Fox News Really Doesn’t Like Kayleigh McEnany – Goldberg: She’s “Grotesque”…

Apparently the Fox News crew doesn’t like the effective approach by White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany.  During the pearl clutching discussion the panelists are aghast at an administration spokesperson who articulately presents and defends the office of the president in a manner that doesn’t fit their approved norms.

Having dropped his conservative pretense behind the can of unused shaving cream in the non-mirrored bathroom cabinet, Jonah Goldberg, who has a long history of attacking strong and articulate conservative women who dare exit the kitchen, pontificates that McEnany is “grotesque” in her approach. Meanwhile Chris Wallace clutches his pearls and pretends not to know the press pool is fraught with Trump derangement resistance.


Kayleigh McEnany is really good.  She effectively shows the American electorate the ridiculous hypocrisy of the beltway media at each event, by drawing attention to their non-coverage. McEnany does a better job in her position than any before her.

McEnany is smart, articulate, joyful and christian.  This puts a unique target on her back for those in opposition desperate to retain the DC fraud, two-party pretense and cocktail party invitations.

Infected with a toxic strain of metastasized TDS, his Trump-era irrelevance now painfully transforms his physical appearance into that of Canis Lupus.  Alas, methinks the Goldberg doth howl too much.

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489 Responses to Fox News Really Doesn’t Like Kayleigh McEnany – Goldberg: She’s “Grotesque”…

  1. clodfobble says:

    solution. do not watch the gossip “news”. On Fox or anywhere else.

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    • John Fabre says:

      Goldberg learned conservative values by Irving Krystol, Bill Kristol’s Father. And he was a Trotsky follower..

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      • wvcoalman says:

        Correct . Goldberg is just another self serving Neo Con who are break off branch of disillusioned Democrats started by Irving Kristol, Beta Boy Billy father. Their philosophy is to appear as “controlled opposition” to the DNC MSM and fraudulent Constitutional Conservatives. Most, if not all are warmongering profiteers, open border globalist, cheap labor advocates, and self serving, and self aggrandizing sellout phonies.

        As for Fox News, it is rapidly becoming a PTDS network. Only a handful of real journalist exist on Fox since the inception of the younger Murdock and Neo Con Paul Ryno. As it inches further left, I wonder what is next? Emmett Sullivan, the new legal expert, The Valerie Jarrett Show, Susan Rice joins Paul Ryan on the board? Who knows?

        As much as I respected the vivid imagination and surprise reverse plot twists in Rod Serling’s Twilight Zone, (ie: To Serve Man) I believe the late Mr. Serling would be surprised at the upside down reality that are foisted upon the citizens. No way he could write a script that would rival the utterly ridiculous nonsense that the Uniparty Neo Cons and the Communist put forth as authentic news. The sad affair is that close to 50% are uninformed, brainwashed, conditioned voters that believe the nonsense. Hopefully the truth will be revealed and it will stand till the end of time.

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  2. Mojo says:

    Chris Wallace 3% credible, Donna Brazile 0% credible, Jonah 1% credible. I see Chris and Jonah, I watch for the farce for as long as I can stand it. I see Donna, I turn it off, I will not watch a blatant partisan “journalist” willing to cheat in a national election (Im still in disbelief FNC hired her….unreal).

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    • skipper1961 says:

      I think we can “thank” islamifyin’ ryan for her employ @ pox news. THANK GOD 4 OANN!

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    • Tseg says:

      Giving Chris too much credit. He, specifically, drove me away from FOX about 4 years ago.

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    • Alan Reasin says:

      Exactly my take.

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    • George Connolly says:

      Brazile said she fed Hillary Clinton questions in advance of the 2016 Presidential Debates, how exactly does this qualify her at Fox News? If FNC would ever survey their on air personalities, Brazile would certainly be at the bottom.

      In light of the fact she is a pariah in the world of fairness/objectivity, she is not liked by the Fox News audience, why exactly did FOX, the #1 cable news network, go out of their way to gain her services?

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      • efilnikcufecin101 says:

        She was “Placed” by either CIA or FBI. Period.

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      • ezgoer says:

        Please realize that the Murdoch sons are taking Fox News to the left. His sons are moron globalist leftists. Rupert was told by The Big Club to deny Trump & other conservatives a friendly media vehicle by the 2020 election or have his family ostracized from high society.

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      • Kenji says:

        Every time Donna Brazille appears on FOX … I click off the channel. I wonder if they can track all the people who do the same as I do? I hope they see their viewership crater every time her smug face appears

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      • MelH says:

        He needed a black besides Juan Williams, and you gotta admit, Donna is articulate and less objectionable than Juan Williams because everyone knows her story and discounts what she says 100%.

