Sunday Talks: Vice-President Mike Pence -vs- CBS John Dickerson…

Vice President Mike Pence appears on Face The Nation with John Dickerson to discuss the ongoing COVID-19 mitigation efforts while reopening the economy.  Dickerson describes COVID-19 as an omnipotent virus traveling the U.S. while monitoring people, independent of human interaction, awaiting the opportunity to strike…

…”the virus can go wherever it wants.”…

This silly framework helps maintain fear. You see, in the Dickerson virus narrative you have no control; you have no freewill; the government must defend you from yourself.


[Transcript] – JOHN DICKERSON: Mr. Vice President, some of the states that are having the biggest spites- spikes are the big ones — Texas, California, Arizona. Are you concerned?

VICE PRESIDENT MIKE PENCE: Well, we’re monitoring very closely new cases in Florida, Texas, Arizona, and California. In fact, I’ll be traveling with members of our team to several of those states over the next several days to make sure and get a ground report. But what the American people should know is that because of the leadership that President Trump has provided, because of the extraordinary innovation that we have brought to this task, we are- we’re in a much better place to respond to these outbreaks than we were four months ago. I mean, today we are now testing 500,000 Americans a day. We’re able to do a great deal more surveillance and community testing than ever before. We’ve also expanded our- our health care capacity across the country, literally seeing delivered billions in personal protective equipment, ventilators. And most importantly in this moment is we’ve seen the development and distribution of therapeutics that have literally been saving lives around the country. And we believe by the end of this year, it’s likely we’ll have a vaccine.

JOHN DICKERSON: So you say that the country is in a better place in this moment.


JOHN DICKERSON: But- but the experts say we shouldn’t be in this moment we’re in. And I’ll read you a few. Dr. Anthony Fauci says there is a disturbing surge of infections. The governor of Texas, Governor Abbott, says there is a massive outbreak. In the Wall Street Journal 10 days ago, you said 20,000 cases was a good number relative to where they’ve been. This week, there’ve been 40,000 cases. Your level of concern — I understand you’re saying what’s been done — seems insufficient to the alarm from governors and experts.

VICE PRESIDENT PENCE: No, we’re- let me be very clear that we are focused, our entire team is focused on working with governors to make sure that we meet this moment and support the efforts at state level to- to provide–

JOHN DICKERSON: But why did we get here at all?

VICE PRESIDENT PENCE: –the kind of steps that will- will mitigate these new cases. But there’s another way, John, that this is different from early on. And that is that one of the things that we’ve heard in Texas and Florida in particular is that nearly half of those who are testing positive are Americans under the age of 35. That’s contributing to the fact that- that those that are requiring to be hospitalized, who are testing positive for coronavirus is significantly lower than it was two months ago. And so we really believe that- that what- what is happening here is a combination of increased testing — we’re able to test a great deal more Americans than we were able to several months ago — but it also may be indication that as we’re opening our economy up, that- that younger Americans have- have been congregating in ways that may have disregarded the guidance that we gave on the federal level for all the phases of reopening. And I think that’s why you see several governors taking action–to- to- to- to- to essentially try and- and- and prevent further increases in those new cases.

JOHN DICKERSON: The spike states are also states that are reopening early, and the administration is focused a lot on the economy, trying to get it reopened.


JOHN DICKERSON: The- The states that are reopening are having some of the biggest problems. Did the reopening happen too early?

VICE PRESIDENT PENCE: Well, all 50 states are opening up again to one degree or another. And I know there’s a temptation to associate the new cases in the Sunbelt with reopening, but it’s important to remember that- that states like Florida and like Texas actually began to open up in- in early May. For the better part of six weeks, John, we did not see any significant movement. In my conversations with governors in Florida and in Texas and in Arizona in particular, we’re monitoring very closely their hospitalization rate. And we continue to be very confident that they have the supplies and the support and the capacity to give people the render- the level of care that any of us would want a family member to have.

JOHN DICKERSON: You’re talking about being able to monitor the situation. The argument is that the situation shouldn’t be existing in the first place. Europe waited longer to reopen and they have seen less trouble in reopening. In Florida since Memorial Day, which was a new stage of reopening, cases are up 165 percent. There are almost 10,000 cases in a single day in Florida. Something happened. And it’s not just a question of monitoring. The- the experts are saying these states walked into a problem with their eyes wide open because they opened too early. And that’s a mistake, which seems to repeat the original mistake, which was to downplay and not take seriously the nature of the threat.

VICE PRESIDENT PENCE: Well, I- I beg to differ about the reopening and I beg to differ about downplaying. On- on the second point, I mean, President Trump suspended all travel from China before the first case of community transition- transmission occurred in the United States.

JOHN DICKERSON: There were nine cases when he did that.

VICE PRESIDENT PENCE: We stood up- well, no, not- not- there were- there were cases in the United States of people who had returned to this country but the first case of community transmission would occur weeks later. And he stood up the White House Coronavirus Task Force and everything I’ve described about- about an unprecedented scaling of testing, the development of billions of- of medical supplies, ventilators, the development of therapeutic medicines like Remdesivir and others that are being developed, the launch in record time of a vaccine development. But as we’ve arrived at this moment, it’s clear across the Sunbelt that there’s something happening, particularly among younger Americans. And that’s why we fully support Governor Abbott’s decision to close bars and limit restaurants. We fully support–

JOHN DICKERSON: But bars should never have been open–

VICE PRESIDENT PENCE: –steps taken in Florida and elsewhere. And we’ll continue to support those efforts.

JOHN DICKERSON: Why not ask people to wear masks?

VICE PRESIDENT PENCE: Well, we believe people should wear masks wherever–

JOHN DICKERSON: Why doesn’t the president say that?

VICE PRESIDENT PENCE: — social distancing is not possible, wherever it’s indicated by either state or local authorities. And, you know, the- the president has worn a mask. I wore a mask on several occasions this week.

JOHN DICKERSON: Governor Abbott in Texas has said the precondition for opening the economy is wearing a mask. Wear the mask, he said, we’ll keep the economy open. You and the president care a lot about keeping the economy open. The message on masks has been muddled. Why doesn’t the president, who has some suasion in the country, come forward and say everybody should wear a mask, which is what all the governors are saying? Why has he been kind of muddling that message?

VICE PRESIDENT PENCE: Well, first, we- we believe that every state has a unique situation. And I want to be clear, while- while we’re monitoring about 16 states that are seeing outbreaks, it represents about 4 percent of all the counties in this country, 34 states are not seeing a rise in positivity and they have different measures, different requirements and different guidance in place. I mean one of the- one of the- one of the elements of the genius of America is the principle of federalism, of state and local control. We’ve made it clear that we want to defer to governors. We want to defer to local officials,–

JOHN DICKERSON: But Mr. Vice President–

VICE PRESIDENT PENCE: –and people should listen to them.

JOHN DICKERSON: The virus doesn’t know federalism. A virus that hits in Texas is in New York tomorrow. This is a problem that requires a coordinated national result, which is what these outbreaks are showing. And so to say, states should deal with them individually seems to miss the big fact, which is the virus can go wherever it wants.

VICE PRESIDENT PENCE: John, if we’d have taken that approach, we’d have never had the success that we had in the greater New York City area. We’d have never had the success in Michigan or New Orleans, because from early on, we worked closely in partnership with governors to make sure that they had what they needed when they needed it, tailored to the unique circumstances in their states. And- and when you look at the extraordinary progress that we made in New York and in Connecticut and in New Jersey and New Orleans and in Michigan and in — early on in states like Washington State where we- we flattened the curve, we slowed the spread, and we did it at a time early in this pandemic where we were just scaling testing up.

