Supreme Court Rule 7-2 To Uphold Fast-Track Deportation of Rejected Asylum Seekers…

The Supreme Court has ruled 7-2 (pdf here) that asylum seekers have no right to a hearing when their claim is denied; and their deportation is in accordance with the law.  This is a major win for the Department of Homeland Security, immigration and border controls.

TRIBUNE – The Supreme Court ruled Thursday that asylum seekers who are turned down by immigration officials do not have a right to make their case to a judge, a win for the Trump administration and its desire to quickly deport people who enter the United States illegally.

The ruling was 7 to 2, although the usual undercurrents of an ideological divide on the court were present. Two of the court’s liberals dissented, and the other two agreed only with the outcome in the specific case.

Justice Samuel A. Alito Jr., writing for the majority, rejected a lower court’s ruling that the Constitution guarantees a “meaningful opportunity” for asylum seekers to make their case to a judge if they are turned down in an initial screening.

Alito said the system set up by Congress weeds out “patently meritless claims” and provides for quickly removing those making them. Most pass their initial screenings, he noted, but those who do not have no additional recourse. (read more)

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  1. Arrest Soros says:

    Clearly the US (along with the UK) has the most lax immigration laws in the World.
    Either the country belongs to Americans (who decide who comes to America and the circumstances in which they come) or the place belongs to everybody (meaning it belongs to nobody).

    How the immigration debate got to this state is bewildering.

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    • Gunny66 says:

      The Justices probably got an “ear-full” after that Transgender stuff

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      • rondonmonson says:

        No, I bet Roberts made a “DEAL” so instead of having to 5-4 votes, either way, he got a 6-3 vote and a 7-2 vote. Roberts is a clown show. If Thomas was the Cheif Justice Roberts wouldn’t be pulling all this BS. They know how to manipulate these people with articles in the WAPO & NYT.

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        • Missy says:

          Makes you wonder why Roberts was made Chief Justice, when he was so young and NEW TO THE COURT. Makes you wonder if he was seriously compromised FIRST, BEFORE he went to the court, and BECAUSE he could compromise the entire court with the authority of the CJ role? Why not Thomas, or Alito? Hmmmm….


    • negasht7 says:

      Agreed. But the unfortunate reality that “the country belongs to Americans (who decide who comes to America and the circumstances in which they come)” is tainted by the first generation Americans who were not raised as Americans but as hyphenated Americans who will increasingly decide that their people (other hyphens) should ALL be allowed in. They have little if any loyalty to the USA.

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      • petszmom says:

        I am one of those hyphenated americans. I dont agree that all ‘my people’ should be allowed in and my ‘hyphenated’ friends and family dont agree either. We have little loyalty to the USA? Wow.

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        • botchedcasuality says:

          So why keep the were hyphen?

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          • sixgeese says:

            I don’t think she actually keeps the hyphen; she just meant to say that she came here as an immigrant.

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          • sunnydaze says:

            I grew up in a heavily immigrant – populated town where EVERYONE was a hyphenated American.

            It. Was. Awesome. !!!

            Different cultures have different traditions, foods, customs , holidays, etc. and contribute to the richness of our American society. You are CONSTANTLY hearing foreign languages on buses and the street and at friends houses.

            I didn’t go to my Cuban Americans house for lasagna dinner, I went to my Italian American friends house for that.

            Christmas was The. Best. at the Swedish Americans. Mexican Americans made the best Mexican food – and as an extra bonus- moved the TV out to the front porch to watch on hot summer nites. LOL.

            If you want to celebrate Chinese New Years, you don’t go to your Irish American friends’ house. You all go to the Chinese Americans house.


            This melting pot we have here is fantastic and I do believe that the ONLY people who have a problem with the concept of “hyphenated Americans ” are people who grew up in the burbs or had no hyphenated Americans around them to learn from/enjoy.

            At any rate, you can all RELAX about this, cuz after a couple generations, they all become straight up Americans who have no memory of the Old Country and most no longer practise any of it’s traditions to speak of.

            For me tho, I Thank God I grew up as a Hyphenated American surrounded by other Hyphenated Americans.

            And I still love and appreciate having Hyphenated Americans in my life. From all over the World!

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            • ATheoK says:

              I grew up in a town, similar to where you describe, only we were part of the original suburbs far from the cit.

              You might have heard of it, the name is Levittown.
              A place where everyone lived in variations of the same small cheap house built within a few years.