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    • DiodeBill says:

      Donna is a big cheat, dishonest and immoral. I turn her off as well, amongst the others who are hired to give “balanced” reporting. I do like that Fox has the liberals on and they represent the far left stupid which, among other things, irritate me, but at least I know full face on how facist these buffoons’ really are. They represent a very large uneducated and ill-informed section of our population. Look at Jesse Watters street interviews asking simple questions about politics, our institutions, our celebration of Memorial Day, and the illiterate amongst our youth. My own 40 year old daughter, despite my efforts, is terribly ignorant because she hates the news, but what she watches on mainstream distorts her views beyond belief. She is not alone, nor am I. God, please help our country and help POTUS drain the swamp of all the unbelievable corruption, both parties and the administration rats.

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    • Dan says:

      Goldberg is a no talent hack who would be shitting the streets of San Francisco if he didn t have a wealthy Mommy.

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    • Although I think 3% is a little high for Chrissy.

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  3. DISCLAIMER: I DVR fast forwarded.
    FOX avoided aintblackgate all afternoon besides a little blurb on chrissys informercial.

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  4. YvonneMarie says:

    Goldberg is a pig for doing what he did today.
    To say such slanderous words against a woman who is traditional to say the least.
    Goldberg is as grotesque as Michael Moore, maybe more so.

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  5. 335blues says:

    Better watch what you say.
    I wouldn’t want you to incur the anger
    of millions of Kayleigh lovers.

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    • sturmudgeon says:

      Sundance: “Kayleigh McEnany is really good.” I think this is an gross understatement! lol (and, Goldberg does remind me of that Moore character)

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  6. fangdog says:

    I cannot see how others cannot see all this as the way we do. It is as though the otherside are aliens from another planet. Freedom, Liberty, Self-destiny and Justice for All are not something others feel as being important to them……it really is mind-boggling and there is no reasoning to it, IMO.

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    • dave casper says:

      Truth can only be seen in these last days by those in the book of life. All others hate it . God said, in the end of days he would do this to liar’s, and he did it. Boy did he do it..


  7. dallasdan says:

    Fox would go all-in for the Dems if it didn’t have a handful of very highly-rated personalities who produce substantial advertising revenue. JMO

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  8. Kaco says:

    They can stick it. They still won’t tell the whole story or investigate any obvious wrong doing by the Obama administration in which this current administration has been suffering for the past three years. Kiss my rear.

    Wallace and his “16,000 unmaskings”. Can’t say it was because of Mueller.

    Now you get Kaleigh telling the truth you won’t tell. Boo frickin hoo.

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  9. CTH Fan says:

    They keep bringing out these old carcasses that have lost all credibility and expect to influence viewers. Please😴😴😴

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    • Grassleysgirl/Breitbartista says:

      THIS is why I thank you, President Trump, for making Worship at church, an essential service, and firmly supporting our 1st Amendment rights.
      Even non church goers will attend, just to avoid these wining scholds.

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  10. Cripes. Who in the world thinks Kayleigh MCenany should take advice or criticism from the likes of Donna Brazile, Chris Wallace or that bearded jackass Wallace brought onto hid crappy shoe?

    Screw them.

    Katleigh ROCKS, and her observations about the manner in which those presstitutes give Obama’s cronies a lifetime pass, but perpetually trolled Sean Spicer and Sarah Huckabee Sanders A LA ACOSTA, IS SPOT ON.

    Her comments put them on notice, and Chris Wallace’s “tough talk” against her is just him, whistling past the graveyard.

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    • George Connolly says:

      Ric and Kayleigh lit a match in the land of swamp gas. We cannot support Grenell and McEnany enough for speaking for us. Josh Holmes is right on the the panel. By not taking the press corps gotcha questions, McEnany is simply refusing to accept the Washington Press Corp. premise that President Donald J. Trump is a buffoon.

      Okay, Jonah, Donna, Chris, I’ll take the bait. If McEnany is “grotesque” in speaking to the press corp as if they are children, what exactly is Fox News excuse for hiring the debate fixer, Brazille?

      The difference between Katha Pollitt and Chris Wallace is that Pollitt is not suffering from the delusion that she is fairly reporting on the Trump Administration.

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    • johnnybiface says:

      I didn’t watch the the whole segment, but according to that clip, Donna B., the cheating Democrat, was the kindest of the 3 n her comments on KM. That tells you how much of perverted creep Goldberg and Wallace are.

