June 5th – 2020 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #1233

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for “Presidential Politics”. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Presidency.


This thread will refresh daily and appear above the Open Discussion Thread.

President Trump Twitter @POTUS / Vice President Pence Twitter @VP

Kayleigh McEnany Twitter @PressSec

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1,371 Responses to June 5th – 2020 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #1233

  1. Don McAro says:

    I’m starting the day off with calling the lego company and Pepsi….
    Pepsi has donated a ton of money to BLM

    On Monday I will be calling 2 more…same as Tuesday

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    • mimbler says:

      Yes, I drank pepsi all my life till I noticed their politics a year ago. Quit cold turkey, and never missed it. I’m sure it is far healthier for me as well!

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  2. Publius2016 says:


    Numbers are all GREEN!

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  3. FofBW says:

    PT dropped the mike and walked off

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    • MVW says:

      Hyper-blowout economic and unemployment numbers that stun the markets and econ prognosticators… Trump leaps tall building in single bound.

      Media: It was only a tall building and we don’t think he stuck the landing properly based upon out panel of sneering, hate filled experts.

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  4. ( open letter to General Barr and Director Wray)
    Dear General Barr and Director Wray:
    I listened to your press conference yesterday with great interest, and was happy to hear your enthusiasm and optimism about efforts to restore law and order throughout the United States in this time of dire need.
    However, I want to point out that, per Director Wray’s statement (which I will detail further on) there is a significant, fatal misinterpretation of constitutional law that undergirds your entire approach and which does grave disservice to our constitutional framework, as well as to the long-suffering, good, law-abiding citizens of the United States who have borne the brunt of, I believe, one of their government’s most notorious and costly failures.
    The First Amendment to the Constitution states, in relevant part, that “the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition their Government for a redress of grievances” shall be respected and unabridged. However, one can make a clear and logical deduction that the right of assembly is contingent upon, and subordinate to, a condition of even greater importance, i.e. that it BE PEACEABLE. In other words, the peaceable quality regarding public demonstrations represents a CONSTITUTIONAL MANDATE that has been completely lacking; and, in as much as the clear meaning of The First Amendment places a conditionality on this right of assembly, the peaceful character therein can only be considered as being the paramount and overriding consideration of the ‘people’s right of assembly.’
    In Article 1, Section 9, Clause 2 of the Constitution, it states (with my emphasis):

    “The privilege of the writ of habeus corpus shall not
    be suspended unless when in cases of rebellion or
    Here again, and with arguably an even more fundamental right, such as habeus corpus, we see our Framers place a conditionality on this most fundamental right which is identical to the one found in the First Amendment. Hence, again, a fundamental right (habeus corpus) can only be logically understood as being CONTINGENT ON AND SUBORDINATE TO a constitutional mandate that public safety be of paramount and overriding importance.
    In Director Wray’s June 5, 2020 address he states:

    “The FBI holds sacred the rights of individuals to peacefully
    exercise their First Amendment freedoms.
    Nonviolent protests are signs of a healthy democracy,
    not an ailing one.
    The FBI’s mission is to protect the American People and
    and uphold the Constitution. That mission is dual and
    simultaneous. It is not contradictory. One need not, and
    must not come at the expense of the other.”
    In this statement, the Director is utterly mistaken in that, in light of the very clear formulation of The First Amendment, ONE MAY HAVE TO COME AT THE EXPENSE OF THE OTHER, BECAUSE ONE IS CONTINGENT ON AND SUBORDINATE TO THE OTHER.
    Another glaring error of the Director is that in stating: “The FBI’s mission is to protect the American People and uphold the Constitution,” he identifies the ‘protection of the American People as being, somehow, apart from the Constitution itself. It is, emphatically, not! Quite the contrary, it is the larger part of his responsibility.
    Again, in reference to Director Wray’s excerpted statement that: “one need not and must not come at the expense of the other.” Do I need to remind the Department of Justice that ‘one did, indeed, come at the expense of the other?’ I submit that the only plausible way such a misapprehension of the Constitution could have been supported in the mind of Director Wray would be if he truly believed that the government’s primary responsibility was to safeguard first, and foremost, the people’s right of assembly (apparently at any cost!), and then, where possible to protect the lives and property of the American people, when, in fact, the greater constitutional responsibility lies (as I’ve already stated)with the protection of the American people.
    In conclusion, given the already referenced governmental failure of historical proportions, I’d like to ask both of you well-meaning gentlemen a rhetorical question:
    In the event of a public demonstration, whose constitutional responsibility is it to enforce the fact that
    public assemblies conform to the Constitution and be carried out peaceably? We know that it is incumbent upon citizens to act lawfully, but who can assure that a public demonstration will fulfill the PARAMOUNT constitutional requirement that assemblies be peaceful? I submit that it falls only to law enforcement whose absolute duty is to indicate the parameters necessary to keep the peace in relation to the individual resources of local governments, and in light of particular aspects concerning space and other considerations. I also submit that it couldn’t clearer that if demonstrators do not heed warnings or instructions of law enforcement officers that these assemblies do not enjoy–in any sense-any presumption of constitutional protection. How could they?
    Lastly, clearly somebody at DOJ realized the constitutional deficiencies of the Department’s posture when he or she chose to delete from the closed caption version of the June 4, 2020 press conference the most faulty part of Director Wray’s oral address that said, “One need not and must not come at the expense of the other.” I believe American history will shout loudly and clearly that ‘yes, it does!’
    ( a moniker, but also a reference to our great 45th president of the United States.)

