President Trump Offers Assistance to Stop Mass Killing in Chicago – Letter to Governor and Mayor…

Chicago has been under Democrat political control for two generations.  The murder rate amid black communities is horrific.  No-one has done anything to stop the crime and violence and it continues to escalate.

Yesterday President Trump wrote a letter to Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker and Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot offering assistance from his administration:


It is likely the offer will be rebuked; and predictably both the governor and mayor will instead ask President Trump to send them more money.

Money will not solve the problem.  Hundreds of people are being killed in/around the majority black communities in Chicago because the city and state officials allow hundreds of people to be killed in the community.

If the crimes and killing in the Chicago area were actually unacceptable to the leaders in the Chicago area, they would stop it.  Yes, it really is that simple.

That is the unfortunate reality.

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208 Responses to President Trump Offers Assistance to Stop Mass Killing in Chicago – Letter to Governor and Mayor…

  1. GTOGUY says:

    Apparently, Ms. Lightfoot spends most of that money on hair cuts.

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    • tucker7518 says:

      Ms. Lightfoot is wasting her money.

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    • ZurichMike says:

      Mrs. Beetlejuice, you mean?

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    • Trust, But Verify says:

      So, is President Trump’s letter a prelude to federal intervention in Chicago, e.g., use of federal troops that so many have previously condemned?

      My understanding is that the president can’t just call up the National Guard; those troops are under the authority of the governor of each state,not the president.

      But under federal law, the president CAN use federal troops under certain circumstances.

      And if any city needed the use of federal troops, it would certainly be Chicago.

      Has President Trump just fired a shot across the Chicago Mayor and the Illinois governor’s bow?

      Will the president, after the mayor and governor’s predictable Leftist “resistance” bullshit, use federal troops to stop all the carnage?

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      • nimrodman says:

        No, federal troops are not the proper tool for Chicago

        My prescription is:

        – More prosecutors willing to actually prosecute

        – Long sentences for felons in possession of a gun

        – Stop and Frisk to catch felons in possession of a gun

        – Surveillance cameras to catch felons retrieving guns from potted plants and parked cars

        (there was a shootout last week caught on doorbell-cam that showed 2 or 3 guys each retrieving handguns from a parked car, shooting down the street, and then replacing the guns back in the stash car)

        – Plenty of prison space to house convicted felons; you’ll need to incarcerate maybe 10 percent of the population – whatever it takes

        – No pansy prison releases for dangerous felons, covid or no covid

        Oh – and

        – Untimely accidents for judges who won’t hand down convictions

        I’m available for consultation and strategy formulation on an hourly fee basis

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        • bertdilbert says:

          Trump did the proper solution. He offered help he knew would be refused. Their response to Trump will only make more people flee the state causing a further loss of the tax base

          After they bankrupt, everything will be on Trump’s terms.

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          • LivLovely101 says:

            So the city has received a gajillion dollars to spend and obviously they/she,? have not spent it well. What a shock. We DO know that she does spend time at the beauty parlor (evidently, not enough time), getting her hair cut AND styled. Maybe it’s a $500 haircut; the money must be going somewhere.

            How about this- it’s a bit old fashioned, but why not refuse to give her any more money unless she agrees that along with the money, will come Trump’s financial, LEO and civic consultants, to monitor how that money is spent along with better ideas on how to allocate it correctly. And if she isn’t willing to play ball, why not help some of the poorer families stuck in that hell hole, by giving them funds and assisting them to move. Why not? Give them a hand up, not a hand out.
            She doesn’t strike me as being too savvy when it comes to spending and managing the fiscal aspects of a big city. Heck, I wouldn’t trust her with my grocery shopping list and my book of coupons. I mean the woman can’t even find a decent hairdresser– or maybe she doesn’t own a mirror. I don’t usually comment on people’s looks, because it really adds nothing to the conversation, and to me, it just isn’t right (personally)….But she is nasty on the outside AND the inside, and is in a position, that I believe is far above her capabilities. And I believe that when politicians start using the f word and swearing in public, it just showcases their stupidity, their lack of political smarts and self awareness.
            She is just a mess- and I cannot even begin to understand or imagine why anyone, except her partner, would ever want to vote for her, even for dog catcher- I mean canine relocation officer. How do her voters, after looking at and listening to her as a candidate, get all excited, thinking wow-she is awesome! She’s a winner! And then finally, they get to cast their one and only vote, for that NUMBSKULL! Dang!

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            • Phil better says:

              I think the word you were looking for is……incompetence. Some people just can’t handle the job, but won’t admit it, making things worse.

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        • Duckandcover says:

          Sorry. This is not an answer. Police surveillance, gang infiltration, boots on the ground, and intelligence gathering, keeping tract of known offenders – CPD knows who they are but aren’t allowed to gather intelligence to nail them. Chicago has a camera on every corner but can never find out who the perps are. Nonsense. No will to try.

