Prayers Up – Allen West Airlifted to Hospital Following Motorcycle Crash…

Former Florida congressman Allen West led a Texas Freedom Rally at the Capitol building in Austin, Texas Saturday morning.   Returning from the rally Mr. West was involved in a motorcycle accident and airlifted to the hospital.  Prayers for his recovery.

DALLAS NEWS – Allen West, the former Florida congressman and recent candidate to chair the Texas Republican Party, was injured in a motorcycle accident just outside Waco on Saturday, according to numerous posts on social media.

“Please pray for Allen West,” Dr. Angela Graham-West, his wife, posted on Facebook early Saturday evening. She wrote that he was in the emergency room after his motorcycle was hit outside Waco. “On my way to hospital now.”

About 7:50 p.m. Saturday, an update on West’s Twitter page stated that authorities said a car had cut West off, causing him to collide with another motorcycle. He was airlifted to a hospital, where he was in stable condition and being assessed, the post stated. (more)

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125 Responses to Prayers Up – Allen West Airlifted to Hospital Following Motorcycle Crash…

  1. T2020 says:

    I got an update a few minutes ago that he is going to be ok. Praise God!🙏😇❤️

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    • Grandma Covfefe says:

      Praise The Lord!!!

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    • Garrison Hall says:

      Allen West is a good man and a true patriot. Prayers for him. 🙂

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      • Dax Jaket says:

        WRONG! Allen West signed right on to the Trayvon Martin Hoax.

        Sundance can verify this, if you’re too lazy to.


        • Braveheart says:

          Civil discourse is preferred, especially with this topic. Thank you.

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        • I wish him the best in his recovery. I know he was a big Bush supporter, but he remained a Never-Trumper even after the election. He was very quiet about President Trump, never really supported him, even though no one was a bigger supporter of our military and veterans than President Trump. Very strange! Are there any explanations??


          • Deb says:

            We aren’t leftists. We don’t have purity tests, and when someone is sick or injured and in need of prayers we don’t politicize it.

            West is a patriot who supports the President and puts his money where his mouth is, unlike many other former Never Trumpers. Nuff said.

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            • On his support for President Trump: Visiting Broward County for a 2017 Republican fundraiser, West said in an interview he would give President Donald Trump a “C” for his first eight months in office. On the Trayvon Martin shooting: “The shooter, Mr Zimmerman, should have been held in custody and certainly should not be walking free, still having a concealed weapons carry permit. From my reading, it seems this young man was pursued and there was no probable cause to engage him, certainly not pursue and shoot him….against the direction of the 911 responder.” Heritage Action Scorecard:70% With all of that, I still hope he gets better soon!


        • mimbler says:

          Not everyone is correct in every judgement.

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    • Georgia says:

      I wonder who “cut him off”?

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      • Eddd777 says:


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      • shirley49s says:

        I sure hope they know or find out. I would not rule out it being done on purpose. That is what the DEMS do.

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        • Tatiana Shariff says:

          My sentiments exactly….they stop at nothing! Prayers for the LTC. Maybe he should give up this sport so we don’t lose him.

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          • sturmudgeon says:

            When you get bucked off.. best to get right back in the saddle.. fear of life is a waste of time…

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            • Tatiana Shariff says:

              I only agree when it’s a wise endeavor. Sitting on a high powered unprotected seat in the middle of a highway with NOT ONLY building size trucks careening past but vicious mad liberals GUNNING for you with a 3-4 ton flying metal object is not wise! We need to admit this is not the 1950s where people were sane, controlled and had a conscience. His motorcycle was easily recognizable with all the patriotic painting. Have we learned nothing in the last 4 + yrs what is in the souls of the wicked? Riding around the beach or a park is one thing but exposing oneself to the fury and wrath of the insane is another if we value our life. I imagine his family will scare some sense into his head. It’s not about a Sat afternoon pleasure cruise down the road with some friends; its’ about protecting ourselves from the hideous assault of the people who are determined to kill the “deplorables”. Unless you toe their agenda, you are kindling for their pyre. As I said, we can’t afford to lose one patriot in this fight for our lives and Country. Allen is part of the whole and too important to the cause. If I had to guess he had a target on his back…… and I hope that is not ‘swept under’ the motorcycle debris. We wish the LTC a speedy recovery and hope he has learned a valuable survival lesson.