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    • I Hear You Now says:

      great Donald: I want to read that … LOTS of space is needed for me to do that — space between every couple sentences would be fantastic for my eyes.

      Here’s a reminder from our Host, Sundance’s Guidelines:

      5.) BLOCK PARAGRAPHS – Do not post huge blocks of text. Think of the reader, and modify your presentation for understanding, not for exclaiming. Do not write to yourself, you are writing to others, so please structure your presentations such that other people can grasp and enjoy. NEVER post massive blocks of text without paragraph breaks.

      Do not post huge blocks of text

      6.) PARAGRAPHS – Should NEVER be longer than two or three sentences taking up three to five standard lines of text. Again, you are writing to understand, not to be understood, the emphasis should be on the reader comprehending what you are sharing.

      Do not post huge blocks of text



      • I tried very hard to format it with those considerations in mind. However, Word Press reformats all the time.
        I was quite shocked how it turned out in such big blocks, and expected this criticism.
        If there is something you can recommend I’d be appreciative to hear it.


        • (re large blocks of paragraphs)
          Many weird things happening now at Word P,
          jumpy pages, a correction feature that deletes
          both backwards and forwards, suddenly
          disappearing posts as you’re about to finish.
          Well, I guess I better just give a ring to their
          Customer Service Department. They are
          always helpful!!!!!


        • rvsueandcrew says:

          A suggestion that may help: I can see where you attempted to make paragraphs because the text drops down a line in some areas, like this:
          In order to make visible paragraphs with a blank line in between you need to press “Enter” TWICE. (“Enter” is on a traditional keyboard, your device may be something else.)

          Thanks for the opportunity to point this out because you aren’t the only one who doesn’t separate paragraphs. BTW, I use WordPress often (my blog and elsewhere) and never have a problem separating paragraphs.


  5. Don McAro says:

    Leftist kryptonite https://ibb.co/pJDDsWb

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  6. Tornorosa says:

    WOW! A beautiful thing watching the stock ticker go through the roof while Pres Trump talking.
    Amazing jobs report. I couldn’t believe the wretched harpie yelling at him as he was signing

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  7. Eaglet says:

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  8. sunnyflower5 says:

    Like a rocket ship 🚀

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  9. sunnydaze says:

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  10. NJF says:

    Kudlow coming up soon on Varney.

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  11. Ivehadit says:

    I’m sorry I just had to post this today! The magic wan and all…!
    My Baby Must Be A Magician by The Marvelettes

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    • Ivehadit says:

      Donald is our magician!! We love you Donald!
      The 2020 Trump Administration: the best administration we have ever had!


  12. Jason Ross says:

    Unemployment plummets.

    And that stock market tho

    Good times

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  13. cheering4america says:

    “Angry, larcenous mobs organized by radical terrorist groups roam America’s blue cities at will. The same mayors like Bill de Blasio who threatened to seize church and synagogue property six weeks ago, if they violated “social distancing”? Now they won’t use the police to protect the livelihoods and job sites of millions of their citizens. Media that slant every action of President Trump and his allies by reaching for comparisons with Hitler, now spin the march of hooded violent anarchists as “mostly peaceful demonstrations.”