JOHN DICKERSON: You mentioned testing. To get the economy open again, testing has to happen. The president said if we didn’t do testing, we’d have no cases. That’s wrong and misleading. Given how important testing is, why is the president saying things that are wrong and misleading about testing?

VICE PRESIDENT PENCE: Well, I think it’s inarguable that the historic increase in testing that we’ve accomplished in this country has played a role in the new cases, particularly among younger Americans. John, I want to remind your viewers that two months ago, in most states in this country, we were not testing people that had no symptoms or were below a certain age.

JOHN DICKERSON: But Mr.- but Mr. Vice President–

VICE PRESIDENT PENCE: We were focusing on seniors.

JOHN DICKERSON: I understand.

VICE PRESIDENT PENCE: We were focusing on those with symptoms. But now, because of the public-private partnership that President Trump initiated, we’re literally able to test anyone in the country that would–



JOHN DICKERSON: I understand.

VICE PRESIDENT PENCE: –to come forward. We scaled it with great American innovation–

JOHN DICKERSON: But Mr. Vice President, 125,000 Americans have died. We’re six months into this. Testing is crucial to get the economy opening- opened and because of public health.


JOHN DICKERSON: And the president of the United States, with the biggest megaphone on the planet, is saying something about testing that is wrong and misleading. Is that the standard we want for the president of the United States?

VICE PRESIDENT PENCE: John, the president was observing the fact that rising cases, which is — which the media has focused exclusively on — has been–

JOHN DICKERSON: Why is that vital to getting this problem solved?

VICE PRESIDENT PENCE: –has been in part a result of increased testing. What- what the media doesn’t focus on at all is because of the sacrifices the American people made in those 45 days to slow the spread and the good commonsense measures they continue to do, we’ve continued to see fatalities decline. I grieve for every American family that lost a loved one, for the more than 125,000 Americans that we’ve lost in this. We’re going to continue to take steps to protect the most vulnerable,–


VICE PRESIDENT PENCE: –and testing will be a critical part of that going forward.

JOHN DICKERSON: But, Mr. Vice– it’s- testing is critical to protect and to open the economy. In a public health crisis, information and confidence in that information is crucial,–


JOHN DICKERSON: –as you know so well. So why does the person with the best megaphone say things to undermine confidence in testing? It seems totally at odds with what you’re spending all your day doing. This isn’t a triviality. This is an important, crucial thing about testing.

VICE PRESIDENT PENCE: Well, John, I just- I just disagree that the president’s undermining confidence in testing, he observed–


VICE PRESIDENT PENCE: –that- that the volume of new cases is in part a result of all of- of the rapid scaling of testing that we’ve done around the country.


JOHN DICKERSON: What do you hear the protesters saying when they protest?

VICE PRESIDENT PENCE: Well, it’s- it’s been a focus of ours since the tragic killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis. There’s no excuse for what happened to George Floyd. But there’s also no excuse for the rioting and looting and violence that ensued. Look, the president engaged law enforcement leaders. We’ve sat down with leaders in the African American community. I’ve- I’ve met with leaders in the African American community and- and law enforcement in cities around this country. And what I hear is while- while the radical left says we need to defund the police, what the American people want is for us to fund the police with additional training and support and also improve the lives of the people in our African American community, which I’m proud to say, under President Trump’s leadership, we were doing over the last three years. We don’t- we don’t need to choose between supporting law enforcement and supporting our African American neighbors.


VICE PRESIDENT PENCE: We can do both. And that’s how we bring our country together.

JOHN DICKERSON: One thing protesters would like to hear is leaders say black lives matter. You won’t say that. Why?

VICE PRESIDENT PENCE: All my life, I’ve been inspired by the example of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. When I was in Congress, I traveled to his home church in Montgomery with Congressman John Lewis. I walked across the Edmund Pettus Bridge on the anniversary of Bloody Sunday. I cherish the progress that we have made toward a more perfect union for African Americans throughout our history. And I’ve- I’ve aspired throughout my career to be a part of that ongoing work. It’s really a heart issue for me. And as a pro-life American, I also believe that all life matters, born and unborn. But what- what I see in the leaders of the Black Lives Matter movement is a political agenda of the radical left that would defund the police, that would–

JOHN DICKERSON: Leave that out of it. Just the phrase.

VICE PRESIDENT PENCE: –tear down monuments, that would- that would press a radical left agenda that, and- and- and support calls for the kind of violence that has beset the very communities that they say that they’re advocating for.

JOHN DICKERSON: But the- but the- sir,–

VICE PRESIDENT PENCE: We- I’ve- I’ve literally met- I’ve literally met with African American leaders around this country and in the national capital area who’ve- who made it clear to us they- they want law and order. They- they want peace in our streets.

JOHN DICKERSON: So you won’t say black lives matter?

VICE PRESIDENT PENCE: John, I really believe that all lives matter.


VICE PRESIDENT PENCE: And that’s where the heart of the American people lies. And we’re going to continue to stand strong. We’re going to continue to stand strong with Americans that- that want to see us come together as a nation. And we’re going to carry that message all the way to November and for four more years.

JOHN DICKERSON: All right. Thank you, Mr. Vice President.



If you stay within the circles the virus cannot attack you, but if you step outside the zone of your confinement… well, it’s not going to end well.  That is the sales pitch by the Ministry of COVID compliance.  Think about it.

♦Without COVID-19 panic Democrats cannot easily achieve ‘mail-in’ voting; which they desperately need in key battleground states in order to control the outcome.

♦Without COVID-19 panic Democrats cannot shut down rallies and political campaigning efforts of President Trump; which they desperate need to do in key battleground states.

♦Without COVID-19 panic Democrats cannot block the campaign contrast between an energetic President Trump and a physically tenuous, mentally compromised, challenger.

♦Without COVID-19 panic Democrats do not have an excuse for cancelling the DNC convention in Milwaukee; thereby blocking Team Bernie Sanders from visible opposition while protecting candidate gibberish from himself.

♦Without COVID-19 panic Democrats do not have a mechanism to keep voters isolated from each-other; limiting communication and national debate adverse to their interests.  COVID-19 panic pushes the national conversation into the digital space where Big Tech controls every element of the conversation.

♦Without COVID-19 panic Democrats cannot keep their Blue state economies easily shut-down and continue to block U.S. economic growth.  All thriving economies are against the political interests of Democrats.

♦Without COVID-19 panic Democrats cannot easily keep club candidate Joe Biden sealed in the basement; where the electorate is not exposed to visible signs of his dementia.

♦Without COVID-19 panic it becomes more difficult for Big Tech to censor voices that would outline the fraud and scheme.  With COVID-19 panic they have a better method and an excuse.

♦Without COVID-19 panic Democrats cannot advance, influence, or organize their preferred presidential debate format, a ‘virtual presidential debate’ series.

[Comrade Gretchen Whitmer knows this plan, hence she cancelled the Michigan venue]

All of these, and more, strategic outcomes are based on the manufactured weaponization of the COVID-19 virus to achieve a larger political objective.  There is ZERO benefit to anyone other than Democrats for the overwhelming hype surrounding COVID-19.

It is not coincidental that all corporate media are all-in to facilitate the demanded fear that Democrats need in order to achieve their objectives.  Thus there is an alignment of all big government institutions and multinationals to support the same.

Note to self…. There is something worse than dying, it’s called not living.

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147 Responses to Sunday Talks: Vice-President Mike Pence -vs- CBS John Dickerson…

  1. mallardcove says:

    It’s clear where they are going with this – especially with the 2nd wave fear mongering.