              No-one had hyphenated names.

              Yeah, many families had homes where they spoke their original language and celebrated their country’s version of holidays.
              Nor was it unusual to discover your best friend(s) were of different religions.

              Many of those families and homes were antithetical to marrying and sometimes dating anyone who wasn’t of their religion or culture.

              Italians? Or anyone from strong patriarchal cultures?
              Their fathers ruled with absolute authority.

              Levittown itself did not really exist.
              The builder was Levitt.
              A central fire station and Post Office were named Levittown.
              Checking maps of that time, it was surprise us that our “Levittown” addresses were invalid as many of us lived in separate governing Pennsylvania townships. Only colloquially called “Levittown” by the residents.

              When I was older, I traveled to other states, other cities, other homes.
              Virtually everywhere had their own Italian, Chinese, Polish, Ukrainian, Japanese, German French, English, Czechoslovakian, Dutch, Sweden and even Russian enclaves. Identical to the various levittown households I knew, only slightly larger.

              Schools, Bars, religious centers, stores, shopping centers, government, etceteras were all intermixed and worked together.

              Most of the residents came through World War II severely marked by what socialism does to individuals and societies.
              All discussion was very much American and every family strove hard to learn English and American customs, or at least the customs of the times.

              The hyphenated names came decades later and were first introduced as people strove for a better social name for those of negro heritage. Frankly,
              I find African-American clumsy and prefer African, just as I still prefer Italian, Jewish, German, etceteras.

              This was followed closely by feminists demanding equal rights to keeping their maiden names after marriage. Personal choice and personal actions.

              The current modern craze for hyphenated names, descriptions, titles, personal choices are extensions of that “personal choice and personal actions”.

              Frankly, the modern craze seeks to organize and isolate groups of people who may have no other relationship other than their personal choice.
              Worse, each identity group sets standards they expect others to fully accept and perform or they’ll make pariahs of them.

              The multiple angry demonstrations are evidence of this societal decline. Demonstrations that are conducted under socialist banners and frequently subsidized by corrosive hyphenated anti-American and anti-Constitutional interests.

              It certainly does not improve or advance society. Not one bit.

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          • petszmom says:

            I am not the one that described my self as such. I am classified as a hyphenated category by the posters words. I go by Hispanic!


            • negasht7 says:

              Petzmom – i don’t know you, but if you’re on this site engaging in honest and uncomfortable dialogue then i feel compelled to make things right with you. CTH has been one of the few places i can “go” to be with people who love our country, which it seems you do.

              It doesn’t matter to me if you are hyphenated or not, but i did not put that label on you. To me, a person born in the United States is an American. My neighbors reinforce to their children that they are Mexican American. Mexico is not paying for their education. America is. Mexico is not providing their medical. Mexico is not creating the economy that provides opportunities for a good standard of living.

              The parents are Mexican because they were born in Mexico. They conduct themselves here culturally as Mexican. It’s not like it’s a few people who do that.

              Another poster, sunnydaze (who i often enjoy reading) described an upbringing with a great deal of diversity that was very much like mine. My daughter doesn’t get that experience because in the effort to be diverse and respectful of other cultures, my community has become homogenized. This isn’t accidental.

              We speak a common language so everyone from every part of the world who comes to call this country home can participate together. The American ideal is unity, which is not what you get when you cater to a specific identity.

              I drive past a Catholic church every morning. They have hand made posters on a fence referencing free groceries. It’s only in Spanish. Does this seem like they have a concern for all immigrants? You may feel it makes sense because the area is largely Hispanic, but i see it as the more you cater to a certain population the more you will attract it, to the exclusion of others. I see it with my own eyes and hear it with my own ears. It’s not everyone but it’s ubiquitous.

              You will be hard pressed to get a job in the social work field if you don’t speak Spanish. If you get a gig on a construction crew and don’t speak Spanish you will eat lunch alone. Again, i see this.

              In Corinthians, Paul is dealing with (my analogy) hyphenated Christians and the division it is causing. Slaves are making the Jesus movement a slave movement of liberation. Women are making it a women’s movement. You probably have heard people refer to Paul as a misogynist because he instructs women not to speak in church. To me this has nothing to do with gender, but that they are making the Christ community about their struggles and missing the larger picture of unity. he’s instructing them not to speak because they aren’t speaking the gospel of unity. By focusing on the things affecting them, they were reducing the cause of Christ to their liberation. The church in Corinth was fractured because of this (not specifically women but identity in general).