    I want to know what exactly people are marching for. Are they demanding that the cop who apparently killed George Floyd be arrested and charged? Done, and done. Albeit done too late, by the Democrat prosecutor in the Democrat city and Democrat state where that tragedy happened. At the hands, by the way, of a cop Amy Klobuchar refused several times to charge for his previous abuses of force.

    So what does the Mob want from us? I wrote last week that the Democrats had adopted the “Kidnap Patty Hearst” approach to persuading U.S. voters. But at least the Symbionese Liberation Army issued concrete demands at some point. But they weren’t facing law enforcement that was openly on their side. If they had, poor Patty might still be in their custody, and the SBLA might be running the State of California. Wait a minute… maybe they are.

    ‘Anti-Racism’: a Pagan Idol
    Seriously, what is America supposed to do to persuade people to stop smashing and grabbing, beating and burning? Eliminate “racism”? Let me stop to blaspheme that false god, “Anti-Racism,” right now. In every country in the world, the majority tends to enjoy some advantages. From China to Zambia, from Pakistan to Papua New Guinea — a certain degree of social inequality is inevitable. It’s part of man’s fallen nature. The only real solution, beyond legal equality, lies in Christian love for each other as images of God. And that’s in short supply these days, I fear.

    The toxic heritage of slavery and segregation (also not unique to the United States) we addressed with the Civil Rights Act in 1964. Massive affirmative action programs and anti-discrimination laws micromanage every transaction in America. Middle class neighborhoods get seeded with housing projects, while our refugee programs stuff angry Muslim Somalis into Minnesota and Maine.

    White ‘Privilege,’ Jewish ‘Privilege’
    That is literally the furthest the government can go, without turning itself into a totalitarian instrument of re-education. Which, of course, is where our universities and schools come in. They now openly vilify not just Western Civilization but “whiteness” itself. Just as German universities once vilified “Jewishness,” also with the excuse of countering Jewish “privilege.”


    ” Once again, President Trump is not uniquely bad, just singled out and scapegoated, held to standards that no other president has been. (No bishops complained when Bill Clinton showed up, post-Monica revelations, literally waving a bible outside the very same church.) Let’s keep the President in our prayers. Which of us could stand this?

    Same church. Two different presidents. One considered acceptable, the other, “photo opp”. The one on the left to show solidarity with the church that had been set on fire the night before. The one on the right was to deflect from having an affair. Interesting, isn’t it.? pic.twitter.com/TDLOB3hkxu

    — John Stone (@Johnthemadmonk) June 3, 2020

    I won’t spend time addressing the ungracious reaction of the Bishop of the Episcopal Church which owns St. John’s, to the president’s visit. Because … who really cares? That church made itself an empty rainbow shell decades ago. Its one job now? To preserve exquisite, empty historic buildings like St. John’s. Maybe it should hire some security guards.”



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  14. OhNoYouDont says:

    CLEVELAND — Law enforcement officials have announced the arrest of two people who are facing charges related to last weekend’s protests.

    Those arrested as Brandon Althof-Long and Devon Bryce Poland. Both men are in their early 20s.

    “They arrived with weapons and ingredients for an incendiary device. They purposely inserted themselves into a constitutionally protected protest with a design to exploit it for their own purposes. Then they were later found in the midst of unprecedented rioting and looting in the streets of our city.”

    U.S. Attorney Justin Herdman said the two suspects face a variety of federal offenses, including: Transporting a firearm or incendiary device in furtherance of civil disorder and conspiracy to use fire or an explosion in furtherance of a federal felony.

    “They arrived with weapons and ingredients for an incendiary device,” Herdman said. “They purposely inserted themselves into a Constitutionally protected protest with a design to exploit it for their own purposes. Then they were later found in the midst of unprecedented rioting and looting in the streets of our city.”

    Eric Smith of the Cleveland FBI said both traveled to Cleveland “with the explicit intent to destroy and incite violence.

    “These two were detained by the Cleveland Police Department in downtown Cleveland during restricted curfew hours,” Smith explained. “Their vehicle was searched. Items found in the vehicle included a firearm, numerous rounds of ammunition, fire gel and a hammer, among other items.”

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  15. Sherri Young says:

    Good analysis.

