Rebel Alliance Ground Reports – What’s Your Current Lockdown Status?…

The Ministry of Covid Compliance is reminding us this week how the virus has a genetic targeting mechanism able to differentiate between essential cans of vegetables, bottles of liquor, lottery tickets and non-essential products like sneakers and paint.  Thus the Ministry is able to help us better understand the lock-down policy.

We’ve been piling into crowded supermarkets for seven weeks buying food, and we are allowed to purchase liquor and lottery tickets. Those purchases are deemed safe by the state; however, it is critical for viral control that we not purchase sneakers or other hazardous items which pose a greater threat of proximity transmission.

Similarly the COVID-19 virus seems incapable of keeping up with the speed of passenger vehicles, buses, airplanes and trains.  However, once you exit your COVID compliant transportation, the virus can swoop down and attack you if you are in the proximity of a open-space park or beach. 

The Ministry appreciates our compliance in avoiding the dangerous virus freedom zones; and is thankful for compliant citizens who do not question the complex data analysis that goes into regional scientific tracking systems. 

To avoid an increased infection rate it is critical for American citizens to only visit Home Depot, Lowes, Costco, WalMart & other large institutional retail systems with influential lobbying offices near the Covid Mitigation Ministry.   

Effective compliance and mitigation requires that everyone must avoid the small business operations where the virus is more prone to hide out and attack consumers.  The scientific data-hubs in/around K-Street in Washington DC must lead our careful decision-making.

Remember, the Ministry is working closely with regional governors to outline the greatest threat.  Walking on a golf course in Massachusetts is safe-behavior; however, if you carry a particularly shaped stick and swing it at a ball, the virus will immediately target you.

These granular distinctions are very important to understand.

In the Ministry of Delaware food trucks are now permitted to operate; however, if you attempt to purchase a dress for Mothers Day, you are putting society at risk.

Currently in most regions the virus is allowing dogs and cats to have their fur trimmed. However, if a human attempts to commercially reduce the length of your sideburns it will create a viral hot-spot potentially putting the health of our planet at risk.

The rebel alliance has noted that specifically random viral targeting appears much more prevalent in the regions where people formerly wore genitalia on their heads.  There is a possibility this could be propaganda because there is not enough conclusive scientific data assembled to quantify the merit of this claim.  Confirmation efforts remain ongoing.

In almost all regions of ministry control, furniture purchasing seems like one of the most potentially dangerous activities.  Out of an abundance of caution these consumer hubs of activity have been shut-down; however, the Ministry is evaluating how the virus would respond if cans of vegetables were placed within the building. 

According to the most extensive study conducted so far, commercial buildings with cans of vegetables appear to be the safest venue allowing congregation and proximity.  It is unknown if moving canned foods and sandwiches into the furniture stores, or other less traveled venues, would transfer the benefits of virus mitigation.  The Ministry has a teleconference with scientists and industry experts scheduled later this week to analyze this question.

In the interim, the Ministry would like to remind you the greatest danger is the type of purchasing you make.  Large box retailers with dense populations are safe-spaces.  Smaller business with less density are hazards; and houses of religious worship are death traps due to their propensity to promote the most critically dangerous activity of all, fellowship.

Because the literal health of our nations’ citizens are at risk, we must remain steadfast and resolved to keep all hospitals and patient facilities closed and at precipice of financial ruin.

Remember, we are all in this together; and to prove how critical this is to our society we must all stay apart.


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  1. Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

    Report from the socialist republic of Maine via Legal InsurrectionDotcom:

    “The outrageous tyranny of Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer and her heavy-handed, illogical, and irresponsible Wuhan coronavirus edicts have finally been outdone by another Democrat governor, this time on the east coast. Maine governor Janet Mills jumped on the one-size-fits all Wuhan coronavirus bandwagon, and forced a state-wide shutdown order, including in counties that have tiny numbers of infections and zero deaths.
    This diktat made no sense to restaurateur Rick Savage, whose business is in Oxford County, Maine. Oxford is one of many U.S. counties to register zero deaths due to Wuhan coronavirus. Savage saw the ludicrous nature of the blanket lockdown that has been based New York City, i.e. on the most unique and populous city in the nation, and he decided he’d open his restaurant out in rural Maine for dine-in customers, respecting the six foot social distancing rule an providing many means of social distancing.
    Savage appeared on Tucker earlier this week, and castigated the governor of Maine, going so far as to give out her phone number for people to complain. Following his public challenge to the government, and opening his restaurant in defiance, Savage soon learned that he had lost both his health permit and liquor license. This small business owner appears to be the victim of political machinations intended to make of him an “example,” small business owner destroyed by their own state. Way to go, Maine”