          • sturmudgeon says:

            What he was “stating” by being on his machine that day… can hardly be classified as “sport”… lol


      • doc182 says:

        My guess is it wasn’t random. He’s too well known.

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    • Jeffrey Coley says:

      I’m glad he’s OK – how’s his bike? (Bikers will understand).

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  2. Grandma Covfefe says:

    Praying for Patriot Allen West…for healing and quick recovery.

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    • Kenji says:

      Such a NICE man! Such a super-citizen … with everything he’s accomplished. I truly enjoy (and happen to agree with) everything I’ve heard Allen say.

      Well … at least we know he’ll receive OUTSTANDING medical care! Why? Because Joe Biden says he’s not a black man … and black men get substandard medical care … Right? The Democretins tell me so … Therefore … not being a black man, today, will actually help Allen.

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    • BetsyRossRocked says:

      Praying for a quick recovery !

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  3. Super Elite says:

    Sadly my first thought was “Is this a hit by someone like Hillary?”.

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    • jumpinjarhead says:

      Me too.

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    • Peoria Jones says:

      I understand, but don’t let paranoia get the better of you. I still have my MC license, but no longer ride. Just too risky in urban areas. Eventually, you or someone you know will be involved in an accident. Motorcyclists are at a disadvantage.

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      • Kenji says:

        Close calls in my youth … made me give up the incredible FUN of riding a powerful, smooth bike. Gave it up when I had my first child. That first child just gave us our first grandson 4mos ago. Glad I’m here to love him up!

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        • Peoria Jones says:

          Yep, prayers for Allen and the other. No need to fabricate conspiracy theories here.

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        • Garrison Hall says:

          At one point in my life every one of my friends who was a biker was seriously hurt while riding. Fortunately no one died but there were close calls and lengthy recovery periods. Lesson learned.

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        • Mike says:

          I have 550k on a motorcycle. Ditch the bike buy a Jeep.

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          • Orygun says:

            When I turned 70 I sold my bike (broke my heart) and bought a Jeep Wrangler. With no top it is about as close as I can get to a bike.
            I have had a love affair with mc’s my whole life since i was 10. People think it is funny to run us off the road. They don’t seem to get the idea that they can kill us doing that.
            Urban areas are like killing zones for motorcyclists.

            Hope Allen is okay. He is a good man.

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          • JC1974 says:

            I strongly considered buying a motorcycle 7 years ago. Having already experienced physical therapy in my lifetime, I bought a 1974 Corvette convertible instead. I figured the Corvette provided me at least a little protection.


      • spren says:

        My Dad always told me that a motorcycle was an accident waiting to happen (and this was a WWII bomber pilot who flew 65 combat missions). Years ago, my friend’s dad raved about them and said they’re only as dangerous as the one driving them. His three sons all had bikes as well. One day, this dad was picking up his bike from a service shop in Oakmont, PA. As he started to leave the shop, the throttle jammed and he essentially did a wheelie out into traffic and got smashed from the side. He was injured seriously but survived. Immediately, he refused to ever ride again and made all of his sons get rid of their bikes.

        I’ve always wanted one but my sense of caution and paranoia prevented me from it. It’s dangerous enough just to be riding in a car with all of the distracted drivers out there. Learning from motorcyclists though, I ALWAYS drive with my headlights on. Not so I can see, but other drivers can see me!

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        • Peoria Jones says:

          We have many drivers on the road now, who don’t have a license – and can’t even read English. How can they discern road signs or the law? Disasters waiting to happen.

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        • Eddd says:

          I figured it out early to ride as if I was invisible. Nine motorcycles and never an encounter with a car.

