Kayleigh McEnany Replaces Stephanie Grisham As Press Secretary…

It appears new White House chief of staff Mark Meadows is making a few communications changes. White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham will be returning to the East Wing as First Lady Melania Trump’s chief-of-staff.  Kayleigh McEnany will be replacing Grisham as Press Secretary.

[Politico] […] Alyssa Farah, a top Defense Department spokeswoman and former press secretary for Vice President Mike Pence, will also come aboard as the White House’s director of strategic communications.

Ben Williamson, Meadows’ former chief of staff and communications director, who will be Trump’s senior communications adviser. Farah also has a Meadows connection, previously serving as the communications director for the conservative House Freedom Caucus when Meadows, a former North Carolina lawmaker, was the caucus’s chairman. (link)

Keep in mind that Hope Hicks returned in February as Senior advisor to President Trump on communications.  Ms. Hicks is the primary Trump-whisperer on media strategy.

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120 Responses to Kayleigh McEnany Replaces Stephanie Grisham As Press Secretary…

  1. NJF says:

    Good times.

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  2. Linus in W.PA. says:

    Libs can’t handle having hot women around….as can be evidenced by liberal women.

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  3. Ivehadit says:

    And let’s not forget that Melania will be on the campaign trail this time and will need Stephanie more than ever.

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  4. SD’s comment about Hope Hicks puts a different outlook on what appears to be a Mark Meadows communications purge. Meadows should keep in mind where she is in the pecking order.

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  5. Shyster says:

    Love Kayleigh, but have never thought of her as overly strong enough to withstand the hellfire she has just signed up for her. Good luck!

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  6. Bogeyfree says:

    First suggestion…….

    Ask Trish Regan to come into the Pence briefing EVERY Day and ask some common sense questions.

    Such as….

    1) How many of the hospitalized COVID-19 patients have been given the Trump Cocktail?

    2) And of this hospitalized COVID-19- patients who were given the Trump Cocktail How many have recovered or been released?

    3) could you continue to provide these two stats every day going forward?

    4) For Dr. Fauci, how do you explain the fact that Dr. Oz has looked and looked and can not find a single LUPUS patient who has been on hydroxychloroquine that also tested positive for COVID-19?

    5) Mr. President can you invite Dr Zelenko, Dr. Stephanie Smith, Dr. Cardillo, Dr. Shiva and a representative from the Brazilian hospital were that had incredible success with the Trump Cocktail to attend one of the briefings and speak about their experience with this virus?

    6) Dr. Brix, is it true that if I had stage 4 cancer and was terminal prior to this virus outbreak and then tested positive for COVID-19 that my death would be recorded as a COVID-19 death?

    If yes then isn’t it a possibility that somewhere between 25%-75% of all recorded COVID-19 deaths were really due to something else?

    Start asking the right fing questions!

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    • Rhi says:

      Right on Bogeyfree, and LOVE the term, ‘Trump cocktail’ – I see ‘splodie heads everywhere!

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    • And I’ve been meaning to ask: What IS Trish Regan DOING since she got screwed over by Fox Business?

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    • Shyster says:

      Great questions, but a number of them should be asked of Fauci. For instance:
      1.Dr., the 2008 economic crisis has reportedly led to approximately 80,000 suicides over 3 years. Do your models take into account the deaths that will surely occur due to the economic devastation that will occur if the economy remains closed?
      2. If not, why not?
      3. In keeping the economy closed aren’t you just trading COVID deaths for suicide deaths?
      4. Wouldn’t a better plan be to balance the risk and projected deaths from both causes rather than ignoring one for the other.
      5. Now we have all seen how the models you have relied on have drastically overstated the infection rate and deaths in some cases five fold. Given such how do you justify relying on the models to recommend national policies that will economically harm the country for many 10s of years to come.
      6. Given that both Japanese and South Koreans live in much closer quarters than the average American, why is it that there less stringent measures have been more successful than the measures you continue to propose?

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    • fred5678 says:

      “If yes then isn’t it a possibility that somewhere between 25%-75% of all recorded COVID-19 deaths were really due to something else?”

      Try up to 97.7 % in NYC. (2407-55)/2407

      (remove the asterisk to view)


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    • convert says:

      It’s so obvious, isn’t it, the kind of questions the public would benefit from, vs the constant self-serving political questions from the press?

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    • TeeitorTradeit says:

      Please forward your questions to the President. They are spot on.