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  2. duaneo says:

    I am a bar owner in Austin Texas. Technically bars are not allowed to be open in the first phase, but restaurants are, with a 25% capacity. We took our chances and opened on May 1st anyway because our bar is entirely outdoors with a large patio. Business was going great, then the fire marshal, police, and code enforcement officials responded to a 311 call that we were open and shut us down. HOWEVER, what blew us away, is that they called us back after inspecting our location and let us reopen! They said – “We see no reason why your location should not be open given the situation on the ground as a 1 size fits all policy without common sense is just damaging your business”.

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    • Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

      Imagine crazy mayor Adler is going to blow a fuse. And the Travis county Judge with the butch SS haircut will not be happy once she finds out the cops, firemen, & code enforcers are rebelling? They will likely send out their local media henchmen to visit you for a friendly interview and then chastise & berate you on the nightly news. Good luck!

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      • Austin Holdout says:

        Austin local news was reporting all weekend: “Businesses started re-opening on Friday, but some think it’s too soon as one county that has had no covid deaths now report a spike in cases”. It turns out the “spike” (which had already happened as was being reported on less than 24 hours after some businesses opened with strict limitations) was at one nursing home. Nursing homes are still “no go” zones under current TX guidelines, so I really doubt there was a busload of residents who went out shopping on Friday and saw a “spike” on Saturday.

        To be clear, when Trump shares examples of people getting better on hydroxychloraquin, that’s “dangerous anecdotal evidence”. When the local propaganda purveyors share news that one nursing home has had a spike in cases, that’s clear evidence that it’s “too soon” to re-open. Trying to decide who irks me more, the propaganda purveyors or the people who listen to it and doggedly refuse to engage a single brain cell to analyze the information rationally.

        In general, traffic seems pretty much where it was pre-lockdowns in Austin, but I’m not sure where people were going. Not as many restaurants and other small businesses as I expected opened this weekend. The only store I went to was Tractor Supply and it was busy as usual. Saw 3 people wearing masks, but TS is outside Austin Proper and Travis Co., so masks are not required out there. I’m very curious about how mask wearing in all public places and eating food in public restaurants will be accomplished at the same time.


  3. Milwaukee Wi area.
    Most have been obeying the safe at home policies of Dem Gov Eves. Until Now!
    Good weather this weekend and people are starting to crack.

    In my area the socialists Dems who put the Socialist Dem Gov Eves in power are the first ones to crack and break the rules. Across street, play date for young girl and sleepover. Others are having non house residents over for a visit now. All Dems. The Republicans are still obeying all the rules.

    Soccer game played yesterday on my local field by socialist Dem young people. Families now going to the officially closed playgrounds to play. All Dems.

    The police are all still being paid to do NOTHING. Speeds are way way way up on the streets. Yesterday speeds reached 100 mph on city streets near me. And drug runners are all having a field day. All of these people know the cops are too scared or forbidden to come out and do their jobs but all are still getting fully paid to sit at home and do nothing. I have not seem a police car for nearly 2 months. And we just voted to add more police because of the increased work. But if police are not essential workers because they are obviously not doing their jobs now, then maybe a call the mayor is in order and a property tax refund of wages not used for city work.

    The Hispanics in my neighborhood are all really terrified of this Covid-19. They must watch local news stations and believe what they hear. I have for 3 months now told many people this is nothing more the a bronchial infection and not affecting children or the healthy. Only the HIspanics are wearing masks in my neighborhood. But nearly all old people are wearing masks in the grocery stores.

    Assisted living house next to mine has smartly and quickly reduced access to the house. Only one worker allowed and no visitors or additional therapy people. All wear masks. Too bad Dem states did not take care of their nursing homes properly and specifically ordered infected people iback into the homes.