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          • Maquis says:

            That was my first rule.
            My second was that they were still all trying to kill me; I imagined every single one doing the most unthinkably stupid things and I acted accordingly.

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        • Sharpshorts says:

          Very good to hear that Allen West is recovering.

          I loved all kinds of motorcycles, road them for more than 30 years — road,bikes, dirt bikes, racing bikes…you name it. I was employed in the motorcycle industry for much of that time. I had my share of serious spills and accidents.

          But even with my “awareness” of motorcycles, I remember starting to pull out in front of a rider while I was driving my car. I even remember seeing him approach and that his headlight was on – I still remember the sound of his exhaust as he was approaching me. An impact would probably have killed him.

          I miss my street rides.


      • lotbusyexec says:

        I hear you Peoria Jones – my husband is an orthopedic surgeon and he calls then “Donor- cycles ” 😦 Storming the heavens in prayer for a fellow patriot Congressman West.

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      • mike says:

        More speeding on the “open” roads now. Tickets over 100 mph are way up, although absolute death numbers are way down. Accidents per mile are probably up.

        One 300 lb motorcyclist with a side car that I know, got hit at an intersection two weeks ago. SUV full of immigrants bigger than him from the former Navigator Islands…

        Insurance sent him to a new nursing home for recovery. hmmmm.

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        • 1stgoblyn says:

          I had an uncle who was an extremely intelligent engineer who rode a motorcycle to and from work. One evening coming home from work he was hit broadside by a motorist who ran a stop sign. He spent many months in rehab and was a paraplegic the rest of his life. .


      • mimbler says:

        And these big group rides always have a few casualties. Group riding is a skill, and best done with people you know, so you can predict how they will react to things.

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    • DWC says:

      Hillary only stumbles into cars. She doesn’t drive them because she more interested in using the bottle holders for her alcoholic elixers.

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    • John says:

      Same here.


  4. Free Speech says:

    Prayers for Allen West.

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  5. upstate909 says:

    Praise God!!

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  6. Sharon says:

    He is, for sure, one of the good guys for the long haul. I’m glad to see the positive reports….

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  7. I prayer for first Recovery allen west,

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  8. 4sure says:

    God answers prayers. I know. Praying for Colonel West. I have always supported him.

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  9. MR52 says:

    What about the other rider?

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  10. YvonneMarie says:

    What about the other motor cyclist ?
    What is his condition ?

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  11. Beau Geste says:

    Arkancycle surviver !!!!

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  12. I parked and put up the leather when I knew I could not compete, or would not compete, with idiots in cages.
    I rode all my life.
    Reaction time is everything.
    I’m not the guy that bought his first HD at 62.

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  13. Mike says:

    God bless you Col West, get well fast!

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  14. straightstreet says:

    My prayers for Mr. West and his quick healing!

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  15. carthoris says:

    “Let me say this, and I don’t care about being popular – whatever. The first thing you got to do is to study and to understand who you’re up against. And you must realize that this is not a religion you are fighting against, you are fighting against a theo-political belief system and construct. You’re fighting something that’s been doing this thing since 622 AD, the 7th century,1388 years.

    You want to dig up Charles Martel and ask him why he was fighting the Muslim army at the Battle of Tours in 732? You want to ask the Venetian fleet at La Ponto, why they were fighting a Muslim fleet in 1571? You want to ask the Germanic and Austrian knights why they were fighting at the Gate of Vienna in 1683? You want to ask people what happened at Constantinople and why today it’s called Istanbul because they lost that fight in 1453?

    You need to get into the Koran, you need to understand their precepts, you need to read the Sura, you need to read the hadiths, and then you can really understand that IT’S NOT A PERVERSION THEY ARE DOING EXACTLY WHAT THIS BOOK SAYS.”
    – Allen West

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  16. RJ says:

    Praying for a complete recovery with no lingering symptoms. Allen West is a good guy.