      Why don’t we pull one of those mediamatters pressures and attack any advertisers who advertise in a Jonah Goldberg or Chris Wallace shows. Fox News, under Ryan and the effete Murdoch metro sexuals stewardship, bend over 6 ways to Sunday for any thing media matters tells them to.

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      • MelH says:

        Donna wasn’t kind at all. She said she was a friend of KM but thought her delivery was all wrong, her tone was confrontational and inappropriate. What’s “kind” about that?


      • You’re right about Brazile being the least offensive with her remarks, but her very presence is enough to offer the greatest offense in the first place. I wish her nothing but the worst.

        Your idea of staging eco-warfare by threatening to boycott sponsors has merit, but only if we’re able to establish a well-funded org such as Media Matters in the first place. That, and a “reopening” of commerce in general, since you cant threaten to boycott if you cant shop there at all to begin with.


  11. sunnydaze says:

    Thank goodness Josh Holmes was on the panel.

    The only one there with a lick of sense.

    FYI to idiot Goldberg or Wallace -whoever it was that said “Kayleigh McEnany is only there for ONE person”….

    McEnany is speaking for a Whole. Lot. of American citizens right now, you elitist jerk.

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    • Bluegrass Nana says:

      Yes, Sunnydaze, Kayleigh Mc speaks for me, and my fam and friends. We love her! I certainly hope someone in the press room will complete that homework assignment on Obama and Biden she gave them. 😉

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  12. hawkins6 says:

    This stacked “discussion” with 3 anti Trump shysters and one lone defender Mr. Holmes is a clear indication that Kayleigh is very effective in her WH Press Secretary role. Trump supporters love, admire and respect her and the demented dishonest left and the 3 stooges in this clip are having on air panic attacks and unleashing vile, hyperbolic and false accusations against her That is success!

    Intellectual snob Jonah Goldberg’s hiring as a FN Contributor and his hyperbolic rhetoric is more evidence that Paul Ryan and other Fox embedded Never Trumpers are deliberately turning the network into another media branch of the Resistance. Cutthroat Wallace’s failed attempt to claim his ethical and professional superiority over Kayleigh is laughable given his sleazy interview tactics.

    Goldberg is a David Brooks type “Conservative” but with a more vicious and demented personality.
    His seething hatred and scorn for Kayleigh was never in doubt as soon as she proved to be a great asset to Trump and an expert at exposing the MSM’s double standards and collusion.

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  13. hawkins6 says:

    Here are a few titles of Past Goldberg NR articles that demonstrate his angry biases and likely hastened his hiring at the new Paul Ryan FNC:

    -Quarantine Protesters Are No Heroes of Civil Disobedience
    -Federalism Flip-Flop Shows Trump Has No Ideological Framework
    -Impeachment Is Not a Valid Excuse for Trump’s Slow Coronavirus Response
    -Trump’s Daily Briefings Expose His Inadequacy
    -Coronavirus Appears to Be Immune to Trump’s Powers–Trump’s unwavering braggadocio is entertaining (to some) when the stakes are low, but it’s unnerving during a public-health crisis.

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  14. Flyoverguy2020 says:

    Love, but what happened to her spawn? He obviously is either a money fraud that knows he will get McCain/Romney treatment for hammering his own team or obtuse fool that cannot see the libs playing on the field with their own rules while the refs are also part of the lib on field team. Trump took over and has a new playbook the left and refs(media) cannot stand as he finally drives the ball on offense.

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    • Yy4u says: has been in the bag for globalism since Bush was in office. I was kicked off for criticizing W when he threw Gonzalez overboard when press attacked him. My criticism? I simply said I hoped the media did not start criticizing Laura or he l wld dump her too. No vulgarity, no hate just a snide observation

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  15. dl says:

    That tells you all you need to know about FOX and Co. Never trust people when you know they are trying to deceive you

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  16. valuethetruth says:

    Aside from the fact that Goldberg looks like a homeless guy who was given a suit and thrown in front of a TV camera, he once again proves he knows nothing about the American people. We love the way Kayleigh McEnany walks into the room with a binder full of solid answers to the press’s gotcha questions. At this point, she is making stupid reporters think twice before bringing up the same old garbage over-and-over, and it’s driving Goldberg even more nuts than he was already.

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  17. Your Tour Guide says:

    Wonder if the checks have all cleared for those efforts?

    Say hi to David Brock, Jonah!