    Nursing home deaths account for about a third or more of all deaths in Dem controlled states.

    I am out in my yard daily working my gardens and many people walk by. Always observed social distance 5-6 feet talking to the walkers but now people are scared to get close to me at all. The massive fear the press have instilled in people is going to last along time.

    PS. I went looking for some casual Covid-19 exposure to build my immune system stronger. I think was successful in catching it 5 weeks ago. Slammed me for a couple days as I let my immune system react and build antibodies to make it stronger. And then I applied my very cheap and powerful anti-viral techniques and I was cured in two days. Too bad this has been run out of the country by FDA and big Pharma. Total cost for my cure = $1.

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    • American Heritage says:

      It takes courage to be defiant when everyone else is terrified for their “health and safety,” and the heavy hand of government.

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  4. Pam says:

    So the only active litigation I have seen where I am in Federal Court is the flurry of frenzied litigation to ensure that abortions continue to occur. If you want to see which rights are protected by the lawfare enterprise you need only look that far: free speech, assembly, address the government, right to property, due process, not so much.

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  5. dbobway says:

    NC here. Well we’re going to open the empty hospitals on the 4th of May. Our Governor, Democrat who stole the election from Pat McCrory, finally gave a date of May 8th, to open what , I don’t know. McCrory my favorite RINO, I mean that, has a radio talk show. I try to listen to him when I can. He lays out commonsense measures which would have been much better for our state. Then he gets mad as hell about unneeded deaths, and government over reach, I have to turn down the radio. This a soft spoken man. Every State surrounding us, is opening now, except Virginia, of course. We’re losing a 100 businesses a day right now. The mid-range, like my wife’s restaurant, who laid off 3,000 people 7 weeks ago, won’t make it to June, I figure this week, it should get ugly.
    The beaches are missing out on the prettiest spring in memory. They have opened, already. They will go Rambo this week.
    Week could fit all the COVID patients, we have into one hospital, and we have 22,000 beds.

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  6. dbobway says:

    I’d like to say one more thing. I took care of my Dad for 3 years in the Senior living system, here in NC. They suck at what they do. The Governors ignored them, and 75% of the souls who died in this country lived in these, over priced under staffed shitholes. Right now, they are the places who need to be losing their businesses.

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  7. mncountrygirl says:

    Minnesota: population 5.64 million. As of May 2, 6228 confirmed cases of Covid, 395 deceased. Here is the kicker, 317 of the deaths in long-term care or assisted living facilities. So the whole state is on lock down until May 18..then what? I have no words that can express my anger. Russia, Russia, Russia, Impeachment hearings didn’t work so they tried something different…it’s like I’m living in a different world when I go to the grocery store. Sometimes I think people believe this “virus” will jump from person to person if too close…maybe like fleas? More resistance is needed..only wish I could be part of a major resistance uprising. I’m 75 with COPD/ mask no gloves; just good old common if only Hobby Lobby would re-open..still waiting to hear from our Governor Walz on who determines what businesses are essential and what are not…might have to spice up my next letter to him……

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    • Dixie says:

      Don’t assume Hobby Lobby is closed. They are open here in eastern NC now.

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      • mncountrygirl says:

        Here in my little part of MN Hobby Lobby is closed. I live close enough to be able to do daily surveillance runs. The store just opened and people were so excited about having them, then the shutdown. Our economy was just starting to thrive, new businesses coming in thanks to our president. Thanks for replying.

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      • dbobway says:

        God bless eastern NC, Dixie. Lived in Hampstead for 20 years. 2 of my daughters still live their. The guts at the coast will help to get, our Gulag Governor, to quit playing politics with our lives.

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        • Dixie says:

          Mostly the GUTS are with Hobby Lobby. They stayed open at first but SOMEONE (probably Cooper) shut them down. Then last week, they reopened. Hurrah!

          The masked snowflakes have taken us over…maybe because they are just plain scared by the “fauci”fied lying media.

          Think we’re gonna have to look to Michigan to get this push back started.