    “We gave you a chance to have freedom, and gave you the opportunity to have freewill and control your life, but you showed that you can not be trusted with freedom and freewill. Therefore you have to let government intervene, we know what’s best for you. You can not be trusted to have freedom.”

    They will use this line of thinking not just in terms of this virus, but indefinitely in the future. They want to paint the picture that the average American can not be trusted with freedom and can not be trusted to “do the right thing for the common good”, and that is why we have to cede more power and authority to the government, who knows what is best for us. Guns, health care, freedom of speech, you name it.

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  2. StandAndFightSir says:

    How did we get here at all? Because more people are choosing Freedom and Responsibility and the Right to Life, Liberty and the Persuit of Happiness! It is a mistake to continue rolling out Pence as the nice guy to speak to Leftmedia…

    Liked by 4 people

    • David M Kitting says:

      Exactly, StandandFight.
      Accepting the false premise that there can even be a test for a ‘virus’ that has never even been proven, is perfect fodder for (D)Face the Nation.

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  3. Dickerson is in the Deep State tank…….”But…but….but…but…..BULL SHIT”

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  4. California Joe says:

    Once again Vice President Pence does a dismal job of debunking the Coronavirus surge nonsense. Simply state at the beginning that millions of people without symptoms are being tested as a requirement to go back to work or to be admitted to a hospital for surgery or medical tests resulting in increased positives but the vast majority of those people are not sick! Pence just can’t say that instead talks in circles and riddles. Useless!

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    • petszmom says:

      Around here it is reported that there are a lot of false positives, too. Padding of numbers, too.

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      • Mike Lee DelMarcelle says:

        Another thing they need to address is the extra money hospitals are getting for covid patients. No numbers can be trusted if there is money to be made.

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        • Mr e-man says:

          How about some context? How many people die every year, every month, every week? Almost 3 million people died in the US last year. About 1 million of those with respiratory , diabetes, and similar co-morbidities.

          Is the death rate much higher than prior years (not just last year) , or are deaths just advertised more this year? I see reports of 21 people died yesterday of covid. Yet how many died in prior years on that day? 21? There has to be context.

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    • Jan says:

      Not to mention the COVID-19 came to Mexico & S. America later than it came to the U.S. A lot of these states are on the border where Americans & Mexicans cross the border going to work, commercial transportation, illegals, human trafficking, etc.

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    • Mist'ears Mom says:

      While I admire VP Pence not backing down on the BLM bs and saying what is obvious to everyone except the left, that all lives matter.
      I really wish someone would start talking about those recovered – we don’t have 10 million cases globally, that’s the total since beg of counting.
      In that case some 9.5 million have RECOVERED or in the process of recovering.
      In the US, 2.5 mil “cases”, 125,000 deaths…come on that means 2.375 million recovered or are not dead.
      Not to mention if 25% of the 10 mil globally are false positive that is 2.5 MILLION FAKE CASES and 25% is probably a low number. 625,000 in the US.
      The inaccurate numbers are being used to cause maximum damage and create maximum fear. LOTS of people die every year from the flu/pneumonia –
      A vaccination is NOT going to get rid or or protect you from a flu “virus” that mutates every season so much so they can’t provide a vaccination that they know if it even works.
      There is no testing on the efficacy of a vaccination.
      How do they know it was the vax or your immune system that kept you from getting it?
      They DON’T…
      How come those vaxxed still get the flu/pneumonia/covid and die? Seniors get a double dose of that flu vax, they are also shot up with a pneumonia vax, curious that they are the ones dying from the whu hu flu…go figure? You would think with all that “protection” they would be set and those unvaccinated would be the ones dying.
      The gubmint and CDC count on the fact that people are unknowledgeable about the system, vaccinations and disease.

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    • Marc says:

      Pence always makes sure to allow the Left to smack him in the face with their lies and he never refutes anything. He’s good at taking the wind out of Trump supporter sails through his tepid defense of the President’s policies. The man is simply a Uniparty stooge and placeholder.

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  5. benifranlkin says:

    I thought the VP did great. He’s perfect as head of the Coronavirus task force and does a good job tossing back Dickerson’s questions in his face. I particularly liked how he addressed BLM.

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  6. thedoc00 says:

    When will the President or somebody ON HIS TEAM make a couple of statements of fact on just one of these shows or on a “friendly” show:

    1. The rate of infection is NOT the number of NEW CASES declared per UNIT TIME.
    The RATE of INFECTION is specific Percentage of NEW CASES declared per a specific test sampling of X NUMBER TESTS. The Infection Rate is decreasing.

    Depending on the show, more details about those declared “CASES” could be added.

    2. A Virus is never eliminated but is suppressed depending on the Virus and methods used to suppress it. E.G. despite numerous vaccines and 100’s of years of research, influenza has already caused at least 60,000 deaths this year alone.

    This also means the vaccine will not eliminate the virus, note the influenza vaccine has often been less than 50% effective.

    Start fighting the hoax with some facts. Plus, please flush Dr. Fucci down the toilet and out of the government for incompetence.

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    • gingergal says:

      Great points. It was really disheartening to see those two marched out front and center again last week.

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    • Sporty says:

      Hell, last year the flu shot was a whole 10% effective. Who in the hell puts something in their body 90% ineffective? I’m so tired of this BS and these petulant children burning down cities. When do the wooden haircuts start?

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      • GB Bari says:

        Especially when you have no idea what toxins and poisons are in that vaccine, as so many have been proven to contain.

        Liked by 2 people

      • 1nikao says:

        In reality, was the flu vax 10% effective?
        Were there actually 10% of those who got the vaccine who never had flu symptoms and tested positive for that strain of flu?
        How do they even know if the flu immunity was from the flu vaccine or from their own body’s immunity.
        I am supposed to get a flu shot every year. My job “requires” it. I am a nurse. Several years ago, I got my mandatory flu shot in October. In February, I got the flu. It was bad. I missed a week of work and was lethargic & drained for three weeks afterward.
        Now, every year, I read up on the “effectiveness” of the current year’s flu vaccine. I have opted out of every flu vaccine since then. Your assessment of the annual flu vaccine’s effectiveness is brought to mind when I admit my patients to the hospital with diagnosis of flu positive, and I ask them, “Did you get your flu vaccine?” Most answer, “Yes.”
        When the covid vaccine is mandated, I will find a way to abstain. I’m sure there will be a very strong push to force everyone to accept it.


    • doc- I couldn’t agree more. AND PRESIDENT TRUMP SHOULD NEVER WEAR A DAMN MASK.

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    • doc- here is some great news about Covid that the Dem media doesn’t want anyone to know:

      “With a research review that indicates we have a treatment option that can prevent at-risk patients from becoming severely ill and widely available generic drugs that could have saved an estimated 5,000 lives in the U.K., the panic porn should be subsiding. But it is not. It is past time for President Trump to challenge his health experts and demand to know why these avenues are not being pursued.”

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    • thedoc00:
      Dr. Fucci?
      A better name, I believe, is Dr. Fudge-y.

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  7. hocuspocus13 says:

    “virus traveling the US”
    I guess it hasn’t made its pit stop at the Jersey Shore just yet!!!
    Live Bands on the Beach
    Restaurants Open
    Beach & Boardwalk Open
    Get a Room Open
    Shopping Open
    My Favorite…No Masks
    Out of State People here
    Everyone Happy
    …and the live band playing
    Teenage WasteLand
    Rumor has it that this “traveling virus” only travels to red battle ground states
    Happy 🍸 Sunday

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    • wondering999 says:

      “Rumor has it that this “traveling virus” only travels to red battle ground states”

      Well, if this virus can go anywhere it wants… I bet it hitches up with some kind of transportation to go where the fun is. Wouldn’t you?