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  18. Sassy1 says:

    I’m late to the party here as there are hundreds of comments ahead of me, but I’ll just say that many words could describe Kayleigh McEnany, but “grotesque” is not one of them. She has the spirit of an Old Testament prophet and the face of an angel, and she does not suffer fools gladly or otherwise. The President really knows how to select magnificent spokeswomen!

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    • nwtex says:

      Hi Sassy—- Actually, FWIW, Jonah Goldberg didn’t “describe” Kayleigh McEnany, herself, as being “grotesque”.

      His actual wording was “…her behavior is indefensible and grotesque.”
      I found that by watching the video clip.

      This is why I’m always hesitant (at best) to give any credence to what I read or hear.
      A grain of salt is the way I roll 😎


  19. Kermit Johnson says:

    This is really simple.
    If the pack of ankle-biters would behave as journalists, they would be treated as journalists.

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  20. rah says:

    The louder they squeal the better I like it. Music to my ears! I hope we are just at the first movement of a beautiful symphony. The final movement, the finale, should end up with prosecutions and convictions for crimes the press never reported or glossed over, as Kayleigh mercilessly grinds their noses in it.

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  21. Davenh says:

    One of the highlights of my rather in undistinguished twitter career was having Jonah call me a myopic fool for daring to disagree with his TDS. Sadly I used to think he was a decent writer.

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    • rah says:

      If you aren’t with Trump then you aren’t conservative. PERIOD!
      One of the many things Trump has done is expose virtually all the fake conservatives in the press.
      Here Goldberg exposes himself as a member of the uniparty and not a conservative. The list of these fake conservatives, like Goldberg, Stephen Hayes, David French, Bill Kristol and his side kick Fred Barns, George Will, and yes now I would even add Ann Coulter, etc, etc, etc,,, is ever growing. Sure some of you will say that you knew all along that they weren’t really conservative, but that does not change the fact that many of these people were considered the voices of conservative thought in DC and for many in the country,

      What they don’t seem to realize is their careers are over. They will never have the influence they once did. They have been forever exposed for the deceivers they are. There is no going back. They may have saved their places at the DC cocktail parties but as representatives of the conservative movement they’re done. The day will come when their bubble is burst and some will realize all of this.

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  22. SW Richmond says:

    All of this is angering to watch but it is good that it is happening. We are choosing sides, right out in the open for everyone to see. THIS IS NECESSARY. There is no way out but through.

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  23. chuckyschmucky says:

    Who would you rather have fighting by your side in this war for America: Kayleigh McEnany or pink pussy hat Jonah Goldberg?

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  24. ColtLending says:

    The MSM is terrified magnificent Kayleigh McEnany speaks truth to the MSM powers.


    • MelH says:

      Please click on the above and see what someone has done to it. How does that happen? Who among us posted that without preceding comment, or am I the only one outraged?


  25. Deborah @UnTamedInSD says:

    Watching Jonah Goldberg sputter word salad while chewing with an open mouth while clutching his low hanging pearls. is the very definition of #Grotesque


  26. coltlending says:

    The MSM is losing it because the magnificent Kayleigh McEnany is speaking truth to the MSM powers and they are atrophying by virtue of it.

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  27. Blind no Longer says:

    Thank you Mr. Holmes. Jonah Goldberg can kiss my MAGA ass.
    As for Faux Fox News and Miss Chrissy Wallace…the mere fact that they have that cheating Dem Donna B on any discussion panel, shaking her head- is what’s GROTESQUE Jonah, you irrelevant has been!

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  28. ahem says:

    Goldberg is grotesque. Isn’t he a Never-Trumper?


  29. sticknca says:

    By injecting Roy Cohn into the discussion Jonah shows just how large of a disgusting dirt bag his media parents raised.


  30. littleanniesfannie says:

    Kayleigh is da bomb. Wanna be her target for practice Jonah? You’d probably be more successful taking on the whale!!


  31. AnotherView says:

    LOL….look that mug on the water buffalo Brazile…. these liberals are so ugly over a woman doing her job. Pack of jackals.


  32. F.D.R. in Hell says:

    Jonah Goldbrick, your mama raised you better than that. 👿


  33. McGuffin says:

    YES and YES! “McEnany does a better job in her position than any before her.
    McEnany is smart, articulate, joyful and christian.”

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  34. mikeyboo says:

    McEnany is a joy forever! She gives as good as she gets and better-that’s why they hate her!

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  35. Elle says:

    I enjoyed watching it. Meowing and hissing I also liked the shocked silence after Josh rained on their catty little pity party. Chris, coming back with, Yeah well, I’m tough! I wouldn’t let tiny Kayleigh talk to me like that!