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          • dbobway says:

            Your right Dixie. I live outside of Charlotte, now. I’m a 65 year old boomer. I have been blowing up facebook since March 14th. I have definitely lost all of my leftist’s friends who who have no sense of commerce or viruses. They are being ‘CRAZY” about this.
            I’m a carpenter and they’re smarter than I am. Every person wearing a mask that they buy at Lowes, is protect us from solid particles, like dust, insulation etc. If one can take any aerosol spray and spray it ‘thru’ a mask? That mask doesn’t stop a virus at all, in fact it could make it worse. Even Dr. Fausci has stated this often.
            We are going about this the way we have to. Ignore Cooper and overwhelm the state with productive, proactive descent.
            I think I’m going to buy a bunch of pacifiers and give them to every person who needs one.

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            • Dixie says:

              Mecklenburg County is a hot spot and also where the bathroom controversy began. You need to come back to the coast! After the last two hurricanes, that kind of work is still plentiful here. Some houses still have tarps. It’s hard to find people who want to help build or repair houses because they are all so busy.

              The mask controversy is the same I’ve been telling those who question me about why I’m not wearing one. They don’t work to keep the virus away. Just keeps me from giving it to someone else. And I can’t give what I don’t have.

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              • dbobway says:

                I’ve been meaning to get back to you Dixie, but I’m working, unlike 2008, I lost my cabinet company in Wilmington, I was one of 30 that went under. We had nothing on the other end like we do today. After Florence hit, my phone blew up with work, I’m 65, I still work every day.
                But those 3 flights of stairs, day in and out would kill me. I live in the corn fields of Union County, east of Charlotte and I’m swamped with smaller work with people I know, it’s more forgiving to my beat up body.
                The masks!!!
                Standard masks we can buy at Lowes will not keep the virus out or in. It’s a simple test. If you can spray an aerosol can of anything, and it goes thru the mask, it is useless. When I spray Lacquer onto cabinets I use the n-95 masks you hear about. The rest of the masks are to protect from solid matter, like sawdust or insulation. There is no n-95 masks anywhere. They’re sitting next to the toilet paper and Paper towels we’re out of as well.
                I pray those that went thru what I did in 2008. I lost 40 years of blood and sweat to live the dream. Thank God, for him and my kids and my wonderful Wife, I met at Buddy’s bar in Wrightsfille beach 15 years ago.

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                • Dixie says:

                  I’m sorry about the 2008 losses. Glad you have recovered and are happy.

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                • dbobway says:

                  Thank you Dixie. We just have to pick ourselves up by the boot straps.
                  In all seriousness, let there be no doubt, God is in my back pocket, as my Grandad used to tell me. He’s there, to watch over my precious soul.
                  I’m never alone.

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  8. 300 says:

    Sunny western Oklahoma, we haven’t really paid any heed to this crap in our family. It’s a death sentence for some but so is the flu. Our county has had 0.0000 cases as of this writing. All my grand kids have been here the whole weekend enjoying our spring weather and doing a little toad huntin at night, they caught 7.

    OKC is hit and miss stuff is opening slowly, big box stores were packed as were the nursery’s, seems everyone is planting just like us. One store we dropped by had a number to call and they brought out the stuff to the curb. A few restaurants were open but not many. My garden looks awesome so that’s a plus. Oh yeah lots of masks in OKC and you get the evil eye if ya aint wearing one, screw em.

    Stay safe everyone


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  9. Cecelia Power says:

    South Carolina.

    Golf courses have never closed. My husband and daughter drove to another golf course affiliated with ours that’s about 30 minutes away yesterday. They were joking when they returned that they’d never seen so much traffic on our rural two lane State highway! There are lots of places to pull over to fish in the river that parallels the road but cars were jammed in and some of the “traffic” was people trying to find a place to park.

    A barbecue place was open and busy. And a few stands were set up here and there, selling produce, jams, etc.

    I went to our Walmart also 30 minutes away in another direction. I wore a mask, thinking it might be required. It wasn’t. I was in the minority…most customers were unmasked. Very well stocked every where…didn’t check out the paper aisle. The employees were masked.i got in a line with two men, unmasked in front of me. The guy checking out was arguing with the checkout lady about a price. Her mask was never over her nose, but she pulled it off to debate with him. He leaned it to get a-flyer to prove his point, and they were close enough to kiss.

