FBI Busts Brooklyn Man With “Stash” of 80,000 of N95 Masks….

I’m not exactly sure what the federal violation is considering the man was selling the face masks; but the FBI determined he was ‘hoarding’ his supply, and arrested him for price gouging. The FBI confiscated 80,000 face masks from his “stash” of supplies.

New York – Baruch Feldheim, 43, is facing charges of assault and making false statements to the feds on Sunday outside his Borough Park home where he allegedly peddled and stored massive amounts of N95 respirator masks, federal officials said.

Feldheim is also accused of price-gouging. On March 18, he’s suspected of selling a New Jersey doctor about 1,000 of the masks for $12,000, a markup of roughly 700 percent, authorities said.

[…] Two days later, the suspected hoarder received a gigantic shipment at his home of about eight pallets of face masks.

FBI agents then staked out his house, first noticing empty boxes of N95 masks outside.

On Sunday, they said they witnessed “multiple instances” of people approaching Feldheim’s residence and walking away with what appeared to be medical supplies.

[…] Following Feldheim’s arrest, the FBI on Monday night raided a warehouse on Pennsylvania Avenue in an industrial section of Linden, NJ, that housed Feldhim’s suspected stash of 80,000 masks, a source said. (more)

He was charged with “assault” for not covering his mouth when he coughed.  That’s interesting.  Additionally, assuming he legally ordered and received the face masks, I wonder what price or markup would have been ok with the feds?

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195 Responses to FBI Busts Brooklyn Man With “Stash” of 80,000 of N95 Masks….

  1. Merkin Muffley says:

    The far left union SEIU was hoarding 39 million masks. Why weren’t they prosecuted?

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    • sDee says:

      “Why weren’t they prosecuted?”

      Federal, state and local governments amass millions of pages of laws and regulations for one overarching goal – reward friends and punish enemies. The one certainty this virus scare has now proven is that We, the People, are governments’ enemy.

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    • maggiemoowho says:

      Sad thing is, those 39 million masks were probably distributed to protesters and rioters who carry out the SEIU’s violent terroristic acts like, burning cities, beating up Trump supporters and supporting/working along with ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter. Why the SEIU hasn’t been labeled a Domestic Terror organization and shut down is beyond me.

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  2. Ospreyzone says:

    “Additionally, assuming he legally ordered and received the face masks, I wonder what price or markup would have been ok with the feds?”

    Not sure where you’re going with that, SD. But you, more than most, should understand what happens to people who “legally” own supplies or services and then charge too dearly for them following a disaster, such as a hurricane. If you’re unsure, talk to Pam Bondi.

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    • jwoop66 says:

      What is charging “too dearly”?


    • Mac says:

      These windfall profit cases can be difficult to prosecute. In order to make a case stick, The prosecution has to be able to show that the person charged actually made a substantially higher profit margin than usual. Usually, these increased profits are capped at an additional 25-30%. This is the profit margin, not the selling price of the article. So, if the cost to this seller was increased at his source by 700%, he could pass that along to his customers and still not violate the law. Currently, meat product prices have increased by about 30-40%, depending upon the point of retail sale. In most cases, this increase is due to increases at the production and wholesale level and simply being passed along to retail consumers. Yet, it almost always the retail or end seller who receives complaints of unlawful price gouging.

      Now, thia was a largely bogus aresst. I can safely say that because of the charges involved; “assault” for coughing and “lying to federal investigators”. If the investigators actually had a case of profiteering or price gouging, then they would have charged that, rather than the bogus charges that they used for the arrest. Also, what are the feds going to do with these 80,000 masks? As they are evidence in a criminal case, they can not be disposed of until the case is concluded [which could take at least months, if not years] and they have to be declared contraband and forfeited to the government before that can happen.


      • SithMystery says:

        That’s probably why they charged him with silly crimes – if they tried to get him on price gouging (besides being hard to prove), it would lock up extremely useful supplies until the case could be prosecuted. By not including the masks of evidence of a crime committed, the seized masks could be released and be put to immediate use…


    • Mojo56 says:

      FWIW, I’m in favor of prices going up when there is a shortage. It stops people from hoarding. https://mises.org/wire/noncrime-known-price-gouging

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    • Hoop says:

      How much is too much?

      If I buy the mask wholesale for $1…. how much will you let me resell it for?


      • Petercat says:

        Okay, since you’re giving me authority to run your life, I will “let” you sell them for $1.00, because profit is evil, amiright?
        But in the real world, you can offer them for sale at whatever price you want. The customers will decide what they’re worth, and buy/not buy them based on their percieved value vs your asking price.


  3. GREENMIRROR says:

    For a long time “hording” gold was illegal in this country even though it’s written in the constitution to be the only medium used as money.

    When is it lawful for someone with a gun and badge to take your property? draft your child into service?

    This man bought a product and provided a service…at most it should be represented as doing a legal activity during a time of national security. How many phone calls did it take for the chick from GM to get on the same team. These guidelines have been given to us from the CDC and much of which has been organized by the WHO. Did this villain stop when given a “lawful” order? did this criminal have a better way of delivering a product to those in need? What has the government done for every grocery store employee or delivery truck driver for convenience of a mask to protect themselves?