      Liked by 2 people

  8. trumpetter says:

    Why are people continuing to get tested so much? Is this because they think they have it? I remember hearing about a meat factory that tested workers and a bunch had the virus. I thought big deal? If these people aren’t sick, then what is the problem?

    We should be clarifying who are the most vulnerable and encourage those to take extra precautions and then working on herd immunity. The so-called experts that are always wrong tell us there is no proof that if you’ve had the virus once, you can’t get it again, but do we have anyone on record that has gotten it twice? I’m betting the answer is no.

    Now with the summertime, this is when we should be goaling for herd immunity – it’s my understanding the strength of the virus is 40% less than last winter. You know, last winter when Trump was shutting down China travel and everyone called him a racist.

    Liked by 6 people

    • mallardcove says:

      I tested positive for antibodies. Haven’t had any flu symptoms for 18 months so I was completely symptom free.

      When I tell people I had it, people act like I beat 4th stage cancer. So many have been brainwashed to believe this virus is a death sentence and if you test positive you are on a countdown clock to imminent death. It boggles people’s minds that you can A) Get it without symptoms and B) Survive it

      Liked by 13 people

    • The American Patriot says:

      Numbers are getting reported late ON PURPOSE!

      Liked by 2 people

    • California Joe says:

      VP Pence just can’t say it:

      Millions of people without symptoms are being tested as a requirement to go back to work or to be admitted to a hospital for surgery or medical tests resulting in increased positives but the vast majority of those people are not sick!

      Liked by 10 people

    • thedoc00 says:

      As long as the the media is able to foist Rate of Infection = Number of new cases with no push back, testing samples will continue to increase as needed and CASE declaration criteria continue to expand as needed.

      Mathematically, they have already surpassed the number of tests needed in each sample to derive an infection rate with a very high degree of confidence. There will always need to be testing as there is with every virus but in allot smaller sample sizes. Now democrat states and local democrat owned municipalities will continue to demand more tests while the criminals at CDC will gladly oblige to pump up their phony baloney importance.

      This is what was meant by “the two edged sword of testing” described by the President. Only the CDC and NIH can stop it now. That means Dr. Fucci and Dr. Bix need to fired, literally, for incompetence and replaced by medical people with epidemiologists in the support role.

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    • Mist'ears Mom says:

      Remember these are the same people who told us all that KiLIARy was going to win the election in 2016…

      Liked by 5 people

    • thebigharry says:

      My guess is that a large portion of the testing is due to contact tracing.

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  9. Magabear says:

    Dickerson is using the standard leftist tactic of trying to put conservatives in a lose/lose situation. If VPMP refuses to say “BLM”, then he’s racist, but if he does say it it’ll make his base mad for caving in. Pence did the right thing by not taking the bait.

    As for COVID, they’re forming street gangs of coronas that will show up unannounced at any neighboorhood they wish…..except for streets already filled with BLM crowds, coronas don’t attack leftist approved gatherings.

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    • benifranlkin says:

      VP and Abbott press conference in Texas today. Birx and Carson also there. I didn’t hear the press ask what changed 2 to 3 weeks ago that caused the spike in Coronavirus in Harris county (Houston) among 20-40 year olds, with some comorbidities (obesity, diabetes) now in the ICU….hmmmmm…George Floyd protests and funeral, anyone?

      Liked by 6 people

      • Sammy says:

        Odd that we massive protests throughout the country and almost all up swing in numbers are young people in cities that protested and in POC coummities But everyone is just ignoring it.

        This hack at CBS lies like crazy. Europe opened later.. Since Europe is continent what countries opened later, because besides the Uk every country actually started opening the same time late April beginning of May. Almost all do not mask requirement. Austria did at first and now they end it, Austria that began open mid April by they way.

        Liked by 5 people

        • The Gipper Lives says:



        • “Europe opened later..” This talking head keeps blaming ‘opening too fast’ when in fact parts of Europe and states in the USA never closed. Some states and European countries had very little death and epidemic from WuFlu and are not seeing any problems now. The panic seems to be in the minds of the losing leftists.


      • The American Patriot says:

        The Scarf Queen got canned by Trump so she makes P-B-A pretending she still has a job.


    • Big Jake says:

      Black lives matter, white lives matter, red lives matter, police lives matter…


      Unless you are a murderer or child rapist, then perhaps not so much.

      Liked by 2 people

  10. 4sure says:

    That scumbag Dickerson would never question a commie from the CPUSA,aka, dim party in that manner.

    We need to ask the fake news 24/7 when are they going to have Dementia Joe on for a live interview with no editing. Shame the fake news and Biden. Ask them is it because memory care facilities will not allow the press access to their patients.

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    • wondering999 says:

      Hmm. Can we pepper the fake news with requests, nay DEMANDS that they get our “favorite candidate Biden” out of his basement and to debate Trump on these “very important issues” (that Biden has totally garbled in his mind and mouth)

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  11. petszmom says:

    UGH, i couldn’t get past the ‘we are testing 500,000 a day’. I live in a tourist town and this testing/virus has completely devastated my town. Mandatory masks, shut down of river rafters, tubers, people fighting, etc. That is our business. Bars and restaurants struggling. I am bashed daily by people I thought were my friends for not being compassionate because I don’t care about 120K people that died. I am also stupid or not knowing the FACTS because I don’t watch the news. I have to fight at my gym because of my disability I cannot wear a mask and the anxiety exacerbated my condition. There is a constant barage of breathless, white knuckled reporting about the latest infections in our area. Luckily, I have a voice and fight back but it is very stressful. I have joined a KeepNBOpen FB page and we are protesting downtown July 4 since they took our parade and fireworks away. The toll is incredibly high. Gov Abbott no longer has anyone’s backing, unless you are a RINO. He is bashed daily and he deserves it. Thanks VP Pence for allowing the two quacks to ruin our country. And please, for those that will call me a troll because I am not a sycophant, go right ahead, won’t bother me.

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    • sDee says:

      Sounds like you are willing to fight for what your friends are willing to give up. Carry on!

      Globalists wear elephant suits too.

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      • petszmom says:

        Actually, our country is truly doomed. I fought for myself because of my disability. I called the city atty and she explained my exemption to wear a mask. At the gym, the owner said, and he is a great patriot: Ok, now you fought for yourself, how about you fight for all of us now!!!! yessirree, I have to do it for him. Same for the Facebook keep our town open page. All talk, more and more talk about we shoulda, coulda, must, need, woulda. As soon as I mentioned we have to get committees together to have different people talk about their areas of expertise and go before the city council to make our demands the white noise is all I got. I think there are plenty of knowledgeable people on statistics, medicine, economics, etc…but NO ONE has stood up. I am tired of fighting alone. I did it for 5 years and all I got was TALK.

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        • petzmom- I totally identify with your comment because for many years I have been a local activist for our taxpayers. 25 years ago we had hundreds of people in our groups who were active, went to meetings got out the vote, put out newsletters, etc. etc.
          Today all those people are either dead, retired or gone from NY for good.
          I even tried running for town board last year as a Libertarian (forget about the GOP- they would never support me because I’m too conservative) and lost to a candidate who was like Biden. He was a board member under investigation for insurance fraud and he never showed up to the town meetings nor did he campaign.
          He got 2000 votes just because he had an R after his name.
          At this point nobody wants to help carry the message.
          They still want people like us to do all the work. There is one very large FB group from upstate NY that I have joined and they seem to be actually having demonstrations, etc.
          I have pretty much given up on my own town and county.