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    • Pale rider says:

      Good questions but!
      Why are they not putting those people forward in the first place?
      The good dr Fauci has nothing to offer but quarantine. It’s worthless.
      Something else going on here. Not faulting Trump, I believe the man has our interests in mind, well I know he does probably not obvious in many ways.
      Please take into consideration that the people who hate trump and us are crazy, all of them, and there is more to all this than meets the eye.
      Consider all the child trafficking, drugs and reprobates that we know of just of late. It’s getting stranger and stranger because these evil people are losing power and it means more than just the poor house. These are sick folks. I don’t think most of us have any idea just how sick they are.
      Abortions alone are a clue. Who does that, kills babies who are full term. Think about passing bills that allow that, advocating for it, innocent babies. You have to be past any human compassion.
      What we see with drugs and homeless and complete lack of compassion means something, it’s clues of a group who feel comfortable in that world. It should be a red flag for us all. Don’t discount any information coming I suspect we will see some strange stuff here shortly.

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    • Dee says:

      And she was fired for what appears to be the second impeachment of president Trump. She was right Neil Cavuto wrong…..again.

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  7. Publius2016 says:

    Let’s bring Corey back and General Flynn too!

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  8. dufrst says:

    Good move. At minimum we can expect Kayleigh to do some push back against the fake news on social media. Didn’t see that too much with Stephanie. But all the best to her and her work with the First Lady!

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  9. Jim in TN says:

    Whoever came up with their use of the helicopter presser is a genius. The jet engines drown out the performance artists. Trump is heard clearly. Trump orchestrates the news, repeating questions for clarity, rejecting idiots, putting down fake news. And always seen as constantly doing the country’s business. To and fro.

    But they were also smart to stop that and focus on the medical crisis. Daily bringing their efforts into our living rooms. Bumping up viewership of the news networks. It’s a shame they have to deal with the attacks of the performance artists.

    It will be interesting to see how all this goes forward. And to see what they do as this daily emergency briefing fades out. And the campaign ramps back up.

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  10. Mr.Morris says:

    I like all of President Trump’s press secretaries. My favorite is Sarah Huckabee Sanders. I think Kayleigh McEnany is a particularly good choice at this time. She is young, pretty and gets messaging across in a very engaging way. I think she will do a good job.

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  11. MR52 says:

    Looks like my vote was registered!

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  12. gzuf says:

    I saw Kayleigh in person at a POTUS rally and she is a very nice lady! Very happy for her! Watched that poor lady fight the beasts on various CNN panels 6-1 against her at best in ’16 and she never wavered.

    Jeffrey Lord too! MAGA!

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    • Aqua says:

      I’ve never seen her before.

      I have no TV. I hate cable news including Fox. Worthless (imo).

      I respect anyone willing to accept odd of 6-1. Fearlessness and confidence in the conservative cause are essential qualifications for every new Trump staffer – esp those meeting (hopefully beating) the Press.

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      • Adele Virtue says:

        she has been amazing as Trump Campaign Spokeperson going places while pregnant up almost until she delivered. Will be great at this I think!

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    • Thinblueline says:

      Just some info to share. I was contacted a few days ago by the Trump campaign to be interviewed by Ms. McEnany for an American Hero’s segment. Now she’s the White House Press Secretary. Wow!! I was chosen as a Trump delegate and that’s how my name was shared with the campaign. As one can imagine, I was honored beyond belief. Being in law enforcement the past 30 years, our President has restored the respect and supported law enforcement in ways I cannot explain. Pretty cool stuff… I thought it was a cool story and wanted to share with the great folks on this site.

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      • InAz says:



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      • Congrats and thank you for your service. Any feedback would be much appreciated.

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      • Carly says:

        Thank you for your tireless service! How wonderful – we would love to see the segment. Let us know when it’s up! Awesome! 😀


        • Thinblueline says:

          Hi Everyone…thank you. I was saddened to inform the campaign that I had to turn down the interview. Sorry I didn’t clarify. They wanted me to discuss the covid response, but legally I couldn’t represent my department in a political campaign. The campaign was very understanding.

          I’m in the command staff in my organization (#2) and it’s pretty well-known in my department, and City for that matter, that I’m a conservative and a huge President Trump supporter. That’s dangerous in California (L.A. County) – LoL. But rank and file law enforcement officers are huge supporters. I also had my own reservations about being a delegate, because my decision to be one can possibly ruin my chances of becoming Police Chief next year – politics. After careful consideration, for about five seconds, I decided to be a delegate and support this awesome leader. If I’m not chosen because I’m a President Trump supporter, so be it. I am a proud American who supports our President – I refuse to succumb to political pressure and I’m certainly no political puppet like certain police chiefs are in California. It’s important to me that when I look in the mirror, I can respect and like what I see. No one should ever be bullied or intimidated from supporting their President.

