Flynn Attorney Sidney Powell Discusses DC Appeals Court Filings

General Michael Flynn’s defense counsel Sidney Powell calls-in to FBN for an interview with Jackie Deangelis to discuss the latest motions and briefs in the ongoing appeal to the DC Circuit Court for a writ of mandamus.

As Ms. Powell notes the oral arguments before the appeals court will take place a week from today.  WATCH:

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48 Responses to Flynn Attorney Sidney Powell Discusses DC Appeals Court Filings

  1. GTOGUY says:

    I was watching Robert Barnes and Viva Frei live podcast. Barnes said that Sullivan is going to get spanked by the 3 judge panel. He can request a full panel (en-Banc) but if he does, he will get spanked harder.

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    • Indy0704 says:

      Can the appeals court dismiss the case outright? If so, how could Sullivan as for an en-Banc hearing?


      • GTOGUY says:

        Barnes said yes, they probably will dismiss outright. Sullivan could file an appeal to the Appeals full en-Banc, hten on to SCOTUS. But if he does that, he could get spanked and sanctioned for going against a current case president by both the 2nd and SCOTUS.

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        • Indy0704 says:

          Not sure I found the exact same video that you referenced, but I am glad you pointed me in that direction.
          Drive safely.


      • Austin Holdout says:

        More likely they will instruct Sullivan to dismiss it.


    • Bill Durham says:

      Since Sully is not a plaintiff or defendant, I don’t think he can actually request an en banke. It would be like a judge appealing a case after a verdict.

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      • Indy0704 says:



      • TarsTarkas says:

        That won’t stop him or his lawyer though.

        And maybe after Saturday it will all be academic.


      • Me D. says:

        by getting himself a lawyer, doesn’t that make him a plaintiff or defendant? just curious


        • Paul Robert Schaller says:

          No hiring an attorney does not give you standing. That is the central issue does Sullivan have standing and I don’t see how a referee has standing when a superior court is telling him he is out of bounds. That is EXPRESSLY the job of the appellate court.


    • Thurgood Marshall says:

      Sullivan is not a party to the case. The only parties to the case are Flynn and the DOJ.

      That is a part of the whole problem with the position that Sullivan has taken – he is not a party.

      Sullivan, not being a party to the case, cannot request en-Banc.

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    • gunrunner03 says:

      Let’s hope so. Many of us, to include myself, thought this would end long ago yet it manages to stay alive at every new development.

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  2. DaughterofLiberty says:

    He needs more than a spanking.

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    • Rj says:

      And if there was ever a time when peoples Comms needed to be observed now is the time because this corrupt judges is being directed. Someone is holding something over him and that needs to be outed.

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      • Old Dawg says:

        ….and Roberts, Mattis, McMaster, Graham, and the list goes on. IF we had the “rest of the story” on the majority in DC, we as a nation would be 1000% better off!

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        • guest4ever says:

          Old Dawg—-And don’t forget John Roberts, aka: snake

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          • thinkwell says:

            Roberts illegally adopted his Irish born children. That is the hammer over his head. He could be disbarred and kicked off the SCOTUS for that, but he has had his children now for years, so it is unlikely they would be taken away anymore. Roberts is a tool of the globalists and deserves to be outed and dismissed.

            He perhaps is naturally conservative and votes that way on most cases except the ones that really matter to the globalists (that’s when he gets the phone call on the special number). He is a human Trojan Horse. He looks and acts the conservative part except when it counts most, then the leftist evil is blackmailed out.

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      • dd_sc says:

        No need to hold anything over him. He’s a Clintonista and in his late 70’s. Try and run out the clock and cause a lot of damage. Then retire to his dacha on the lake.


      • Rj, you may be right. This judge, for his entire career, has been independent, steady, reliable and just. As Flynn Attorney Sidney Powell has said many times, he was her champion in her book, “License to Lie.”

        Something untoward is definitely going on with Judge Sullivan. His erroneous accusation of General Flynn being a traitor to his country and committing treason, of having sold out his country in 2018… is this still sticking in his craw?

        Does Judge Emmet Sullivan still think General Flynn is a traitor? In spite of all the exculpatory evidence that has recently been revealed, he is not even considering, he’s charging forward and wanting to convict Flynn. Why?

        It’s plain as the noses on our faces that General Flynn was set up… the whole case is a conspiracy against President Trump, using this false accusation against Flynn as a component of the conspiracy. Does the judge see something the rest of us don’t?

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        • tav144 says:

          Sullivan got undeserved praise by Sidney in her book because she naturally thought he rebuked the prosecution and granted dismissal of the case against Stevens due to some “noble” or “morally righteous” motive. Not so, as we’ve discovered. Let’s not forget a few things about that event that set up Sullivan with such a righteous reputation.