              What is being experienced in my community is not a Jesus movement. It’s a Hispanic movement that has corrupted the church. My 80 year old mother moved in with me and spent the last two years of her life with just me and my daughter as her social circle because when she would go to service on Sunday people only conversed in Spanish. She would get a greeting and people would go back to a conversation she had no hope of being a part of. I ended up driving 30 miles to take her to her old church. Neighbors didn’t switch to English for her to be included because many aren’t even near fluent because there is no need in their eyes when they can press 2.

              I don’t begrudge people who come here to experience the American dream, but unity has a cost because it has a value. Again, i see how the prime in my community conduct themselves and in ever increasing numbers the culture is drifting further from American to Hispanic. The diversity sunnydaze rightly praised will not happen in a generation or two as sunnydaze optimistically described and the kids are not more American than other Americans. They are taught and elected to defer to Hispanic (mostly Mexican here) culture. They are not taught America is great by their families and the schools are the epicenter (along with the church) to uplift Hispanics and vilify America. My town is 93% Hispanic. I can verify that with my eyes and ears. That didn’t mean they are evil or lazy or criminals. It just shows me they gravitate to their own, which I’m not a part of.

              One final thing. My ex wife, a Mexican in the literal sense, will often say things to my daughter when she isn’t pleased with her about being white. Stop acting like a white girl. Ok white girl. It’s not meant to be cute and it bothers my daughter. Not am hyphenated Americans are like that, but please don’t pretend it didn’t exist and isn’t becoming moor prevalent.

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        • swampfox999 says:

          Sounds like you are an American and not a Democrat then since Democrats are for open borders and have stopped any attempts to stop illegal immigration and reform legal immigration. Welcome.

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      • sunnydaze says:

        Negash, that’s some pretty crazy stuff you just wrote there.

        Most of the 1st and 2nd gen. hyphenated Americans have more true American Spirit than the rest of us who’ve been here for generations and take everything for granted.

        Dang. That is some straight up foolishness.

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        • Jackson says:

          No, no, no.
          Asians vote majority Democrat.
          Hispanics vote majority Democrat. Even in Texas.
          Jews vote majority Democrat.
          In the last election, for the first time non- Hispanic Catholics voted just slightly Republican. Old political analysts used to call this group “the ethnic vote”.. they are basically the great great grandkids of the late 19th and early 20th century immigrants. Irish, Italians, Poles…

          The American Project has first and foremost been the work of the founding stock and their descendents, aka the WASPs, Dutch, German and some Scandi’s.

          We don’t have another 120 years to wait for Hindus, Muslims, Chinese, and Hispanics to get to the 4th American Project Supporting generation, and given the culture and educational system they might not even then.

          I probably have 80 Hindu work friends. Only one supports Trump! About 30 are pure Woke, SJW, virtue signaling. White people are racist Tards!

          Demographics is destiny. Exceptions don’t prove the rule.


        • negasht7 says:

          No it’s not foolishness. I didn’t say all first generation immigrants. I specifically said hyphenated Americans who weren’t raised to be American. Obviously, not all immigrants raise their family to put their former homeland first.

          I’m glad petszmom’s family is loyal to the United States. My family is loyal too. But certainly you all realize that there are plenty of hyphenated Americans who abuse chain migration, support illegal entry, believe “this used to be ours”.

          I live in an area where i can’t communicate with most of my daughter’s friend’s parents because even though they have lived here 10 + years they don’t speak English because they only socialized with their own. My community is a Hispanic enclave, with Mexican flags on the cars in the used car dealerships. You would have a hard time convincing me that is a sign of American patriotism.

          I moved into my place two years ago. My new neighbor came over and tried negotiating putting baseboard in my house. Rather than speak with me, he spoke in Spanish to my friend who is from Cuba. I didn’t even know he spoke English for the first 6 months i lived here. Mind you, he is fully capable of speaking English. Every crew that came in, painters, plumbers, electricians, hvac were Hispanic only crews. They stuck with their own.

          Again, not all immigrants are like this. But there are a great many who are and it’s extremely divisive. I like how Dinesh D’souza put it. America is multi-ethnic, not multicultural. From many, one. Not from many many.

