Evidence Surfaces Supporting Sexual Assault Claim Against Joe Biden…

Ms. Tara Reade worked as a Senate staffer for Joe Biden in 1993. After making a recent allegation accusing the former Vice-President and then-senator, about his forcibly kissing her, touching her and penetrating her with his fingers without her consent, the media went into full defense mode to protect their candidate.

Current Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden suffers from dementia. The Biden campaign has denied the assault and said it “absolutely did not happen.” Ms. Reade said she reported the assault to people in the Senate at the time, but no-one took any action against Senator Biden.  As a result Ms. Reade left her position and returned home.

Ms. Reade told a few people about the assault at the time it happened, including her mom. Ms. Reade’s mother passed away in 2016; however, a recent video/audio from Tara Reade’s mother calling-in to the Larry King television show in 1993 seems to corroborate the background of the original claim. WATCH:

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212 Responses to Evidence Surfaces Supporting Sexual Assault Claim Against Joe Biden…

  1. Al Franklin should get his seat back and Bill Cosby should be America’s Dad again if Joe Biden isn’t held accountable.

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  2. trapper says:

    And with a whoosh from the sky, a flapping of pant legs, a voice can be heard cackling “I’ll get you, my pretty ….”

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    • dilonsfo says:

      If she describes his legs as hairy, and he has a small wenis….he is dead meat and Dr. Jill will be gone, letting him have custody of his son.

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    • trnathens says:

      Joe Biden will shortly be replaced by General Colin Powell.


      • trnathens says:

        Reread this article. Think about what Mr. Strzok is saying.

        “Extremely sensitive source” = NSA database.

        And the results provided by 702(16)(17) search results.

        “A lot of things that you might find by doing some background information will allow you to conduct a far more effective interview, and certainly going out and doing that, people are immediately going to be aware that somebody told the FBI the nature of this predicating information, which would be a considerable harm and cost potentially to that source.”

        That source…is the NSA database.

        Look how brazen they were.

        They are.

        Time is nigh.

        The storm is coming, soon.

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      • trnathens says:

        And Hillary will be VP.

        It will be presented as a return to real, middle of the road, but tough, war-tested LEADERSHIP. A real war hero. A former Secretary of State. What better team to go to war with North Korea?


  3. budklatsch says:

    The apple does not fall far from the tree, eh Joe?

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  4. jay says:

    The producers at CNN remain hopeful their viewership is not confuse by facts.


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  5. trapper says:

    Is it true? I read it somewhere. If you look closely at Old Joe’s web casts, are his eyes really blinking “help me” in Morse code? wink

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  6. Don McAro says:

    I fixed up the basement, with what I was a working with, stuffed it full of Jelly jars and heavy equipment…..Joe B52’s Biden


  7. This is really rich in juxtaposition to the Kavanaugh debacle.
    CNN oughta be forced to give a compare/contrast analysis.

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    • Jederman says:

      I question cnn’s right to abuse our (American citizens) airways. Any of them for that matter. They, at a minimum, need to stop referring to themselves as “news” organizations.

      Like most here, I’m not in any way a big gvt guy but the “media” (every platform) has gotten so bad, become so coordinated, while ramping up censorship of any opposing view that the corruption has to be stopped at the fed level.

      The airways are ours why do we have to put up with this?

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      • Ben says:

        We need a Truth in News Law!! If any news org reports on something that is later found untrue, the Author, Editor, Publisher and the Owner/Corporation of the false statement shall pay a fine of no less than $200,000 and serve a minimum of 2 years in jail, the news org that published the falsehood shall pay $10,000,000 or 35% of their total value which ever is higher. Make it stick and this stuff will not happen any more.


    • Not to mention the locker room talk blown up by the CCPDNC and their MSM apparatchiks.


  8. clodfobble says:

    Democrats don’t care. In fact, they fully embrace and support serial rapists, as long as the rapists can deliver political clout and keep the baby killing machine running smoothly.

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    • republicanvet91 says:

      One needs to look no further than Ed Buck pictured with Adam Schiff and others to see how much they care. Or Weinstein and any number of leftists.