    No fear.

    As of yesterday, SC has 4653 available hospital beds.. we have 6743 beds occupied…of that 300…yes, 300 are COVID patients.

    256 deaths out of 5,149,000 people.


  10. Esperman says:

    Here in KY my ENTIRE house hold attended the protest rally in Frankfort yesterday. I’d guess close to 900 people showed up. The coordinator’s had armed mitlia for security. Many of us were also armed. Very great and peaceful gathering. Time to RISE Patriots.

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  11. atomichillbilly says:

    We should all walk around with a canned vegetable talisman hanging from our necks.
    Just to be ‘safe’…🙄

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  12. NJ Transplant says:

    Maine – Janet Mills, our D governor has us on extended lockdown. Tucker had a restaurant owner on last week and he opened and Mills took his business and alcohol licenses. One of my friends can’t open her business until July 1.

    Maine had only 53 covid deaths, mostly in nursing homes, but over 200 flu deaths. Go figure. Add this to the fact that hydroxychloroquine is a very viable cure for the virus and Dr. Fauci and CDC are claiming it doesn’t work making up fake studies.

    Anyone who thinks this is not deliberate to make the President lose the election is crazy.

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  13. 60 Mi N of Denver. Been shopping King Soopers 2x/wk w/o mask. Today noticed most going in had a mask. I went in shopping, was confronted by a guy wearing a mask and called an A***hole. Told him he was same. Self checking out and store employee told me if I came in again w/o mask would be Class 1 Demeanor. Been shopping here all year w/o mask. Noticed on way out there is a big sign saying mask is required to enter…….


  14. k4jjj says:

    Why don’t Americans take care of their own elderly family members? Think of how many of them would be alive now if they lived with their families during this pandemic.

    We dump our elderly into nursing homes and then wring our hands as they die in large numbers from the coronavirus.

    Joan Lunden has done TV ads for “A Place for Mom.” I always ask her why she can’t take care of her own Mom. She is wealthy. A place for Mom should be with one of her grown children.

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  15. anthohmy says:

    Oregon just released Phase 1 “requirements” to take people off of home detention.

    7 of 8 of those requirements relate to local and county government preparedness and have nothing to do with the rate of disease in the community.. They have all summer to prepare if they are so convinced it will return in the fall.

    Since when does the government get to lock us down and ruin our businesses because they didn’t prepare for something they were warned to prepare for for decades?

    They will even punish one county if a neighboring county didn’t prepare.

    1. Declining prevalence of COVID-19 (OHA detailed reference document: “The Three Health Signs We Must See to Re-open Oregon”)
    a. The percentage of emergency department visits for COVID-19-like illnesses (CLI) are less than the historic average for flu at the same time of year.
    b. A 14-day decline in COVID-19 hospital admissions.
    c. This metric only applies to counties with more than 5 cases.

    2. Minimum Testing Regimen (OHA detailed reference document: “COVID-19 Strategic Testing Plan for Oregon” and “Oregon COVID-19 Testing and Contact Tracing Strategy”)
    a. Regions must be able to administer COVID-19 testing at a rate of 30 per 10,000 people per week. Regions must implement a testing regimen that prioritizes symptomatic persons and individuals who came into contact with a known COVID-positive person and includes testing of all people in congregate settings when there is a positive test. This includes long-term care facilities and county jails among others. The plan must include frequent tests of frontline and essential workers and industries where workers may not be able to practice optimal physical distancing (e.g., agricultural processing, meat packing).
    b. Regions must maintain an appropriate number of testing sites to accommodate its population and must fully advertise where and how people can get tested. The region must work with local public health and OHA to use the collected data to track and trace the spread of the virus. Testing must be accessible to low-income and underserved communities.
    c. This metric is measured at the Health Region level, not at the county level. An individual county cannot move into phase one if regional hospital capacity is beneath that level.

    3. Contact Tracing System (OHA detailed reference document :”Oregon’s Plan to Stop the Spread of COVID-19”, “Oregon COVID-19 Testing and Contact Tracing Strategy” and “Interim Investigative Guidelines”)
    a. Counties must have a minimum of 15 contact tracers for every 100,000 people. Every county must be prepared to contact trace 95% of all new cases within 24 hours, with OHA certifying a county’s readiness. The contract tracing workforce must be reflective of the region and be able to conduct tracing activities in a culturally appropriate way and in multiple languages as appropriate for the population.