          I attended President Trump’s inauguration and was seated about 20 rows away on the Capital lawn – AWESOME EXPERIENCE! And also heard him speak live during law enforcement week in D.C. He was simply a rockstar, and the love shown from law enforcement in attendance was something I haven’t seen in my 30 years doing this job. The congresswoman (D) in my district provided me with the tickets to attend. She boycotted the event – sore loser – LoL. A quick funny story – during the Presidential Parade, I was invited to watch it from a high-rise condo building on Pennsylvania Avenue, In attendance was Sheriff Joe Arpaio. I had a couple glasses of wine with him, and boy what a character! A couple of partners and I have a great photo with him too. He loves his wine…lol!

          I’m still hoping I can do something for the campaign…maybe a personal testimony being a law enforcement officer and what President Trump has meant to our profession. Legally, it’s permissible if I’m off-duty and not representing my department in an official capacity. I shared this with the campaign. This would definitely have an adverse affect on my career, but who cares. There are things more important to me than titles. And honestly, I’ve had a blessed career.

          I’’ll keep you all posted, and I’ll update you from the convention about all the great patriots and leaders I meet, and all the happenings from the week’s long event. Take care and be safe. Sorry for the long post.

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          • lisabrqwc says:

            Looking forward to your updates and thank you for your service!


          • Daniel M. Camac says:

            thinblueline, Thanks for the great post. I figured that Sheriff Joe was a real character and you confirmed it. Also great to hear Blue’s support for our President from someone in the trenches.
            But on a serious note, YOU are the one who really needs to take care and make darn well sure you get to retire and enjoy our President’s leadership for the next 8+ years…..oh my fingers hit the wrong key. /s

            You deserve it because you’ve earned it.

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      • Robert Smith says:

        Very Nice!


  13. Jim in TN says:

    I am firmly in the camp that the demmedia are their own worst enemy. If they had half a brain, they would allow Trump to be his own worst enemy. Instead, they immediately attack Trump for anything and everything. Attacked if he does, attacked if he doesn’t. They make every criticism an outrageous partisan and hypocritical attack. It plays well for the deranged, but causes everybody else to defend Trump.

    Being neutral, and honest about reporting news does not play well with the deranged, but it would allow Trump to drive away his own supporters.

    But then Journalism no longer means honest neutral reporting. It means crafting propaganda stories and calling them narratives. Since they turned to propaganda, they have made themselves the home of the deranged.

    Here is to Meadows continuing the orchestration of this deranged enemy.


  14. freepetta says:

    I believe Kayleigh will do a fabulous job as President Trump’s Press Secretary!!

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  15. Free Speech says:

    So . . . via the pic Sundance, are we insinuating Grisham let the Phoenix Media, Chinese propagandist in, and that’s why she was let go?


    • realeyecandy1 says:

      NO….Grisham has been allowing OANN into the room. However, Grissham has been MIA under quaranteen since March 6 after contact with the Brazil crew at MaraLargo Stephanie has not been an effective press secretary. Nice lady but too low key!!!! She is not a bulldog, she fits well with FLOTUS

      AND Hope Hicks works for Jared…she is not an adviser to the POTUS …or that is according to the article put out when she returned

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      • As a people person position the China virus definitely reduced Stephenie’s ability to do her job. However I do not agree that, “Stephanie has not been an effective press secretary.” Stephanie is tough and direct but sometimes too direct.

        I was glad when Hope returned.

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      • spellno9 says:

        If I remember correctly, the Asian media bum rushed Stephanie knocking her down during an overseas trip and she was injured. It was her first assignment as press secretary. It gave her a scare right out of the box. The guilty reporters and camera people should have been severely punished.


        • Hello Kitty says:

          Yes! Stephanie was knocked down when Pres. Trump went over the line –into the DMZ and met with Li’l Kim. As they walked into a conference room (inside the large gov’t building on the NK side of the line), she tried to push some of the NK people aside and allow the press to flood into the conf. room. The press stormed in -per her instructions.

          Didn’t know that she was actually hurt, but not surprised. It was a wacko moment.

          BTW, you would think that she would have been hailed a “hero” for press freedom!!


  16. Comrade Mope says:

    First order of business: make every reporter don a N-95 mask in the briefing room.

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  17. treestar1313 says:

    How ironic that I can still remember clearly being taught in the fifth grade that the Soviet Union used propaganda all the time, but the US didn’t since we had a free press. I thought that was so terrible. I bet they still teach the same thing, now calling it Russia.

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    • Deplorable_Infidel says:

      “but the US didn’t since we had a free press.”

      We no longer have a “free press”. Most of them are slaves to their globalist masters, since 6 giant corporations control about 90% of the “news media” in the entire world. You can thank WJC for most of the consolidation when he was corrupting the DOJ and putting a stain on the noble office of the Presidency of the U.S.A.

      There was a change in the law passed late when [Kenyan] BHO usurped the office and legalized the dissemination of propaganda to the American people by their government.

      No consequences or repercussions. Sorry, I don’t have a link.

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  18. retiredseabee says:

    OT: Acting SECNAV resigns…..