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  9. Redzone says:

    I don’t believe the Dems will remove Biden from the ticket. If they are going to elevate a new candidate, they will simply have Biden step away for health reasons. Removing him for any reason would tarnish him, and Dems don’t roll like that unless you praise PT.

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  10. Ned Zeppelin says:

    I’ll take Joe as Trump’s opposition candidate. Perhaps we should stand down and let him run. I like my chances.

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  11. ChampagneReady says:

    Some of the crazy-Joe is based in fact of half dementia and half that he’s just plain stupid. But some is an act which he uses to cover his perversions.

    There is a very deviant person behind that act. Also he’s up to his hair plugs in schemes of pilfering and extorting money. He’s a very dangerous person.

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  12. republicanvet91 says:

    Pfft. His campaign can claim it absolutely did not happen, but how do they explain how he remembers it not happening if he can’t remember what he had for breakfast?

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  13. Biff says:

    The DNC machine is going to use this to remove “Sleepy Joe'”. It has been in the works for month with one of the following being tapped as the new King or Queen: Cuomo, Hillbags, Moochelle, Newsom with Whitmer, Abrams, or Warren being the running mate!


    • lcsteel says:

      Abrahms has never even held a position outside of state representative…not happening
      Newsom is also unelectable and Waren would not do well.with blacks

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    • trnathens says:

      It’s going to be General Colin Powell for President. And Madame Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as Vice President.

      What better qualified team to take us to war with North Korea?


  14. TwoLaine says:

    OOPSIE. 🙂


  15. TwoLaine says:

    I said all along that I tho’t this woman probably said something when it happened and was ignored or shamed out of her job. Now I know it was both.

    Just remember, we still have not had an accounting of their illegal taxpayer-funded slush fund for paying off people.

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  16. rjones99 says:

    If Biden is like many politicians, and like men elsewhere in powerful positions, he’s likely done far worse. And, he likely did it while holding himself up as a moral arbiter of women’s rights.

    That hypocrisy was clear beginning with Anita Hill, an affair in which Biden and women’s groups showed everyone they could care less about women generally and cared far more about their agenda. They and the media doubled down on that essential hypocrisy with Clinton.

    So, I have to say, when a dem women cries abuse, I really find it hard to be sympathetic. Unless just stupid, they knew what they were getting into when they walked into the snake pit.

    In this particular case, the dems are probably tolerating an incompetent dimwit as their candidate simply because, as Barr told them directly, it gives them immunity from DOJ indictment through the campaign. Ie, they get time, a chance to keeping hitting Trump with laser beams, bullets, small explosives, the kitchen sink. Anything to trip him up and forestall further DOJ action. Biden is a body in front of the former Obama admin.

    But…they also know he can’t win. So, they need a scheme to pull a last minute switcharoo on Biden’s voters. (As if public corruption, mental rust, hair sniffing, and an incredibly bad kid aren’t sufficient). The dem power brokers are in the proverbial smokey room right now figuring out who the candidate will be. Tulsi Gabbard is clearly their most attractive and electable candidate but they’re unsure they can betray the Bernie Bro’s to that extent. My guess is that this is indeed the approach they’ll take because it gives them the best shot at survival. Any other pick is just suicide.

    So, in condemning Biden and supporting the girl, we’re obviously doing our part to assist the power brokers. I sort of think we should instead be poking at this woman and her credibility in the same way as those accusing SC justices. Why does she wait until now? Why isn’t that congressional list released? Why do we ever play into the dems “we love women” BS. Because they don’t. It’s all just BS manipulation.

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  17. John Ostrowski says:

    Less is more. They have Bullshit on their side. No body will beat President Trump, except God, and I believe Trump is His Man. LANDSLIDE…..


    • trnathens says:

      Just remember, the virus IS the insurance policy. Let THAT sink in.

      “They” are going to try to start a war with North Korea. To remove PDJT, and install General Colin Powell as President, and Clinton as VP.

      That’s my guess.


  18. cherokeepeople says:

    hey bernie may have bailed the campaign but he is still collecting delegates,so with the recent bout of socialism,AND the supposed cleaner air,less global warming less crime,no school shootings,etc b.s. could he be the new messiah for the dnc.