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          • petszmom says:

            wow, 25 years is a long time to carry the burden alone. I began with animal welfare activism around the late 90s and got more accomplished there in a few short years than we have as conservatives in 5 years. I see it here and just cannot stomach the vapid, insincere comments about WE ARE PATRIOTS, we have to take a stand, we have to vote them out, we are winning, on and on. Actually, NO. ALL TALK, no action is NOT WINNING. Surrounded by weaklings, I have decided I am going Independent. Just stay neutral because no one has my back. I am sorry about your experiences, it can be very lonely. I hope you find another purpose.

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            • ms doodlebug says:

              Sadly, your experiences are not unusual. We often find that the people who said they were behind us are behind us alright – a mile behind us.

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              • petszmom says:

                I agree. I am not going to count on saving our country. So sick of all the blather about patriots fighting. No one is fighting, just TALKING. Along with limp politicians and cowardly conservatives we have to accept the facts with certainty.

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                • ms doodlebug says:

                  Don’t be discouraged. It may feel like no one is fighting, but many 𝘢𝘳𝘦 fighting. Even in our military, most do not fight on the battlefield. Most are quietly working in the background, supporting those on the battlefield. 𝓦𝓮 are working in the background in this battle. Our job is to support our Commander in Chief. We do that by donating what we can to elect those who will fight with PDJT, with us, by telling others the good things he has accomplished, sharing with others what we learn here at the CTH, and from other sources, by letting our Representatives and Senators know what we expect from them (or else), with our votes in November to re-elect our Commander in Chief…

                  President Trump did not run for the Presidency to fail. He knows what we do not know, just as those on the battlefield don’t know what their Generals know. Before he lets our country be destroyed, I truly believe he will put it 𝘢𝘭𝘭 on the table for public view and let the chips fall where they may. We still have months to go and miles to travel but we will reach our destination on time and together.


        • sDee says:

          Only 20% of colonists supported independence and opposition to the tyranny of the British crown. Only 3% answered the call to arms.

          You are not alone. I have been battling local governments for over 10 years with just one significant win. Friends are few and far between. There are no accolades or recognition.

          In retaliation for my opposition to one municipal political machine I watched an innocent loved one handcuffed and taken to jail using evidence that was later found to be planted. This is not new and the awakening of America has just begun. The globalists have been at this for over 100 years.

          “I called the city atty and she explained my exemption to wear a mask.”

          Did you really think the city attorney would help you? You called your enemy asking for their mercy. You called the very person whose job it is to find ways for the City Council and mayor to crush you and you your Constitutional rights. You do not need their permission to not wear a mask. Any business that refuses services to you after telling them you are unable to wear a mask or, even asks you the reason you are unable to wear a mask, has just violated federal law. The city attorney knew this when you called.

          Read the attached link. It is form NC but I suspect there is similar legal maneuvering in your town or state. Be smart with one of these businesses owners, try to find a lawyer whose bread is not buttered by the town who can help you put that business owner in a legal bind between you and the town.

          Our state wide mask EO went in effect Friday here in NC. I simply say “I am unable to wear a mask”. The employees have been briefed and I can tell from their grin that they know exactly what I am saying.

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          • petszmom says:

            Thank you for your reply. I enjoy reading comments from all over the U.S. I probably didn’t make myself clear. I called the city atty to tell her I had a disability and couldn’t wear a mask. She advised that the ADA protects me and the business cannot ask further questions. She added, if you are refused entrance get an atty and you will win because you were discriminated against. She said no more than a letterhead type communication should be needed. My HEB grocery store has a store policy that no one is denied entrance or approached about masks. They offer you one but I politely declined. I don’t tube or raft and very little to do other than parks for dog walking. I think I’m good. My gym understood but I stood firm, they hadn’t read the order or had any knowledge about anything. By Friday I just walked in. If I am in need of an attorney I will go find one in Austin, where militancy rules…lol.

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        • The American Patriot says:

          That’s a warning for Debbie Downerism.


        • GB Bari says:

          It’s the old 80/20 rule (Pareto principle) that applies to human initiative as well.

          20% of the people do 80% of the work.

          Always was; always will be.

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    • Sammy says:

      I will more than happy to call you a troll. Talk about bs. Have disability so can’t wear a mask 😏but have to work out at a gym, can’t work at home??. Looked up that FB page doesn’t exist.

      Parks aren’t closed down, either is out door rafting. No state is at max restaurants captivity, they either still closed down, never closed down or at 50% to 25% so whining about Texas is 50 % is just trolling.

      The whole world is struggling, I live in Canada and restaurants in my province are still closed open down besides when bars will ever open. Retail stores are still closed.

      Thank god you don’t live in a democrat run state instead be ungrateful whining troll. Where everything still most closed but they support mass gathering for every leftwing cause.


      • petszmom says:

        Wow, your intelligence is underwhelming. The page is called KeepNewBraunfelsOpen and i was INVITED to join. Can’t help it if you can’t find it. And with a 1RM on a 135 lb deadlift I need a gym floor in case I drop 140 manana. I am 65, weigh 100 lbs, and without heavy barbell training I can’t get through my day. Our outfitters, tubing, rafting etc have been shut down but if you have your own tube and can find an in, go for it. The problem is getting out because our city’s finest are being used to keep you from exits. Good luck up in Canada, you sound like YOU need a gym with all that pent up anger. I appreciate your concern, very touching.

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    • the phoenix says:

      God bless you, petszmom.

      You sound like a patriot to me.

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  12. The American Patriot says:


    Why don’t you take your fear mongering and shove it up your arse!

    And your favorite doctor got his arse fired by Trump

    LEARN HOW TO REPORT THE NEWS!, but since you host the program called DEFACE THE NATION, I see you don’t give a 🤬!

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  13. trapper says:

    “Dickerson describes COVID-19 as an omnipotent virus traveling the U.S. while monitoring people, independent of human interaction, awaiting the opportunity to strike…
    …”the virus can go wherever it wants.”…
    This silly framework helps maintain fear. You see, in the Dickerson virus narrative you have no control; you have no freewill; the government must defend you from yourself.”

    Do you see it yet? It’s a ghost story, a Hiollywood movie. The enemy is this unseen phantasm that we keep at bay with masks and … ahem … the proper woke frame of mind. A “Black Lives Matter” T-shirt can ward it off, like a cross against a vampire. And the “experts” they trot out are little more than voodoo priests, telling us to hide inside our huts and chant. Hey, if you can convince people “the planet has a fever,” that the seas will rise 50 feet in 12 years and end the world, and Fred can just put on a dress and lipstick and magically transform himself into Wilma, then I suppose you can successfully peddle this to the sheeple as well.

    So, just like probably around 100 million other Americans, I wear my mask, keep my distance, and bide my time until November when I will crawl through hurricanes and broken glass to go vote for Trump.

    Trump Landslide 2020

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    • annieoakley says:

      Anthropomorphism is attributing human characteristic to a a strand of RNA! Pence and whiny Dickerson need to get a grip.


  14. Kitty-Kat says:

    If they continue to publish polls like that throughout the campaign, it means that they will be super-super shocked when President Trump wins bigger than last time.

    Election night 2016 Redux++++++++

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    • KItty-Kat says:

      oops … posted this post in the wrong thread.

      It was supposed to be in the Maria Bartiromo thread where she worried out loud about crazy poll results.


  15. Patriot says:

    There is only one objective: Re-elect DJT in November. All else doesn’t matter as they are purposeful demoralizing distractions away from the BHO/Axelrod purpose. This interview is a distraction.

