “Of all the commandments, which is the most important?”

      29 “The most important one,” answered Jesus, “is this: ‘Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is one.[a] 30 Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.’[b] 31 The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’[c] There is no commandment greater than these.”

      Admin note, “ teachers of the law”….aka., lawyers! Some things never change, Still thankful for the word of God.


      • Amy2 says:

        I believe He was speaking to the Pharisees/scribes, regarding teaching GOD’S law, as opposed to man’s. Jesus addressed them in Mark 7,
        “Howbeit in vain do they worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men.”

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  6. Tim Cunninngham says:

    A question for Counsellor Powell re: what should be done about the Justice Department and FBI.
    How about changing the law to require the FBI to deliver the recorded interviews you asked for to any defendant pre-trial?

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    • Jan says:

      Recordings would be nice; I can’t believe the FBI doesn’t or didn’t tape interviews but relies on the “notetaking” of the interviewers. Since Page, Strzok & McCabe edited the original 302 interview of Gen. Flynn & then lost the original, the FBI ought to be changing that policy.

      And all three of them should be prosecuted for manipulating the interview into lies… & deleting exculpatory evidence.

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  7. Hans says:

    Bit by bit we are becoming Chinese… now don’t get upset at that statement..

    The Chinese are known for their corruption and spying.. think of all the spying that goes on by the Chinese state.. social scores…

    Here in the United States it’s the Globalist and the Chinese…

    Why … because in business knowledge is power and spying provides that power

    Now who is the winner and looser in this game… the 1% globalists.. with every Penney spent on Amazon we are supporting China.. and the destruction of our middle class. Google is controlling what industries survive with an search algorithm… they will controll what politicians survive with a search algorithm..

    So now we have a Federal Election comming up its time for all of us Freedom Loving citizens to get out.. NOW.. and Tomorrow . Stand on the street corners.. wave those flags.. go out on the 4th of July eat hot dogs, hamburgers, corn and watermelon.

    Gen Flynn said don’t let the 2% controll the 98 % I TRUST GEN FLYNN…

    The best way to stop a civil war is to show that the 1% that they cannot win a civil war. Bring back honesty demand answers and accountability.. impeach crooked politicians, judges, regain control over budgets and spending.. put the money where it is needed.. security not social money laundering schemes…

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  8. Colonel Sanders says:

    Jan is excellent at letting his guests talk, and not that we needed to be reminded, but Sidney is truly a national treasure. I not only found out a few new things from the interview, but it was great for my memory to be refreshed about certain details of corruption (van Grack’s changing of the terms of the plea agreement etc.). Oh and let’s not forget, Friday is the day that many crooks have their last payday at DOJ (Boente etc.). Let’s hope it’s the trigger for Durham to unleash the Kracken of indictments. One can hope!

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    • Missy says:

      There is NO WAY that the Flynn Defense Fundi s even beginning to cover her costs or time given. I am donating some more money to help. Maybe we all can send in $20 or so. This is a true sacrifice to her. God bless you, Sidney!

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  9. Rick says:

    Breaking News! Barr’s balls apparently aren’t big enough for the job. Sidney Powell to take over as AG when Trump wins reelection!

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  10. islandpalmtrees says:

    Maybe – we are getting to the “billions Brennan made from global drug trade and were the money was going”.

    HUGE: Per His Lawyer — General Flynn Was Targeted Because “He Knew About the Billions Brennan and Company Were Running Off the Books”
    By Joe Hoft
    Published June 30, 2020

    General Michael Flynn had to be removed. He knew too much. He had to be shut down and silenced. He was the primary Deep State target.

    He was going to audit the intel agencies because he knew about the billions Brennan and company were running off the books,” Powell said, referring to former CIA Director John Brennan.

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    • waterthelibertytree01 says:

      Not only this….he has all the inside on teh Benghazi/ISIS Arms deal……this is where Odumbo will face his FATE.

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    • Eileen McRae says:

      I read that article before doing my daily reading on CT. I am waiting with bated breath for Flynn to begin divulging all he knows!

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    • 2zymos says:

      …and will all trace back to obama ineligibility and who he really is — and why he was placed in office.

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    • Peppurr says:

      WOW ! Thanks for posting this.

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    • Jan says:

      And he was going to help Pres. Trump shut down the Iran deal. He did know all about the secret deals which would probably tell us who got what $$ out of the deal because I’ll guarantee you, it wasn’t just Ovomit & Kerry

      IMHAO, Gen. Flynn is lucky to still be with us. If it had been a Clinton deal, they would have gotten him after Ovomit fired him.