    We’ve failed to protect this country from an enemy foreign and domestic. Asking the strongest nation in the world to shelter in place is not a solution. We must rebuild our defense so that it NEVER happens again.

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  4. GREENMIRROR says:

    And secondly who in NJ on March 18 found a way to get N95 face masks that needed them FAST and got them…How good was his management and maintenance of inventory since the closing ceremony of the Wuhan Military Games?

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  5. Chip Bennett says:

    I’m guessing federal jurisdiction attaches to the shipment/delivery of the masks, which almost certainly crossed state lines to get to him (or, while being manufactured).

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  6. with extra foam says:

    They were concerned that he might sell those to the commoners.

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  7. TwoLaine says:

    Speaking of NYC, does anyone else find it delicious that the Javits Center (home of the no show party for the DEFEATED ILLary and her unbreakable glass ceiling) has now been turned into a hospital? 😉


  8. Snellvillebob says:

    So now the FBI has a ample supply of masks. I wonder if they will share with the DOJ?

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  9. SurferJunkieDude says:

    I can tell you for certain that 700% markup selling plywood legally purchased from Home Depot will get you arrested in South Florida. Let’s be real about the “rat out your neighbor’ agenda, This isn’t calling the cops on the neighbors because they touched you mailbox.

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  10. John-Y128 says:

    The Brooklyn hoarder also had Hillary’s 30,000 emails stashed too.

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  11. TradeBait says:

    Officer, what’s a few masks amongst friends?

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  12. lansdalechip says:

    So the Feds can catch a guy for hoarding facemasks, but they can’t catch a Secretary of State for security email violations?
    I call discrimination and expect proper remedial steps to be taken. Perhaps sensitivity training will help.

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  13. Justin Burch says:

    Well I think anyone who charges 700% more in a crisis is a criminal. I think price gouging is a terrible thing to do. Our local store owner also started stocking up well in advance because he has been through this before coming from China. He marked his stock up the mere 15% he usually charges and then he used any profit margin to cover his cost of donating N95 masks to our local volunteer fire departments as well as supplying some poor folks with N95 who are immune compromised and fighting cancer. I’m glad that SOB was arrested and I hope he goes to jail. Life liberty and the pursuit of happiness does not include screwing over your neighbour for critical supplies required during a crisis.

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    • Justin Burch says:

      I also question where the POS got that many masks. My honest local store owner was only able to get 160 by legal channels and he has connections in China where the stuff is made. This guy probably stole them from somewhere or bought them from a thief. A lot of masks sent by the Feds have vanished in New York.

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    • Vicus says:

      You just ooooze fascism.


  14. ewreck1967 says:

    The FIB are amazing at grabbing that low hanging fruit. Operation Tag Snag next. All you guys who messed with that mattress tag better look out.

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    • TonyE says:

      Maybe from the hospital that went from ordering 10,000 to 300,000 masks.

      THAT, I think is the issue. The markup was just the tip, then the amount was likely the trigger.


  15. cdor1 says:

    If the numbers are correct, which would be a miracle in itself for a news story, the man sold legally purchased masks for $12 per mask. He would have had to pay $1.70 per mask to mark up the product by 700%, depending on whether working from cost or sale price.
    Although out of stock, Home Depot has them listed for $11 per box of 10. Maybe this guy was actually also selling boxes of 10 for $12. There’s a lot we do not know in this story. The key is Home Depot had no stock. An old joke in the supply business goes like this: “A customer walks up to the counter at Dave’s Hardware and asks how much the 40 gallon water heater costs. Dave says $300. The customer says that the store down the street sells them for $275. Dave asks the customer, “So why don’t you go down there and buy one?” “They don’t have any, the customer replies.

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  16. MfM says:

    Over the weekend in my county a person died who was 84. Their obit was in the local paper. Also over the weekend a man died in our county at 89 of the Wuhan Virus. The story of his passing was on the front page of the local paper, he had ‘a number of underlying conditions’. Both were sad occasions for their family and friends.

    I’m a senior citizen, but I’m also a realist. If I get this virus I’m more at risk. That’s just facts. When people were dying from H1N1 flu they weren’t making the front page of the paper. The only reason they are now is to scare people. I’m not going to live forever, nor do I want to.

    It will be interesting to see if the Wuhan Virus really changes the life span tables. My guess is it will be tiny.

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    • John Good says:

      “The only reason they are now is to scare people.”

      You & I are on the same “page” in our assessment of this Chinese-Globalist Scam & the this “Wuhan Virus Scam” is exposing who exactly has been “bought-off” in the Governments of the World & who exactly are their “useful-lemmings” are!

      And, the most useful-lemming of all is our PM Justin (the Socialist-Twit) Trudeau of Canada.

      BTW, since hand-sanitizer & isopropyl alcohol are hard to find, I use Clorox Bleach & water as an alternative. Just be careful to not bleach-out colors or harm surfaces with it.