    First and foremost: Attack the BHO/Axelrod strategy which is to keep Biden hidden and let Trump beat himself in the battlespace of public opinion.

    Therefore, Biden must be forced out of his bunker and into the open at all costs so that it is he who draws fire. Until then, PDJT will continue to take rounds from all directions – even friendly fire – and it’s impacting.

    POTUS surrogates, we must redirect national negativity toward Biden. Force Biden by any and all means out of his bunker into the Colosseum to face the lions. Shut the escape gates. No virtual convention. No virtual debate. No more Zoom interviews. Public appearances mandatory. No mass mail in voting.

    Attack the enemy’s strategy. All else is a distraction. Below is an example of how to charge head on into the fray.

    On 8 June 2004 then First Lieutenant Christopher Niedziocha’s convoy came under heavy rocket and small arms fire in an enemy ambush near the village of Sandabuz, Afghanistan. Niedziocha pushed his vehicles through the kill zone as far forward as possible to confront the enemy’s main ambush site. With his vehicles caught in a crossfire, he led his Marines from the front by engaging enemy positions with devastating heavy machine gun and small arms fire.

    Niedziocha aggressively engaged the enemy at a distance of less than 100 meters and negated the enemy’s advantage of standoff and surprise. Seeking to regain the initiative, he led his Marines in a bold flanking maneuver, trapping some enemy forces who were later found and eliminated, causing others to break contact. He then led his Marines in pursuit of the fleeing enemy, neutralizing the remaining enemy forces with direct fire and close air support.”

    For his bold initiative and decisive action, Niedziocha was awarded the Silver Star.

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  16. Pew-Anon says:

    It’s a literal common cold virus. It’s not a death sentence. Just catch the stupid thing. Then we’ll all be immune. Sheesh.

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    • ImpeachEmAll says:

      Either sarcasm or ignorance, exemplified… 😉


    • Mist'ears Mom says:

      Completely correct, just like every other flu/cold virus that has the possibility of causing pneumonia in older compromised folks and miniscule others & possibly causing death.
      They just took the regular everyday happening that no one paid attention too before and propagandized it to instill the fear of death in every person that isn’t aware of the past.
      cold/flu & pneumonia have been lumped into the same “disease” category to inflate the numbers to scare people into injecting toxic poison into themselves by way of a “flu” shot making trillions for all those involved at the cost of the taxpayer & ins co’s.

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    • Pew-Anon:
      Uber- Communist- creep Dickerson seeks to equate Covid-19 with TB, or The Black Death. An absurdity!
      According to Virology 101, any respiratory virus that has community spread is IMPOSSIBLE TO STOP AND WILL RUN ITS INEVITABLE COURSE.
      Anthony Fauci could easily have made this point, but he didn’t, therefore his opinions are worthless.
      PS Dickerson I’m sure sleeps and bathes in his mask. Incredible how important these little accessories have become to the Communists all of a sudden! But of course , masks were not the magical objects they have become, as eminent expert Dr. Fauci had told us at the beginning, and how very different everything would have been if he had said otherwise.

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    • Kitty-Kat says:

      A lot of people probably die from pure fear of it.

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  17. ropala says:

    Biden’s health status is what Roosevelt would have called severe “collywobbles” in 1944.
    Trump on the other hand looks the picture of health Roosevelt’s running mate was that same year.

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    • wondering999 says:

      “collywobbles” what a great word, and to think I’d never heard it before. It refers to GI distress, apparently:
      “noun (used with a singular or plural verb) Informal.
      1. intestinal cramps or other intestinal disturbances.
      2. a feeling of fear, apprehension, or nervousness.”

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    • Jan says:

      & even though FDR lost the use of his legs from polio as an adult & wore leg braces, the press was told not to take pictures of him while he was sitting in a wheelchair. He did not want the public to know he was severely handicapped. So he was mostly filmed sitting down in chairs or on crutches.

      Just like creepy Uncle Joe–he &/or his handlers don’t want the public to know the depth of his dementia.

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      • benifranlkin says:

        Yes but FDR still had a brain until he had a hemorrhagic stroke and died.. Joe’s problem has always been his brain; he has never been very bright. Now he probably has a vascular dementia…like a multi infarct dementia chipping away at his cognizance and motor function day after day. Watch him walk. He hunches over to keep his balance and looks where he plants his feet to walk. Not good.

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  18. evergreen says:

    Someone needs to post historical daily deaths over the last 40 years–record high, record low, and average–every day. Then, beside those numbers, they can post the virus attributions.

    Only once those numbers can be assessed in some context can the regular citizen begin to understand how to relate to them.

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  19. samwise163 says:

    “There are things that gnaw at a man worse than dying” – Kevin Costner’s character in Open Range

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  20. bullnuke says:

    # of cases is the virus fear porn and all media is on the same page. Throw in mandatory masks (we just got that). The mask shamers are everywhere. Doesn’t matter that today could be one of the lowest death totals, probably less than 300 nationwide. Lots of cold anger.

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  21. Skeeball says:

    Hey John, why did you come into work today? Shouldn’t you have stayed home since March like everyone else? Why do you think your job is special and that you wouldn’t become infected while at work? Do you realize that without a shutdown there would be no ‘second wave’ as you call it? By the way, why aren’t you wearing a mask right now, were you tested this morning?

    I would have turned it around on him, but I don’t have the class to be Vice President either.

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  22. ImpeachEmAll says:

    Old info; however,

    would seem unknown
    to most CTH readers.

    Do yourself and
    your country you love
    a great favor… 😉

    Listen and Learn!

    Learn to Live and Be Alive
    in the presence of COVID-19.

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    • wondering999 says:

      Thanks Impeachemall. It’s a long video, about 45 minutes. I watched it, but most people won’t be able to get to it, especially without a description. Interesting stuff.

      (a) Speaker identifies Covid-19 as a bioweapon, not a disease after the usual pattern.

      (b) Why Horseshoe bats? (No one had ever explained this to me so I was very interested). Horseshoe bats are nocturnal, and produce Vitamin C by a different mechanism than animals that live in the daytime. This mechanism was of special interest to the bioweapons researchers because Covid-19 continuously monitors the Vitamin C level of blood in the horseshoe bat. If the level drops to a certain point, the virus can attack and kill the horseshoe bat, producing symptoms similar to scurvy, which are also seen in Covid-19 patients at autopsy. If the bat can quickly produce enough Vitamin C, the bat recovers.

      (c) Chaga mushrooms are a Eurasian variety that deliver Vitamin C effectively. Anecdotally, family members who cared for Covid-19 patients in China early on, in close contact, did not get sick if they were in the habit of supplementing their daily diet with sufficient Vitamin C. Went to look up more about Chaga:

      (d) There has apparently been a war of factions within PRC; Chairman Xi had to exert extra effort to get Vitamin C supplies to the PRC Navy? While another faction kept Vitamin C for their areas? Was it an attack on Chairman Xi?

      (e) There is a common bacterium that is found in vast quantities/overload in Covid-19 patients: Prevotella. I had never heard this before, although I wondered why the Kiryas Yoel doctor added an antibiotic (azithromycin) to his Covid-19 cocktail of Zinc and hydroxychloroqine. Went to look it up Prevotella + Covid-19:

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      • ImpeachEmAll says:

        You seem to be the lone wolverine
        of the CHT members. Good on ya!!

        Note to wondering999:
        The title is just above the link.

        Learn to Live and Be Alive
        in the presence of COVID-19.

        It references Sundance’s words ;
        Note to self…. There is something worse than dying, it’s called not living.

