Houston Mayor Asks Criminals to Defer Pillaging and “Chill” Until After Coronavirus Ends….

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner is a man with a plan. In a recent press conference Mayor Turner asks Houston criminals to “just chill” for a bit, and suspend their activity until after the coronavirus issues have passed. Brilliant!

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120 Responses to Houston Mayor Asks Criminals to Defer Pillaging and “Chill” Until After Coronavirus Ends….

  1. jb says:

    Houston Mayor.
    Latoya New Orleans Mayor.
    Gillum Tallahassee mayor (and meth gay lover).

    Do they all know each other? Possible different mama but same papa?
    ‘Cause they are all idiots.

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  2. DeWalt says:

    No Words.

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  3. noswamp says:

    I was gonna say that I have not heard a more ridiculous idiotic statement from a city gvt official than that, but then I realized, if I said that it would sound like a compliment.

    So I will just TALK LOUD and say nothing like James Brown.

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    • Bob Riepe says:

      Got $20 that says it has already begun.


      • jazzbogie says:

        I am not in Houston but i know for a fact that this has already begun over the past several weeks. Crime down. Arrests down. Jail population down. Makes it all seem more like a career choice than the result of poverty, doesn’t it?


  4. mr.piddles says:

    Call me crazy… but this might… just… work.

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  5. Mike in a Truck says:

    Houston voters put this dork in office. Houston voters got what they deserve.

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    • Bearlodgeblog says:

      Didn’t a lot of those Houston voters move there to escape Hurricane Katrina? That Texas spirit may be diluted in places but it still runs deep.

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  6. namberak says:

    I … I … I … The stupidity of these people is breathtaking.

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  7. Stendec7 says:

    We have been culturally enriched.

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  8. RedWave2020 says:

    Taking cues from Baltimore I see.


  9. BGCT2VA says:

    If they follow his directive, will the perps be eligible for unemployment benefits?

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  10. TwoLaine says:

    Because that has worked magnificently so far.


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