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  16. jeans2nd says:

    Rep Devin Nunes continues to astound in his prescience.
    Wonderful wonderful economic news today, and Rep Nunes has former Director of the Economic Council Larry Lindsey as his podcast guest this week.

    “After COVID Reviving the Economy with Larry Lindsey” 13:59

    Raheem Kassam, also a wee bit prescient, had Larry Lindsey on War Room Pandemic this morning in the 10 am podcast. Mr Lindsey gives us a good economic truth site – therightfacts.org

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  17. cheering4america says:

    Has the intention to declare Antifa a Terrorist organization happened officially yet?

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    • Henry says:

      Don’t tell Barr or Wray but here’s an address…l



    • FPCHmom says:

      People in the FBI are still denying they are even violent –

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      • Troublemaker10 says:

        McCabe pretty much said that in an Enemedia interview yesterday. He said Antifa was a political organization (not a violent one).

        I was stunned.


      • Matthew LeBlanc says:

        The FBI is full domestic terrorist sympathizers. Don’t count on them to help us much less save us from the mob of thugs.


      • Jim in TN says:

        Must be the new definition of violent. Just like blacks can hate on 2while beating up whites, but not be racist, democrat allies can loot, riot, burn down buildings, beat up anyone trying to stop them and murder many of these victims but not be violent.

        We on the other hand are violent when we voice any disagreement or disapproval with them.

        I keep telling people, don’t expect any DOJ people to prosecute the coup participants when we refuse to clean up any of the DOJ.

        If there are any political holdovers, that is a gross failure of Barr. (And Sessions.)

        General employees that are fellow travelers and political appointees who wormed their way into general employment are a different matter. But blatant failure to prosecute crime should be grounds for dismissal.


  18. maggiemoowho says:

    It’s going to be next to impossible to find any business that are not supporting BLM and ANTIFA. Not sure if anyone read this, but CEO’s from some of the largest Corporations in the US have now decided to support the lies being spewed by BLM.

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  19. TexSwede says:

    This positive employment, economic and market news in spite of the MSM/Dem/left’s efforts cannot be allowed to continue. I am sure now that they have to go to plan F or G (whatever letter they are on) for their next take down attempt. It will be interesting to see what it is.
    The law and order issue will override everything else, and many of the millennials will realize the lockdown hurt them more than other group. I think they are starting to thumb their noses at this dictatorial edicts and a number of them will rebel.
    The protest and rioting will significantly hurt the vote by mail movement. If protesting and rioting in person and not by mail is safe, so is voting in person.


    • JoeJoe says:

      “many of the millennials will realize the lockdown hurt them more than other group.”
      I think you underestimate the power of the programming they have been subjected to. Many are blaming Trump for Covid and for the riots. It’s illogical, but they are. This group won’t realize it’s been had until it’s too late.


  20. sunnyflower5 says:

    Washington DC Dims were upset at the thin blue line painted for President Trump’s parade path for the inauguration (which started with O) .

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  21. Todd says:

    Hell freezes over.. Chris Wallace just said good things about the President. I’m sure it’s killing him inside. 😆😆

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  22. sunnyflower5 says:

    Moving out of rescue to long term economic growth incentives. – Kudlow


  23. KnowSERENoFear says:

    Just to clarify: America is NOT burning.

    Socialist/Collectivist/Sanctuary/Gang-infested/illegal-infested/bankrupt/racist/corrupt cities are burning.

    The cancerous part of America is undergoing “treatment,” while the benign part of America thrives.

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  24. sunnyflower5 says:

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  25. sunnyflower5 says:

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    • Publius2016 says:


      People closest can see what these Sharia Militants have in mind!

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    • Eric says:

      Now it all makes sense.

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    • OhNoYouDont says:

      con·cern troll

      noun informal•derogatory –
      a person who disingenuously expresses concern about an issue with the intention of undermining or derailing genuine discussion.

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    • Super elite covfefe999 loves her President! says:

      One of the articles on the Rasmussen site has the title:

      Most in Blue States Say Their State Finances Are Worsening; Democrats Favor Bailouts

      Of course they do. They don’t know how to manage their finances, expect mommy/daddy to bail them out, then continue being wasteful.