    4. Isolation Facilities
    a. Counties must have hotel rooms available for people who test positive for
    COVID-19 and who cannot self-isolate. The Department of Public Health at the Oregon Health Authority will provide support to local public health to identify needs and help with resources.
    5. Finalized Statewide Sector Guidelines (OHA detailed reference documents: sector-specific guidelines by sector)
    a. Each sector must adhere to Oregon Health Authority statewide guidelines to protect employees and consumers, make the physical work space safer and implement processes that lower risk of infection in the business.

    6. Sufficient Health Care Capacity (OHA detailed reference document: “Guidance on resumption of non-emergent and elective procedures at hospitals”)
    a. To maintain the phased re-opening plan, each region must be able to accommodate a 20% increase in suspected or confirmed COVID-19 hospitalizations compared to the number of suspected or confirmed COVID- 19 hospitalizations in the region at the time Executive Order No. 20-22 was issued.
    b. This metric is measured at the Health Region level, not at the county level. An individual county cannot move into phase one if regional hospital capacity is beneath that level.

    7. Sufficient PPE Supply (OHA detailed reference document: “Guidance on resumption of non- emergent and elective procedures at hospitals”)
    Health Health
    Health Health
    a. All hospitals in the health region must report PPE supply daily to OHA’s Hospital Capacity system. Large hospitals and health systems in the region must attest to a 30-day supply of PPE, and small or rural hospitals must have a 14-day supply. This metric is measured at the Health Region level, not at the county level.
    b. Counties must attest to sufficient PPE supply for first responders in the county.

    Regions Defined:
    region 1: Clatsop, Columbia, Tillamook, Washington, Multnomah, Clackamas
    region 2: Yamhill, Polk, Lincoln, Benton, Marion, Linn
    regions 3 & 5: Lane, Douglas, Coos, Curry, Jackson, Josephine
    Health regions 6 & 9: Hood River, Wasco, Sherman, Gilliam, Morrow, Umatilla, Union, Wallowa, Baker, Malheur
    Health region 7: Jefferson, Deschutes, Crook, Wheeler, Grant, Klamath, Lake, Harney


  16. Emily Summer says:

    Hundreds are protesting..maybe even a thousand. Why not millions? Come on people! Stop complaining and get out there and protest. Hundreds of thousands at a state capital would send message. We have become a nation of complacent sheep, allowing mini tyrants to dictate to us.

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    • InAz says:

      Graham County, Arizona
      18 confirmed cases of Covid-19. The new cases came from contact with people who had the virus or from others who were exposed but asymptomatic.

      The County is demanding that people wear masks when in any county building.

      The majority of people are not wearing masks.

      My family continues to be vigilant, as we always are because my husband has a suppressed immune system.

      Still no paper towels or toilet paper, stores are now limiting fresh meat purchases.
      Still limiting other products.

      People still going about business as usual.
      Nothing much has changed from two weeks ago.

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  17. jschmitt8657 says:

    At the Freedom Rally in KY, one of the Repub reps took a picture with a person who gave the “OK” sign and now the media as well as the former speaker of the house (who by the way couldn’t keep it in his pants and was part of an undisclosed settlement with his staffer). Local POS paper trying to make her and the rally out to be a bunch of racists. The Gov must have pics of all of these people molesting dogs cause they will come up with the craziest stuff to defend his policies and the rest of his minions.

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  18. Derrick Ruiz says:

    Venice Beach Ca. I walk the beaches in Venice and Marina Del Rey daily. There are people walking and even hanging out on their towels. A small police buggy driving up and down the beach but not doing anything or even really telling anyone anything. Pretty chill unlike other cities I have read about.

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  19. efilnikcufecin101 says:

    I see a lot about Supply Chains being disrupted etc.
    God’s supply chain is NEVER interrupted, nor is there ever a Shortage of anything!!!
    Jehovah-Jirah the God that provides
    Jehova- Rahpa the God that heals!!
    Look to God first, seek His kingdom first, then you will Never have a shortage of anything you truly Need..