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        • cheewaawaa says:

          I grew up in Chicago. 50-60 years ago the residents of low income housing that used to border the Dan Ryan Expressway would be shooting at each other – across the multilane high speed expressway. I had friends that arrived home with bullet holes in their cars. NOTHING HAS CHANGED except the housing was finally torn down. All the violence is in the same areas since the 1950’s.


      • Tulips Moran says:

        The President doesn’t have to call in the military – he can merely declare Chicago a national security emergency and dispatch Fed Marshalls, Secret Service and other SWAT teams from various Federal Agencies from within the Executive Branch. This is what he did in Washington DC and the Dimwits were blindsided with the move – leaving them speechless. You didn’t hear much from MSM either did you? The action is totally under the authority and power of POTUS as executive of the Executive Branch.

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      • Hutch says:

        TBV’ the National Guard is the Governors military. The Governor can activate them for an emergence, but that cost the state money. A lot of it. The President can activate them and then the feds have to pay, and then the Governor has then just lost his military.


    • tsforex says:

      President Trump needs to state this from the Oval Office so all America can see these crack pots rejecting the offer!

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    • JJ says:

      Deviant Diva Dinge Douchebag… what did you expect?


    • jelly 34 says:

      This is what happens when you let DemocRATS run your cities.They turn them into $hitholes.


  2. Greg McKinney says:

    They sanction the herd-thinning. Abortion only works from the bottom end.

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    • Phil Bacon says:

      The 2018 FBI Unified Crime Report shows that over 2,900 blacks were murdered ny 2,600 other blacks (88%)

      It doesn’t look like black lives matter and, certainly, not in Chicago.

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      • Tulips Moran says:

        None of this is about black lives and their value – it’s planned, orchestrated and directed chaos intended to create anarchy and ultimately smear/damage PDJT before the election. The chaos will cause fear among Americans who foolishly will vote for mail in ballots – the last remaining means of fraudulent voting for the Dimwits. It’s all about control. The blacks unfortunately are being used as the village idiots.

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      • wilcox1919 says:

        The 2900 number is single victim/single-offender only. 2018 UCR indicates 7407 black murder victims out of 14,123 murders (52.4%).

        This is a staggering ratio considering blacks represent only 13.+% of US population.

        Incidentally, of the 7,407 black murder victims, 6,237 were male (84.2%).

        Interestingly, there were 8,957 total arrests for murder. 4,778 of murder arrestees were black (53.3%). UCR Expanded Homicide Data Table 6 indicates 89% of black murder offenders are male.

        So, you have black males, representing just 6% of the US population, committing 47.4% of murders. <<– Really think about this for a minute. This means that in 2018, murder victims were 8x more likely to be murdered by a black male than a non-black male.

        Needless to say, I applaud President Trump and his administration for calling out corrupt Democrat politicians on their negligence and corruption. The people of Chicago and other leftist controlled US cities deserve much, much better.

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    • nimrodman says:

      “They sanction the herd-thinning”

      Self-cleaning oven

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  3. Mr e-man says:

    Where is reality? It’s all politics. And lies.

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  4. Merkin Muffley says:

    Here is an enlightening article from nearly 10 years ago about Chicago politicians and the gangs:

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    • Your Tour Guide says:

      Thanks. I think this was one that I saw a long time ago.

      Helen Shiller was the one that I posted about earlier.
      Her son, that is also a lawyer, is still at it with defending
      GD perps and other worthies.

      Larry Hoover is the head of the Gangster Disciples. Mama
      Hoover, his common law wife, was with the Chicago Water
      system for quite awhile. Might still be.

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  5. 4EDouglas says:

    Black lives don’t matter to Dems-just their votes and it make no difference alive or dead. they vote anyway.

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  6. onekamaman says:

    They do not care – guaranteed!


    • Realist says:

      Oh the IRONY Oh the HYPOCRISY Oh the STUPIDITY of the most MURDEROUS and VIOLENT ethnic group in the USA whose YOUNG MALE MEMBERS, a mere 3 or 4% of the USA population who nevertheless commit OVER 55% of all the MURDERS and over 65% of all the VIOLENT crimes in the USA, according to published FBI statistics, and who preposterously are the ones playing the VICTIM CARD supported by ANTIFA ANARCHISTS and naive, gullible and deluded and utterly nauseating virtue signaling WHITE WIMPS


  7. Tony D says:

    Chicago is within an 24Hour Drive to most major US cities making it a financial hub for the cartel.
    Go after them financially cut them off at the source somehow make Chicago a cartels nightmare and the problem begins to solve itself. Even police in Indiana have special units that look out for certain cars because they know that those cars are transporting cash from drugs.

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  8. Donna in Oregon says:

    104 shot, 15 fatally, over Father’s Day weekend in Chicago
    Five children were among the 15 people killed, including a 3-year-old boy and 13-year-old girl killed in separate shootings in Austin on Saturday.