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  23. Nigella says:

    So Dick-erson lived up to his name

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  24. CM-TX says:

    “We’re able to do a great deal more *SURVEILLANCE* and community testing than ever before.”
    “…. And we believe by the end of this year, it’s likely we’ll have a *VACCINE*. ~Pence

    Well 🤬 YOU, Pence! You good for nothing, traitorous POS!!! May you soon go down with the rest of your lunatic cohorts like turds in a toilet!!! You SUCK you pandering GLOBALIST cuck! Oh & take your little “15 Days… no wait… 45 Days” cue cards of BS Carona-Cooties & stick ’em where the sun don’t shine, LOSER!! ……. 😤 “Hallelujah, holy sh!te, Where’s the tylenol!? [Chugs eggnog].

    Sorry folks, but I feel much better getting that out!!


    • California Joe says:

      Pence is useless! You might as well not have anyone advocate for the President’s decision to open up America for business and keep it open because Pence certainly doesn’t!

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  25. Raptors2020 says:

    The Illusion of Control is a common logical fallacy. For example, people who think they influence the outcome of sports events by wearing their lucky hat, and so on.

    The fantasy that permeable, loose-fitting cloth masks are a barrier to viruses is sweetly absurd. The true motivation for promoting their use was to give people the courage to return to life.

    For centuries people believed bad smells (miasma) caused disease. Ladies clutched perfumed handkerchiefs to their noses. I’m sure someone out there must be selling a magic perfume to sprinkle on your co-vid mask.

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    • mimbler says:

      Hmm, I reached a different conclusion. I think the masks are being pushed to -create- fear. Without them, people going about their lives would hardly think about covid. Seeing the masks everywhere, and depending on where you live being forced to wear one yourself makes it impossible to forget about covid when you leave your house.

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      • nimbler- here is the best article I’ve read about the masks. They are worse than useless:

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        • Senaca the Elder I am going to make a mask out of cheesecloth which is very loose material , since the stores want to insist you wear one to come in. With asthma, my breathing is already compromised so I will have a mask and it will protect me just as much as all those manufactured ones will, but at least I will be able to breathe!

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        • Ad rem says:

          Excellent article Seneca….thanks!

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        • sDee says:

          Excellent article. Seneca, I will add that I believe the masks are the element of this unending crisis that the government intends to use to drive legislation mandating we carry radio based digital identification.

          Photo ids like passports and drivers licenses are useless when everyone wears masks. An alternate ID will be needed. One that can be tracked and transmitted easily in a 5G world.

          Perhaps there will be some well timed event, (e.g. terrorist attack, mass shooting, serial murderer or rapist) where the government claims they are unable to solve/prevent because they cannot track down suspects whose identities are concealed by masks.

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          • SDee- I was in a quaint tourist town in NY today where I have a shop. We are about 50 miles north of the NYC which is where most of the tourists come from.
            It was hot and humid with temps in the 80s and I have never seen more people wearing the most unbelievable MUZZLES as I saw today.
            If the Govt. can convince these ass clowns to wear actual MUZLES on a hot summer day, then we better look out because they can convince them of ANYTHING.


          • 1nikao says:

            I think they will mandate yiu can never take off the mask unless you accept the digitally tagged covid vaccine.
            The media keeps trying to pretend as if people can “recatch” the virus after they’ve already recovered and that the antibodies don’t prevent you from getting the virus again, so unless you keep getting vaccinated & they can track you, then you won’t be “safe” to take it off.


      • Amy2 says:

        I agree. My husband and I work for the same large retailer (I am currently locked down at HIS store because I was filling in for a vacay when the lockdown came.) We did not require face masks, even though the county mandated it. (This little town mayor told the county to pound sand.) People would come in and feel normal and be so happy, and not pointing fingers at those who DID wear a mask.

        Last week, our company made masks a requirement for employees. I told my husband that this will only bring back the fear that the customers were just getting over and making sense of! BTW, 17 deaths in the county (which includes a college town/teaching hospital), ZERO deaths in the surrounding 3 counties. People are visual. Masks do not help them to see the truth!!

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    • sDee says:

      “The true motivation for promoting their use was to give people the courage to return to life.”

      That theory would require me to accept a false premise that the government wants us to return to work, or that it gives a single damn about any of us.

      It would also require me accept the false premise that the SARS-Cov-2 virus threat is as lethal as the government and media portray it.

      I would then have to accept as valid the case reporting numbers being manufactured and manipulated by the government.

      All of that would require me reject my entire life experiences with government, and to suspend any semblance of reason and critical thinking.

      I’ll go with Sundance on this one.

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  26. theoldgoat says:

    What doesn’t make sense to me, regarding the polls and the Presidential approval numbers is they don’t seem to agree in terms of where President Trump is compared with Obama at this same point in time in approval numbers, and yet Biden is garnering the polling that Obama did with Romney.

    These poll numbers are far too similar to what we saw the last time. I have a hard time believing that swing voters would take a look at Biden and think he is mentally capable to even get dressed most mornings, let alone run a country. There is no enthusiasm for Dementia Joe. His VP is more likely to be put in office long before the end of a first term should Biden “win” – with the help of massive fraud.

    I also think back to Romney’s rallies, they were big affairs, far bigger than anything Obama had going on, yet Obama had communities turning out in over 100% numbers to see him elected, both times. I don’t put a lot of faith in a true vote any more than I put faith in these polls this far out. I see the polls as a means to justify the fraud.

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  27. Gunner says:

    On yeah, forgot…marching in the streets has quieted down. Back to the pandemic. And, thank the good Lord all the mask-wearing in our great Republic has put a stop to it.


  28. CoffeeBreak says:

    Wow. Vice President Pence did so well, here. He didn’t allow himself to get cut-off or interrupted.

    John D., on the other hand, is garbage.

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  29. ropala says:

    President Roosevelt suffered from many illnesses in his last go-around in 1944. His collywobbles according to the book Presidential Campaigns by Paul Boller were a result of sclerosis, heart problems and bronchitis, and he had to lie down frequently, avoid the press (and his running mate for the most part), and keep his appearances to a select few. Imagine Trump and Biden side by side. It would look like Truman and Roosevelt seated at a table during that year. Truman looked like Roosevelt’s son, yet Truman was just slightly more than 2 and a quarter years younger than Roosevelt.

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  30. Rick says:

    If we don’t address the issue of faulty coronavirus testing, they’ll be able to perpetuate this illusion as long as they want.

    Current coronavirus testing uses RT PCR testing. According to the inventor, these tests cannot distinguish bacteria from viruses, cannot isolate viral strains nor can they differentiate between live and dead viruses.

    The human virome is made up of 80% viruses. There are trillions of viruses in the ocean alone. viruses are a part of biological life. Running away and hiding from them is futile.

    The focus should be on living a stress free life, eating clean foods free of toxins like glyphosate, getting adequate nutrition and exercise. That prevents the viruses from taking over and destroying your health.

    That’s the way God designed it, that’s the only way to good health.

    Mike Pence: “We’re able to do a great deal more *SURVEILLANCE* and community testing than ever before.”
    “…. And we believe by the end of this year, it’s likely we’ll have a *VACCINE*. ~Pence

    For so called Christians like Mike Pence to promote vaccines, that just shows he doesn’t know God at all. To call virus surveillance a good thing shows he doesn’t know the Bill of Rights, either.

    Very disappointing.

    Trump better wake up! I’d pull Pence off the COVID-19 ASAP!!!!!

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    • wondering999 says:

      When I looked at your link, I got a 404.
      Tried again:

      Basically the link gives the history of PCR test and its inventor, Kary Mullis. “In the early 1990’s, PCR, (Polymerase Chain Reaction) came into popular use, and Kary Mullis was awarded the Nobel Prize for it in 1993. PCR, simply put, is a thermal cycling method used to make up to billions of copies of a specific DNA sample, making it large enough to study.”