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      • hagarthorrible says:

        In the 1600’s, North America was invaded by the English…they won; under the universal ‘rules of life’, the territory they conquered or purchased or stole was theirs. In 1846? the US and Mexico went to war…the US won; the Southwest was ours. Since that time, and especially since 1970’s, Mexico has been engaged in a quasi-invasion, but they have not yet been successful, we won; all of the historical land-mass of the United States is ours! We should not cede a square yard of our hard won sovereign soil…RESIST THE INVADERS!

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      • polk8dot says:

        In my experience, it has NOTHING to do with WHERE you came from, to become that ‘hyphenated American’. It has EVERYTHING to do with WHY you came here. Secondary to it, there is also the difficulty or ease of the process of being admitted. If you spend years waiting in line, paying fees, learning the language etc. your appreciation is completely different than someone’s who has just been plopped from their sh#THole and dropped off here without much sacrifice or effort on their part.
        I am one of those you would call ‘hyphenated’, even though I NEVER do. In my mind, in my actions, and in my heart I am, and consider myself, simply an AMERICAN .
        But you see, I came here from a former communist country, because the United States was always a shining beacon of freedom to me, and I wanted to be one of y’all. And that’s what I became. I worked hard, I contributed, and I never ever took a penny I did not earn. Whatever I have to show for myself, is only because this country allowed me the opportunity to accomplish it. My proudest moment was when I became a Naturalized American and renounced my former citizenship, 6 years later.
        That stands in stark contrast to those who come here to suck the system, the gimme-grants, the ‘refugees’ brought in by various UN agencies, and the illegal invaders, who all see the weakness of our politics, the stupidity of our ‘leaders’ and the cowardice of our populace, shirking the responsibility to stand up for itself, and decide to take advantage. Those are the ones that keep to their culture, their customs, their language, their community, their race, and their religion, deliberately eschewing all that makes this country great, that gives it its American SPIRIT.
        People who come here because they LOVE AMERICA will never look approvingly upon others breaking our laws to get in, and never “decide that their people (other hyphens) should ALL be allowed in” . Simply because those people are NOT “our people” anymore, Americans are.
        So do not make such broad generalizations, please, because you are judging the issue very unjustly and through a very narrow lens.

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        • GrandpaM says:

          #Metoo polk8dot, me too. And I never have been one of those hyphenated.

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        • hagarthorrible says:

          Polk…you are misunderstanding these posts…you seem to follow the Leftist line; We the People are speaking of ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION…this great nation has always held the door open to LEGAL IMMIGRATION…sometimes more, sometimes less, but the door is always open!


      • gigi says:

        Good point. Hyphens get on my nerves. And to be honest, “first generation,” “second generation” confuses me. Nevertheless, if these first-, second-, or any generation hyphens (and their hyphenated predecessors) have a beef with USA (!) why don’t they get out of our beloved Country and go back to their hyphen of origin? Just sayin’.
        p.s. I don’t think your comments were foolish.


      • granitej4 says:

        If they can fluently speak the language no one would know or care if they stated. It’s the ones that cordone themselves off and refuse to interact unless it’s in Spanish that I think you’re talking about. They seem entitled like we owe them something.

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    • hagarthorrible says:

      A nation without borders is not a nation…it is a ‘blob’ on the map! Secure our borders; deport illegals…

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      • hagarthorrible says:

        a side-bar story…Americans have no recourse under US law to recover damages when seriously injured or otherwise harmed by a ‘southern visitor’…they cannot be sued in US courts because they are invisible and they are highly mobile. I was ran down as a pedestrian by a speeding (drunk or high, the NMSP didn’t care) illegal driving at 75 mph. My economic losses were in excess of $3.5M and uninsured medical costs over $2.5M. I tried 3 different law firms but nobody was successful in recovering even $1.00! These illegals are completely bullett-proof under US law…and there is no ‘safety net’ for citizens!

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        • Rj says:

          A vast majority of illegals do not have insurance and when they are involved in an accident they are let go by police. If you get into an accident without insurance you will be prosecuted and if someone dies it will be manslaughter. Illegals go free on most occasions without charges and they kill and walk free. Over 26.5 million have invaded at a cost of over 265 billion a year and we don’t matter to anyone.