    By Sun-Times Wire Updated Jun 22, 2020, 10:02am CDT

    Text Message Urges Chicago Police Officers To Call In Sick, Limit Arrests In A ‘Blue Flu’
    By Dana KozlovJune 22, 2020 at 10:39 pm

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  9. ezgoer says:

    People get the government they deserve. The people of Chicago must be satisfied with their current situation because they keep electing the same or similar political office holders who will never change anything. Either that or they are voting Republican but the vote tabulation is rigged. Always a possibility in Illinois.

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  10. FreyFelipe says:

    It would be less difficult to make rivers run backwards than to get this depraved gove and even more depraved mayor to even give a tinker’s damn about their own citizens.

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  11. 1handsomeman says:

    Sundance is absolutely correct. Crime expands to the level society tolerates it. The Democrats allow the rioting, looting and gunfire.

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  12. 1handsomeman says:

    Sundance is absolutely correct. Crime expands to the level society tolerates it. The Democrats allow the rioting, looting and gunfire.


  13. Bo says:

    Excellent letter President Trump, but I would also recommend air dropping thousands of leaflets of your letter into the war zone, just as we have done in Iraq and Afghanistan. Too dangerous to just go and hand them out. Get the message out.

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  14. Mary Ann says:

    I would vow not another dime in federal funding until efforts are made.


  15. glissmeister says:

    CandyLand — perhaps the most notorious plantation in the south — was run by Democrats. Their successors, the modern day Carpetbaggers and Copperheads of today’s Machine Democrat syndicates and their cohort of radical leftists are doing the same thing in major American cities.

    They harvest the lives, the poverty and the tragedy. To harvest, they must first cultivate. Only by having done so can they divert incoming monies, governmental and philanthropic, and convert that into various forms of income for Democrat Machine insiders.

    CandyLand 2020. Machine Democrats don’t just allow rioting, looting and gunfire. They are there to cultivate it, monetize it, and harvest the money and the good will to get richer and more powerful doing so. Thus they treat the vulnerable no differently than they would an unwanted fetus parted out and sold to the highest bidder. Cuomo just gave quite the lesson sending the vulnerable elderly to their death in nursing homes when thousands of hospital beds laid empty to receive them. There are many forms of human harvesting; many ways to convert human suffering into personal wealth, power and career authority. Look how they prevaricate.

    There is no more hideous example of parasitic institutional behavior in American society than Machine Democrats and their leftist cohorts, with perhaps the exception of an enabling media, codependent foundations and the enabling academic/political community who are stakeholders in the status quo.

    And they rightly characterize it as Progressive.

    True. “Progressive” is where Stalin meets Mengele.

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    • Elle says:

      Well said. Many good comments. But when discussing harvesting misery, don’t forget the homeless.

      Funny how as we started importing millions of refugees who provided big funding dollars to churches and organizations who resettled them, the homeless population of ordinary Americans exploded. How does that happen? Because when Joe, who has a mild drug problem or is just a little crazy or both, loses his job, again, the safety net of section 8 housing, free clinics, and job assistance for guys like Joe has been completely overwhelmed. The refugee has a whole network of paid people to get them situated and get jobs and tax assistance, but Joe is alone.

      A walk through an inner city is a great visual of the abject failure of our government.

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  16. Alex Pazzo says:

    Lightfoot posted on twatter that she does not need help from VSGPDJT.

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  17. Ploni says:

    My first thought upon reading this . . .

    The White House should drop tens of thousands of copies of this letter via USAF helicopters on the entire Chicago metro area.


  18. Hopper Creek says:

    If law abiding citizens were legally able to possess firearms in Chicago, it would be like the James Gang getting whacked in Northfield Minnesota , 1876


  19. Susan Harms says:

    I am pretty sure that I read it on CTH— an account of how politicians in Chicago are in league with the gangs. The cant come down on the violence they will suffer retribution from the gangs.

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  20. Linus in W.PA. says:

    Mayor Groot = Mayor Lightfoot


  21. @ChicagoBri says:

    #Chiraq: 10 dead, 36 wounded in Chicago weekend shootings so far


  22. namberak says:

    “If the crimes and killing in the Chicago area were actually unacceptable to the leaders in the Chicago area, they would stop it.” Yep. And BLM would roll up its sleeves and get to work there, but as we know, that’s not what they’re about.


  23. Baron Ash says:

    I think it would have been more effective if he hadn’t insulted them several times. It gives them a good reason for rejecting his offer. If he had remained polite, then their refusal would have shown clear evidence of bad motivation on their part.


  24. DNM says:

    The problem with people fleeing Chicago and Illinois is that they bring there liberal politics with them to there new home state. Like people moving out of New York and New Jersey going down to Florida.

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  25. justsayin says:

    Elvis sang about it in the 60’s (In the Ghetto). Nothing has changed.


  26. sarsfield says:

    If u want a more detailed in the trenches view of what goes down in CHI read the 2nd City Cop blog written by CHI police officers.


  27. TheTruthHurts says:

    Trump should offer no federal assistance to local governments.


  28. Susan Rielly says:

    If they continue as is what will the White House do you STOP it? Enough is Enough


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