    • H.R. says:

      Chrissy would have to go to a break to change his skirt and panties if Kayleigh ever lit into him one on one. He’d be so wet he’d short out his microphone.

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  36. CNN_sucks says:

    How much did Wallace get paid by the FBI or CIA to spew this talking points? Is he on the pocket?

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  37. Deborah Fehr says:

    F OFF! Chris Wallace…you sniveling horrible idiot…go work for CNN or be Rachel Maddow’s B**ch…🤦‍♀️

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  38. patti says:

    Kayleigh is excellent and extremely effective, therefore, she must get The Sarah Palin Treatment.
    How dare she… 😉

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  39. bayrat65 says:

    I thought I was watching one of the other slimy fake news networks. 👎no, it’s the FOX slime ball bunch. I wouldn’t have known, except for the article here. Dont watch FOX anymore. Only news network l watch is OAN. Chris Wallace gets on my nerves, that’s putting it nicely.


  40. Bob Lablaw says:

    FOX News is dead to me.


  41. alonzo1956 says:

    I haven’t given that jackass an ounce of credibility in over TWO years. When Goldberg and his scumsucking friends starve, justice will have been served. Jonah is one of the biggest jokes in Journalism today.

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  42. Marc says:

    Haven’t seen Jonah Goldberg in a few years since I avoid the TDS show on Fox. Looks like he’s aged 20 years since the 2016 election. YIKES!

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  43. Goldberg wrote “Liberal Fascism” and then became one–or at least a paid toady to them. He and Kristol are kept-Police State groupies who will be tossed aside when their owners decide their extremely limited usefulness is outweighed by the odium and the tedium..

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  44. Greg says:

    Yes, very disappointed in Jonah. We are at war and Jonah wants decorum. He is outraged at Trumps antics but appears not to be too disturbed by a plot to overthrow the President, The other side will do anything to regain power and Jonah Is more worried about the tone. I follow Jonah on twitter because I like his dogs and mainly ignore political stuff. You can tell he has TDS because he is quick to retweet or add his own tweet to an anti-Trump narrative. The shenanigans with Sullivan is the last straw. I want Trump to show no mercy. It’s kill or be killed time.

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    • American Heritage says:

      Agreed! This who keep attacking Trump’s form over his substance are a major irritant.


    • distracted2 says:

      His disgusting treatment of Molly Hemingway while they both were on Special Report made me loathe him. This is a pattern – he thinks women are beneath him, especially intelligent women who speak the truth.


  45. dissonant1 says:

    I saw this hours ago and thought: “OMG what a toadstool Jonah Goldberg has become.” Then I felt so ashamed because I actually bought “Liberal Fascism” – which I have to admit was a very good book – but what happened – was it written under false pretenses? I then thought, well at least I will never have to buy another book of his or be so naive as to purchase a ticket for one of his or National Review’s or Bill Kristol’s cruise ship tours. And then I thought: You know evil has no bounds, left or right, and evil is very good at disguising itself. So I feel bad that there are people like him who have sold their souls looking to make a buck based on evil from genuinely good people. Then, I feel good that I am no longer in the least misguided by him. God have mercy on his soul.

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  46. Rj says:

    FNN is no different the CNN and if anyone continues to watch ANY of them including hannity or the pretentious Demorat tucker it’s no different then buying Chinese and giving money to the communist enemy.


  47. chuck says:

    Watch one America news if you want the facts v. leftist spin/lies. They do political commentary for 3 hrs. at night.


  48. F.D.R. in Hell says:

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  49. Nightcaster says:

    Though it is off topic, it is still while on Chris Wallace.

    He had that Mark Parkinson on. Wallace brought up that about 1/3 of covid deaths involve nursing homes, but it is something Parkinson mentioned that kind of pisses me off.

    quote taken from Youtube transcript: Starts about 1:10 into the video.

    “one very unique feature to this virus and that is that this virus unlike any other that we fought before a person can catch it show no symptoms and yet still spread it”

    Is he really trying to say that asymptomatic people couldn’t infect people prior to covid-19?


  50. sticknca says:

    Keep in mind that Wallace and Goldberg share the view that a Press Secretary should be more like the socially awkward and emotionally vapid Dana Perino.

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    • Fuel Filter says:

      Ace of Spades always has some choice words to say about Goldberg, Kristol and the rest
      of the “Never Trumpers”. I highly recommend checking him out when he gets on a roll about these insects! Hilarious!


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