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          • William the Comptroller says:

            Ask a Democrat open-border kumbaya feminist Marxist who Sarah Root of Council Bluffs, IA was and you will get a blank stare. Very sad case made WORSE by STUPID JUDGE! She is now pretty much forgotten even though this was just a couple of years ago…


        • JCM800 says:

          Thank you,
          I’ve been preaching this for years.
          Build the Wall
          Deport them All


    • Bill Durham says:

      Conservatives have been losing their mud over some of the last couple decisions. Calm the eff down. Roberts threw a couple of meaningless bones to the liberals. In the DACA case, they agreed down the line with Trump. A small process fix will solve that and it only effects 700,000 people. A nothing burger. In the sex discrimination case, that crap has already been in most states and companies anyways. Another nothing burger. But that case sets up a really cool battle between real female sports with the freaks who identity as women but still have a pee pee. My neighbors are SJW and have a daughter track star. She is now getting blown off the track by a couple of 6’3″ 215 pound black dudes from the inner city who compete in highschool girl’s track. They both have packages but can compete as girls. These black “girls” look like Bo Jackson circa 1987. Anyway the liberal parents are losing their minds because Tiffany is not getting a scholarship now. The sight of these liberals going nuts over Black transgenders is so awesome. I stir the pot every time we get together. The mom almost used the n word. Liberals are such phonies. The liberalism goes out the window when it effects their own lives.

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      • botchedcasuality says:

        How will you feel when a Trans is teaching your grandchild?


        • Bill Durham says:

          The state of Massachusetts already allows trans to teach. It was already going on. Heck, the state is paying for the surgery of trans prisoners. That ship already sailed


      • MACAULAY says:

        I really like this post, but can’t do “likes” for some reason. Love to hear about liberals getting a dose of their own policies.

        But, I particularly agree about the Supreme Court case on DACA. Seems like the Court did Trump a favor by putting off a brouhaha over that until after the election—no one of them was going to get deported anyway—unless they raped or killed someone, and maybe not then.

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      • Joshua2415 says:

        Re. the supreme courts ruling on the 1964 civil rights act…
        So the fact that nine unelected lawyers with lifetime appointments can write new laws for a nation of 330 million people without any input from their elected representatives doesn’t concern you in anyway?


      • NJMAGA says:

        Liberal hypocrisy is so blatant yet they don’t see it in themselves (or do they?). I would be enjoying watching that too.


      • BitterC says:

        Enjoyed your post….BUT, it is not “only 700K”. These kids have 2 parents and Lord only knows how many brothers, sisters, aunts.uncles, and grands. Not only that, the 700K figure is as of 2012 I think, so there are 8 more yrs worth of “dreamers” that will no doubt be included and there will be nothing to stop the continued flow afterwards.

        The DACA ruling was pure garbage. Obama had Jeh Johnson do some rule chg to create DACA. Trump should be able to undo those rules, period

        As for the homosexuals and trannies, it was gross over reach on the court’s part to essentially re-write title whatever


        • Missy says:

          There’s a way around that, which will call the Dims’ bluff, if the Prez will only do it. This will be for LEGAL RESIDENCY, NOT CITIZENSHIP. Ever.

          1) Re-establish vetting requirements, as so few were vetted originally. Any commission of a felony, adjudicated or not, is grounds for denial and deportation. No appeals. That includes use of a SS# not that of the applicant, signing a falsified I-9 under penalty of perjury, or using a living person’s SS# (identity theft). Include the same requirements Obama included, including disclosure of any and all SS#s used for employment, ever. Cross check with the SS & IRS for “no match” numbers.

          2) ALL parents of DACAs/Dreamers MUST BE DEPORTED, NO EXCEPTIONS. SOMEONE must be punished for creating this problem in the first place. It was a CRIME.

          3) Any income tax fraud is grounds for denial & deportation. Failure to file if one was earning income, hiding income, claiming fake children for tax credits, etc. Applicants must give a work history of their last three employers, with contact information. References MUST be checked. These people are ALL old enough to have been gainfully employed by this time. Any claims of EITC or Additional Child Credit on tax rerurns filed must be verified through several refernces that such child actually exists and is living in the US. If an applicant sent money by remittance in a year when he/she filed no tax return, he/she must prove that he/she was unemployed in that year.

          3) Automatically exclude anyone on any kind of public assistance, just as legal immigrants are excluded. If these people are iving in the same household with anyone on public assistance, that person must get off assistance before DACA forebearance is granted. They household must be free of public assistance for five years after forbearance is granted.

          4) No citizenship or sponsoring of family members to enter the US is permitted. Ever.

