Joe Biden Explains How He Would Approach Cornavirus Crisis….

Former Vice President Joe Biden has been using podcasts and home interviews to keep his campaign going as the COVID-19 shutdown continues.  However, things have not gotten any better on the cognitive side of the candidate…. and it’s getting even worse than before.

Here’s an example of the current leading democrat candidate for president explaining how he would confront the coronavirus pandemic differently.  WATCH:

Here’s the word-for-word transcript – Joe Biden:

…“We cannot let this, we’ve never allowed any crisis from the Civil War straight through to the pandemic of 17, all the way around, 16, we have never, never let our democracy sakes second fiddle, way they, we can both have a democracy and … correct the public health.”…

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245 Responses to Joe Biden Explains How He Would Approach Cornavirus Crisis….

  1. Hey Joe, you’re doing it wrong.


  2. DaughterofLiberty says:

    Dude isn’t even aware we’re a republic – not a democracy. That fact alone disqualifies him. Whadda dope.


  3. 4EDouglas says:

    Word salad-I think Stroke rather than Demetria.Joe needs help I have had personal experience with this in my family.Has he had an MRI lately. His Wife-needs to intervene or maybe Jill’s too caught up in being FLOTUS..
    This is becoming pathetic…


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