Kansas Dept of Health Using Cell Phone GPS Tracking to Monitor Coronavirus Compliance…

Comrades, again we note – our voluntary transponder devices (cell phone, FitBit etc) are being used by government officials to monitor our ‘stay-at-home’ coronavirus compliance. It only takes one slight flip of the government switch, or a carefully worded executive order, to turn that innocuous data into a personal penalty (civil fine).

If you choose to roam, ditch your phone…

KANSAS – The KDHE [Kansas Dept. of Health and Environment] is using a GPS program that tracks people’s locations through their cell phones. From the data, the state can tell that a lot of Kansans are not following social-distancing guidelines.

The program the state is using gave Kansas a grade of B Monday but has now downgraded the state to a C. Dr. Norman said some Kansas counties are getting an F grade because of how many people are not observing the stay-at-home order. (read more)

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176 Responses to Kansas Dept of Health Using Cell Phone GPS Tracking to Monitor Coronavirus Compliance…

  1. lokiscout says:

    Hardly ever carry my phone with me. Folks complain that I don’t answer when they call. I claim it was in the other room and I am hard of hearing. If I want to talk to some one I will call them otherwise don’t bother me I’m busy with something important to me.
    I am sure “they” can still track my car. My last one had Lo-Jack installed. No mention of it on my current model but….. Don’t know if my Garmin GPS which I “never leave home without” is track able or not.
    I know the Government has some very capable tools at their disposal I helped develop them over my 30+ years as a Spacecraft Engineer. Enough said “They” are listening and I helped give them the tools!
    Cheers Treepers! This too shall pass!


  2. hokkoda says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that they’re using or plan to use traffic cameras to track motor vehicles and use face recognition to ID drivers and pedestrians out where the government says they’re not supposed to be…


  3. Vicus says:

    I have 3 phones. None attached to a real name. None are used to access anything that identifies me (such as banking online, which is stupid anyways to do). I’d like to see them try to track me LMAO. None are pay-for service, no T-Mobile or Verizon, still can text & call.

    PS don’t ask, I won’t tell how I do this. Takes some setting up though.


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