    • Super elite covfefe999 loves her President! says:

      It’s hilarious to read the replies of the libtards. All basically saying the poll is BS. These are the same people who were convinced Hillary was going to win in 2016. 🙂


    • Robert Smith says:



  26. FPCHmom says:

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  27. sunnyflower5 says:

    Dagen McDowell gives the negative bi-polar spin on Fox.

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    • maggiemoowho says:

      She has been so negative for a while now, she drives me nuts at times. I think her family was hit really, really hard by the shut down and it sounds like she blames Trump for that. Her anger is misguided in my opinion.


    • thedoc00 says:

      Dagen is a long time #neverTrump bimbo who lives on Maria B’s panel and gets invited to other Fox News shows to expound her bimbo-isms.


  28. sunnyflower5 says:

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  29. sunnyflower5 says:

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  30. sunnyflower5 says:

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  31. sunnyflower5 says:

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  32. NJF says:

    More winning

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  33. Niagara Frontier says:

    It appears that our neighbors to the north will be busy this weekend too. Toronto’s Eaton Centre (a giant, upscale, downtown mall) and other major retailers in Toronto are boarding up and closing now through Monday in anticipation of mayhem and madness.


    • Tom W. says:

      That plywood didn’t stop looters in several areas. Just sawed right through them with wireless power tools. They need 3/4″ steel plates, welded in place.


    • jat says:

      I’m in Ottawa and just flipped on the noon local news and they have boarded up all the businesses downtown, getting ready for the savages’ reign of terror at 3pm today… oy.
      Had to change the channel. All their guests being interviewed are black and lecturing us on what horrible racists we are..


    • Robert Smith says:

      They should keep in mind that plywood burns.


  34. burnett044 says:

    Being a victim pays well….that is the entire reason for BLM…..it gets you benefits as long as you can sell the race card BS…
    but it does nothing to pull yourself up to better your self to grow…you don`t advance…you simply stay as a victim.
    Hopefully soon the ties of BLM to Antifa will be shown…..
    perhaps more will wake up to the scam.
    who is truly racist in all this..?? who is really filled with hate and wants other to bend a knee to them…..


  35. FPCHmom says:

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  36. Henry says:


    Not fully sure about the veracity of the site but if you’re in Sparta Illinois, you might want to have a heads up here.

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  37. jeans2nd says:

    A rare miss for Gordon Chang.
    Sometimes, every once in a while,the “experts” are not correct.

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    • FPCHmom says:

      It sounds like he’s actually hinting that there’s something else going on, like Sundance did.

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      • Niagara Frontier says:

        DEA for years has been worried about its agents touching drug contaminated money. In 2018 the agency put out Request For Information (RFI) on FPO.gov to vendors with experience in decontamination. The next step would be an RFP, or Request For Proposals.

        “It is expected that most of the substances on the contaminated currency will be controlled substances including, but not limited to, narcotics (fentanyl, fentanyl analogues, heroin), cannabinoids (marijuana, THC, JWH compounds), stimulants (amphetamines, cathinones), hallucinogens (LSD, PCP, NBOMes), depressants (benzodiazepines, barbiturates),” the solicitation continues. “Precursor chemicals used to make these substances and other unknown harmful chemicals may also be present on the currency.”

        Just a thought.


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      • jeans2nd says:

        Good point.


    • MAGADJT says:

      It’s because they’re using this counterfeit money to pay protesters. So he is correct.

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      • Jim in TN says:

        At $15/hr, that is 60,000 man hours of protest. 40 cities, 7 nights of rioting. They burned through that quite some time ago. Even if they are only paying Antifa.


        • TarsTarkas says:

          When power is the object, the cost is meaningless. Especially when you and are paying the bills through our taxes.


    • sunnyflower5 says:

      Not printed for profit. Printed for another purpose.

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    • Super elite covfefe999 loves her President! says:

      Here’s one reason why $1 bills, per USA Today: Single-dollar bills, according to the Federal Reserve, have stayed the same since 1963 because the “note is infrequently counterfeited.”

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  38. TexSwede says:

    Taking one for the team and trying to listen to Cavuto. Waiting to hear his mea culpa when Lancet retracted that bogus study of Hydroxy. Expect to be waiting a while – may have to wait for someone to post the clip. He seems to be whistling through the graveyard at the good economic news today.