    • Carly says:

      Why??!!! So disappointed. He was in the right-and had full authority. So disappointed.


      • He blew his authority by going way too far in a leaked speech, calling the relieved captain “stupid” and “naive” in front of the crew who felt the punishment was out of proportion to the offense. You can hear the men shouting back angry objections! He had justification for punishing the captain, but not for publicly maligning his motives.

        At that point, the rank-and-file would no longer support the Acting Secretary. He became more of a liability to command structure than the former captain had been, He resigned, as in he was “ordered to resign”.

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  19. Martin says:

    Well. The press corps does behave as if they need a ‘nanny.’

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  20. Guffman says:

    Anybody know where Katrina Pierson went? She was always sharp, well spoken, had all the FACTS on the tip of her tongue, and could slap down the MSM quite handily every time I ever saw her interviewed.
    Always thought she’d be great in the Press Sec roll.

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    • CountryClassVulgarian says:

      I believe she still works for the campaign.

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    • Daniel M. Camac says:

      Guffman, She was definitely my favorite back during the 2016 campaign as she took no sh*t from nobody but did it in a very professional way. I follow her on Twitter and this is from her webpage.

      “Katrina Pierson is a senior adviser for the 2020 Trump Campaign and is formerly the Spokesperson for America First Policies, the non-profit organization formed by former Trump campaign staff to remain active in legislative efforts outside the White House.”

      She still gets her digs in when the DC slugs come out from hiding.

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      • Guffman says:

        Excellent! Great to hear she’s still a major player on PT’s team.
        Also hope Kayleigh shines in this new role… POTUS needs a fighter who can be polite and patient, but also no nonsense with the piranhas in the press pool – much like Katrina, or even KellyAnne C (minus the ar$hole husband).

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  21. CountryClassVulgarian says:

    Stephanie is more suited to our FLOTUS – beautiful, smart, quiet. Kayleigh is more suited to our POTUS – fierce, fighter, wipe the floor with idiots…

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  22. freespeechfanatic says:

    I didn’t even know Trump still had a press secretary.


  23. MfM says:

    I see Stephanie Grisham was more of a place-holder in that position.

    She’s returning were she was well suited… and the position was still available. So it really isn’t a surprise.

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  24. realeyecandy1 says:

    media steps into dodo everytime they ask a question


  25. Rynn69 says:

    Please, Treepers, don’t sling arrows at this comment. I believe Kayleigh is a Patriot and I do believe her intentions are good. She would have to be a solid Patriot to put up with the bullying and hostility of CNN employees. But….I do not think she is a good appointment in this position. She is timid and I see them eating her for lunch. I saw this when she was on CNN.

    IMHO, keep the chopper pressers and stay away from the WH daily press briefings. It is a complete,absolute waste of time.

    I do not buy into the statements that PDJT’s approval ratings go up with these daily briefings. I think most of America is waiting around, unemployed, and POed this is even happening. ANGRY. Many I have spoke to think it is way overblown and a total overreaction for areas of the country that are not experiencing NYC’s issues. Hearing day in and day out about what the government is doing and not one word about getting Americans back to work is infuriating on so many levels.

    Is this 1956 and am I watching “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”? Because I do not recognize our VSGPDJT. What is going on?


    • Rynn69 says:

      Also, I agree with Guffman’s post a few above with a suggestion that it be Katrina Pierson. Katrina would be very good in this particular position.


    • hawkins6 says:

      I think you underestimate Kayleigh. I did originally when I thought she was chosen early in the campaign mainly due to her looks. But I soon changed my mind. Her warm up speeches at the Trump rallies were very impressive. She is very well informed and has a clever mind and a sharp wit. I think she’s much tougher than you think.

      But i agree with your points about POTUS’s press conferences. The outdoor pressers with Marine One roaring in the background are best with Maestro Trump conducting them. ie Raising his hand as a signal to speak louder or just waving them off..

      The format of the Task Force sessions is not the best situation but he does score some great points at times. But the Q&A’s leave P T open to constant abuse and deliberate attempts to rile him for the next MSM soundbite of a “ranting” P T etc. His reading while looking down for many minutes is not the best way to convey his message.

      Larry David is a clever comedian but I doubt he was ever a kind and affable chap in person. But he has gone nuts watching some of the TF briefings. He said, unlike the world’s worst dictators, Trump has no positive qualities. The media is using selected clips of these briefings to drive anti Trumper’s hate to greater extremes. These comments have ramped up greatly from what I’ve seen.


  26. frogman says:

    I will miss Stephanie Grisham. I just like her.

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  27. distracted2 says:

    Kayleigh is very pretty and petite but she is tough as nails. I think she’ll be great! I’m glad that Stephanie isn’t going anywhere because I really like her, too.


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