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  17. Landslide says:

    I’ve posted this before, but….Allen West is running for the Republican Party of Texas Chairman. If you know anyone who is a delegate to the state convention, PLEASE urge them to vote for him! The incumbent was one of the leaders in trying to steal delegates for Cruz at the 2016 national convention. He is a squish, at best. WEST For Texas!!!

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  18. boogywstew says:

    I pray the Good Lord keeps Colonel West in His Arms. However, I love motorcycles and will keep riding.

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  19. Tim Ashlin says:

    We are praying for Allen’s complete recovery! God bless him. Good man!

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  20. Sarah Palin says:

    🙏 he’s good people… he’s going to do much more for this country and mankind than all his successes for us thus far. Speedy recovery! 💪🇺🇸

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  21. Mary Ann says:

    Praise God he is in stable condition, and on his way to recovery.

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  22. Skurtz says:

    My hearty prayers for you, Col. West.
    I’ve been.a fan/supporter of yours since those first Tea Party Days!
    Godspeed for a smooth recovery — you ain’t done yet! All my best — and you will be in my prayers.
    Take good care. Blessings upon a darned good man — a PAtriot & Countryman. 🌾🌸

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  23. Liz Schneider says:

    Prayers up for Mr West!..

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  24. nwtex says:


    From the Breitbart piece—

    A statement released by his campaign read in full:

    On his drive back from the “Free Texas Rally” in Austin, TX, Lt. Col. Allen West was struck by a fellow motorcyclist. He is recovering now and has his family with him.

    Local law enforcement reported that “an unidentified vehicle changed lanes when unsafe in front of two motorcyclists. The motorcyclist attempted to brake, and the rear motorcyclist crashed into the front motorcyclist. Both motorcyclist were transported to Baylor Scott and White in Waco to be treated for non-life threatening injuries.”

    Allen West is currently dealing with a concussion, several fractured bones, and multiple lacerations. Though these injuries are serious, Lt. Col. West stated, “that I am alive by the grace of God.” He plans to continue to be an proponent for freedom and the state of Texas, but he will be taking the next couple weeks off of advocacy to recover.

    Your continued prayers and grace are appreciated.

    Colonel West’s full statement and other releases can be found here:

    Learn more about Allen West, his campaign, and how to keep Texas Red by visiting

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    • lotbusyexec says:

      Being hurt is not OK but I am so thankful that he is alive and not in critical condition. As I stated above my husband calls them Donor-cycles. So happy that he will be on mend. Hope more info comes about the “unidentified” vehicle that changed lanes. In NYS they’d probably allow the driver of the car to blame Covid-19 for their “reckless” driving. Prayers for Congressman West 🙏


  25. nwtex says:

    John McKenna@JohnMcK11707833
    Dear Lord, please heal & raise up Allen West from any & all injuries he sustained in this accident, bless all the doctors, nurses, specialists, & all health care professionals with your wisdom & direction so Allen will get the best care possible. In Jesus name, amen!!

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  26. Arik Sharon says:

    I respect & admire LTC. West greatly. Am so glad and greatly relieved that he will be OK. I look forward to seeing and hearing him speak, again. Thank God that he has survived.

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  27. Patriot1783 says:

    Prayers of love and strength to Col West for a safe and swift recovery.

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  28. TJ says:

    I wish him a speedy recovery and hope his family weren’t too shaken up. I pray for them.

    Allen West is an inspiration for any American, a rugged individualist, and independent thinker.

    Allen West talks about ‘Guardian of the Republic: An American Ronin’s Journey’

    A Black Man’s Response to Joe Biden

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  29. chinstrap says:

    For those wondering: Allen West is riding a Honda.

    I was curious as to why it looked like a Harley but had a shaft drive, so I looked and found this article about it.

    Now we know… *shrug*


    • daylight58 says:

      My Honda Goldwing was built in Ohio by American workers.

      That’s good enough for me, and scores of missions with the Patriot Guard Riders.


  30. Deb says:

    Praying for a full recovery. May God guise his health care providers and provide comfort to West and his family during this upsetting time. May he make a speedy and full recovery. In Jesus’ name, amen.


