May 30th – 2020 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #1227

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for “Presidential Politics”. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Presidency.


This thread will refresh daily and appear above the Open Discussion Thread.

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957 Responses to May 30th – 2020 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #1227

  1. jat says:

    so I go to flip on Judge Jeanine and it’s preempted for more coverage of these miscreants grrrrrrr

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  2. Jason Ross says:

    Lookner just retweeted a clip of 2 police SUVs plowing through protesters in Brooklyn. If the media picks up on that tasty tidbit, I presume DeBlasio resigns by Monday afternoon

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    • Jason Ross says:

      Agenda Free TV in YouTube is the best aggregate I’ve seen on the net. I’ll gladly shill because he shows the clips CNN won’t


  3. Super elite covfefe999 loves her President! says:

    Anyone else watching Soylent Green on Movies! channel? It’s a Dem utopia! Poverty, food shortages, soy soy soy, no AC, total corruption, people treated like slaves or worse …

    There was just a riot scene when they run out of Soylent Green. How timely. 🙂

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  4. helmhood says:

    This is not the behavior of a political party, an ideology that’s winning, with regard to the liberal rioters.

    President Trump’s calm demeanor and handling of the situation speaks volumes.

    This is the self-destruction of our enemies.

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  5. sync says:


  6. Jason Ross says:

    I think the 3-month lockdown failed as a social experiment 🤔

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  7. sync says:

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  8. Linda K. says:

    Someone posted a tweet about this guy on CTH yesterday. Looks like he made the msm..All dressed up and smashing windows.


  9. sync says:

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  10. sync says:


    • texecutioner says:

      I just visited Nashville. Very nice town with a lot of great people and great history. Such a shame to see this kind of thing.


  11. sync says:


    • Super elite covfefe999 loves her President! says:

      We’re 17 minutes into the curfew. Hopefully there will be mass arrests now.


    • Mr. Morris says:

      It appears Chicago Mayor Lori “the privileged” Lightfoot has unleashed her goons to destroy parts of Chicago, maybe the very same Obama goons that shut down then Candidate Trump’s rally in Chicago. Then Mayor Rham Emmanuel said he was unable to protect Candidate Trump or the potential rally participants. The Trump rally was cancelled and the Democrat goons attacked, people and vehicles. It is part of the Democrat playbook. They are power hungry people who cannot tolerate other viewpoints. Democrats are very close minded people.


  12. Reserved55 says:

    Bezos Blog gets rekt


  13. Rioters have stabbed a LEO here in Jacksonville tonight. Downtown is under siege. We need prayer warriors down here tonight. This is horrific.


  14. RedDawn says:

    The states will no doubt want bailed out for the damage from the riots too


  15. Ackman419 says:

    Watch the video.
    If watching a man get the life squeezed out of him by a psycho cop doesn’t stir your emotions, I don’t know what to tell you.
    Sadness, helplessness and anger was the spawn of these riots.
    You can spin it Soros, BLM, Antifa and I agree. Those factions jumped right in and took advantage of the situation.
    But the issue is about LEO and security apparatus having the ability/power to straight kill a man with out fear of someone….SOMEBODY..,jumping in and stopping a murder in broad daylight,

    This is why people are pissed. The police have too much power.


    • boogywstew says:

      I like the police much more than you, Ackman. We know Floyd didn’t die from asphyxiation according to the 1st autopsy and there are toxicology reports that haven’t been addressed. Maybe Floyd overdosed? Maybe we don’t know what killed him, yet? If you spin it any more, you’ll pirouette right back into mommy’s basement.

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    • Super elite covfefe999 loves her President! says:

      The official autopsy says George Floyd DID NOT die from asphyxiation or strangulation.

      Everyone needs to wait til the facts come out. It was premature to charge the cop with Floyd’s death.

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      • Super elite covfefe999 loves her President! says:

        From a news article: According to Attorney Benjamin Crump, the preliminary results released by the medical examiner show Floyd’s cause of death to be the “combined effects of Mr. Floyd’s being restrained by police, underlying health conditions and any potential intoxicants in his system.”

        I’m guessing the guy was a long-term drug user. He’d been arrested twice IIRC for cocaine possession. He looked rough for 46. “Underlying health conditions” and “intoxicants”, everyone seems to be ignoring these two things.

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    • 7delta says:

      Whatever valid points you have, none justify what these people are doing. They’re hurting innocent people, destroying their lives, as well as hurting themselves…all because they’re angry…about what exactly? It’s about something…somebody named George Something, but the worst part of this is that none of these rioters are there because of what really happened to George Floyd. What really happened is irrelevant. If it mattered, they wouldn’t be rioting. Many are there because they’ve allowed themselves to be manipulated by lies (truth about deaths caused by police, by race, is our friend) and the others are there for the adrenaline rush…the loot…the destruction…because they can. 