      Gen. Flynn, sue them all!! Meanwhile, we need ideas about stopping the 2%.

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  11. islandpalmtrees says:

    Listen to “Sidney Powell Interview 3-31-2020” by 1310 WIBA (WIBA-AM) via #spreaker

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  12. 335blues says:

    I apologize if these are already listed above in the comments.
    I have captured Ms. Powell’s excellent suggestions for restoring faith
    in our lying, corrupt judicial system. I am sure she would add more suggestions if given a chance,
    but these will do for starters:
    1. Fire every prosecutor that has intentionally violated the Brady rule to produce exculpatory evidence,
    or criminalized innocent conduct
    or made up a crime against a person,
    or lied to the court.
    2. Conduct independent file reviews of cases for evidence of perjury or illegal behavior by the prosecution through the use of a Conviction Integrity Review Unit or a like body.
    3. Conduct FBI FISA reviews on a regular basis. Agents caught lying on FISA applications should be fired immediately.
    4. Require the FBI to record all interviews.
    5. Require the FBI to Mirandize all interviewees at start of all interviews.
    6. Prosecute agents who lie to the court

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    • jx says:

      All good points, particularly #6. There must be prosecutions yet the AG refuses to prosecute.


    • sturmudgeon says:

      7. Do not allow ANY of the ‘oversee’ personnel live in D.C.

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    • mac says:

      All of these suggestions are not only excellent, but long overdue. Poll after poll, in which I think people really do tell the truth about this matter, report that the vast majority (70+%) of the American people do not think the government truly rules with the consent of the governed. Immediate implementation of the six rules Sidney stated (and 335 was kind enough to list) would do a great deal to change that percentage of disaffected American citizens.

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    • Issy says:

      225blues: I will venture to say a great majority of us assumed this was the way it was before all the Obamagate info began to be revealed. I would not have dreamed the fbi lied on fisa warrants, altered evidence or made up crimes.

      I was not naive enough to believe the fbi were all saints, but what they have done is so beyond the pale I don’t see how they can ever be trusted again. Ditto for federal prosecutors and doj leadership that has allowed this.


  13. Haveaspine says:

    She is dynamite. She is the one who can redeem the DOJ’s reputation if she is the AG.

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    • Missy says:

      She is superb… But to run an org of the size of the DOJ needs excellent managerial experience. I don’t know if she has always been in private practice, or what her experience is in that area. It would matter less if there were a team with this experience and trustworthy (like Ratcliffe or Grenell) as her direct deputies, to whom she could delegate to lean up those orgs. Grenell might like it.

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  14. grumpyqs says:

    The first judicial reform: SC Justice Scalia dies from “natural causes”! Everybody gets it now! Washington DC and tentacles are under control of something that makes Hitler, Stalin, Mugabe, Pol Pot and Epstein look like amateurs!

    I sincerely hope POTUS Trump awards Sidney Powell and Gen Flynn the Presidential Award of Freedom BEFORE the election!

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  15. Sharpshorts says:

    I have found the Jan Jekielek at American Thought Leaders – The Epoch Times podcasts are generally very good. New ones are posted on U-Tube a few times each week (subscribe to them for e-mail notifications).

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  16. R says:

    After watching this, how can any American have ANY confidence in US justice system? Not everyone gets a Sidney Powell. Almost no one does.

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  17. R says:

    Sidney Powell, you are fearsome and awesome.

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  18. kleen says:

    Way too much class for one person. Classy lady.

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  19. Caius Lowell says:

    That’s the defining characteristic of DC Swamp rats — they are very good at camouflaging their swampiness, and it takes a hero like Donald Trump or Sidney Powell to engage them and make them drop their masks…

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  20. Zephyrbreeze says:

    I would name any future daughter of mine, Sidney, and tell her she’s named after Sidney Powell.
    Wow. Can you imagine if she were in the leadership of the DOJ?

    Watch the Innocence Files on Netflix, and witness the corruption of SOME judges, LE and prosecutors. We all need to demand better.

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    • Jan says:

      As to corrupt judges, I have 2 comments:

      (1) The reason Pres. Trump had so many judgeships to fill was either Pres. Ovomit was too lazy and/or Hildebeast needed the openings for donors & paybacks. So all the hopefully conservative 150+ judges Pres. Trump has appointed would have been looney activists under Hildebeast.

      (2) Had Pres. Trump not won, she would likely have had at least 2-3 Supreme Court justices to select in her first term. She and/or Bill promised one spot to Anita Lynch (rumor or true?) Hildebeast would appoint at least 2 more activist judges on the Supreme Court bench, including the first transgender.