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  39. FPCHmom says:

    Your tax dollars at work

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  40. CTH Fan says:

    Doe anyone know what can be done to remedy the dismissal of the National Guard in DC? Is there a power or constitutional law that can override the Mayor’s decision.

    If there are a million, or just tens of thousands, heading to the White House this weekend we can be sure there will be a move to take over and destroy the White House and even likely attempts to kill the President. The climate of violence is overwhelming. The temptation will be too great for Antifa (Soros Army).

    NANCY!! Is this why you and your cohorts don’t want to be in DC for a month? Just asking.


  41. thedoc00 says:

    The call to “de-fund police” as is being expounded of course has it’s final objective a “nationally controlled police force”. It is a key objective of all emerging totalitarian want to be and existing powers. Allot of history current and past says so.

    For an interesting read on the working of the movement for “national” control of police forces read “The Order of the Deaths Head” by Heinz Hohne (published 1967-9). You can substitute any totalitarian based political system for Nazis Party and get the same picture described within the pages of this book. There are allot of very interesting parallels to the current democrat party inspired upheaval.

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    • Yes. Once they have their Nation Police Force then they will not have to deal with those pesky regional types who like the Second Amendment and would refuse to take guns away from their citizens. The commies understand that they can institute their oppression upon a country a lot faster from a national level rather than trying to turn each of our 50 states blue gradually, state-by-state, and incrementally.


  42. rondo123456 says:

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    • Robert Smith says:

      Is everyone still puzzled by why urban education sucks so bad decade after decade while minorities and teachers unions point fingers at Republicans?


  43. CorwinAmber says:

    Rush is talking about his 10th wedding anniversary today…can’t imagine America without him and his support for his friend Donald Trump. Happy Anniversary Rush and your lovely wife Catherine!


  44. Summer says:



  45. Old Lady says:

    If you want your Black (and every other color) Life to Matter to me, first let your ACTIONS show your life matters to you.

    Many ways to accomplish that–
    marry your offspring’s mother,
    raise and support your offspring,
    get them off the government payroll,
    don’t steal,
    don’t kill each other,
    stay away from drugs,
    stop blaming everyone except yourself for your failures
    —–Be the person you demand we respect.

    MANY colors of lives pass my test and Matter very much to me.

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  46. Sporty says:

    When will the all lives matter street art commence?


  47. Bubby says:

    FTA “White supremacy is a lethal public health issue that predates and contributes to COVID-19. Black people are twice as likely to be killed by police compared to white people, but the effects of racism are far more pervasive.
    ● Advocate that protesters not be arrested or held in confined spaces, including jails or police vans, which are some of the highest-risk areas for COVID-19 transmission.
    ● Oppose any use of tear gas, smoke, or other respiratory irritants, which could increase risk for COVID-19 by making the respiratory tract more susceptible to infection, exacerbating existing inflammation,and inducing coughing.
    ● Demand that law enforcement officials also respect infection prevention recommendations by
    maintaining distance from protesters and wearing masks.”
    This letter is signed by 1,288 public health professionals, infectious diseases professionals, and
    community stakeholders.

    And it gets worse, total BS filled with lies and unsubstantiated claims! What are “community stakeholders” ? Who determines who is a community stakeholder? What a joke!

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  48. Markelito says:

    With The Stock Market Going as well as it is now.

    We need to expect there will be a lot more Resistance.

    We Also Need to Start Mobilizing People to get ready to vote RepublicanS all the way.

    I’m a Black Man of Haitian descent. I proudly serve in the US Army. America gives me Opportunities no other place will provide to me and others.

    President Trump is the only hope we have. We need to support 45!
    String a lot heat from my friends; but I can handle it.

    Justice RGB is waiting for Trump to vote out in November so she can retired. We need to talk about that also.

    Talk to each other to support President Trump!

    I’m g

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    • MAGADJT says:

      Agree 100% Markelito. Even though some Republican congress people are barely better than democrats, the fact is they are better. So we have to vote straight Republican no matter what. And we need to make the point to others that if you vote for Trump, it won’t matter if you don’t give him a congress that he can work with.


  49. wondering999 says:

    Holy Shemoley. Just came across a detailed analysis of the videos that sparked everyone’s outrage. Apparently the continuity staff were not very good — lots of discrepancies involving CCTV time stamps, clothing worn by the participants, and other details.

    If you haven’t seen these, go quick before the website and photos are messed with:


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