      The video was very disturbing, but it’s always wise to wait until information can be verified and hopefully more videos come out. The media is not our friend. Their job is to manipulate their audience. Same with politicians and activists. Yes, they’re opportunists, but it’s not spin when it’s true.

      I’m on board with justice, equal justice under the law, not emotional symbolic justice, not social justice. By definition, that’s not justice. It’s all about manipulating people’s emotions to use them, control them, to cause mayhem and fear, all to grab power for the few, which will be turned on their easily misled minions when they’re no longer useful. That’s a tragedy too…for all of us…but by then, George will have been forgotten by the no justice, no piece crowd.

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    • Mr. Morris says:

      Everyone is sad that Floyd died from what appears to be excessive force by a policeman. It is fine to go and protest an injustice but rioting, stealing, setting fires, smashing windows and coordinated nationwide violent destruction is anarchy. It is an odd way to honor a dead man.


  16. Bubby says:

    Chief Justice Roberts sided with Gov Newsom and the liberals about restricting religious services. Someone show me where in the1st Amendment it says the right to go shopping supersedes the right to worship?


    • Magabear says:

      It’s in the same part of the constitution that says Obamacare is legal. Judge Roberts has a different version of the document than the rest of us. 😒

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  17. Magabear says:

    So, today is our post constitution America, we have our Chief Justice of the Supreme Court ruling that churches can be essentially run by state Governors, riots being instigated by leftist goons and lots of fake news covering all of it.

    I think that sums it up. Oh, and don’t go outside without a mask on (naughty people)!


  18. gsonFIT says:

    So i am still focused on the Flynn/Kysliak transcripts. And I wanted to present 2 questions to the group (legal questions).

    Obama’s Russian expulsions (12/29/2016) were annexed in EO13757. Is it typical to place charges like these in an amendment. Do the Obama actions still have full Executive Authority if they are annexed?

    In the Mueller report the Flynn firing and trial plays a rather significant part. One thing I learned (V II, Pg 37). is that Flynn told White House lawyer Mcghan and CoS Priebus that Pientka and Strzok told him the FBI was closing its investigation of him in their 1/24/2016 interview. That would seem to change the legal status of that meeting ?


  19. MaineCoon says:

    At 9:10, had a very loud siren alert on iphone:


    A curfew is in place for the entire City of Atlanta beginning at 9 p.m. tonight and continuing through sunrise tomorrow morning. Please stay home.


  20. WeThePeople2016 says:

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  21. WeThePeople2016 says:

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  22. WeThePeople2016 says:

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  23. Super elite covfefe999 loves her President! says:

    Riot porn on TV. 🙂 I’m going back to the Movies! channel.

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  24. jx says:

    Yesterday Biden had the audacity to say:

    “Every day African-Americans go about their lives with the constant anxiety wondering who will be next.”

    “We have spoken their names aloud. We cried them out in pain and horror. We chiseled them into long-suffering hearts. The latest addition to the stolen potential. It’s a list that dates back more than 400 years. Black men, black women, black children. The original sin of our country still stands our nation and we managed to overlook it.”

    “This is a national crisis and we need real leadership right now. Leadership that will bring everyone to the table so we can take measures root out systemic racism.”


    The claim of systemic racism is a vile, vile lie. It is destructive. For the leader of the Democrat Party – the party of the KKK – to perpetuate this lie is disgusting and despicable.

    This same lie was told by Minneapolis Mayor Frey when he said, “being black shouldn’t be a death sentence”.

    This lie has contributed to rioting, arson, and looting, most notably in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Baltimore, Ferguson, and Sanford, Fla.

    The Democrats have got to stop perpetuating this lie of systemic racism and “implicit bias”. Not another city should burn because of this Democrat lie.

    The FACTS:

    There have been numerous analysis of the data, here’s one:

    “By connecting the findings of police officer race, victim race and crime rates, the research suggests that the best way to understand police shootings isn’t racial bias of the police officer; rather, by the exposure to police officers through crime.”

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  25. Super elite covfefe999 loves her President! says:

    Fox Chicago has a reporter on a side street near the Gold Coast and all viewers are watching active looting with no police in sight. If I lived up there I’d probably take a few shots from my window.

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  26. sync says:

    If you think the rioting and looting are bad now, wait until the supplemental unemployment benefits expire, or inflation wipes out their value. What happens when price controls or rationing lead to food and power shortages? What we’re seeing now is but a glimpse of what’s coming.


  27. Joemama says:

    Wow, here’s a photo of Biden from April 2019:

    Here is a photo taken some time in 2020:,d_placeholder_euli9k,h_1687,w_3000,x_0,y_0/dpr_2.0/c_limit,w_740/fl_lossy,q_auto/v1561757070/190630-goldstein-biden-tease-2_vvddfv
    I suspect that Joe’s adrenochrome supply has been cut off.


  28. Kristin DeBacco says:

    Created Equal – Clarence Thomas in his own words. Watch it on PBS. It cipres Monday. Well worth it. A good great msn.


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