      We would know nothing about any of this because the media made their propaganda agreement with Democrats in 2008, if not before.


  21. Dixie says:

    I hope Sidney Powell has time to read here with all that she has to do for General Flynn…20 hours a day, 7 days a week. She needs to see all these compliments. She needs to know about the confidence Treepers have in her abilities.

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  22. Coast says:

    I watched every second of this video….and when it was done I had to go out and chop wood for about thirty minutes. Otherwise I would have gone crazy.

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  23. NYT yesterday may have be signalling that they think Flynn case was wrong, but that en banc review unlikely.


  24. mtk says:

    Everyone clue up the video to mark 25:19

    Listen closely, (my parphrased emphasis) …
    on Aug 17th 2016 , the FBI slipped in an agent into a Presidential briefing, to assess Mr. Flynn’s character, his weaknesses.

    Just how does that square with ‘by the book’ of January 5th 2017.

    Every CHTreeper, knows Sundance’s time line.
    August 17th is a date that stands out in that time line.
    And here is Sidney, putting words into discoverable action.
    By the book, my ass!
    For a long time I have been willing to give President Obama the respect deserved of the Office.
    No more… The 25:19 remark destoys that benefit of doubt. Period end of discussion.
    Since President Obama and General Flynn had a massive fallout back in 2014, and in my opinion used his office to railroad him. Over what is anyone’s guess, but since it is actually it is not a guess anymore if the Truth can be told. Mr. Flynn, opposed the President’s Middle East policy shift that benefited the MB’hood.

    An honest reflection then shows, “How that all circles the drain on the witch narratives goals.”
    Every real player with skin in the game knows this fact, they just choose to apply the Mamit Principle. Basically, pretending to not know things, simply because doing so serves and advances an agenda that is reaping huge dividends far outside the narrative focus of ‘Orange Man is bad’.

    And, serious people are wondering why, “Sidney was denied classified review of the evidence.”
    The Brady material narrative is just another narrative to defect the True issue of why Mr Flynn was targeted by the Government.
    He knows where the skeletons are buried and the fallout ramifications. Mr. Flynn is very likely conflicted with this knowledge because of its double sword nature.
    And this is the gambit, the deep state is playing to the max.

    I am hopeful, the Judge Sullivan’s gambit is being based on a contraring principle, that is to dismiss the case is to bury to government’s wrong doing. In essence by Judge Sullivan biting down, he is falling on the sword to expose the extent of the wrong doing that would be swept away by dismissal of the Flynn case.
    Just food for thought.


  25. Rick says:

    “I am hopeful, the Judge Sullivan’s gambit is being based on a contraring principle, that is to dismiss the case is to bury to government’s wrong doing. In essence by Judge Sullivan biting down, he is falling on the sword to expose the extent of the wrong doing that would be swept away by dismissal of the Flynn case.
    Just food for thought.”

    I want Lt. Michael Flynn to be free of this morass and the sooner the better but I have to say I’d rather enjoy seeing Sullivan’s continued resistance create obstruction of justice charges against him.

    I can’t help but wonder if he isn’t embroiled in a number of Obama crimes and is under investigation right now.

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  26. A great interview of a very special person. Thank you Sydney for your hard work, your intelligence, your patriotism, and your dedication to Truth, Justice, and the American Way. You renew my faith in the human race.

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  27. Doppler says:

    Totally agree with the A+ rating for Jan Kejielek, and Superwoman rating for Sidney Powell.

    Also interesting were insights into when she learned what from whom.

    She was totally surprised by Sullivan’s 90+ page opinion denying every Brady request – such a shock when compared to his Ted Stevens opinions, about which she had “bragged” on him in her book.

    She’s learned from someone that there is more damning Brady material still to come, suggesting she has sources somewhere in some investigations.

    Her education about Covington, their conflict due to their role in Flynn’s FARA filing, and their two document dumps on her, and belief that there is more to come. (It would make sense that Eric Holder would be involved in ways we’ve not yet heard of).

    On another note, I watched the Trayvon Hoax today. I know Sundance and many Treepers with longer CTH seniority than I have known this for years, but there is a similar outrage to that case, where subversives in LE and prosecution, in the Democrat Party, and in various “movements,” make s*** up to frame people for political purposes.

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  28. texasooz57 says:

    I knew it would take a Texas girl to bring down the big boys! I wish I had half of the tenacity as Sidney and General Flynn do.

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  29. The Green Avenger says:

    Meet the next Director of the FBI!


  30. Caius Lowell says:

    Outstanding job Ms. Powell!


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