          5) Applicants who have served, or are serving in the armed forces, having completed, or will complete a minimum of four years, with honorable discharge if applicable, may be considered for citizenship. Nobody else. Children born while illegally in the US will not be cause for remaining in the US, and must not be on public assistance.

          6) All applicants must be willing to submit to a lie detector test, if requested by the US govt. .

          I guaranteee that this will disqualify 90% or more of these people. Most are parasites, and will perpetuate the lawless ways of their home countries. The remaining 5-10% might be contributors and decent people. We are giving them grace they do NOT DESERVE, and are in no position to complain about reasonable conditions to meet so they can stay.

          My two cents….


      • JCM800 says:

        “The mom almost used the n word. ”
        OMG…..The Shame……/s
        Non-Married parents?
        Not Motivated?
        Not Responsible?
        Not Restrained


    • jx says:

      It’s more that our laws are violated than that they are lax.


  2. barnabusduke says:

    I can live with that ruling… 😉

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    • cofvevern says:

      I support it. I’ve watched (on TV, video) as throngs of immigrants paraded to the US border, waving the flags of the countries they were supposedly fleeing. It was an insult to the USA. and it was all (caravans etc) sponsored by ANTI USA groups.

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  3. wendy forward says:

    This is a Big Deal–a VERY Big Deal.

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  4. CoffeeBreak says:

    This warms my heart. Hasta la vista, bye-bye, toodles.

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  5. Round’m up and ship’m out.

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  6. Michael Fox says:

    “Most pass their initial screenings, he noted”

    Well then, it sounds to me like a better class of liars end up in the Democrat Party, that’s all.


  7. Ed says:

    This is great, but I cannot help but wonder what happened to Roberts. With his recent record, I’d expect him to rule against the welfare of the country every chance he gets, yet he did the right thing this time. Unsettling, to say the least…

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    • fionnagh says:

      Maybe somebody got to him in a significantly bigger way than the other somebodies who had previously gotten to him. Or, put more simply, a bigger horse’s head was found.

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  8. Robert Smith says:

    I feel like they play a game where they know they’re going this way on fast track deportations so they took other stuff away.


  9. Kenji says:

    Only slightly off topic … but … Mexico is delivering COVID patients to my N. CA County Hospital… Our County Hospital in Contra Costa Co. (N. CA) is taking COVID patients from Mexico (patients who walk across the border to Imperial County).

    All of the numbers are LIES. We are not being told the “granular” truth about this latest outbreak … it is substantially coming from Mexico

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  10. MAGADJT says:

    I’m convinced that in today’s polarized environment, Roberts has set up a scheme where they trade votes on big cases. So he helps them win some and they help the conservatives win some. It wouldn’t surprise me to learn that he has turned the most solemn judicial function of our democracy into a barter system.

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  11. Mike in a Truck says:


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  12. Super elite covfefe999 loves her President! says:

    Sotomayor’s dissent: [G]ranting a stay pending appeal should be an “extraordinary” act. Unfortunately, it appears the Government has treated this exceptional mechanism as a new normal.

    She knows what’s going on, she’s not stupid, but she covers it up. The reality is that activist judges are issuing decisions against Trump’s policies that are SO egregious the Supreme Court can’t even uphold them. Look at this decision, only Sotomayor and the ghost of Ginsburg were willing to look stupid.

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  13. Perot Conservative says:

    Can we fire up some Military supply planes and reduce our holding cells “overcrowding”?

    And please, ship them back at least to Central Mexico… Guadalajara… NOT Tijuana.

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  14. Ozark says:

    A big win today, keep going Mr. President.

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  15. emet says:

    Asylum cases can become costly. Let me give you an example, although this type of thing is not unusual. A man arrived at one of our international airports, was referred to secondary because of inconsistencies in his story. It was determined he had lied on his visa application, and was processed for expedited removal.
    During the sworn statement he was asked (yes, the question is required) if he was afraid of retuning home. “Sure”, he said. This triggers a Credible Fear interview. Now he must be fed, cared for, and transported to the asylum officer.
    He failed the interview, and was transported to the airport for return home, but as he was being boarded he complained of chest pains and shortness of breath. He was treated by EMTs, and then transported to the hospital for hours if cardio testing, which was negative.
    He was again transported to the airport, and outbound travel arranged. As he was being boarded, he complained of abdominal cramps, and was tended to by EMTs, then again transported to tge hospital for more tests and examination, which was negative. After about a week of tying up critical resources and a staggering hospital bill (paid by us), he was boarded for his journey home.