      In times like these it is more reassuring to others if you smell like bleach, if you get too close… I call it my “Clorox Cologne”! In fact I carry a small spray bottle of bleach & water mixture while shopping, etc.

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  17. Pegon Zellschmidt says:

    The real question is how Feldheim was able to source the masks. Like the FBI hiring a convicted hacker as a security analyst, perhaps Fauci or CDC needs to hire him to as the Procuration Officer.

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    • emet says:

      I would bet these are rejected Chinese products that wound up in Canada. If they were counterfeit, and for example, bore a registered trademark, then the importer could be charged with trafficking in counterfeit goods (18usc2320). Let’s see if the FBI can solve the case

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  18. Rachelle says:

    Charged with lying to the FBI, they say.

    Never talk to the FBI about anything, not even the weather.

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    • Julia Adams says:

      That means they are not really after him…I bet he is a front man for someone else or some other organized crime group. FBI is likely shaking him down.

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  19. ibobland08 says:

    I don’t understand. Sundance and CTH wrote an article critical of price gouging during hurricane Irma.


    If it is indeed true that this man was selling masks for 700% above their normal selling price, I fail how to see this is any different. Though I do understand and even respect the free market argument “in favor” of price gouging.

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    • Ospreyzone says:


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    • Vicus says:

      But he’s not being charged for “price gouging” (a wholly meaningless, arbitrary term).

      He’s charged for “lying to the FBI”. Which we all know, is a lie by the FBI.
      Oh and for coughing without covering his mouth.

      Care to try again?


      • ibobland08 says:

        That’s not the point I was making. The point was it appears that CTH was against price gouging (I will use the term for simplicity) during Hurricane Irma, but now it’s just a guy selling masks and there isn’t anything wrong with it.

        Maybe I’m misinterpreting the article and the criticism is more towards how the FBI treated the man, but this line here makes me think otherwise:

        “Additionally, assuming he legally ordered and received the face masks, I wonder what price or markup would have been ok with the feds?”


  20. grampaguy@brainerd.net says:

    Hey, FBI. Ever heard of George Soros? Prioritize of get off the pot.


  21. JimFromNH says:

    We can debate until we’re blue in the face about how much of a penalty this man should get for violating a federal emergency protection act.
    And that’s IF this situation ACTUALLY occurred, as portrayed.

    But the general public still doesn’t have enough masks…
    In grocery stores yesterday I saw no more than 20-30% having them.
    Are we RATIONING them now? Should we be?
    Do we citizens NEED them – yes or no? Should be the 1st question at the next Task Force meeting.
    If so, then make your own… Really just common sense.


    • Country Boy says:

      FWIW the only “mask” that stop a microbe is a gas mask with proper filter for microbes. The little whites still allow for air to come in around the mask, besides they won’t filter microbes.Most won’t filter small dust.


    • 1nikao says:

      The general public should be social distancing. An N95 is a mask that is somewhat over-the-top for shopping in the grocery store.
      Healthcare workers who are working in use proximity of someone who has an airborne virus who is coughing out droplets 6-10 feet away need an N95. Or people who have or are living in the home with someone who has respiratory illness, would be good candidates.
      Watching people drive around in their cars wearing N95 masks? Stoopid.


  22. Country Boy says:

    Seems to me a man ought to be able to own as many facemasks as he wants in a FREE COUNTRY….I suspect.the main problem was he wasn’t going to give the feds their part of the profits………..hence he’s now arrested. I wonder how long before having too many guns is a crime?


  23. GB Bari says:

    My question is – are these N95 masks truly effective at stopping penetration? Are they truly made to what specification applies? Are these cheap Chinese knockoffs? From where and from whom did the man obtain them?

    European countries have been in the news as discovering hundreds of thousands of Chinese-made N95 masks that were defective. They have taken actions against the Chinese because of it.

    Here is one article about that. https://www.businessinsider.com/coroanvirus-holland-recalls-over-half-a-million-masks-imported-from-china-2020-3?op=1

    Here is another: https://www.breitbart.com/national-security/2020/03/31/china-blames-other-countries-its-faulty-medical-equipment/


  24. Carrie says:

    Here is footage of a Chinese woman buying up masks and happy to be denying Americans these masks in the process…


    • Carrie says:

      As a result, he was arrested….

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  25. Carrie says:

    And here is footage of another raid on another house somewhere in NY or NJ and recovering masks.

    I just want to say that we don’t know if some of these raids aren’t actually of masks that were part of Cuomo’s order and then they mysteriously disappeared on their way to NYC. That is what PDJT said was happening and given the mafia connections in the city- it can surely happen. Like fell off the truck kind of thing. Were they legally acquired?

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  26. Prorkba says:

    Must be all true because I’ve never heard of the FBI lying. Oh, wait ….

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  27. namberak says:

    Every time I see the phrase “price gouging” it bugs me. IMHO, there’s no such thing as “price gouging”. Using the phrase is an admission that you’re letting your emotions overrule your intellect. One man’s “gouge” is another man using price to transmit information to the market about the relative scarcity of a product.

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