  19. jeffsn4 says:

    It just came out that Google Play deleted the episode in question and even changed the # of every later episode to hide it. How much of this crap are the big tech scumbags going to get away with???

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  20. Deborah Fehr says:

    This isnt going to go anywhere. We might as well all accept that. Its too long ago, and she will be discredited. Plus look at the ones that were accusing PDT, what happened to them? Nothing. It wont happen, so everyone should move on from this…not to be negative, but these rarely work out, you practically have to have film, or some kind of “smoking gun” and there is none of that.
    What should be passed around as very alarming is the pairing of Lady Gaga and Joe Biden. Lady Gaga is a full on Satan Worshiper..you can look at her Twitter page, she has been implicated in the child sex trade, pedo groups, satan worshiping, along with the Podesto group..its all there. .and its kind of convenient that they pair together at this time of the accusations against Biden…she is a victim, so she says, the pairing of these two can be perceived as either they can help each other mutually, or yet another terrible mistake by the Dems…I mean lala land likes to work with Dems, but the fact that they use Lady Gaga, a total freak, is weird..and they have announced they will open a Trauma center for victims of abuse. lol…first Joe cant even remember, and Lady Gaga is doing this along with pairing with WHO to raise money for mass mandatory Vaccines…The Bill Gates agenda..they better hurry, that’s falling apart pretty quick too…


    • Jennifer Verner says:

      All it has to do is utterly disgust 5-10 percent of Democrat women and lots of Independents. Unlike the liar Blasey-Ford, and like Juanita Broaddrick, Tara has multiple contemporary witnesses including her mom from the grave on Larry King. Biden is done.


  21. Abster says:

    It’s pretty odd this allegation recently resurfaced. It makes me wonder if left isn’t involved in bringing story forward as easy means of having JoeJoe step down. These people have a large playbook and agenda and have obviously been positioning themselves for decades. Sick, evil minds.


  22. furtive says:

    Sloppy Joe Jan 2019 : pre facelift
    No incoherence, good cognition, & a full face.
    Something happened during his surgical procedure or post-op.

    Its not dementia. It’s a cerebral accident. (CVA)
    The symptoms of dementia don’t accelerate that quickly without an intervening event.
    I’m surprised any MD would operate on him given his vascular embolism history.
    Now post op, Jill is more wrinkled than he is p, & she is 10yrs younger.
    And she still has her “enabling“ mind.

    Warning: Plastic surgery has risks.

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  23. Please Vote for President Trump for 2020 says:

    Joe Biden, Democrat, running for President against President Trump, is so senile, that he probably doesn’t remember sexually assaulting Tara Reade which Joe Biden was a Democrat Senator. Now the Democrats want this senile sex offender to run for President. God help us if this loser Joe Biden gets elected.


  24. Neil Cavuto is a Evil Democrat on Fox News! says:

    A ugly and dumb Democrat man from the Union was on Neil Cavuto show on May 5, 2020 on Fox News. He was asked by Neil Cavuto, what this dummy thought of President Trump’s job during the COVID-19 virus. This dumb and ugly Democrat said he thinks President Trump is doing a terrible job, that Joe Biden would do better, because Joe Biden would listen to the people. Really??? Joe Biden would listen, but would he do anything about the virus or getting people back to work? Hell No! Joe Biden is another Obama. Both of them were crooked, worthless and did nothing for our country. Poor President Trump has been working so hard to make our country the best its ever been, until this horrible China virus attacked the world. The dumb and ugly Democrat LOSER has the nerve to blame President Trump for the problems caused by this China virus! When will dumb Democrats get smart? They know Joe Biden is SENILE, yet they want him to be President? Neil Cavuto needs to be removed from his job at FOX NEWS!!! Neil Cavuto is not a Republican, he is a Democrat, and he was happy to hear this Democrat idiot from the Union insult President Trump. I will never watch this Democrat Neil Cavuto on Fox News again. Fire this stupid Democrat reporter,
    that is so jealous of President Trump!


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