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    • Robert Smith says:

      Unfortunate, but less costly than supporting him when he’s in here.


    • roguedo says:

      These phony asylum claims game can go on for decades.
      – If an alien is found at entry Illegally entering the country he is issued an expedited Removal order. The alien will then claim fear and have to be interviewed by an asylum officer from CIS (benefit side of immigration and very liberal ). These asylum officers find credible “fear” in about 75 plus percent of the cases (very low bar). At this point if positive fear found they will issue the alien in regular removal proceedings by issuing a Notice to Appear. He/she/they will be then OR’d, paroled in or released on bond and the maybe decade(s) long journey will begin. If the alien(s) loses in front of the immigration judge (many years later) they can appeal to the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA). This can take a couple of years for a decision. If the alien loses with the BIA he can file a petition for review (PFR) with the circuit court and a few more years will pass. If the alien loses the PFR he can file a motion to reopen (MTR) with the BIA and this will take a couple of more years. If the alien loses the 2nd BIA he can file a PFR on the denial of the MTR with the BIA. This bouncing back and forth between the BIA and circuit court can go on for years. Even if the alien loses everything they can still miraculously become a victim of a crime and apply for a fraudulent U visa which can easily Trump any removal order. It’s amazing how many aliens become victims of a crime after they have been ordered deported and lost all appeals. It’s almost as if becoming a final order increases the likelihood of becoming a victim. The SCOTUS ruling will not effect this kind of case.

      – The other scenario (25 percent or less cases) is if a negative credible fear finding is determined by an asylum officer. At this point the alien can request a review with the immigration judge. Previous to this ruling the alien could then appeal to the circuit court if he lost in front of the immigration judge. Now with this ruling he will be swiftly removed and barred from filing a PFR.


  16. Big Bubba says:

    Clearly RBG checked the wrong box on her mail-in ballot for this ruling. Accidents happen!


  17. Wake Up All Democrat Voters! says:

    If you vote for Joe Biden and the Democrat Party, you will lose your jobs, your homes, your money, your health, and you will starve, just like the people in Venezuela who have to eat their pets to keep from starving, because our country will no longer be free, and socialism will take over America and destroy America and the people living in the USA. There will be no jobs, only poverty and death. Vote for President Donald J. Trump on November 3, 2020. Stop the Democrats from destroying the USA.


  18. emet says:

    Many years ago I provided some training to the Laotian government. One afternoon I was at the Vientiane airport, to speak with the person in charge of what comprises their immigration enforcement. We were watching passenger screening, when some scraggly, bearded, druggie types were taken aside to be refused entry. I asked him what laws were applied in this case. He replied, “We don’t want this trash in our country.”
    Sometimes the 3rd world points the way.

    Liked by 1 person

  19. Publius2016 says:

    Once again…How is this even an issue!

    No asylum once rejected…otherwise, all courts clogged and people coming from all over…kinda like what’s been happening since the 1980s…NOT ANYMORE…


    Liked by 1 person

  20. vikingmom says:

    Every single picture that I see of Ruth Bader GInsburg makes me question, AGAIN, who this woman really is…and what happened to the body of the real RBG?!


  21. CET says:

    Who joined Roberts in the dissent?😄


  22. William the Comptroller says:

    MEXICO is the MOST DANGEROUS Country in the World….AGAIN for the 2nd year in a row. Tijuana, is the most dangerous city in the world with the highest murder rate (134/100,000) . The Top Five are all Mexican Cities. 19 of the Top 50 are Mexican. (To compare TJ with San Diego, its slightly bigger neighbor across the border, last year TJ had 2500 murders (mostly grisly and violent cartel-type murders) while San Diego had about 70… of which more than half were GANG-related). Even San Diegans are clueless about this recent news!!! Confidential Mexican government report that was shared with the Border Patrol was that 80% of Mexican municipalities are CARTEL-run, 10% contested with government, and only 10% in control by government. They are even more cruel and violent than ISIS and the Taliban! Yet Liberal kumbaya multicultists IGNORE FACTS. Its time to encourage these idiots to travel to mexico; they might change their mind when part of their touring party are found murdered in a ditch or THEY disappear and never come back! Oh yes…no 2nd Amendment type rights in Mexico and visa overstayers are kicked out pronto!


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