      The problem is that the PCR test gives something like 80% false positives! Lordy.
      End of the article:
      “…in conclusion, finish this sentence: “The PCR test for Corona is as good as…
      “It’s as good as that Scientology test that detects your personality and then tells you need to give all your money to Scientology. “

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    • vigiles24 says:

      They are politicians, and they go with the narrative that is presented to them. There is no way you would stay in office if you didn’t do what they did and say what they did during this crisis. This was never about the virus or people getting sick and dying. It was a political trap the left laid out for this administration. If you had been in their shoes, you would have walked right into it.

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  31. zurizara1 says:

    Is it possible that the heat in Arizona, Texas tends to keep people in indoor A/C facilities and homes? Thought I read that being cooped up indoors is worse than staying outdoors in the sun.

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    • Rick says:

      Yes, buildings like homes are breeding grounds for germs and viruses, so is cold and damp. Sunlight is the best disinfectant, as Sundance likes to say. Ultraviolet light from the sun kills viruses quickly. There is a company called Cerus that cleans the blood supply from donors with HIV and other viruses/retroviruses using ultraviolet light.

      Liked by 3 people

    • Magabear says:

      That’s a point Alex Berenson has made. HVAC systems not cleaned regularly are perfect hosts for viruses to breed in.

      Liked by 3 people

  32. paintbrushsage says:

    I cannot believe VP Pence interviewed with John Dickerson again. The last time it was the — did Flynn talk about sanctions– trap (January 15, 2017). Pence didn’t make any major missteps in the interview, and is calm and reassuring. His delivery is better too. He speaks quicker. I noticed that at the last Trump rally.

    Liked by 7 people

    • jeans2nd says:

      My words exactly, except you said them better then i, thanks!
      Wouldn’t you think VP Pence would have learned from his first foray into CBS?
      Gee wiz. The headlines are being written as we speak.


      • iwasthere says:

        Dickerson was certainly loaded for bear, with his fake sincerity, such a jerk to the VP. Pence did great, never took the bait. I guess you know you are killing it, when they keep interrupting.

        Liked by 5 people

  33. SanJac says:

    If a Demorat was elected tomorrow this Kung Flu would disappear like magic.
    The more you test people for something the more you’ll find people test positive but when you have a corrupted system like most health departments you get lies.

    Liked by 2 people

    • wondering999 says:

      SanJac, according to the article linked above about PCR testing, there are something like 80% false positives. ““Kary [Mullis] did not invent a test. He invented a very powerful manufacturing technique that is being abused. What are the best applications for PCR? Not medical diagnostics. He knew that and he always said that.”

      The fraudsters are so brazen, and so insolent, relying on public ignorance, the way a mom might tell her kid that she has a bottle of spray that will get rid of monsters under the bed. They truly think we are stupid. This is wild:


  34. Big Jake says:

    John Dickerson’s last name has two extra syllables at the end.

    What a rude, obnoxious, arrogant little tool.

    Liked by 1 person

  35. tunstavern says:

    Vice President Pence was outstanding!
    The interviewer, Dickerson, was losing his bloody hair as the interview continued.
    But, Mister Vice President … Mister Vice President …
    The Bongino rule, ladies. Everything is going to work out, bitches!
    I feel ya’ll are corporatists hoping that President Trump will replace Vice President Pence with Nikki Haley. The d(s) will not end their shenanigans here. Don’t allow your panties to get in a wad.
    Way to go Vice President Pence!

    Liked by 1 person

  36. stevew says:

    “John, John, JOHN! Look at me, look at my eyes and listen. The masks don’t matter, they don’t do anything as it relates to the spread of the virus. And note also that the new cases, surges, etc. do not correlate with states that opened or not. Let’s follow the science, John, and make our decisions accordingly.”

    Liked by 2 people

  37. Super elite covfefe999 loves her President! says:

    Pence makes a VERY important point, that we are now testing people who have no symptoms. They don’t need care! They aren’t being hospitalized, they aren’t dying. Aside from perhaps needing to heed advice to not congregate closely with other people, especially vulnerable people, nothing needs to be done!

    Liked by 1 person

  38. I have to say, Pence was excellent in the way he handled this interview. Good job.

    Then, my second point:
    So no one is making the connection between the increase in cases and the “peaceful” riots? I am sorry, but this is the elephant in the room. We all know it, but we cannot talk about it because you know we are ‘racists’.

    Liked by 1 person

  39. MagaMia says:

    Sundance, thank you for providing the transcript.

    I watched the interview but, until I read the transcript, I did not realize how well VP Pence handled the questions, the interruptions, the rehashed talking points and never let himself to be cornered, especially w/r/t the BLM slogan bullying.

    Pence was excellent at defending the President when Dickerson tried to tarnish him. And he frequently calls out a wrong premise to a question, which I think he’s learned to do from PT.

    It’s no wonder PT frequently praises Mike Pence. In 4 years they’ve mastered the art of how to beat the press.

    Liked by 2 people

  40. Cisco says:

    “For instance Dr. Fauci said…”

    Liked by 2 people

  41. T2020 says:

    Rod Serling: “Imagine a virus so intelligent, it travels the US to infect individuals on a private drone.”


  42. Magabear says:

    Well, WhuFlu cases rising in Minnesota. Trying to remember what happened a few weeks ago up there. 🤔


  43. vigiles24 says:

    Fake news journalist. But VP Pence was unflappable as ever. Trump made in an excellent pick in that man!

    Liked by 1 person

  44. Val says:

    By the book:
    «Hammering home the basics

    Oliver Darcy writes: Those of us who work in the news industry are very familiar with the basics of the virus and preventive measures that can be taken to slow its spread. But it’s important to remember that most people are not as plugged into the news cycle as we are and are, as a result, more susceptible to believing spin and misinformation. So what should journalists do? Hammer home the basics.

    For example, a popular talking point from the W.H. in recent days is that increased access to testing is the reason the US is seeing a rise in cases. People I know have made this argument to me as well. But while increased testing is likely a contributing factor to more positive cases, it certainly doesn’t tell the whole story. News outlets should explain this, showing charts of increased hospitalization rates to drive home the point that more people in certain areas of the country are in fact getting sick.»


  45. TwoLaine says:

    Texas, California, Arizona: All are states where they are importing positive cases from Mexico.


  46. TwoLaine says:

    Something else that isn’t being discussed here is that they keep calling them “new” cases. Who says they are new? For all we know all of these “new” cases are OLD cases. VERY OLD cases. Like pre-lockdown cases.

    Like Miami held a Super Bowl in the middle of the pandemic. I’ve asked this for MONTHS, “Has anyone done a survey of those who attended the Super Bowl yet to see if they are positive one way or another? Or any of the other large events during this time period before the lockdown? Like those who attended the parade for the winners after the Super Bowl? How about those who attended the Kobe Bryant Memorial?” There are tons of these examples.

    They have no way to date when these so called “new” cases became cases, unless a person has undergone MANY instances of testing over these last few months.

    So they are closing down businesses for what could have easily happened months ago. They are bat-sh1t crazy INSANE chasing their tails.


  47. Spurwing Plover says:

    CBS the Communists Broadcasting System so why should we trust them anymore I quit the M.S. Media years ago


  48. gz9gjg says:

    John Dickerson keeps yapping, “But Mr Vice President” and at the end tries to get VP Pence to pledge allegiance to BLM, which VP Pence does not. An impressive performance.


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