    • btw that was the state campground that was open (no campers, closer to pier),
      the state park next door has not opened yet and has 3X the space/spots.
      NOBODY wearing masks unless forced to. If there is no outbreak now, there’s not going to be one. WAKE UP.


  20. TMonroe says:

    Someone living in France ina designated “red zone” shared the following: Huge lines in front of the supermarkets. The one that I go to only allows people in who will buy their shopping for 1 week. Gloves and mask are required when you go in. No more than 10 people allowed in at a time. Everything is still locked down except the food stores and pharmacy.

    Moving around is only allowed with a permission form and ID. Not doing so results in fines. You are allowed to go out with a permission form and ID for 1 hour as your daily exercise and for walking your dog. Certain companies are allowed to work in case of emergencies: plumbers, gas people, people dealing with roof leaks, and service people for the elderly and handicapped.


    • jello333 says:

      When this is all over with, if we can determine that this was INTENTIONALLY blown all out of proportion, we need to find out who the main perpetrators were. This was a worldwide phenomenon, and so there must have been some kind of VERY high-level coordination. And whoever was involved, THOSE are the ones we want.

      And what we “want” them for is to make an example of them. Find an appropriate location, whether it be in a major European city, or one in the U.S., wherever. Someplace big that can accommodate hundreds of thousands of people. Bring out the scumbags who started all this, and while the huge throng watches, along with hundreds of millions watching around the world on live TV… EXECUTE the scumbags.


  21. minnesotamike55 says:

    After weeks of lots of people tromping through Menards, they now implement a mask is required policy, and conveniently offer to sell you one for a dollar. Since the curve is flattening and all the data shows lessening of the Panda-emic, wouldn’t continuing to do what has been done at Menards be just fine? After all, things are getting better despite no masks for a month and a half.

    I choose to shop elsewhere until they change their policy and told them that yesterday.

    By the way, MN testing has shown positives from 3-8% and the criteria to get tested requires symptoms. So, if this is not going away and a vaccine becomes available but everyone will not get it, wouldn’t there be a continuing source of sick people to test? What is to gain by that testing of only the sick? You could say that treatment might differ a bit but currently there isn’t much difference whether you have it or some other flu. More of the same testing of sick is after the fact and doesn’t address any non-symptomatics. So what are we gaining?

    Lastly, if 90+% of those tested in MN DO NOT test positive, then that same symptom criteria applied to any untested deaths assumed to be covid19 would logically put the death count way off. Think about that. If the suspicion of covid19 infection based criteria for testing were better, the positive rate would be much higher with less testing and cost. Our MN governor whining about more testing is needed is hitting himself in the head with a hammer unless the testing refocuses on random testing to find non-symptomatics in order to get a truly good set of data.

    Also, have you heard anybody talking about that 90% negative set that has symptoms? Seems to be a lot of people that aren’t getting much attention!


  22. namerequired says:

    We need to fight the globalists and their covid manufactured crisis:

    1/ Do not obbey
    2/ Do not comply
    3/ Go out, meet people, be close to them, build immunity vs any virus
    4/ sun, vitamins, fresh air, salt air (beaches).
    5/ take pictures of police abuses
    6/ Learn how to make weapons to defend yourself and family vs the fascists (stasi, gestapo and snicthes)
    8/ unite with other rebels
    9/ Create resistences groups and fight for your rights as if it was your last day!


  23. A PHD in Virology , Dr MIkovits, was interviewed by Dr Mercola and she asserts that the corona adheres to anything pathogenic in the body,ANYTHING…So that means that the corona deaths could be from anything.And she adds that if she could get her hands on Lung radiological reports of those that died she could see what is going on.She and Fauci are bitter enemies. My opinion is he should be up on that WH stage. NOT him.


  24. A PHD in Virology , Dr MIkovits, was interviewed by Dr Mercola and she asserts that the corona adheres to anything pathogenic in the body,ANYTHING…So that means that the corona deaths could be from anything.And she adds that if she could get her hands on Lung radiological reports of those that died she could see what is going on.She and Fauci are bitter enemies. My opinion is he should be up on that WH stage. NOT him.


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