  31. Gunner says:

    First of all, prayers and good wishes for this fine man and the other biker. And, may justice be served to the cager that caused the accident.

    Now, we’re all entitled to opinions on every subject — including riding motorcycles. Yes, it can be dangerous. Anyone who places their rear into that saddle needs to know that. I’ve owned four in my lifetime…all big, powerful touring bikes. Before each ride, I told myself that every four-wheeled vehicle, and every critter in the woods, (and also some dumbass fellow bikers) were out to get me. I then asked the good Lord to keep me safe, and off I went.

    I enjoyed every ride…still do. I’ve been blessed…yes! I will not cower to fear…I take precautions and try to enjoy my life. Oh, also, I won’t wear a mask into a grocery store to buy a gallon of milk, either.

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    • sDee says:

      “I told myself that every four-wheeled vehicle, and every critter in the woods, (and also some dumbass fellow bikers) were out to get me. I then asked the good Lord to keep me safe, and off I went.”

      I’ve been riding road bikes for decades. It’s freedom and independence. I had an accident as a teenager where a car pulled right in front of me with zero time to react. It was clearly the car driver’s fault, but the more I thought about it, I decided after that to drive like I was invisible. Which is, after all, pretty much the case.


      • mimbler says:

        Yes, I rode for nearly 50 years with no accidents, and that invisible trick is what I used. Finally sold my last a couple of years ago when the texting drivers started getting so bad, it was taking the fun away. Plus my riding partners were getting out of the game, I wasn’t commuting to work (retired), so fewer excuses to ride.


    • sturmudgeon says:

      Gunner.. fully agree with your last paragraph… thanks.


  32. thedoc00 says:

    From the Article – “1/2 According to law enforcement on the scene, a car cut LTC West off, resulting in two motorcycles colliding, one of which was his. He was transported by helicopter to the hospital, where he is currently in stable condition and undergoing assessment.#PrayersForAllen”

    Having driven that stretch of I-35, around Waco many times, this is an all too often occurrence not just for motorcycles. We were forced off the road between West and Waco by an “Interstate F-1 Road Racer” and lives were saved only by the type of car we were driving.

    Then again, I am looking at my tin foil hat sitting beside the key board and just wondering ….

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    • thedoc00 says:

      In our case we were fortunate enough to have a couple of Baylor Students, who witnessed the incident, actually followed the guy into Waco and got his license plate number as well as cell picture of his car. Then, they drove back to the accident site and gave it all the Texas Highway Patrol Officer assisting us. Hopefully the same occurred in this case, especially since Allen was traveling with a group of other cyclists.

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  33. kimosaabe says:

    Prayers for a successful and speedy recovery for Lt. Col./Rep Allen West.


  34. Ron Hyatt says:

    Accidentally on Purpose.


  35. CountryDoc says:

    I am igrateful for Allen West’s recovery. I am grateful that he is a patriot. To me a patriot is someone who is willing to fight (ideally willing to lay down lives, fortunes, and sacred honor) for the inalienable rights laid out in the Declaration, and codified in the Constitution, and for the process necessary for the continued well being of the Republic.

    Allen West has made it clear with the tracks in his life that he is a patriot.

    I would still like to know if he is 100% supportive of this POTUS, and if not, to what degree he is not. I think anyone who would claim to be a servant of the people, whether through military service, government servant, or leader of the Republican party, owe us full transparency.


  36. AnotherView says:

    I was really troubled hearing that news last night. And I am so thankful he’s recovering. There are certainly dark forces working against anyone who is a patriot these days.


  37. HK1 says:

    LTC West is Army strong. Speedy recovery, Sir.


  38. hawkins6 says:

    Great News

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  39. itsy_bitsy says:

    God be with you Allen West!


  40. Kureelpa says:

    I wonder how Alan West feels about being tracked by Governor Abbot’s MTX Covid 19 Contact Tracing, hard to believe that a ‘Republican’ Governor put that is place, given that President Trump said in public that it is against American’s Constitutional Rights.


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