          1. The whole charade accomplished for the Democrats what it intended. Stevens lost his re-election bid, setting up the Democrats to have a firewall against filibuster that ensured Obamacare’s successful passage.
          2. Remember it was AG Holder who asked for dismissal, but even so, he really had no choice but to do so because an FBI agent filed a whistleblower complaint about the prosecutorial misconduct.
          3. And let’s not forget that for all the pearl clutching, the lawyer appointed to investigate the conduct of government prosecutors “did not recommend a single one of them for prosecution for crimInal contempt.”

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          • Issy says:

            tav144: Thanks for the very concise summary. I knew this, but it needs to be repeated often, because so many don’t. They needed to get rid of Ted Steven so the fbi framed him. Holder & Sullivan are friends, This judge is no hero, quite the opposite.

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  3. Baron Ash says:

    I believe they know they will lose, but by refusing to admit defeat, after they do indeed lose they will have some great election Talking Points along the lines of: in the corrupt Trump DOJ run by corrupt AG Barr, felons who have confessed guilt get off Scot Free!

    Also, this means that as the Durham revelations come out and hopefully some indictments, they can use those talking points to point absolutely everything as politically corrupt, since AG Barr has politicized the Judiciary – another talking point.

    In our Reality TV Republic, Talking Points are High Currency!

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  4. Thurgood Marshall says:

    Few people realize that Judge Sullivan helped James Comey obtain a $100,000 paid speaking engagement for a commencement at Howard University, which was very low on funds at the time due to students not paying tuition. Sullivan is close friends with the president of Howard U.

    Ironically, the black students booed and jeered Comey, and he ended his speech after only 12 minutes.

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  5. fangdog says:

    IMO, we would not be having near the present turmoil had there been indictments of wrong doers. I mean after all, “little” people see “big” people getting by with murder so why not I?

    Compared to what the “big” people get by with, a little; window breaking, looting, cop cars burning, trashing, is nothing compared to over-throwing the Presidency and with it the Untried States of America..

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  6. Conservative_302 says:

    After this is over, I would love to see the honorable General Flynn join Trumps administration. We need him.

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  7. RJ says:

    You may be tired of reading/hearing about General Flynn, etc. but if you think about it, glancing over to the riots via the George Floyd event, is there a connection–a glue that seems to hold all these events in common?

    Could you say that with these riots those who are not “woke” are now having their “necks” locked down on the pavements of America? Could you say that the two lawyers charged with throwing gasoline bombs into a squad car are perhaps agents of Judge Sullivan or the mayor of Washington, DC? Defunding the cops sounds a lot like the attacks on the military during Viet Nam, does it not?

    Does the proud lesbian of color mayor of Chicago beg Wal Mart to rebuild those looted stores make any sense after she had her police stand down on the rioters? Mark of the NFL Goodell now wants to take a knee for BLM as Colin calls for revolution while most Americans try to understand just what “systemic racism” really means.

    All of this is simple to understand: Millions of our citizens demand a new order, citizens who have had their minds filled with sh*t they will never understand how it got into their heads and are joining the hard core revolutionaries hoping a rainbow is to be found at the end of the road.

    Realize this…Obama is laughing all the way to his pool party in Martha’s Vineyard knowing he is the most successful “community organizer” since the 60’s as he continues to hate on President Trump for reasons only he and Val know.

    Talk about the power of words…

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    • fangdog says:

      What seems to be the case is those Americans who want to preserve America cannot fathom what it is others (primarily democrats) want a Communist-style America? It is like a former slave who has been freed wanting to be a slave once again. How can anyone want it to be the case?

      It is this gap which keeps America so divided. At some point the realization of Unity becomes accepted as an impossibility. The only solution a “war” of physical force all else including the Constitution and the Justice System fails in the persuasion for America’s freedom.

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  8. Merkin Muffley says:

    Sundance, could you do a story on the Senate Judiciary subpoena list versus the Senate Homeland Security subpoena list? Which list is better?


    • Redzone says:

      The lists aren’t nearly as important as the questions. In fact, the lists are practically irrelevant without the right questions.

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      • Merkin Muffley says:

        But we can learn a lot from the lists. Which one is serious and which one is a smokescreen.


        • Issy says:

          Merkin: The investigations are following two separate paths. Based on the questions members of the judiciary asked Rosenstein they might as well shut it down.


          • Merkin Muffley says:

            Please explain.


            • Issy says:

              The judiciary committee is looking at the part the doj/fbi played in CR/CH that led to the Mueller investigation. The homeland security committee is focused on what role the administration played in the intel agencies tasking leading up to these investigations the nsa, unmaskings etc.

              At least that’s my take. It was hard to tell from last weeks hearing with Rosenstein exactly what judiciary is doing, and we haven’t seen homeland security/oversight have a hearing yet.

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              • Merkin Muffley says:

                That helps, thanks!

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              • Mary Ann says:

                First of all you got it wrong all the documents are downloaded after Grenell released them since the hearings were 2 years ago and Schiff held them refusing to turn over to the Republicans. Grenell before he left released these documents; the Republicans never saw them before Grenell released them. As far as Rosenstein is concerned, he admitted that if he saw the evidence before now he would have never signed the warrant.


  9. Mary Ann says:

    Here is the proof of


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